The Good Friday agreement

The good Friday Agreement,
Now what a cunt fest that was, admittedly to the bystander Ulster was a mess and it was, but more by our doing than theirs.
Sectarian violence flared, the catholic minority was persecuted by the Protestant majority and Stormont was suspended, British troops were deployed to protect the Catholic enclaves, all was well.
In the enclaves the IRA fermented the rumour of the army of occupation the sides withdrew and started a new kind of war and a new cooperation, a mafia stile vendetta against there own as they scrabbled for turf and control, turning some areas into “No go areas” and deploying their own version of law enforcement.
Realistically the home war was un winnable, it still is, so the war was exported to mainland UK hitting soft targets but mopping up the odd over zealous person at home (sometimes set up by the Prods as they fought their own internal power struggle) all the while the thin green line took the shit from both sides, the only difference was although out manned the IRA out gunned the protestant paramilitaries due to their wealth of support from the soviets and America, The prods were poor and due to loose association with the security forces loosing a lot of there meagre supply of weapons.
In 1990 the berlin wall came down and a buyers market opened, weapons were available to the highest bidder and the prods lost there first major shipment, at the time hailed one of the largest hauls recovered by UK police, the UVF described it as a drop in the ocean…..Jerry Adam shit his pants time for peace.
The outcome? Well the release of paramilitary prisoners, un caught murderers pardoned and bygones became bygones, no one was going to do anything to anyone, apart from the thin green line, they were never written in to this peace accord nor were the thin blue line, it has become open season on the ones we put in harms way to keep the peace and we are now paying murderers compensation (makes my piss boil)
Well fuck this, I see nothing good about the Good Friday agreement, I see nothing good about the new threats being made about Brexit and the border, the cease fire was inevitable when the balance changed, all that can be said is that Civil war was an unacceptable option on UK soil in the eyes of HMG (yet walking round london you sometimes wonder why) but fuck it lets not put the line between them but on the border and see what happens.

Nominated by, Bobby Sands

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  1. “the catholic minority was persecuted by the Protestant majority”

    Oh really is that how you remember it? all the shootings I heard about were usually catholics shooting protestants executing them just because they didn’t want a united ireland leaving united kingdom and of course not being papists

    Besides I thought catholics were majority during the troubles?, kneecapping protestants was a IRA favorite dirty cunts You’re right tho the Good friday agreement was stupid and ultimately achieved nothing

    • Catholics were minority in Northern Ireland. Army originally brought in to keep the peace. IRA mainly kneecapped their own, especially dissenters.

    • The Catholics were the minority. You never heard of the Shankill butchers? The UVF were as active as the IRA and pretty much killed an eye for an eye – sometimes even their own. The kneecappings were done as punishment – usually for drug and informer offences. 1525 Catholics died in the troubles, 1250 Protestants and 691 “not from Northern Ireland”. So all the shootings you ever heard about were Catholics killing Protestants?
      You must have been deaf / blind not to have seen the utter fucking carnage that both perpetrated.
      To give you a bit of an idea – Harland and Wolff employed 2,000 at one time – only 70 of them were Catholics.

      “”Northern Ireland is currently a majority Protestant country. However this appears to be changing, and it is predicted that in 15 – 20 years, there will be more Catholics than Protestants in Northern Ireland. It has a Protestant majority with a substantial Catholic minority, but is essentially a secular state””.

    • Yeah but it made Clunton and B.Liar look good for about 2mins, so we’ll worth it…!

  2. If Northern Ireland voted to join Eire, that would probably be fine by most British people. But it won’t of course. Fuck knows why, but if NI want to remain part of the UK they can’t have it both ways. Once we’re free of the 4th Reich, having a border will surely become a practical necessity. How else are we to keep the EU / World’s illegals, undesirables and 25 year old child migrants out? It doesn’t have to be a Checkpoint Charlie, Ffs! Canada and the United States manage their far longer border without significant friction or animosity.

    Trouble is the cunt politicians, Remoaners in particular. Project Fear has linked arms with Sinn Fein, the political wing of the IRA, to scupper the democratic will of the British people, threatening a return to violence if the UK does not remain in the Customs Union & Single Market. They should be told in no uncertain terms to get fucked.

    But they won’t be of course , not with useless Mavis May and IRA loving Comrade Catweasel ‘negotiating’ our futures away…

    • Yes. The needs of Ireland are put above the needs of the UK by the remoaners. Another project fear. Fuck the border and fuck Sinn Fein. Put a fucking wall up (and get Eire to pay for it?)
      Fucking Blair and Clinton wallowing in it today. Blair of course using the Agreement as a remoaning mantra.

      • Erect the Wall of Cunts, with the vile visages facing the EU side – add honorary cunt Adams for good measure.

        • I think Ireland has the most difficult complicated history of probably any other country on Earth RTC. The cunts have been at one another’s throat for hundreds of years. The “troubles” didn’t start in 1968 – it has been going on since 917 AD from Vikings to Jocks – they have been born and bred on hate, vilification of their own for any number of reasons from old handed down long running feuds which have lasted centuries to actual all out war against one another. The paddies being known for their stupidity and naivety are anything but. I have spent many an hour reading up on Michael Collins, Roger Casement, Eamon De Valera and the background to that troubled place. When St Patrick got rid of all the snakes he left something else lurking in there. The crimes visited on one another in the name of “freedom” or a United Ireland or Proddys hate Fenians have been displayed over their history in the most barbaric ways imaginable. Back in the day a “mixed marriage” couple – one proddy and one Fenian couldn’t even be buried in the same graveyard. This image just about sums up the hatred they had and have for one another. If the Catholics achieve majority status I hope they will join Eire again – too much bother keeping the dopy cunts safe from killing one another.

          • And the Fenian filth were shamefully ‘neutral’ during the war, spitefully refusing Churchill’s call to help the Brits fight Hitler… The bogtrotters let the U-Boats dock on Irish ports and helped them Kraut Cunts willingly… The Micks more or less wanted the Nazis to win, but it escaped their Guinness addled little brains that if old Adolf had got to Blighty he’d have then gone on to Potatoland and gassed every tinker and gypsy cunt in the place… To be sure, to be sure now…

          • Wow, you need to actually learn Ireland’s role and decision to be neutral in ww2 and not jump to the conclusion that neutral means pro-nazi.if Ireland did fight with the uk like in ww1 maybe it would’ve ended up like the last time where we were used as cannon fodder and sent to the bloodiest battles ww1 had to offer, somme, gallipoli, so yeah I wonder why dev and the Irish public choose not to get involved, it’s inconceivable really.

  3. I’d like to propose the happy Monday Agreement. Tell the prods to fuck off, then tell the micks to fuck off then get on with a good brexit and bring back smoking in pubs.

    Anyone wanna sign?

  4. My problem with this wankfest today has been to see the queen of peace the Princess Blair fart arsing around trying to pretend he is still *important*. Then there was his pal cunty Clinton (*every president needs his nancy*), the dirty old man now looking decrepit.

    Of course the BBC have been bending over backwards to lick Blair’s arse.

  5. Lets face it. The Paddies can’t even agree with each other ,never have never will. How can anyone help the cunts ??? They have been called the Darkies of Europe because they are so fucking Tribal.

    • Not true all Irishmen agree on one thing, the hatred of England, but we’re not alone I’m sure the Scots and the French and the rest of the world really agree on that. I tell ya not one Irish wasn’t delighted last St Patrick’s day where we thumped ye in the rugby, Us the so called “scumy” Irish beat the sophisticated, classy and smug English

  6. How many fucking excuses have these cunts got left in the top drawer to try and thwart Brexit. So basically the IRA has more influence than 17.4 millon people. Fuck off, the vast majority of the Irish don’t give two fucks about fighting with each other over some pathetic religious shite but all the fucking hysterical remain desperate cunts are clinging to it for dear fucking life. Do me a fucking favour.

  7. Surprised there’s any left over there to give a shit!

    Every cunt digging up the M1/M6/A1 – any fucking major road you like – seems to be from the Emerald Isle.

    Probably right mind cos the brand new bits of the A1(M) have crumbled quicker than Cheshire cheese after a couple of days of snow/cold.

    Proper tarmacing that!

    No doubt they chucked a dog in on the deal…

  8. The Good Friday agreement is the cross that the referendum result will be crucified upon.
    May will claim to have done her best but it was a bridge too far, so we have to stay in the customs union, accept ECJ rules, blah, blah, blah, in order to maintain a frictionless border. A crock of cunt.

    • I hope you are wrong Jack but I fear you are right. Motherfucker Blair has already tried it on with Merkel, now Clinton gets in on the act, that that fuck-ugly shrew of a wife of his, (Hilary, though no doubt Cherie as well)

  9. I really can’t understand why the fuck we ever wanted northern ireland.
    If we had just had the good sense to fucking leave it there, just think of all the problematic shit we would never have had to deal with.
    I have yet to meet one that is even 1% sane.

    • After decades of catholic and protestant bigots arguing with each other over fuck all on the radio and television during ‘the troubles’, I only have to hear an Irish accent and I immediately feel fucking depressed. How many nuclear bombs would it take to shut the fuckers up permanently? I just don’t want to think about them any more.

    • Many good Ulstermen died int two world wars defending Britain. in fact we are more British than the Scots,English,welsh,put together.

      • I know, Their treatment has been disgusting many of my colleagues returned home after serving but have moved across to the UK because of harassment from the paramilitaries.
        They have received no Government aid or assistance in resettlement, yet if they had of been pikeys from Tipperary they would have been offered council houses and benefits.
        Westminster are cunts too .

  10. The good Friday agreement simply let the cunts (from both sides) out nice and early to get on with building their drug empires in their respective areas. If you think any of these cunts (from both sides) give a fuck about borders or fucking brexits or fucking united irelands you are one deluded cunt.

  11. Don’t really understand the troubles. Don’t understand handing out random pardons to convicted murderers. Don’t know why we are “celebrating” 20 years. Don’t care. Could not give a fuck. Let them all kill each other, I don’t care. If it was up to me I would tow the whole fucking place across the ocean and glue it on to Massachusetts.

    I have to say though, the Bobby Sands thing did provide weeks of entertainment.

      • Was he a tranny? Wasn’t much up on stuff like that in the ’70s, just assumed he was a girly boy of some description. Never doubted he was a cunt though.

  12. If this scuppers Brexit I’ll be angry. Quite angry. And I’ll let some people know how quite angry I am.

    • Morning Kendo think I’ll be angry too and may right into the local rag ” The Bognor and District incontinence supplies weekly” to share my anger

      • I don’t know if it’s an apocryphal story, but allegedly there was a sign at Harwich station that announced “Harwich – change for the continent”

        Someone had added underneath
        “…and Frinton for the incontinent.”

        Boom, Boom ! Splat !

  13. In my time in NI, I never would have believed that one day, the IRA would win. I never believed the IRA would win assisted by a Traitor like Blair. I never believed the Good Friday Agreement solved the problem, but only made it more insoluble.
    I wish when I had the bead I’d pulled the trigger! There would at least be one less cunt around today.

  14. After I walked past the Westminster tube bomb just before it went off I found that my tolerance level for the Irish cause dropped rather low rather quickly.

    How is indiscriminate murder of innocent people ever justified. Its still happening today, just the religion has changed

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