Justin Trudeau [2]

May I present Islamophile metrosexual Justin Trudeau for consideration on the award-winning website ISAC.

Not content with turning Canadia (not a typo) into a haven for violent members of the Religion That Must Never Be Criticised, Trudeau has recently tried to curry (is this racist?) favour with the misandrist zealots of feminism. In an appearance at a town hall meeting, Trudeau corrected a woman who used the word ‘mankind’ in a question, saying ‘peoplekind’ was more inclusive.

Two points:

1/ Isn’t a man, especially a white, cisgender, (allegedly) heterosexual man, correcting a woman an invasion of her safe space? It may even be a hate crime.

2/ Isn’t ‘peoplekind’ the sort of mangled non-word a six year old would come up with? Surely the modern way of replacing ‘mankind’ would be ‘humankind’?

Overall Trudeau is a total and utter bellend. His ascent to the prime ministership of Canadia was no doubt eased by being the son(?) of a former PM. I don’t know if Trudeau sr. was as big a nob as his son, before my time. Perhaps contributors of a certain vintage like Sir Limply and Dioclese could enlighten me.

Nominated by Cunt’s Mate Cunt.

47 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau [2]

  1. Christ’s head on a spike!

    Wot a picture, wot a photograph.

    Now that’s what I call a CUNT!

  2. Long overdue this one. For those (I’m guessing many) who follow events in Canadia via someone I heard called today the “Dark Professor” (lol where will their bs end) it’s quite clear that this cunt has a lot to answer for. This incident of cuntery is just the clit of the cuntberg. (See what I did there).

    Nicely written cunting by the way.

    If you want to see more of thus cunt and others like them being called to task, follow the online activities of Jordan Peterson, yeah I know you are already. I don’t know who but it was someone on here who made me aware of him, maybe the boss of the awful egit, Cyrill McDuff. Good work whoever it was!

  3. This cunt is the kind of cunts that makes other cunts look bad!

    I spent some summers in Canada as a young man and have many fond memories. I certainly remember Trudeau Sr. and his randy celebrislag wife. I have mixed emotions Pierre. Margaret was a whore.

    Justin is a true credit to Cuntkind.

    Long live Jordan Peterson! 🇨🇦

  4. Got a lot on his CV in little over two years since taking office in terms of turning Canada into PC police state that punishes free thought and speech yet appeases militant minorities and extreme Left.

    Wearing Ramadamadingdong socks to a gay pride march??, praise for Fidel Castro,China’s one party state and dictatorship amongst many limp wristed right-on posturing. I mentioned his cuntishness to a Canadian mate and asked how they could elect such a prick but then he pointed out I come from a country which elected Tony Blair three times.

  5. Watched a YT video about this wank stain just yesterday, posted by The Right Honourable, Sir Paul Joseph Watson.


    I really, really hate where I live in the US and have wanted to move for quite a while. A couple of years ago, Mrs Yank and I briefly stopped in Vancouver. Loved it. We also visited Victoria, BC. Loved it. Maybe we should consider Canada, we thought. Then the Canadians voted in this bell end and our hearts sank. What this cunt comes out with makes Sadiq Khan look like a rank amateur.

    Watch the video then ask yourselves how on god’s green earth did anyone actually take this plank seriously? I mean really, how could anyone this lacking in poise, intellect and an air of authority have risen to high office? I just don’t get it.

  6. The Trudeaus are just a family of slippery French cunts. The old man was the forerunner of the Blair cunt and i’m pretty sure Phoney Tony modelled himself on the money grabbing old fraud.
    Mother used her made up mental illness to excuse her drug taking and spreading her legs for any celebrity who stood still long enough, which is how she hooked Pierre in the first place. Visitors to the Trudeau minge included Ted Kennedy and the Rolling Stones ( all of them )
    Justin is a right chip off the old block. Every time I look at him I think Blair. If he loves Muzzies so much we’ve got a few million we could bung his way. Cunt.

  7. He’s the heap of shit that won’t pay compensation for wounded Canadian troops who’ve lost limbs, but spends millions on apparently re educating Isis fighters. Fucking cunt of massive proportions I hope the apparently newly westernized inbred cunts cut the cunts head off.

  8. The Canadicunts call him Dustbin Trudeau on account of how much he wants to trash everything to be replaced with snowflake/libtard policy.

  9. Trudeau, the minnow you want to smash in the face. This is the cunt who is the product of Pierre & Margaret Trudeau ( allegedly ) and has nothing to do with the fact that his mother openly set out to shag ALL of the Rolling Stones. His mother was a complete fucking basket case who had severe mental health issues after dallying with the drug scene. She also liked her booze, and was well known to all in showbiz as Ms “Summer County” ( spreads easy, even straight from the fridge )

    The spunk bubble that is Justin, is similarly well unstable, and this is very evident when he spouts all of this right on shit. This feckless twat is a dangerous retard, dangerous because he will do anything his puppet masters demand. And that is the danger!

    Fucking douche bag!

  10. Sorry to butt in on a good Cunting but,really….I’m fucking outraged..
    Tom Daley, 23, and husband Dustin Lance Black, 43, announce they are having a baby in sweet Valentine’s Day photo

    Tom Daley, 23, and husband Dustin Lance Black, 43, announce they are having a baby in sweet Valentine’s Day photo

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5391109/Tom-Daley-Dustin-Lance-Black-having-baby.html#ixzz575nDGuBN

    What the fuck?????

  11. Just had it confirmed that the Tyler Baines-Cadbury account mentioned on an earlier post is fake.
    We should all be supporting the tweeter who is a solid as they come.
    But my lord it’s so artfully done even I had my doubts

  12. Trudeau is a wanking misfit of epic proportions.
    It was only the heterosexual retards in Montreal and Ottawa that got him elected. The French cunts

  13. So I got the flu thanks to my cunt of a mother who got me sick, seriously my poor mother has had flus and colds on and off for the last month an a half now. I was bound to eventually get it, extreme chills and a fucky stomach fucking hell

    • Been there
      And I’ve got the shite, piss and snot stained pyjamas to prove it.

      Get well soon TitSlapper

      • Thanks bman, This flu really had me scared feel so weak I thought I was dying earlier today this stomach flu is the fucking pits

  14. What’s up with the grinning cunt in the photo?
    Has someone just delivered a lorry load of goats?

  15. I’m a scot and a male person with a resplendent cock and a beard. I wear the kilt and drink 2 litres of malt a day. I have suffered from sexual pandering and insults for 40 years. All of the cunts who tried it on got smashed faces. Do I have some kind of racism and fluidity case you fucking cunts?

  16. The words needed to adequately capture the enormity of this twats cuntitude simply don’t exisr! He is an utter cockwombling, Muzzie loving, terrorist appeasing , femanazi boosting emabarassment to MANkind. Just one problem: I would defo give him one as he is totally fit.

    • Please shag him to death, Kravdarth. That outcome would be appreciated by all cunters on this esteemed platform.

  17. Another cunt who cares fuck all about his citizens and more about being on message.

    Yeah Justin you keep ramming in the immos to top load your vote base when you – you cunt – won’t have to suffer those consequences personally with your security detail and secured residences.

    Let the ordinary Canadians watch as their cities/towns are transformed into little Islamabads who don’t have the luxury of protecting them and theirs from “peaceful” terrorism and rape gangs.

    But hey, so long as you get the votes right!


  18. You’ve got to give him a break, he’s too young and inexperienced to be a fully functional cunt , let’s call him a cuntina.
    His old man was a very smart individual, hovering always on the plimsoll line of cuntability without going underwater. But he surrounded himself with crooks and wets and allowed them to run amok, plundering the treasury and silencing anyone who disagreed with his “multicultural” vision.So in the rear mirror, he’s a made cunt
    I must say though that I did admire him for his ability to fuck the most beautiful women of his day (and a few double baggers, I might add).
    Rumour had it that he’d fuck a rip in fur coat no matter what sex it was, but I digest.. oops sorry!… digress
    The young fella is by all accounts a nice guy who wouldn’t do anything so nasty as to fuck one of his sycophants. But I’m scared that his feminine side will get the upper hand and make criminals out of all of us who dare to oppose some of his ideas, one of which is opening up the floodgates for our Middle Eastern friends.
    You’ve most likely already heard the news on two-way family favourites that he’s butchered the National Anthem with a grammatically incorrect amendment.

    His cabinet is filled with some surprisingly good-looking Trojan Horse feminazis (much easier on the eyes than the ugly hags from the U.K.) who haven’t had a chance to flex their muscles yet, but it’s coming , believe me… and ours will end up as ugly as yours!
    So let’s just say he’s serving his cuntprenticeship and watch with wonder as he inevitably becomes a fully- fledged fur bearing hairy magnet

  19. This poncey little cunt. I bet he pulls his pants right to his ankles when takes a piss at the urinal.

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