The BBC (11)

The BBC (again).

They are advertising a programme for next week called ‘Labour – the summer that changed everything’. It’s a love in by the looks of it, on how comrade Corbyn has changed the face of politics forever. How he changed from looking like a smelly geography teacher, to the most popular politician in the world that looks like a smelly geography teacher. I wonder if it will touch on how he conned the votes of all the student layabout cunts by lying that he would do away with tuition fees, and other election promises that had no chance of being implemented?

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye.

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  1. I’ll worry about that fucking cunt when he’s swanning into Downing Street with his goat-shagging entourage.
    Meanwhile, what the fuck does this hunchback bag of bones think she is playing at? Thank fuck the dozy bitch buggered up the election or we’d be in even deeper shit with these eurotrash carpetbaggers.
    Surely the Tory backbenchers can’t put up with this born loser much longer? Don’t they know they are all going to lose their seats the poncing cunts? Maybe i’m missing something but it seems to me the sooner they kick her arse down the road the better.

    • May should have been ditched months ago. Sadly the damage has now been done.

      We are witnessing a replay of Major’s ill-fated Tory government. I reckon the beardy weirdy will clinch it come the next election without too much effort.

      Imagine the country being run by thickies such as the Abbopotamus, Angela ‘tits’ Rayner, Jess ‘bloke in a dress’ Phillips, Stella ‘sex doll’ Creasy and Sarah ‘Dickie Davies’ Champion.

      Folks, we are totally fooked.

      • I seriously doubt they could run a corner shop!! But after the conservative party’s implosion I sadly think your right we could be heading for PM CORBYN……..

          • Never forget the photo of the St Georges flag she posted on twitter, the thousand words that spoke including Marxist, sneering, unpatriotic, working class hating, Hampstead cunt

      • Never knew MUPPET stood for “Most useless political personage ever trained” until Mogadon May was upon us…

        Tickle my tits til Friday, this woman is a total shower of shite.

        May’s deliberate cock-up over NoBrexit is on a par with that outgoing Tory government’s privatisation of the railways.
        Sheer bloody spite.
        BR was never…perfect, but at least greedy, beardy cunts like Branston never got their grimy paws on the dosh…I’m no trot, but some things will NEVER be profitable, and just have to be run as a public service, for the benefit of us all. Given the cost of 21stC medicine, the NHS will never be profitable, but if we are going to pretend to be a civilised cuntry, with healthy kids growing up into a healthy workforce, then a functioning HS is vital.
        Fuck me, I’m a rambling, naive, sentimental old cunt.

    • We just have to hope that either she grows a pair or gets replaced by someone who will tell the EU to take a hike and the DUP.

      • When Comrade Catweasel gets in he’ll do a £100billion deal with Sinn Fein, regardless of the size or otherwise of his majority…

    • I don’t think Comrade Steptoe will get a working majority. I think Labour will be the largest party in a coalition, but I’m not sure if that’s better or worse.. Either way, the Tories are in no position to lecture about “a coalition of chaos” with Arlene in the driving seat.

  2. Sadly, the BBC grows in strength year by year. It is an institution that has become an instrument of indoctrination, a politically motivated tool powered by some very dangerous people.
    I wish to see the BBC lose its status and its protections, and be forced into the commercial world of survival of the fittest and the best.

    George Orwell was ( in my opinion ) always prophetic, and always right.

    Burn the cunts out!

    • Totally agree ASA…
      If the bbc were forced into the commercial world in its current guise it would have the same survival expectations of a friesian cow parachuted into the lion enclosure at London zoo…

    • I recently signed a petition to abolish the TV licence and it got the 100,000 signatures needed to give it a hearing. It was originally going to be discussed on the 16th October, but was postponed to the 20th November. I wish I hadn’t FUCKING bothered! It’s so institutionalized it’s unreal! There’s no chance of getting rid of this FUCKING parasitic leech anytime ever, and any of the fucking parasites CUNTS that work for it.

      If anyone wants to view the fucking farce it’s here:

      What a CROCK OF SHIT that was!

      • Fuck me that’s heavy weather!!
        Who’s the fucking idiot upfront?
        The BBC has got friends in very high places!! It’s not going anywhere….. CUNTS!!

    • Its like a UK extension of Al Jazeera. I’m getting fed up being held to ransom for the licence fee when I pay Sly™ a premium for the channels via their dish.

      Why should we pay for shit they broadcast in their attempts to brainwash us into surrendering our country away to all and sundry.

      They are traitors and therefore, should not even have British in their name.

      I worked with a guy 20 years ago, ex armed forces who told us he had no television in his house, nor was their one in his childhood home. He warned us of the brainwashing, propaganda and lies but most folk scoffed and thought he was an eccentric fool.

      • I don’t pay those raghead loving cunts a penny simply because I don’t watch the telly, never mind the bastarding brainwashing cunts.

        I’ve seen a few thing when I’ve been around mates houses, specifically Lucifer, which is fucking brilliant, but that’s on Amazon, so fuck you bbc.

  3. Off subject as I am unsure how to do it
    Lily the Mong needs an emergency cunting
    Looks like justice is being served
    She has a flat which she rents out and the cunts have claimed asylum and won’t fuck off and she is crying all over the daily mirror….. Oh joy of joys
    A nice early Christmas present for this monumental cunt

    • I seriously hope these tenants not only stay for an eternity but treat her flat like a public convenience!! ……….
      what the fuck is the mong gonna do? Send her mockney pseudo hardman father Keith and professional cockney wanker ray winstone round to “ fakin sort the cants out” …… As mong bleated in one of her shitty songs” that we make me smile”

    • It is a richly deserving slice of luck to see Lily and her extra chromosome in such a fix.

      You couldn’t make it up – just shows you what utter fucking hypocrites cunts like her and Lineker are.

      It’s not a problem until it’s on your doorstep – literally – eh, Lil?

      One of the biggest mysteries concerning Lily Allen is how she remains un-murdered.

      • Two words that spring to mind for mong…..
        And the other TECB is luck……..

    • Hope they trash the joint.

      My cousin had a house that an agency rented out and it had a tribe placed in it courtesy of DSS.

      They put holes right through every stud partition wall in the house. Cost him a fortune to put right.

  4. I was going to say surely the students won’t be fooled again after Smeg’s ultimate betrayal, but it will be a new intake of students stupid enough to believe it all over again.

    Don’t forget that Kate Osamor, Starmer and Cat Smith at the controls.

    The worrying part is that if and when they get in and the cabinet members screw up as expected, the media will bully him into replacing the failures and just like Teresa May, old Catweazle will jump through the hoops.

    Who have we got in waiting though? Chooka on the Moona, Lammy etc? No back up plan in that lot.

    • Whaddya talking about? Labour have a wealth of talent awaiting in the wings:

      Frank Field.
      Kate Hoey.

      Umm…well two anyway, and Willie Stroker quite fancies Dame Margaret Hodge. Not a lot of people know that…

      • I agree there is capable people there but would they support him in cabinet and would he even ask them?

        The ones gagging for a job in the cabinet wouldn’t be much good and I can’t see much improvement in the existing shadow cabinet since the last reshuffle.

        Emily might know the French foreign ministers name…and its a small might, but she won’t know Sweden’s or Finland’s. Flabbot thinks she can get cops to work for £8k a year while putting a minimum wage of £10 an hour in place.

        These embarrassing gaffs were when they should have been at the top of their game ready for anything.

        • I hope the irony of my post was not lost on you Bob?

          A front bench consisting solely of Comrade Corbyn and the two decent Labour MPs I could think of is unlikely to cut the mustard, whichever way you slice it.

          But would still be worth ten times more than entire current shadow cabinet put together.

          PS: I like the cut of Owen Patterson’s jib!

    • Put front and centre umunna exhibits all the attributes of a jellyfish..see thru no backbone and generally ambles around in the shadows…… A couple of years ago a few misguided fools at a dinner party told me he was a prime minister in waiting??
      I replied he was nothing of the sort and was a snivelling toad who had no gumption whatsoever!, a while later he bottled out of labour leadership contest!! The Cunt……..

  5. This morning R4 ran a feature about Islam. Apparently it is misunderstood, peaceful and inclusive. Just like Saudi, Iran, Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Gulf states etc then. Inconvenient truths not mentioned.
    The so called BBC is truly a wonderful institution. All this and Sue Perkins.

    • If you gloss over the beheadings and stoning’s for adultery and blasphemy, forced marriage, FGM, suicide bombings, hate preachers, religious intolerance, Trojan Horse schools and an aversion to bacon…finally Al Beebs version.

    • Nobody will be fleeing these wonderful countries to come here then and any one here claiming asylum for I’ll treatment is lying and should be rejected immediately.

      They can have Perkins too.

    • For me it’s gotta be…
      Get the brexit red bus and tell the likes of ken CLARKE, chukka, Anna soubry, Clegg and co that it will pick them up and drive to Parliament as a PR stunt?
      Instead once all are safely onboard the bus is driven off the cliffs at beachy head!!
      JOB DONE….

    • Surly that’s a fuckin joke??
      I’m just over the park waiting for my dog to deposit my donation to the mong on the grass……
      Black bag at the ready!!

      • The Abbopotamus is using the mong publicity to raise cash for a tipper lorry load of Kentucky Fried Chiggun.

        Her good cause is a finger lickin’ good feast of sufficient size for her to block Hackney’s sewers with the resulting turdage.

  6. Champagne socialist breeding, neo-liberal (fascist) cunts!

    I’m sticking with ineffectual Prime Cunt Theresa May for my COTY vote but the AL-BB-CERA come a very fucking close 2nd! Especially when that cunt Kuntsberg is on! She is the 200 amp piss boiling element that one!

  7. As usual lots of incisive comments all aimed perfectly. But you know what the way I see it all these fuckers are shameless. Every fucking time I hear them or see them on the TV they preach utter shite without fact or foundation and never ever get pulled up on the ludicrous statements about say ‘workers rights’ or ‘tax evading corporates’ or their bastard favourite ‘institutional racism’.

    If you’re ever lucky enough to be in a debate with that type of cunt (as I was recently) I implore you to challenge them, ask them for the evidence, ask them for names, tell them you’re right with them in calling it out and watch the cunts go quiet.

    The left have a warehouse full of ‘off the shelf’ catchy slogans that help frame the right as heartless bastards (bedroom tax etc) but rather than letting them frame the debate, frame them, attack and challenge.

    For too long now this vocal minority has been getting away with it, day after day, cunts like the Cretin o’Brien and his cabal go unchallenged and spew their anti Brexit, anti British independence we fucking know best and woe betide you if you disagree.

    I hate the far left as much as I hate peado’s and wouldn’t ever want to emulate them but they are good at organising and agitating. Remember how they harassed the management of INEOS and whilst that backfired spectacularly it’s a tactic the cunts use effectively.

    I wonder if cunts like O’Brien or Toynbee or that really fucking annoying geordie cunt Paul Mason would be as cock sure of themselves if the tables were turned.

    Cunts fucking cunts.

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