Darren Osborne

Darren Osborne is a piss-head, mentally unstable, drug addict who – through a half-arsed, half-baked, booze/weed fuelled attack (on that last bastion of British Society which has never been linked to “peaceful” terrorism whatsoever – Finsbury Park Mosque) – drove into a crowd of predominantly muslim people.

For this lone-wolf (correct usage here), random act of violence (again the correct usage here), resulting in the death of one man (one too many but I doubt truly intended), it completely wiped the slate clean on all of the “peaceful” atrocities which preceded it and the many more “peaceful” atrocities to succeed it.

And yet, and yet…the ABBC so keen never to brand a “peaceful” as an organised terrorist or radical, preferring the terms “lone-wolf” and “misunderstood” (when the opposite is quite clearly true), are more than happy to call Darren fucking Osborne a calculated, radicalised, right-wing terrorist; which simply isn’t true, he’s just a cunt. A fucking cunt, but just a cunt nonetheless!

Comparing Osborne’s actions to those perpetrated by the stone cold sober, pre-meditated, “peaceful” cunts is like comparing Tipping Point to Mastermind.

And yet, and yet…the ABBC insist and report that one “peaceful” (and I truly believe accidentally) killed by a pissed up, drug head is far worse than a bunch of kids purposely slaughtered by an organised terrorist “peaceful” cunt with a bomb!?!

Darren Osborne is a cunt for resetting the clock on “peaceful” intolerance following the London Bridge and Manchester terrorist attacks, and giving “peaceful” cunts a free pass on the next dozen or so attacks from within.

And the ABBC are cunts for making out that this cunt Osborne is a far more dangerous terrorist cunt than the real fucking terrorists who pervade our society, whether from within or without.

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

38 thoughts on “Darren Osborne

  1. Ploughed into a whole tribe of them and only managed to get one. ONE!! What was he driving, a disability scooter?


    • That’s because he was in the foot well sorting his trousers. Dave on the other hand who was at the wheel is of poor sight, currently awaiting cataracts on the NHS, should be due to get called in any year now.

  2. Darren Osborne is indeed a cunt and that is a sound, solid cunting, Rebel.

    That’s right folks, this pissed-up cunt in a corsa takes the life of one individual. His actions not only serve to, as Rebel says, ‘reset the clock’ on all accumulated atrocities carried out in the name of Allah during the last decade, but it actually tips the scales in the peaceful’s favour – now they are the oppressed, the hunted, the victims, the unsafe. Fuck my Christing bollocks, do these absolute cuntfucks ever shut their filthy lying mouths?

    To borrow a cuntfuck youth phrase from my nephew, who may I add at 15 is an absolute cunt of the variety only found within the book of Corinthians, the peacefuls who live in Britain ‘got woke’ on how to play their cards in the most efficient way possible, realising very quickly how many cancerous left-wing nutcases will do all the shouting and hand-gesticulating on their behalf.

    The sheer aggression with which the modern left has smothered this country is beyond belief; making the PC and nanny state years under Blair look positively anaemic by comparison. These fuckers will champion the cause of any two-bob banana gob who can just about string the words “me victim” together. And they, along with our festering shit-pit media outlets, have royally succeeded in warping the facts to paint all of Allah’s followers as the victims in Western society.

    7/7, Manchester, London Bridge, Glasgow Airport, Lee Rigby, Westminster. All wiped clean. If you actually look on Wikipedia under ‘UK terrorist incidents’, you will find Darren Osborne in exalted company with all the above. Give me fucking strength, Jeff.

    So Darren Osborne, you greasy fucking bellend, thank you on behalf of every concerned member of this country who still wants to see Britain free of this awful scourge of imported victimhood – thank you for setting the cause back decades, you absolute plutonium-grade, oozing shitcunt of a man.

    • @TECB you have my sympathies regarding your nephew, my niece is 17 and showing worrying leanings towards Jezza and his free tuition carrot (ahem, bribe). I don’t see her often enough to enlighten her from this regressive mental illness know as liberalism.

      • This cunt is already beyond fucking hope. Classic case of being spoilt as a child with sister dearest opting for the ‘new-age’ style of non-parenting complete with naughty steps, time-outs, aromtherapy and fucking hemp.

        I recall saying to her in 2010, on the day of the GE, as he screamed the church hall ballot station down in a tantrum, that he would become ‘impossible to control’. Fast-forward and he is already a cunt for the ages. The stereotypical millenial who already fancies himself as a Corbyn footsoldier.

        Last October, my sister called me up to say he had been having problems at school. Someone etched on his locker “reserved for a shit”. I had to muffle the phone to hide the fucking laughter.

      • My niece too…and it wouldn’t make any difference how often I saw her – fingers remain firmly in ears whenever the kindly old Labour gentleman’s sinister nature crops up in conversation.

        And why not? He’s going to abolish poverty, racism, sexism, nuclear weapons, homelessness, the army, wealth creators (greedy cunts), tuition fees and student debt. And he’ll even get that nasty baby boomer generation to hand over their homes and savings to the hard done by millennial & snowflake generation, and reverse Brexit, so what’s not to like?

        Why don’t middle aged people want life to be nice in this country?

        • And don’t forget, he’ll buy everyone a free house, buy back all the infrastructure and keep raising minimum wage until either everyone is rich or companies can’t afford to employ anyone anymore.

          And I’m sure our supreme chancellor jabba the flabbott will find billions in savings when she’s the one doing the maths.

          I didn’t think there would ever be a worse cabinet than the B.liar regime but I think these cunts will be worse.

  3. This boozed-up drug addled cunt is just that, a few internet searches or following Tommy Robinson on Twatter does not equate to any organised coherent radicalisation compounded by the fact that he tried to blame his imaginary friend ‘Dave’ during his trial.

  4. It’s not just the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation who have stitched up this cunt but the British ( I use the word advisidly ) Justice System. 43 fucking years minimum??? That’s the same as Lee Rigby’s killers got. Can this stumbling drunken loser really be compared to those cunts?
    Dimfuck Darren has been thrown under the bus to appease the neo-liberals and the hard working, tax paying Muzzies so beloved by the O’Shitheads of this world.
    Barring a Bastille type liberation this pathetic knob will never see the light of day again , in essence a political prisoner.

    • 43 fucking years minimum??? That’s the same as Lee Rigby’s killers got. Can this stumbling drunken loser really be compared to those cunts?

      In no realm can the two events be fucking compared, save for the fact that cars were involved in both.

      You’ve kind of hit the nail on the head in labelling him a ‘political prisoner’ – that is exactly what he is. He is a mammoth shitcunt fuckhead and make no mistake, but the authorities know just how much resentment exists in this country at the peaceful religion; despite all the media air-brushing of them ‘integrating’. 43 years bird will remind any other potential revenge attackers that they will be treated like terrorists, just like the Rigby murderers.

      That should stamp out any dissidents. You will like your new neighbours Smith, regardless of what they might do to you.

  5. Osbourne is an evil pathetic cunt who deserves hanging rather than taxpayer subsidised shelter food and security.He is rightly vilified as a terrorist I just wish the same level of vitriol and condemnation was extended to peaceful terrorists instead of pathetic attempts to blame factors such as foreign wars or Islamophobia to justify their barbarity.

  6. I was rather hoping this would be the start of the UK striking back against these vermin. He must have known he’d be caught though. So instead of rotting his life away in clink, why not do the decent thing and run at the vermin with a ‘special’ kind of vest? One? Just fucking one? Ugh! Still, as Tesco says, every little helps.

  7. Well, I know it disproves cohomology theory, but Obrien has done the impossible and out-cunted himself. He said, in all seriousness, that if Jacob Rees is our next PM, we can all say goodbye to having weekends off.

    Fucking hell, that is irresponsible journalism in the extreme.

    • You mean O’Shithead will be broadcasting over the weekends too? Fuck me, maybe Corbyn’s worth another look – every day’ll be a holiday with Labour!

    • O’Shithead may describe himself as a journalist but he is nothing more than a propagandist. Like all the remoaner heavy hitters he follows the Goebbel’s line…….if you tell a lie over and over again eventually people believe it, and then it’s not a lie anymore.
      I see the cunt has dropped Catweazle from his hate list and replaced him with Rees Mogg, which suggests that he feels that the bastard is now firmly in the EU bag.
      Question Time tonight….. this week’s remoaners : rich bitch Lady Nugee and representing the yoof wing ( despite knocking on 60 ) the great Terry Fuckwit Christian, professional Mankerwanker and champagne socialist. Yuk.

      • Christian is a despicable little cunt. I used to mate about with him years ago at OT and a few Mancunian boozing haunts. Salford lad of Irish extraction and lapsed Catholic. I was invited to one of his roadshows at a club in Stockport – full of Citeh fans / golf playing car salesmen type. He managed about 5 minutes on his feet and the champagne swigging rich young things tore him a new arse. He abandoned his gig after 20 minutes to cheers and humiliation from the Stockport magoos. He blamed it on his liebour roots and all Tories hate anyone who disagrees with them. Truth in point they absolutely fucking murdered his every attempt at silencing the crowd. They asked him to join them for a beer afterwards (no hard feelings Terry lad – its all banter) and he told them almost crying to “fuck off you posh cunts). I haven’t laughed as much in ages. BTW – if you get a chance to see his live show – DONT – its fucking shite unless you want to listen to a cross between Owen Jones, Will Self, Ben Elton and Ernie Wise telling shit dits and untrue longwinded stories about Catholic Mancunians of the leftist extraction. Pure 100% cunt. Terrah (as its pronounced in Madchester) is one of those he professes to hate. A well off cunt who despises his roots but takes the shilling at every opportunity.

    • I know a lot of cunters like Reese-Mogg but it is only his take on Brexit that chimes really. We may as well dig up Alec Douglas-Home as put Mogg in. He will be an electoral disaster. The snowflakes will actually get off their arses and vote for Corbyn. I cant see him converting the industrial north and midlands either. We need a tory who is of this century not the 19th.

  8. This cunt and the pathetic cunt that murdered Jo Cox have fed the victimhood myth that the muslims use whenever one of their kind or sympathisers is attacked.
    Orthodox Islam is what prevails in Saudi and ISIS. There is no difference. They both support indiscriminate attacks worldwide. Across the sectarian divide the orthodoxy is Iran. Same stoneage repression, different interpretation of the fairy tale.
    Cunts like Osbourne help the peacefuls spread the lie that their’s is a religion of peace. No it aint. Wherever it is practiced the opposite is true. Hatred is built into it.

    • Nobody had ever heard of Jo Cox outside of her constituency until she was murdered. And on the evening of that tragic event, the news networks were overflowing with footage of her in an inflatable dinghy on the Thames, showing her children how to stick the finger up at working fishermen on fishing boats, whilst Bob Geldof crowed into a loudspeaker from a luxury pleasure boat nearby.

      The referendum in a nutshell.

  9. When I saw the term Osborne got, 43 years, it got me wondering whatever happened to the attempted mass murder on the Parsons Green tube attack. By all intent, somebody making an attempt to kill a vast amount of people.
    A quick Google search and I found the reported story in The Guardian from September 2017, on the court appearance on assylum seeker, Ahmed Hassan. It starts the report with … ‘An 18-year-old Iraqi orphan appeared in court on Friday’ ..
    Well, fuck me, I think it’s pretty obvious how loaded,one way, this court case is going to be. He’s up in March, so it will be interesting to see how the BBC report it.

  10. Just found LBC have a complaints form They are gonna be hearing from me every weekday at 1pm.

  11. Well cunted.

    This cunt has stitched us all up by handing the moral high ground to the lefty sissy cunts at the top.

    Just like that Jo Cox cunt (can’t remember his name). I didn’t like Jo Cox but I didn’t think she deserved that. The worst thing though was during the election debates, those SNP, green party and lib dumb cunts were just “Jo Cox, Jo Cox, Jo Cox”.
    Immigration “Jo Cox”
    Terrorism “Jo Cox”
    The police “Jo Cox”
    Green men on the moon “Jo cunting Cox”

    Now the lefties think that they hold the moral high ground and it’s fucked. I don’t know what the (totally avoidable) death toll of Muslim terrorism in this country is, but I bet it’s more than 2.

    • 4 people die in the UK every year putting their trousers on.

      Be interesting to know how many terrorists die every year putting their burkas on.

  12. I think the world missed a classic jem, no one has bothered to check the daughters statment after the trial.

    “Our father, like the victims of most terrorism, was entirely innocent, which makes his death in this violent way even more hurtful.”

    Now could any one here explain to me what this means when we say “most terrorism” am I to understand that from this statment that there is an ok form of terrorism (you know if you really dont like them it’s ok) against certain people, and who are theses people?
    come on chaps eyes and ears open please, the world is full of cunts!

  13. 43 years for Osboune, while that sadistic, child murdering, family wrecking, still a n@nce cunt, Jon Venables is going to be ‘rehabilitated’ yet again as he is still a danger to children…
    This country is fucking shit!

  14. I wouldn’t worry too much about this no-mark ‘resetting the clock’, as it were. We’re more or less due the next outrage of snackbar cuntery.

    And people with longer memories (I.e, cunts like us) do not remotely consider the clock to have been reset. Makes you think though – a 16 year old today would have been 3 years old in 2005 and i very much doubt it has been taught in the post Blair curriculum.

  15. As I said last week: This bell end has totally stiffled any reasonable debate about muslims. For that he is a cunt. Now if he had killed Jezza……He would be my all tine fucking hero!

  16. The backlash from his stupid actions will probably see free speech whittled away to nothing, and more or less wipe out sites like this. The cunt.

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