Simon Marks

The LBC Washington Correspondent Simon Marks is a Uranium enriched biased cunt that is massively overdue a cunting.

During the American election campaign this totally unbiased liberal piece of shit would report in on daily basis to the O’Shithead show for a spot of self congratulatory denegration of Trump and his campaign, he’d often find himself speechless at the latest Trump rant commenting ‘well if Trump felt he’d not alienated enough voters he certainly has now’.

Marks would go on….. the safe money is on Clinton, Trump is a liability who’s insulted his way through the Primaries but there’s not a single commentator that believes he could ever win the Presidency….

Oh dear….. looks like you’re wrong Simon. So what’s a cunt like Simon do next? Well in an attempt to prove himself right he spends the next year filing completely biased reports to a biased audience that will give them air time, bring on o’Shithead.

A cursory glance of this cunts website confirms my suspicion that the last thing in the world the cunt is is objective.

That said Simon gives a good account of himself, clearly his resume is written by himself and as such he pays no attention to his achievements, such as being President and Chief Correspondent for. FSN the ‘worlds leading independent broadcast news agency’ which is owned and operated by….. Simon Marks. Fuck me you couldn’t make it up.

Nominated by Cunty McCuntface.

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  1. Is a pre-Raphaelite painting of nude nymphs in a pond tempting a man to his doom fit for display in the MeToo/Time’s Up era? This is the question being posed by Manchester Art Gallery, which has courted controversy by removing John William Waterhouse’s Hylas and the Nymphs from its walls….

    Mind boggles! World gone mad! Women are the new Nazi Party! Me Too? Sieg Fucking Heil, more like… The person (woman, naturally) who is behind this is a fucking fascist and a total cunt…

    • Fuck me pre Raphaelite paintings are real art an attempt to get back to painting and general art which was around 400 years previously.
      The fascist feminists will be going for Rubens, Caravaggio and any other classics that show women to be beautiful and sexy and want them taken down.
      Well I’ll keep my Bernini sculptures, and my Rubens paintings depicting curvy women not done asexual stick insect

  2. Simon “no” Marks has often been asked to defend/qualify his statements (i.e. attacks) with regards to the Trump campaign – and now internment – by the likes of Fox and he always refuses their invites.

    Funnily enough the cunt is always available to piss on the President when asked by a neo-liberal (fascist) shill from LBC or the AL-BBC.

    Another waste of oxygen still “ass-hurt” that him and his cunt cronies got it so wrong in 2016.

    Well Simon “no” Marks, let me tell you why you – and neo-liberal (fascist) cunts like you – got it so wrong: the reason is that you exist purely in the FaceCunt TwatterVerse of your – and your kind’s – making which is totally and utterly out of touch with ordinary people.

    But rather than accept that you’re a group-think cunt, you’d rather procrastinate your position and only discuss that position with other neo-liberals (fascists) who also refuse to accept reality and the possibility – pray heaven – that you could be wrong!

    That’s because you’re a cunt Simon.

    • Smartest most concise rhetoric I have read today Rebel, makes me proud to offer the odd morsel of opinion surrounded by such eloquent cunters as yourself. “I lived in the time of one of the greatest cunters of all time” – apologies to the movie “Troy” 😉

  3. Never heard of him. But, looks like cunt, sounds like a cunt so probably is a cunt.

  4. Brexit scare, day 4ish.
    This from the so called BBC website
    ‘Research shows that immediately after the Brexit referendum recruitment to Cornish farms became more difficult and staffing requirements were at 65% of need.’

    Fact 1. Nothing has changed re EU labour since June 2016 so what research is this? Was Cornwall ever reliant on seasonal agri workers like the fruit and veg industries elsewhere?
    Fact 2. We have imported seasonal workers for decades. Why would this have to change? It is beyond the possibilities to use the previous system I suppose.
    Brexit, we’re all doomed. Fucking doomed.

    • Fucking cunts cuntstubble

      Number 3 . I’m watching a union rep from nhs claiming low nurse numbers are in part due to the brexit vote. She’s used the word 3 times already. No mention of the fact that the numbers have been declining steadily for 10 fucking years or so before that fucking referendum was ever mentioned

      Oh and when did we start throwing the letter g into brexit
      It’s brexit you cunts not bregzit

  5. Slightly off topic, I’ve just read in the ST Business section that Sir Richard Branson of Tax Dodge Island UK businesses receive 80% of their income from public subsidies.

    It goes on to say ‘Virgin Care made a profit of £8m in the year to March 2017. It’s accounts published on December 28th show a liability for corporation tax of £1.6m. Across the web of companies that make up the Virgin Care Group admin expenses of £31m were set against profits reducing tax liabilities to nil. On their website they claim they have always paid their UK taxes in full and will continue to do so.

    In fact it has never paid any UK tax because it says it has never made a profit.

    Apparently Virgin declined to respond to detailed questions about what the admin expenses were, though it said they were less than in the NHS.

    And there’s little old me getting wound up about the hypocracy of it all….

    Im not 100% sure they can say that without detailed insider knowledge of NHS costs but i’ll sleep so much better tonight knowing that I’m paying into the system and that bearded billionaire bastard isn’t and that his companies are being run on a charitable ‘not for profit’ basis.

    • I saved a report some time ago, trashed when my last PC crashed sadly – and have been unable to find it again but surprisingly it was written by the Gnardiu when it was a fairish kind of rag. It stated that old bearded grumblecunt – he of the private island – had the most complicated tax returns ever submitted to the Inland revenue. He sat on no boards and owned less than 10% of his “brands”. He prostitutes the label and gathers royalties owning little or nothing, surrounding himself with some of the cleverest brains paid megabucks to invest / procure / hide his ill gotten gains.
      I had the (I would love to say privilege but it wasn’t) dubious honour of meeting him at Virgin HQ in Crawley doing the “wings” night for the newly qualified trolly dollies of the sky and he was a miserable scruffy cunt who wondered round with a pair of creased pants, a jacket with patches on the elbows (like an old art teacher from an OU programme of the 70’s) and a filthy pair of corduroy shoes, eating a plateful of scran some minion had commandeered for him. His head honcho down at Virgin Airlines remarked he attends meetings (on one of his free 90 days in the UK as a non dom) and has never had a valid point or an interesting question to ask. Much like his few appearances on QT. A total cunt dressed like a cunt talking like a cunt, albeit a rich cunt. Why is it we knight these cunts and their cuntishness increases in multiples? Harry Webb, Reg Dwight, Mick Jaggercunt, Connerycunt, Dysoncunt – who all desert and live in tax havens. If you withdraw from blighty as a knight of the realm purely to fuck the country of your fair dues in tax your knighthood should be rescinded. Utter cunts.

    • Private Eye has fun comparing Virgin Care to Carillon this week. Also sell Kier Group… looks like their accountants have gone selectively blind too. PFI comes home to roost.

  6. Branson started his career in business specialising in tax evasion so I guess it’s no surprise that over the last 50 years he’s been able to refine it to such a level that he’s able to suck on the teet of the UK tax payer whilst not paying a single penny into the system and still be seen as some harmless cuddly nice guy that’s driven by fairness, ethics and a sense of adventure.

  7. Must admit that I’d never heard of this Fucker until I read this However, ignorance of a subject has never stopped me from having an immovable opinion based on absolutely nothing.
    Therefore, Simon Marks is a complete and utter Cunt.

  8. HMRC need the monster of all cuntings for allowing all the cunts from the lowest “black economy” tax avoider to the tip of the Avoidance mountain Branson to get away with it.
    But all the time there are cunts around there will be selfish cunts who don’t want to play fair.

    • In defence of HMRC, I’d just like to point out that dealing with evasion and avoidance is not quite as easy as you might think…

  9. I’d like to nominate IRA murdering filth John Downey for a cunting, and the terrorist appeasing fuckwits at the Legal Aid Agency. At this moment in time I can’t decide who is worse.

    Downey was responsible for the 1982 Hyde Park bombing that killed 11 military personnel and injured countless others. Naturally it fell upon the circus of clowns that is our beloved police service to botch the investigation. The trial against Downey collapsed because the police ‘forgot’ that they had sent him a letter promising him immunity from prosecution, as part of Tony Blair’s hug-a-murdering-paddy campaign in the 1999, aka the Good Friday Agreement.

    So when the victims’ families decide to sue this poisonous leprechaun in civil court, the legal aid agency refuse to grant the necessary funds to do so on the grounds that “it would not be in the public interest.” Despite the fact the LAA had already given Downey £50,000 to fight a criminal trial that never happened. Not forgetting the £22 million that the LAA have paid out to jihadis and other assorted terrorists to help defend themselves over the years, meanwhile telling the victims families to put up or shut up.

    The victims’ families appealed against the LAA’s decision no fewer than 6 times. Each time the LAA coming up with a new set of excuses as to why they should all fuck off, ranging from: “it wouldn’t be fair on Downey” to “he’s got too strong a case for you to beat him.” Naturally, the only language these government apparatchiks understand is newspaper headlines, and it wasn’t until the families took their cause to the press the LAA did a massive volte-face, cranked up the damage limitation engine and then accepted the application. Of course the LAA corporate press release made no mention of why they had refused the application 6 times before and now, and only now, they had accepted it.

    What the families expect to rinse out of this mass murdering, psychopath in civil court I can’t imagine. The guy doesn’t look like he’d fetch five pence at auction. Besides which they’d probably find he’s already in debt to his own moral bankruptcy to the tune of about ten billion pound.

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