Bono & U2

Now there’s so much to say about Bono and the rest of his band…

We could look at the fact that ‘Bono’ basically means ‘good voice’, but I find that quite modest for a man who prances about like a walking incarnation of God. We could also look at how Bono brags about being such a humanitarian hero, while being too selfish to pay his taxes to the country he thinks he owns. But, the other week he and the rest of U2 topped all that. They went to record in Abbey Road studios, and only went and fucking stood on the abbey road crossing.

Bono thinks he can stand where John Lennon stood? And some cunt who calls himself ‘The Edge’ in George Harrison’s place? These egotistical cunts are barely worthy of breathing the same air the Beatles breathed, never mind replicating their iconic album cover. Bono probably thinks they’re already bigger than the Beatles to be honest. After all, a band fronted by God himself is a pretty rare fucking sight to behold. Plus, it’s not like John Lennon ever did anything to help people, right..?

Bono is truly one of a kind. And then there’s the guilt-inducing ‘thank God it’s them instead of you’ from Band Aid, from a man who looks down upon everyone else, and spends the money he should pay as taxes, on making out like he’s changing the world. Also the irony in God himself telling people to ‘thank God’ is quite something.

In summary, Bono is a cunt. ‘The Edge’ is a cunt. U2 are cunts.

Nominated by LG1994

And lest we forget this classic moment :

70 thoughts on “Bono & U2

  1. Bonio is indeed a God-complex wabkfest of a cunt.

    Larry Mullen Jr seems okay, my best mate used to be a music teacher in Ireland and Mullens son used to attend the school. He would turn up in an old Forx Fiesta to drop him off, occasionally help out and generally not be a “do you know who I am?” Sort of prick. I’d imagine Bonio would arrive in a gold-played limo, with a fanfare heralding his arrival.

    Still went to see the cunts six times, though…

  2. Bill Bailey’s pisstake of the cunt Edge’s guitar playing technique is hilarious.

    Bailey demonstrates he uses the same, simple style of play, on every fucking record to give that signature U2 dirge.

    Those fucking scroungy tinkers that are U2 are supreme cunts and I suppose they are now getting Edgy for some extra moolah to top up their pension pots.

    • I don’t normally like Bill Bailey as he is a leftist cunt but his piss take of the hedge is brilliant.

      Did you see “It might get loud”? A documentary where Jimmy Page, Jack White and the Hedge were locked in a garage somewhere with a few guitars. I think the idea was they would have a “jam, man” but the Hedge was so fucking useless all he could manage was “3 blind mice” ( not really, but he was fucking wank ). I was almost embarrassed for the bog hopping cunt. Almost…..

      • Putiing JimmyPage with The Edge and (even worse) Jack Shite (where was his mute dummy sister/wife, Meg/Tubbs?) is like putting Churchill with Saggy May and Steptoe Corbyn,,,,

    • Never tire of watching that vid of prat Edge falling off edge…irony personified…has me in stitches every time!

  3. Off subject but I see our dear friend James O’Brian has been sacked from News Night and wait for it, for his egotistical lefty bias views. Now let’s hope LBC do the same FUCKING CUNT.

      • Yes CNR, it seems the BBC want to distance them selves from anti Brexit / left wing bias reporting. If that’s the case they will have to fire every reporter, journalist on their payroll

        • I propose they put a troop of chimpanzees in charge of the BBC. At least then they may come up with something decent now and again and they would certainly be cheaper.

          BTW can I add that Garry Lineker is a jug eared cunt? I just thought I’d drop that in as it can’t be said enough.

  4. Off topic again. Boris Johnson is a prime cut cunt. He is suggesting that a bridge be built between Britain and France as it doesn’t make sense to just be connected by a tunnel. I would suggest that a tunnel was one connection too many, I’d flood the fucker.
    Remember that this is the cunt who was responsible for spending millions on the ‘ Garden Bridge ‘ which never happened but was a great earner for friends and associates.
    Fuck off Boris, you fat, wobbled jawed ,bent cunt.

    • Boris should instead build a bridge from his arse to his mouth seeing how he talks so much shit….

      • Thankfully garden bridge was never built, yet STILL the taxpayer lost £40million+ in the process – what a fuckup. And there’s still Lord Adonis’s HS2 white elephant trundling along with its £80billion+ projected cost!

        Now Boris thinks it’s a good idea to piss God knows how many £billions into the Channel? Fat fucking cunt.

  5. LG1994……..I’d say that LG2018 is even better.

    I’d also say that U2 are pretty darn close to the Beatles in being overrated as fuck.

    I’d also say, as was pointed out here the other day, that if John Lennon had been ignorant towards autograph hunters and survived, then he’d have become an even bigger cunt than he already was and far greater the cunt than Nobo could ever be.

    As you were……

    • U2 not fit to lick the shit off Beatles shoes. First saw Bono in the early ’80s, decked out in black leather, pretending he was Jim Morrison! Just a stepping stone away from God even then. Fuck knows who that weasel Edge thought he was. Cunts the lot.

    • At least the beatles had decent songs in their catalogue and influence. Magical Mystery Tour (fucking horrible film but a great album) and Revolver were their best Imo

      U2 on the other hand is almost all shite I can tolerate maybe 5 or six songs from them at best Fun fact U2 won’t play this song live anymore because some serial killer liked it

      Don’t know why youd wanna hear these joshua tree songs live tho anyway. Considering the ambience these tracks had on the album thanks to Eno and Lanois producing it

      • I was in the supermarket line the other day and U2 and Mary J Blige were on the radio with the “soul” version of One.
        If I wasn’t craving them quorn burgers, I’d have been out of there.
        Fuckin earache inducing tat!!!!

        • With you 100%, Birdman. U2 are carrying on the ignoble example the beatles set for being whiney preachy holier than thou cunts while raking it in selling radio friendly shite.

          • The moptops were rarely “preachy” before they split up, quite restrained in fact, considering the adulation that surrounded them all those years.

            Just cos Bono deluded himself into believing U2 were the Beatles & the Doors all rolled into one, doesn’t mean we have to go along with such cuntishness.

      • I like the Magical Mystery Tour film….. It (the idea anyway) was acid fueled, but it was also a very uncuntish thing to do… How many other bands that big would share a bus with ‘ordinary’ people, eat their dinner with them in hotels, get pissed with them and have a sing-song, and treat cast and crew to fish and chips? Would, say, Bonio, Tiltess Swift, The Ginger Gremlin, or Harry Styles sit next to someone like big Jessie Robbins like Ringo did? Nah! Those cunts would do the ‘velvet autographs’ routine and faint at the slightest thought of spending time with ordinary folk… Magical Mystery Tour was great, but then along came (to quote David Crosby) ‘Yoko Fucking Ono’ and that was that…

        • Brian Epstein did a very good job: telling The Beatles to stay out of politics and ’causes’, and there was none of that shit on his watch… In 1966 Macca was asked by a journo if he thought about ‘starving kids in Africa’… McCartney said no, he didn’t… But at least he was honest about it… Back then he didn’t pretend to care and be a ‘bleeding heart’ do gooding cunt like Bonio and all those other virtue signaling libfucks.. Lennon, however, did have a self importance about him and he badgered Epstein to let him give his ‘opinions’ about the Vietnam War… Eppy vetoed this and he stopped the Beatles from getting preachy and pontificating… But then Epstein died and along came Yoko Fucking Ono and you know the rest…

          • Absolutely Norman.

            Yoko Fucking Ono. Yoko Fucking Ono.

            It cannot be said too many times…

    • I bet that’s more common than you think…

      Brenda Bretheryn (sic) got dry humpt the fuck out of on morning telly last week….. That dog learnt that somewhere.

      Wimmin (and kinky blokes) fuck themselves with all kind of household goods.. Some need something a bit more animated and get a Yorkshire terrier…… Aka a fanny licker.

      • Pps…. What is the crime here?

        And before any cunters start, I’m meaning, is it because the pooch licked her gooch?….. Is it a crime to have a dog lick yer hand or foot (it happens)?…. Or is it just genitalia that makes it illegal?

        If so, what happens if the dog is licking her foot, slips in some squirty cream, slides up her thigh and lands its tongue on her snatch?
        Not that far fetched..

        (who knew my Friday would start like this?)

    • PS. My first thought, apart from I’ll need to meet her, was that the poor wummin will be ostracised…. Then I realised that it’s Britain 2018 and she’ll most likely find that there’ll be shitloads of support from the freaks that inhabit our small island.

      She’ll be on pornhub next week making a fortune.

      The week after she’ll be dating Carla Devingie (sic)

      • It’s a lot more common than you might think. Seen that chick in the park walking her great dane? Fido will be getting more than pedigree chucks tonight, I can tell you.

      • “I have run I have crawled
        I have scaled these city walls
        These city walls
        Only to be with you
        But I still haven’t found
        What I’m looking for
        But I still haven’t found
        What I’m looking for”

        Hasn’t he ever heard of Google maps? Know it all cunt….

  6. The state of this fucking country. LBC saying the SAS hero of the Iranian embassy siege, the guy that lead the charge through the back door, is homeless. The sole surviving terrorist, who got a life term, is free and has a council flat in London. How can that be? This is so wrong on so many different levels.

    • That pretty much sums up this country in a nutshell.

      Fuck the givers of society and reward the takers.

      Givers are then expected to give more as the takers expect more.

      And the cunts in Govt (of any party colour) facilitate this flow from giver to taker because they don’t care so long as they’re in power.

      Also explain to me how a “caught red handed” foreign terrorist, upon his release from prison, was not immediately extradited to their own country?

      That was because it was 2008 and in the twilight of Britain’s 2nd Dark Age (1997-2010).

      The money saved by wasting it on that terrorist cunt could’ve been offset on doing right by any veteran.

      Alas terrorist cunt = 1 vote and SAS hero = 1 vote. Labour know terrorist cunt will more than like vote Labour so there you go! Cunts!

  7. Bonio loves himself so much and is so far up himself I’m surprised the cunt hasn’t given himself AIDS!

  8. And then there is Woolwich council.
    No memorial to Lee Rigsby.

    Maybe we should get Stephen Lawrence’s mater to have a word.
    If she’s not too busy being londoner of the century…..

    • Then there is Jo Cox BM, Jo Cox Foundation, Jo Cox Commission, Jo Cox charity song/fund, International Bleedin’ Heart Day, yet only just opened a memorial to Bomber Command fallen in Lincoln 70 odd years later.

      • Like St Duggan, the patron saint of drug dealers, her marytrdom is complete.

        And do not even get me started on her creepy zeta male of a husband.

        • I was going to mention what a total tragedy the death of Jo Cox was. But I decided against it as some cunt might have thought I was taking the piss and I’d get done for condoning violence or hate speech or racism or some fucking shite. So much for freedom of speech….

    • Greenwich council. There was a memorial but they took it down after complaints from ‘some local residents’.

      3 guesses…

  9. Bono can never be cunted enough. Everything about him is wanky. The cuban heels. The sunglasses. The hats. His big nose. The tax evasion. Etc.

    Good cunting.

  10. Bollocks, posted in the wrong thread. What a dos cunt I am….

    “I have run I have crawled
    I have scaled these city walls
    These city walls
    Only to be with you
    But I still haven’t found
    What I’m looking for
    But I still haven’t found
    What I’m looking for”

    Hasn’t he ever heard of Google maps? Know it all cunt….

  11. Everyone knows that The Beatles are the greatest, the most pioneering, the A-Z of music. Yes, perhaps Lennon had a few issues, George went a bit Eastern, Paul was obsessed with melodies and money and Ringo was caked out of his small brain, but they made the acest tunes.

    U2, especially the singer, can’t be cunted on here enough. Musically they’re ridiculously dull (E minor, A minor, G, D, on almost everything)egotistically they’re ridiculously abundant and politically they’re ridiculously hypocritical. Their fans must be almost as cunty as they are.

    • In my experience, things that “everyone knows” are commonly wrong. Like everyone knows about climate change or everyone knows about the gender pay gap or everyone knows that the beatles are the greatest. All commonly held as being facts, all complete bollocks.

      • Not “everyone knows” the Beatles are the greatest. In my experience there are quite a few people who don’t think the Beatles are the greatest.

        Ergo the Beatles are the greatest.

    • The Beatles did some great stuff (Rubber Soul, Revolver, Day Tripper, Rain), no doubt about that… But then along came Yoko Fucking Ono and we all know what happened next…

  12. Lemmy is dead.
    Jimi Hendrix is dead.
    John Barry is dead.
    Bono and U2 are still alive.

    There is no god….

    • Add to that list…

      Nick Drake
      Arthur Lee
      Syd Barrett
      Ian Curtis
      Marc Bolan

      But maybe Bonio is still about because he is God? That’s the impression the little cunt gives anyway…

      • Add:

        Frank Zappa
        Tim Buckley
        Randy California

        Of course Bonio is God! Oh ye of little faith.

  13. They had two songs on Fire and three on Joshua that are sort of ok. Not bad for a 35 year career.

    CM is right, most of their songs two dimensional apart from the ones where they go right out there by adding E minor.

  14. Didn’t these cunts also do a rooftop session once? Like the Beatles but shit.
    The Beatles might have had a pair of cunts in their ranks but musically they have never been surpassed. And for any cunters not around in the early sixties it was:-
    The shadows twanging away, Cliff fucking Richard, Adam Faith. A load of manufactured bum boys with names like Wilde, Fury, Eager, etc (just like today). A shitload of droning women singers. Elvis fucking Presley crooning. Alma Cogan anyone? I fucking hated popular music.
    There was good music in America but we never got to hear much of it. Radio Luxembourg carried some but it Wales it was like trying to tune into a hurricane. And then the Beatles broke through. And from that the Stones, Who, Kinks etc got the message that they too could write songs. And the Beatles championed Motown too. And great, neglected Yanks like Jerry Lee, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins and more. Everything changed and talent emerged from all over Britain.
    It was the Beatles that kick started all this. The drab shite of the early 60s was much like the bland shite we get today. But today we have a back catalogue to dip into.
    So, even if you don’t like them, if you love music you have much to thank the Beatles for.

      • James did an excellent free gig on the roof of Piccadilly Radio in Manchester in 1991… But at least Tim Booth admitted that they nicked the idea off The Beatles…

        Popular music 2018 is a mirror image of 1960… A load of pre-processed shite and insipid bollocks about ‘lurve’… Dogdirt like Titless Swift, Adele, One Fucking Direction, Little Mix, Kunty Perry, Ginger Gargoyle Sheeran, and Ariana Grande infesting the charts and not a guitar, bass, or drum kit in sight… Sadly though, it looks like there will no Beatles or Stones to save us from all this shit now….

        • If only it was a mirror of 1970 instead… Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Free, Faces, Humble Pie, T-Rex, Jethro Tull, Zappa, Led Zeppelin. Pink Floyd etc…

          Ah well, and bollocks…

    • Only good pre-Beatles band was Johnny Kidd and The Pirates… Mick Green was a top guitarist…

      • Agreed. But unless you had no chance of hearing or seeing them in sheepshaggerland.

  15. Bonio is too much of an egotistical cunt even for this site,glad I only bought a few of his best albums and stole the rest off the internet the potato juggling cunt

  16. I heard that U2 have announced that they won’t be making another album while Donald Trump is US President. Apparently, millions of music fans around the world could be heard shouting, “THANK FUCK FOR THAT”. Seriously though, what a bunch of fucking knob jockeys. He may be a clown, but he’s an elected clown. I’m so fucking tired of left wing egomaniacs stamping their feet and throwing tantrums because democracy didn’t go their way. Democracy didn’t go MY way back in 1997 when Blair got into Downing Street, but I didn’t spend over a year sulking about it. I reluctantly accepted the result, and bet three of my friends £100 each that he’d leave the country in a worse state than it was when he became PM. The day he left, I was £300 better off.

    • So predictable- blatant virtue signalling, nothing less.

      Let us pray the cunts stick to their word…and Trump secures a 2nd term!

  17. Bono, sting, peter Gabriel are so far up there own arses it’s fuckin laughable. Sting who fancies himself as some super stud who shags non stop for 14 hours.. I bet he instructs his Mrs to tell the media that yarn when really he’s got a very small dick and shoots his load before he’s even dropped his pants. Oh and yes all three of the cunts have very punchable faces.

    • I know fuck all about Gabriel but the other 2 are grade A cunts. Add Geldoff to the mix and you have a supergroup of hypocritical cunts.

      • Gabriel became a world music cuck after leaving genesis and has done nothing good since the double LP “Lamb Lies down on Broadway”. People say great things about the passion of christ soundtrack he did but personally I didn’t care for it… his solo albums aren’t that great either imo

  18. I am just waiting for the day when Bono decides he can walk on water then hopefully the cunt will drown.

  19. What’s the difference between bono and god? God doesn’t walk around Dublin thinking he’s bono………………………what a cunt.

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