Sacred Cows

I’d like to Cunt “Sacred Cows”

‘Questioning the Holocaust is not the same as denying it’: Labour suspends candidate over anti-Semitic posts.
Apparently it is now a crime to even question the extent of the Holocaust. Is there any other event in history which is,apparently,beyond question? We can talk freely about the genocide in Rwanda,Pol Pot in Cambodia,ethnic cleansing in Kosovo,but no debate about the extent of the Holocaust is allowed without screams of “Anti-Semitism” drowning out any voice that questions the official version of events.

True or not,and I certainly have no right or reason to doubt the official version,surely it can’t be right that one particular event in history can remain beyond scrutiny or revision? We often complain on here about the erosion of the Freedom of Speech,and yet seem perfectly happy to allow anyone who as much as raises any question about certain aspects of history to be Nailed to the Cross.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

125 thoughts on “Sacred Cows

  1. Funny how things go full circle.

    Twenty years ago the left would go into a full on hissy fit if anyone on the right questioned the extent of the holocaust.

    Now the left are doing exactly the same, I can’t wait to scream ‘NAZI SCUM. OFF OUR STREETS’ at the next Corbyn circle jerk.

  2. Holocaust denial is forbidden because of that cuntishly asinine “crime” called “HATE” crime. Fucking Orwellian !

  3. Thin skinned fuckers. Kick one and they all limp.
    Speaking of limping, Phil the Greek has had a new hip after suffering for the last MONTH ffs. My missus suffered for two years before she got one and this sponging cunt gets one after a month. I hope he gets MRSA. Fuck him.
    Good cunting Dick.

    • To be fair if you got your cheque book out and went private as he did, your wife would have been treated instantly as well.

      • And would they then give me a national insurance and tax rebate ? Don’t think so.

  4. A very interesting cunting Dick, and one I should be able to go along with 100%, at least regarding the freedom of speech issue. Certainly everything must be open to question, I mean, it’s always possible the Holocaust was even worse than the official version provides for! Not that it would change my mind regarding the essential nature of the beast.

    Personally I have never been comfortable with the idea of Holocaust denial being a criminal act. Short of falsely shouting “Fire!” In a crowded theatre, I tend to the belief that Freedom of Speech is sacrosanct – a sacred cow of my own, if you like.

    That being said, I naturally harbour strong suspicions as to the motives of anyone seeking to minimise or play down the horrors of the Holocaust and the evil depths to which an apparently civilised people – disturbingly similar to myself – could descend.

    But each to his own.

    • ” That being said, I naturally harbour strong suspicions as to the motives of anyone seeking to minimise or play down the horrors of the Holocaust”

      True enough, RPC,but I also harbour strong suspicions as to the motives of anyone seeking to use the Holocaust as a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” when it comes to their actions.

      • Bound to agree with you there Dick, if I knew who or what you are referring to. In fact I would deplore anyone using a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” to evade responsibility for their own actions.

        Despicable cunts whoever they are, regardless of race, creed, colour, gender, sexual orientation…….

  5. To be honest, it’s not just Holocaust denial that I wonder about. Any criticism of Israel and it’s policies seems to result in the same screams of “Anti-Semite”. Israel and it’s supporters seem to use the Holocaust sometimes as a justification and reason to shut down any difficult questions about their behaviour and policies
    I’m not saying that they are,or are not,justified in their conduct,but I will say that they seem to be the only people capable of using history so effectively to stifle any debate.

  6. I agree with this cunting in that I don’t believe people should be criminalised for being a doss cunt that spouts nonsense.
    The facts are there and anyone choosing to disbelieve them should be left to it.

    Slightly off topic but similar I suppose….. I can’t understand people visiting Auscwhitz and other places of great sadness and mass death.
    People go and claim to have learnt more than they already knew about the holocaust and they appreciate the horrors that took place, blah blah blah…
    You can learn all that from books without being a morbid tourist.
    My idea is that all visible objects of torture, incarceration and death, buildings, fences, gates, ‘shower rooms’, etc, should be flattened and a tree could be planted in remembrance of all those that perished at the hands of evil bastards.
    Then if you felt the need to visit such ugly sites, a forest will await you,rather than a slaughter house.

    • My grandchildren have all been on school trips to Auschwitz. It is almost compulsory. The school send 120 students each year, and has done for the last 4.
      In Religious studies, very little mention is given to Christianity.
      Collecting my grandson last week, he had been watching ( with his year group ) Some black activist on video screeching about evil whites and slavery.

      I am absolutely fucking sick of all this fucking shite, and the suppression of freedom of speech. It even effects us on this site .

      • “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

        I first read this on ISAS. How true it is.

      • It is absolutely insane, literally. Why shoud BRITISH children be sent to Auschwitz?

        Slavery was invented by black people. They have been enslaving and selling each other for hundreds of years. White people abolished slavery. Blacks should be grateful that, unlike Arabs, whites did not castrate their slaves.

        As long as Leftist pussies control universities and media, this fucking shite will keep poisoning our society.

    • Not been to Auschwitz but intend to go. Been to the killing fields of Cambodia and the Flanders battlefields.

      “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it!”

      Holocaust denial is stupid but should not be prohibited. Just laughed at. The extend of it is always open to debate, but there’s no doubt it happened.

      I look at deniers the same way I look at the Flat Earth Society.

  7. Prime example of this sacred cow syndrome. I have a severely disabled child who cannot speak and is prone to loud and volatile outbursts, this is the reason we choose when and where to take him very carefully. A while back I mistakenly thought taking him to a shopping centre might be a good idea….I was wrong. He had a severe meltdown and required me to restrain him. During the incident a couple of cunts decided to start filming me and laughing loudly saying “look at the spastic” at which point I lost my rag big time with these two Bell ends and grabbed one of them. To cut a long story short it’s ok to laugh and film a disabled child who has a completely ruined life, but not ok for a father to grab hold of anyone taking the piss….that’s what the filth advised me. I had to apologise to these pair of shit heads. The country is fucked.

    • I feel that I should apologise to you. I’m aware that I sometimes,on this site,can go too far with my diatribes. I have “Cunted” just about everyone without stopping to consider individual circumstances. The behaviour that you describe above is disgraceful, and I hope that my writing have never caused distress.

      Best wishes to you and your child.

      • No need for any apologies whatsoever DF. If I did take offence I would cunt myself for being a proper cunt.

        • @Thorax…
          I can only echo dicks words and have regrets over some gags.
          I can only wish the best to you and your son my friend….

        • Ditto thorax – our little family of cunters forget that outside this web page we all are frying our own fish and sometimes careless jokes / memes and stuff get printed that on reflection wasn’t the best decision. I do hope your boy has the best of things and a good a life as he possibly can. I can honestly say you kept your tongue pretty still. If that had been me and some cunt was taking the piss out of my child I would swing for them. In fact, I am that kind of big mouth – regardless of who the child was I couldn’t possibly stand around doing nothing or cocking a deaf one. Kindest regards to you and yours my fellow cunter – from me and mine 😉

    • Christ I’m close to lost for words at your story.

      Fair play to you that you didn’t smash the shit out of the cunts.

      I can only imagine how I’d have reacted if some cunt would have filmed one of my kids and made that remark if I was in your position.

      But being made to apologise is beyond the pale.

      Top respect that you didn’t lose it.

      Shame you weren’t made to write a letter of apology, at least then you’d have been able to share their addresses.

  8. Criminalising holocaust denial merely feeds the conspiracy loonies. Let the deniers be scrutinised for what they are.
    We are also told that you must respect and not criticise religion. Personal beliefs are sacrosanct. Bollocks. If someone chooses to believe in fairies and use that belief to belittle or persecute others where is the reason for respect? And they all do it. Regardless of creed they are all capable of evil, although some more than others obviously. Without naming names, peace be upon him.
    Good cunting Dick.
    Fuck them

  9. Israel is not above reproach either. But any criticism should be tempered with the fact that if it wasn’t there the area would be a fucking site worse. Barren, war torn and ruled by either despots or theocratic loonies.

    • Like the rest of the Middle East?

      I’ll be honest here, if that whole region was to vanish off the face of the Earth tomorrow I would not shed a single tear.

  10. Slightly off topic, but I can’t believe that a 78 year old pensioner has been arrested on suspicion of murder, because two scum cunts who were burgling him had the screwdriver that they threatened him with taken off them by him, and one of the scum got stabbed and died of his wounds. If that guy does a second of time in jail for protecting his house, his elderly wife, and his elderly self from these fucking scum, then this country is not worth saving. What the poor cunt should have done is lay on the floor while these vermin kicked fuck out of him, and let them leave, never to be brought to justice, like what usually happens.

    • I, on the other hand, can believe that this is exactly what is happening, that’s this fucked up cuntry all over.

      No doubt the scum had burgled countless times before and would have gone on to do so again.

      In this cuntry justice doesn’t exist for most regular folk.

      • Arrested for murder???? Fucking hell. Let’s hope sense prevails. He is 78. Jesus.

        • Somehow I doubt sense will prevail here……. a decent law abiding 78 year getting treated sensibly? Yeah, not happening.

          Now if it were some drugged up peaceful cunt on the other hand……

    • I’m on the side of the 78 year old, good for him, pity he didn’t get the other cunt as well.

    • Damn right. And even if he is (hopefully) not prosecuted, who can tell of the damage done to his old heart because of the stress of being arrested by cowardly, bone-idle pig scum. As a hetero middle-class honky, people like me (and all of you guys most probably) are utterly bottom in the police’s priority list, despite paying through the nose for the worthless cunts. I despise the police. As I’ve mentioned on these hallowed pages before, I have a relative quite high up in the Met and know exactly how they operate. We should be genuinely fearful of these cunts in the years to come.

  11. I have always been extremely uncomfortable with criminalizing holocaust denial. It makes no legal sense that of all the shit that has happened, this is the only thing that you can’t deny. What about the gulags, where they reckon, I believe, 60 mill died. Cambodia, Rwanda, Somalia, that’s ok to deny, Christ, even Harry Kane is allowed to be interviewed on TV.

    Can’t agree with the sentiment about destroying the camps at all. Spent a three day to,is at in Munich and went to Dachau. A life experience, and Munich is a super cool city.

        • Amen to that brother!

          Question, why was it that when our mob didn’t win a trophy for years we were, rightfully, lambasted for it yet the Sp*rs scum haven’t won a major trophy in 27 years or any trophy at all for 10 years and the pundits, media and all the other jack-offs say nothing? And can we dispel this notion that Sp*rs are ”sleeping giants”….. fuck I despise that term!

      • The way this world is going and the way lefty snowflakes are trying to take over every thought and action…… we’ll all be fuckin spuds fans in twenty years time.

        One of you Gooners should do a cunting of the medias adoration of a club that has one fuck all.
        I could do it but a Gooner has more knowledge and disdain for these cunts than I do…… I do have the disdain though..

        I’m forty three and I’m sure they’ve one the FA cup twice in all that time and nuffin else.

        I’ve worked with spuds fans and had a family living next door once…….unbearable cunts the lot….

        • Tempting idea Birdman, very tempting idea.

          I’m 30 and I thin in that time Sp*rs have won an FA cup and two League cups.

          Now I know my mob haven’t won/bought as many trophies as certain other clubs but surely most teams would love to have the haul that we have had in the last 30 years:

          5 League Championships
          8 FA cups
          1 League Cup
          8 Community Shields
          1 UEFA Cup Winners Cup

          ……yet Sp*rs are the media darling with their band of overrated cunts who will no doubt expose what overrated cunts that they are at the World Cup.

          • Football : surrogate tribal warfare. The opiate of the masses. Designed to take bread from and provide circuses to the brain challenged masses.

    • Cunts n Roses – exquisite taste sir.

      Marquee Moon is indeed one of the greatest albums ever made. Godly title track asde, I do love me a bit of Venus and Elevation.

      • Torn Curtain… except the sublime guitar solo was faded out prematurely, imho.

  12. Don’t know where I stand with this cunting. The four by twos have punched above and beyond their weight in pretty much every field you care to mention in this country and you never hear a peep out of them. Unlike a much larger religious ‘minority’ I could mention. In Israel, they’re surrounded by cunts that despise them for even existing so I understand that they get a tad…robust…with their military response when the snackbars come rampaging over the horizon.

    Totally with you on the broader point about free speech though Mr DF.

    • What positive contributions have the peaceful mob made to the world?




        • Disease, terrorism, immigration problems, terrorism, increased kiddie fiddling crime, terrorism, increased drug dealer turf wars, terrorism, infrastructure problems, right-on brigade rallying point, even more benefit fiddling than we already had, even more cash-for-crash cunts than we already had……

          Help me out here fellow cunters, I’m sure I’ve missed more than a few things.

          Cultural enrichment my mixed race arse……

          • Raping feminists, enslaving and raping “infidel” women and children, reproducing like Australian rabbits, occupying counsel houses, lowering the average IQ of the nation, gradually turning the country to a Third-World shithole,…..

          • How could I forget the IQ thing?! That’s one of their most notable traits – their IQ is as low and their general aggressiveness is high!

          • Aside from the fact that meat is murder, why would anyone eat a kebab?
            They may taste good (I don’t think so), but think about the story of the kebab.
            It’s made up of minced mutton somewhere that I bet ain’t sanitary.
            It is then frozen and distributed.
            Now, you don’t have to be a chef to know that frozen products should be left to defrost at room temperature, this is common knowledge….. But the kebab shop cunt is too lazy for that so defrosts it on the spit.
            Even when still three quarters frozen, the kebab shop cunt will still slice a portion off for his fuckwitted customers who are in need of replenishment.
            At the end of the night, does the kebab shop cunt throw out what’s left?
            Does he fuck!!!…. He leaves it on the skewer in the heat of the kitchen, ready and waiting for the evening rush the following day.

            Then you have to take into account the dirty bastards that work there and really, wtf is in that sauce?

            Any cunt eating a kebab is a braver cunt than me……
            It’s your money paying their fuckin way to rape steal and kill….. On your shoulders be it.

            I buy Waitrose humus, and in doing so, have nuffin to do with the murderous smelly cunts…

          • No cunt in the history of the world has ever purchased and eaten a kebab from a late night kebab shop while sober. Fact.

          • The kebab on the skewer lasts longer because dogs have great endurance.

            Or whatever the fuck meat it’s supposed to be.

        • What the fuck is humus? Never mind I’ll look it up on Winnie Mandela… I mean Google ffs, sorry!

  13. I think we can all tell when someone takes a disproportionate response to criticism of things that are apparently sacrosant.
    And yes, that is cunty.
    However, there are times when only a cunt can fuck a cunt, and I’m afraid, cunters, that this is one of those cunty times.
    The way anti-semitism is being used to dismantle the labour party is fucking awesome. The beauty lies in it’s utter lack of continuity with reality, which creates a situation which corbyn and his traitorous cohorts will have very little chance of arguing against. Indeed, any arguement at all will be seen as guilt. It is utterly illogical in it’s approach and conclusion.
    In this case, I am happy to stand back, totally guilty of hypocrisy and encourage this sacred cow. Anything to deal a crushing, debilitating and humiliating blow to all that is “left”.

    • Fair do’s Cuntflap. Those cunts have lived by illogicality and hypocrisy… only right they should die by it.

  14. I pay absolutely no attention to cricket but I’d have to be a fuckwitt not to have heard all the nonsense about an aussie scratching his balls.
    The reason I say I know nuffin about cricket is that I’ve been hearing south Africans talking about it all week on the radio, so I believe S.A must have sumfin to do with it.
    Now Winnie (the pooh) Mandela has snuffed it, I’m hearing about this evil cunt on the radio and expect to do so for at least a week.

    My point is, where the fuck is the media coverage of white farmers being murdered in S.A?
    Males being bludgeoned and the females and young girls are raped then bludgeoned.

    There has even been ANC members encouraging this by claiming the whites today should be made to pay for apartheid with blood.

    I’ll admit it’s only the BBC that I get to hear, and I watch the Spanish news…. but I’m hearing and seeing fuck all about this.

    Shoe on the other foot?….. S.A t-shirts and pendants being worn by white-guilt cunts world wide.

    • Hair politics and apologist cunts at their finest!

      Never mind that if we didn’t colonise these shit holes, they’d still be in the dark ages!

      Also, they were run better when we were running those countries, there, I’ve said it!

      • You asked earlier to name one positive from the peacefools…

        Challenge two: name one country that’s gotten it’s shit together since white man left them to it…

        • Fucking hell Birdman, you’re not asking for much there are you?

          I’ll go one up and issue this:

          Challenge Three: name some cuntries that have been run into the gorund since the natives took over.

        • Hmmm, their were some backward steps after the Romans left but we turned it back around eventually.

          These cunts in these shitholes though…….

          • I did say “a few hundred years later”… or maybe it was a thousand… Either way, what did the Romans ever do for us?

          • They did build a wall to keep the jocks out. They would were Jock crushers only outdone when one of my personal heroes, Longshanks, decided to wipe the floor with the bastards, repeatedly. Fuck what that historically inaccurate shite Braveheart claims. In fact, fuck any film involving us that has that cunt Mel Gibson it! It’s real tiresome when all his films portray us as a bunch of evil, colonial, tea drinking cunts!

            I wouldn’t be surprised if films like Braveheart, The Patriot and that Gallipoli crap were used as porn by the Uni lefty cunts!

          • Oh fucking hell I bollocked up the first part, that should be ”they were the best jock crushers….”

          • The Romans didn’t consider the Jocks worth occupying. Beyond the civilised world they simply required containment.

          • Bit like the sub-human scum from our least favourite part of the world huh?

            I wonder if that’s what Big Don was thinking regarding his wall?

          • He’s only been saying it for the last 3 fucking years – get with it PMS!

          • My apologies but I lose track of these little details when there are so many cunts to cunt.

      • “Never mind that if we didn’t colonise these shit holes, they’d still be in the dark ages”

        Exactly! Without British Colonies there would be no America, no Australia, no New Zealand, No South Africa. “North and South America, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa would have remained deserts, inhabited by scattered bands of savages. Without it India would have been sentenced to the eternal continuance of the sterile and fruitless wars between despotic conquerors which made up her history until the British power was established. Without it the backward peoples of the earth would have stagnated for ever in the barbarism in which they have remained since the beginning.”
        -The Character of the British Empire by Ramsay Muir

        • My dear fellow cunter!

          Didn’t you get the memo?
          We’re supposed to be ashamed of our evil colonial past!
          We’re supposed to be ashamed of being British!
          We’re supposed to be complete marks for the EU!
          We’re supposed to believe in a left wing, SJW, right-on virtual signalling dogma!

          I say ”Fuck that!” to all of the above!

          • Dear PMS,

            I get the memo every single day at my university. The place is filled with cretinous, obnoxious, and vile leftists.

            I, for one, am extremely proud of our past, being British, and the British Empire.

            You have to understand that there is a RELIGION called Leftianity. Its dogmas, lies and myths are accepted as unquestionable truth by the “educated” and “enlightened” SJWs. It is their alternative to Christianity. They have their temples (Humanities departments (Women’s studies, LQBTQ+ studies, Marxism, Islamis studies, Black studies, etc)), their sacred books (Das Kapital,…), their Academic Inquisitions and excommunications (James Watson, Vincent Sarich, J. Philippe Rushton, Edward Wilson, Arthur Jensen, ….), and their fanatic mob (all those activists, journalists, and clueless snowflakes).

            The most fundamental contradiction of this religion is that it preaches amorality / moral relativism. And yet it condemns all those “evils” of the past on the basis of their “enlightened” morality.

            Fuck this religion !
            Fuck its moronic devotees!

          • This is a major reason why I didn’t ever entertain the idea of going to University.

            I’m not one to cause conflict and I’m saying as that guy that I would have ended up doing time if I had to be exposed to that level of cuntishness all the time, I had to suffer a few years of that at high school with the resident loony left Grauniad cunt student, and he was about as weapons grade cunt as they got!

            Fuck suffering anymore years of that!

          • Never been to a university (except the UEA concert hall to see Motorhead a few times) but even at college in the early 80s doing an electronics servicing course we had a weekly compulsory one hour session of “General and Communication Studies” where a Trotsky-bearded cunt in a Che Guevara tee shirt from fuck-knows-what department would try and get inside our teenage heads with his Marxist bollocks. Nothing whatsoever to do with learning about electronics but if you didn’t turn up you failed the entire course.
            Fortunately I learned to distrust self righteous idealists at a young age so my brain remained “unwashed”

          • Che Guevara…….. he was an evil little cunt who got exactly what he had coming to him. He kept stirring the commie revolution pot until some South Americunt decided enough was enough and had the cunt killed.

          • Leftards have been pushing that agenda at least since the early ’70s when I got my first taste of Higher Education. It’s a wonder the country isn’t in a worse state than it is – i.e. Fucked.

  15. Much to my shame I read the Sly News website yesterday and actually had to check myself that I’d not accidentally searched the Al-BBCeer webshite.

    There’s a story about an anti terror raid in Dewsbury. I know Dewsbury well and it’s full on Peaceful Peaceful’s

    The story briefly mentions a 50 odd year old and a 20 odd year old have been arrested in connection with preparing for acts of terror.

    But fuck me sideways and then in my ass as it’s less painful than this shit, the cunt that wrote the article then says the men WERENT arrested in connection with malicious letters sent last month encouraging people to punish a Muslim then goes into overdrive about that subject.

    Never in my entire born puff have I read such a blatant example of distraction and manipulation. There is absolutely FUCK ALL relevance other than to try to suggest ‘Whites are bad too’

    What a shame they failed to mention Dewsburys other well known cultural pastime of raping and abusing white teenage girls.

  16. 3-0
    Liverpool three – Man Citeh 0
    Now, I ain’t ever applauded the pool life for anything, but ta…… ta for showing up that cunt ‘Pep’.

    There’s grown media men staring blankly at their posters of Guardiola wondering where it all went wrong….. Hee fuckin hee 😂😊😂😊😂😊😝😝😝

    • Pep is an overrated cunt.
      Oh sure, he’s won a lot of trophies as manager, but let’s be honest, any cunt could have won trophies with that Bastardloner team and all he did to the once vaunted Bundeliga was raid all of Bayern’s rivals best players and killed the league dead – it’s now plumbed to Serie A/SPL levels of predictability and he’s only run away with the EPL this season because everyone else has been the shits.

      ……never thought I’d be so happy to see the Mickey Mousers stuff another team. Fuck Citeh.

    • The Red Men showed Man Blue how to play football tonight. Beautiful footy and no goals conceded.

      My Mum would be able to do what Guardiola does, what with the gazillions poured into that team. Miserable cunts.

      • That’s why I can’t abide Citeh at all, at least Chelski were able to qualify for the CL before the Ivan took over.

        Citeh were relegation dodgers before they got the money! Cunts.

        • I thought Chelsea only qualified for the CL when that oligarch bought them, washed all his money and bought a new manager every year?

          I hope he’s happy playing UEFA Cup bollocks next year. Chelsea 2 Bratislava Turdista FC 3.

          • Nah, they got to 4th in the 2002/03 season just before the Oligarch brought them.

            All I can say about my mob is that their piss poor position is thoroughly their own bloody fault. Christ, any more and we’ll be hitting 1995!

        • Football. Seriously fucking boring.
          On a par with cricket and athletics.
          Slightly less boring than riding a fucking bike

          But not much.

    • Don’t get too excited yet Liverpool seem to exceed in failing spectacularly on occasion when it all looks done and dusted, see the 2013-14 season collapse.

  17. Holocaust deniers are utter cunts but I would be hypocritical to deny their freedom of speech. Much better to defeat people with facts.

    There’s a great Tom Baker episode of Dr Who when he says “The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don’t change their opinions to fit the facts, they change the facts to fit their opinions.” The increasingly insane Sultan of Turkey denies the Armenian Genocide, is that the way we want to go?

    I did a search recently for a definition and an Arabic translation of Mein Kampf came up! It and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are apparently bestsellers in the Middle East. No fan of Israel but it’s no wonder the Israelis get a bit trigger-happy, they are surrounded by people who want to wipe them out.

    No doubt the so-called BBC and their bum chums at the Guardian will wank on about the 70th anniversary of the ‘Nakba’ in May. But somehow, whilst endlessly discussing the 750,000 Arabs displaced, they will forget the 850,000 Jewish people expelled from countries from Morocco to Iraq. Ho hum.

    • I’ll say this for Israel – cunts though they may be, their zero fucks given attitude is admirable. They’re not as cuntish about it like the Ivans or the Take away boys are and I do like their regulation response to any peacefuls attacks – kill them and bomb the crap out of them!

  18. Questioning the extent or existence of the Holocaust should not be illegal.I think anyone who does so is a huge cunt to disregard overwhelming evidence but that is my freedom of speech.If we say the minimises and deniers shouldn’t have free speech who is to say mine is safe.There are far too many sacred cows about.Driving these views underground means they go unchallenged.

    • It does bother me when Freedom of speech is a one way street. Like how absolutely no one, not even the peacefools (thanks Birdman), can say anything negative about the pillow biter brigade.

      P.S Matt Cappotelli? Inspired choice. That’s the thing with the pro wrestler lot, even now it can be a real crapshoot who snuffs it next.

  19. My line for freedom of speech is very clear.Any threat of violence made upon another individual or group is unacceptable and should be illegal such as #Punish a Muslim day.Anything else is should be legally acceptable.Not morally but legally.If you start saying opinions or jokes should by punishable by law then you are in very dodgy territory which leads to the slippery soap whereby people who jokingly teach their dogs nazi salutes or foreign female pro_western Conservatives are banned from the country.Both cases of which act as a chilling Orwellian precedent.

    As stated above the issue is the double standards towards minorities.The peaceful and far leftists espouse hate inclting violence and a blind eye is turned.If a Conservative says or does anything deemed Un_PC by the libtard brigade they are done for hate crimes.There is no consistency justice or fairness. if I decided to cut off my sister or daughters clitoris because I felt like it I would quite rightly be looking at a substantial custodial sentence but not one individual in the UK has been convicted of the sadistic practice of Fgm.It is disgusting!

    • Disgusting is an understatement, how this even an issue in this country is beyond me, that obscene practice you have been stamped out with extreme prejudice right from the off!

      It’s like how McPalpatine always seems to get away with saying even the most evil things yet if a Tory cunt says thing that are mildly offensive the leftard brigade are ready to lynch them!

      Then there’s the double standards on violence, in my opinion it should ALL be stamped out, leftard, far right cunts, whatever-the-fuck cunts – none of it should have a place in this country in this day and age!

      • A bsolutely right.Violence is violence and the mutilation of young girls is just beyond the realms of evil.There is a special place in hell for monsters who do this.

        • We all know this country is finished, Brexit or no Brexit, we’ve known it for fucking years in fact.

          But I still wake up every morning in a state of false consciousness, hoping something will happen to turn it around. But nothing will.

          Nighty night cunters, Groundhog Day awaits us in the morning…

  20. And to think 4 years ago at uni I was laughed at for saying that the erosion of freedom of speech would one day lead to the law openly persecuting Conservatives.My prophecy is now sadly reality.Who will save us from this madness?Theresa May? Jeremy Corbyn?Vince Cable? UKIP who can’t even elect a leader that lasts 6 months??We my fellow centers are witnessing a hopeless decline akin to watching a loved one succumb to Alzheimer’s. The deterioration is painfully slow the reality only gets worse there is no cure available and seldom treatments to alleviate the symptoms.We just play the long waiting game now I am afraid.

    • Highway to hell huh?

      4 years ago……student? Lecturer? There to make a speech? Were you no-platformed by the cunts?

      • Student.Was never invited to speak but got verbally and physically assaulted intimidated and was made a social pariah for my views.The problem is as bad as the tabloids make out.

        • Aaaannnnnnddddd this is why I would never have lasted at Uni.

          That you were even able to go there and have the balls to say that stuff makes you a braver man than me.

          It’s funny that these students cunts have become the very thing that they claim to hate – fascists!

          • Absolutely.They have the sublime self entitlement complex and belief in silencing others that all fascist regimes would kill for and kill for they have across history.These people are loyal to their cause to the death unshakeable in their convictions even in the face of evidence and reason and silence dissenters by force if necessary.Thsy are textbook fascists but lack the self awareness to even realise it

          • I also liken them to the intelligentsia cunts who were all for Communism in Russa – and were the first ones Lenin and Stalin offed when in power.

            These cunts think they are the future…… they have not future.

          • Who know how many useful idiots have infested this country.

            Then look at the political parties:

            Bungling cunts – Tories
            Useful idiots – Labour
            Useless jokes – Lib Dems
            Deluded cunts – SNP
            A joke – UKIP

            Have you ever seen a more pitiful lot?

    • By the way, UKIP are a joke, what’s happened with them confirmed something I suspected all along – they were a one man party – no Farage, no clue.

      • I’m betting Farage isn’t getting a peerage any time soon. Shame. He’d sort the anti Brexit traitors in the Lords no problem.

        Come on Treeza. Enoble him and give him Davies’ job

  21. For my sins I studied history at MA level while job hunting (it was free back then and I’d already bagged myself a nice FoC BSc). I never finished it as I got a proper job 1/2 way through.

    It is a true statement that the victor writes the history books.

    If some fucker wants to deny the Holocaust or German atrocities against Jews, Gypsies and the mentally feeble, then that’s fine, just have evidence to back up your position.

    Thinking that is no skin off my nose either, what you choose to think, even to voice those thoughts is entirely between you and your beliefs/conscience, providing you’re not clamouring for someone’s head, or to kill/maim someone (you know like what “peacefuls” never do) for an opposing view, then go right ahead.

    The big issue I have with the current crop of socio-globo-libero history rewriters is that they wish to apply the modern PC mantra to historical events and then attempt to suppress the fact that that history actually happened.

    Assumptions/notions of historical figures/events have been investigated and those historical inaccuracies redressed based on forensic, documentary and scientific evidence.

    The one I always like to pull out of my ass when pissed and some cunt goes off on one about history is Richard III.

    Cunt! Murderer! Tyrant! Hated! Deformed Demon! Cunt! Child Killer! Cunt!

    The fact of the matter is that Richard III was a highly respected leader (both political and military), ruled justly and in accordance with the law.

    At the time of his defeat at Bosworth field, Richard was no more considered a tyrant as his turncoat treacherous “friends” who sided with Henry Tudor (VII).

    The real despising of Richard III however actually came about when Billy Chuck-Arrow’s play came out 100yrs later. This was all bollocks and a sideways dig at the MandleCampbellCunt of his era, Robert Cecil, who was a hunchback and walked with a limp.

    O’course Shakespeare couldn’t take the piss out of Cecil directly as that would affectively be signing his own death warrant (which is how neo-liberals would like to treat anyone with a remotely conservative point of view these days).

    Richard III had scoliosis (curvature of the spine) but walking around no one would have known this and it would not have affected his ability to get about, do, ride and fight. In fact the hump in his famous portrait was painted-in several years after his death to further besmirch his character/standing in history.

    So history lesson over. The modern assessment of Richard III was done using modern forensic, document tracking and scientific methods and I’m all for that.

    What I do reject though is the notion that some cunt can rewrite historical fact just because it’s baaaad or doesn’t fit in with the Soros socio-globo-libero group-think mantra. Those cunts can fuck off.

    Or as I like to say: “That’s very interesting. Now go on, prove it!”

    First control what they say. Then control what they think. Then you can rewrite history and no one will care.

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