Theresa May [12]

Russia’s Midnight Deadline – Theresa May continues to show what a complete useless cunt she really is.

For her to think she even interrupts Putins wanking time to worry what it is she can do after midnight, when they return to say it wasn’t me gives her another gold star in being fucking useless.

So, at 12.01 when he simply tells her to Fuck Off, she will be whimpering to Macaroon for a solution and trying to get the Donald off a Porn Star to maybe tweet it.

Boris has the answer though, don’t send any dignitaries to the world cup. Yes Boris, that will fuck them.

If this poison is so deadly and only available from the Russian Military how is it that it got to Salisbury in the first place?

Did some cunt hide it in their sox at customs?

Fuck off you useless twat.

Nominated by King Cunt

96 thoughts on “Theresa May [12]

  1. Have they had the COBRA meeting yet? You know it’s serious when they move to a different room to bang their flapping gums together. I hope to fuck that Putin goes on telly and tells the powdery-fannied old crone to go and fuck herself. It might prove to be the catalyst that finally convinces her to retire..or,even better,have a heart attack.
    What the fuck are we going to do about it,anyhow? If we hadn’t made England into some “Hole in the Wall” for every crook and criminal who had a few quid,most of this wouldn’t be happening. I’m aware that this latest one was a spy,not a dodgy businessman,but “I love treason,but hate a traitor” probably still holds water in Uncle Vlad’s court.
    I couldn’t give a fuck how many Russians bump each other off. Good luck to them. If they’ve got a barrowload of whatever poison it is that they used,I’ll take it off their hands. I can think of a good use for it. One of those Yank crop-duster planes and a free run over most of our great capital city should do it.

    Fuck them.

    • Good post Dick, as usual.
      I would open a new cunting but there are 3 on the go so I will follow in time honoured ISAC and flag an emergency cunting.
      Having taken (still do occasionally – until today that is) the National Geographic for some years now and for a few years even had a subscription from an early age I regarded it as one of the best magazines – ever. Top class photography, great writers, subjects you just wouldn’t imagine had anything interesting about them, fascinating readers letters and an ethos that always kicked trends remaining true to its followers (I think they went from SLR’s to digital for better prints – but you get the picture).
      There is a new editor, started this week. She is female by the name of Goldstein so I think its pretty clear you know where this is going.
      She is to spend the first year of her editorship reflecting on the racism shown by National Geographic over the years – yep that’s right – not just racism but racism on a grand scale.
      So much so that she along with her editorial team will be selecting the worst of the worst for singling out and rewriting them as they would had they been written today. (you can just see the footprint of fuckwittery unfolding). Pictures taken of Aborigines in ‘Stralia being “offensively photographed” and referred to as savages. Its what they fucking were and an Abo without a drink – or with a drink, is still a fucking savage.
      Pictures of Amazon tribes scantily clad peasants were not shown with “dignity” – that’s because there is no fucking dignity in darkest South America and there certainly wasn’t a century ago.
      I have no idea where the shitfest will end but the tweets Goldstein is receiving for her “brave work” by the usual subjects are half heartedly giving her the nod but all to a man / woman / it complain she hasn’t gone far enough – so what is it jigaboos actually want? Whatever it is I can respectfully suggest they re-join their tribes in deepest darkest Umbogoland – stay away from whitey and I can promise I will stay away from them, they have my word.
      Which begs the question – if the slave trade had never happened and Londonistan was left to develop from Dickensian poverty the only poor people in londonistan would now be white cockneys. Ditto for every other large City in Europe and the West. As for the jiggers – I wager they wouldn’t have made it past eating one another and swinging through the fucking banana trees. Google “Famous American inventors” and tell me the white man isn’t being erased bit by bit.

      • This endless apologising for the past is ridiculous. It does nothing but feed the grievances of every group of malcontents looking for an excuse for their own inadequacy.

        The “educated” class who feel the need to constantly churn out this kind of rubbish are both insulting and patronising. They patronise the “poor savages” and insult everyone who they tar with the brush of being too stupid to understand history.

        They can Fuck Off. I couldn’t give a shiny shite about these professional guilt-merchants or the “poor oppressed”.

      • I understand there are lots of cuntings in the queue…in fact some of mine were written back when I was a Colonel…but this is an abso-fucking-lutely brilliant emergency cunting!

  2. Two diplomatic bags, each containing one component of a two part mix, each on its own quite safe, once mixed, deadly ? Just a thought.
    The Russians are saying it’s illogical that with their free and fair elections coming up that they would do something so controversial. A cynic might say it’s a perfect opportunity for some reverse logic. Someone cunted Russians recently and it was well deserved, surly, sullen bastards who crave respect but who are reluctant to give it. Pity Barbarossa tanked.

    • That’s now all that GB is good for…being used to bolster someone’s electioneering in a foreign land, and as an execution yard.

      I liked Treeza’s message that we would launch a cyberattack on RF.

      Remainds me of some graffiti on a London Bus bound for Chessington…”Thunderbird Two, Fly me to the Zoo”

      She is a total shower…The Russians must really now be quaking in their boots, wondering what technology Conel Bogey’s got hidden away in deepest Cheltenham.

      As for Missus Might (or not), she’s just quacking.

      And as someone from Chatham House said, it is entirely possible that some dirty cunts got hold of it via the Russian version of Lawrence Corner.

      After seeing Robert Pestilential last night, STILL wonder if it’s some daft plot to drive us into the welcoming arse of Mutti Merkel and the EU…

  3. Russia is a gangster state. Putin is a gangster. They have murdered here before and have murdered opposition in their own country. Kasparov tried to stand against Putin in a ‘free and fair’ election and was shut down by the state. This is well documented.
    There is no free media in Russia so this will play to Putin’s advantage.’ Look at how the west persecutes Russia’. Vote for the strong man. No one will dare tell the people the truth about this thieving, murdering bastard.
    May is a cunt but what else can she do? Send in a gunboat?
    Russia can easily smuggle these poisons in. They did it with polonium which is far more difficult to handle.
    This cunting should be directed at the ruthless, callous psychopath who runs Russia. The latest of a very long line of them but this one is possibly the worst since Stalin.

    • What we can do is seize the London assets of the Putin hangers-on and declare them persona non grata, suspend all commercial dealings, and close their fucking embassy. This was an act of war, however you cut it. But that would upset the financiers who brought us ‘2008-The Crash’. Neither May nor anyone else will do that. And, having given Putin a free snapshot of our civil readiness for NBC attack, we need to sharpen our ideas up fast.

      The Skripals may be in critical condition, but even if they’re still breathing unaided, which I doubt, they may as well be dead. The particularly nasty shit they were given doesn’t respond to a crucial remedy, even if it had been given within minutes, which it wasn’t. It was designed not to.

      And, oh what a coincidence, another Russian’s just died in London:

      Should keep forensics busy for a while longer…

      • I DO wonder how they are still alive: as you say, Komodo, Novichok IS supposed to be highly distressing.

        Did someone get a watered-down batch, maybe past it’s “best before” date ?

        KGB usually very efficient at murder. This looks like it could have been bungled by some total loons (again raising possibility of a bizarre EU false flag) – lashing round the SW of England, seemingly with a bloody great flit gun full of the stuff ?

        This is supposed to drown your lungs in mucus, not to mention the SLUDGE symptoms. Not make you look a bit like you’ve been on dodgy cider and horse dope.

        I hope Might knows what she’s doing.

        I very much doubt it. Does she know what day of the week it is ? Or even who the Prime Minister is ??

    • Gunboat…

      Gundinghy at best I’d wager, and it’s most likely to be hijacked by some sandpeople whilst transiting the eastern Mediterranean before it got anywhere near the ruskies.

  4. I’m sick of seeing this awkward resident of Notra Dame’s face especially when creeping around any foreign leader. She always looks like someone’s slapped some lippy on a gargoyle with a spaz ‘Mum-cut-my-hair’ cut.

    What we require: A strong, patriotic, tenacious leader.
    What we have: A wobbly, dead-eyed, dithering, religious lizard.

    • Ah, but we have a strong and stable government!…Yep! The silence is deafening.

      • Perhaps we could send Her Majs leader of the official opposition to have a word in Pukeins shell like? You know the right hounerable Jeremy dustbin. He’s a big fan of socialism and all things red….

    • What we require: A strong, patriotic, tenacious leader. And when the fuck do you think we last had that? Or did you salivate about Blair and Thatcher because all the rest have been just doing the job,trying to keep the economy afloat and not go broke.
      Then we voted to leave one of the biggest trading groups in the world and May gets the job of organising it ,so she gets the flak ,even though the vote was really only marginal but all those strong gallant Leavers would tell the whole world to fuck off ,except they dont actually have to do it.
      It’s why we never get good leaders, there is no way to please us all and if it all goes tits ,the leavers will blame the people they FUCKING knew would be running it.
      So why the fuck did you vote leave if you knew who was going to orchestrate the process? Who are the real cunts here.?

      • To be fair, TB, I’m not sure anyone expected Mrs.May,who never committed either way,would end up leading the Brexit negotiations.
        We’ve ended up with what we ,arguably,deserve.

      • Think Ivam right in saying that when those voted to Leave did so they did not know who was going to be the administrator. Cameron was still in power when the vote was made.

        • My thoughts exactly.

          Unfortunately, the electorate had no choice in the date of the referendum or which party / leader would execute the withdrawal process. Many just assumed Cameron would carry it out being elected PM if the vote was to leave.

          The vote was down to the people and someone had to deliver for the people. She might not be the choice of PM for most of us, she was after all installed first by her own party, but who else was there? Maybe Boris the Brexiteer would have been best for the EU withdrawal but PM of GB?

          As a lifelong labour voter, I wouldn’t have wanted Catweazle in No10 negotiating withdrawal or Farron / Cable or Krankie either.

          All party’s had the chance to contribute to the process but have opted in derailing / fucking it up which isn’t really respecting the will of the people.

          Any MP not dedicated to working tirelessly to achieve success on the country’s decision should resign from their post. Our countrys future success is at stake here and some of those paid are derelict in their duty.

      • A “marginal” vote would’ve been 100 or 1000, or 10 000. Not over a million. Where do you live, China?

        I neither salivated over Blair or Thatcher and I don’t understand that argument.

        This particular time requires a steady hand and this dithering reptile is constantly giving mixed signals as to the future. It’s been postponed and delayed, presumably in the hope of apathy setting in. How does uncertainty help anyone? How can business flourish and blossom when the date changes?

        Yes, a strong leader, preferably one who genuinely believes in leaving that nest of rapacious cunts and has the backbone to leave without a deal, not the backbone of a craven, Remainiac hunchback.

        • Agree Captain
          I know this great site ISAC has rules on trolling but Trouserbulge I have to totally disagree with that post

          I never “salivated ” god forbid, over Thatcher and Blair…. and as for voting to leave one of the biggest trading groups in the world I’d like to point out the fact we tried , and were rejected, 3 times in the ’70s to join the EEC but have somehow miraculously become the second biggest contributor to the bloc within 40 years . It is a con job TB , and the trade off is simple, 10 to 15 billion a year for free market access….the cost ? ….. regulation/supreme European court of justice overrule /free movement of peoples/free movement of capital and goods / closer integration / common foreign policy / common monetary policy ( maastricht treaty ) common defense /common fisheries policy / common agricultural policy…the list goes on

          as for Gallant leavers . believe me I would tell them to fuck off to their faces mate ,,,, but that’s not the point. The point was to say , we have no issue with the European peoples and their diverse cultures and opportunities…. and were open for business, we just don’t want cuntfuckery on a massive scale that exists right now wit the commisipn and fake parliament

          Why would we vote leave when we knew who’d be running the process?… well what fucking choice did we have ? The problem Bulge is not these lizard cunts….but the sub 50% of the population that has cunted the rest of us by making the market jittery and slowing investment as you / they prey on every bad story as fuel to vilify and justify their vote on that day.

          We couldn’t stick together in a fucking pot of glue and that is what makes me sad about this whole fucking thing
          I don’t want to mention the ugly “war” word as I will seem like a Brexiter loony Churchill cliche type , but I really think we all ( I’m a Scot) stood together as one to face an existential threat back then as the British people
          I wish we had done the same with Brexit.
          I’m not saying its an existential threat but unity and backbone are long gone
          We are not the real cunts here mate. The mess isn’t all their fault , the cunt behavior of the 5th column in this country should never ever be forgiven even if Brexit goes ahead

          All spelling mistakes are mine

          • Good points, Squint.
            It was never going to be a Dunkirk-like spirit against the EU because there are too many factors working from within, too many vested interests and too many people affected by the wave of Fright put up them (Global Brexit recession, World War III, Death, Pestilence, Famine, etc).

            Dave The Tax-Fiddler/Piggy-Diddler Cameron gave all the signs that he’d stay and initiate Article 50 immediately but swiftly and cowardly jumped ship hours into the 27th June. It’s not our fault we eventuated with this tepid excuse for a leader though by the hair on the Bowels of Satan we deserve better.

  5. Putin is a cunt.
    If he or any of his ‘Employees’ are reading this… I know naffink abaaaaaht it.

  6. Why wait until midnight? This was reported four hours ago :

    Russia insists it had nothing to do with the attack and said it will ignore the ultimatum to explain itself until London both hands over samples of the Novichok agent used and begins to comply with its obligations under the Chemical Weapon Convention, which oversees joint investigations of such incidents.

    “Any threats to take ‘sanctions’ against Russia will not be left without a response,” the foreign ministry said in a statement. “The British side should understand that.”

    Sounds like ‘Fuck off” to me.

    • May has not conducted the “investigation” in accordance with the treaty, and that alone makes me very suspicious. She is however, just too fucking stupid to realize she is well out of her depth.

    • I guarantee that if May hands over samples to Russia, a smirking Putin will tell us that they were made in Ukraine or Uzbekistan, and nuffin to do with him. Why Ukraine or even Uzbekistan would wish to assassinate a Russian ex-agent in England will be a smoothly-evaded question. Perhaps the Americans got it when they were decontaminating the Uzbek facility? Perhaps it arrived on a meteorite?

      Bullshit on bullshit, baffling what passes for the brains of our governors.

      • A spokesperson for Putin today in an interview categorically stated that Russia does not have any chemical weapons.

        If this is fact the case (most people will of course believe this to be a lie), why are they requesting a sample?

        • Are we, the great British public supposed to believe that a Russian spook smuggled some nasty chemicals (at great risk to himself and those around him) to poison some Russian twat and his daughter in the middle of England, in a shit restaurant, with scant regard to the surrounding citizenry?

          Fuck off.

          The KGB are far more subtle and capable than that. They would have abducted him, sliced him into bits and scattered him from a helicopter over the North sea on the way back home to Murmask.

          The Polonium thing a few years ago was smartly delivered and if these dumb-cunt politicians can’t see that as a firstly a murder of incredible pain and suffering befitting a perceived enemy and secondly, a warning to any other fucker who thought of spilling the beans.

  7. There are many ways to murder someone, especially for trained assassins, so the use of a Russian-made nerve agent against an ex-Russian spy would tend to point towards who else? Either that, or it was a country that wants everyone to think it was the Russians, like Ukraine perhaps. But the Russkies are the favourites and it’s all because of Vladimir ‘Napoleon Complex’ Putin, ex-KGB man, five foot six and a half inches tall and desperate to feel powerful. He has single-handedly ruined all Mikhail Gorbachev’s good work and has dragged his country back sixty years to the good old days of the cold war.
    He wants the world to know it was his decision. His officials are practiced and accomplished liars and all they have to do is deny deny deny. They have apparently asked for a sample of the offending nerve agent, presumably so they can ‘test’ it and say “No, that’s not one of ours”. Every possible response by the West will have been discussed before the attack took place. What happened when Litvinenko was murdered? Not a lot. And what better time to strike than when Europe is divided by Brexit?
    So what’s Theresa May going to do, about a foreign country that callously puts our population at risk in this way? Expel a couple of diplomats? They’ll have thought of that, and will simply expel a couple of ours. Go to Europe begging for help in increasing economic sanctions? They’ll have thought of that too.
    It’s time to consider breaking off all diplomatic ties with the Russians, withdraw our ambassador and personnel from Moscow and confiscate property and assets. Anything less and short-arse Putin will continue to smirk. But does Theresa have the guts?

  8. After months of bending over for EU cock what makes the Hunchback think that Putin gives a flying fuck about her deadlines and pathetic veiled threats? When you are a weak spineless arsehole cunts walk all over you, that’s your role in life.
    If you don’t want foreign cunts killed on British streets don’t let the fuckers in you bitch.
    I rather admire the way the Ruskies hunt down their traitors no matter where they are or how long it takes.
    What do we do with ours ?…….give them knighthoods and stick them in the House of Lords for fucks sake.

    • Yep – they could have easily whacked the cunt with a 9mm between the eyes but, instead, use a complex nerve agent which must put the cunt administering it at some considerable risk.

      Clearly they are sending a message and don’t give a flying fuck what that wobbly cunt the Maybot makes of it.

      If they wanted to piss Putin off they should just confiscate every fucking penny the cunt and his chums have stashed overseas and tell him to get fucked when he starts to cry.

  9. Barcode, the cunt that sits in the big elevated seat in the commons has a striker on his car. Bollocks to Brexit it’s not a done deal. That has to be enough to remove the cunt and that would give me a chance to shag Sally.

  10. Putins a very smart and Calculating man, He rose to the top of the KGB and then onto running the whole country with ease. Out of all the world leaders his probably the only one who knows exactly how to play the game and win everytime no sweat,running rings around Gollum may and all EU mongs.

    I don’t agree with alot of how he runs his state but it is his state to run and most ruskies love him and want him to continue so fair do s.

    Shame that most of the west is run by spineless wet lefty cunts who so far off his level its ridiculous .

    • Spot on Sheriff, he’s far from a fool. Plus he takes no shit from muzzi cunts either. Unlike in this cuntry where our leaders bend over backwards not to offend them…

      I sniff a great conspiracy here to hide and overshadow the systematic rape and abuse of the girls in Telford over the last decade…. Mmm

      Let’s spin a yarn withe the Russians, that’ll focus attention away from the peaceful atrocities. Won’t it?

      • Surely it’s hateful and WAAAAycist of GB media to demonise Russia….thus letting the slimey diddlers get away with it.

        Well cunted, Leonardo !

  11. The National Seed Registry, has a supply of every seed in the world in its Sussex HQ. Porton Down has samples of all chemical weapons wherever it may have been produced. Porton Down is not too far from Salisbury.

    Do I trust the cunt May? No. I do not. She has run to Macron and to Merkel for support in accusing Putin, a massive diversion from her current problems with her own treachery against the British people.

    Macron and Merkel will certainly roll the bullets, and the fucking simpleton May will fire them.
    When the shit hits the fucking fan, Macron and Merkel will be silent.
    This simple fucking treacherous fool, contributes on a daily basis to the destruction of the United Kingdom.

    She is not only a cunt, she is a dismal waste of fucking oxygen. And, as for the Huge sum of money she intends to gift as a “divorce payment” Has the useless twat not heard of getting legal advice before rolling over! Especially when the cash is ours, not hers.

    This bitch and her cronies need a fucking good visiting!!!

  12. BBC news report

    Police are investigating after suspect packages containing anti-Muslim letters and a sticky liquid were sent to four Labour MPs over the past 24 hours.
    Their Westminster offices were sealed off and three people were taken to hospital as a precaution. The substance was later found to be harmless.
    The four MPs who received the letters are from South Asian backgrounds.
    One of the MPs, Ealing Central and Acton’s Rupa Huq, said her package was a “Punish a Muslim” letter.
    The three other MPs to receive suspicious items were Bedford MP Mohammad Yasin, Bethnal Green’s Rushanara Ali and Afzal Khan, MP for Manchester Gorton.
    On Tuesday, a Parliamentary spokesman said items of mail containing suspicious substances had been investigated by the Met Police and were not found to be hazardous.
    “The affected areas were temporarily cordoned off but no evacuation was necessary,” the spokesman added. “One person attended hospital as a precaution.”

    Whilst of course I cannot condone the above, I can’t help thinking that isn’t it a shame and isn’t it disgracefully that the police and local authorities whilst incredibly busy investigating some mysterious fluids sent to some VIP Peacefuls have were not able or did not think it important enough to dedicate any time or offer any protection for the many hundreds of poor young girls from Rochdale, Rotherham now from the Telford area who have been systematically exploited, raped and sexually abused, by predominantly Peaceful gentle folk, and who’s lives have been totally ruined as a result.

    Those responsible should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

    • “Those responsible should be fucking ashamed of themselves”.

      “Lessons will be learned”……. The stock phrase that excuses and draws a line under any and all official failings. Get ready to hear it again.

      • “Hearts and and minds” , “in our prayers” , the terrorists won’t divide us” … light a candle …. move on and forget about it.

        • When are we going to have a day of candles and virtue signalling for this ruskie ex-spy?

          Has Gary or Lilly made a deep and meaningful comment yet I wonder?






          I could go on…..

  13. It was said on the BBC today that the poison used was made by mixing two otherwise *harmless*(!) chemicals, so it might have been made here. There are far two many fucking amateur chemists at work in this shithole of a country.

    Mrs M might not be much good,, but think of some of the alternatives. That gummy daft looking cunt Dominic Grieve for example , who looks like a decrepit old cunt who has injected his Steradent up his arsehole, who seems to have thrown in his lot with motherfucker Mandelson and demented old Heseltine, and the other slimy Remainer bastards.

    Just imagine if Steptoe gets into office – the first two years will be taken up with the Blairite shit shower and the Corbinistas fighting their bloody internal battles – the country can fuck itself while Chuka-Fuka-Umunna tries to become the British Obama.

    There are bad times just around the corner whatever the outome

    • It’s a brave, brave cunt who makes nerve agents in his bedroom. Yes, it could have been made at Porton Down, but why? The Salisbury incident makes Putin look strong and resolute to his voters ( and one or two of us, I see). Maybe it demonises Russia, as RT, Sputnik and the troll factory kindly explain to anyone cunt enough to believe them….but shit, guys, has it looked good to anyone outside it since Grozny was flattened?

      If Skripal had been a problem to us, we’d have used him, sent him back to Mother Russia, or quietly wasted him (as an absolute last resort, because offending Putin really isn’t a sensible objective in view of the lovely money his associates launder through London). We created a disaster scenario in a county town, called in the cavalry, and provoked a diplomatic catastrophe for shits and giggles? Come off it.

    • Fuck me, Steradent up the arse… Produces 02 in the bubbles, I believe !
      One belter of a fart, and The Grieve might spontaneously combust, thus lighting up London… A sort of Aurora Bore…

  14. Putin’s a Cunt.
    Trump’s a Cunt
    Merkel’s a Cunt
    Macron’s a Cunt.
    Kim Jong Un’s a Cunt.

    Never mind,we’ve got that “bloody difficult woman” Mrs. May. Those wicked Cunts’ll be quaking in their boots when Theresa lays down the law.

    • She’ll give them a jolly good telling-off and admonish them properly. Why, if they continue, she might postpone their fell-walking holiday in Wales and possibly even cancel Sunday School!

      • Dear CM,

        I know you mean that the Mights are going fell-walking in Wales, but nevertheless it amused me to think of The Group of Five that Dick listed engaging in this leisure activity together…

        • I think it’s entirely possible.

          Trump would be the map-reader but would be puffed out after five minutes and on the cell-phone for his helicopter. Merkel would take over the map, change direction unnecessarily and start telling people what to do.
          Putin would be rueing not bringing his horse and would be sans shirt after five minutes.

          Kim Jong-Un would try to force everyone to eat his Kimchi picnic under threat of tantrum and Macron would be bringing up the rear, carrying everyone’s rucksack.

  15. I sent an email to Bedfordshire Police Hate Crime Unit yesterday to ask why on their website under the sction headed ‘Gender’ they give 3 options which are, Male, Female and you guessed it ‘Other’

    I have asked them to explain what ‘other’ means and if it means I or anyone can ‘self define’ are they then duty bound to accept my self definition.

    If this is the case then i posed the following question; if I’m suspected of a crime and identified by a witness a male in his late 40’s 6ft and around 180lbs and charged on that basis if I subsequently self define as a gender fluid butterfly will the evidence against me be inadmissible?

    I also sent them a list of things that I hate, many of which are featured on the award winning site ISAC and have asked if my list makes me guilty of a hate crime.

    I await their response.

    • “I await their response”……….I await the report of the police kicking down your front door and apprehending a fascist,bigoted racist who had the temerity to question the New Order.
      Best of luck Mr. McCuntface. 🙂 .

      • Cheers Mr Fiddler. My list initially included cunts prominently featured on here but I thought it prudent to just include inanimate objects or concepts, just in case!👍

        Shame I sent it before I saw the ‘Leaf Blowers’ nom ‘cus they really are cunts.

  16. Little Timmy Farron thinks England should withdraw from the World Cup in protest. Brilliant idea Tim…..we can seize the moral high ground and avoid the usual humiliation by a bunch of Romanian donkey herders!
    Unfortunately there’s too much dosh involved. Sorry Timmy, go back to reading your bible you soppy little cunt.

  17. Russia is a country full of sick criminal cunts.
    To get to the top in Russia you need to be one nasty, fucking spiteful, ruthless cunt.
    …A real nasty peice of work.

    I’m not sure what May can really do on this. We could freeze all accounts and assetts, deport all undesirables and issue bans for their citizens and businesses.
    I’m pretty sure that GCHQ must be one of the best cyber warfare organisations in the world. They even mentioned that if we conduct cyber warfare they’ll respond, so they must be a bit worried or they wouldn’t have mentioned it.

    Although I’m not May’s biggest fan, I feel kinda sorry for her on this one. She HAS to do something, but what.

    I recon she should blame Corbyn and McDonald.
    …a little house call from the SAS … we’d all love her then.

    • Oh and as I’ve mentioned before, I dont trust anyone who’s eyes are too close together.
      Don’t know why I just don’t … for some reason it just really pisses me off.

      Putin’s eyes are too close together.
      The Cunt.

    • I don’t think we can or are prepared to do anything. Nothing we can do will hurt them, and most of the suggestions will only result in tit for tat sillyness.

      Because as someone rightly said on a BBC tv interview earlier today the west are frightened as to what Russia might do on retaliation.

  18. If the useless hunchback threatened me I’m not sure I would lose too much sleep, is putin worried as midnight approaches?? Oh fuckin please!!
    She can’t even control her own party let alone the Russian macho man!…..
    she’s a toothless Cunt!

  19. Get ready to hear a deceleration of national emergency, one that says because of the threat posed by the big bad Ruskies, that we must now join the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) and Juncker’s EU ermy. Which in turn, will naturally only be allowed to happen if we were to remain within the EU and forgo the whole Brexit process.

    I can’t see why else the weak, malleable old cunt would suddenly find a spine now, to threaten a war with Russia when she has consistently shown her inclination to bend over and accept her shafting like a good girl. Smells like bullshit and pulled strings to me.

  20. Putin: “Ah, Mizeeze May…I want you give me your cuntry…your people are tired of phoney Tory gender neutral jackboot…they cry out out for a strong, white, male, bear wrestling, heterosexual, homophobic, psychopathic cunt who will rid them of peaceful and libtard scourge that makes whoopy unhindered in your once proud nation!”

    May: “Ooh, I don’t much like the sound of that Mr Puking. But seeing as I’m a useless, soft as shite waste of space, I am of course keen to ‘negotiate’ – but be warned: a very wise man called Ken Clarke says I’m a ‘bloody difficult woman’! And besides, what could you – the leader of a tin pot third world dictatorship whose economy is even smaller than Italy or South Korea – possibly offer me, a vicar’s daughter who must be jolly clever and cunning to have got where she is today, and not a pushover at all?”

    “By the way, I do appreciate that what meagre GDP your country does produce all goes on weaponisation, making you one of the richest billionaires in the world, and constructing outsize doors for you to be filmed strutting through on the way to Stalin’s state of the art indoor thunderbox.”

    Putin: “I have nice field of wheat in Siberia, all ripe for the running in.”

    (Pukin takes a crumpled black and white picture ripped from an old encyclopaedia and shows it to May)

    “And I have booked pogroms for Libtards, Peacefuls, Poofters & Pikeys, to commence immediately following your elections in May, which with influence of Russian State I have already won by landslide.”

    May (studying crumpled picture): “Where did you say this cornfield is?”

    Putin: “Umm…luxurious seaside resort of Siberia…”

    May: “it’s a deal Mr Putrid, and as a demonstration of good faith I’ll throw in £100billion and the HS2 engine driver’s cap to boot“.

  21. Press Release HM Govt
    pp Rt Hon. Theresa May PM

    In keeping with modern times the Prime Minister has issued a strongly worded tweet aimed at Premier Putin.

    She has also robustly unfriended him on Facebook!


    Because she’s a weak cunt and it’s a pity she wasn’t so radgy about the internal “peaceful” cunts who caused murder and mayhem across the country, the 3,000 known radicals and the 23,000 (a more likely figure) suspected “peaceful” radicals.

    So instead of looking towards Russia how’s about a good old inward stare starting with the “peaceful” scum you literally allow to get away with murder!

    You weak cunt!

    No fucker I know gives a fuck about Boris offing his own traitors, so how about you doing the same with the UK based “peaceful” terrorist traitors that we DO fucking care about! Cunt!

    • I hope it wasn’t too strongly worded.

      Mean tweets and nasty Facebook comments are a hate crime.

    • Agreed RWAC ……..
      it’s a fuckin publicity stunt!!
      Weak on brexit and the peaceful traitors! Tough on the Russian bear!
      Talking about bears even yogi and boo boo would tell this flip flopping hunchback to fuck off!
      Putin must be laughing his Cossacks off…….

  22. May will go to the UN and request sanctions.

    Either that or maybe we all get vaporized at 12.01 .

    ….Oh the suspense.

    I wonder if I have time for 1 last wank before Armageddon?

    • Massive import taxes on Russian stacking dolls and furry hats, that’ll show Vlad.

        • They can have comrade Corbyn since he fucking loves the place, we don’t want anything in return. I know they love their Western ‘useful idiots’ but with Flabbott something has got lost in translation, thicker than a Russian peasants cabbage gruel.

    • Not sure whether I like the sound of being vaporised DTS.

      Mind you, it might be better than several more years under a British government, as I don’t think I can take much more.

  23. Can we just get out of the eu before our cunty government starts a war with a country that has a few more nasty toys than we have. What is the silly bitch hoping to achieve (apart from delaying Brexit and taking the heat off the peaceful ones) If the excrement hits the fan how many of our brave leaders will be manning the coastal defence pedalos and waving pointy sticks at the swarms of SU 30’s and who knows what else. I struggle to see how any person with an iota of common sense can listen to these fuckwits without vomiting, to paraphrase sir Winston “Never in the field of human existence has so much bollocks been spouted by so few to so many”. God help us.

  24. #redlivesmatter

    Couldn’t give a fuck if Putin wants to bump a few of his traitors off

    we should concentrate on getting Bliar and Campbellend locked up for bumping David Kelly off

  25. To me…as an outsider…the notion of Ms May standing up to Mr. Putin is Pythonesque. She can’t even stand up to the fucking “remoaners”.

    • The Booth clan not acting with their usual trademark probity. Who would have thunk it?

  26. well I would like to cunt the russians for sloppy hits that risk the general public of the host nation, they are showing a distinct lack of profesionalisum eroding their “profesional” status.

    Let me introduce you to UDBA, who are actualy so good that even the soviets wouldnt fuck with them, after 3 attempts on Tito’s life by the soviets marshal Tito sent a direct message to Stalin, he said “you have sent 3 men to try and kill me, If you try again I will send one man to Kill you”, subsiquently Stalin backed off.

  27. I am surprised at some of the Corbynesque, anti British, pro Russian responses here. May may be a cunt but she is the PM of a free country being treated with contempt by an evil crook.

  28. Say what you like about are useless Prime Minister but she does wear nice shoes and pearls. Also, that funny little man she drags around with her I think it’s her husband must put the fear of good in most foreign politicians.

  29. Surprise , outrage, hy-fucking-pocrisy !
    The U.K government has let all of these crooks , thieves, mobsters, lawyers etc, come into the country over the past 20 years or so, let them in with their pockets full of loot they’ve stolen from the Russian treasury. They fucking love all of that hot money once it’s been washed clean.
    Not a word of resistance, not a word of remonstrance!
    Come on in gentlemen , buy all of our high end properties and football clubs, structure everything so you don’t pay taxes anywhere.
    And then, even when you’ve stolen more than you can spend in a 100 lifetimes, try to fuck them over back in your Motherland because they’ve stopped you from thieving even more.
    I present Mr Oily Browder of “Red Notice” as a prime example, he’s mad because some other crooks tried to take back some of the BILLIONS of dollars from him that he’d amassed through dirty legal loopholes.
    Then when the Motherland tries to get some of it back or exact revenge, they act surprised .
    Any student of Russian history knows that the country thrives on backstabbing, intrigue and evening up the score.
    So why get all upset? It’s just business as usual and if you’ve ripped them off you’re going to pay the price.

  30. Theresa May has now let Trump grab her by her pussy and is now his bitch, working for American interest instead of UK. She must like it.

    That so called Russian gas attack is in fact quite simple : The CIA did it to hurt Russia. Why did they do that? Because Russia decided to trade oil & gas in other currencies than USD. Look any threat to the petrodollar has been answered by an American war (and blindly followed by its English laquais) :

    Iraq : Saddam wanted to trade oil & gas in Euros

    Libya : Khadafi wanted to trade oil & gas in other currencies than USD and wanted to create a Pan-African “Gold Dinar” (currency) backed by gold.

    Syria : Assad chose between two gas pine lines project the one that did not benefit USA

    Soon to be invaded by USA : Venezuela, for trading oil in Yuans

    And regarding China that also plan to ditch petrodollar, Trump threatens with trade war. He also tries to destabilize Asia & China by creating problems with North Korea.

    Can’t the bitch connect the dots?

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