White flag defeatists.

After being ill for the last month I now feel ready to recommence cunting. I know this as I have started shouting at the television again and pointing my finger at various characters as they appear whilst informing my wife that said characters are despicable cunts. This upsets her but I have to vent. Anyway, enough of this waffle, let’s get cunting.

I would like to nominate defeatists for an out and out Churchillian cunting. You know who I’m talking about, the bastards who wave the white flag as their first and only option.

Now there are many of these in the media spotlight that we can all think of, but what about the anonymous, under the radar, man / woman in the street ? There are probably multitudes of them. Two that I’m thinking of are a couple that me and my wife know. My wife regards them as friends, I am wary of people that want to be friends, they invariably turn out to be cunts. Having said that I can be sociable for the occasional evening drink or meal, that is until the EU referendum. When they found out that me and my wife had voted leave they were absolutely shocked, now I don’t mind folk having a contrary view to mine as long as they don’t get hysterical, I’m all for reasoned debate, you won’t change my mind but you can try. He was reasonable but she lost it big time, started going on about racists and leavers being thick and selfish (no doubt thinking about her snowflake granddaughter who is now apparently ashamed to be British….pathetic ). We had a frosty exchange and she back pedalled like mad. She is now in a stop brexit , have another referendum, sulky democracy denial type mood. I asked her why she just couldn’t accept the result and get behind the decision and do her bit to make the most of the opportunity that leave presents, her answer was breathtaking. She reckons we’re not capable of prospering as an independent country because we can’t do anything without someone guiding us and telling us what to do. In short, she has swallowed project fear hook line and sinker, as has her husband. All they can see is a dystopian future in which we wither and waste away, this from people who like me have lived in a time when we weren’t in the EU. They have total faith in the likes of Juncker and Tusk and are utterly depressed at our leaving the corrupt anti democratic fourth reich that is the EU. Now anyone with any sense should know that brexit isn’t going to be a cakewalk, there’s a lot of hard work ahead for politicians, industry and the population as a whole, but if everyone pulls together we can achieve results. What it takes is backbone, guts, tenacity, pig headedness, innovation, creativity and hard work, qualities that I believe this country still has, not waving the white fucking flag. So our backs will be against the wall, the eurocunts won’t do us any favours. But you know what ? When your back’s against the wall there’s only one way to go. I don’t own a white flag, so fuck the defeatists, no surrender.

Nominated by Jack The Cunter.

56 thoughts on “White flag defeatists.

  1. No surrender to eu cuntishness ever! You surrender cunts had your chance, been in eu/ec since seventies the shit fest eu is so good a majority voted to leave. So fuck off, if eu was so fucking fantastic the great unwashed me included would have sold our souls to stay in. Getting really pissed off with many fellow subjects because of brexit, Russiait and all the other crap that would have been avoideable
    If the lead wankers GREW A PAIR. Rant over more drink…

    • Proof, if proof were needed that the liberal / socialist scum to a man or wommon are calling the swivel eyed lunatic the real hero in this latest sabre rattling with Ivan (as that’s all it is). Incredulous that Paul Mason (another common purpose graduate) along with the mirror, gnardiu, Observer, Independent and of course the morning star have hailed the lunatic as the only person who wont condemn Russia and even go as far as suggesting its a red flag created in Porton Down. Words, unusually, fail me. Not enough that our colonial cousins are making a grab for England, ably abetted by liebour and Genghis Khan turning our once great country and our (once) great City of Londonistan into just another flea ridden rat infested TB shithole in the name of multiculturalism (if someone could reply to me just explaining what that fucking word salad actually means I would be grateful). Not content that our multicultural rainbow coppers and the MI whatevers have enough to do and keeping in mind that the Grenfell grotto is causing more concern than the holocaust we now have to contend with a very forceful enemy within. There was a time (sadly passed) when these traitorous cunts would have their heads on a spike outside Traitors gate – now we not only encourage them we actually fucking pay them and (if the polls are to believed) there is a chance (remotely) that these same cunts could one day take their seat on the Worlds stage as leaders of my England. To any serving / ex serviceman who even harbour the thought that the yellow bellied spineless cunt is worth a vote I hope your pet rabbit dies and you cant sell the hutch. May a thousand fleas inhabit your Y fronts and all your kids have ginger hair. Is this a phenomenon like the cold weather we have been having of late or does the shadow of the man who resembles Albert Steptoe really have a chance of becoming the Prime Minister of Great (once) Britain?

    • But at least we can vote the cunts out. Theoretically.

      Also we’ll have an extra £10billion net per year to spend in our own country, rather than piss it down the corrupt, profligate EU pan.


  2. Sick and tired of Remoaners fucking going on and on about the need to remain in the EU in order to prevent wars and bad shit happening (with many other pathetic up reasons) and so should reverse Brexit.

    Before article 50 was triggered the EU were very clear to point out many times in the guise of open threats that the process could not be stopped or reversed once initiated. So more than happy to go with their ruling on that.

    Well, the fact of the matter is that we are still members of the EU, and the poisoning in Salisbury did happen. Loads of other terrorist shit has happened. Being in the EU does not make us any safer from overseas threats, whether it be a one off poisoning or an invasion from Russia. Seriously, what would Juncker and co do if Russia invaded? They cannot even sort out the immigration problem FFS.

    In the cold light of day the European Commission do not give a flying fuck about this country or the people of this country, nor what happened in Salisbury. They just want our money. I am truly staggered that Remoaners cannot see that, and what an evil bunch of cunts the EU are.

    I am not ever prepared to wave the white flag against the unelected bully boy cunts in the European Commission, I would rather die fighting than give in to them. Suspect many people feel the same way.

    Remoaners and the European Commission are all cunts

    • Stroker

      Want to stop one of these fanatics in their tracks when they go on about lies about sovereignty etc , ask them this

      The Rome Treaty , Lisbon treaty and Maastricht Treaty are some of the most known tretis of the EU. Now under normal national modern democracies , who should implement those treaties ? The parliament in question yes ? , in this case theE U Parliament.

      Who implements these treaties now? , thats right the European Commision , why , god forbid we had votes in the EU parliament on any of it as Democracy might thwart their plans

      this is when the corruption and dark ways are exposed and remainers cant defend their love of it

      • meant to say , the Commission implementation is written into each treaty at the time so is locked in and all countries have to agree to change it

        fucking con job from start to finish

  3. But they are your friends, cunts maybe , but it’s understandable. If you rant on to them like the daily leave braying that faithfully appears in all threads it’s a miracle they talk to you.
    At the last general election the Tories won . did you expect the Labour voters to stop being labour? A lot of people wanted the status quo, they lost the vote ,doesn’t mean they agree with it just as a remain vote wouldn’t have made you change your mind.
    But what we have here is an endless screech about remainers .Do you preach brexit in the pub, at work , to friends and relatives ,scrawl grafitti about it ,stop people in the street to tell them to shut up about remaining ?
    I drink in three different pubs, never heard a bloody word, just acceptance,vote done ,we are out . Of course it won’t be the right way, will it ,not while there is a fucking megaphone within reach so you can tell the 16 million who didn’t agree with you to shut up.

    • My gripe was about people throwing the towel in before things have barely started.I also didn’t like the implication from the female side of the duo that I was thick and racist. I have no problem with people who voted remain, that was their democratic choice and right. The problems start when the democratic decision is ignored and people actively campaign to overturn it. On the radio today the boss of Waitrose was on (can’t remember his name ) he voted remain but fully accepts the decision made in the vote because that’s the democratic process, entirely reasonable and hats off to him. Back in ’75 I was against staying in the Common Market but the vote went the other way, it was disappointing but that was the result. This is the nature of democracy.

  4. War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.John Stuart Mill
    That quote right there does it every time for me.
    We live not in the land or time of the hero but a selfish, worthless me first along with any bandwagons I choose as to jumps on along the way. In the age of having everything we have forgotten what its like to face adversity or want. A new breed of hero has been created. That new hero is adept at prattling, a sharp orator who is full of rhetoric. Look at the prattlers down the last few decades. Lenin, Marx, Pol pot, Papa / baby doc, Hitler, Cameron and of course Bliar the war criminal, the swivel eyed lunatic and Barry Soetoro .
    In conflict they will beguile you into knowing what’s best for you and in peacetime they adopt the role of the nanny or Uncle speaking to his automatons like a good shepherd tending his flock.
    The one (and there are many) main reason for me is that England has survived as an island nation, capable of tending her own. The only reason we started with gimmegrants is that we needed bus drivers, tube workers and the kind of low skilled monkey see monkey do type roles that we were short of until we caught up with the ravages of war.
    Had Enoch not been branded a racist and his words had been heeded the black man would have returned from whence he came, an amount of settlement according to his effort during the time of his requisition and the thanks of a very grateful nation.
    We didn’t, we allowed him to become the dog and we the tail. Libertarians and supporters of globalisation and an open door policy due thanks to Liebour for its vote and in return a multicultural Nirvana that was never possible, only in the eyes of the terminally stupid or fans of Harry Potter.
    A conflict on a scale that would require conscription would certainly see a mass exodus of the adherents of Islam and a massive flight of those who were never going to be us or we, never.
    I love my country with my whole heart. Were I faced with leaving it to seek a better life elsewhere it would prove I didn’t love Blighty as much as I thought I had. So to the crux of the whole point. The Union flag or the Jack, when sighted, tells its foes and friends alike that these colours don’t run.
    Now either fuck off back to whichever banana republic / hole in the ground / desert you came from and if you prefer to stay get busy rowing the boat instead of rocking it.

    • 2 things Cunto

      We dont call it blighty up here but I stand with my closest neighbours and friends of the UK as we Scots did in 2 fucking wars not some fucking continental culture i have no connection with. This isn’t a slight on the peoples of Europe ,far from it , they are very welcome but I am with yous just like over a fucking MILLION up here no one talks about or represents

      Second , dont want to go down the race rabbit hole but if you told the people who called out Enoch that their capital city would’nt have a white majority within 70 years , i wonder what they would have said

      • Some of the best oppos I ever made in the mob were jocks – to a man. I admired the fact they would call the English out as cunts but between a rock and a hard place you could always trust a jock. I dislike the jocks who want indy but find getting in bed with the EU a better alternative. I find I have more in common with the Glaswegian Rab C Nesbitt types than the Edinburgh cosmopolitan types.
        Race is a funny thing – its not a rabbit hole for me. I dislike our mud coloured colonial cousins intensely – not to the point I would assault or harm anyone purely because I didn’t like the colour of their skin (the exception being war). but simply because they (by and large) have no love for our country. They are quite happy to accept the land in which they live but when you have a desire to change that land into something resembling what you left that is unacceptable.
        During my mob years I guess I saw more than half the worlds landmass and at no time did I ever disrespect the country or the culture – the reason being I was a guest and as such I obeyed the laws of their land and showed respect for those laws and that land, however mind numbingly fucking stupid they appeared at the time. Unless of course I was there to give them a fucking good hiding in times of conflict but even then I showed the vanquished greater respect than the cunts who stood burning poppies when our servicemen were being repatriated in coffins. So, in a word, no. I have no time for the black man. Neither do I apologise for my view, its mine. I yield nothing to the cunts.

        • Cunto

          In no way was I suggesting any apology from you when I wrote the rabbitt hole comment , I merely meant i have witnessed amany a “not indigenous” person marching in a anti immigration rally ( and not up here mate may i add ) and didnt want to get into that argument.
          I’ve close family 22 years plus in the army and salute your service to our country mate , I really do ,…total respect

          Im in the situation where i was in the majority in voting no to independence in the Scottish referendum and minority in leave in the brexit referendum , so officially im total scum according to the SN fucking PEE

          my argument to my fellow jock cunts…. leave a union of your closest allies and brothers ( daily cunting and football slagging aside ) and join a massive union of french and German and Belgians and dutch ( no offence to them ) cunts to be a wee diddy nation among 27 ? eh fuck right off.
          please dont think the east coast are all cunts either
          some cities have been over run just like blighty’s towns in voting remain

          I personally like you have more issues with non EU immigration in relation to integration. Something needs to be done but bringing our parliament into direct voting control without their get out clause of “its EU policy ” etc every 4 years and truly getting rid of them is worth voting leave

          again , cheers for your service mate

          • forgot to say

            the cunts protesting at wootten bassett was the final straw for me

            did you know 3 white speakers were arrested at airports here in the last month under the very rules we passed to stop the peacefuls killing us

            the reason ?……,hate speech as they were only going to talk to a group much like what happens every day with certain clerics / wise men

            our own ant terrorist laws are used here when hundreds of returning ISIS fighter are allowed to disappear?

          • Salutations my friend.
            No, I had not taken umbrage in any way. The apology was sincere as I am very aware most don’t share my views and the great thing about ISAC is you can flap your gums and its just cunting – pure and simple. Reciprocations on your service too, I am indebted to you and your family. It was surely a young mans game and I would have been spending plenty of time at HMS Nelson had I been in, incarcerated for my views. I despair at the latest recruitment campaign for all three forces. Turd burglar? Welcome – come on in. Tranny or considering it? Come on in, we will have your nuts off and back at sea before you have changed your name from Jack to Jill. Want to keep up the 5 times a day praying? Not a bit of bother – we will request hostilities cease until you have finished. Come one come all. All welcome in the diverse and equal HM forces. Abnormal or confused about your gender? We don’t have as many ships, tanks and aircraft as we did but our councillors are second to none and we have so many. Shame is the parody isn’t a million miles from the truth.
            Thanks for the reply squid and thanks for your service from me and mine to you and yours 😉

        • Glasgow has Rab C Nesbitt.

          I think Airdinbro is hame to that festering heap of flyblown filth that calls itself JK Rowlinginit…

          Nuff said ! I is quarter Scottie, but born in England. Have always preferred Glasgow – a REAL city. Have never been to NY, but there’s something very NY aboul the buildings in Glasgow. I believe loads of Weegies went transatlantic to help build bits of America…

          And if you want a superb Italian grub, head for Sarti’s.

      • @Sqint Cuntwood. Technically you are correct, the capital city did indeed turn to majority non white British within 70 years. But to be a pedantic cunt Enoch’s prophetic speech was in 1968 and the census which confirmed white British were a minority was 2011. That’s 43 years. The facts are often more shocking than the rhetoric.

        • Top retort skiddy my cunting chum.
          Mr Powell was as prolific in his predictions and far more accurate than an old time tradesman once told me as a boy in the shipyards. “You know in a few years time the chinks will be calling the shots and the absently skilled men who have moved in as time and motion men will filter out craftsmanship as wasteful”. They wanted a job done averagely by a workforce who needed to understand with great alacrity that quality was not high on their list. Only delivered on time in budget. That ran right through the 70’s and into the eighties when (therefore but the grace of God go I) that I went down the South Atlantic and watched oppos stick to the steel floors and bulkheads and had their faces removed by non fireproof flash rig. I have met Simon Weston (many times) and seen the poor boys mind literally fall to pieces for the (preventable) scars and marks he bares and wears with such pride and dignity.
          The MOD, Whitehall and the Navy board need to realise that these old war canoes stuffed with ratings who are more concerned about losing the Wifi signal so they cant update their chums back in blighty or tell mummy his washing is going well and that rash will soon clear up once he stops using a full packet of dhobey dust and rinses his undercrackers properly. To the casual observer its shits and giggles but I seriously contend that the armed forces are more a minute man exercise to assemble and be ready to deploy with 24 hours notice anywhere on Gods earth. When streaming to wherever the theatre of operation is a forgetful Matelot of my time would have written home to ask for some more socks and skiddies, now its likely to be a plea to send his iphone charger and that pen stick where he keeps his COD scores.
          PS – the tradesman I referred to was an old salt by the name of Burroughs – sailed one men subs in WW2 at an experimental stage and had every medal short of the VC and he was a whiskers from that one too. I apologise for the waffle – it had to be said, Sleep well my fellow cunters and may your God go with you 😉

          • Burroughs ? some man

            takes balls of steel to get in a submarine , even have repect for the U boat fleets boys , 90% fatality rate

            proper hard cunts , what happened to us

        • Jesus Skidmark

          i never knew it happened so quickly

          pedantic or not thats fucked up

  5. What a fucking cunting Jack

    I agree with every single word. I’m fucking ashamed , not of people voting remain or campaigners working for remain , that’s their choice, but of the pathetic response showed by a very fucking large majority of remainers after the vote. What the fuck happened to us ? were now half a fucking country of shitebags , lapping up every bit of scare tactics that spew out of juncker / Verhofstdat/ Barniers gobs as gospel , and crying that we are about to up anchor and float into the middle of the fucking Atlantic and sink.
    They actually relish any blip in the market or bad news on Brexit the cunts , thats what really gets my goat. And , some I know personally aren’t from the UK but live here and then my piss boils. If the EU was so fucking good , why don’t you live in your EU country ? Cos its a backwater that’s why, even with EU subsidies.

    i point them to coverage of the EU parliament online where other countries are begging the EU not to fuck us around as were such a big economy and not to hurt themselves by being vindictive….not shown on the news that though

    I wont go on but I’ll tell you a beauty I heard the other week on a radio show. Guy says brexiters are a bit thick , host says ” so you want EU army/Euro etc…caller says ” I dont know about that stuff , I expect my MP to decide for me…” OH MY FUCKIN GOD!

    wrote this on my mobile so apologies to all for grammar/spelling my fingers are too fat for it

    • Agreed, Squintie.

      I wonder whether Remainiacs chat on http://www.is-a-coward.com and moan about “those thickie Brexit racists” after a hard day in an attemptto relieve their stress? Perhaps they too have a wall, but a Wall of Cowards to which you’re placed if you receive ten nominations.

      • I’m thinking Captain that they would be too snowflake to possibly nominate any of their fellow cowards as not to offend , so the wall remains blank ?

  6. Well firstly JTC welcome back and your obviously feeling better, fantastic cunting which made me both chuckle and spit feathers!! Nice one ☝️

    • Sorry, that should have been a reply to Ruff Tuff Creampuff, fuck only knows how it ended up here.

        • I wish, I’m on the wagon for 6 months starting a couple of weeks ago, to give my liver a much needed break.

      • Message received Moggie, I fully agree. But you never know, one day the Phoenix may rise from the ashes and we can vote the cunts out and the Phoenix in… if you know what I mean… cider permitting.

        • Permitting? I often find that large quantities of cider give me abilities I don’t otherwise have – the ability to sway like tall grass in the wind, talk like an MP (ie utter bollocks) and see through solid objects (explaining why I walk into door frames).

  7. Unfortunately Jack our backbone as a nation was irrefutably damaged when Maggie had to take the knife out of hers courtesy of the treachery of John “Bull” Major and Ovaltine.

    It was removed completely during the 2nd Dark Age of 1997-2010, and no cunt since has wanted to grow it back!

    If any MP cunt had even 1/2 the amount of appetite to leave the EU as most Brexiteers we’d be prospering already, waiting in the wings for their cunt project to implode in on itself!

    Unfortunately not one of the cunts truly wanted a leave vote (including BoJo and Pob) and when the British Public voted to leave not one of the cunts knew what the fuck to do, and it’s no better now!

    I also loathe cunts who say wanting to leave the EU is “racist” or “xenophobic”!

    I tell them to fuck off and explain that not wanting to be part of an economically corrupt and morally bankrupt “business organisation” (which is all the EU fucking is) is entirely different to not wanting to be part of Europe! Thick cunts!

    I am a European. I feel and affinity for my fellow western Europeans.

    However I can be British and European, I just don’t see why I or any of my fellow Europeans should show fealty to a bunch of no-mark former bankers who weren’t even fucking elected!

    And you ask any cunt who voted in the 1970’s if they voted for the totalitarianist regime that the EU has become now. I bet most would say they wouldn’t.

    Oh but that doesn’t matter because – according to Vince Cable – they’ll all be dead soon.

    Well Vince, you auld cunt, all I can say is: “After you mate!”

    • I voted for the free trade area that was the Common Market in the 70s. I didn’t vote for the bloated bastard it has become. 32000 civil servants in Brussels. Undemocratic processes and Merkel deciding to open the borders to vermin. On our behalf.
      I recognise the value of EU migrants – the economy where I live would collapse without them but it has to be controlled and there has to be jobs for them to do. By and large they seem ok and have certainly shaken up the peaceful community and put new life into pubs and shops. I think we could manage without the dozens of Romanian car washes though.
      I am totally opposed to the half measures that are being mooted. Out means out and fuck the Irish border.

      • Ah yes, Romanian and Albanian “Car Washes.”

        Do you think that there are any that AREN’T drug dealerships?

        • Funny thing, Romanian car washes…

          I’d NEVER use one; I’ve met FAR too many Romanians who are totally alien…to soap and water.

          If they can’t wash themselves, stinky fackin cunts, how can they set up as a car-wash ?

      • Cunstable

        Sorry, but I thought that all immigrants were busy working for the NHS? After all, Remoaners are forever telling us that the NHS will collapse without immigration. Or is that just a very tiny percentage of the fuckers that come here?

        • The NHS will improve if all the Peaceful. Eurotrash, and Bogo Bogo blagslags who infest every hospital, medical centre, dentists, or walk in centre jumping queues and getting free care all fuck off… Here’s hoping, Willie…

  8. I think there are a lot of people who despair at the diminishing backbone and lack of common purpose so apparent in the UK currently. Hopefully those traits will be rekindled, unfortunately it will be an uphill task with the juggernaut that is the left wing liberal monster that has been created. But I still believe the people of these islands can cut the mustard when the situation requires it. Some good comments from fellow cunters.

    • I heard a good quote the other day along the lines of “If people vote like sheep you will get a government of wolves”. Unfortunately our government are behaving like sheep and by de facto the wolves are the EU, Brexit was a chance to cut ourselves free of this corpse but May is looking weaker by the day.

      • That’s a great quote LL. There’s another one often attributed to Thomas Jefferson but supposedly actually said by a fellow named John Basil Barnhill in a book entitled “Indictment of Socialism”:

        “When the people fear government you have tyranny. When the government fears the people you have liberty”.

        The EU..the 4th Reich and their lackeys in the British government use fear to peddle anti-Brexit sentiments to thwart the democratic will of the people and take away your liberty. They are therefore, tyrannical.

  9. I must admit that I’m starting to harbour feelings of doubt about Brexit. I don’t know if the deal that we’re going to get will prove to be worth all the disruption and division. I voted “Out”, but I didn’t vote for some deal that leaves us still tied to the EU but without the benefit of a voice at the top table.
    I also don’t believe that the younger generations have the backbone to stand alone. They have been taught,and raised,as a generation of,I don’t really know how to put this,but Mummy’s Boys and Girls. They have been mollycoddled to the degree that I really do wonder about their ability to maintain an independent country in a time of such wholesale change.
    To be honest,I don’t think that any generation can turn back the clock to the Britain that we view through our rose-tinted glasses. In the long run I think that individual European nations will be a thing of the past and I doubt that us implementing an ersatz version of what we were hoping for will make the slightest bit of difference.
    Brexit wont bring be the panacea that reverses 50 of odd years of National decline as implemented by the Dark Forces that want to see the end of,not just little Britain,but civilised Europe.

    Oh,and I still blame that utter Cunt,Cameron.for most of the current Brexit problems….not that I think that it’ll make any difference in the long run.

    Fuck them.

    • Don’t be so pessimistic, Dick. Normal people the world over are rising up against their elitist masters and telling them to fuck right off. Brexit was only the start, followed closely by Trump. Marine le Pen and Geert Wilders didn’t win in France or Netherlands but they came second. AfD won 94 seats in the Bundestag in 2017, the first time it has won any seats and considering it was only formed 4 years earlier that is meteoric. The Austrian Freedom party have formed a coalition government and forced other parties to shift more towards the right. Last week’s Italian elections have put EU sceptic parties in charge and in the East Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic are in open revolt against the EU over the amount of human vermin they will be forced to take. All in all, things are definitely changing, people are waking up and smelling the coffee at long last.

      • I do hope that you’re right, SE,but I must say that the younger generation in this country don’t fill me with confidence. I don’t know if the ones that I seem to meet are atypical, but they just seem so very soft and wishy-washy. They also seem to have very little in the way of “balls”,their world seems to consist of “nice” and “nasty” as defined by whatever seems to be trending on twitter or facebook.
        I suspect that you’ve got a point about some of the other European countries being a better bet for a fightback. Their people have experienced the realities of oppression and aren’t afraid to teach their children just what National pride involves. Good on them. They seem unashamed of their national identity,whereas we seem frightened to fart for fear someone recognises us as English.

          • I think we should just hand over Brexit negotiations to Rees-Mogg, he would probably send a messenger on horseback to Brussels and challenge Junker to a pistols at dawn duel.

    • My next door neighbour who initially voted to Remain (right up until the night before the referendum was in mental turmoil as to which way to vote, and who shared extremely similar views to myself) however following the Remoaners shenanigans in trying to stop or derail Brexit has now reverted to the status I consider to be of a Leaver.

      Having said that he now shared the same view of you Dick.

      I stand by my initial Leave vote for the following reasons.

      Big supporter of Nigel Farage and most (but not all) of what he stands for. Brave, unwavering, highly logical and honest in clearly exposing the corruption within the European commission.

      Project fear- constant nastiness, lies and doctored figures by Remainers 24 hours a day. Being spoken down to as though I was unintelligent and expected to believe the complete bollocks they were offering as fact.

      European Commission- hate them and everything they stand for. Juncker, Verhofstadt, Barnier, Selmayer. Hate the fucking lot of them. Arrogant cunts.

      Want our country back, and to stop mass immigration as it is ruining this country.

      Agree that the current government is fucking useless, the opposition are fucking useless, and that there are too many useless young fuckers who have no fucking idea about anything.

      But at the end of the day it is about democracy, and that 52% voted to leave compared to the 48% to remain. For better or for worse. I do not believe Remoaners know what the fuck they are talking about and are still trying to bully the Leavers just as the EU are still doing.

      For this reason I stand by my initial decision and the more threats and insults I hear by Remoaners and the EU, whilst I have no idea how the end result will pan out ((just like the Remoaners) the more I realise I was right to vote the way I did.

  10. I actually find it quite heartening to hear remoaners say things like leave voters are racist, thick, too old, little Englanders etc because these are exactly the same “arguments” they had on the day after the referendum. ( they aren’t arguments at all, just ad hominem attacks and therefore informal logical fallacies. Who’s thick now, cunts?) They haven’t come up with anything new because everything they said would happen in the event of a leave vote has not come to pass. They cannot say, “we told you so” so they continue with the name calling like the bunch of little pissy pants girls they are. Shut it you soft cunts, man’s work to be done!

    • I am feeling oddly Churchillian…

      “From John O’ Groats in the north, to Land’s End in the south, from Lowestoft in the east, to St. David’s in the west, a cloud of snowflakes and pussies has descended. The sun is setting on freedom of speech.”

  11. Great cunting, agree with every word.
    In a similar vein BBC North West Tonight needs a cunting, every night there’s several doom and gloom stories. Always about the state of the NHS, poverty, austerity, homelessness, fracking, Brexit. It’s fucking non stop interviews with miserable people unhappy with their lot and expecting HM Government to sort it out.
    Well i’ve got news for these useless sack of shits, the government is fucking inept, it will never sort anything out, governments never do. Ever want something doing properly, don’t ask the fucking politicians of this country.
    These miserable cunts should put some effort in and try to improve their sad existence instead of bleating to the first mic a BBC cunt shoves in their face.
    North West Tonight are cunts, every night is like a party political broadcast for Corbyn, it makes Eastenders look like uplifting family viewing.

    • “Eastenders look like uplifting family viewing “…Christ , that is fucking bad.

    • Too fucking right Captain.

      A few weeks back I watched an article on North West Tonight or what ever it’s fucking called these days, my piss and blood almost simultaneously boiled.

      The subject? A family of Jeremy Kyle contestants with 7 meal tickets who’d been evicted because ‘they’d fallen behind with their rent’ as a result of Universal Credit.

      Apparently they were almost £4k in arrears with the local authority, which equated to 18 months rent. The LA had tried on numerous occasions to engage the feckless cunts but to no avail.

      So they get evicted and go and live in one of their parents 2 bed bungalow where Al-BBCer conduct an interview.

      They didn’t show their faces but filmed the surroundings and they happened to show feckless Mum and Dads mass, bear in mind these cunts were pleading poverty and didn’t have a pot to piss in once upon a time you wouldn’t have been shocked if they looked like survivors from Bergen Belsen.

      Not these cunts though. They were afflicted by modern day poverty, you know the type, it’s the type of poverty that makes you fat and lazy and prevents you from ever having to work.

      So did Al-BBCer challenge their feckless lifestyle? Did they fuck.

      • You never get anywhere in this country by being hard working, honest and paying your taxes, especially if you are white and born here

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