Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a pointless cunt.

I thought a youtuber was someone who puts things in their arsehole, but no, they are a group of cunts who make a fortune from uploading a video of them wearing a hat, or falling off a bmx, which the youth of today find life changing. They are all a waste of spunk, but this retard is a particularly annoying piece of shit.

Out for a stroll with a bunch of other cunts, they found some poor cunt who had committed suicide by hanging. Did this Logan maggot find some restraint and put his fucking camera away, you know, respect for the dead and all that? Did he fuck. He went in for the close up, while him and his scummy pals had a good giggle.

Now, even some of the dregs that ‘follow’ this empty life bellend have pointed out how much of a cunt he was, he has decided to apologise. Only it’s not really an apology is it, just like all the other twats who get caught out, then want you to feel sorry for them. No, you are a shameless, talent free cunt, who I hope gets shunned for all eternity. He had my piss boiling at Vlogger…….

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

17 thoughts on “Logan Paul

  1. Yep, what a grade A wanker. I read the news report and thought that he should have been arrested for what he did.
    Perhaps he could try to redeem himself by taking part in that other youtube phenomenom – cementing one’s own head in a microwave.

  2. He looks like the kind of cunt that would eagerly accept an invitation to a pool party at Michael Barrymore’s.

  3. Cunt has a three-hair moustache. I had more hair on my top lip at 12 years old. I bet the cunt has snipped some of his older brother’s pubes and stuck them to his top lip with a Pritt Stick.

    • I had a bath on my 56th birthday, very recently (helps me to remember when the next one’s due; being middle-aged can be a cunt)…
      Three dark, curly hairs growing from end of foreskin.
      I fear waking up and finding people addressing me as Lord Sugar – the knob resemblance was worrying.

      I wish all fellow cunters the happiest of New Years, and hope some of our detested Dead-pool noms do the honourable thing asap.

  4. I understand a legion of brain dead cunts still ,living with their parents, who have a part time job at Greggs follow him on YouTube. Presumably said cunts do not pay for the privilege, so how does cunty Paul get paid?

    I’ve never really understand YouTube itself. How are they funded? Surely not from adverts that you can skip after ten fucking seconds.
    And Instagram too? How do they get money?

    Me being an ex-accountant really ought to work it out, but ex means ex so fuck that world.

    • YouTube is owned by Google, Instagram is owned by Facebook, they bought it for a billion bucks a while back.

      YouTube is still a money loser for google but it does stop a competitor from entering the market when YouTube is so big, for now anyway.

      Cunty Paul may get paid in several ways, a share of YouTube advert revenue, sponsorship, affiliate sales, paid product placement, who knows, I’ve never head of the cunt.

  5. I had to google who this twat actually is; apparently he told Jimmy Kimmell that he has lost 15% of one of his testicles in a stunt. Well that can’t be correct, cos presumably said bollocks haven’t dropped yet, as a grown man cannot behave in the way that this cunting tosspot does. Ergo, he must be telling porkies. And double ergo, he must be the cuntiest of cuntmongers in the cuntworld. A grown man being a “vlogger”, for cunt’s sake…..

  6. What kind of a cunt has a name like Logan anyway? Only a pikey or a Yank would have a name like that.
    Either way he should hang himself and get his dim mates to film it. I’d fucking watch the scrawny little shit die, no problem.

  7. The triple twatted turd did actually break the law in everything he actually did. He should be held to account. Also, since the cunt bellend could not ask the permission of the victim, he was destroying the peace of the victim who went there specifically to disappear very privately from existence. Just because he wanted his own face out there to be worshipped by tuber tools who think *they* have life hard. What a cunt. Hope someone gives him the kicking he deserves.

  8. He’s just another example of the disease this planet is affected with. If he came anywhere near me with his camera hed be filming his own rectum with it.

    And what’s with that thing on his top lip, does he really think it looks good?

    Oxygen thieving über cunt.

    Time for a revolution to rid the world of wankstains like this piece of shite.

  9. Is this one of the millennials we are told are so wise and we are fucking up their futures?

    There’s a reason in the past elders opinions were rated above that of spotty cunts with no life experience and here’s a fine example of why that was .

    Fucking cunt

  10. I would happily mash this cunt’s bonce with my size 11 boot…
    A turd in human form… A pool of scum… A total cunt…

  11. News just in…

    Arch libflake and celebrity cunt, Meryl Streep, thinks that being ‘slapped’ by Dustin Hoffman in an acting scene from a film makes her a ‘victim’ on a par with all the other Weinstein lot… Or maybe she’s trying to get out of being ‘desperately silent’ and knowing full well about Mr. Weinstein, by trying to make out she is also one of the ‘Me Too’ brigade?….

    And now for the weather… There will severe frost in most areas, it will be very cold everywhere, and Meryl Streep is a cunt….

    Is A Cunt is now closing down for the night… Don’t forget to switch off your set, and Meryl Streep is a cunt… Good night…

  12. Thank you for highlighting this cunt, of whom I am delighted never to have heard. And for reminding me of a very happy memory, triggered by ” falling off a bmx”. I used to live opposite a supermarket which had a set of steps up from the carpark to its own level. And the steps had a flat metal railing to prevent cunts falling off it. One day two cunts , one with a video camera, appeared in a car. One of them was soon on rollerblades and attempting to skate down the railing, which was narrow, and steel. The other cunt filmed this heroic enterprise.Obviously enough, skater cunt kept falling off, but managed to avoid injury until….until… he lost balance yet again, but this time his legs flew apart and he landed heavily, on his nads, on the rail. After some minutes in a foetal position, to which his mate helped him, and whimpering loudly, he made no further attempts, and the two disappeared, never to be seen again. I imagine the video went viral.
    There *is* a god…

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