Remaniacs (2)

All remoaners are cunts in my opinion. They fail to acknowledge or face facts when there’s any good news about leaving the cunty EU.
But a whiff of bad news about it and there off like cunts in a cunt race .
I could in fact be talking about the seriously cuntuous cunts that are the BBC but no , any remoaning cunt fits the bill here. So I nominate ” The Remoaner”

Nominated by Cunt care less.

The things that Remoaners claim Brexit is responsible for is becoming increasingly ridiculous. While driving my mother to a hospital appointment this morning, there was a clearly brain dead “environmentalist”, (emphasis on “mental”) on Radio 2, who was whingeing about the government’s new policy on dealing with waste plastic. At one point, the swivel eyed bint actually made the absurd claim that, and I quote; “Brexit is responsible for climate change”. Obviously, with this being BBC Radio 2, it went completely unchallenged, but I can’t have been the only one who heard that and shouted; “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU WORK THAT ONE OUT”? And Remoaners have the nerve to call Brexiteers uneducated? Fuck off!

It’s a simple, tiresome, fact that as we get closer to the day that we ‘leave’ the EU, Remoaners will become increasingly desperate with their claims as to what will happen to the UK, and the world in general once we’re out. They haven’t been able to change our minds with lies and insults, so now it seems they’re changing tactics and attempting to change our minds with insanity. What next? HMS Royal Oak was sunk because of Brexit? Apollo 13 malfunctioned because of Brexit. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated by a Brexiteer? Adolf Hitler supported Brexit. The sun will explode due to Brexit. And they say the Leave campaign are liars?

So called man made climate change was being thrown at us long before we had the referendum, so how the fuck could Brexit possibly be responsible for it? Is Doctor Who a Brexiteer? That’ll upset Stephen Moffatt.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

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  1. Following the visit of the Westminster La Gobs yesterday, that demented old fuckwit Donald Tusk has yet again said today we are welcome to change our minds about leaving. What the fuck do they take us for?. Very wealthy
    men – Mandleson, Blair, Dick Branson, Gina Miller, Ken Clarke, Fukka Umunna are far too anxious to remain so it must be good for them, but not good for the rest of us.

    Why don’t we just walk away from the EU and tell them to fuck themselves.

    Tusk is like an old pikey who won’t accept no to his offer to sharpen our knives means no.

      • So we take a load of shitcunts the Frogs want to dump and we pay the snail eating greaseballs for the privilege ?
        Sounds fucking great! I’m sure the senile old witch will snatch the cunt’s hand off.

        • Few things in life are as black and white as this – ffs, the Frogs have an obligation to register and look after these illegal immigrants, not the UK!

          Including children with 5 o’clock shadows.

          • What we need to do is fill in our end of that fucking tunnel. That’ll stop the cunts coming through once and for all.
            Either that or have a shoot to kill policy for anything that crawls out of it without an invitation.
            In these dangerous times it surely makes sense and is justified for the sake of our national security.

        • As I’m equally sure the granny-grabbing CUNT will have his tongue up the senile old witch’s snatch…

      • It would surely be against their human rights to come to a non-shariah country that is leaving the EU?

    • Tusk’s such a cunt even his own people hate him. Although he probably doesn’t care – like all EU-maniacs he has probably renounced his nationality and calls himself European. Which makes him unspeakably cuntish. And also disrespectful to those proud european nations which aren’t in the huge pile of stinking cuntitude known as the EU.

      • Tusk doesn’t have to face the ballot box anymore, he has more lucrative fish to fry, so his fellow countrymen can all go to hell.

        • Ah yes, Tusk – the man who is so despised in Poland it’s a no go country for the cunt.

      • Just like Verminhofstadt, coathanger-dodger extraordinaire…

        Slightly off-topic, but not much…

        Did you see ITV News Cymru yesterday ?
        The rot has REALLY set in. Report on slimophobia… Massively overlaid with the terrms “xenophobia” and “Waaaaay – cism”
        Sad that English is now so obviously the minority language in this cuntry. Since when have slimes been a “wace” ??
        One peaceful from a school came across as a “special needs” student, although I vair much fear he was “Head Teacher”. The other one just looked utterly psychotic and swivel-eyed.

        Oddly, not once did anyone ask what might possibly be the root cause of any mistrust of wonderful peacefuls.

        I apologise, before it’s extorted out of me. A bad day at Coleg, bending steel conduit into dog-legs,,, Mine looked like it had been pulled out of an RTA.

    • Nah, not taking that bet. I fully expect Sharia May to cave in to Macaroon’s demands. She’s already caved in to all the EU’s demands, so I can’t really see her growing a spine any time soon.

    • I saw blithering idiot and EU super cunt juncker bleating on again that the UK could trigger article 49 to rejoin the EU after we had left??
      According to this bloated self important sack of shit we would be welcome back to his festering swamp of turds anytime we like? The cheeky Cunt needs to give his head a wobble….
      He is calling on all member states to accelerate into monetary union and has muted that financial compliance could be lowered to enable poorer members who don’t meet the EU ,s standard to be let in??
      Excuse me Claude haven’t you and your fuck witted EU chums done that before??
      And exactly how did that work out ?? Unfucking believable stuff!!

  2. What a great cunting!
    Remoaners are cunts because they are deliberately ignoring the democratic process. It’s fucking rude.
    When the vote went through some folks were saying “fuck wales for voting to leave. Not going there again.” and yet when they need to buy a cheaper house…..
    Same people who steadfastly refuse to accept election results; or accept that they may have to work, hard, for a living; or that other people may not fucking like them. At. Fucking. All.
    Remoaners need re-educating in how to breathe with their heads held firmly in a bucket of water.

  3. Tusk doesn’t want to sharpen our knives he wants to tarmac our drive, wait until we go out , call up his cousin’s lorry and empty our fucking house. Cunt.

  4. To add to the list – Carillion ‘blames Brexit’ for its collapse, according to the Gremoaniad, sorry, Guardian. Apparently the government was too distracted by its negotiations to continue treating the gigantic subcontracting scam with the tender affection it required. I’ve clearly misunderstood something here. I’d thought the point of paying big autonomous multitasking corporations for building and running your infrastructure was that they were capable of doing the fucking job on time and within budget. Or even at all. Without regular kisses from Mrs May, and preferably without relying on high-margin, high-risk projects ordered, but not paid for, by our friends with the towelling hats, to cover the directors’ fees ( but not the pension fund)

    If Brexit was responsible for terminating the careers of the very fat cats in charge of this now-dried gravy train, then I am extremely proud of Brexit. It’s just delivered a healthy kick in the balls to the accepted wisdom, as it was intended to. Good. This megacorporate shit needs shaking out. Cunts.

    • I blame Brexit for my awful smelly botty-burps this evening.

      Had a vision of Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Junckunt as I was travelling home on Deutsche Bundesbahn Arriva Tren Cymru 2-car boggler-boggler back to Cardiff today…
      She says, in inane muppet voice…
      “Hello, I’m Angela, from I G Farben the Chemists.”
      He says, dumbly,
      “My colleagues came in the other day and said ‘ Oi, Jean-Claude, you’re a deluded old cunt’ ”

      Sorry, I’ve just finished my litre of Cherry Herring…

      Rant over.

  5. Trouble is, us cunts need educating.

    I think it would be very helpful if Steven Muffart could write an episode of Dr Who where the gender neutral dyke materialises in post Brexit Britain, so we can see with our own eyes the full horror and carnage that will be wrought should we persist in our foolish quest to extricate ourselves from the Evil Empire. Public service broadcasting at its finest!

    So how about it Steven? Could be a Knighthood in it for you…

    • I’m thinking the opening scenes of Terminator 2, smashed up cities, death , destruction and a underground resistance movement of Remaniac cunts waging a lonely war.
      Probably a load of cyborgs too who are Brexit cunts that killed off all the jobs, volcanos, acid rain and a plague of locusts thrown in.

  6. In my opinion all Remainers are fucking unpatriotic traitors.

    Remainers keep talking about going over the edge of a cliff? Nobody can be sure of the final outcome if we leave the EU however would prefer to take my chances with the wankers in charge here as we can vote them out (albeit the alternative fucking muppets look even worse) as the EU itself is hurtling towards the edge of the cliff, and without the UK it will be sooner rather than later.

    If everyone in the UK resoected the referendum result and if TM (stupid bitch) and her team did their fucking jobs properly we would nearly be out by now, or could already be out.

    Dealing with European lying fuckers who cannot be trusted. Just leave.

    • I always thought that if your choices brought you to a cliff edge you should bloody well leap off it with enthusiasm.
      Otherwise you just look like a pussy cunt other people can push around.
      Fuck that. Leap, swandive and make the fucking best of it.

    • Fuck Ian Hislop up the shitter with a red-hot poker, and in the name of Dog, do it now !!

  7. Remainiacs are most definitely cunts, I am sure I speak for most leavers when I say if the results were reversed we would have been pissed off and cursed the remainers but got on with it and accepted the will of the people an all that bollocks.
    Not the remainers though, every excuse etc to try and say the result is not valid, or we need ANOTHER referendum to see if we want the ‘Deal’ on offer. I was sick of Brexit before I the referendum, I have gone beyond giving a fuck now as I know there will be a sellout or at the very least a Brexit no Brexit voter actually wants.
    What a pile of cunt. I’m off to the Polski Sklep.

    • JAMS. There isn’t going to be a snap General Election. Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed. Brexit means Remain. Fuck.

    • Get some Polish Spirit 96 % !
      The bottled gooseberries are excellent, too. As are kilo buckets of herrings in sour cream. And acacia honey.

      Sod Jamie Oliver, the bee-stung-lipped mockney twat.

      • Polish sausage is certainly a partial compensation for having my Local Shop turned into a Slavic cultural centre. They do good gherkins, too.

  8. …. I’ve heard many a Remoaner Cunt blame Brexit for every woe that has happened since the referendum … yet when it’s been pointed out to them about the FTSE at a record level, the pound being in quite a strong position, exports doing really well … unemployment levels being at a low …. the Cunts reply …”Ah well, but you see, Brexit hasn’t happened yet..” … Fuck off ‘Cake and eat it Cunts’

    I hear Nigel Farages issue that the ‘Leavers’ have gone quiet … to me, all the protesting has been from the Remain side …. I think if it turns into a ‘well we’re actually not leaving’ scenario …. it’ll certainly be a pitch fork demonstration at Westminster from me …

    • You can count me in as I have nothing to lose. Need to buy a pitchfork though!

      If it comes down to it and both Remainers and Leavers protest will be interesting to see which side the police are told to go easy on.

      My money would be on the Remainers, as Leavers are supposedly all ignorant uneducated working class peasants so up for a confrontation.

      • …. well I am an ignorant uneducated working class peasant, so that’ll be me then … with a couple of spare pitch forks … I can pick you up on the way down from the north …. it’ll be like Wembly in ’77.

      • Seeing as neither side is likely to be satisfied now, maybe Leave & Remain will join forces and string up all 1,500+ of those useless fucking Parliamentarians – followed quickly by a hearty bonfire of Civil Servants. That should release an extra £billion or so for the NHS.

    • These are the same Remoaner cunts that keep asking why the NHS is not getting the promised £350m every week.

      Because we have not fucking left yet. Cunts.

      • I think it’s very mean of the Remoaner cunts to deprive our NHS of an extra £350millon a week by handing it over to unaccountable foreign bureaucrats instead.

  9. Great cunting. I have never heard such whingeing over any vote in our history.

    Here’s a theory I have for you fellow cunters to ponder. Did you ever wonder why Cameron the cunt and his tribe of Remaniacs did not even hint of a recount? The result was relatively close, after all. Could it be that the false Remain votes would have been discovered? I reckon they underestimated the Resistance and didn’t sneak in enough dummy remain voting papers. In some areas the result was rather decisive.

    If there is a next time, the anger of the people will be shown in spades, and the ruling elite know it in their hearts – and fear for their wallets.

    Cunts, the lot of them.

    • Anger of the people? Bollocks. If the government and Labour both say Brexit would be toxic and would cost everyone a big standard of living drop, they will all say OK and go back to their Iphones.
      Problem is , amongst others, no one in the Brexit movement has ever really demonstrated that we will be financially better off , and any threat to what for many is a tenuous standard of living already will stop any meaningful movement against remaining.
      A very very tiny part of the population read this sort of stuff and would rather be watching TV ,getting up to date on soshul medja or wanking themselves into oblivion to pornhub.

      • There’s something in that. Apathy, helped along by bread and circuses, may well triumph. Has anyone in the Remoan camp ever demonstrated that we will be noticeably better off by staying in, though? It’s all been negatives from them. And the current trend – everything’s determined by foreign hedge funds – is toward increased private debt, declining services and abandonment of any pretence of self-determination ….indefinitely, and with the EU’s full globalising approval.

  10. Remoaners/Remainiacs are definitely cunts.

    In my life I’ve tried to be fair and treated people the same whether they’re from the left or right. Yes, I’ve argued and had friends with all kinds of opinions. Everyone seemed to want the best for the U.K. but had a different route.

    However, with Brexit there was a difference. We could see it was about Britain and our relationship with it. What I saw in people’s eyes and heard from their mouths was a dislike of their own country. There was cowardice, snobbery, shame and a holier-than-thou glow I’d never before witnessed. It made me feel ill.

    I feel awkward when I meet people who I know voted to Remain a colony of the EU, who don’t care about sovereignty/independence, who, throughout the Referendum, consistently sneered at the whole Leave campaign and constantly commented about “White van-driving, uneducated, Witherspoons-drinking, Racist, small-minded, bad-toothed working class, little people, etc.” I am unable to forgive them and I feel a tacit rage about their idiocy, their craven, pusillanimous decision, their credulous opinions. I suppose I’m embarrassed for them.

    I’m embarrassed to hear them bleat on and call for another referendum. “Why not one more?” I ask. “Why not five, or twelve, or 23?” To hear them attack what the vote provided is worse than moaning, worse than embarrassing, worse than undemocratic, it’s fucking boring.

    • “What I saw in people’s eyes and heard from their mouths was a dislike of their own country.”

      YES!!! Oh, yes! The idea that a defined geographical area, with an individual history, a common language, and neighbours which have not always, or even usually, been friendly, should run its own affairs, is utter anathema, because all men and wimmin (and persons of unspecified gender) are siblings, and the world is a lovely place, you horrible populist nationalists. Now shut up and enjoy watching the globalists sell you stuff you don’t need, which you will need to replace next week because it’s outdated, touristify your traditions and undercut your wages in order to fill their boots.

      Did I say cunts? No? Cunts.

  11. Yes a great cunting but as ever Remoners never let the facts stand in the way of a good story.

    The story

    So it seems construction in the Islamic Republic of Londonistan has ground to a halt and it’s all the fault of Brexit, you bastards.

    The facts

    Construction in Zone 1 has indeed slowed down and some foreign investors are holding back and whilst some of that is down to uncertainty it’s also because prices in Zone 1 are so stratospheric it’s difficult for investors to see a return, indeed many long term investors in Zone 1 would like to bail out but they can’t as they don’t want to start a panic so view them as long term investments as part of a much wider portfolio.

    However construction activity and demand for land in Zone 3 is booming but to report that spoils the story.

    The story

    The £ has ‘collapsed’ since the Brexit vote. Just ask those people going on holiday exchanging their £’s for €’s.

    The Facts

    On 22/6/16 the £/$ FX was $1.45 today it’s $1.38 and climbing
    On the same day the £/€ was €1.30 and today it’s €1.12. Howevervat the time of the vote most analysts agreed the £ was overvalued by 20%.

    I’m far more comfortable with the £ being stronger against $ as that’s the currency ALL the world commodities are traded in and a weak £ v $ does lead to inflation which btw is currently falling…. is this reported. Is it fuck.

    As for asking all those tourists exchanging their money on holiday, what a pile of cunt. You go on holiday for 2 weeks a year and if your telling me you can feel the effects of the exchange rate then you can fuck off and get back in your box ‘cus you’re clearly a cunt and overdue a cunting.

    And let’s not even start on the export boom….

    The Story

    The NHS is suffering a recruitment crisis as doctors and nurses from the EU leave in their droves since the Brexit vote and new applicants from the EU have stopped coming forward.

    The facts
    As of 30/06/16 58,698 EU Nationals worked in the NHS, as if 30/06/17 that figure had increased by 3,193. These are the NHS own figures.

    It remains that 78% of all NHS staff are UK nationals and why is it that Remoaners think it’s perfectly ok that we plunder poorer nations of their much needed health professionals and the fact that they return home for a myriad of reasons, not least opportunities in their own countries are improving, they’re happy to blame on Brexit Xenophobia whilst conveniently overlooking the fact that every Dr or Nurse who qualified abroad but comes to work here creates untold misery back home?

    Anyway I could go on but as I say let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story

    • You should have your own News channel.

      “Good evening and Welcome to CuntyMcCuntface News. I’m CuntyMcCuntface. In tonight’s programme….”

      • Now there’s a thought….

        On tonight’s news….. You’re all fucking wrong…. I’m right and even when I’m wrong I’m right….

        Tonight’s news was written, produced, edited and presented by CuntyMcCuntface

        CuntyMcCuntface Productions is an independent company that reflects the views of mainstream Britain. Honestly!

        • In particular tonight’s program will focus on looking down on people from the north and uneducated Chav’s from Welling Garden City…..

          We know best……..

  12. Yeah you have to admit the remoaners have done a great job in labelling leavers as thick, racist, knuckle dragging dimmos and, especially , OLD cunts.
    In other words all the things nobody wants to identify with.
    It’s an old trick that has been at the centre of advertising for ever.
    Yeah I know if I buy that car fit birds aren’t really going to throw themselves at me but I like to think of myself as that smooth cunt driving it in the advert.
    There’s nothing thick cunts hate more than being identified as thick. They try their whole lives to avoid that with little success. So give them a chance to be on the smart team and they grasp it with both hands.
    That’s why every thick cunt I know is a remoaner. Ask them why and all they can come up with is the bus wanker argument or some bollocks they heard on the telly when they accidentally flicked on to the BBC during the Love Island ad break. The thick are always with us. You just have to be cleverer in manipulating their tiny little brains.

  13. Now what’s the bet like me you’ll have engaged a Remoaner that’s said the following, or words to the effect……

    ‘You see people just didn’t know what they were voting for and they were mislead about claims the NHS would receive £350m a week and nobody was aware that a vote to leave the EU meant leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union and the subsequent effect that would have on the economy’

    Sound familiar?

    I’ve had this very conversation many times and my response is always the same…..

    On the Economy, why do you assume you’re more educated than I am, I work in the construction sector which underpins the U.K. economy and you’re a fucking teacher or civil servant etc and I’m not sure how your experience suddenly puts you in a more informed position than me.

    I am prepared to accept there will be some negatives but there’ll also be some positives as new markets open up to us so lets call that one 50/50

    On the single market and the customs union Cameron, Agent Clegg, Darling and pretty much every establishment cunt were very clear we were leaving them. They told us there’d be an immediate recession on a Brexit vote and thus far nothing could be further from the truth.

    So let’s call that one 100/0

    Brexiteers are little England’s who just don’t like foreigners and want to return to the 1950’s

    Not me, I’m absolutely fine with immigration as long as it’s managed, surely it makes complete sense to have an idea who’s coming in and who’s going out, for starters that helps the Government plan infrastructure and services, let me put this another way, if you want a job working with kids you have to be checked out to make sure you’re not a cunt that wants to do them harm and no sane parent would disagree with that so why is it ok to let folk in the country without any background checks?

    Whatever my desire for security marks me out as raaaaacccccciiiiissssssttttt

    Here’s another one….. ‘you old fuckers have thrown away our future, you xenophobic little englanders it’s all right for you you won’t have to live with this’

    My response….. I was brought up to value my vote and what it meant and since the age of 18 have always exercised that right so don’t fucking piss and moan to me when only 23% of 18-25 year olds voted.

    Ultimately I voted to leave the EU to protect my children’s future. I have no desire to be ruled by an unelected set of bureaucrats in Brussels and whilst my children aren’t really old enough to take on board the real issues (they’re teenagers) this is the nub of it for me.

    For me my vote was based and what I saw and experienced and yet every single fucking time I come up against a Remoaner I’m met with unsubstantiated arguments based on feelings and tick box virtue signalling bullshit.

    • And the stuff on the bus? Technically It was accurate, though if you were a lazy stupid cunt or a Remoaner who deliberately wanted to misrepresent what Was actually written, it could be construed as ambiguous or mildly misleading – sort of Brexit sold like soap powder, not a good idea in retrospect.

      But not nearly as duplicitous and dumb as Project Fear! And never endorsed by Nigel Farage, as lying cunts like O’Brian and Chucka Remoana keep repeating ad nausea.

      Thankfully, on this occasion, the people were able to see through The Big Lie, as George Orwell put it.

  14. More griefmonkeying lickarse from the BBC…
    ‘Dolores O’Riordan: Voice of a rebel’?!
    Do fuck off, you cunts…

    • voice of a rebel is a fucking joke these cunts really do not have a fucking clue what they are on about

      • Joke is they were a very mediocre band who hadn’t been in the spotlight for years, and had probably been doing the ‘chicken in a basket’ and ‘student dives’ circuits… But these cunts are acting like she was Joan Baez, Kate Bush, Nina Simone, Etta James, and Carole King combined… They were shite, and she sounded like a female version of Chewbacca…

  15. Fuck me ragged… The mother of the five-year-old H&M model caught up in a racism row has told the BBC her family has moved house in Sweden “for security reasons….”

    Last week, photos of Liam Mango modelling a “coolest monkey in the jungle” hoodie went viral, with social media mongs accusing H&M of racism….Many flakey wakey cunts were angered when Liam’s mother Terry Mango defended the brand and told people to stop “crying wolf….”

    These snowflake lynch mob and diversity warrior cunts are such reasonable and thoughtful types, aren’t they?… A mother and a young boy?!! For fuck’s sake.. And black people hounding and attacking other blacks?! Well, that is fucking shock.. Never heard of that before….

    • Ah DO lurve a bit of internecine warfare…

      If there’s one thing more laughable than feminazis popping off at blokes , it’s feminazis having a go at wimmin in general.

  16. Liam MANGO ? Come on you are just trying to wind us up now aren’t you?
    I’m off to my safe space you raaaaay-sist.

    • cf. Fletch’s comment in Porridge re fellow prisoner…

      “He comes from the mango fields south of Greenock”

      Accounts for all the bloody midges I suffered on holiday…

  17. Regarding the “environmental” issues so cogently raised, I DO feel we have to be very careful…

    An awful lot of plastic and dog only knows what else is being chucked away, flushed down our toilets along with flocks of evil-smelling soiled budgies &c… thus causing sea urchins to go transexual, and grow their spines on the inside, not the outside, leading to much marine masochism.

    It is NOT widely known that some ugly, obese and particularly repellant individuals, possiblly resident in Islington and Hackney, are not at all well people, and when they die soon, space must sadly be made for their mortal remains – hundreds of tons of foul-smelling, rancid blubber, which our overstressed planet will have to assimilate.

    Sadly, I cannot say which of these CUNTS will die first, or when, as this might do damage to the Dead Pool, which is licensed under the “Woy the Wabbit Lotteries & Gaming Act 1847″…

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