Black Panther

Can we have an overblown, all singing, all dancing cunting for Black Panther.
Not because it features mainly black actors.
Not for the overhyped plugs it is getting.
But because it is shit.

Judging by the trailers it is yet another lazy, stereotypical superhero pic. More pathetic video game than film. If it is aimed at black audiences then presumably Hollywood assumes they are 13 year old boys who are as thick as pigshit, just like the usual target audience.

If we need ‘black’ films then at least do not insult the intelligence of the audience or the cast. Make a fucking film where actual acting is required.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

62 thoughts on “Black Panther

  1. That complete cunt, John Bogo-Bogeya isn’t in it. is he?…. He’s in everything else… The token black bloke of the big screen… The Lenny Henry of cinema…

    • And Martin Freeman – the token white dullard – presumably chosen for his woodentop acting ability, truly inspirational casting imho.

      • I used to really love The Office, but after what I found out about cunt Freeman on ISAC, I can’t and won’t watch it ever again. Massive hypocritical smug faced cunt.

        • Funny thing, he was ok in The Office, apart from some of the slushier bits, but they were mainly Gervais’s fault. Still enjoy it, just have to blot out everything Freeman’s done since…

          • You’re a better man that I, SB. I can’t go back and gloss over this cunt’s subsequent sins.

            I used to absolutely love Seinfeld too. But after Julia Luis-Dreyfus’ (she played Elaine) public anti-Trump/pro-rapeugee outbursts at award ceremonies, I can’t watch anymore. Jodie Foster – same. Plus a few others I’ve since forgotten about. Why do slebs have to virtue signal? Cunts.

          • Watched entire Seinfeld (approx 180 episodes) twice! Fucking magic. Initial episodes did not grab me at first but once I got into it I was hooked big time.

            Fortunately I don’t take any interest or notice what actors say or do outside their work. Don’t read papers or magazines or watch awards ceremonies. So have no idea what J L-D has been mouthing off about, but not surprised by what you say, must be only a tiny fraction in that industry who are not libtard Democrats.

            Also love Curb Your Enthusiasm, so have to avoid catching anything Larry David might be saying these days. Not interested one way or another in their politics, only their art.

            Soon be time for another round of Seinfeld…

            PS: American Office not bad, much to my surprise.

  2. A posho IS loving Brit cunt dubbed “Jihadi Jack” has been left “crying for his mum and fears he has cancer” after being “forgotten” in 6ft solitary confinement cell in Syria.

    The parents of Jack Letts, 23, who travelled to the country to join ISIS have hit out at the British government for leaving him to die in a Kurdish jail.

    As old Sgt Major Shut Up would say: ‘Oh dear! How sad! Never fucking mind!’
    Let him rot, the fucking cuntfuck….

    • He made his choice, he got caught. He can sit and fucking rot as far as I’m concerned. That reminds me, Lord Carlile needs a cunting for calling on the government to bring home those two ‘Beatles’ cunts who were recently captured by the Kurds. He reckons they should be tried here. Yeah right, soft sentences, cushy jail cells? Fuck that, let the Kurds dish out THEIR justice.

      • Just as a matter of interest. How does he manage to send these messages home to mummy and daddy ?

      • Spot on QuickDraw,

        The Cunt made a conscious decision to leave the UK and go and fight the infadel in Syria. He deserves everything he fucking gets.

        I hope Kurdish justice is a swift bullet to the scums head.

      • They do have people calling themselves the white helmets which is equivalent to the brown hatters we have here.

  3. David Tennant should have been cast as Black Panther.
    It’s about time it was given to a white actor.
    So… Until Mr Tennant lands this role I shall boycott this steaming pile of pish.

    It is a wonder tho that cunts aren’t falling on their own swords because Idris Elba never got the gig.

    Everybody’s favourite black guy is idris……. He was in a filum on telly the other night that was made in 2017…… 2017 ffs and it was already on terrestrial telly.

    He gets to strut about being the big filum star yet in truth, he’s just a bargain bin dvd cunt.

    • “bargain bin dvd cunt” – LOL!! Classic birdman. And I’ve never even heard of this Idris Elba. Sounds like a made up name to me. Or the name of a disease. “What’s this rash doctor?”, “Looks like a spot of Idris Elba to me. Might want to put some Calamine on that, son”.

  4. Of all the films containing an element of racial diversity, Alan Clarke’s ‘Scum’ takes some beating. Literally.

  5. I sense some anger over black panther. Well I can cheer you all up. Scotland Yard have asked for more money in the hunt for Madeline! That is some welcome good news and I expect all cunter to have a nice Monday evening.

    Happy New year cunts.

      • Still notice plod are reticent to arrest St. Kate & St. Gerry for their dereliction as parents where they weren’t even in the same building as their kids when Madeline was “abducted” (cough, ahem, cough, splutter).

        O’course St. Kate & St. Gerry are both highly qualified dactaris so that immediately absolves them of any wrong doing whatsoever by the neo-liberal fascists. In fact wasn’t St. Gerry an anaesthetist? Pretty handy if you wanted to – say – “rufie” your kid so you can enjoy the chardonnay round the corner in a restaurant?? Just saying.

        Also – as MDs – you’d have to assume pretty clued up on cleaning up biological “footprints”, if someone was so inclined.

        Please contrast this with Karen Matthews, a total cunt claiming her daughter Shannon had been kidnapped when she was hidden – alive and well – in the house.

        Now Matthews – one of Jeremy Kyle’s finest – got 8yrs for her troubles basically because she WAS Jeremy Kyle scum.

        They could’ve doubled that for me and I’d have had no problems with that whatsoever, but that’s not the point, the point is the disparity in which these two sets of parents were treated: two MDS, daughter gone, “oh you poor poor people” (because they tick the right academic and libtard boxes) Vs trailer trash scum, daughter ok, “burn the witch!” from the same Kate & Gerry fan-club!

        Well all I’ll say is that whoever and however Madeline disappeared then it’s on their conscience and theirs alone.

        I don’t see how pissing more good taxpayers money after bad on a bi-annual jolly for plod (notice how it’s always between Nov and Feb when the cunts decide Britain’s winter is a cunt) serves any purpose anymore.

        I mean St. Kate & St. Gerry won’t be short of a bob or two – just think about the years they’ve been earning when they could (should) have been doing porridge (like Karen Matthews) – and so why don’t they fund a two week jolly for a couple of Private Dicks?

        I mean they don’t expect them to find anything but at least it would show willing.

        Just as I don’t see why my taxes should fund the Rest of the World’s scum in benefits handouts, I also don’t see why I should be expected to indefinitely fund the mistakes of privileged rich people whom – at the very least – should have been put on the social services watch list and had their other kids taken off them (in the short term) just as any Jeremy Kyle scumbag would have had done to them.

        Come on Kate, Gerry, isn’t it time? Hmmm…?

          • I am forced to agree with you Kravdarth.

            Enough time and taxpayers money has already been spent on this, should call it a day.

            Any trail went cold years ago and many investigations have uncovered precisely diddly squat.

    • This is where I land on this. I would welcome your thoughts.

      – XXXX and XXXXY fancy a night out. So they dose the most problematic kid up with some sleeping meds.
      – But they fuck the dose up. Come back and XX is dead.
      – They panic.
      – Concoct a hair brained scheme to claim an abduction took place.
      – XXXXX buries the poor kid out in the country somewhere.

      Have to say though, I do find **** bewilderingly attractive. I think it’s those cold dead eyes, and the fact that once you know she’s done a thing like that, she probably won’t argue the toss over a bit of anal.

      • When that poor wee girl first went missing, my heartache and sorrow soon turned to “I’d root the mater tho”.

      • I’m dubious about the burial bit. Now one of the previous suspects did have a pig farm in the area, and I seem to remember that pigs are champions at corpse disposal – (not that I’ve ever checked this out personally, but your time will come, Blair). They eat everything, apparently, and even sorting out the DNA from the shite could be problematic. Just a thought.

  6. I’d love to suggest it be remade using a White actor and watch all the (secretly racist) squawking pc turds who ubiquitously carp on about blackface and yellowface have a meltdown.

    PC Cunts: “Waa Waa Waa, Why can’t we give more roles to black people/ why can’t we have a black Kojak/James Bond/Sherlock Holmes waa waa waa.” (as infinitum)

    Me: “Well can we have a white man playing Othello?”

    PC Cunts: 💣

    • There WAS a black Kojak. It was remade in 2005 with Ving Rhames playing Kojak. It was shite, so it only lasted one season. There’s talk of a Kojak movie, with Vin Diesel in the lead. Don’t know if it’ll happen though.

      • Yes, and a 70s Sherlock. Soon it’ll be a black Bond. They should make Bond played by a gerbil or a mango if they’re so desperate to please, rather than tell a story.

      • So would that be less…

        “Who loves yah baby!”

        And more…

        “Who loves yah baby! And I’m off before the cunt is born! AYYYYYEEEEE!!!”

    • They should cast Tom Hardy as Shaft… The ‘racist’ siren would be heard for fucking miles… PC cunt trumpets….

      • …or announce a film biopic of Martin Luther King being played by Rupert “Ginger Ron” Grint and watch the Lefties lose their marbles.

  7. Unfortunate choice of film name. Donald Neilson was the original Black Panther. Nasty cunt killed 3 sub postmasters and murdered a 17 year old heiress in a storm drain.

    I suspect the snowies who named the film didn’t have a ferkin clue.

    • Actually The Black Panther first appeared in a Marvel Comic in 1966, long before the Donald Neilson (who was White of course) began his reign of terror.

  8. As of today only 6.6 on IMDB.

    Generally don’t usualy bother with films with a rating of below 7 however always prepared to make an exception. Unlikely with this one though.

    Shawshank top at 9.3.

  9. Apparently, there are elements of BLM and other racist groups whingeing about the movie too. Apparently, despite it have a mainly black cast, it was still made by white people. Not looking good for that movie. Personally, I’m waiting for Deadpool 2.

    • I’ve seen some movies made by dindus’. They’re usually shaky phone footage of tyre necklaces and muggings accompanied by the sweet soundtrack of teef kissing or african hollerin’.

      • In my humble opinion Marvel peaked with the second Captain America film.
        I bet Barbara Broccoli must be going nuts, desperately wanting to appear “progressive” while knowing full well that casting a black/female/whatever actor as 007 may kill the cash cow stone dead.
        Danny Boy Craig is hopefully crapping himself too, seeing as most every film he makes outside of Bond dies on it’s arse.
        (RIP the James Bond films 1962-1998)

  10. Chose yesterday of all days to replace an exterior security flood light which had stopped working.

    Have had a spate of burglaries in the town so needed to get it done sooner rather than later.

    Electrics not my strong point so not looking forward to it. Checked with my kindly next door neighbour who knows about electrical matters that I was going about things the right way.

    After eventually fathoming out which circuit to shut down (decided to switch off the power to whole of the ground floor just in case) and after reading the confusing microscopic instructions ventured out into the garden. Managed to disconnect and remove the old light..

    Up the top of a ladder for close to a sodding hour bsolutely bloody freezing, blowing a gale and then it started to hail.

    On this particular occasion managed to get the job completed successfully but had clean forgotten quite how much I fucking hate DIY.

    • I thought for a minute you were going to explain a Rod Hull-like accident and had become “Rod” Stroker.

      • Or that pathetic cunt who fell off a roof in the Archers – NO I DON’T listen to the fucking Archers, but that episode was all over the ABBC News for some unfathomable reason (nothing to do with drumming up audience figures for a crap soap long past its axe by date of course). Needless to say the wife follows the dreary nonsense assiduously.

    • I have one of the fuckers to replace. Bought it a few weeks ago and wife nagging to get it done. Up a fucking ladder in the gales with snow, sleet, hail and freezing rain coming down. It can wait till spring. She is not getting the insurance yet.

    • Welcome to my world mate.

      If it’s pissing down, windy, sleet, hail or all of the above, I’m up the top of a ladder wiring up an outside light of crawling around in flower beds to sort spike lights.

      If it’s a heat wave, I’m stuck in a hot loft all day or crawling round in a basement.

      Being a sparks is a cunt.

  11. The only Black Panther of any note was the Phelon & Moore production cycle with the 598 of 1955 being the best ever. Vincent Black Prince, another classic. Ah…those were the days… Geoff Duke et al…

    Other than that Black Panther is total shit, well cunted. Cunt.

  12. I believe there’s a follow up that’s beyond the planning stages…..

    My sources tell me it’s called,

    Black B’stard

    Apparently the main character will be based around a Peaceful Politician who as the son of a gimmegrant bus mechanic, battled against all odds to to qualify as a Lawyer.

    The first hour of the 75 minute film will focus on the hero’s struggle against all odds to become a lawyer as the gimmegrant son of a bus mechanic.

    The film reaches its crescendo as our hero gets elected as mayor of Londistan promising to cut the oppressive and racist policy of ‘Stop and Search’ whilst also solving the problem of ‘man made global warming’

    Having cut ‘targeted’ stop and search incidents by 50% and presiding over a 32% increase in knife crime during the same period the film ends on a scene that sees the hero opening his daughters wardrobe door and stepping in to it, as, job done, he returns to his rightful place in the mighty kingdom of Narnia.

  13. I saw that pretentious cock sucker Marc Kermode who’s always banging on about coming of age films, whatever the fuck they are ? Anyway the cunt was really doing his bit for ethnic cinema by rating this pile of infantile shite as a great piece of cinema.. Are you fucking kidding you portable shitter for a surname you cunt.
    This is classic Black cinema

  14. It amuses me no end that the Black Panthers are a borderline terrorist group of thugs who show up at polling booths over here in Yankland and harass and intimidate non-black voters. You know the type. Large frame black males, all dressed in black (obviously), chewing a cocktail stick, eyeballing everyone with extreme menace and waving a baseball bat around. I shit thee nay. You couldn’t make it up. Such a wonderful addition to election time. Well done lads for showing your support for the democratic process. Cunts.

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