The Gender Pay Gap

I’d like to nominate advocates of the gender pay myth for a cunting. Whilst it does exist it exists for perfectly legitimate reasons and I’m sick of right on snowflake cunts like Al-BBC pretending its only there because of ‘muh sexism’. Hasn’t it crossed their minds that that would be illegal?

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64 thoughts on “The Gender Pay Gap

  1. It only exists because wimminz do less hours than men (and the hours they do do are less productive too because of all the gossipping and giggling), the lazy, moaning bitches.

  2. In all my working years since 1972 i have NEVER come across Wimminz on lower pay that are doing the same job as a man. But I do notice that once they have a kid on the way they get a year off with pay and can dictate their hours when they decide to come back. Isn’t equality wonderful ?

    • Spot on Fenton – my experience precisely. Why they’re allowed to get away with it I’ll never know. Positive Discrimination should be made illegal.

      • Yes Ruff Tuff, then you get the repeat offenders who have one sprog after another . We have one at work thats had 4 kids since she’s been their , thats four years off with pay. and does fuck all the few hours she’s back, and not forgetting the additional sick leave she keeps taking. All this so called equality bollocks is just making us blokes very resentful .

        • I joined the staff at a university library in the 1990s and it took nearly 2 years before I’d even met half the wimmin supposedly working there… we had one serial sick leave taker, off not because she was ill, but because her fucking boyfriend was schizophrenic and kept refusing to take his medication, ffs! What a racket.

    • Exactly so. One known to me added to that handy little package a successful demand for promotion to a management grade. Sure, the wimminz should be paid the same hourly rate, but if they’re not there, they shouldn’t get it, end of. The decision to propagate should have nothing to do with it. If you can’t afford to breed, don’t.

      And salaried staff, too important for hourly rates? Fuck them, they all get too much anyway. Annual reviews of cost-effectiveness would sort that one.

  3. We’ve just taken on a woman of child-bearing age. She is tathervugly and has extremely short hair though, shaved at the back. I’m concerned that she may be a wimminz and will keep my distance until further notice.

    • “tathervugly”? I meant “rather ugly”. I must have fingers like cows’ tits today!

      • What are her duties, apart from wiping your arse and clearing up the cat sick?

    • We have some that sprogged down over a number of occasions, they are now back working but doing reduced hours or have predefined start, finish times depending on childcare arrangements.

      It’s all when and good but when you need a rush job or urgent information the fuckers are never there unless it between the hours of 09.30 and 13.45…. And between those hours they are either giggling like a coven of witches, making coffee or early lunch, or in the loo servicing their leaking bladders or replacing tampons in their minging love tunnels.

      I’d get the rid of em all I’m afraid no women in the workplace unless it’s a war situation. And fuck the EU cos it’s mainly EU legislation that means we have to offer this shit to them in the first place.

  4. You can tell how entitled the female brain is when a divorce is in the offing, 10yrs of no working everything paid for always out for “coffee” with friends 14000 miles wacked on the motor but she never went out, then the gender pay gap comes into play, let her have it all. Gender fucking pay gap my arse, the cheeky cunts even come back for more years later cos they feel 100% it is their right. TWATS.

  5. Apparently “We” ( whoever the Fuck that is in these Days ) have had a triumph in that wimmin can now serve in combat roles… Should be intesting as they cross the line of departure and its safety catches off.
    How many do you think will sign up for the front line…?? The Infantry are the most maligned and sneered at organisation in peacetime , but the most in demand in war. The normal appelation in times of normality is they are “cannon fodder” and a near escape from prison. Come the Beast they are the men that get the killing done, and the public are thankful.
    Should be interesting how many of the sisterhood want to hump a ruck over rough terrain then engage in close combat with Peaceful militia.. Maybe they could all join the raf regiment, pathetic bin tumbling bunch of total hairdressing Cunts…

  6. The bbc are going mental over this fucking windrush nonsense. For the last couple of days, bleat, bleat bleat. The clip they played of Corbyn ranting in Parliament about it sounded like he was going to stab someone.
    No one has been deported, one or two have been close, but with the vitriol shown by Corbyn and the rancid Beeb, you think we have shoved six million of them up a chimney. Yet, when it comes to mass rape by certain taxi drivers, fuck all.

    • Funny, cos Corbyn usually turns a blind eye when 6 million go up the chimney.

    • I think you’ll find its down to the fact that some members of our community, you know, the vibrant exciting part, have failed to fully comply with their conditions of entry, but of course, as always, its not a problem, lets forget about such awkwardness…

    • The fucking Beeb and their print wing the grauniad have spent weeks trying to deflect from the peaceful attrocities being carried out in Telford.

      I won’t mind betting a cabal of grauniad and Beebistan journos all got together with the likes of Ali Campbellend to best work out a story they could use.

      It appears however that at today’s PMQs the commie Jeremy Dustbin got it handed back at the dispatch box, the hunchback May apparently reminded him that his own party were in power back in 2009 when the so called destruction of the landing cards took place, and not on the Tories watch.

      But when the journos of the Beeb and Grauniad spend their time just bouncing off each other for ideas, that’s what you get.

      But to be honest, does anyone in the real world and not th Islington/snorting hill bubble actually give a flying fuck?

  7. Call me sexist or whatever, I don’t give a fuck! The pay gap’s there for a reason.

    Take engineering for instance! Why would an employer invest 10 years of time and money training a woman to be a CNC machinist, when she’s likely to fuck off and have kids at any time? If they’re worth the wage, then all well and good, but most of them are fucking useless. I should know I married one of the fuckers! (But what’s the alternative, other than staying single?)

    If I were to have my time again, I wouldn’t waste my time running around after the cunts! If we’d have left it to women we’d still be living in fucking caves?

    As Jim Davidson allegedly once said……..
    “If we didn’t want to fuck em, we wouldn’t talk to em”

          • An interesting theory, Mr CE,I’ll see how it works at my trial involving Gemma Arterton and photos of my member with a sign hanging off it saying “I’m cummmming for you”.

          • You’ve rather a fancy for the delectable Miss Aterton, eh Mr F? Have you seen “the girl with all the gifts”?

          • @Mr CE..I haven’t seen it,but just googled it. It doesn’t sound like my kind of film,I must admit. I’m not wild on horror films. I did once watch something called Hostel in the company of an ex-fiancee, I had to turn it off. No wonder there’s so many nutters about if that’s what passes for entertainment.

          • It’s a little far fetched, to be honest. I mean, the lead zombie is a little uppity girl and they succeed in controlling her tendencies toward savage cannibalism. I know! Ridiculous. What with all the uppities stabbing the ever-loving shit our of each other in London this year, it’s only one short step from knifings to cannibalism, in my opinion.

          • @Mr CE….I don’t know….they trained those chimps to behave reasonably respectably for those PG tips ads. Perhaps they could send the same trainers into some of the more “vibrant” inner-city youth clubs?

  8. Perhaps there should be a sliding pay-scale with the highest pay being awarded to the manliest man,down through the ranks of woman based on their attractiveness ,and finally,bringing up the rear would be The Gays and trannies. Nobody could object to this because real men do all the proper work so deserve the most pay,women service men so deserve the next pay grade,and lastly would be the “fruity” community,who I’m sure accept that the added costs involved in arranging secure and hygienic work stations for them,where they can’t be a threat to the normal workforce,means that they should be paid the least.

    Fuck them.

    • But what about our friends in the theatre community, Mr Fiddler? There’s more likelihood of an untouched bucket of the Colonel’s finest sitting next to Dianne Abbott than there is a straight fellow working within a theatre. But work gets done, nevertheless. Maybe the gaylords employ some sort of mincing, lisping superhero to erect the sets?

      • The Gays are a sneaky and conniving race, Mr CE. My study of their behaviour has revealed that yer typical The Gay is capable of controlling his impulses if he believes that money is involved. This proves my theory that as well as being sneaky,they are mainly doing this “Gay” thing just to attract a bit of attention. If they want to control their illness,they can. Most “Gayness” would be cured if nobody encouraged them,and actually just treated them as one would treat a child that was showing off…a good thrashing.
        That would put a stop to their deviancy.

    • I have this feeling you are not too keen on our gay community Mr. Fiddler. I could be wrong of course, but I tend to have an intuition for this sort of thing.

      • I must admit I’m yet to be convinced by the modern trend for male buggery, Freddie. I do hope that they don’t make it compulsory any time soon. I don’t fancy discovering Tom Daley knocking on my back door demanding entry.

        • Well you know how it is Fiddler, male buggery today and then bestiality and necrophilia tomorrow.

          • It’s a slippery slope, PMS…although,to be fair, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a spot of necrophilia. Take Salma Hayek,for example…I wouldn’t care if she wasn’t breathing,hell, I wouldn’t care if she wasn’t even warm, I’d board her.

          • Guess you’d love the smell of formaldehyde in the morning then Fiddler?

          • @PMS..rather formaldehyde than the waft of corpse gas as I pump away…she might be a bit ripe too,of course.

          • Saying that, the rigor mortis would do wonders if you liked it tight eh?

          • Oh, the rigor mortis wouldn’t bother me. I don’t think that a corpse could be any less responsive than some of the charmers that I’ve tackled in the past. I remember one particular lovely who kept puking up from the drink as I was doing her from behind…I didn’t stop,although I’m pretty sure that she was passed out for some of the time.

          • @ francis

            You know…… it says a lot about the peacefools that I can believe that…..

          • @ Fiddler

            Yeesh, seems like you’ve had the misfortune of picking up some right ones huh?

          • I know someone who tried it – his mate was a mortuary assistant – he remarked when he finished it was surprisingly ticklish around her minge for a dead bint – Maggots came the reply – that’s the maggots wriggling 😉

    • The Gays bringing up the rear….

      Surely that should be taking it up the rear….

      • Speaking of back door smashers – anyone have Dale Winton in dead pool?? Popped his clogs – no cause of death (that I know of) – could be Rock / Freddy disease.

        • Christ, so that’s Barbara Bush, Bruno Sammartino and now Dale Winton all dead and none of them were nominated.

        • Is Dale dead? Hardly surprising really..given his bent for a dissolute lifestyle I’m amazed that The Grim Reaper didn’t gobble him up years ago.

        • Dale Winton snuffed it? Let’s hope it was AIDS the dirty fucking arsebandit.
          Cue 48 hours of genius and sainthood bestowed upon this fucking old poof.

          • Yeah………

            Nevermind Mama Bush…..

            Or old Bruno who was actually a straight up human being – a rarity in pro wrestling.

          • How long do you reckon until that Conchita Wurst croaks? I see it’s had to admit the price it’s paying for its deviancy.

    • There’s only one thing I have to say about the pay gap &c.

      That weasel Linekunt should not be paid a penny. For anything. Ever again.

      Worthless little scrunt (hybrid of scrote / cunt, quite the rage these days, it seems…).

  9. I must say I found Al-BBCeer ‘gender pay gap’ hilarious.

    But hang on a minute wasn’t there 2 split arses presenting the same program on significantly different remuneration. Oh hang on nothing to see here move along now…….

    Then some professor pissflaps newsreader complains she’s only earning £400k when one of her male contempories gets £500k. Get to fucking fuck, the scandal here is the fact any cunt gets paid £400k for reading the fucking ‘news’.

    The Gender Paygap is a fucking myth. The ability and worth to the business Pay Gap is an absolute reality.

    And Gays can fuck off too!

  10. You’d have thought holding all the highest positions in the country would have been enough for these money grubbing wimmin…

    Head of State
    Prime Minister
    Scotch 1st Minister
    Home Secretary
    Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police
    Director of Public Prosecutions
    Director General of the CBI
    General Secretary of the TUC

    But NO!

    And let’s not overlook the wimmin’s CLASS PAY GAP in all the excitement…

    • From William Pitt the Younger to Theresa May, Amber Rudd, and Cressisa Dick.

      This embarrassing list would have given a Victorian gentleman heart attack. But to our quisling, pro-EU snowflake cunts this is “progress” !

  11. One out-of-touch, unelected nest of gravy-train cunts votes to stay with another out-of-touch, unelected nest of gravy-train cunts.

    Fuck the Remainers, Fuck the EU, and fuck the House of Lords, the silver-spooned, entitled, dinosaur Cuntocrats.

    • Yeah, I nominated the cunts as soon as I read about that one.

      I despise all these remainer cunts.

      I fucking despise the EU and want that rotten organisation to die.

      Let’s hope the gravy trains crash and break all these cunts.

      Fuck them.

  12. House of Lords.
    Firstly it is in London which is much closer to Europe than say Birmingham or Newcastle. Or anywhere else in the UK come to think of it.
    Secondly they are all entitled cunts on the gravy train. They get paid for turning up. That’s it. They can fuck off once they sign the register.
    Thirdly they are fucking irrelevant.
    Get rid or if we need an upper house make it elected and in Birmingham, Manchester or Newcastle. Purge the London cunts.

  13. The HoL badly needs culling. And the prime job requirement should NOT be ‘Party donor’ The preponderance of dodgy networked businessmen amounts to institutionalised corruption. If it’s there to scrutinise what the HoC throws up (unpleasant image intentional) then it needs enough power to clean up the mess, but it doesn’t have that. As it stands it’s a crock of shite, but there are too many perfectly-positioned fat cats and crooks in it for any reforms to be contemplated. It may be said that Blair tried…but he failed utterly and in fact made it worse.

    • oh, and… why the fuck are sportspersons, ‘artists’, luvvies and music promoters even considered for our top legislative assembly? The job needs to be subject to an entry exam.

  14. So basically, one load of rich cunts is getting paid a bit less than another load of rich cunts.
    My fucking heart bleeds…

  15. Paygap my arsehole!! my ex girlfriend use to make a killing in tips not to mention women want the easiest no heavy lifting type jobs Fuck off with this paygap shit you cunts

  16. And then I said to my girlfriend if you want a easy to do well payed job? how about a blowjob then you lazy teasing tart cunt!

  17. The problem with the pay gap is the fact that the people who are doing the whinging are the ones who already have high paid, interesting, important jobs. Here’s my solution : they could all come and work with me in a grubby, cold in the winter, roasting in the summer, grimy, dusty warehouse lugging 200kg of steel about on a pallet truck for 9 hours We’re all paid £ 8 an hour. Problem solved. Some folk really ought to be grateful for what they’ve got

    • Thanks for the reminder. And I am truly grateful for my cushy number on a little under the national average wage. I’ve done the hard graft in shite conditions number so I think I know whereof you speak.

      Question: what do the guys on the bin wagon do that is one iota less important to society than Richard Bastard Branson?

      • He supplied me with an import copy of Freak Out in 1971, and signed Faust to Virgin Records in 1973.

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