Danny Boyle.

Danny Boyle has been given the job of directing and writing the 25th James Bond film and has been stating that it’s story will be inspired by the Timesup and Metoo campaigns, and that he wants to bring the character of 007 “into the 21st century”.

Supposedly Richard Curtis is involved as well (that’s Richard “let’s kill children who question climate change” Curtis, the cunt).

Plus of course those unfit-for-purpose halfwits Purvis & Wade and the turd icing on the cake Daniel “wingnut shortarse” Craig.

Apart from having his character ripped apart by every female member of the film’s cast, I’m guessing that a Boyle directed Bond will turn to hard drugs, saw his own arm off to escape a trap, go to a rave, use a pushbike instead of an Aston Martin, jump out of a helicopter with the Queen into a big stadium and pop up in two really shit Inspector Morse episodes (how fucking drunk must they have got Colin Dexter to get him to sign his name to “Masonic Mysteries” and “Cherubim and Seraphim”?).

This at least proves one thing, there is no entertainment anymore, just propaganda.

Fleming and Cubby are rotating in their graves…
(And Connery and Brosnan are probably laughing their arses off)

Nominated by Mr Bastard

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  1. Fuck me, Mekon-headed cunt Danny Boyle has always been the puppet of the shitcunt-zeitgeist.

    With the sole exception of Shallow Grave, I’ve found every other film of his to be simply over-stylised wank, and ever since his role in the 2012 Olympics ceremony, for some reason this cunt has regularly been championed in right-on luvvie fucking circles.

    It seems to me that there is a fucking feminist agenda to emasculate the character of James Bond as much as is humanly possible. It’s as if a statement needs always needs to be fucking made. Why? Why the fuck does what is ultimately a fictional action hero need to be encumbered with every ficking liberal hang-up going – race, sensitivity to women’s issues, left wing fucking politics? Why is it always things like Bond and Dr. Who which get politicised to the fucking hilt?

    Fuck Boyle, he’s a cunt with too much to say. His only saving grace was snubbing arch-cunt-in-arms Ewan MacGregor for The Beach, thereby pissing off the arrogant cunt for years.

    Just leave Bond alone you fucking cunts!

  2. Boyle is from the ferret fancying six finger club is me brother me dad shithole that is Radcliffe… So it’s only natural that he is a cunt…

    • I lived in Radcliffe briefly. Apart from the Dirty Shirt club it was indeed a shithole.

      • I once went to Radcliffe to shag a fat bird. I can confirm it is indeed a shit hole. (Radcliffe, not her vagina).

  3. Boyle will probably have Bond undergoing gender reassignment / coming out as a tranny, or some other kind of freakery. The Bond brand died years ago, it should be allowed to rest in peace, not become a vehicle for propagandists like Boyle.

  4. Let me guess… Is this next Bond movie going to be the one where (like Doctor Who and Luke Skywalker) a legendary character and hero is going to be killed off and replaced by some ‘feisty’ daft tart or some darkie box ticking (and box licking) cunt? Anyone with half a brain would be writing an ace 007 story based around the recent (alleged) poisonous antics of the Ivans, or busting a peaceful terror organisation… But nah, Steven Moffat’s twin brother, Bellend Boil, wants to base it on celebrislags who willingly and knowingly munched Uncle Harvey’s tadger for film parts and moolah…. Fucking cunt!

    • The main driving force behind this shite is Barbara Broccoli, the feminist progressive’s poster girl, who hates the 007 character but still wants to make money off it.
      Utterly desperate to be seen as an intelligent filmmaker since she cocked up Die Another Day so badly and of course “intelligent” translates into the same crappy agenda that now infests and pollutes the whole entertainment industry.

  5. Off topic but Ealing council is a cunt.Banning Christians from demonstrating out abortion clinics. A further attack on the church!

    Also Ken Loach wants labour MP’s who demonstrated against anti semitism de-selected. Jew hating oompa loompa cuntoid.

    • IMO Loach the roach makes Boyle seem rather insignificant – both cunts but Loach is in a class of his own – he sits right up there with Bliar and the swivel eyed lunatic.

  6. Licence to “unfriend”.

    “Ah Q! And what novel delights have you got in store for me this time?”

    “Come along Bond, stop dilly-dallying, I haven’t got all day! Now this little gem is a portable candlelit vigil. And your new phone…do be careful with that 007!”

    “And it’s a laser?”

    “Good God no, but it does have a 70 gender emoji grid! Look we even have the hermaphrodite gay lesbian ones that identify as either male or female.”

  7. Fuck me these cunts can’t leave well enough alone.
    Have they not got the message?
    DO NOT FUCK with classic characters.

  8. Thanks to Danny Boyle, in 2012 I’d seldom felt less proud to be British. That Olympics opening ceremony was a tedious, PC, multi-culture propagandising Embarrassment. Libtard virtue signalling sentimentality on steroids – like half the athletes. Cunt.

    • The BBC also made Zeus and Achilles black. Although in all fairness I thought the guy who played Achilles did it quite well.

    • Agreed DF ……..

      Imagine the opening scene from the new bond film, we find our hero strapped to a table with a laser pointed between his legs!, the audience are awaiting the entrance of arch villain auric goldfinger to tell bond exactly what’s going to happen, the door opens and a young female doctor walks in and delivers these chilling words “ mr bond we have been expecting you, welcome to the Harley street transformation clinic” WTF!
      Later we join bond in Saville row where he’s being measured for a bra!!
      It’s all a barrel of Cunt!!

  9. Correction. Richard Curtis not involved in Bond 25. It’s still gonna be shit though…

  10. The last good bond was Skyfall – directed by Sam Mendes. Score sung by Adele Arbuckle (I always thought she was singing “fresh cream trifle”, not “Skyfall”).

    I did buy Spectre on DVD but haven’t yet watched it. Bond has now moved light years away from the trusty Roger Moore formula – cut glass accent, a raised eyebrow, gadgets and minge.

    The best Bond/Roger Moore line was from The Man with the Golden Gun when he addressed the naked, swimming, oriental girl and asked her name. “Chewmee” she replied. He replied with a raised eyebrow and his trademark grumble. Classic double entendre, not doubt wasted on these modern sno-flakes.

    Danny Boyle should place his pulsating bulb-head in a microwave and cook it on full power for 10 mins, the cunt. Barbara Broccoli, being a feminazi, needs to shoulder the lion’s share of the blame in this. She will destroy the brand completely unless she begins to try to understand the market that the Bond franchise actually appeals to.

      • If you’re going to watch the Spectre DVD make sure you have plenty of black coffee ready. You’ll need it to stay awake…

    • Skyfall was shit . What a ridiculous ending , like something out of Home Alone.

        • How about Albert Finney waving that fucking great torch about so the bad guys can find him?
          To quote one (non-mainstream) reviewer “a fog shrouded episode of The A Team starring the cast of Last of the Summer Wine”

  11. I think in a wider sense the whole action genre has been totally diluted and hijacked by lefty right-on directors and the Hollywood libtard cartel. Just an exercise in box ticking tokenism with a patronising political undertone to appease the whining minority of the moment.

    Most so-called hero’s today are some posturing man-child with a ‘message’, the likes of Moore would have them running for their safe spaces with a raised eyebrow and a witty innuendo of “keeping the British end up”.

    • Spot on.

      The baddies are REALLY, really nice people if we take the effort to welcome the cunts into our own homes…

      Would you like me to sharpen your screwdriver while you have a drink ?
      Or check the wiring on your timer ?

      Full-on cuntitude…and people wonder why the cinemas are struggling.

  12. I’ve only ever seen two bond films…….Dr No and Goldfinger.

    Then I grew up.

  13. For me Bonds funniest moment of 007 chicanery came in you only live twice…
    Bond goes deep undercover in Japan, no easy task for a 12st 6ft 2” Scotsman , wearing a dodgy toupee and even stranger eyebrows he is painted in what appears to be Cuprinol fence paint golden cedar , towering above the tiny Japanese and with a heavy Scots accent he fits right in and goes virtually unnoticed? Absolute fuckin genius!!

    • Actually on reflection I’m being a little harsh, as bond was wearing a kimono and saying konnichiwa frequently……..

        • I actually made this nomination in honour of veteran film director Lewis Gilbert, who passed away recently. He directed You Only Live Twice, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. All three of his films are thoroughly preposterous, but self aware, vast in scale and have a kind of “demented grandeur” to them.
          Craig leaves me cold and was miscast from the beginning. Boring “Bourne in a tuxedo” cunt…

          • Classic. Dribbling old wifebeater Connery with an ‘oriental’ syrup, fake tan and drawn on eyebrows.

            Cunt looks like he had a dead possum on his bald head.

          • Was in a pub quiz a few years back, there were ‘movie questions’ specifically Bond villains. I got Blofeld and Odd Job muddled whilst consuming a few pints of Somersets finest cider….

            Yep, the bad guy, little oriental looking fella in a suit and bowler hat with a sharp rim was definitely called Blo Job.

            I’ll get me coat.

            Danny Boil is however a bonafide lefty luvvie cunt of some magnitude, probably a 6.5 magnitude on the cuntoscale in fact.

    • Equally brilliant was how, when he was surprised outside a hotel room in Diamonds Are Forever, Bond turned his back to the people exiting and started fondling his own shoulders as though he was getting off with someone. Come to think of it, might nominate the Connery Bond for a light cunting one day.

  14. 25 Bond films equates to 25 shit movies aimed at the semi-brain dead. I tried Connery, Moore and Craig but I just don’t get it at all.

  15. 3 days on the trot ive had to withdraw the “CUNTING PEN” from its holster to adorn the pic of grandmaster cunt blair with the word that was made for him, CUNT!!!

  16. “The name’s Bond. Jane Bond. And I’m in a suit because I don’t approve of gender stereotyping…”

  17. Fuck knows what the new Bond 25 will be like but a few things that piss me off…Bond is meant to be 35 yet they always let the current (Actor) Bond keep going on when they to be honest look like they’d get beaten up by a teenager. Daniel Craig is now 50 and looks it as well yet were supposed to believe he can take on much younger people in the films. Why they dont get a younger I dunno 35 year old to play the role I dont know. Never Say Never or whatever it was with pensioner Sean Connery playing the role was a pisstake. Also I like Idris Elba as an Actor but why the fuck woulod you have a Black Bond it bears no resemblance to the original character, its like Doctor Who with a woman in it. What a pile of cunt, and to be honest a white guy should’nt play Shaft its simple…for the cunts with common sense.

  18. So the next James Bond is going to be a touchy feelly sort of cunt aye ? Who’s in the middle of a sex change and doesn’t chat up the birds anymore . What a load of fuckin wank .

  19. I suppose Oprah will be the Bond Girl?

    I haven’t watched a Bond movie for decades but I can’t fathom societies need to re-write every character as a politically correct social justice warrior.

    Danny Boyle = Just another Lefty Twatacocktuse for Trannys

    How many more men will become panty wearing nutless douchebags before open season is declared on this feminist moment in the sun?

    Where’s Sean Connery when we need him?
    “I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman – although I don’t recommend doing it in the same way that you’d hit a man. An openhanded slap is justified – if all other alternatives fail and there has been plenty of warning. If a woman is a bitch, or hysterical, or bloody-minded continually, then I’d do it.” Amen

    #MeToo my nob you male wannabe feminazi’s.

  20. Bond films based on Time’s Up, eh?

    How about…

    Dr. Didn’t Have The Tools To Say No!
    From Weinstein With Love
    The Slag Who Sucked Me
    Me Too To a A Kill
    You Only Lick Twice
    The Lying Gobshites
    Dick Another Day
    One Cock Is Not Enough
    The Tart With The Golden Cunt
    Slappers Are Forever

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