The NHS (2)

The NHS is a cunt because…

Every fucking year the saintly institution goes into crisis and every year we have to endure all manner of cunts telling us they must have more money. Not really surprising as the NHS is a socialist institution and the only thing socialists like more than spending other peoples’ money is the mass slaughter of anyone who disagrees with them.

They always tell us the NHS is the envy of the world. Is it fuck! Is that why the NHS is unique in all the world? The world envies the NHS so much that precisely fuck all other countries fund their health services the same way.

The NHS acts as a magnet for free loading cunts from around the world. And I’m not just talking about cunts from 3rd world shit holes either. Americunts fly to UK to get aids drugs off the nash for free as the flight over here is cheaper than buying the drugs back in US. I wonder how many cunts would be in Calais trying to break into UK if we didn’t have a NHS?

The NHS is a ponzi scheme. It is like one of those pyramid selling scams, it always relies on more people going in at the bottom to cater for the few at the top. It will eventually collapse as it cannot sustain itself.

The NHS fucks up quite regularly. They pay out millions each year in out of court settlements in compensation for their own incompetence and negligence.

The NHS is very expensive. Back in the bad old days when I paid tax I would pay many £1000s in NI plus my employers would pay even more on my account. I now pay less than €1000 per year for private health insurance and have access to health facilities world wide.

Those are just a few of the reasons the NHS is a cunt. I have every faith my fellow cunters will come up with more.

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  1. Excellent cunting.

    One day it will be gone, and we have to take responsibility for our own health. Who knew that such a world could exist.

    Until that inevitable time, it will suck more and more money until people realise that people have to take responsibility for their own health.

    Until people take full responsibility for their own health, by paying for medical care with money, care which is operated outside of the state’s control, which can be called, in a relative way “private”, private care for health, say. Or private, let’s call it “private” (not state operated) “health” “care”. Yeah let’s call it that. Hey?!

    Until then it will be whine fucking whine and people will die expecting that, for some fucking reason, other people?! take responsibility for their health?!?!

    Did I say people should take responsibility for their own health? Oh won’t someone think of the children!

    • Taking care of your own health isn’t always so easy or clear cut. I developed a thyroid problem 10 years ago and put on 7st in weight, 4 of it in 3 months!!! Clearly this is classed as normal since my fucking GP never thought to question that sort of weight gain.That gain then meant that I developed diabetes. I’ve spent 5 years trying to shift ANY of that weight and it’s proved impossible – diets, exercise, nothing works. I don’t burden the NHS any more than necessary where possible but I am sadly going to be taking tablets of all sorts and sizes for the rest of my life.

      • For information I thought I’d mention that at 45 I was 5’9″ and weighed 10st 10lbs. I’m still 5’9 but I now weigh 18st and can’t shift a fucking pound of it.

      • My other half has a load of problems, symptoms of which fall into the Hypothyroidism diagnosis. Over the years tests have come up twice with her level 0.1 above the lower limit (which would also be within treatment limit in other counties) but they refuse to treat.

        Her latest test had her fall 0.1 below the lower limit, did they treat her? …

        No, “its just intolerance of the test machine” says the G.P.

        Figures say 9 to 24 is okay, but she has never been above 12 and now dipped below 9? As said, other areas treat if you fall below 10, some even 11. Other countries have tighter ranges of 12 to 20.

        They have also royally screwed me through misdiagnosis, wrong treatment, years spent on waiting lists while on brain numbing / sleep depriving medication and I could go on.

        As said already, health tourism bleeding the funds dry leaving GB citizens playing postcode lottery or fighting for treatment.

        NHS Scotland / SNP is no better than NHS England, they just lie and cover up better and don’t investigate complaints when they know they have failed, a letter of mumbo jumbo as an apology while not admitting to fuck all is deemed acceptable?

        They also have a “complaints process” which is a joke (overseen by corrupt councillors members of local health board) and time barred which could have you out of time before you are even home. They are so “short staffed” allegedly that often your complaint is investigated by the one who did you wrong. Swept under the rug.

        Utter joke and disgrace for what is meant to be a national treasure. First time I’ve been in need after paying in thousands for years too.

        You should be able to opt out of NHS and pay all your contributions to private healthcare instead.

        Try getting a lawyer and medical expert to back you in a court case against them. Its a stitch up.

  2. I think the nhs could operate within financial reason. But! Not whilst we’re paying for retards to cut their own dicks off and for legions of managers.
    Managers are good for absolutely fucking no-one. They do nothing, achieve nothing, help no-one, back seat drive everything they see, cost a fucking fortune and see the world through powerpoint and excel.
    Another thing we can stop paying for is anything related to lifestyle choices. Fat, fags, booze, STDs. Oh, and anything for anyone who doesn’t live here and pay NI.
    Other than that, I think it could work.

    • I am with Cuntflap on this one. The NHS could work not for freeloading foreigners and indigenous cunts alike. Jeremy Cunt is also making a good fist at fucking it even more. The shameful waste within the NHS also required severe pruning.

      Those with private health insurance. God forbid if you need specialist treatment for cancer, the private hospital will pay the NHS and refer you to them for treatment as they seldom have the facilities or expertise.

      • This is one of the things which makes me laugh about “private” healthcare. I’ve got an auntie who always goes on about how she’s got private health insurance bla bla bla but when she had a fucking heart attack last summer it was an NHS ambulance with NHS paramedics who took her to and NHS hospital. She got transferred to a private hospital after a week for her recovery so basically all she’s paying for is a fucking bed and slightly better food after she’s been in an NHS hospital.

  3. The day Blair let in three and a half million immigrants was the day the NHS was totally fucked.

    • And, oddly enough, whenever I’ve been seen by the NHS in Cardiff, not a Sir Mali in sight wielding a stethoscope or scalpel, just people called Jones, Williams, and Lloyd.

      Plenty of dalekistani females and their six sperm-dribbles clogging up waiting areas, however.

      The annual NHS crisis is just something to a0 scare us, and b0 give the twittermongs and Kaffy Newman something to drone about.

      • They try brainwashing us all the time about not being able to recruit staff and being shirt staffed all the time so that we feel sorry for them and put up with sub standard treatment and long waiting times.

        Try interviewing people and offering jobs then instead of just advertising with no intention of recruiting.

        Every November / December…NHS in crisis blah blah blah. Why not try preparing for it seeing it happens every year. Clearly something is wrong here and people are being failed.

        They think that we button up the back when they tell us migration isn’t the problem and they need migration for the NHS to function.

  4. Since 1979 our rulers have been systematically destroying public services. Put simply their political philosophy is that privatisation is the only way……unless some rich cunt is making a bundle off it they don’t want it. All that dough not going to the people who have bought and sold them is like a perpetual bollock kicking to these cunts.
    So we all know the state run industries they have already sold off ( given away to their rich pals ) many of which are now owned by foreign governments (Oh the irony).
    Now they are working on the big 3…..NHS, education and the police. You do this by gradually fucking them up and there are so many ways you can do this and only the the people on the inside can see the big picture. Those on the outside can only see it’s a fuck up and of course we have the media to help us do this.
    If the NHS is shit, if the schools are hopeless cuntholes, if the police couldn’t catch a cold, if the prisons are run by the criminals it’s because they are supposed to be. We are being softened up my friends, softened up for the money men to move in and rob our pockets all over again.
    The way they see it is , if we invite the burglars in for a cup of tea, when they nick all our stuff it’s not really a crime is it?

  5. The NHS stands as a testament to all that is wrong with this country. It encourages the feckless to believe that they need have no self-responsibility…smoke,drink,practice unsafe sex,breed like rats…anything goes,some other mug’ll pick up the bill.
    People are also living too fucking long. However distasteful this fact may be,it is true. We can’t afford to keep all these old people crawling around. All this “We’ve paid in all our lives” may be true but the facts are that old peoples’ contributions just don’t cover the costs of the extended life-span that so many enjoy(?) these days.
    The influx of immigrants also swallow vast amounts of cash. They contribute next to nothing compared to the costs of treating their own delightful health issues…apparently one particular “community” is notorious for breeding a generation of half-wits because the parents marry their close relatives. Vile.
    Our own people are just as bad,demanding the “right” to the likes of IVF…why should having children be a “right”? If parents can’t afford the costs of children,they fucking well shouldn’t have them.
    Why should I pay taxes to keep a bunch of over-entitled,soft grabbers who seem unable to grasp the fact that everything,eventually,is to pay for? If people had to pay a fee every time they made an appointment with a doctor,I bet the strain would sharp ease. None of the bollocks about the old and those on benefits not paying an appointment fee either…they’re the very ones who soak up so much of the resources.
    All this about the “heroes” who work for the NHS…yes,I have respect for them,but lets not imagine that they do it for free. Most of them are fucking well paid. They are doing what they are paid to do,that’s all.

    • Spot on with first cousin fuckers. Got 2 of em in my immediate working vicinity. Thicker than cold fox shit and twice as pungent. New car every 3 years (for the limp), 10 kids between the pair of em, both on less than 20k pa (so basically no tax paid there). Their wives looks remarkably like them too and there brood looks similarly vacant in the ‘capability’ department. Give the NHS another 4 billion a year and these cunts will just add 10 more a day to the multicultural ‘deliverance’ brigade.The NHS simply needs to be wound up until natural selection has taken its course.

    • And they’re supposed to deal with drunks.

      FFS, if people cannot or will not take some responsibility for their actions, either do it at home, or expect to be thrown into some chiller on a brownfield site. Don’t expect to use ambulances as a feckin taxi service, or ANY hospital staff to clean up your vomit and other bodily functions.

      CAAAANTS !!

    • Spot on there.

      The government always go on about how the immigrants fill all the low paid jobs so tell me given most of these jobs pay below the tax threshold how much they contribute exactly?

      Many also send most of there money home to be spent in their homelands economy so how does that help Britain and its business?

      Many live in appalling and overcrowded accommodation to facilitate dirt cheap living and those not in work are bleeding the benefits system while they go out commiting crimes such as those in London out robbing people on stolen / illegal mopeds while getting a round of applause from Saddkhunt for making London just like any other highly populated crime ridden city.

      When are people going to wake up and smell the coffee?

      They take out miles more than they ever put in and that’s making the fact British people are living longer a big problem. There should be enough money to sustain Britain’s citizens and contributors if we weren’t taking in the worlds strays.

  6. The simple fact is that the NHS model was never emvisaged to cope with such a large population. It needs major reform. Ironically, the refusal to do so is causing harming those genuinely in need of help.

    If the US and the UK are the two extremes, then something in between has to be considered. I get so fucking tired of people referring to Swedish, Norwegian, Swiss models – their populations are a fraction of ours.

    It’s always fingers-in-ears time whenever people want to have a proper discussion about the NHS. Due to a combination of private suppliers fleecing holding the NHS to ransom, the surplus fucking population of non-indigenous cunts and the stubborn refusal to even acknowlege that free healthcare does not and cannot work for 70million, the situation will get much more fucking intolerable before it’s ever resolved.

    Anyone tried getting a GP appointment recently? Three weeks. Three fucking weeks for a 5-minute fobbing off with an aloof shit doctor. Absolute fucking wank.

    I know everyone likes to make out NHS staff to be fucking saints. I have two relatives that in recent years have had failing health. Accompanying them both to numerous operations, consultations etc across 5 hospitals and GPs, I can tell you now that any decent, caring staff are grossly out-numbered by some utter fucking cunts – bordering on fucking vindictive. And this is regardless of ethnicity, seniority etc.

    People need to truly fucking accept that the archaic dinosaur that is the NHS cannot be made to work anymore for what the UK has become – an overcrowded, outsourcing capitalist stranglehold. The NHS has essentially become a fucking black hole for money. Give it £4billion extra a week, and they’ll find a way to need even more. The saintly status thus bestowed has done more harm than good, excluding this mythical sector from proper budgetary reviews, control and enquiries into the cunts fleecing the system – gimmegrants and 3rd party businesses alike.

    My diagnosis is that the whole thing is one giant, gaping axe-wound. Cunters are free to give a second opinion.

    • You’re absolutely right Empire. I don’t want to slag off some great aspects and people of the NHS having availed myself of their services to good effect. However like you there have been occasions with relatives in hospital were the care has been less than satisfactory. Doctors that won’t listen to relatives, nurses chewing gum when speaking to people, scruffily dressed with frayed ends of pants dragging along the hospital floors. These sound like trivial matters but is just an indictment of the general malaise. The waste of funds is staggering, missed apptmnts, waste on purchases and ridiculous salaries to people who couldn’t run a fucking newsagents properly. My Mrs works for the NHS and the number of staff who take the six months full pay sick leave is unbelievable followed by another 6 half pay. It is a swamp that needs a fucking good filtering but I ain’t about to hold my breath.

    • Too bloody right, TECB.

      Re the poulation comment, Switzerland and Austria have populations of somewhere between 8 and 9 million per country.

      London (if anyone has ever sussed a realistic and objective way to define said metropolis) is, I believe, beyond 9 m ??

      And the Swiss are getting pissed off with their private health insurance schemes. I left in 2013, and a lot was being complained of then. They used to have either/or regional/profession-based schemes.

      Now they are just royally ripped off, and I think a lot of the poulation would like to change back.

      I seem to remember that the changeover in the Austrian system was full of daylight robbery and financial chicanery, too.

      Privatisation causes a lot of ills, and as you so rightly say, it’s just seen as something to be fleeced by all manner of unscrupulous cunts.

    • Your right there TECB, I can’t get GP appointments for love nor money and the five minute fob off is spot on.

      Her indoors was telling me on a TV program about GPS the other week where the GP was starting a stop clock when the patient went in.

      That will be fucking right, it takes me 25 minutes to get to my GP, where I am normally seen 40 to 60 minutes after my scheduled time which doesn’t bother me as I understand not everyone is in & out in ten minutes every time.

      Sometimes I’m in for five mins, sometimes its been twenty but they have to ask questions and diagnose properly, prescribe meds, print insurance line for employer, refer you to hospital consultant etc.

      I would walk back out if my GP started a clock on me, I don’t put one on them.

      I have tried booking a double appointment when wanting to discuss more than one thing, the reception cunts say no but they have signs up saying one problem per appointment!

      Too many bean counters, management staff and too much stuff contracted out at ludicrous costs for my liking.

      Oh…and too many receptionist cunts who think they are the doctors…..Cunts!

  7. My ghastly wife is a senior sister (specialising in diabetes) within an NHS trust and is somewhat opinionated about the fate and future of the organisation. She is senior enough to be party to a certain level of trust meetings and reckons that the NHS in its current form will be dead and buried within 20 years. The cause (again, in her professional opinion) is fat cunts. NHS budget is about 120 billion quid, of which about 12 billion is earmarked for diabetes and a further 4 billion for its associated issues. This fraction will increase in an ever-upward curve until it tips the budget over the edge into unsustainability. The sooner the better. Good lord, how I hate massively fat fucks. As an aside, how do the behemoths on “My 600lb Life” get health insurance?!

    • “My ghastly wife”.

      So much said in 3 beautiful words 😀

      I am not married. I consider my self lucky.

      I hope you have somewhere to vent your displeasure.

      • Ho ho…indeed I do, CWR. Big motorbikes and an old turbocharged car. Better than getting laid. You’re damned lucky not being married. It’s truly hatefully shit. I really ought to get round to doing a comprehensive cunting of wimminz, especially married wimminz; they’re literally all cunts!

    • The blaming of the fatties and the drunks and the smokers is wearing thin with me. I’m neither so don’t fall into the spectrum.

      I agree that these health issues are a problem that could limit NHS resources however the NHS has expanded over the years and technology has advanced however as you seen on the news, all those people lying on trolleys in corridors or even waiting out in the ambulances isn’t down to fatties or drunks, its down to a lack of beds, staff and hospitals themselves.

      Not sufficient enough to cope with the mass migration just like GP surgeries.

      British families having less kids but population is rising like crazy putting strain on services?

      It can only be mass migration whether its legal or illegal…

      But no, its never migration though according to our politician lot, as they don’t want to upset the Owen Jones’s of the country or give Corbin, Flabbot & Cunt Nugee ammunition for Prime Minister Questions or strap lines for their next election leaflets.

  8. All I’ll say about the NHS is that for every day, run of the mill stuff they’re shite but if you come a cropper, have a heart-attack or similar then I’d want the poor cunts of the NHS sorting me out as opposed to some cunt following you around with a clip-board asking if you’re insured for the defibrillation?

    As The Empire Cunts Back alludes above, the real issue of the NHS is one of supply and demand.

    We have proven that blindly throwing money at the NHS can never work while demand is rising at a far higher rate than supply can even come close to. So throwing money at supply is not only wasteful but it’s also folly.

    Unfortunately to reduce demand is racist isn’t it!?!

    Here’s the other kicker, all these cunts who come here, you know all those doctors, nurses, scientists and businessmen who make up the majority of the immos flooding blighty must be just unlucky in not having those jobs when they get here because most (especially non European) immos seem to struggle by on welfare whilst also getting free education and welfare for their brood.

    The NHS would be better off if the 1million people entering the UK every 3yrs actually contributed to it rather than the 5% who actually do.

    So who pays for the other 95%? Oh well we do but you have no right to complain about that because that’s racist isn’t it.

    Then you have the Jeremy Kyle indigenous freeloaders. Those cunts neither work nor want and take, take, take from the system. Again that does nothing for the NHS coffers either.

    So we could – if we had any balls – stop the immos and make the Jeremy Kyle lot do those jobs that “…no one else wants to do.”

    The carrot (or stick if you like) being that “some” money is better than “no” money. You will go out to work or the gravy stops.

    If the job they’re assigned doesn’t suit then hopefully that will spur them in to getting a job elsewhere and thus start paying some taxes.

    So we reduce demand and we garner some additional supply monies in one fell swoop.

    O’course that will never happen because:

    a) It makes too much sense and anything which makes sense is frowned upon by the politicos.

    b) It’s racist (the goto argument for neo-liberal fascists who refuse to debate the issue sensibly because they know they have no legitimate argument against logic and common sense – so racists it is).

    • Spot on there.

      Making decisions and choices which are wrong solely to avoid causing shouts of racism will bring this country to its knees and it will become just like the shithole country the ones came from who can’t be upset.

  9. What made me laugh recently, was that some cunt wants vaping to be added to the list of shit the NHS dishes out for free, as an aid to giving up smoking. Firstly, if you can afford to smoke, you can afford any of the treatments that will help you give up. Secondly, if the NHS are getting it, they will be paying an extortionate price for it, like they pay a fiver for a packet of paracetamol, when you can get them for twenty pence at a supermarket. And thirdly, judging by the way some of my colleagues at work are addicted to their adult dummies/vapes, they seem almost as addictive as fags, meaning they are replacing one addiction with another, and paying for them to have it. So, as far as I’m concerned, cunts can do whatever they want, as long as I don’t have to put up with it, or pay for it.

    Another point, when the NHS was created, we were a society that ‘didn’t want to be a problem’. We would have to be forced to the doctors, as we felt we were being a burden. Now, thanks to us becoming the narcissistic self, where everybody thinks the world revolves around them, the slightest reason will get them demanding to be seen. From cold and sneezes to sex changes(on a whim, get a quim), and everything in between.

    Then, there is the fact that we have been joined by several million enrichers, who love anything free, entitled to it or not. And don’t forget, back in their country of origin, there is no free healthcare, so they will make up bogus ailments, so they can send the medication to relatives suffering back home.

    Finally, as it is a political millstone, used by whoever is in opposition to batter the party in government, we will always hear of its failings.

    • I recently took the Missus to A&E because she slipped at work and hurt her wrist. Four fucking hours we had to wait while half the cunts there were either stood at the door smoking fags or yakking on mobile phones. Don’t get me started on their supposedly ill brats who were running riot round the place.

    • The only difference between vaping and smoking is that vaping is less likely to give you cancer. But the drug that keeps you coming back for more is the same in both vapes and tabs: nicotine.

      One other difference: tabs satisfy all your smoking requirements, vapes are rubbish, they’re the equivalent of blow up sex dolls compared to the real thing.

      But of course they’ll be doled out free on the NHS. This country is a basket case.

    • I wonder what health concerns will appear in 40/50 years time surrounding the practice of vaping?

      Just like fags, who know what’s in them? I’ve never seen a list of ingredients on a fag packet and bet these vaping things are similar. Who knows?

      • They don’t contain the carcinogens found in fags. Apart from the nicotine, they’re likely better for you than breathing the air in an average city.

  10. Waste is a major factor and the fact they dole out boxes of tablets like smarties, the old man is like a mobile Boots, 40 boxes of various tablets all around £8 a go and they wont take them back. Getting them is only half the battle, ordering them from some ‘I’m from Barcelona! Manuel’ on the end of the line is a trial, its not a difficult family name but you can bet if it was Osama Alibaba Hussien Mohammed..hey no worries…’was that one M in Mohammed or two sir?’

    • I tried returning two sealed boxes of Lidocaine plasters to the pharmacy who dispensed them and they wouldn’t take them from me.

      They wouldn’t take my packaged up used ones for special disposal either as the always full bin was full again.

      Yeah, full of methadone dispensing cups and bottles you cunts!

  11. People rarely speak out (including me) about the way they are treated in the NHS, cos the doctors and nurses have our welfare and that of our loved ones in their hands. Both my parents cited issues of poor treatment in hospital toward the end of their lives, but implored me to say nothing for fear of retribution. My mother was a Nursing Sister during WWII and in the 1950s, and was shocked by the fall in standards and attitude of many staff since that time.

    A few years after they died, and about 6 months before I started posting here (2015?), I came across a posting (below) that rang a lot of bells with me, so much so that I copied it into my file for later reference. Unfortunately I failed to note the poster’s ID (it may be a mash-up) so if you recognise it as your own I apologise in advance for not acknowledging authorship:

    The NHS

    “Overpriced and under performing, it wouldn’t matter how much money you threw at it – it would only become worse. It is a money pit in the truest sense. £1885 per year for every man, woman and child in the country ( not including illegal immigrants ) and you can still die for want of seeing a GP? Fuck right off. I pay less than a 1/3 of that for private insurance and get to see a quack any time I like.

    Need a scan? How about this afternoon. Hip replacement? Would next week suit you?

    Now I’m sure there will be many of you who have relatives or friends who have had their lives saved by the blessed NHS, but don’t think that proves it is the only way of running Healthcare.

    UK is the only place in the world that has this model of healthcare, does that tell you something? The NHS is not the envy of the world and no more than is the BB fucking C. Both are an embarrassment and should be ditched at soonest.

    I’ve had mixed experiences with the NHS over the years mainly to do with my ma and pa, both gone now. A lot of NHS staff over the last few years are very poorly trained and don’t give two fucks. It’s just a job. Half of the cunts look like they just rolled out of bed and dressed from the laundry basket in the dark.

    Another time when my old man was in hospital I walked into the ward and you could smell the shit straight away. The guy in the next bed had lost his marbles and shat himself and wiped it up the wall. There was a 25 stone fat cunt of a nurse, eating her fucking takeaway at the desk. When I went to tell her, she just sat there and said, “Ah!”. I kid you not. She came in after she’d scoffed her gruel with a few fucking wet ones to clear up the excrement. Fucking disgrace.

    My old fella had all his marbles but they fucking drugged him up to keep him quiet. We had a meeting with the doctors and my sister ended up banging on the fucking table to get him off whatever the fuck they had him on. He was hallucinating BIG time.

    It’s fucking frightening to think what’s in store for us poor cunts.

    They need a fucking hard cunt of a matron to run each ward with a rod of fuckin’ iron.

    The problem with the NHS is that from day one the Tories have been trying to privatise it and from Blaircunt onwards the Tories with red ties have been joining in…number one priority being to make sure their rich pals help themselves to the bottomless pit of the taxpayers’ wallet. Everything that can be contracted out costs way above the market price from PFI to drugs to cleaners to agency nurses. You want that lightbulb changed?…75 quid, fuck you pay me. You want a new blind in that window?…850 quid, fuck you pay me. You want a new mattress?…350 notes, fuck you pay me.

    Why do you think they never ask you to return crutches?…because some cunt is supplying them at 250 quid a pop. So yes, it doesn’t matter how much money you throw at it, that’s just more money for the rich cunts to divide up among themselves. We are being robbed blind hand over fist right under our stupid noses. There is nothing wrong with the principle of the NHS, just it’s execution. The real problem lies in the Palace of Westminster, among those parasites and the endless greed of their rich friends. Cunts!

    One major problem (of many) with the NHS goes back to its formation in 1948. In order to make it happen at all the Labour Govt. needed to get the Dr’s on board. But the savvy medics didn’t want to sign up until they got themselves a very cushy deal. Socialists can be very flexible with their principles when it suits them. The UK has the highest paid GP’s in the world ( about £100,000 pa on average) A lot of people don’t realise that GP’s are “self employed contractors” , they don’t work directly for the NHS. They get all the security of employment and generous payments but at the same time get all the tax and accountancy swindles that the self employed enjoy. (This was enhanced significantly, BTW, when New Labour said they didn’t have to work weekends or nights anymore and gave them a whopping pay rise to compensate…) HMRC always has turned a blind eye to this. Try doing a “normal” job for just one organisation and try to claim you are self employed, yeah right… Those Dr’s/surgeons in the hospital system are employed by the NHS but can still slink off and do private work, why do you think they’re so against weekend working? The UK also offers the most financial help to medical students, why exactly?

    Another point, I know a nurse who’s been off “sick” with “depression” for nearly a year now. Six months full pay, six months half pay. So thats got to be at least £18k out of NHS funds. I bet when the full year is up and she’s dropped down to peanuts pay she’ll suddenly start feeling a lot better. Although her going to work or not probably hasn’t made much difference, she was on pointless courses half the time anyway.

    It makes me sick they all keep going on about how its a “vocation” and how hard worked and self sacrificing and important they are. It’s a job of work like any other and they should get on with it. The system as it stands is being bled dry from every conceivable angle. It can’t go on as it is.”

    • I agree with everything above with one point of order: as much as the Tories would’ve loved to have privatised the NHS they would never even broach the matter as they knew it would be electoral suicide.

      However as that taboo was aptly broken by that two-faced, treacherous cunt Tony B.Liar (along with tuition fees within 5 minutes of getting in power), the Tories now think it fair game and would’ve pushed the privatisation agenda even more but for the fact that they were a coalition of shite with the LibDums, followed by failed attempts to get the EU to see that 10,000:1 Poles into the UK Vs. Brits to Poland was hardly “fair and even” (and with the threat of the dregs of Romanian and Bulgarian society queuing up to take part in “benefits Britain”), the referendum and now the derailment of Brexit; that the NHS will have to take a back seat.

      Combine this with the fact that May is bound to gift Corbyn the next election (unless someone fucks her off and even then it could be too late) and that means that even more money will be pissed into the NHS but with even more immos welcomed in which means the NHS remains broken and “under-funded” because we’re still allowing all and sundry to come in free of charge.

      Blair – who sold out our country – was happy to do this and so will Comrade Corbyn because they know that immos are 95% likely to vote Labour.

      So immigration – by Labour and LibDums – is basically a vote rigging exercise to prevent a Tory government taking power in the future.

      Fuck what the indigenous folk think, so long as the political elite stay in power in their privileged existence, who gives a fuck if your town/city now resembles Tehran, Warsaw or Mogadishu with all of the “cultural enrichment” that brings.

      You have no say and if you dare moan about it or think the “born & breds” should be considered ahead of some Johnny come lately 40yr old undocumented terrorist child then I’m afraid that you’re just a racist!

      No need for debate, you’re just a racist!

      Now talk to the hand!

    • Yes it is a mish mash……the middle bit is mine (“fuck you pay me etc etc)
      You’ll be hearing from my solicitor in the morning.

    • Fantastic posting Shitcake.

      My late wife received fantastic care from the NHS, up until the two weeks before she died in a hospice. A specialust cancer ward with two dedicated teams, one for the morning shift was would hand over to the evening/night shift nurses.

      In less than 10 years later my mother was in the same ward. Gone were the dedicated teams, often two different nurses every day, (each time introducing themselves and confirming my mothers name), gone was the continuity and the familiarity and friendly faces that were there before and which gave the patients a form of reassurance.

      I am not saying that the service was poor or that my mother suffered unduly however it was just not as good as it was before.

      Main reasons, increase in population, significant rise in obesity rates, more old people.

      Not going into things in any great detail I would suggest for starters the following would help:

      Only essential patient care and emergency operations until further notice.

      Get rid of a layer of NHS management (middle to top).

      NHS drugs procurement/purchasing procedures to be completely rewritten to stop the pharmaceutical firms from abusing the NHS, and to stop the pharmaceutical firms paying members of a panel which oversees NHS drug procurement.

      British nationals always given priority over anyone else, particularly the very old (thosr who have paid into the system) or young children.

      No care or treatment pr back of the queue for those who do not look after themselves (who are clinically obese through their own choice or choose to drink or smoke to excess) or who do not do as instructed by the hospital.

      A lifetime ban and heavy fine (or legal action) for anyone who either physically or verbally abuses a hospital member of staff.

      Those visiting the country must have health insurance to cover their treatment, those people from the EU “entitled” to reciprocal treatment must wait in line until treatment is available.

      Administrators at the NHS to claim back ALL monies spent on European citizens (not currently done) and which currently amounts to billions of pounds of unrecovered money

      Pay nurses a decent wage and stop using nursing agencies.

      Keep a tight check on medication being prescribed. Many instances of prescribed medication being sold on for personal profit.

      Dont charge nurses for parking.

      Being back ward sisters.

      Personally so would like to see some form of euthanasia for those who want it. I have no desire to be kept alive any longer than I want to and dread the thought of being ripped off to the tune of £1500 a week for the privilege to A friend is currently paying £2500 a week (£10,000 a month) for his father. This would free up a few beds.

      Without knowing much about the subject just a few points I would feel happier if introduced Sure that there are some much better and more cost effectove changes that can be made.

      • Also so much waste. Taxpayer funded NHS should be there to treat proper ill cunts only.

        Cut out all non-essential services, like car airbag breast enlargements for deluded, aspiring page 3 snowflake bimbos /trannies. And free tattoo removals, IVF treatments, gender reassignment surgery, etc, etc. Substitute scam Homeopathic crap for placebos, cos that’s all they are anyway.

        Recreational drugs should be issued free on demand to responsible cunts like me and birdman.

      • I totally agree.

        I’ll add one more if I may.

        No translators. If you live here but don’t speak English then you can fuck off.

        If people are here on holiday then that’s fine coz they’ll have insurance so we can claim back the cost.

        • Seconded big time Deploy. And I bet there’s several £billions more we could come up with given half an hour in the average hospital…

    • Oh dear, that’s striking a nerve here with me regarding doping up one who hasn’t lost their marbles to shut them up. One of my parents was doped against my request with something “sounding like halopendril”.

      I found out after they were home as it had been put in the discharge meds pack. When queried they claimed my parent became abusive in the week prior to discharge and made up other shit.

      My parent fell out of bed after we left at night visiting and bumped their head so severe that they got taken down for scan. We questioned lump as parent confused and couldn’t tell us. Two days later we found out about the fall only because a nurse slipped out “about the brain scan two nights ago”
      She shit herself and told us. Just as well as she wasn’t getting out the side room if she tried to without spilling the beans.
      Rails on bed were clearly not raised but they were when we left.

      My parent was also found to be soiled by near everyone of their visitors everyday, while the nurses tucked in to their grub.

      Is asking for a bed pan repeatedly due to medical bladder problems / lack of control more abusive to staff than the inflicted sores like nappy rash on my parents arse due to lack of care? Took weeks to clear it once home.

      Heard later that the pills mentioned above were nasty shit and did a bit of googling which brought tears to my eyes. People have died though “not proven” due to dabbling & doping with this stuff. Little information on line regarding trials and any results from trials.

      Its ruled out for use with any patient with heart problems, guess what? My parent, two heart attacks and on heart treatment / blood thining medication for life.

      Make sure your loved ones are getting the right dose of any meds they were on before going in to hospital and question all medicines being given as result of treatment. Check for complications between medicines online yourself.

      My parent has been suffering hallucination episodes since discharge for around four months now.

      I’m calling this a night just now as I’m raging with anger despite my own medical issues something’s are dawning on me now after reading here and recalling my parents experience. Need to try getting a few hours before going to parents to clarify something’s.

      • I forgot, take home all valuable items and check presence of rings and watch or anything left with the patient at every visit then you know if something goes walkies, when it went walkies.

        Some things can’t be replaced!

  12. I was recently treated for an open wound on my knee. I had to have it dressed twice a week. The nurse had to leave the room to go the storeroom to get a pair of scissors. She came back with a bag containing about 20 pairs. ‘That should keep you going for a while ‘ I said, ‘ not really ‘ she replied ‘ we are only allowed to use them once,then we have to throw them away’. She agreed it was daft but she was only doing what she was told.

  13. I’d also clamp right down on these compensation claims. The fuckers are getting their operations or whatever done for nowt,so if anything goes wrong,well tough. Go private if you don’t like it, grabby Cunts.

  14. GP’s on an average salary of £100,000. I dont think so. People shouldn’t believe everything they read in the Daily Fail shiterag.

    The media demonisation of medics is part of the problem. By the time GP’s and consultants earn £70k a year for working 60-70 hrs per week, the unit salary and conditions really aren’t as good as many folks think it is.

    • Most plasterers and bricklayers are currently on a min of £200 per day. I don’t know many to work in excess of 7 or 8 hours a day without extra cash.

      Some of their work is cash in hand. Lovely fucking jubbly.

      Puts things into perspective re medic’s pay and conditions. I know plasterers, bricklayers and plumbers who are earning far more than NHS medics.

      • If false (GPs earning £100,000) it was sloppy of me to quote another post without checking the figures correct first.

        • I don’t think that your too far out on figures dependant on it being the likely UK average including extra hours above the basic working week and not just an 0830-1730 working Mon to Fri.

          Only the NHS would pay a surgeon top dollar when he operates one day a week but can get his arse to the private hospital every night & weekend.

          Committed staff is required, either they work for NHS or they work for private.

    • The job that I do (in IT) in no way impinges upon the health and well being of another human life. However, I’m one of those sad cunts who can’t leave something alone until I’ve fixed it/solved it/etc. Consequently, I’ll often work 10 to 15 hours over and above the 40 that I’m actually paid for. Sometimes more.

      Imagine what it must be like to work 60, 70, 80 or more and know that when you’ve finally given into exhaustion, not continuing to work will quite likely impact someone else’s life. I don’t think I’d cope well with that kind of burden. I think few would. Doctors are amazing. I wish we had more of them, that they all got paid what they are worth and it wasn’t so expensive to gain access to their expertise. One can but dream I suppose.

  15. So, the Shite NHS doesn’t work, ok, what if everyone had private health insurance, would the private hospitals, (NHS hospitals and doctors of course) cope with the same workload as they’ve got now with less money coming in, nah, would it fuck, its a big fucking con.
    The NHS could work, but not by the money grabbing cunts that are running it now.
    And don’t get me fucking started that it would collapse if it wasn’t for migrant fucking workers, that’s part of the fucking problem, they’re useless cunts who don’t give a fuck

  16. Go into any NHS walk-in centre and it is crammed wall to fucking wall with peacefuls, parking stanleys, travelling tinkers. euromuck and bogo-bogos… All wanting top priority and all getting their care and scripts for free… Same goes for any hospital or medical centre… That is why the NHS is on its arse….

  17. The immigrants, freeloaders, LBGTBLT brigade having free ops and drug companies are the problem. The other problem is the fact that every cunt slags the NHS at every opportunity and it’s never given a chance.
    Constantly rubbishing it and doing it down does no good at all. No wonder young people don’t want to go into medicine…because they’re all being told they’re cunts if they do and they won’t earn any money if they do. Fucking bollocks on both counts.
    I am biased because they saved my life following a major heart problem nine years ago (not self inflicted) and I’ve recently had a triple hernia operation…all with no problems and I’ve had excellent care at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth. Yes the one that is constantly slagged off. Perhaps I’m just lucky.

    The NHS has problems and they make mistakes partly because it’s being run day to day by human beings. Live with it and encourage those who work in it and want to work in it.
    The NHS is far from perfect but if you’ve got to be ill anywhere it’s still best you do it in Britain.

  18. With all the healthcare debate here in Yankland over the past several months, it continues to amaze me how nobody in political life can bring themselves to utter the obvious truth about healthcare. That being, demand for it will always exceed supply. Put another way, we will never live in a world where there are fully staffed, fully equipped and fully funded hospitals with absolutely nothing to do all day. It’s never going to happen. Consequently, choices have to be made over what can be treated, who can be treated and when.

    The problem the NHS has (as do Yank hospitals/ERs/etc.) is the demand is so far in excess of supply that the system itself simply can’t cope. Malingerers, health tourists, rapeugees, gimmigrants, etc. only add to the strain while at the same time contribute little to nothing to support the system they routinely take from. Unfortunately, in today’s world you just can’t come out and say that for fear of reprisals, retribution, vitriol, accusations of racism, etc. leading to a career ending abyss. Doesn’t make it any less true.

    I think the NHS is a bit like that player in your favourite footie team. Has a decent game once in a while and scores an amazing goal once in a blue moon, but still gets picked every week by trading on the occasional slice of good fortune. The stories which surface about amazing feats of care the NHS was able to provide only serves to prop up the illusion the system as a whole is providing the standard of care we’d like to think is commonplace. It isn’t. It’s been a while since I had to deal with the NHS directly myself thank god. My sister had a very dismissive attitude from the NHS over a time sensitive injury she sustained which, if left untreated, would have led to a permanent and reduced degree of mobility. She forked out for private care and is all better now. Tax credit for NOT using the NHS? Like fuck! My parents have a similar current and ongoing problem with the NHS. My dear old mum having been told she’s now on a waiting list for an angiogram having previously been told it was urgent. Presumably it would help everyone out if she just died and stopped bothering the NHS.

    A previous cunter said something to the effect the NHS is not fit for purpose. I think they’re absolutely right. Major overhaul is needed including the deportation of all the freeloaders.

    • Yes just stick to Supply Vs Demand and win every time.

      Oh but that’s racist isn’t it!

      Immitation Yank: do you ever watch Tucker Carlson on Fox News? I watch him all the time (even though Fox has been booted for being too right wing over here in Blighty) as he’s the only cunt making sense.

      Why is it that no Democratic leader – whether Senator, Congressmen or lobbyist – will ever put American citizens over and above the 11 million illegals polluting the USA?

      It’s a rhetorical question because the reason they won’t is because – like Labour over here – they know its an easier route to gaining votes on the left than it is to convince folk that their policies enrich society, which – also like Labour over here – they don’t.

      They make the ordinary, indigenous Joe poorer, the lazy more idle, and the gimmigrants more grabby!

      But hey, so long as they can swing the vote their way in their privileged lifestyles who gives a fuck if the working taxpayer paying for it all is fucked over right!

      They’re just racists after all aren’t they!

      Fucking cunts!

      • The real, most divisive racists, are the ones who play the race card… over and over and over again… yeah, those cunts… like Afua Hirsch was doing on Friday, yapping about Cheddar Man proving peacefuls were the true indigenous race in Britain and how whites would have to completely rethink their negative attitude to gimmigration, etc, blah blah. Cunt.

      • Hi Rebel: Yes, I do watch Fox News and tune into Tucker Carlson whenever I can. I think he’s really good. Very fair minded and wants to explore both sides of the argument.

        His first guest section is often hilarious. He’ll get some fuckwit libtard to explain their ridiculous views on something, then pick holes in their position by using (cue the drum roll) FACTS! I especially love it when he just laughs at someone for being so ignorant of reality. It’s good stuff.

        You have a decent handle on the reality of the situation, Rebel. Illegal immigrants given a free pass by the Demoncrats = future voters to keep the Demoncrats in power. They do the same things with entitlement programmes. If the Demoncrats give you free stuff, who are you going to vote for when election time comes around? It’s blatant bribery.

        The longer I’ve lived in the US, the more I’ve come to realise that being Demoncrat very readily equates to being unAmerican, dare I say, anti-American. The Republicans keep using logic and facts to sway the great unwashed masses. It’s the old fish argument. Republicans want to teach cunts to fish so they can fend for themselves, better themselves and strive to grab their slice of the ‘American dream’ (whatever that is). The Demoncrats say, “bollocks to that – vote for us, we’ll tax to death the evil people with money and just give you fish instead”. Thus, making the poor poorer and more dependent upon government handouts which the tax paying workers – like me – pay for.

        Enough people saw through this last time around. That and the general malaise for all things political meant that an unqualified, inexperienced of public office, non-politician won the election. There’s been an outpouring of hate, bile and disbelief ever since because the gravy train stoked up under cunt Obama has hit the skids. The Dems are furious, especially after they concocted a fake dossier on Tango Man designed to utterly discredit him with total lies and falsehoods. Then they got into cahoots with the higher ups in the FBI and DOJ to trash Tango and ensure Killary didn’t get prosecuted for federal crimes, corruption and ‘pay to play’ antics based around her time at the State Department and her dealings via the Clinton Foundation.

        The American political system sickens me. The Demoncrats play dirty, hate the wealthy, despise the poor and discriminate against everyone else in between. Anyone who opposes them or tries to put up an alternative view is immediately demonised, ridiculed and silenced. That’s the role of the Republicans as far as I can tell. Fed up with it, I really am.

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