Stop and search


A cunting for Cressida Dick and all the hand wringing over murder and mayhem in London.
Why the surprise? Why the shock?
When you let alien cultures flourish – Somali, Eritrean, Baby Father, peaceful, lawlessness, Victimhood and so on what the fuck was expected.
Violence is the norm for these fuckers. Absent fathers and lack of a family unit exacerbates the situation.
Oh, and scaling down stop and search because it’s racist was a wonderful idea wasn’t it? If you asked the poor fuckers who live in these shitholes about stop and search the innocent people, regardless of ethnicity will support it. It’s the comfortable liberal cunts who don’t even live there that decry it, along with the killers of course.
Ms Dick also blames social media. Music apparently incites the cunts. Well if by music she means talentless rhyming couplets of hatred then maybe it does.
And it’s time the victims were described as what they actually are – scum, by and large not talented scientists, artists, musicians etc tragically and innocently cut down.
Fuck Cressida Dick. Fuck London. Get a fucking grip.

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78 thoughts on “Stop and search

  1. Allowing immigrant scum retards to form ghetto’s, coupled with a liberal tit nurturing approach was surely the recipe for disaster. Now, following years and years of “softly softly ” there is no going back. And guess what. The EXPERTS say it is caused by social media influences. Bollocks!
    Nice cunting Cuntstable !

  2. Theresa Cunt neutered Stop & Search back in 2014. Quelle surprise. Worked out well, didn’t it?

    Zero common sense these useless PC bollocks politicians.

    • She was a useless cunt of a Home Secretary, and now also as a Prime Cunt.( sorry, Minister )

      • Theresa The Appeaser’s 2014 Stop and Search reforms were backed by that other uber-cunt Prick Smegg.

        You instinctively know that when a problem emerges there is invariably some clueless, gobshite, liberalista, waste of skin and bone politician that has wilfully acted “in everybody’s best interest” to tip a threshold situation over the edge and make it a damned site fucking worse.

        Clegg, Dick and May are three prized cunts with no concept of leadership or researching and understanding real facts before they propose their big liberalist fucking ideas. 3 x Cunts x 10^1000.

  3. In five years time, when London is a lawless foreign gang run shithole, that will make Mega City One look like the botanical gardens, the few white and English people left in London will be wishing that Hitler had won…

    • Mega City One already looks like the Botanical gardens in comparison……..

    • I think we are already there Norman. ALBBC and the meedja have had to report on the dindoo violence. Genghis and co really could not give a fuck. Great seeing Lammy do his hound dog impression again – just before he sets off for his daily visit to the Grenfell Grotto – to say a prayer for “I’ll never forget whatshername”. And the Met boss – surely a comma and a question mark missing. Cressida, Dick?

  4. Shame they can’t be cordoned off in their appalling sink-hole estates and left to fight it out once and for all like the primates they are. A sort of Battle Royale (Planet of the Apes edition), if you will.

  5. And straight out of the socialist/lefty handbook, just like his mentor (mental) Jezza, the London Mayor has
    1) gone into hiding
    2) blamed someone else.
    All we need now is step 3) pretend it didn’t happen or spin the news so that it looks like it didn’t happen.

    And if you think I am making this up, just look at how Cuntbyn has been dealing with anti-semitism in the past 6 weeks Ignored it, blamed Jewish people for being Jews and now is pretending he wants to talk to representatives. The Cunt.

    • Oh Lamy and the flabbott have come out and blamed white people.
      Apparently we don’t police the black areas, don’t care enough about black people and basically we’re all cunts and it’s our fault. (Not in those words but that’s the underlying tone).

      NO CUNTS.

      It’s YOUR fault!

      Until the black community look in the fucking mirror and do something about this pathetic gangsta culture they have, their communities are gonna be crime ridden hell holes, over run by violence, drugs and gangs.
      Poverty isn’t an excuse.
      It’s a disgusting, inferior culture that glorifies theft, drugs and violence and makes it cool to be a scumbag that’s to blame.
      Until these cuntish lefty self appointed leaders of the black community take some fucking responsibility for their own failings and racism (blame it all on whites) they’ll be responsible for more deaths.

      Prevent programmes aren’t working you weak lefty cunts!
      Go in there and kick the fuck out of every cunt that even looks slightly “gangsta” and send ’em off to a British army “re-education” camp, or build a fucking wall round these ghettos and and damn the cunts to hell.

      Fuck em.

      And as for Sadiq Khunt …. he recons it’s because of austerity.
      And he probably thinks that it was santa claus that murdered Elvis (then covered it up by making it look like he shat himself to death).
      It’s because of culture. Oh, and weak useless imbeciles like Sadiq Khunt and cresida dick(head).
      Lamy said: “Is a life in my constituency worth less than a life elsewhere?”
      My answer: “yes. … fuck yes. Your constuency is full is theiving scumbags and no one there seems to want to do anything about it. White people can’t do anything about it or they’ll riot so fuck em.”

      • Who gives a flying fuck? I live in London and would support handing out ammo to these cunts just to finish the job quicker. The arm the rest of us with even more ammunition and a bit of close air support to finish the fucking job!

        • Rock on mate! Could not care less if the fuckers slaughter themselves. Agree totally with you succinct analysis of the problem of feral urban savages.

          • And the less we see Of Mayor Khunt and all the other cunt politicians the better.

  6. If these little rudeboy cunts want to go around serving each other up I’m not really giving a fuck to be honest. Very different when it’s human civilians coming to harm.

    Have you noticed the papers always try and give it the aspiring footballer/went to ‘kollij’ bit, and then in the next sentence it’s ‘….whose street name was MAC10’ or some such nonsense.

    • Was the aspiring mugg…er, sorry footballer “turning his life around” by any chance?

      This is an over-used phrase when it comes to describing “good boys who fell into the wrong company, innit?”

    • Quite. Always lovely wholesome lads these gang victims, aren’t they.

      “That serrated Fairburn-Sykes combat knife under his pillow? Just a convenient toothpick. Muh lovely son, init!!”

  7. I did notice that there was definitely a commonality between the victims of the latest tranche of stabbings and shooting.

    O’course that’s the unmentionable “elephant in the room” isn’t it.

    Nice to see Abbott flapping her chops also avoiding any notion of commonality between any of the victims.

    O’course that’s just “cultural” isn’t it.

    And in other news: nut job doctor prosecuted for owning a small arsenal of arms. 30yrs minimum.

    Not like the £1 month fine out of their benefits (i.e. that we pay for) that we usually give “peaceful” cunts for blowing kids up in Manchester.

    O’course said nut job doctor was of the hated middle-aged white man sector of society, so 30yrs for “potentially” causing harm is far more important than coming down hard on “actual” murder and mayhem – providing the appropriate virtue-signalling boxes are ticked!


    • They don’t mention it on ABBC/Sky, but would I be correct in assuming the perpetrators are all white middle-aged men?

      • I think the percentages are quite low in that respect.

        O’course you are not allowed to even infer the “majority perpetrated by the minority” demographic because while statistically accurate, pointing it out is way-cist.

  8. Where is Sadiq?

    More like where is Wally?

    Ol’ rice, pea an’ chiggun, the numerically illiterate (casts a) Shadow Home Secretary once again didn’t have a clue. Typically blamed it all on government cuts.

    The only cuts she is familiar with on a day to day basis are the cold cuts she regularly stuffs herself with. Clueless and mendacious cunt should be melted down for candle wax.

    • The only cuts she is familiar with on a day to day basis are the cold cuts she regularly stuffs herself with. Clueless and mendacious cunt should be melted down for candle wax.

      Spat out me Earl Grey laughing at that.

      Melting her down for candle wax would keep the Vatican going for the duration of at least another 5 pontiffs.

    • Listen Paul, pointing out the inability/ineptitude of politicians makes you astute when they’re from one demographic but way-cist when they are from another (whether factually accurate or not).

      You have been warned!

    • “The only cuts she is familiar with on a day to day basis are the cold cuts she regularly stuffs herself with.”

      Hahahahaha … 👍

  9. Growing up in a white area (Dunbartonshire) I was used to stop and searches.
    I looked the part, ‘soccer casual’ clobber and a fuckin great swagger.
    I understood why they were searching me. It wasn’t because of my colour, it was because, plain and simple, I looked the part.
    I looked like what other cunts that brawled looked like.
    I didn’t wear cords, a cardigan and sensible walking brogues, I looked like a ‘casual’,so took the shite that went along with it.
    And guess what, the polis would have been rite as I usually did carry some class of weapon (baseball bat with accompanying baseball for legalities, Chelsea brick is just a rolled up magazine)

    Profiling should be used for stop and search. The clobber these cunts wear and the mannerisms they carry are from the prison. Aping that limping walk with their arse on show, how fuckin HARD maaaaan?
    . If the cunts want to look like ‘gangstas’ and behave like ‘gangstas’, then they should be watched by the po-po as if they really were ‘gangstas’.

        • Insurgency in Algeria, Legionnaires use a mine detector to search for hidden weapons on the women, it’s a historic photo, the picture covers the topic well.

          • Cheers….. Good picture.
            It was a mixture of the B&W and the modern elements that threw me.

      • If they all dressed like Jacob Rees-Mogg they wouldn’t have a problem.

      • Cheers Black and White Cunt, and all the best to (s)Liverpool in the second leg.
        One away goal and then watch Pep fix the laces of his pumps. (when being beaten, he fixes his clobber like a wee boy hiding from being chastised by a parent)

        • Cheers birdman, great result last night. I really think it’ll be LFC v Bayern Munich in the final. Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool…
          Pep is a cunt, I like his Stone Island collection though. Cunt probably wears a coat once and chucks it in the bin the rich cunt.

  10. If Cressida Dick is to be believed that the music is to blame then I’m burning my Erasure collection.

    Better throw Marc Almond on the pyre just to be safe……

    • I love Beethoven, a truly great composer for miserable, dyspeptic old gits like meself.

      Interestingly, apart from being considered one of the greatest composers ever, he was, in his time, considered also to be a truly great specimen of humanity.

  11. If Khan the Khunt has any principles he should resign. Considering his reductions in stop and search are a large part of why violent crime has increased.

    • Khunt’s moral principles run the whole gamut, from A to B.

      I fear that he is another unflushable turd.

  12. Thought I would chime in and give the ethnic majority view…
    Whilst any loss of life is tragic especially young teenagers etc a lot of what’s been going on is a combination of things. Let’s not forget that some of those killed were genuinely innocent.
    Firstly I’m sick of hearing about cuts to this and no Youth clubs etc a lot of these murdering cunts a spurred on by Hip Hop and it’s bullshit ‘Messages’…I genuinely like some Hip Hop although I don’t produce it but yo be honest it is a cancer on society. It’s usually full of negativity/violence inciting and boasting it’s totall bollocks. Most of these kids and followers of Hip Hop aspire to be like the VERY few who have all the bitches, money and guns etc. 9 times out of 10 most Hip Hop tunes will have some twat saying “I’ll take your girl, my crew will shoot you up if you try test us, I got so much money I drive a Bentley signed by Mr Bentley. It’s all total bollocks and it’s a massive reason for all of this bullshit that’s going on, secondly you add in the fact that some of these cunts are a bit bitter or messed up and that they are in Gangs so you then have kids trying to lead other kids and then they end up carrying knives etc incase some outsider steps in their postcode trying to go on like a big man. So some kids carry knives after being jacked (robbed for all you old cunts) or carry one for protection knowing that most of the other cunts will be carrying one. Believe me this isn’t just a black problem, although most victims are black there are loads of whites on these Gangs as well and I notice that a lot of these Whites act and talk more ‘Black’ than the Black cunts. Thirdly add in the useless parent possibly parents who ain’t got a clue how to discipline and raise their children and you have a recipe for cuntcake.
    This is why the riots got so out of hand, some cunt saw it kicking off in Tottenham so probably thought ‘Damn I gotta rep Hackney’ so they decide to kick off there as well.
    This is beyond fixing in my opinion and these cunts like most youth are fearless and don’t give a fuck what people say or think. Finally the Black community need to wake up and accept their is a problem within and not look to blame everything else. I’m half Jamaican and I’ll admit that a lot of these problems were started by Jamaican/Carribean generations that were born here and grew up pissed off (in some cases rightly so due to racist cunts and racist Police) and didn’t want to play the slow game and work but want everything now.
    Now you have Africans, indigenios whites, Paki’s, Somalians in most cities talking in a sort of Jamaican patois.
    If you sent some of these cunts to Jamaica they wouldn’t last 5 minutes if they acted like some gangsta.
    Anyways that my summary of the pile of cunt.
    Tonight me ah eat Rice and Pea, and Stew Chicken, with Eton Mess for dessert.

    • I was present at an interesting altercation between a yardie and a chap like yourself, the yardie was out of order, to prevent card pulling I shut up, nice chap explained that No it wasn’t going to happen, yardie said “suck you mother” Nice chap very quietly said “say that again” and he did!
      I can assure you my friend was not deaf, and perhaps something was lost in translation, however Mr Yardie then sustained multiple head injuries and a broken wrist and was most displeased at the outcome.
      On a sub note, I am not a fan of Goat curry or rice and peas, but a decent suya with onions and tomatoes sets my boat a float (also gumbo)

      • Cheers Lord Benny, great story. A lot these Yardies are all mouth, they think that swearing in Jamaican scares people, a lot if these cunts are from the countryside in Jamaica… Country bumpkin cunts.

    • Well said and spot on.

      My best mate is a B&W cunt whose Dad came from Kingston and whose Mam was from Stoke.

      My mate was the youngest of three brothers and one sister. There was no chance they’d turn into cunts because any form of cuntitude/dissent was usually met with a short sharp: “Does you want one upside de head!”

      It never came to that – naturally – but like me, manners, respect (especially for elders) and being polite was drummed into us from being able to walk and talk.

      In our community (a mining community) you literally were judged on how hard you grafted not colour or race.

      As my Dad used to say: “We’re all black down the pit!”

      Lack of discipline across the boards is a cunt!

      When I was at school if you committed a faux-pas you got a dusty board rubber chucked at your head. Further dissent and the head teacher would cane you. Then if you got home and your folks found out you got double off them!

      Nowadays every kid is an angel and all the teachers are always in the wrong. Parents don’t discipline their kids and the state has revoked the right of chastisement. I’m not talking beating your kid up but the threat of a slipper across the arse was more than a deterrent to straying from the straight and narrow!

      The “well meaning” flake society – what a cunt!

      • Cheers RWAC, it’s no coincidence that the kids are out control and the lack of discipline from the parents. It’s like the leaders and the liberal left are leading us into oblivion. When it all goes wrong and it will big time these same cunts will blame the Tories, racists Brexit voters and the usual others.
        Sadiq Khan is a useless cunt as well.
        It’s time to start kicking some ass, beginning with the out of hand peaceful cunts.

    • Well said BWC, I’m from deepest darkest Wolverhampton, I was the minority, the only white face in my road. Regardless of race, a cunt is a cunt and the place is full of cunts. Precisely what you described was happening 25 years ago, lazy useless parents who didn’t give two fucks about their kids, who grew into absolute shit houses. People tooled up because they had been on the receiving end of a kicking, the filth didn’t give two shits. Most of the proper dicks thought they were in some sort or rap video even though they lived in the same shithole as the next man. We had yardies vs somalians vs local scum who hated the sikh’s because they had good businesses who in turn hated the Muslims…..the only thing everyone agreed on was Birmingham City and how much they all hated them….fucking mental place…needs to be blown off the planet.

      • @Thorax Cockslammer, interesting story regarding the Midlands. I was born in Bristol and it was mostly whites and blacks who got in and didn’t like the Asians (mostly Pakistani’s). I’ve always thought white and black working class got on OK when living together and my Grandad worked in Bristol in the 50s onwards. It was a lot simpler back then, it was white, black, asian. I’ve lived in London for a very long time now and it’s like the United nations here. In some ways I wish it was still like those days, before that cunt Blair got in and let in the Somalians, and other assorted AFRICUNTS and add to that Romainiacs, Poles, etc it’s too much and it’s no wonder the country is as united as India and Pakistan. Anyways its a new world we’re in now and it will never be the same as before. I can’t see myself living here once I get to 50-60, I’ll be in the Costa del cunt.

        • BWC, when it was the black and white working class everyone got on well, or as well as they could, but the West Midlands was ahead of the drag curve in many ways, for the wrong reasons. I was only a kid but it seemed to happen overnight and people seemed to arrive from all over the place,the atmosphere just changed. I can remember clearly when the somalians arrived and along with many others my parents decided it was time to get out of the place and we moved, but most of my relatives stayed. We would visit sporadically and over the years it degenerated into the toilet it is now. Like you, in 10 years time, I’m off to Cyprus or costa del Cuntflap.

    • Well said black and white cunt.

      I feel sorry for the black community having cunts like flabbott, Lamy and ummuna representing them.
      You just spoke more sense in 2 minutes that they have in their entire careers.


      • Cheers deploythesausage, Lammy is a useless cunt and Flabbot is, well an embarrassment. Abbot especially is a cunt who when she opens her mouth makes you sit uncomfortably with embarrassment. As for Chukka umoaner… What a posh twat.

      • Saw Lammy on the news. Everfuckers fault except the vermin doing the killing. ‘Wouldn’t be tolerated in the shires’ He actually said that. Well, it wouldn’t happen in the shires unless they were filled up with vermin.

    • Good post, BAWC. The last sentence made me chuckle. No Dunns River, mate?;)

  13. Fucking flies are back again, I need to write up my yearly cunting of the cunts.

    • The flies here don’t come out until the end of May…. lazy bastards.
      The mosquitoes tho, are out in force. I don’t like to use the plug-ins because fuck knows what I’m breathing in……. Anyway, I’m killing at least ten a day.
      I used to flap around like a modern day Erroll Flynn but with less kills than him.
      This year has seen the introduction of a pillow and I must say, the results are starting.

      Still, some must have escaped my clutches as I woke up with two bites on my forehead yesterday morning…….. Two big lumps, one on either side…. Baaaaaaaaaaah…..

      But if they’re gonna try and help keep the population down in Africa with malaria, then they they ain’t getting a cunting from me……

      • I hate Mosquitoes birdman, I remember one year I was in Jamaica and after smoking some weed I was trying to go to sleep and as I was dropping off a cunt Mosquito kept buzzing by my ear. The cunt wanted some of my special English/Jamaican blood the cunt. Probably the same where you are but I’ve noticed one year I’ll get bitten to fuck and the next hardly anything. What a load of cunts Mosquitoes are eh, they don’t even need a passport to spread their cuntishness. The cunts.

        • I forgot to mention the noise the little fuckers makes.
          That cartoon with the crane chasing the mosquito was no exaggeration….. they are noisy as fuck and if you can’t kill it then no sleep that night…. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…….

          • The cunts sound like a small power saw cutting through wood. Mosquitoes are up there with Seagulls in the creature league of cunts.

  14. It kind of pains me to say it but I couldn’t give a fuck about these murders and I hope we don’t pile a mass of resources at them. A cunt kills a cunt so whoopy fucking doo.

    Stop and search was such a good idea that really worked and the thick cunts in charge stopped it in case Gangsta Wilson feelings got hurt.

    South Central is a no go area, methinks bits of London will so become.

  15. Same I couldn’t give a flying fuck about stabbings and killings in London,except for the old codger who stabbed the thief he should have a medal….in fact if you can stab any thief that should be ok and its a double wammy cuz we woulnt be taxed to keep the fuckers in prison….win win in my book

    • That old guy will be alright.
      If he’s charged with murder then his brief just has to inform the judge and jury that he has a wife to support and him being in prison will only harm her.

      He might have to change religion tho for that to fly……

      • I was reading an online piece earlier and there was this follower of Islam who escaped imprisonment for raping a thirteen year old girl because his religious beliefs had taught him he was doing no wrong.

        Now, if we’re gonna let the fuckers in….. if we really have to……. isn’t that a bona-fide reason to put the cunts in re-education camps first?

      • He could say he’s got alzheimers, and can’t face a court hearing and miraculously recover the day after its decided to not put him through a trial

  16. Crime in London isn’t all bad. I’m sure you have all heard of Simon Jordan, previous owner of Crystal bastard Palace, flash, arrogant, mouthy tangoman.
    Last week he was sitting at lights in Croydon when 2 cunts pulled alongside on a moped, stuck a gun in his orange face and nicked his 50 grand watch.
    Oh, how I laughed! If some more of these rich cunts and their politician lapdogs were on the receiving end we might get some action.
    Don’t hold your breath though.

  17. Funny how da local comoonitee unties as one to blame racism, police cuts and every other possible excuse under the sun to avoid taking accountability but spend the rest of the time stabbing, shooting , dealing and robbing each other.

  18. Since The Gays have been allowed to ruin riot in the Police Service,I wouldn’t be too keen on Stop and Search either. I wouldn’t want some Nancy boy feeling me up under cover of Police powers. I bet the Gay officers are queuing up for front-line duties if it means being free to goose innocent members of the public. The Gay officers should be forced to wear a rainbow badge or something on their uniform so that people realise what could be happening to them.

      • Had to be done, Birdman. I wonder if I should write to Cressida Dick setting out my concerns? I could put a photo of my cock in with the letter,just so that she can see why men built like me would be so worried…hell,a picture of my cock’ll probably get her frothy at the gash too.

        • With respect, I get the impression she’d respond better to a black 12″ strap-on than a wizened middle-aged Viagra induced white boner Dick. Not referring there to your impressive appendage of course.

  19. There’s been four more stabbings in Londonistan tonight
    Just nuke the fucking place, its a vermin infested cunting shithole

  20. Sometime ago I researched on the Net what the murder rate had previously been in this poor country of ours. I learned that there had been a slight decline in the number of murders each year from 1900 until in 1960 that number stood at two hundred. Two Hundred is in my view far too high but even so….

    I have no information as to why the number of murders has increased.

    • simple, the abolishment of the death penalty, liberalisation of the judiciary, police reforms (no one is scared of the police) and nicer prisons ( on this subject I intend to kill some annoying cunt when I am old and feeble, because the facilities are much better than most old folks homes) .

      • Make sure its that evil cunt Tony Blair, and i’ll send you some golden Virginia in every month Lord

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