John Downey

I’d like to nominate IRA murdering filth John Downey for a cunting, and the terrorist appeasing fuckwits at the Legal Aid Agency. At this moment in time I can’t decide who is worse.

Downey was responsible for the 1982 Hyde Park bombing that killed 11 military personnel and injured countless others. Naturally it fell upon the circus of clowns that is our beloved police service to botch the investigation. The trial against Downey collapsed because the police ‘forgot’ that they had sent him a letter promising him immunity from prosecution, as part of Tony Blair’s hug-a-murdering-paddy campaign in the 1999, aka the Good Friday Agreement.

So when the victims’ families decide to sue this poisonous leprechaun in civil court, the legal aid agency refuse to grant the necessary funds to do so on the grounds that “it would not be in the public interest.” Despite the fact the LAA had already given Downey £50,000 to fight a criminal trial that never happened. Not forgetting the £22 million that the LAA have paid out to jihadis and other assorted terrorists to help defend themselves over the years, meanwhile telling the victims families to put up or shut up.

The victims’ families appealed against the LAA’s decision no fewer than 6 times. Each time the LAA coming up with a new set of excuses as to why they should all fuck off, ranging from: “it wouldn’t be fair on Downey” to “he’s got too strong a case for you to beat him.” Naturally, the only language these government apparatchiks understand is newspaper headlines, and it wasn’t until the families took their cause to the press the LAA did a massive volte-face, cranked up the damage limitation engine and then accepted the application. Of course the LAA corporate press release made no mention of why they had refused the application 6 times before and now, and only now, they had accepted it.

What the families expect to rinse out of this mass murdering, psychopath in civil court I can’t imagine. The guy doesn’t look like he’d fetch five pence at auction. Besides which they’d probably find he’s already in debt to his own moral bankruptcy to the tune of about ten billion pound.

Nominated by megacunt

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  1. Apt surname for the low life murdering mother fucker. Hope the cunt meets with a bad accident. Cunt.

  2. I’ve often wondered if Mr.Blair kept one of those “immunity from prosecution for murder and other terrorist offences” passes for himself. It would possibly have been prescient of him considering some of his actions.
    This Downey cunt should been quietly removed from (public) life years ago. He wouldn’t be much of a loss to mankind.

    • It is on record that Blair outlawed execution for treason (and that punishment was still on the books until the late 90’s). Probably because he knew he might well one day find himself in Wandsworth nick, getting the unwelcome 5am knock on the cell door.

      • He also did away with sedition.

        Then we get all the cunts like the SNP, Plaid Cumrag and the like getting their devolved parliaments to spout their separatist BS aided and abetted by Labour lackeys.

        Just much did that cunt Blair ruin this country?!

  3. Who is this cunt? I know naffink abaaaaaht it, anyways if he’s IRA then he’s a cunt.
    The cunts to Polish bus driver who fucking scratched my rear quarter panel and took my bumper off is a cunt. Should have faked some whiplash, anyways should get a nice courtesy car to rant abaaaaaht in. The cunt.

  4. Boils my piss, especially when people in genuine need can’t get legal aid to bring people, companies and organizations to justice.

    Pure abuse of the system making it another joke our country can be proud of.

    The peace agreement is another joke shielding the murdering cunts but not surprised with BLiar being involved.

    The sums of money the LAA are always short of what’s required to take cunts on through the legal system, leaving you on a hiding to nothing unless you sell your house and by that point most realise the system is rigged against you.

  5. Brexit scare day 7.
    A report says we will all suffer due to Brexit. And the regions who voted strongly to leave will be hit the worst. That will teach the cunts.
    It was compiled by the Treasury of course, who have never got a forecast right in living memory. And where would these civil servants be based? London I presume.
    We don’t know any of the parameters used but can guess that it excluded all possibility of controlled, sensible work permits, trade deals etc. And of course took the EUs threat to bankrupt it’s own industries by punishing the Uk at face value.
    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    • “It was compiled by the Treasury of course, who have never got a forecast right in living memory.”

      ha, so true. When you peel back the assumptions on these models, you realise they are packed to the brim with cunty (political) assumptions.

      When you are in London and talk to a lot of remainer cunts, you realise that they would rather the country be swallowed whole than admit they were wrong, in face of any argument, or any observable contradicting fact, and why? Because they have 2.1 from some cunty uni in Cuntology that means they know better than every one else.

        • Funny isn’t it how the poorest areas would be hardest hit down 16% while London would be relatively ok. Tell the thick cunts in the North East they’ll be fucked, they’ll fall for that!! Another funny thing tho is my resolve has just gone up 16%. See it all depends on what it is you feed into a system what sort of turd comes out the other end. I KNOW who are the real thick cunts.

          • The cunts cooked their goose long ago. From dodgy Iraq dossier to Project Fear, I will never again believe another word they say, regardless.

  6. John Downey is a shifty-eyed cunt who looks like a panda with a grey-haired minge stuck around his filthy Oirish pie hole.

    He deserves to have a nitro-glycerine suppository inserted in his rectum, sans lube, and a couple of pounds of semtex strapped to his wrinkled, gnarly old bollocks.

    I hope the nasty cunt meets his maker in a similar manner to how his victims went in 1982.

  7. Common purpose at its very worst, the insidious agenda which is at the core of this present establishment.

    • That day can’t come soon enough if you ask me.

      I hope Gerry Adams snuffs it next. The filthy fucking Fenian cunt.

      • I hope Gerry’s is a slow and painful one and i hope it’s televised that shitcunt is number 1 on my list

  8. And just to confirm her status as Queen Cunt, Soubry has today gone public with the claim she’s received a death threat. Unlike Soubry though, Goldsmith could provide evidence, a letter which was clearly written by an illiterate cretin. Curious timing, since Zac Goldsmith yesterday revealed that one of his constituents, an 80 year old leave voter, had received a death threat from a group of remainers. Soubry herself is no stranger to hurling abuse at people, as her petulant threat to resign if Rees-Mogg and Boris weren’t kicked out of the party. Yet she’s the first to go running to the media when someone throws it back at her. She’s also a publicity whore, and what could be more guaranteed to make headlines, and maybe generate some sympathy for the anti-Brexit sabotage campaign she’s co-leader of, than a death threat. FUCK OFF SOUBRY, YOU OBNOXIOUS, TRAITOROUS CUNT!

  9. 1982, the night we heard the news, me and a friend recorded a multi-tracked howling guitar piece (in the style of Hendrix’s Woodstock Star Spangled Banner) in tribute to the 7 horses killed by the bombs in Hyde Park. Still have it somewhere.

    We called it ‘Sefton’s Neck’, after one of the horse’s torn apart by shrapnel (below).

    Off topic: just seen Afua Hirsch on Sky News claiming ‘Cheddar Cunt Man’ to be proof that peacefuls are more indigenous to Britain than whites… now where did I put that shotgun? Silly me, both barrels already in my mouth. Good night.

    • Yet the “Red Lady” ( 27,000-30,000 yrs Paviland. Wales ) was white. So how the fuck was that?

      • Ah…maybe I’ll hold off pulling those triggers till morning…

        Find it deeply disturbing and almost impossible to believe a journalist of Afua Hirsch’s unimpeachable reputation would try to misrepresent the real world in such a manner.

      • Good point Cuntflap – think I’ll make a start with those pearly kings and queen cunts.

    • Hang on a minute, I don’t think this was as bad as it looked, I believe those that did it were just misunderstood and I believe their cause was legitimate as only a few years later after a bit of an incident at a hotel in Brighton caused by shoddy workmanship these poor souls were entertained in the Houses of Parliament by the sitting MP for Islington North who’s a lovely harmless bloke that’s driven by principles and still has the same beard he had all those years ago and it’s a fact that people with beards are cuddly, harmless gentle folk.

      • Don’t tell the snowflakes – they’ll have to put their fingers in their ears again!

  10. On a slightly sideways nom I’d like cunt the British judiciary for being raaaaacccciiissssttt against people of darker shade and peaceful nature who want to kill you, you’re kids and pretty much anyone in your vicinity as they detonate you in to oblivion.

    I present my evidence.

    In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, if you were called Seamus, Mick or Colm for example and sported a questionable dress sense, had long hair, sabs and facial hair in the form of a tash and felt marginalised, persecuted for your religious beliefs, misunderstood, oppressed or just hard done by and we’re sick to death of the fact you had a vote that would help you to change things but that vote happened to be part of a minority so needed to kill thousands of innocents because you were told time and time again by those that know better, violence never solves anything, then you were likely to get a 25 year sentence that was commuted to fuck all by the Arc Angel Tony.

    So fast forward to the here and now, if you are called Saddiq, Mohammed or Chabati for example and sport a questionable dress sense, have long hair, facial hair in the form of a lovely long beard and feel marginalised or persecuted for your religious beliefs, misunderstood, oppressed or just hard done by and are sick to death of the fact you have a vote that will help you to change things but that vote happened to be part of a minority so needed to kill thousands of innocents because you are told time and time again by those that know better, violence never solves anything, then you’re likely to get a 43 year sentence.

    Clearly that’s raaaaaacccciiiiisssstttt and that’s a real shame.

    Oh, btw, I genuinely live in hope that John Downey gets some nasty disease that renders him mute and immobile and his careers are a bunch of perverted faggots that ass fuck him every day and give him AIDS in the process.

    No fucking Surrender you cunts

  11. Good to see that cunt, Faiz Siddiqui, an entitled blubbering wankstain who sued Oxford University over his failure to get a top degree has had his claim dismissed by the High Court…. Siddiqui claimed “inadequate teaching” contributed to his low mark in a final year history paper in 2000….

    Great stuff… Tosspot… Foreign fucking tosspot…

  12. Be they goat fuckers or spud munchers, a terrorist by any other name is a fucking cunt!

  13. now forgive me if I am wrong but, before the Iron curtain fell the IRA had the monopoly on weapons, however when the curtain fell money spoke, and the prods are far from poor, then this happened.

    quite an impresive haul, the loss of which was described by the Brits and a monumental haul, but described by the prods as “a drop in the ocean”.
    It was at this time a significantly outgunned PIRA decided that maybe they might consider giving up the gun.
    There was no actual need for the consesions that were given out, the PIRA was again in the position that it needed the protection of HMF (though I have no idea why we offer it, the forces were there to protect the inocent on both sides)
    so now we have this massive bum fuck where all the combataents were pardoned except the security forces who were there to keep the peace.
    Good one tony. (twat/Cunt)

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