Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau (of Canada) NEEDS to be given a good cunting. I am shocked that no one has cunted him yet.

This soft, trendy little snowflake CUNT, wants to create an “integration fund” with taxpayer money to bring back former Canadians who left to fight for ISIS!! This “politician”, is a pro-terrorism, P.C fucking joke that stopped being funny a long time ago. He is even seen merrily prancing around in a pink t-shirt that says “sharing is caring” – referring to “non-whites’, that are treated as first-class citizens while the native white man that has developed this country for centuries gets kicked to the dirt.

To add kerosene to the fire, this sad fucking cuck cunt, is an avid activist for the feminist agenda, and all of they’re evil cuntery. Justin, you are a pathetic excuse of a leader, you cunt!

Justin; you are officially nominated. Let the cunting begin!!

Nominated by The Walking Cunt

Being, or the expectation that one should be “Woke” deserves a thorough cuntificaton. Justin Trudeau corrected some bint that was gushing at the the retarded midget mong about how wonderful and progressive a force he is for mankind or some such wanky fagotry.

That’s bad enough as it stands but Trudeau comes back and corrects her use of mankind and suggest raping around with the English language some more to include the new super progressive term he would prefer. Peoplekind. Twitter et al proceed to explode because that’s what they’re for. The conversation was essentially who is more woke the bint or the Queen’s bitch in Canada, Trudeau. It’s would be literally impossible to give a flying fuck about these cunts and the pointless noises they make even if one made a special effort to.

Nominated by fuckwit

23 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau

  1. So hard to believe the cunt is actually in charge of a country.
    Is he democratically elected? Is so, their neighbour, America is gonna get to start using some of those bullets.
    I’ve seen his grandstanding with socks, trying to show his nice guy sense of humor, and I’ve seen his Islam love shit too. Surely you cannot be a leader of one culture and champion another?

    I think this guy is a fraud. This is because I too have a political plan in mind for when I get sick of my regular job.
    Step 1) get sick of job
    Step 2) identify the needs of the local poor – this demographic never votes so it’s time to promise them whatever they want. In my case, this would be more benefits, less DHSS interference, and a cast-iron pledge to legalize drugs
    Step 3) get voted in at the bottom, tow the line.
    Step 4) monitor political ascension, stop making promises at desired level of office.
    Step 5) drink brandy, do golf dinners, etc etc

    Simples! Now I bet he’s incorporated some of this into his plan. He just cannot be genuine, just cunt, sorry can’t, no no cunt, cunt, cunt.

  2. This is the powder-puff, apologising knob head who always wears crazy socks, isn’t it. Why does he always sound like he’s had a stroke.

  3. This cunt was cunted 6 days ago. I doubt if he has become much of a bigger cunt in that time but what the fuck do I know?

    • There are cunts…and then there are cunts. As I said the last time he was cunted…he is the kind of cunt that makes other cunts look bad.

  4. That peoplekind shite made me cringe.
    What a little twat.

    Trudeau is such a little suck up bitch, I can’t believe that this is his first cunting, he should be in the hall of cunts by now.

    • If he/they want to refer to mankind as people kind then I will respect their wishes and refer to them as cuntkind.


  5. Like mother, like son. Like father ( Castro )( Jagger ) ( Watts ) ( Wyman ) ( Jones ) ( Richards ) and who ever else is allegedly credited with siring this little runt.

    This spunkstain is the cunt in charge of a country which he is filling to the gunwhales with peacefuls and spear chuckers.

  6. Although undoubtedly a stratospheric cunt what does it say about Canadians!! They actually voted for him……….
    After gaining power in a huge swing in 2015 I’ve got no idea where his popularity is now?
    Mind you it just goes to show what voting for the liberals can do……

    • @Q

      As an Americunt I consider my fellow New Worlders north of the the border as cousins and indeed brothers-in-arms.

      As young man I vacationed in Canada many times. I was always treated with courtesy and respect and always made to feel welcome.. J’taime les files Quebecoises! ❤. 💋. 💞

      But that was then…Trudeau Sr. was in power…and times change. But hope is not lost…

      Viva Jordan Peterson!


      • @GC, there are many great candidates out there who think rationally,resonate with huge swathes of the public and wipe the floor with many so-called ‘leaders’ and the liberal left. JP for Canada, Douglas Murray, Milo Yiannapolis or Paul Joseph Watson for UK and Steven Crowder or Ann Coulter for the US of A….if only you could get elected on You Tube likes.

        • @L2 (L squared.)

          You are so correct. Milo is great! Love Ann Coulter! 💓

          I hope I didn’t sound like I was disparaging my Canadian brethren. As I said…there is hope.


          Those are fighting words in my country! Fortunately, Canada in not my country. 😝

      • Hi GC,
        My friend moved from Hove to Vancouver 5 years ago and loves the place, I visited Canada 20 years ago and really loved it, ive no idea what led them to vote for JT?? For me anyway looks a big mistake!!
        And JP is the man!! I watch all his stuff on you tube, especially loved him dissecting gobshite Cathy Newman…….

  7. The biggest news about his trip to India is that he wore Star Wars socks. This is following wearing duck covers socks at Davos.

    Says all you need to know that his socks are a bigger story than what the stupid cunt says or does.

  8. This Tsunami OF A CUNT !!!! Has the potential to be up there with B liar and boniocunt !!!!!!

  9. Hey Q,

    I lived on the west coast of the US way back in the last century but never made it to Vancouver.

    My forays were into eastern Canada…Ontario…Quebec and Nova Scotia. I’m from the Midwest and Detroit, Michigan was an easy drive for me…then across the border (no passport or security bullshit in those days)…and into Windsor…Canada’s answer to Tijuana. Once past there….the country was beautiful…and even the big cities were great…Toronto…Montreal…Quebec…

    Used to go to la Parc Jarry and watch the Montreal Expos play American Baseball.

    Those were the days.

  10. Another commie social engineer inviting the peaceful to mingle with his voters… the multicuntural mong.

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