Elton John (6)

The fat glutinous baroque cunt has just received “an award for raising awareness of human rights issues at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.”


“John urged delegates at Davos to work on improving the state of the world. He said: “The world needs to be changed – the inequality in the world is, to be honest, disgraceful.”

The musician, who is believed to be worth almost £300m, said he became a philanthropist because he had “lost who he had become” and “wanted to be a decent person”.”

Well good for you, Elton. Philanthropy, now. You gave £26.8M to charity last year: your annual income being not too distant from $200M US. Most of your donation went to your own HIV/AIDS charity, which, worthy as its objectives are, is nothing to do with general economic inequality. Economic inequality consists of a few people having £300M in the bank and a cheque to bearer every time they open their mouths, while large numbers of people have fuck-all, mitigated if they are lucky by their tiny share of your donation, less exes.

Davos doesn’t change this. Being at Davos doesn’t change this. Davos is 100% about making sure that the position remains unchanged, in fact. Nobody poor is allowed in. Predatory capitalism is the unchallenged ethic, and its perpetuation the only reason for the attendance of the world’s corrupt leaders, overpaid CEOs and crooked moneymen. Fuck off, Elton. You’ve just validated the system you’re bleating about.

And even if you hadn’t, you’d still be a cunt. Fucking stupid glasses, earrings, and – what the fuck is this? An RAF tie? You weren’t in the mob, Elton. What would your dad, Stanley, ex-RAF flight-lieutenant, have to say about that? He didn’t like your music, either. Walt (er Mitty) cunt, or cunt with daddy issues?

More would be superfluous (see previous cuntings). I rest my case. For now. Cunt.

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73 thoughts on “Elton John (6)

  1. It’s a fuckin joke, just like the Grammys the other day, when mega-rich cunts get up and start making out that they’re champions of the poor.
    Most wouldn’t spit on a poor person if the cunt was on fire.
    Just more virtue signalling from the rich celebs and it’s laughable.

    I don’t know what Elton thinks about brexit (and I don’t much care) but these stuck up cunts showed how much respect they have for the working classes when they called us racist cunts for voting against being ruled by unelected, rich old dictators with the banks and big businesses pulling their strings.

    There’s nothing wrong with being rich – I wish I was one of em – but shut the fuck up about the poor!

    … phoney, virtue signalling cunts.

  2. “He’s bald, he’s bent, his arse is out to rent” we used to sing on the terraces back in the day. Fucking poofter cunt.
    Reg, like every rich cunt is a dedicated remoaner. Britain has become a “harsher and meaner” place since the big mistake we made at the referendum, says Reg. This from a cunt famous for storming through airports and hotels abusing the staff who don’t bow down at his feet as he sweeps majestically past them.
    The Italian government had to pay back part of their”development fund” to the EU which they had used to put on one of Reg’s shows. Fatboy wasn’t bothered….he had already trousered 720 grand of our money.
    Disgusting, hypocritical, self centred old faggot. Him and his boyfriend shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children.

  3. How much money do you need? Let’s be generous and say £25 mill. All these do gooder celeb cunts bleating on about inequality / refugees / Mbobos poisoned water / left wing fucking politics don’t put their hand’s in their impossibly deep pockets. If there was a celeb salary cap of £25 mill, now that is some serious dosh.

    I exclude the Rolling Stones who hate Labour with a passion having suffered a top rate of tax of 97% i think under Callaghan, and anyone who produces Exile On Main Street deserves God like status.

    Have to quietly admit Tumbleweed Connection and Captain Fantastic are fucking good albums.

    • I have respect for him as a musician. He paid his dues with bands and sessions back in the day. Never liked his music much and always found him an utter cunt in every other way.

  4. Fat Reg, as Robert Plant calls him, has finally promised to pack in touring. However, not before he has been out on a 3 year farewell tour. For someone who hasn’t had a decent tune in forty years, he knows no humility. What voice he had has long since gone, so it’s not going to be easy on the ears either. And the cunt will probably charge at least £100 a ticket, so it will be solely for the the tone deaf diehards.

    • If he cares so much, maybe he should donate a good chunk of the revenue from each show to the local poor and downtrodden… it’s not like he needs the money.

      What are the chances of that do you recon?

      Yea he really cares about the poor.

    • Could someone please screw him in his coffin BEFORE he goes on tour; I don’t want to wake up in sunny Cardiff to hear the cunt wailing away. Bloody minor nobility were here a couple of weeks ago, clogging the place up.

      Whack a bloody enormous candle (preferably connected to a propane tank) up his shitter.

  5. The shriveled walnut , bloated and wearing his trade mark dead cat on his head has been spouting the usual sleb shit at Davos with his band of bum buddies.
    Elton is a fucking hypocritical cunt. A man who talks about the “poor” of this world , and its “inequalities” is the same man who at one time in his life spent £30,000 per month on fresh flowers.
    Of course, as a Daddy, he now has the weighty responsibilities of “fatherhood”, tended with the fluency of a “natural ” care that only homosexuals know about.

    There is nothing genuine about this prick. Same old shit , just with glitter and baubles.

  6. I went to Reg and David’s wedding. There were so many Press outside they had to take me up the back passage.
    There weren’t enough chairs for everyone so I had to make do with a little pouffe.
    Not much meat on the menu but plenty of fruits.
    They wanted to get away early for the honeymoon so David parked his car round the back.

  7. Good cunting. Not just for Candle in the Wind, which everyone lost their shit over in 97. But for the shit music and ‘mypartnerdavidfurnish’ and collecting kids from all over the world, like some power ballading child rapist. How fucked up are those kids going to be.

    • I had almost succeeded in forgetting Candle in the Wind. And the entire Princess Dead blubberfest, now I think of it. Must…stop…thinking…

      • “Fuck off English rose…and it seems to me I’ve lived my life with a candle up my arse…” bow, scrape, fawn, grovel.

    • I don’t believe that homosexuals should ever be allowed to raise kids,or even have unsupervised access to children. They possibly aren’t all “dubious” but I wouldn’t leave my dog with access to the fresh meat in my fridge,the temptation would just be too much for him.The Gays possibly have the same problem. It would probably be doing the Gays a favour if the temptation never came their way .
      I especially wouldn’t let fat,bewigged Gays run amok in an orphanage. I’d ban them.(and not just from the orphanage.).

      • Ah, but who’s to say that the kids that Fat Reg and his wife adopted weren’t gay too, Mr Fiddler? Maybe they adopted some underage preening nancy boy who minced around the orphanage like a disney princess and had a disturbing interest in other boys’ botties?

        • Birch the bastard at the first sign of perversion. He wouldn’t be so keen on any “bottie” action if he’d had a right good thrashing.
          I’d recommend it for the older ones too.

      • Cant agree with you on that one I’m afraid fiddler. That’s like saying that a girl should never be adopted into a family with a man in it in case the man suddenly decides to turn into a n@nce.
        Most of the gays that I’ve met are pretty normal and don’t go on about it at all. I think the lefties are turning people against gays by going on about it all the time.
        I understand if people don’t think that gays should adopt and have a traditional view of a family .. In many ways I’m the same .. a mother and a father are important. But I don’t think they’ll become n@nces just coz they adopt.
        That takes a very special kind of cunt to turn into one of those.

        And there are shit loads of kids in care that need families so I don’t really have a problem with it.
        They’re much more likely to suffer abuse in a care home than from an adopted family, gay or otherwise.

        • Agree with that up to a point. But the relentless militant 3rd wave feminism and LGBQTXYZ nonsense we’re now having rammed down our throats, like a big hard angry, throbbing cock, with a pulsating vein running from the frenulum to the bottom of the hairy shaft, is getting a bit too much. And it is starting to turn people against them. I’m 43 and I’ve never heard any serious homophobia or sexism in my life. But I’m starting to read and see it and hear about it now.

          • “I’m 43 and I’ve never heard any serious homophobia or sexism.”……You’ve obviously never met me. I also have views on several other subjects which I’m only too happy to share.

          • I know a couple of gay guys (not in that way you cunts) and they don’t go on about it at all. They don’t think that they’re victims or oppressed. They just crack on with their lives same as everyone else.

            The left just use gays and minorities as a political stick to beat their opponents with.

            They haven’t yet figured out that most people are live and let live and couldn’t give 2 shits about their fuckin moaning, speech censorship and oppression towards those that don’t agree with their fucked up view of the world.

            The neo lefties and 3rd wave feminazis are the real enemy.

          • We’ve had a gay couple living next door since we moved in 16 years ago. Couldn’t hope for better neighbours – if you met them in the street you wouldn’t have a clue as to their sexual preference.

            Pretty sure they abhor the attention seeking narcissistic LGBTQXYZ cunts as much me or any other red blooded straight cunt posting here.

    • Some mugs out there thinking fat Reg, what a guy for helping the children.

      Let’s not forget Jimmy Savile helped children around 40 years ago and only recently after he dies, we find out how he helped.

      I wouldn’t let him or his bum chum near kids. He’s trying to pay for his sins in my opinion.

      Is he a R.C by any chance? Commit all the sins you want, confess at the end of the week in the box you were molested in as a child and the slate is wiped clean with a few hail Marys.

      I reckon he will be going down facing the flames and not an angel in sight.

  8. Who could forget dear old Regs’ candle in the wind at Lady dieds ‘fist in mouth cringefest’ funeral.

  9. What’s the difference between Reg and a cockerel?
    A cockerel goes….cock a doodle do
    Reg goes…..any cock’ll do

  10. At risk of some rather dodgy speculative ground, may I remind cunters of certain fatso’s husband, a paddling pool, olive oil and bumming. Wasn’t some daytime tv host involved too?

    • After Michael Barrymore’s unfortunate experience,they probably thought that a paddling pool was a safer bet for the guests than a full-size pool.
      Bottoms Up.

      • I wonder if the somewhat unfortunate Mr Lubbock was drowned by Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds whilst Barrymore was elbow-deep?

        • You never see Barrymore on telly these days. I’d have a new programme with him and Tom Daley sharing tips on how to survive a predator attack whilst swimming or demonstrating deep-end diving.

          • I’d imagine Tom Daley would like to try the reverse pike with a somersault and half twist from the 4 metre board and land right on Barrymore’s greased arm. He’d receive an überlubbocking.

          • I believe that some genius cunter posted a year or two back that Barrymore had a new show out…

            “Only Pools and Corpses”

    • Not the Duke I hope?

      Mind you i shudder at the thought of him and his bum chum having “the real deal” with any cunt.

      They are welcome to that cunt from Tipping point…”right up plop zone one pleeze”…Cuuuuuuunt.

    • I once had the misfortune to go to Barrymores house,I didn’t go into the pool as it was filthy it was where he threw his used fags

    • I’ve got a Woody Allen joke (no, it’s not about his daughter), but it might upset some if his fans…

      • Go on Norman – I’m a Woody Allen fan – at least of his early / mid-period filums. Nowt upsets me if it’s funny…

        • Q: What have Kodak films and Woody Allen got in common?
          A: They both come in a little yellow box….

          • Boom boom! Not even a smidgen upset! Betcha Woody wood’ve laughed too, haw haw.

            Heard a similar one involving John Lennon, Yoko Ono & a yellow (possibly McDonalds) box…? Was posted on ISAC a few months ago…possibly by you Norman.

            Fucking spooky.

          • Is it really true that Woody Allen once went to The Priory Clinic in London to cure himself of his decades old crack habit?….

          • You talkin’ to me? I know (or care) very little about Allen’s private life. Have a few biographies waiting to be read, apart from that really only interested in enjoying the films and his occasional documentary utterances etc.

            Appreciate your posts btw Norman – they keep me abreast of things I wouldn’t usually be aware of.

  11. Saturday night’s alright for fighting, said the fat poof…
    Well, I’ll be there if he will…

    • As long as he wears gloves and a spit hood, I wouldn’t risk contamination even at the opportunity of giving him a well earned smack.

  12. That award will be disappearing up his arse as soon as he gets home.

    Davos is for fucking cunts any way, it’s the grammys and oscars of people who love power and want to run everyone else’s lives.

    Fuck off you pricks

  13. Yea it’s wierd that the ones that moan the loudest about inequality in society tend to be the only cunts that could actually do something about it.

    If they actually gave a shit that is.

    I used to hate the term “virtue signalling” but lately it seems to be the only way to describe the phoney “help the poor” platitudes that these cunts permanently spout.

  14. Old Reg Dwight might be a champagne socialist but at least you know it’s £1,500 quid a bottle champagne!

  15. A proper hoofing great cunting there Komodo.
    If you aren’t ex mob I will show my arse in Boots window for a week. Check on the Walter Mitty hunters club, good spot by the way on Reg’s non regimental cravat. You nailed most stuff I despise about the uphill turd burglar. I’m on my tablet at the moment but I suggest you cunters check out Reg and Dave’s kids, a proper pair of Nancy boys in the making. Being brought up by 2 dads can’t be easy for any cunt but at least the cushion of money so your kids wont ever see the world outside of 7* luxury certainly helps. The hypocritical fat cunt had his little boys names down for Eton as soon as they popped out of their mothers hole. You can’t buy class. As in Elton’s case you can dress a pig from head to toe in Armani but you wont stop it grunting. A knighthood on the back of fucking around with a previously released tune about a dead pop star certainly guaranteed you God like status. Just get a grip, speak to that other horrible cunt McCartney and stop singing for fucks sake. Oh, and Mick Fleetwood and Ray Davies too. Sound like a bunch of un-neutered pole cats. Arise Sir Cunt

    • Boots will just have to do without the publicity. But you don’t have to go to Boots for ARRSE (qv). Thanks for the kind words!

    • This is all you need to know about Reg.

      Sir Elton Hercules John, CBE, is an English singer, pianist, and composer. He has worked with lyricist Bernie Taupin as his songwriting partner since 1967; they have collaborated on more than 30 albums to date. Wikipedia

      Born: 25 March 1947 (age 70), Pinner
      Spouse: David Furnish (m. 2014), David Furnish (m. 2005–2014), Renate Blauel (m. 1984–1988)

      Children: Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John

      Did you know: Elton John is the fifth-best-selling music artist worldwide (Total available certified units: 169 million: US: 117.850 million). wikipedia.org
      Or uber cunt as he is better known.

  16. I remember Elton’s ‘Candle In The Wind’:…About an overrated overhyped fake as fuck bottle blonde slapper…

    And I also remember Elton’s ‘Candle In The Wind 97’… About… errr.. another overrated overhyped fake as fuck bottle blonde slapper…

  17. Elton johns an absolute cock!!
    He has a lack of self awareness that even Blair would be proud of…….
    fuck off you wig wearing keyboard jangling cunt!!

  18. Despise this fucking cunt with a passion.

    This bald, shrieking, manlet drama queen has an almost encyclopedic collection of cuntish exploits: from parading around his child trophies with arch-bummer-in-chief David Furnish, his fawning over Diana (the people’s slapper, aka ‘bury me in a y-shaped coffin’), endless fucking public apoplectic shit-fits and his waaaay overstayed welcome as a musical artist of any calibre.

    But the true hallmark of this cunt was how he ignored his own mum for 10 years. Abandoned her whilst in her 80s, according to reports all down to his mother refusing to let Reg dictate on who should and shouldn’t be in contact with her.

    Then, one year after reconciling, she dies, and he suddenly gives it the faithful son routine in public. I mean, I’m sure many of us more than dislike our parents at times – my old man is a thoroughbred cunt and no mistake – but to abandon them completely at that age over such a trivial matter, and to bring it out into the public eye… well, that takes a monumental cunt of Tolkien proportions.

    Reg Dwight – part handbag, part flouncing queen, part shitgoblin – all cunt.

  19. The fudge packing little wig stand pops up in the new Kingsman film. I’d heard rumours but thought it would just be a lookalike but no, it’s him in all his, er.. “glory”

    The popcorn went everywhere…

  20. I saw Elton John several times in the early to mid 70’s.

    Absolutely loved his concerts and music, probably is still the greatest showman t have ever seen. As a trained pianist could see just how talented he was, don’t think there is much doubting that.

    Incredibly disappointed however, if being totally honest that he has turned into a spoilt, highly unpleasant and truculent bitching drag queen.

  21. I believe Elton and David have a team of ‘nannies’ that follow them around the world effectively bringing up their paid for trophy children.

    Every now and then they’re brought out for an opportunist photo shoot that’s carefully choreographed by their team of publicists in order to perpetuate the myth that a 70 year old woofter and his 50 odd year old hubby are hands on parents and they’re just like you and me.

    What a pile of cunt.

    This pair of queens are as fake as the Turin Shroud and the Hitler Diaries put together (if that’s possible)?

    I quite liked Elton John up until the mid 80’s, at which point his music became secondary to his new found career as a self appointed champion of those suffering from bum boy disease.

    As mentioned on an earlier post Sir Chutney Ferret now donates around £26m a year to his own ‘charidee’. As it’s his ‘charidee’ he decides where the monies spent.

    What really riles me is that like other super rich cunts they can opt to make huge charitable donations that offset their tax liabilities. So Sir Elton donates what equates to roughly 10% of his income and gets lorded as Britain’s biggest philanthropist and no fucker calls him out.

    It requires a special level of arrogance to pack yourself off to Davos and lecture people on poverty an inequality when you’re banking £250m a year and only paying 10% ‘tax’

    I can’t work out what’s worse, the arrogance of these cunts or the unquestioned sychophantic adulation of the cunts that help perpetuate the myth.

    • Raises an interesting point. I wonder how HMRC and the Charities Commission would react if I claimed a tax allowance for donating to The Komodo Institute For Indigent Dragons? If you run your own charidee, that should surely be a no-no?

  22. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5279353/Ex-detective-suing-police-office-prank-led-injury.html

    What a load of fucking bollocks this story is.

    Stupid selfish money grabbing police woman trying to get money out of the police force after trying to recover her phone following a prank. Only £500,000 which of course in these austere times the Essex police force can easily spare. Her initial claim was for £750,000.

    Why is a nonsense fucking lightweight case like this allowed to go ahead (when it would seem clear to many that this money grabbing individual is only after some easy money), when really distressing and unpleasant crimes that involve really deep feelings that leave physical and emotional scars (rapes or sex crimes against children) are often suppressed and often never see the light of day?

    Waste of taxpayers money, but who gives a fuck apart from the taxpayers.

    Certainly not Alison Saunders. Bitch.

  23. This Davos sounds a bit like The Presidents Club minus the chicks reading some of the above.

  24. Elton hasn’t made a decent song since he split with Bernie Taupin. I was at his Xmas show at Hammersmith Ocean umpteen years back. He was brilliant. Unfortunately like so many performers he never knew when to give it up. Age takes it’s toll. Live with it!

    And if you really want to see Elton making a cunt of himself, watch Kingsman The Golden Circle…

  25. It is one of the great mysteries of the modern world. How come, no matter how much money you have, you cant get a decent syrup? It barely seems credible unless he deliberately aims for the dead cat on head look. With however million ££ he has, he still resembles Frankie Howard.

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