Loose Women [3]

Most of us, I guess, are rather partial to loose women. On the other hand, Loose Women must be a shoe in for Cunt Personality of the Year.

Normally, when there’s a group of middle aged women sitting around a table talking about puerile subjects in a diction thats on the level of 65 IQ, I can mute the sound and enjoy the shaggability factor. Not with these dog minges. Christ, did they advertise as mankness and a complete lack of sex appeal as essential requirements?

And, who the fuck invented Janet Street Porter? Hated the lefty cow right from the NME days.

Loose Women gives that Len Goodman rhyme shit a run for its money.

Nominated by Cunts n Roses

87 thoughts on “Loose Women [3]

  1. I agree it is an absolutely abhorrent programme…
    I’m not ashamed to say I’d pump the f**k out of Andrea McLean, Coleen Nolan (imagine the soapy tit wank) Jane Moore and Nadia Sawalha…
    And of course, Katie Price during her Jordan years got me through my teenage years almost “single handed” (hehe see what I did there!)

  2. It most certaintly does!! Fuck I had forgotten all about this god awful show.
    It is nothing more than a blasé spreading of hatred and ignorance perpetrated by attention seeking ugly witches and lapped up by vacuous, idle layabouts.
    A true crime if humanity, from every angle, and definately the ugliest side of the female psyche.
    This sort of thing should not be allowed to be broadcast, and those guilty should see out their lives in a primitive jail.
    Well nominated CnR, thank you.

  3. Utter shite, but then so is most of the crap on TV. I had the misfortune to select some awful shit channel showing 8/10 cunts last night – 65IQ would have doubled the intelligence of the pathetic dribble vomited out by the nonentities. And “hosted” by that cunt of all cunts Jimmy Carr – the cunt.

  4. Only time I ever watched 8 Out Of 1O Cats was when Rachel Riley used to be on it… I hate that flat faced Lloyd Cole look-alike cunt Jimmy Carr too…

    And Loose Women? If blokes made jokes about wimmin on TV like some of the ones those Loose Hags make about men, the ‘sexist’ and ‘hate crime’ sirens would be blaring out for miles… And the thick slagbag on Loose Women who said that Rising Damp was ‘soooo racist’ was talking out of her smelly ‘gasmasks on chaps’ snatch… Racist? Is that why Rigsby always ended up on his arse, and Philip (the black character played by Don Warrington) was portrayed as suave, intelligent and he always pulled the birds and outwitted Rigsby? Typical wimmin talking shite… Make out they know what they’re on about, but they haven’t a clue…

    • Thing is, they can’t make it through one programme without getting a bloke on it. Shows how crap their banter is.

    • When I was a kid and round me mate’s house of a weekend and his Dad had knocked up a bit of tea we used to sit and watch Love Thy Neighbour and Mind Your Language (it was on a bit later than Metal Mickey) and piss ourselves laughing, all of us.

      It wasn’t racist, it was fucking funny!

      My mate’s Dad came over from Kingston Jamaica in the late 50’s, was proud of being Jamaican and was just as proud of being British – unlike the ungrateful cunts we’ve imported under cunt of the century Tony B.Liar (especially those “peaceful” cunts from the Northwest region of the Indian subcontinent next to Afghanistan).

      If him and my Dad could see the cuntfest we’ve become now they’d be fucking horrified. Mind you that’s cos they were miners, face workers, who knew a days work unlike the the libtard snowflake twitterati decrying all this nasty wace-ism for who a hard day is having to stir their own fucking coffee! The cunts!

  5. And the cunt quota on Loose Wimmin is quite spectacular… Coleen ‘Lordy! It’s the Fat Slags!’ Nolan, Linda Robson, Nadia Swaziland (or whatever it’s name is), Janet Street Cunter, Lisa Maxwell… Premium cunts one and all… Only one I’d ever go near is Twiggy (well, as she was 40 or 50 years ago, that is)…

  6. Never seen it but that ain’t gonna stop me hating it…….. Double standards with these fairer sex cunts.
    Right now wimmin everywhere are traumatised by the Harvey Weinstein. How do they cope with that? By drooling over that Poldark cunt with his short off, agaiiiiin. That’s how….

    How about a programme called Chauvinist Blokes where we discuss on teatime telly how rootable Kelly Brook is and how they loose wimmin cunts are a bunch of shrivelled up dry cunts.

    Apart from the Stacey Solomon….. She’s exempt from all criticism as she’s fuckin mine!!

    • I have no idea who Stacey Solomon is so I googled her. Fuck me! 500 baht short time, maximum.

      • And there is more. The dopey old hag made a video gyrating round in a bikini like a reject from a pound land strip club. Apparently it was “empowering”. How in the name of freshly ground fuck does looking like a slapper empower you? And why do wiminz require empowerment, what ever that is?

        • “freshly ground fuck” – absolutely pissed myself with that one. Cheers for the laugh Skid.

  7. Am in The Socialist Republic of Islington today , comrade cunters. Just reading the Islington Tribune. It makes the Daily Mail look like Die Sturrmer! The letters page is a snowflakes wank bank. This week 30+ angry Islingtonites are demanding that Islington council divest from anything to do with fossil fuels (climate chamfe you fools!) A letter that dares to challenge cyclists has the contributors details witheld. I wonder why?

    • I hope you avoid a forced Diversity and Equalities Workshop Krav, you will have to beat them off with a rolled up Daily Mail, must be like the snowflake version of Kryptonite.

    • And what’s wrong with Der Stürmer (which is probably what you meant)? Completely PC free, though some here would say not hard enough on Muslims…wouldn’t they?

  8. Who watches this shower of shite? And anyway, why switch your TV on during the day when there are about a million books worth reading, innumerable great pieces of music to listen to or xhamster to visit?
    Any cunt who watches daytime tv is asking for their piss to be boiled in my opinion, but it is so easily avoidable. TV switch=off.

    • Agreed. This should be a cunting for daytime TV and the cunts who watch it. I prefer staring out the window, rifle at hand, watching for cats shitting in my garden.
      I don’t live in Croyden by the way.

    • Fair do’s to her for speaking out in the way that she has done.

      Common sense especially in light of the media attempting to portray all men as sexual deviants.

      A very small minority of men perhaps are, however the vast majority of men are able to control whatever sexual urges they have. It is pathetic that a small minority’s of women (who in the interests of furthering their own careers knowingly entertained sexual favours for powerful men) are trying to spoil things for everyone else.

  9. Good one Froggies. Somebody talking like adults for a change. I’ve always liked French women.

    • I would agree about French women but I fear they still have yet to catch up with the 21st century and shave their twats. Can anybody confirm if that has caught on their yet?

      • Alas no, Two in the stink. French women have the most hairy stinky fannies in Europe. Going down on a french woman is like smelling a dead body thats been out in the sun for a month.

  10. Loose Women is a pile of fucking man hating virtue signalling elephant shite.
    I best most of those bitter old harpies arent getting enough cock off their old man cos they are shit shags and stink of fish,its garbage tv for the 16 hours family credit single mothers and third wave feminists with depression…..

  11. Now this is a worthy cunting. The feminazi these days are endlessly banging on about how women aren’t taken seriously, gender pay gaps, male chauvinism etc etc blah blah blah…. Yet a programme where they perpetually talk complete and utter inane shite is one of the most popular daytime shows on TV, says it all really. As long as this kind of meaningless rubbish is still peddled and enjoyed, they will remain in the kitchen where they belong!

    • With all the stuff re pay inequality in Al-BBC, I think I may have a good way to reduce the obscene sums of license-payers’ money that are being pissed away at Jimmy Savile House.
      Stop paying megacunts ridiculous amounts (for what, precisely ??).
      If Lineker were paid the same as some of the women, he would fuck off in a huff, and cack himself. Same as the other libtard blokes doing all their pro-feminazi virtue signalling.
      Equalise the salaries by CUTTING, not increasing.

      I think I’d be ok with £145k p.a.

  12. If it was called Sexist Chauvinism and hosted by men, it would in all possibility be illegal. White employed men are probably the most discriminated sector of society yet no cunt has the guts to fucking say it. I can’t foresee it getting better, well it won’t.

    And I’d give a lot for one hour with Catherine Deneuve, even though it would all be over in 7 minutes.

      • Ex Police frontman Sting says he has tantric sex sessions that go on for hours.
        I know how he feels, my wife’s no oil painting either…

        • After my shagathon across SE Asia I have become really great at sex. I’ve got it down to under 30 seconds now.

        • I’d a mucker once, who, when on the job was commended on his ‘staying power’ by his wife .. he replied .. ‘I know, I can’t think of anyone’ …

          • Grumpy Old Cunt; I was based in Thailand ( Pattaya, shit hole. Infested with hordes of Chinese cunts, chattering loudly and looking confused, Indian cunts thinking they look like bollywood movie stars, arab cunts doing shit they would be beheaded for back home and worst of all RUSSIAN CUNTS, fucking cunts among cunty cunts ) but visited Cambodia ( nice people, cheap ) Vietnam ( cunts and expensive ), Indonesia ( nice people but expensive ) and Malaysia ( peaceful, say no more ). I’ll do a dedicated cunting of Pattaya later….

  13. Before I ditched twitter for calling a Jewish comedian big nose,id always reply to the endless stream of feminist claptrap on there with sommink along the lines of”yeah yeah,blah blah blah,now go wash them dishes sugar tits”Twatter is dogshit now,where are all the police you might ask ???,well they are all on twitter looking to nick cunts like me for hate speech,seriously cunters the world is fucking mental now….

    • Easier for plod to sit in an office scouring social media for hate crimes than get off their backside and do something about crime that actually does effect women ie, peaceful paedo rings, FGM, modern slavery, forced marriage ect.

  14. You do realise she’s 74 mate ?
    Oh ok i’d fuck her just for her mind…….
    and that Debbie Harry while i’m at it.

    • Bet Cleo Rocos is a squirter,saw here on Kenny Everetts show on youtube from back in the day ,that goth look and that cleavage…….wowowow✌✌✌

    • No not Debbie Harry… not any more. Fuck me, have you seen the state of her now?
      In the seventies & eighties she looked absolutely filthy and like she would suck yer balls inside out.
      Now she just looks like she’s spent her whole life doing things like that.

      Actually, to be fair (and I really don’t like being fair) the old girl is getting on a bit.

        • Macron’s Mrs looks like she’s been dead for a month. Now if were talking Milfs & Gilfs it has to be Nigela Lawson looking up at me with her ample breasts wrapped round my grateful dick… What a wonderful image that conjures up.

          • Doesn’t quite do it for me. Nigela Lawson is a cunt, and I prefer small, but perfectly formed tits.

  15. I wouldn’t go near Madame Macron after that greasy snail eating pile of snot has been up it.

  16. Saggy Maggie May’s cabinet reshuffle was a complete disaster. The stated aim was to have cabinet members who resemble more closely the country they represented. And yet she appointed not a single land mass of over 200,000 km2. It’s a fucking disgrace!!!

  17. C&R ….. 7 mins ?ffs surely that would include undressing, foreplay ( a punch in the Cunt ) the deed itself & rolling and smoking your own fag ?

  18. Check out that fella tranny thing India on #cbb ,Im a woman it keeps shouting,bigger balls than a pikeys bulldog,just rank…

  19. Chinese business leaders are stumping up £12,000 for a dinner with gammon faced bell end Cameron, id give serve him the cats litter tray and a kick in the bollocks and that’s a good day.

    • I hope they don’t have one of those pigs heads on a silver platter in the middle of the table. The cunt will drop his strides and start fucking it. That’ll liven things up a bit and no mistake.

  20. Whoever took the decision at Virgin Choo Choo Trains to stop selling the Mail because some of the staff were offended by its views on ‘unemployment, the LGHTYCXZ and immigration ‘ is a complete cunt. Probably skull face himself I should think. Well Mr teeth almighty I presume you’re going to put an advert in the Mirror the FT and The Times that Mail readers are no longer welcome on your public funded train set and also that you will stop placing ads for your overpriced shitty holidays in The Mail. Eh? No didn’t think so you spineless ugly cunt. Fuck off and then Fuck Off again.

    • Yeah, extreme cuntishness yet again from Beardy McBeardface. Difficult to comprehend how cool Virgin Records was at the Clock Tower compared to his descent onto the wall.

    • I make a point Kendo of walking into Brighton hipster coffee shops waving the Mail & Express in their snowflake faces just waiting for a comment from the cunts, you always get the usual tuts etc .

  21. Urgent action required, cunters;

    A frenchist lefty conspiracy theory “documentary” called “Trumping Democracy” has the orange one being installed by a cabal of ultra conservative billionaires using mind control techniques honed during the Brexit referendum. And probably involving Putin too.


    Be good chaps and give it a dismal rating, would you?

  22. Possible uncunting of Natalie Portman (if she ever was cunted, that is)…

    Now, I always thought that Portman was A.N Other Celebricunt and a luvvie tosspot…
    However, unlike other Hollywood celebrislags like Kidman, Concorde Streep, Evan Rachel Cunt, IRA Slag MacGowan, Turkey Gwyneth, Slagelina and the like, Natalie has said openly that sexual harassment occurs in all trades and to both sexes… She said that every profession should be protected, not just actresses, and that both women and men both suffer harassment and abuse… So, someone in Hollywood does have a bit of brains?… Well done, that woman…

    Also, she is one of the very few big name actresses who hasn’t had ‘hacked’ (yeah right) pics of her norks and jacksy plastered all over the place, a la Cumbucket Lawrence and Scarlett Jolibtard….

  23. When Marilyn Monroe signed her first big studio contract she allegedly said “ Thank god , that’s the last cock i’ll ever have to suck.”
    Now that may be an apocryphal story but like all such stories it’s a reflection of reality.

      • And Frank Sinatra’s, and Joe Dimaggio’s and Hugh Hefner’s, and Clark Gable’s, and Marlon Brando’s, and Arthur Miller’s, and Elvis Presley’s, and Colonel Sanders’, and Donald Duck’s, and Curly’s, Larry’s, and Moe’s, and Uncle Tom Cobbly’s etc etc etc….

        • For some strange reason I read Arthur Miller as Arthur Mullard. Now I can’t get that image out of my head.

          • Monroe probably sucked Arthur Mullard’s cock too… Also Arthur Askey, Arthur .C. Clark, Arthur from On The Buses etc… She polished more bells than the fire brigade throughout their entire history…

  24. Complete and utter penis-repellent of a show, the ‘panel’, guests, live audience and home viewers cunts one and all!

    Great cunting!

  25. ow it’s late, very late. Gone are those fake ‘we respect the result of the referendum of course we do… but’ sickeningly patronising sound bites of all the lovers of the EUtopian paradise churned out week after fucking week while they fucked off to Uncle Barnacle and Ga Ga Drunkit to collude against their very own countrymen and pull the mother of all fast ones by undermining every single stage of trying to extricate ourselves from the dungeons of EU oppression. Now as time becomes ever tighter it has now raised it’s ugly corrupt head in the form of Blair, Adonis, Clagg, Hain, Cable, Campbellend, Malloch fucking Brown Streak and many others who now openly admit that they want to completely overturn Brexit in utter desperation that their cowardly traitorous actions have previously failed to achieve. I said from the very beginning that I would have more respect for them if they had come clean as at least Ken Clark did that that was their aim. But no, in typical politico amoral style they lied and fucking lied to people they consider as nothing more than dog shit on the sole of their Italian leather shoes. I would not waste a single drop of any of my body fluid to stop you from a deserved burning. The people of this country should fucking disown the fucking lot of you. Cunts I say, Cunts.

  26. Imagine an alternative universe: where five managers apply for the England job… All managers are in their prime and at the top of their game… The applicants are as follows:

    Alex Ferguson (won everything on fucking earth at Man United)
    Bob Paisley (won everything on fucking earth at Liverpool)
    Joe Mercer (greatest Man City manager ever, Won loads)
    Brian Clough (Twice won European Cup at Forest)
    John Barnes (chippy ‘Is it cos I black’ whingearse and err.. ex-Tranmere manager)

    After interviewing the managers (and four all-time greats), the FA select John Barnes for the job… Why?! Because they have the ‘Rooney Rule’ now, and in the name of ‘diversity’ a black applicant has to be interviewed… Regardless of how good or bad he actually is… Also, not to give it Barnes after he applied would be ‘racist’, and they don’t want to ‘offend’ or ‘outrage’ any Twitter snowflakes and libfucks, do they?…

    Fuck the FA! Fuck their cowardly and virtue siganling arses to the flames of fucking hell!

    • I don’t think it matters, English players don’t have the mentality of winners, they’d rather look for some inane excuse as to why they’ve failed, still to this day the media demonise Maradona for his Hand of God, quite frankly I think it was genius and would have done it in a similar situation myself.

      Fabio Capello is one of the most accomplished managers in the game and even he couldn’t polish the massive turd which is the England national team.

      Paisley never won the FA Cup incredibly.

      • Thing is, there isn’t a black manager who has ever proved himself or been successful… Only one I can think of is Tigana in France (and I’m not sure how successful he was!)… But in England? Who the fuck would they interview? Barnes? Ince? Sinclair? Dublin? Carlton Cunting Palmer?…

        Best black boss in the game is probably Chris Hughton, but he won’t be black enough for the FA (being mixed race)… So a total dead leg and useless unproven cunt will get it, simply because they is black(er)…. As you say, it probably doesn’t matter… A failure of a team with a failure of a manager run by a failure of a football association..

        • Back in 2008 I was listening to TalkSport and the topic for discussion was ‘who should Blackburn Rovers appoint as their new manager’.

          I remember this like it was yesterday.

          There’s a fat piece of wank called Ian Abrahams or the Moose as he’s affectionately known to his colleagues, ‘cus he’s a fat cunt.

          He felt that the best candidate for the job was Paul Ince and if Blackburn didn’t appoint him it was a ‘racist decision’.

          I kid you not. This fat fucking peace of cunt who knew absolutely nobody at all involved with the club at any level felt emboldened enough to brand Blackburn Rovers racist for a decision it hadn’t yet taken.

          I was fucking outraged and tried to get through to challenge the cunt but to no avail.

          So we appointed the cunt and after 3 league wins in 17 games and dropping to 19th in the League with the same squad that finished 7th the year before the cunt was shown the door with a big fat pay off.

          Paul Ince was a fucking useless cunt of a Manager and it wouldn’t have mattered if he was fucking purple, green, blue or white, he was shite and living on the back of his well past it’s sell by date ‘Govner’ reputation.

          But you see that didn’t matter to the fat cunt Abrahams, he’d decided after a long and illustrious career in professional biscuit eating his man was the best candidate and if you disagreed then that meant you to were a raaaaaaaaaacissstttt.

          What a cunt and yet here we are 10 years on and this sort of shit is now a daily occurrence.

          For fucks sake.

  27. Those cunts at the Black Broadcasting Corporation have already got Oprah down as the next US President… Seriously: the BBC have a headline on their news site that squeals: ‘Oprah: From TV Presenter to President?’ This is absolutlely sickening and reeks of misandry, as well as racial and political bias for a supposedly ‘impartial’ organisation, it is shameful… I tell you: the day that psychotic whites/men hating fat momma (and colossal cunt) becomes President, that will be the day that western civilisation finally dies…

  28. I can’t Stand this show , it really is a man eating bunch of women moaning about a load of shit .

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