Tony Blair [13]

Tony Blair again. This time ‘Brexit will harm NI peace process’ Is there fuck all Brexit cant be blamed for? And by this discredited, odious cunt? If the peace is so fragile then it obviously isn’t worth a wank.
He has sorted out peace in the middle east, assisted tyrants to full democracy and offered his services to any cause that pays enough. His talents are prodigious. In his own head that is. Cunt.

The bogtrotters are shitting themselves over us leaving as it will hit their trade hard. Pity our pig thick negotiators didn’t take our position of strength on board.

Nominated by Cunstable Cuntbubble

He’s been cunted many times, but he needs a special Christmas cunting for polluting the airwaves on Radio 4 (The World At One ) yesterday – he is an overpaid, underworked dishonest, fantasizing, lazy, decrepit, greedy, troublemaking oily heap of shit. He still wants Brexit reversed because he is as much up the arse of Juncker as he was George W. Bush. He seems to believe he is some sort of Messiah (when he is more than just a naughty boy). He is a self-serving, opportunistic motherfucker who would grovel to anybody who could help him get power again.

He looks, sounds and behaves like a raddled old queen.

Blair you cunt fuck off back to your dictators to give your shit advice to, and take your group of ageing crawling cocksuckers with you.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

75 thoughts on “Tony Blair [13]

  1. Blair is the ultimate traitor, both to his country his generation, upon which he has wrought never ending shame. I was born only 2 days before this cunt…unbelievable.

  2. This is the cunt who started an illegal war but was never charged for war crimes and was heavily implicated in the murder of Dr Davis Kelly. Blair was so worried about the murder that he made all the documents secret for 50 years which is unprecedented. He failed in everything he tried apart from making millions from oil sales while he was supposed to be sorting out the middle east.
    He is the biggest cunt in history and should be hung, drawn and quartered in public. He is desperately trying to be relevant to the world on the basis that he is a criminal, corrupt and fraudulent cunt.

    • I only hope I live to see the release of those documents on David Kelly. I’ll remain convinced until my dying day that Blair had some level of involvement in his unfortunate demise.

      • TECB, absolutely no doubt WHATSOFUCKINGEVER that Bliar is as guilty as a fuck.

        Sanctimonious, hypocritical, deluded, oxygen-thieving, slag-fucking, scumbag comepenguin.

        Did I say he’s a C-U-N-T cunt ?

      • Agree 100% TECB, sad to say I don’t think we’ll ever see a snippet of information or other evidence. The tentacles of thieodious antichrist Anthony B Liar reach long and deep. For sure he has used his poisonous influence to ensure anything remotely linking him and his ilk to the whole sorry Kelly affair have been either heavily redacted or destroyed completely.

    • Some say that Robin Cook’s death was a bit suspicious as well.
      (At the risk of coming over all “Spivey”)

    • Dr David Kelly for sure. You’ll likely think me insane, but I believe he was also behind the untimely deaths of John Smith & Robin Cook, both of whose demise he benefited from.

  3. I had hoped with the amount of time he’s been spending in the Middle East filling his pockets, that he might fall into enemy hands.

    Something fitting like being abducted and chained to a radiator (Terry Waite style) in some derelict building and left to become rat fodder.

  4. How in the name of Mohammad has he only been cunted 13 times? Has a zero been missed off, or does it mean he’s been cunted 13 times today?

    • He should have his own dedicated permament section, like ‘Cunt Music’ & ‘Cunter’s Dictionary’.

      Call it ‘Cunt Tony Blair’.

  5. The only real surprise is that we don’t hear more frequently from the stinking, open sewer known as Tony B. Liar’s mouth; especially regarding Brexit.

    At this point, Tony Blair has cuntitude down to an art form. Sure, Cameron may have more noms on ISAC, but Blair is cuntishness made flesh. Reversing Brexit could only be spearheaded by the cunt who epitomises everything rotten, corrupt and self-serving within the union.

    Everything you see which is destroying Britain – immigration, liberal indoctrination, power to the financial industry at the expense of all others, unaffordable homes – all started with the incurable cancer of Blair. Sure, these things may have metastised under Cameron and Brown, but make no mistake on who was the orginal tumour.

    I can hand on heart say that I will dance a fucking jig when Blair dies, and the only matter I’ll lament upon his passing is the lack of opportunity to lay an enormous steamer on his coffin.

    • Consider also that Bliar’s repellent oral orifice has also been in contact with Cherie’s minge, and also the minge that was shared with Digger Murdoch (have forgotten the tart’s name)

      Hang on a mo, was it Windy Dung ?

      • It’s also been round the aged cocks of the EU “presidents”, guzzling down their East European man porridge like a Hungry Hippo.

  6. TECB !!!
    ” cuntishness made flesh ” ( bit jewish)
    Best quote in ages AND very true
    Words to describe B Liar dry up inside your head
    The Cunt trancends all cunts !

  7. I think the country will party harder when he gets his than when Thatcher got hers.

    I know I will be.

    • For sure.
      Let’s also include his former press cuntsperson, Alasdair Cuntbell.

      Graves and dancing on too good for these two.

  8. Responsible for the demise of this country solely for personal gain.

    Prepared to condemn many British people to lives of poverty and misery resulting from untold mass immigration, at the same time reducing the level of national safety by instigating an illegal war thereby incurring the wrath of the peacefuls for interfering in their domestic problems.

    A truly evil and dangerous cunt of the very, very highest order.

  9. When you think about Blairs’ legacy will you remember The Good Friday Agreement, minimum wage or his years in office.

    Or, like me, will you remeber the lies, Iraq, and the coffins draped in the Union flag at Brize Norton.

    Blood on his hands and no doubt George Dubyas’ cum swilling round his molars…

    Despise the cunt….

  10. Grandmaster Cunt of Cunts, tyrant and Dark Overlord of The Universe, his grotesqueness knows no boundaries.

    There’s no cure for being a cunt.

  11. As I mentioned the other day and from what fellow cunters have said surely Blair needs to be given the first Is-a-cunt Lifetime acheivement award in being a cunt. That way the cunt could have his own section with a link at the top of the page near Cunt music, COTY, etc and we could all chime in now and again with our views on the cunt in his section. This cunt has got to be the Cunt by which all other cunts are judged. The cunt.

    • I agree BWC, especially as he now needs to keep touting his cuntish views to stay in the media spotlight. That should give us all plenty of ammunition to shoot the cunt down

    • I would confidently nominate him “cunt of the millennium” and there’s still 983 years left of it.

  12. When I read this cunting, the first two sentences did it.
    Warmonger claiming a peace process in peril.
    Is he trying to be ironic?
    If he was drunk all the time it might be funny.
    Be wary cunters, this “thing” is not a human – look at its’ eyes…….
    Its a demonic tentacled soul feeding cunt from beyond the aether…..

  13. Fuck can’t believe I missed it – the caption for that photgraph should read ” mine’s this big haw haw haw ! “

  14. As I’ve said before, this cretin should have no place, input or impact on matters arising from our departure from the EU.

    He is a dangerous, snide, two faced trouble making cunt who has proved that he cannot be trusted. Any involvement will cause our country more problems we don’t need.

    Tony, just fuck right off. Please stay out in the middle east for good or at least until you get found out for your double crossing dealings and lies which will seal your fate.

    Britain doesn’t want you and certainly doesn’t need you.

  15. Recommended reading. Blair’s biography by Tom Bower. He has also written a good expose of Branson. Reading these books hits home on just what cunts these two are. Bower has always got under the skin of uber cunts. Maxwell was also exposed for the greedy, bullying, thieving cunt he was.

    • Excellent read, goes up to 2014, Also recommend

      “Blair Inc.: The Man Behind the Mask” by Francis Beckett, David Hencke and Nick Kochan

      Similarly damning.

  16. There’ll never be peace in Ireland as long as they’ve got holes in their arses! The media just don’t report it anymore to make them look like a set of peacefuls!

    I remember working at an engineering firm in the 90’s, which employed an Irish draughtsman to do a bit of contract work. One day on the radio, the presenter asked the question: What are the Irish good For? Not realising he was sat in front of me, I immediately said: Fighting and Killing each other!

    Just as well he was a deaf CUNT as well!

    • Its like the western equivalent of the Sunny’s & the Shites.

      I think a good healthy injection f peaceful religion worshipers into Ireland might be enough to get them to come together.

      Forgetting days gone by, instead they would be working together fighting the new problem.

  17. I believe his offspring should be killed, as there is the definite likelihood that they will try to canonise the cunt.
    Let’s face it, would anyone REALLY give a fuck ?

  18. I hope I may be forgiven for once again linking to an exhaustive list of the cunt’s iniquities over nearly the last three years. And that’s just the published material I could find. He remains a slippery conman, flogging influence to complete undesirables, a billionaire’s bumboy and a sanctimonious purveyor of thin air in the form of uninformed advice. He presumes to continue meddling in the Middle East, whether on behalf of his mediaeval Gulf paymasters or out of simple personal hubris. His Institute for Global Change is a front for resource theft from poor and badly-governed countries, while his pretence of providing better governance there amounts only to words. He is a cunt almost beyond meaningful cunting and I struggle to think of anyone who comes close other than his disciples Campbell and Mandelson.

    Judge for yourselves – latest entries here:

  19. Think a lifetime achievement button could be a bit dangerous. I can envisage some cuters skipping work in order to post all day.

    • That would be more addictive than crystal meth……..
      You would have people clucking if their broadband went down!

  20. I know quite a few people who hate it when Blair is in the news because they know I will be along to remind them that they voted for the cunt 3 FUCKING TIMES while I was telling them what a slippery, snide money grabbing murdering bastard he was.
    Yes I know nobody likes a clever cunt who gets it right when you got it oh so wrong but sometimes you just can’t help yourself.
    Needless to say they are all remoaners to a man. Some people never learn.

  21. To any small children reading this…

    Your parents got it wrong.
    There actually ARE such things as monsters.
    See the above picture for details…

  22. Blair wears the word cunt like a bespoke saville row suit, it’s a beautiful fit!!
    From contentious wars thru to the hated human rights act which allowed his wife and cronies like mike Mansfield and Co to feast on the fat of the land,the mass uncontrolled immigration that changed the UK beyond recognition done in the hope of altering the voting landscape forever , throw in two weasel worded promises in 2004/ 2005 to give the UK a vote on the EU membership Blair’s had his sticky mitts on everything..
    like a Colussus striding thru the apocalyptic landscape of political cuntitude Blair is without doubt the master!!
    Many cunters myself included have floundered on the rocks of this machevelian swivel eyed demons cuntishness , it’s difficult to find new words to describe this treacherous prick !!
    Blair is the yardstick to which every other Cunt should be compared? A measurement, a universal point of reference, think MPH or Richter scale…..
    Blair’s a 10/10 tripled distilled 24 carat stratospheric cunt……
    the likes of Campbell and Vince cable 8.5 ish ?
    Soubry say a 6
    It’s the only thing he is good for!!

    • Excellent work Q, though would probably lower Vince to a 6 – par with Soubry – as he surely doesn’t reach the giddy heights of cuntishness as Campbellend…?

      • Fair point SB ….
        TBH I didn’t really think the scores thru, it was really just an example……. but Teflon’s a definite 10/10 😂😂

  23. I think this vile cunts worst act of betrayal after sending our brave troops into illegal wars under equipped and that were technically impossible to win, certainly in conventional terms, was the way the cunt allowed vile scum from the asshole of the devil such as Phil Shiner from Public Interest Lawyers to prosecute our troops over utterly false and nefarious claims of torture and abuse in order to try to distract from his own heinous crimes.
    What a truely vile cunt and as Empire of the cunts so succinctly put it at the end of his cunting ‘I’d like to lay a steaming log in his coffin’ too, except I reckon as I got to the front of the que we’d have a shit mountain on our hands like those butter mountains from the late 70’s.
    Btw has the cunt Phil Shiner been cunted? Even if he has I reckon that cunt should be cunted again.

    • Oh to urinate on Bliar’s corpse.
      One can but dream.

      And that cunt Shiner deserves a monumental kicking off a bunch of squaddies.

  24. I reckon when Blair turns his toes up, he will either be southern fried and the ashes will be scattered at a secret location or the cunt will be cooked and/or buried at a secret location, a la Freddie Mercury.

    Imagine if his sorry unrendered husk was buried with an ostentatious memorial headstone. In this case, I for one would happily join the long and winding queue to squeeze out a fat, brown length of chocolate cable square onto the tosser’s bed of rest. The cunt.

    • He shit on everyone and its only fair that people get a chance to return the favour.

      It would be good if he could be easily forgotten but he’s created too much carnage for that.

    • He should be buried in Westminster Abbey. Quite near Poet’s Corner, under the gents’ urinal in the toilets, and preferably with a connecting drain. It would do wonders for the Abbey’s visitor numbers.

  25. Oh yes Q I’d forgotten about that cunt Mansfield and you’ve just made me chuckle as his daughter topped herself and he blames himself for it (are dee dums) you’d have thought that would have taught him a few lessons……

  26. Freddie the Frog above makes a very interesting point about Bliar’s successive terms in office.

    I’m not sure whether Blair’s 3rd victory is a damning indictment on how utterly impotent the Tories were back then and especially how useless Michael Howard was, or whether it is testament to Blair’s unsurpassed skills in lying and deceit that he could still pull off a 2005 election win; despite the whole Iraq issue even back in then painting him as a legendary bastard and monolithic cunt.

    Too immature to understand the importance of my right to vote in 2001, I voted Tory in 2005 despite believing Howard to be a totally fucking inept pantomime villain, and was dumbfounded to see Blair still easily sucker the public in over the course of the campaign.

    As much as I despise Gordon Brown, it is clear to me that Blair knew almighty financial crapstorms were on the horizon; so in 2007 he hauled up the jib ‘fore it got covered in shit, and sailed off into the lucrative after-dinner speech and corporate backhander sunset; leaving a great big steaming turd in No. 10 just as Brown finally got his career wish.

    Blair bears all the hallmarks of a genuine psycopath. Everything this man says and does, even down to his vocal delivery and pioneering ‘lying bastard’ hand gestures is dripping with the most caustic cuntitude ‘twixt this world and the next.

    • Agree 100% about his departure timing. He knew. He was in it up to the jug ears – prepositioning himself with Morgan Stanley (MS internship for Euan, 2007-8, MS managing directorship for Jonathan Powell, 2007, Jeremy Heywood joins Brown government from MS, 2007) and of course JP Morgan. He didn’t even have the decency, as his predecessors did on leaving office, to serve out his full term as an MP. His core business structure was in place by 2006, and ready to…run.

  27. I totally agree Empire, B.Liar does have all the traits of a psycho but in addition he’s utterly shameless and a pathological liar.

    You can’t debate or reason with this type of creature.

    Regarding the 2005 election I think the scums’ victory was more to do with how low the Tory’s had reached by that stage plus the fact the only real effective opposition at the time was the ‘press’ and even The Sun were still behind the cunt at that stage.

    If I were to write the cunts obituary, aside from it being hard to discern any words other than CUNT I’d probably sign it off by saying he achieved something no other politician has ever done which was to unite both his political friends and enemies and people from pretty much every walk of life in their adject hatred of him.

    • Being a “shameless and pathological” liar is by definition one of the main hallmarks that identify a psychopath/Sociopath.

      • and Bliar so obviously has TOTAL belief in the crap that spouts forth from his greedy, slavering lips…

        • It’s conman syndrome. It’s ‘true because he believes it,’ he doesn’t ‘believe it because it’s true’…

  28. Allegedly worth around £27 million + enough property to house all the Grenfellians.

    Its amazing how a man with so much blood on his hands has had so much money filter through them as well. Bless the souls who gave their lives in his little games.

    There’s a big difference between dying for your country and dying for your cunt.

  29. The odious little cunt sent me to an illegal war in Iraq, fucked up immigration here and ran our country in a ton of debt. I wish I could kick the shit out of him. Total cunt.

  30. One thing I forgot to mention was Blair’s picture at the top!!
    Blair has been well schooled in body language!! Look at his outward facing palms? Open hand? The fuckin cunt is saying I’m your friend! I’m holding no weapon / secrets ! You can trust me! I’m being honest! Deceitful cunt!!
    absolutely none of that is true….

  31. If Theresa May hadn’t been such an inept cunt, Phoney B. Liar would be a shoe-in for COTY (again).

    Everything that’s turned to shit – from Snowflakes to “peacefuls” – in UK Plc is down to this cunt’s tenure along with his odious quislings like Cuntbell and Mankinidelson.

    On a more positive note, each time I see the cunt, he looks more and more like Kurt Barlow from Salem’s Lot!

  32. The fucking Blairs, him and his dog ugly greedy wife have totally ruined this country big time….totally shit on us all for their own gratification and greed…total bastards!!!

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