Money Supermarket adverts

I’ve just seen another one of their shit fucking adverts, and I have to have a whinge about them.

All adverts are cunt right? But some are far more cunt than others. Price comparison websites are leaders in super cunt advertising, and money supermarket,com are the pinnacle of cunt. Why? Because every single fucking ad they make is gay.

Twat bald cunt twerking in heels and hot pants, fat cunt building site cunt cavorting on scaffolding like he’s pole dancing. Then there was the He man and Skeletor getting loved up in a dirty dancing homage.

Now, the latest atrocity is a stop motion action man full monty type romp, complete with drag queen pop anthem soundtrack. As Windsor Davies would have said once, ‘it’s blatant poofery’ And fucking annoying as shit.

If someone said that I was ‘so money supermarket’, I’d kick their fucking teeth out. Cunts.

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

28 thoughts on “Money Supermarket adverts

  1. I’ve already complained about this latest debauched advert to the Advertising Standards Authority. Judging from their lack of response (apart from the automatic ‘we got your email’) they must have been overwhelmed by people disgusted by the cunts who commissioned and the cunts who made this series of adverts. As Mrs Frenulum once said, “I don’t mind homosexuality, as long as it’s not shoved down my throat”. I’m definitely in agreement with that sentiment. Bunch of cunts.

  2. Probably going against the flow here but think the Money Supermarket adverts are head and shoulders above the majority of adverts shown these days.

    They do treat the viewer as complete pond life and have always found them to be mildly amusing.

    As a totally straight hot blooded male they do not bother me seemingly as much as some others and I am not offended by them.

    The advert last year with the bald guy with huge arse in high heels we thought was great, as is the current action man advert. Thought the pole dancing guy was a bit tedious.

    Have never used Money Supermarket services and never will but don’t mind the adverts.

    By total accident I have just seen that childish prick Owen Jones on BBC. BBC interviewer wanted to talk about Eddie “lipstick hat twat” Izzard and antisemitism however Owen only really wanted to talk about anti Gina Miller comments, anti gay comments, nastiness towards “anti Racist” Diane “black mums go to the wall for their kids” Abbott and what a cunt Boris Johnson is. Unfortunately all off topic.

    Must say thought Owen Jones was going to burst into tears again. Also that he does not look at all well. Perhaps she should ask his partner use some sort of protection?

    • I too enjoyed the ad with the baldy bloke in heels & hot pants swinging his fat arse down the high street past Joan Collins. And I’m not ashamed to admit it!

    • I doubt if he’s got a “partner”. Imagine the cunt as a bird and then imagine her constantly whining and moaning.
      Your cock’s too big/small, you haven’t done this/done that, i’m not watching this there’s not enough gays/trannies in it , i’m not going there, there might be some working class people there…….and on and on and on.
      Surely, even the most desperate arsebandit can’t put up with this fucking cunt.

      • You have a very valid point there Freddie.

        He is an irritating cunt at the best of times and thinking about it probably even ring snatchers have their limits.

  3. Never saw any before today, but youtube provided all I needed to see to confirm that their ads are, in fact, certifiable cunt. “Look at the hilarious gays!” WE’re not your fucking clowns, cunts. I guess gays are the ‘safe’ group to caricature in 2018 since Jews, muslims, asylum seekers, the disabled, etc are holy cows. What the fuck ever.

  4. Not related to money spunkermarket but still an ad, mcCains chips ad has 2 daddies, how fuck did that happen, sperm up a ladys bum dont get em in family way so how on earth does loading a chaps colon with the stuff get him preggers

  5. Those ads with the dancing office workers and builders are just how I imagine The Gays to be when they’re out in a pack and full of drink and drugs. Quite shameless. Now I’m no expert,but I believe that The Gays often exhibit this pack mentality when stalking innocent members of the public. It’s like hyenas chasing down a weakened antelope. The bursting into song and dance is also classic Gay behaviour,they all do it on the telly.Louie Spence is yer typical example of a Gay, screaming like a girl,dancing and getting over-excited. These ads aren’t mocking The Gays,they’re more of a short documentary on The Gay behaviour.
    I treat these ads like the old public warning filns telling us to use The Green Cross Code or to be careful around lakes and rivers…particularly the one that ends with the great big black Gay teetering down the street touting for business. Heed the warning,they’re telling us,beware The Dancing Gays.

    I was so transfixed by the sight of these shameless Gays that all I could do was goggle helplessly as the horror unfolded before my eyes,so it is nice to discover just what they were actually advertising today. Fuck Money Supermarket.

    • Steady Dick, they’re not all like the camp muscle Mary’s in the adverts – I fear you could be vulnerable, easily caught off guard – you probably wouldn’t have seen a Dennis Nilsen or Geoffrey Dahmer coming till it was too late! Let alone a John Wayne Gacy… unless he happened upon you in full Eddie Izzard clown regalia.

      That might raise a Fiddler eyebrow, granted, if nothing else.

      Stay safe. Clunk-click on every trip.

      • Oh, I’m aware that they can be cunning and adept at deception. However The Gay can normally be flushed out by the simple inquiry “Are you busy?”…The Gay will be unable to resist answering with an “I’m Freeee” as he poses hand on hip,and decidedly light in his loafers. This is when the normal man should clench his cheeks and beat a hasty retreat before being anally invaded.

    • Like the unspeakable dyke Sue Perkins molesting some terrified housewife on the Slebridee Bukkake-Off

  6. When I first saw it, I thought it was to do with the British Army’s new diversity and inclusivity drive.

    “Right lads 1, 2 , 3…Finally its happening to me….you at the back mince double time”

    “We will lull the towelheads into a false sense of security with our Western decadence”.

  7. Fuck me, look at the state of the cunt in that photo.
    How the fuck are you supposed to take this tranny faggot seriously? The Blairites must be steaming.

  8. I agree totally and was beginning to think it was only me.

    I don’t understand why their adverts have over the last few years been so blatantly pushing the boundaries of what the ‘main stream’ people would see as offensive, whether you are male or female.

    I have always been deeply offended by their adverts and I would add that even it were females being portrayed as (dare I say it) gay, I would be equally offended.

    I think that if the adverts had been more acceptable, how much more business would they have had?

    I have had through gritted teeth avoided using the word ‘Gay’.

  9. Its fucking amazing isn’t it, shit like this 50 years ago would have landed in prison for making that much of a cunt of yourself,now mincing faggots are rife….the have even made action man into a shirt lifter for fuck sake, I reckon Money super market must be run out of an arse bandit club full of raving poofs looking for things to gay up,if the he-man adds were not bad enough, so now I don’t use money supermarket for anything,,,rename arse faggots fanclub or something to save people going to it by mistake…… utter cunts

  10. Talking of shit adds I here those two tuneless twats that’ do the nationwide adds in the style of Lilly the musical mong are getting death threats so hopefully they will stop the ear fucking for a while……

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