Commercial Radio

Commercial Radio stations are Cunts.
These dreadful excuses for entertainment have been the bane of my life, as they have been forced on me for the majority of my working years. How the fuck anyone would listen to them of their own volition is way beyond me. Be it national, or a local radio station, there is little difference. All DJs are cunts, granted, but the low hanging fruit that populate these instruments of torture are the type of cunt you would love to see when reading an obituary column.

The music they play is usually the worst pop music from the last thirty years, and they will play the same shit song, at the same time, every fucking day. If you hear a song, and you hate it instantly, say, something that one of Cowells no mark pricks has recorded, then you know that it will be going into the shit loop of dross that these wankers play. Forever.

So, that’s the music, and the presenters sorted, so it’s on to the main event. The adverts. All adverts are solid cunt, we all agree. They are usually targeted at the lowest common denominator. But with commercial radio, that bar is set a lot lower, as their target audience is the lowest of the low, in both taste and intelligence. This means that the adverts you hear on the radio are possibly in contravention of the Geneva convention, such is the torture involved in listening to them. From that fucking pound shop Jason Manford clone who fronts the plusnet ads, PPI claims scum, Tool shops (you know the ones I’m talking about), fucking local hero dot fucking com, I despise them all, with every fibre of my being. You know that the ads are for the base level of humanity, as most of them have some cunt whistling in the theme tune. So, fuck the radio, fuck the cunts who work for them, fuck the cunts who advertise on them, and fuck those who listen to them.

But most of all, fuck the cunts who make me listen to them!

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

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  1. Good cunting Gutstick. The only Commercial Radio I ever listened to was Caroline. After that, everything descended into a shit stained toilet bowl.

    Recent attempts are absolutely fucking awful. My Grandchildren listen to channels full of rap and crap. Ban the fuckers.

  2. I was going to do a separate nomination for radio Djs but I’m too fucking lazy.

    I can’t stand the 3rd rate, failed stand up comedian pricks who love the sound of their own voices and use the radio as their own personal platform to have a giggle with their mates on air, laugh at their own shite jokes and cackle like fucking hyenas. (I’m speaking of about 90% of the Djs on Absolute Radio.

    Self-aggrandising cunts.

    • As an aside, all I want is to listen to some music in the car when I drive to and from work, is that really too much to ask?

      Just introduce the song title and artist, then do the same after the song, play some sponsors, do traffic reports and some occasional emergency announcements like there is an asteroid hurtling towards us.

      Useless oxygen thieves can’t even manage that!

  3. And as Gutstick says the playlist is stuck in a massive 1980’s rut.
    Which is bad enough but they play the same songs from that period. And the songs from outside the 80’s are the same old Adele, Nobby Williams, paedo Jackson, ginger shearin or god awful breathy women or family friendly modern R&B crap.
    At work it’s Radio 2 crap but fairly listenable once Evans fucks off until Vine comes on. Then to save the radio from damage we turn to a local station SAM FM. Not bad station no DJ’s after the breakfast show till the drive time. And a very varied playlist. Well unless you listen every day then it repeats ALL the same songs in a different order. But they do throw in absolute classic songs which does keep you engaged. But on the whole commercial radio stations are CUNTS.

  4. Spot fucking on. The constant ads use brand awareness tactics that border on brainwashing.

    My car radio needs unlocked after changing the battery. I say “needs”, it’s been 6 months of bliss, fucked if I’m doing it incase I have a moment of weakness in heavy traffic, because if there’s a screwdriver, pencil or any long, thin and sharp object slightly closer than the OFF button, I’m going perforate both ear drums to ease my suffering…..

    That makes you deaf, right?

  5. Apparently there are still some people who don’t want to apply for an Ocean credit card!

  6. Oh I don’t know, I always like listening to the 3 records that Smooth Radio is playing that day.

    Commercial radio is a cunt.

    Local commercial radio is a bigger cunt.

    Local ABBC radio is the biggest cunt of them all! Where the only things on the agenda are Brexit Hating and Diversity (especially “peaceful” diversity) Lovin-ins.

    Speaking of “Diversity” there’s actually a radio station in Lutonistan called “Diverse Radio”. You’ll be surprised to learn that Tommy Robinson does not present on that station!

    Call to prayer anyone?

  7. what a fine cunting this is, our local shite merchant is Eagle Radio, their play list seems to be garnered from the Oxfam shop (normally 80’s or 90’s compelations)
    that they play in a loop punctuated with fucking anoying adverts that all have the same tune just different lyrics.
    To add to the torture the play list is open to the public, I can only assume that the public in this case are stay at home Jeremy Kyle wanna bee’s who vote for sometimes quite decent songs but then do them to death by over playing them.

  8. I repair and restore a lot of vintage radios and while they are lovely pieces of kit I do wonder, when test running them, what the fuck their owners find to listen to.
    Biased news, repetetive oldies (and not the really good stuff) and constant pro-Corbyn anti-Brexit hand-wringing snowflake propaganda.
    And as for fucking Talksport (Talkshit?), would you believe that they even managed to slip in something about Donald bloody Trump into a report on FIFA. Apparently all of the corruption in that august body can be traced back to Trump tower.
    Err. Yeah. Right.

    • Ahhh, vintage radios … I’ve got to confess I did get caught out with that once … I went to buy a Morris Minor .. advertised as a 16 valve. Little did I know .. 8 were in the engine, and 8 were in the fucking radio ..

  9. This is my kinda cunting.
    Have hated DJs ever since I first heard that pathetic wretch Blackburn. Used listen to local radio years ago but havent done for some time. The wife has Lincs FM (don’t ask) on in her car and it meets all the criteria listed above in the 15 seconds before I turn it off.
    Surely YewTree should have mopped up the DJs?.

    • Tony Blackburn….what a cunt. I remember the days when someone said of his show. ..” the incessant inane babble of an idiot, rudely interrupted by the occasional record” Cunt

  10. Frankly I find it astonishing that people still listen to the wireless. Have you not heard of t’internet? Free music streaming services are the answer to your prayers.

    • I listen to Kerrang radio. Mostly rock and metal but without the infuriating ‘personality’ DJ’s.

    • Spot on Skid. I not only stream but I…hate to admit…that I use CuntTube as well.

      My sister and I often browse CuntTube for music then Chromecast it on our TVs.. It’s friggin’ awesome! We find all kinds of old live performances and music you never see or hear any more.

      One of the most bizarre and awesome ones I found was The Yardbirds…from the 60’s…live on French TV…with Jimmy Page…on his decal covered Fender Telecaster…playing “Train Kept a Rollin”.

      🎼 🎸 🎶

      • I’m afraid I use cuntube too, it is installed on my TV though mostly I use my phone or laptop to download the content in as low resolution as possible as I only get 50Gb per month. Though mostly I just watch stuff from the likes of Pat Condell, Tommy Robinson, Sargon of Akhad, Jordan Peterson and any one else who speaks sense in a senseless world.

        • Jordan Peterson is THE Man! You might consider Joe Rogan also. Peterson is on his show a lot. And Rogan covers a wide range of topics. I don’t always agree with him but I respect his thought process and where he’s coming from.

          • Yea rogan’s good. Enjoy Crowder, red pill Phil, Alex Jones can be ok … he gave Tommy Robinson 20 grand the other day.
            Gavin McInnes is the fucking KING.

            Tommy, sargon and Peterson are great.
            Tommy’s been a busy boy lately … He’s been smashing the videos out and they’re all great. The rome one where he drops that migrant is fuckin superb.

          • Yeah, I know Joe Rogan but his videos tend to be a bit long. Also like Sam Harris, Dave Rubin, Paul Joseph Watson, Lauren Sothern, Rebel Media and Milo Yiannopoulos although he has turned a bit cunty of late. The Iconoclast makes great videos then there is our own Dave Vance not to mention Black Pigeon Speaks. Maybe one you have not heard of is Anni Cyrus, she is an ex-peaceful who was sold by her father to some n0nce cunt back in Iran but she managed to escape. There is just so much great stuff on Cuntube I have given up watching TV almost completely and I totally can’t be bothered with TV news, utter fucking garbage.

          • Listen to the excellent Black Pigeon on cuntube. Him and Pat Condell are amazing.

  11. Commercial radio stations are the refuge for the musically ignorant!! There’s the odd decent show but it’s shoehorned in between the inane banter of the presenters playing pop pifel and laughing at their own jokes!
    Add in the dam busting deluge of adverts its something to avoid at all costs….
    For you cunters old enough to remember smashie and nicey from Harry Enfield show just about sums it up….
    “ A bee bar bar bar bar bar bar bar” Cunts!!

    • Smashie and Nicey didn’t even scratch the surface of what inane, babbling cunts DJs are.

      • I particularly hated ginger Evans and mouthy cunt moyles!!
        Endless droning on about their big nights out!! “You should have seen us blah blah , dan ended up in a ditch and john caught the wrong train home and ended up in wales “ que mass laughing of all sycophants in the studio! Fuckin self publicists one and all….

  12. Living in Australia, I sometimes listen to Absolute in the day because it’s the night shift in the UK. More records, less banal shite. Turn it off about 4pm because that’s when that twat who presents the breakfast show comes on. Now there’s a cunt who likes the sound of his own voice. Can’t remember his name.

    Find a station in Hawaii to listen to – dead of night and the twat DJ just plays records.

    I said “records” twice in that post. I’m an old cunt. And pissed.

    • So I’m not the only one who hates the cunts on Absolute Radio then. The 90’s songs they play are hit and miss. They play a lot of Pulp, Manic Street Preachers and Travis….. All of whom I thought were shite back in the 90’s. The occasional song by the Charlatans, Stone Roses and Garbage balance it out nicely though.

    • Nothing wrong with the good old record, still the best way to reproduce music in the comfort of your own home. Neil Young can remember to shove his high bit rate digital recordings straight up his fucking jacksie.

  13. Great nomination and comments thereafter – it begs the question, why the fuck is popular culture and radio so utterly fucking fixated on the 80s? As said above, music has been an endless rut of 80s repeats, pastiches and tribute acts, in what seems to me to have been for most of the 2000s. I remember nights out in 2003/2004/2005 and all the tarts were dressed in 80s gear; shit Spandau Duran staples given even shitter homages and this retro, hipster onset of 80s fucking glorification. And now they are at bucket-kicking age, every time an 80s era musician carks it, we get flooded with their canon (often shit), all over again.

    It really wasn’t that great a decade. The few memories I have of that era were almost entirely grey concrete, skinheads in dole queues and the odd frilly-shirted fairy prancing the high street.

    Radio I suppose has so little fucking genuine talent to choose from these days, that it plunders from the most recent era with music margnally less shite than the incumbents. I can’t actually remember the last time I played a radio station of my own volition. Cunts.

    • @The Empire

      I really don’t mind the retro 80’s craze. I was around back then but due to the long term effects of drug and alcohol abuse I can’t remember what it was like. 😱 😝. (Which I think was kind of your point. 🤔)

      Actually, it’s the same here in the states and I fucking hate it. But I think there’s a kind of cyclical nature to it. I remember…way back in the day…50’s music was all the retro craze. Then the 60’s…the 70’s and now the 80’s.

      But more to the point…radio station ownership here in the states has…like all other forms of media…been consolidated into a few hands. These are the same people…like Soros…like Murdoch…who want to control us…the great unwashed masses…and what we see, hear and therefore, think.

      It’s absolutely typical of totalitarian regimes…the Nazis…the Communist Russians…the Communist Chinese…get everyone on the same page. Have them listen to the same inane bullshit…lull them into a routine and keep them from thinking.

      “Hey! It’s Johnny Asswipe here at Numbnut Radio and that was the Eurythmics. Speaking of Euro…it’s official…we’re back in the EU! Now here’s the latest from The Flaming Fuckwads!”

      Uniformity and conformity are the keys to control.

      • That is why marxism, and it’s slightly watered down version, socialism is so profoundly anti human. It seeks to pigeon hole people into arbitrary groups based on the notion that every body is either oppressed or else an oppressor. It doesn’t allow any individuality, every one must conform for the good of the group and anyone who wont conform is dealt with.

        The irony is if you continue to break down the population by groups and then add intersectionality you eventually end up with ever smaller groups and end up with the individual. That is why classical liberalism will always win out over marxism ( or any of it’s derivatives ) because at the heart of liberalism is the individual and at the heart of marxism is the group.

        • Well said Skid!

          This thread has suddenly taken a turn towards the sinister…

          …don’t you know…it’s all about control…’bout control…no thinking.

          It’s all about control…’bout control…no thinking…


      • General, it was you Yanks who started all this commercial radio with it’s fuckwitted ‘personalities’ and shock Jocks. You have a lot to answer for.
        I am minded to recall our gunboat from St Petersburg and send it to Florida in retaliation.

        • We are an innovative lot…aren’t we? 🇺🇸. And whatever we do, monkeys the world over imitate us.

          🤔 😛

  14. On the commercial radio station that I had on this morning, Heart Fm,they had a competition winner. The competition involved a mother smashing up the homemade gifts and cards that her children had given her on Mother’s Day.
    This made for great radio as I was free to imagine what the woman looked like,judged on her screams of “Eeeee, Ahn’t ah arrfull” as she set about her task,aided by some presenter who was obviously demented and hysterical. All to win a free spa day!
    I pictured her as an obese,pan-faced,straddle-legged,greasy,benefit and spunk sponge waddling along with her brood of inbred,special-needs brats on her merry way to spoil any other customer of the Spa’s day. I bet that I wasn’t far wrong.

    Fuck them.

    • A sort of Waynetta Slob figure, Mr F? “Waaayne, I wanna braaaaaahn baybee!”

      • She sounded like a down-market Katie Price,Mr C.E.,and I could almost hear the word “Cunt” in the background. I wonder if it was her,and she’ll take Harvey along to clean the steam from the sauna windows on her spa day? It’s to be hoped that she keeps him on a tight leash.

    • Consider…

      If your children don’t belong to you…but they do belong to the state…you must first be alienated from them to give up your control of them.

      Smash the gifts they made for you and it will alienate you from them…hurt their pride…make them feel bad and therefore, alienate them from you. And…we’ll give you something meaningless but self gratifying as a reward.

      And it’s all such good fun!

      What a bunch of little brats. Imagine…making a gift for your Mom. They should have been aborted. 👹

    • It’s amazing what the proletariat will do for a meagre prize!! Fucking sheep…..
      apparently on next weeks southern FM it’s PUT A PILLOW OVER GRANDMAS FACE!!
      Callers who have murdered their grandparent can win an all expenses paid holiday to Devon…… yeh those Cunts 😎😎

  15. Well cunted gutstick.

    Commercial radio is a cunt.

    Dj’s are the worst … so fucking chirpy.
    Happy people really piss me off, especially first thing in the morning. And ESPECIALLY if I’m stuck in a traffic jam with some cunt going .. “yea. Woohoo. Woooooo great! Yea! Haha hahahahaha… awesome” FUCK OFFFFFFFF! CCCUUUUUNNNNTTT!

    Now I just listen to Nick Ferrari in the morning but I have to remember to change the channel before I arrive, coz if I get back in the van when James o’cuntface is on, I end up listening to his cuntitude out of sheer disbelief at his twattedness and end up with steam coming out of ever orifice.

    • Much like professional wrestlers and their made-up feuds, I have it on good authority that Nick Ferrari and James O’Cunt snog furiously in a broom closet at the LBC studio.

        • …whilst Nigel Farage peeps through a spy hole and tugs his patriotic todger with great gusto.

          • That’s a fucking lie ! I know for a fact that, when Katie Hopkins was there, Sir Nigel had his tongue parked permanently in her money slot.
            Sir Nigel a poof? No fucking way.

          • I take my hat off to you,Mr.Cunt-Engine. I like to think that I’m pretty fearless in my exposure of the “fruity” gentlemen,but to come on to this site and suggest that Sir Nigel is a crafty butcher (likes his meat delivered through the back door) is as fearless an act as Mr Corbyn 69ing the fragrant Dianne.
            Expect a bunch of white,middle-aged,foul-mouthed,slightly out of breath Cunters to gather outside your door ready to administer some tough justice. You may be able to distract them by telling them that a Parking Stanley traffic warden is ticketing their charabanc… the way, I’ll be the one at the back shouting “Bring back hanging”.

          • I make you right Mr. Fiddler. This iconoclastic cunt is cruising for a bruising.
            Count me in!

          • There’ll be no need to shout “bring back hanging”, Mr F…because when the ISAC mob descends upon my dwelling, I’ll appear at my door being eroto-asphyxiated by Polly Toynbee administering a commie-red bondage scarf whilst Emily Thornberry smacks my red raw botty with a two year old copy of The Guardian as my double-agent Judas activities on ISAC are exposed. At this point, 4 dozen ANTIFA freedom fighters will appear and beat you all to fuck.

  16. Is it just me who thinks silence is the better option these days?. Turn on the radio and pure cunt comes forth. If you turn on the tv it’s full of cunt, and not the good kind. Just look at the stuff on tv; it requires the intellect of a 3 year old to understand. Its all celebcunts and dross reality tv. It’s got so bad I can’t even find films worth watching anymore. You know the same old white straight men are week cunts ect, peacefulls and those of a darker skin are good. Oh and don’t get me going on wimmins in films, kicking arse like an SAS man on acid. Are we really meant to believe that one average build woman is going to take on 20 brick shit house Russian heavies and come of in one piece? Fuck me…. ahhh I feel better now, for probably 10 minutes.

    • Listened to the extended QT on the radio last night.

      One girl (clearly severely challenged in the brains department) said the reason she voted remain was because of the vip peacefuls receiving mysterious packages in the post recently.

      Really. Think about it dear.

      Firstly, the referendum vote was in 2016, many, many months before they received the items, and secondly, what the fuck does it have to do with Brexit and voting to remain in the EU?

      And the Remainers have the ordacity to say Leavers are the uneducated ones!

      • World at One, today. Some labour cunt defending Jeremy’s stance on Russia and the hypocrisy of agreeing with diplomatic expulsions when doubting guilt.
        ‘Jeremy has always been on the side of history’

        Oh yes. Hamas, IRA, Venezuela, Cuba, Soviet Union, anti Semitism. He got all those right didn’t he?

        • Unfortunately it’s all a plot to elect Labour at the next GE. May, Johnson, etc all say had to be Russians. Putin says show me proof. None forthcoming. In a few weeks maybe months evidence will emerge it was us or the septics who did it cos of Skripals involvement in the Anti Trump anti Russia pro Clinton bollocks.
          Election called Corbyn seems such a sensible man. Gets a landslide. No Brexit. Job Done.
          Hope I’m wrong but wouldn’t put anything past the weasly scum cunts in charge.

      • The amount of shit I have had for voting to leave. My sister is a teacher and full of bolocks, for instance she’s worried about funding! Well I’m more worried about my two nieces getting attacked by peacefulls. It’s the brain washed teachers spreading the Marxist bull onto the next generation. I can only look on and weep, is have tried but you can’t win an argument with an idiot.

        • The only reason you can’t win an argument with Remoaners CC is because, to a man, they aren’t interested in listening.

          In the hierarchy of morals and intellect they believe they sit at the top of the pyramid and EVERYONE else is below them.

          Remoaners, Snowflakes, mealy mouthed hand wringing liberals they are all the bastard same. It’s interesting that apart from a few utterly self serving cunts from the business or finance world say for instance that cunt Soros, there’s a general consensus that Brexit presents more opportunities than it does threats.

          I find it amusing that those who work in the Public Sector especially teachers or lecturers believe they are in a position to lecture people who create profit for a living that Brexit will bring about the end of the World.

          Remoaning cunts have a tendency to make sweeping statements that have little or no foundation.

          Being an argumentative cunt I love taking on these cunts and I’ve enjoyed many a confrontation.

          As I say, you can never really win an argument with them as they don’t want to listen but you can shut them down and stop them in their tracks by simply asking them to quantify their claims, I guarantee you they will stutter away and try to move away from the point and then as if by magic they will ask you to justify the claim that £350m a week would go to the NHS.

          That’s an easy one to defend, firstly it’s you that’s asking the questions but if you feel the need to defend it Brexit hasn’t happened yet so who knows, however what we do know is every single claim made by Vote Remain has turned out to be completely wrong.

          End of!

          • It’s a wonder Remain didn’t win with a majority of 99.9%+ when you consider the amount of pro Fourth Reich propaganda libtard teachers have been brainwashing our kids with over the past 50 years. Useless cunts.

      • Absolutely true WS
        Where I live it was unfortunately 65% remain , since the referendum I’ve had many a lively debate on the subject, when I’ve ask these supposedly intellectually superior remainers how they could ever support the removal of the democratically elected Italian government by an EU banking troika ? Or the complete subjugation of the worlds oldest democracy, that’s been driven into a lifetime of debt and austerity? I’ve been met by blank stares!! Why? Because they knew nothing about it!, far more interested in their free EU roaming, single market and customs union than a bunch of unelected foreign nonentitys destroying national sovereignty and democracy across Europe!!! Thick Cunts 😡

  17. Piccadilly Radio 261 in Manchester was the best independent radio station in Britain…. From its start in 1974 to around 20 years later it was untouchable…. Some great DJs who really knew their shit: Mike Sweeney, Roger Day, Tony ‘The Greek’ Michaledes, Dave Ward, Joe Fish, the late Tim Grundy and more…. I still have my taped on the night Joy Division sessions for 261…However, some suited up cunt decided to form a ‘trendier’ ‘sister’ station called Key 103 in 1988… And while both thrived for a while (and the so-called ‘Madchester’ scene helped) Key became the favoured one and 261 was starved of money and became the oldies station Magic 1152… Eventually it became the type of Celine Dion and annoying adverts on a loop station that we all know and hate, and that’s a crying shame because it really was the best… Key 103 still exists, with endless shit like Kunty Perry, Adele Arbuckle, and Ed the Ginger Gargoyle, and Evansesque cunts like Justin Moorehouse as (for want of a better word) DJs….

    The Piccadilly football phone-in on a Saturday evening was great…. Then United and City managers, Tommy Docherty and Malcolm Allison, were regulars and they came on and spoke with real supporters, even after a defeat (or in Doc’s case a relegation in 74)…. No Mourinho sulking from those two… Proper Mancunians: reds and blues loved the phone-in, and not a 606/Talksport out of town or foreign post-Premier League tosspot in site… Great days…

    • I decided to see if was just me being a miserable cunt, so i had a look at the top 40.. sweet fucking Jesus every song sounds the same. As if they take a set of parameters and bang it into a computer (They do). You don’t even need to be able to sing, autotune the he’ll out of it who cares. People are such sheep these days no one really notices. It’s hardly surprising given the brainwashing that goes on in schools and tv.

    • Used to listen to Piccadilly back in the 80s. Sweeney was good, an irritating woman from some one hit girl group not so good. (Suzie Mathis?) And wasn’t that unspeakable cunt Timmy Mallet on it? Mixed bag but better than radio 1. Plus they played Blue Monday regularly.

      • Mathis was awful, but she soon pissed off to the BBC Radio Manchester lot on Oxford Road… Both Mallet and Evans began at 261, so it wasn’t all great… Sweeney is still going and his knowledge of 60s music is second to none… Rebecca Want was a better female 261 DJ and James .H. Reeve was good on his nightly phone-in…

        • Went to see Sweeney in Salford once. Cant remember the group’s name but they were a decent band. And ‘Gina I gotta Cortina, a mark 2 cortina’ was a good piss take.

    • Norman I feel your pain when ILR started properly in the UK there were a few good ones around. I worked all over the UK and noticed the better ones soon and had them on the van radio ASAP good varieties of music and DJs who knew music and talked normally not in some faux Atlantic accent. But they all gradually changed and became homogenised bland shite. Especially the breakfast show cunts who all sound the same have stupid fucking “crews” around them giggling like morons. I’d listen to Planet Rock or Kerrang in my car but DAB radio is a cunt.

  18. Why does BBC have Nick Griffin doing the sign language for the deaf on some of their news programmes?

  19. Wonder when we can expect Mrs May to start chucking out a few of the Peaceful preachers responsible for bombings and stabbings of British civilians? She’s certainly acting a lot tougher with the Russian diplomats than she’s ever managed with the hate preachers. It’s to be hoped the diplomats are easier removed than she managed with Abu Hamza.

    • Yes but you missed the point… Russians are fair game, they are white. A bit like the South African farmers we so happily ignore, and people in our own country who served in the armed forces and are homeless. The crime you ask? To white. No meal and house for you corporal, sorry a peaceful needs it to make ied’s

  20. I see the child refugee bomber has claimed that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone he was just “bored”.
    Fuck me, you can tell he’s been to a British school.

  21. Asylum seeker found guilty. Boy immigrant, placed in foster care. Educated, clothed and fed so he builds a bomb and only luck prevented an terrible tragedy.
    Questions asked on so called BBC about counter terror police etc. Nothing said about why the fucker would do this or the wisdom of allowing peacefuls in in the first place.
    However, counter terror police are busy investigating who sent nasty letters to peacefuls. Not as if they have any other priorities in Bradford, Leeds, Dewsbury or any other shithole in Allah’s own county.

    • Not forgetting Telford, Rochdale, Rotherham, Luton etc….
      Peaceful, my arse! They always have been – and never not will be- human fucking filth….

  22. I always think of Our Brexit negotiating team whenever I see this clip.

    Enterprise crew continually lied to by those in authority on the planet Brussels and when a diplomat overrules Scottie who is in charge, when arriving on the planet thinking he can negotiate is surprised when he is sentenced to immediate death.

    After our boys try to tell them what will happen if they do not change their ways threaten to destroy the strange goings on on planet Brussels the those on power on the planet predict doom and gloom for everyone.

    Great stuff

    • I always think about the Harvey clip posted above when I see our Brexit negotiating team meeting the EU team…

  23. With all these old comedians dropping dead, Labour loving cunts should be praying for Jeremy Corbyn …

  24. I started listening to radio at home more when I received a DAB radio which allowed me to hear stations interference free. I experimented first with different stations like the Absolutes etc but the novelty wore off with all the adverts and repeats.

    Since waiting & going through surgery, I started listening to LBC instead while laid up in bed away from her indoors and the TV. Can be educational now and then but a real piss boiler with the ads and J O’B type cunts.

  25. Well said Gutstick. We have a local Radio station that serves Hove and Brighton , I have to endure this torture every day at work. They have about 8 records that they play on a loop. And the chav cunts that listen to this bile don’t even notice. It truly is music for people that don’t like music.

  26. Boooom👊 Great cunting.

    Commercial Radio stations were once a place where you could listen to off the wall music and controversial presenters.

    Not any more. Most national stations are owned either by Global Media or Bauer.

    They make their money by homogenising their output, you can switch from channel to channel throughout the day and it’s like you’ve been listening on a loop.

    The station owners do deals with the management companies that own the rights to various artists material and licence them on block. It keeps their costs down and profits up.

    Every now and then a slightly controversial character emerges and gains more than a cult following, the stations owners get caught between the devil and the deep blue sea because no commercial entity in their right mind wants rid of a profit centre but the minute they step over the line they’re fucked.

    This happened to Jon Gaunt who used to present on Talk Radio. He ‘mis spoke’ and called some cunt a Nazi when he meant to call him a Health Nazi, he quickly corrected himself but the damage was done.

    The corporate cunts were scared shitless that their corporate image would be damaged and promptly sacked him.


    Whilst on the subject, cunts that phone in to these stations require a special cunting. I spend quite a bit of time traveling and indulge in the odd spot of masochism.

    What I’ve found deeply offensive this last week is listening to cunts who’ve taken the trouble to call in and state they believe the British Security Services are responsible for poisoning the former Russian spy.

    How many types of cunt have you got to be to believe that but then go to the trouble of calling a national radio station to make your point.

  27. I do like listening to LBC but of course the ads could send you bonkers but I have now got the muting down to fine art.i mute when they come on.then when I think the fuckers are over I unmute, get it spot on nearly every time ! Ob viously easier to do if listening through your TV.
    On another matter anyone see ‘four days before that shook Britain’ last night ? I posted on SPivey recommending that knob should watch it since the numbskull says none of it actually happened. Tried to get on there today. ‘ access denied ‘ lol.

  28. I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for joining in whole heartedly is this cunting. For years I thought I was suffered alone, slowly losing my fucking marbles subjected to this daily dose of dross. I shall find comfort and strength knowing that I am in such esteemed company. Cheers!

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