Welcome Wheels

So many cunts, so little time. But perhaps ISAC can find space for these utter cunts and all they represent.

This URL is sufficient to convey the true horror of making a shower of hungry illegals sufficiently mobile to plunder the surrounding cuntryside of anything not red-hot or wheelclamped, while bringing motor traffic to a complete halt due to their attempts to ride on the wrong side of the road en route to cleaning out the nearest fishing lake. My predictive powers fail at this point: the potential for unforeseen consequences is infinite.

In my line I am extremely likely to meet some quinoa-farting sandalled virtue-signalling flake who will tell me how he/she/it/ has given an ‘asylum seeker’ a new life by providing it with the means to get to the DSS. I shall be carrying an iron bar at all times from now on. The conversation will not be a long one.

Sentimental and thick-to-the-core CUNTS.

Nominated by Komodo

74 thoughts on “Welcome Wheels

  1. Fuck me, this takes the cake! You’re right about the ‘flakes who’d give their last spunk crusted dreadlock to tell you why you’re obviously scum for not backing this shite. Probably just a ploy to mask the fact that most of their bikes are stolen anyway.

    “That’s my kid’s bike you cunt.”

    “How dare you, he obviously obtained it through Welcome Wheels, but I’ve notified local constabulary of your aggressive tone… I need my safe space.”

  2. Sounds like a good idea to me. Cycling is a dangerous business these days especially with all the uninsured and unlicensed fucking immigrants driving about, not to mention all the iron curtain truck drivers watching porn on their mobiles. Fucking get them out there on the road I say.

    • @FtF

      I agree! You guys should make a game of it…like real life fucking Pokeman for cunters…and assign point values to the cunts.

      2 points if from Bumfuckistan

      3 points if from Turdbeckistan

      4 points if from Cuntonesia

      5 points if from Bongo Bongo

      And the big prize…10 points and a “free kick” if from Shitholeistan.

      🚳. 🚴. 🚵. 👳. 🚐. 🚗. 🚕. 🚙. 🚚. 🚛. 🚜. 🚑

      • Top stuff General,
        A la Death race 2000 with David Carradine. Extra points if gimpy or in pairs. Groups gain more points /kudos.

  3. Well, that will make it easier for the gimmegrants and rapefugees to rip iphones out of the hands of the unsuspecting population of Norwich and still be at the DSS in time to sign on.

    The only transport those cunts need is a one way ticket home home to whatever shithole country they bravely ran away from.

  4. Even Chris Morris would have thought this was a bit OTT for satire.

    Has the world gone totally fucking doollally? Are we the last sane cunts left?!

  5. What fucking insanity. ‘A bike lock, helmet and lights – an essential package for a refugee or asylum seeker’ – FUCK OFF – a one way flight ticket back to the shitehole of origin would be my essential package you cunts.

    I can just picture in my head the leftie do-gooder cunts behind this scheme and would gladly make a donation in return for the reward of punching the cunts in the face.

  6. In a single word – incredible.

    What would I give to have a restful mind like one of these charidee do-gooders who derive a genuine sense of good from these benevolent acts and really cannot see the problem of encouraging the mobility of rapeugees.

    Cunts all in any case.

  7. Sorry fellow cunters, short of time today but felt the need to say this:

    Jamie Oliver is a mockney cockney twat cunt. More wittering on about the nations health while his companies are going under.

    Shut the fuck up you utter cock womble. Also the Antifa students were at it again ladt nihht at Kings College London. Beating people up because you disagree with them and stopping publuc meetings. Reminds me of….Oh yes the Hitler youth.


      • Wife got the screaming shits from there, so, surprisingly, never went back.

    • He’s a fucking prick, taking advantage of the nation’s laziness, “30 minute meals”, “5 ingredients”, etc, to hock his latest recipes for wankers who can’t think for themselves, and knows fuck all about nutrition, the bib wearing, slobbering, blue waffled thundercunt.

      God, I fucking hate him.

      • food is a very sore point right now, sunday night I made a beef stew for monday/tuesday.
        Got home yesterday the refugee had eaten his , (note bowl on dinner table/ bin/ bed) 11 oclock last night he rocks in and eats the rest of it (fucking 3 portions in total) so I found myself re loading the dirty slow cooker at 01.00 hrs today so I can eat when I get home, fucking uni refugees

    • Thanks, Kravdarth for the heads up regarding the latest Antifa sunshine coach outing. They crashed and eventually succeeded in closing down a debate sponsored by Kings College London’s Libertarian society between Yaron Brook ( yank 4×2 with very pro Israel views ) and Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad, a very popular youtuber with conservative views ( who also sounds a bit 4x2ish)) The issue for debate was the nature of objectivity. The violent intervention was planned in advance on Facebook and involved the following groups; KCL Socialist Students, Intersectional Feminist Society, Kashmir Solidarity Movement, KCL LGBT+, KCL Action Palestine Society, KCL Justice For Cleaners, and the Demilitarise King’s campaign.

      So this rag tag bunch of cunts, all of whom are extraordinarily privileged to attend one of the Worlds most prestigious universities, violently disrupt an event organised by the libertarian society to silence a couple of 4x2s from having a rather esoteric debate about objectivity. Are they fucking brain dead?! And what’s the betting there will be fucking zero consequences for any of their actions? Any cunting student found to be even complicit in the organisation of this attack should be thrown out of the college and all those actually involved in the violent assault should be charged to the full extent of the law. From the video footage several certainly looked to be quite swarthy and possible foreign students, they should be deported and bared from ever entering the country ever again.

      Anything less than this is a clear endorsement of violence as a political tool by the establishment and only serves to encourage more of the same cuntery.

    • Ive watched ISAC from boundaries for years, ive now joined in its fecking lovely to have found humans (hupersons) with the same outlook. Im spreading the word among mates who are mightily pissed off with the dilution of our race and country by all these immigrunts and the constant trashing of the history and achievements of in my opinion the greatest nation on earth by the right-on smug ever so clever and important CUNTY left, im willing to put money on it that you wouldn’t find a single callous on their delicate hands the twats. They are sort of tossers that think it’s a good idea to up the retirement age, probably is if your a Willis in an office and you want to escape the dried up old minge of a wife at home for few more years , not so good if your upto your danglers in mud and shit in a hole somewhere in the worst nature can chuck at you.

  8. Finally got some bins so no more typos. Appartently wanking whilst watching Justin Bieber videos is bad for your eyes….

  9. Off piste…Salisbury..in the middle of fucking nowhere is able to have forensic isolation teams on site within 20 minutes of an “incident”. The source is revealed as the fucker is put in the ambulance, and the “contaminent” identified before the blood results have been published. Fire, Ambulance and Police Presence on site immediately, and numerous “contamination sites” dealt with and within the first one hour. !
    All of this in a contry where getting an ambulance to came at all , let alone within an hour, is the reality. How come all of this well oiled immediate and , wait for it < well publicized event organized in a country that couldn't run a piss up in a brewery?

    • They’re blaming ‘the Russians’ as they do everything these days. Don’t buy it for a second.

    • Think the contaminant has yet to be identified by anyone: fentanyl was just guesswork, as are all other current theories. However, it seems the woman with him was his daughter.

      While the response was certainly rapid, that would fit (a) with increased readiness all round, to predicted threats including NBC terrorism. (b) with a likely target living, with protection, in the area, and (c) with the hospital drawing the same inference from the symptoms* as I did – nerve agent.

      Add ‘nerve agent’ to ‘by inhalation or ingestion in a public place’ and the response shit would hit the fan.

      But I’m just speculating.

      *as reported by eyewitness

    • 20 minutes is not impossible. Southampton and Bournemouth are all within 30 miles and at blue light speed 20 minutes is doable at 70, quite achievable at 90-100 (if from S’Hampton). The key here is that all information was ‘known’ and well publicised in such a short amount of time. Probably not a false flag per say, but likely well known in advance and allowed to happen for the media kudos. Its Russian bashing season at the moment, and the neolibs need everything they can get.

      • It’s close to Porton Down, quite a well protected part of the world. Also plenty of MoD establishments close by as well. Not beyond the wit of the security services to be on this one quite quickly.

    • A little Ott, but in reference to emergency response times, I live in londonistan and recently got an ambulance rather quick, I think. I wasn’t conscious but I believe the NHS did themselves proud. In the week I was in, it was heartwarming to see how efficiently the hospital was run and there wasn’t a single person that deserved a cunting in my presence bar the person who wrote that because I was incoherent, I’d been on a drinking binge. Clearly that person missed the word ‘water’ from her summary but maybe one day she too will be desperately ill. The first place, including the streets, where the ‘hotpot’ of nationalities and religions didn’t actually clash at all.

      Bikes for refugees though? I don’t even have a bike! I have to walk. 60 people chose to give money to this ridiculous project rather than their local hospital or health charities. Ffs, cunts.

  10. I think a counter campaign should be mounted, perhaps “Boats to bugger off” we aim to provide all refugees with boats (and life jackets) and we will even tow the cunts accross the channel (or mid atlantic, your choice) .
    I would donate to that one, ( I did consider crowdfunding a submarine for the BNP to patrol the mediteranian)

  11. You just couldn’t make this shite up?

    Death would be a blessing!

    Get me the fuck out of here now!

    P.S. Don’t forget to get Bill Turnbull on the deadpool next time round!

    • As i say to my Doctor when he threatens me with long life, “roll on the happy release of death “

  12. This Welcome Wheel shitfuckery even trumps those German cuckolds holding placards declaring ‘Refugees Welcome’.

    Slight digression – October last year, invited to a dinner party (yes, I am cunt) I got into a discussion on the severe dilution of the UK with some of this unskilled filth, and the associated liberal cancer with the whole welcoming, accommodation and integration of rapefugees and the like. Needless to say, words had to be picked more carefully than they are within this esteemed ISAC seat of learning – the party had a mix of political persuasions – but nevertheless, words were exchanged to the point where I was asked by one fucking snake “are you actually proud of your country?”

    My answer – “I’m proud of the British people and what this country has achieved in the past, and especially with the outcome the Brexit vote.” Needless to say, I was almost trampled upon by multiple pairs of Birkenstocks. Thankfully my taxi arrived shortly thereafter and fuck me, did I board that mother like it was the last chopper out of Saigon. I glanced through the window into the house and gave a slight chuckle at the carnage that was ensuing in my wake. It’s fucking bollocks that such an innocent comment in isolation should provoke the lefties into such a fucking furore, but there we are.

    The cabbie was British too. Fucking bonus.

    Welcome Wheels – welcome to my middle finger you utter fucking cunts.

    • A well-thrown conversational grenade. Wonder if they’ll invite you again. But just how do you equate pride in your country with turning it into a refugee camp-cum-low wage economy? (I have to ask myself; I refuse dinner invitations from the right-on, as they invariably involve attempts to make non-meat products palatable)

    • There’s a title there for a novel…

      “The Last British Cabbie”

      I was at school with a great bloke, who lived twenty yards opposite the school. He was always late…

      He became a taxi driver, and he was superb !! Whenever I’d been abroad for uni stuff, I’d turn up at local station, and, as if by magic, his cab would always be at the head of the rank.

    • It is always such a delight to toss the ‘I voted for Brexit’ hand grenade into the mix at these genteel, vaguely left wing, dinner party settings preferably when the fucking thing is reaching its most enjoyable crescendo of rampant drivel and watch the thing blow the fuck apart. I find it best to try and raise it totally out of the blue so it has the shock multiplying effect – in the right setting it can have the effect of an 11kT nuclear depth charge.

      Funnily enough, it has been a long time since I have been invited to one come to think of it. The best result all round.

  13. While we’re on cyclists…
    At what point do these “asthma sufferers” suddenly decide that competitive multi stage cycle racing is a good idea…?

  14. They should hand out steroids with the bikes…hey presto,a whole new British cycle team.
    I’d love to have sniffed Victoria Pendleton’s seat.

  15. I bet these cunts are all bang into the climate change lie and saving the planet etc. Well there is so much superheated high pressure steam coming from my bladder you could run a 20 Kw turbine off it so there you go you cunts, free energy forever.

  16. If you go to the URL and read the comments section you will find only glowing praise and support for this lunacy. I smell a rat. I don’t believe the people of Norwich are any different to the rest of us, inbred jokes aside. I bet any critical comments are not published. We ought to inundate the site with cuntings and see what happens.

    • Ah, all is clear. I went to make a constructive suggestion and the site says ‘you can only comment if you support the project’
      That’s one way of overriding majority opinion I suppose.
      Welcome to a Lefty Utopia.

      • As a lifetime resident of Norwich (until recently) I can confirm that it is being enthusiastically remodelled as a small scale replica of London.

        Full of foreigners and “trendy” cunts and the working class treated like shit except when there’s an election on…

        • Be fair, Mr B. It’s a university town, most of the aliens you see come with their government’s money to study management at UEA.

          And good luck with that one, cunts…

        • I fucking love Norwich. Had a company penthouse in Tomblands and had the time of my life for a year….. All expenses paid.

          Penthouse, sportcars, hot local fanny that had to be fought off with a shitty stuck and money to burn.

          It was fucking brilliant.

      • How about thousands of simple posts, such as…

        “Do you support freedom of speech?”

        Results could be quite interesting… and the question doesn’t necessarily imply criticism of the loopy project.

  17. Perhaps handing out used inner tubes and K-Y jelly might satisfy their lust ?

    Also, remove saddle from bike and replace with a sharp spike.

  18. Long time since I visited Norwich.
    Last time I was there, that strange Michael J Fox movie, Back to the Future was showing.
    I can clearly remember sitting in the cinema and thinking, shit this is weird. Looks like he’s gonna fuck his own mother.
    But fortunately the usher threw them both out at the fingering stage….

    • I used to live there; always had a soft spot for E Anglia, MR James ghost stories &c. (I think, secretly, that some of his more terrifying creations could be modelled on…)

      I believe Captain America’s (hamburger joint) is still there. Quirky, was always totally unpretentious, and well worth a visit. Opposite Harold Jarrold’s famed Dept. store !

    • You’ve done it again Cuntly. It’s time you were no-platformed for lowering the tone.

  19. I’m seeing reports that hateful racist transcunt Munroe Bergdorf has quit it’s post due to the inescapable questions being asked on how Labour can be directly associated with this cunt, after the whole Toby Young furore. It reportedly doesn’t want to be ‘the news’. Fuck off you attention-seeking circus freakshow reject, that’s all you ever wanted!

    It’s attempted defence about some of the more hateful and bigoted tweets, from around 2012, was that it was ‘a different person then’. Some clever commentator pointed out the irony in Bergdorf wanting to define itself as being a ‘different person’ when it suits, whilst at the same time, asking the world at large to believe its claims that it has always ‘felt’ the same identity as female, since childhood.

    Limelight isn’t so appealling when your views are no longer restricted to the safe-space of the Twitter echo chamber, eh mein chocloate snowflake cuntfreak? Now fuck off back to the sigmoid colon from whence you were shat out.

    • Quite right. We fight extremism and intolerance by bringing 1000s of the fuckers in, letting them set up their own schools/madrassas and bestowing victim status on them. I knew Tone would pull us through.

  20. For fuck sake stop welcoming these sponging, savage, rapist cunts and just fucking throw them out. These wankers get treated better than our own people for fuck sake.

    • The Council seem to have acquired a house in my road and stuck a family of Stanleys in it.

      It is worth just shy of £1m – well, it was before those cunts moved in anyway.

    They’re economic migrants.
    These lefty cunts need to be taught the difference.

    Secondly, is that not racist?
    If a poor English kid needs a bike they gonna tell him to fuck off?
    …. sorry not Brown and smelly enough.
    Racist cunts 🙂

  22. Look here you cunters, I’m actually for this. I would however have one stipulation.

    We’ll happily buy you a bike BUT you can only ride it back home.

    Which is why I’m starting my own crowd funding page called: Welcome Wheels: bikes for refugees in Norwich and a plane ticket home for them and their bikes.

    I bet mine raises more money!

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