Steph McGovern [3]

Ted Danson love child and al-BBC snowflake Steph McGovern needs a cunting.

Everyone knows al-Beeb ties itself up in knots appeasing and pandering to every hand wringing, whining “Me Me Me” minority cuntlords and now this shoe faced twat has jumped on the bandwagon.

“Posh presenters earn more than me, its not a gender issue, its partly down to class”, well boo fucking hoo. I’m of the opinion if you are good enough regardless of sex/race whatever, you get the job, anything less is just tokenistic fuckwittery and leads to a substandard service. Particularly apt the BBC cunts since they have an overload of useless wimmin, token ethnics, gays, and St Gary of Linicunt that we fucking pay for.

And coming from Middlesbrough which is regularly named in top 10 UK shitholes (apologises any cunters, not had the pleasure of visiting if you hail from here) she should lick the BBC sphincter raw since the poor mite has got a pay rise which had “just now” reached six figures.

Another cunt moaning about injustice and the unfairness of it all, wallowing in victimhood status while sucking the BBC tit.

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator

52 thoughts on “Steph McGovern [3]

  1. Just can’t take her seriously , great big geezer bird with an over the top Northern accent.
    With a body like that she should be pulling trolleys down a Cole mine, wearing clogs and living off pie and chips covered in gravy of course.

    • Are you sure that for a split second that Cheryl Cole didn’t enter your thoughts Fenton? Now that Geordie dark chocolate lover has had enough cock to put a handrail round the Titanic. I bet her clout must be as slack as throwing a kipper up market street.

  2. She’s essentially Matt Baker in drag. Both from the ‘Boro, have you ever seen them in the same room?

    Great big Desperate Dan jawed self-entitled cunt. And yes, Middlesbrough is a dire, dire shithole of a place. Essentially Dante’s tenth circle of hell, it was once – kindly – described as ‘the armpit of the UK’. It’s actually more like the swinging, over-filled colostomy bag.

    • Fuck me you think Middlesbrough is bad I was lucky enough to work in a couple of Petrochemical works on teesside one in Billingham dump and one in Haverton Hill uber dump. Apologies to any cunters that love in these areas and my experience was 20 +years ago but unless it’s changed a lot they are shitholes. But they did power a huge part of the British industrial revolution and our chemical industries for many years. So after the London cunts had ripped them off not surprisingly the areas had nothing left.
      And got no problem with Steph. The problem I have with breakfast tv is gormless Dan and simpering Louise pair of cunts together. And turning over to Itv makes my eyes bleed it’s so bright and has chief nobgobbler Piers Morgan on so that’s a no from me

    • Top comment as always.
      If she’d stop scrannin those Malmaison Cow Pies, she might not be as brassic as she makes out. I’d love to see a sit down “chin off” between her and Balding. T’northern cunt vs the treasure from the south. Those mandible enlargis’s clacking together like pre-historic beasts fighting over a Doulton pot of gravy.

    • I would give her the benefit of a damned good rogering! Up against an alley wall would be interesting!

    • Yes Cuntsville – haven’t had a few sprogs sucking the life out of them – I wager when she removes her tit sling they just stay right there – nipples as proud as chapel hat pegs. Now one who I never did like was Diane Oxberry – ex Steve Wright in the afternoon and went on to Simon the spot Mayonnaise as part of his gig. I remember a wordpress around at the time entitled What the fuck is Diane Oxberry for? She was a late starter in weather but how the makem faced cunt managed to get a job in AL BBC in the first place was a real mystery.

  3. Looks like Harry Kane in womens make up… Absolutely fucking horrendous and a total cunt….

  4. What’s the matter with you lot, I find her fairly attractive when I’m half asleep in the morning. Although Louise Minchin is a nice older woman, I reckon our Steph would put a shift in when in the the bedroom. Never had a bit of working class northern crumpet and I bet they aren’t as cunt as the ladies of in London. I bet she’d be happy with couple of glasses of wine and a bit of Nandos and then back to hers unlike some of the cunts down south. I think a northern tour is on the cards.

    • Good for you,B+WC, I’d heartily recommend a Northern tour,but,with the best will in the world, I’d cross Hartlepool off your itinerary. It’s fucking appalling.

      • It is that. It’s in the centre of the Venn diagram of criminals, vandals and druggies. You can give Gateshead a miss, too.

        • @Komodo, Thanks. Gateshead, and Hartlepool are off the list. I bet Sunderland is the place.

          • It isn’t. Durham’s ok, though, with only a marginal risk of being murdered for being a student. You’ll understand that when you see the students.

      • Thanks for the tip DF, I’ll avoid Hartlepool. So many Towns and Cities up north, I have to say I find the Geordie and Yorkshire accents on women appealing.

    • There’s a song by “Amateur Transplants” called “Northern Birds” which I recommend. I’m techno-incompetent, so you’ll have to find it yourselves.

  5. A bottle of Blue Nun or some tins of white lightning and a Mars bar in batter and your in.

  6. Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

    The UK’s Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said she would be applying to court for a warrant to search the offices of Cambridge Analytica.

    Denham has been saying this for a few days now..

    Firstly how long does it take to get a warrant if it is so obvious that Cambridge Analytica have been up to no good, and secondly why continually advertise the fact which by doing so is giving plenty of time for the destruction of any evidence.

    A bit like the food hygiene inspectors letting the restaurants know when they are coming.

  7. I can barely bring myself to watch the biased bbc news but whenever I’ve had it on this badly dressed idiotic laugh at anything horse faced Cunts been on it!
    I suspect the reason she gets paid less than other ( posh or not) presenters is that’s what her employers think she worth!!
    If she really believes she’s underpaid instead of bleating about it in public she should go and see her boss!
    And if she thinks anybody else is dumb enough to employ her for more money? FUCKIN LEAVE!!

  8. Mrs Wurzel is a northern lass and having shagged a few London ‘ladies’ before (ahem) we married, there ain’t no comparison in bed, she’s fucking brilliant, what you see is what get 😄😄😄 and no pretence !
    I suspect Steph is the same.
    As they say, definition of Yorkshire foreplay ‘ Brace Yourself lass’

    • I feel almost embarrassed to like that post Wurzel – but in the interests of good faith could you share some examples please? 😉
      Oh and if its reciprocation you are after I have no Mrs Cunt – but plenty of dirty bastards who never said no to anything 😉

  9. They’re all fucked without makeup.

    She’s fucked with it!

    As I’ve said before………..

    ……………You can’t polish a turd!

    • Just ti be a cunt but you can polish a turd the mythbusters proved it 😃

  10. Shagged a bird from Leeds once, was a real dirty bitch, but when she spoke in the dark I thought I was on top of Ena Sharples , frightful experience.

  11. Jesus Christ i thought Mira Hindley was dead . Cant watch the early bbc morning program with all the ugly bug eyed cunts they have presenting nowadays.

    It all went downhill when Sian” going to cross my legs real wide ” Williams left . Nothing nicer then a sexy well dressed milf who likes to flash her knickers to wake up too.

  12. Wonderful contortions from the good old Labour party today.
    All women shortlists. Fair enough, the Tories may have dabbled at this. But the cruncher is that self-defining women are demanding to be on those lists. And boy are they vocal and nasty to their ‘sisters’ ie real women. So any perv who fancies to get on the list can don a dress and demand inclusion. I suspect Izzard has already got a ‘safe seat’ lined up.
    Can we imagine an election where ‘Sharon’ an ex doorman is standing. The peaceful vote out the window. The working class vote out the window. The women’s vote out the window. Might work in Islington but in normal parts of the UK god help the stupid right-on, shrill bunch of weirdos.
    There is hope for sanity unless that stupid, half witted ex tory education minister – Justine Greening was it? Decides that the tories should compete in the lunacy stakes.

  13. Most of yer must be a bunch of slack-jawed faggots. Admittedly it might take a sexual tyrannosaurus like me to get the best out of Steph,but I’ve got no doubt that she’d be a vigorous and physically challenging lover,particularly if you just crept up behind her and whacked it in dry.
    Most of you Jessies wouldn’t know a real woman if she slapped you round the face with her fanny-flaps. If you’ve never done battle with a lass who looks like she could give Tyson Fury a fucking good clip,you’ve never lived. I suggest some of you try the “Bucking Bronco” sexual experience…mount her from behind,grab a hold of her tightly by the tits,lean forward and whisper “I fucked your best friend” in her ear….Yehawww …it’ll be a wild ride.
    Is she a lezza? She has the look of Clare Balding’s sexy younger sister. A good rodding from a real man would cure her of her lesbianism….that’s all it takes for most of them.

    Fuck them.

    • The magic words for a rodeo fuck are “this is how your sister likes it.” Then try and stay on for eight seconds.

  14. This coming Saturday (March 24th) in Ipswich The Suffolk EU Alliance is holdings its “Let’s Stay Together” rally march.

    In the 2016 EU referendum 58.3% of the peoples of Ipswich voted to LEAVE the EU compared to 41.7% voted to REMAIN. A very clear indication of the wishes of the Ipswich electorate.

    One of the key speakers at the forthcoming rally will be Labour MP Sandy Martin. For your information I contacted him soon after he was elected and asked him a few questions about several important issues I had regarding the town. Do you know I never even had the courtesy of a response. The former Tory MP Ben Gummer ALWAYS took the time and trouble to answer my questions, and usually in great detail.

    Anyway, so not only is our duly elected MP ignore the National 51.9% LEAVE 48.1% REMAIN vote, he is also ignoring the Ipswich 58.3% LEAVE 41.7% REMAIN VOTE.

    It may therefore interest you to know that Mr Martin IS happy seemingly more than to accept the democratic result of the 2017 general election result which saw him elected. Perhaps should mention at this point that he won by a clear majority of 831 votes (or a 1.7% margin) over Ben Gummer. A far narrower victory than either of the LEAVE votes, so perhaps should call for a second vote, or ignore his appointment altogether?

    Well, there you have it. Democracy in East Anglis at its very best.

    As for Sandy Martin- in my opinion a very rude hypocritical leftie cunt of the highest degree (who by the way also appears on the first list of LGBT holders of political offices in the UK).

  15. Stupid Steph as she’s known in my house is yet another box ticking exercise foisted on us by Al-BBCer.

    What a fucking retard she is.

    The roving reporter that brings a touch of early morning humour to our screens, fuck off, no she doesn’t.

    I once watched this remould interview a lady with cerebral palsy, like all victims of that cruel condition she struggled to finish her words/sentences.

    So what did Stupid Steph do?

    She finished them on her behalf. Possibly one of the biggest insults you could level at a sufferer.

    She’s a 24 carat cunt and the fact that she’s only 36 and has a problem with her salary that’s ‘only just gone into 6 figures’ leaves me close to speechless.

    When in the fuck did a retarded bint with a crook nose from Middlesbrough who’s job it is to be the office joker justify a 6 figure salary.

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