Steven Moffat (5)

Steven Moffat is a plutonium weapons grade cunt.

This hack has now claimed that people who voted for Brexit are having a hard time accepting a female Doctor Who because they do not have ”progressive” views.

He also claims that ”liberal” remainers are more comfortable with the whole concept.

No you fucking cunt, Brexit voters happened to be from all walks of life and both ends of the political spectrum. It also has nothing to do with why people hate this shitstained idea.

The fact that you and you cuntish ilk have spent every week since the announcement of your franchise killing bright idea justifying doing so should be an indicator that you and all the PC, pro femnazi, ”progressive” libmongs that you work with and all a bunch of stupid daft cunts.

You’ve taking a character that has in real life been a male form over 50 years and 1000+ or whatever the fuck it is now years in story canon male and making them a woman. You dumb fuck.

If I could, I would send a bouquet of black dead roses and a message congratulating you over bringing about a ratings killer and the ultimate final demise of a long time British sci fi franchise. If I could, I would message you for being a stupid daft cunt who is consumed by his own smug, self satisfied liberal cuntisness.

To you, and all the other smug PC cunts where you work, I’ll finally say this to you:

You all deserve to be beaten like baby seals by drunken sailors.

In the words of Jim Cornette, thank you, fuck you, bye!!!


Nominated by Prime Minister Sinister

135 thoughts on “Steven Moffat (5)

  1. I have tried hard to give a fuck about Dr Who. But, try as I may, nothing stirs. It has been juvenile tripe for over 50 years so the gender, or even existence of said Dr has passed me by. The link with Leave voting has got to be bullshit but is a new and novel way to remoan I suppose. Don’t know who Moffat is and life is too short to google the cunt.

  2. Steven Moffatt(4) innit?

    Why don’t admins indicate the number of times a cunt has been cunted before anymore?

  3. While I have no interest in Dr. Who I wonder what Muppets feelings would be on a male Wonder Woman.

    • Well, being a liberal “progressive”, Mophead would tell you that making Wonder Woman, Wonder Man is a ridiculous notion, because WW was born a woman and so it’s clearly impossible for her to become a him. It would also cause the sun to green, the sky to turn purple and dogs to start shitting coal. Actually, being a smug, far left dick, he’d probably have a hissy fit and start screaming words like ‘sexist’ and misogynist at you, before stomping off to his little safe space.

  4. As entertainment, Dr Who died out just before the end of Tom Baker’s tenure, in my opinion. This coincided with new producer John Nathan Turner introducing his own liberal agenda.

    Fast forward almost 40 years and we have yet another liberal cockmonkey introducing ‘more inclusive’ elements to appeal to the minorities. This should be a kid’s entertainment programme, FFS, not a vehicle for wankers like Moffatt to live out his liberalist wet dream.

    I read that pube-head is leaving the Dr Who franchise. Probably only to be replaced by some other like-minded neo-liberal cunt.

    • After 13 years, looks like the cunt’s work is done with Dr Who. Time to move on and ruin another popular franchise.

    • Same for me PM, Tom Baker was the last real doctor. Since then it’s just gone to fuck, year on year!

    • I would have to agree with that. I do think that Peter Davison did a pretty good job himself, but a lot of the stories during his tenure were pretty ridiculous. Except for the bit at the end of Earthshock, when they killed off that annoying little shit, Adric.

      • Christopher Eccleston was the last good Doctor. Wisely baled out, sensing which way the wind was blowing.

        • Eccleston hated working for ABBC, there was something about the ”culture” there that he disliked immensely.

        • Define irony, Adric is one of the worst and most annoying characters. Like ever.

          Then he has one of the greatest exit lines of all time.

        • Yes she did. I couldn’t describe her face to you though. I’m told she was quite pretty.

        • I liked Nyssa if I’d been a couple of years older than 10 when she was an assistant I would have appreciated her even more.

    • Actually JR they have female doctors now.

      They’re usually much bigger cunts than their male counterparts (IMO).

    • My doctor is a woman, quite fit too, very cougar like, I like to get my balls checked every now and then, you know as a precaution.

  5. I see New York is going to have to deal with their own Grief-fell in the Bronx.

    Be interesting to see if the US are as soft with their dregs as we are here in fantasy island.

    Also the yanks will locate, identify and arrest the culprit (if not dead) responsible for a dodgy electrical appliance as opposed to treating said mass murderer like a hero.

    I assume this because no cunt over here has identified exactly the cause nor named the cunt responsible.

    It’s to be sure if it was a middle-aged professional called Joe Bloggs from a non-ethnic background that he would indeed be being charged with 84, no wait 430, no 71 deaths!

    • They will have identified the cause within hours of the fire being put out.

      I’m betting Washington doesn’t rush to blanket the residents in hundred dollar bills either. I’m also betting the affected residents take up the offer of what accommodation is offered within days, if not hours.

      Wonder if the GB flakes will prompt Teresa May to speak out and criticize Trump for not doing enough once again. Mind you, no matter what he says or does, its never enough to pacify the GB snowflake cunts.

      • Pointless trying to reason with snowflakes. During the General Election where my wife works, a little cabal of snowflakes were railing that Theresa May was an evil homophobe and self righteously proclaiming they could never vote for such a vile individual!

        When it was pointed out that May, as Home Secretary, had introduced the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, the snowflakes simply chose to disbelieve it.

  6. Like most remainers, they have an elevated perception of their worth and position in society. They believe that their opinion ( and no one else’s) is the only one that has validity. Their arrogance and superiority being the Hallmarks of that liberal elite to which they all aspire.

    Moffat will surely have his name called in time to come, having shagged nearly every fucking female member of the BBC staff, both on and off the floor.

    Cunts like Moffat, despise those of us who hold a different viewpoint. Well, I have an opinion of my own that differs very much from the army of devotees he has accrued from the world of showbiz.

    Moffat is a cunt. A bigotted cunt. And one who who should be shoved sideways up his own arsehole. As a writer, he is load of wank. his awards have come from the ranks of liberal luvvies and wankstains who rub their egos with the gusto of an epileptic wanking.

    Moffat, you are a CUNT

    • The only time his writing even comes within a light year of being good, is when he’s adapting stories that have already been written, i.e. the first season of Sherlock, when a lost of the stories there had been written by a proper writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. When he has to do something original, his far left ideals cause him to create the world’s largest, steaming, pile of dog shit. That last episode of Sherlock was so bad, there isn’t even a word in any language to describe just how gopping it was. In fact, they should have changed the name from Sherlock, to Shitelock.

      He just can’t stop himself from making it all lefty and PC, and then smugly patting himself on the back for a job well done.

  7. I voted for brexit but I stopped watching Dr Who during Peter Capaldi’s second to last season on account of Steven Moffat’s writing (& I use the term loosely) being completely dog shit.

    Obviously it would be too much to accept that his concepts and writing are to blame so do what all lefty snowflakes do and blame brexit.

    • I gave up during Matt Smith’s second season, the writing was well and truly the shits by then.

      I’ll give Russell T Davies his due for one thing – he left when he knew that he’s worn out his welcome as writer, Moffat on the other has hung around for so long that he’s managed to stink out the show permanently, almost as bad as JNT’s run in the 80s.

      • Yeah I gave Matt Smith a chance and he grew on me……. like genital fungus.

        But I just kept watching the Peter Capaldi stuff hoping that there would be some kind of, you know, story or character development but there was nothing but gimmicks and Jenna Coleman constantly saying “You clever boy!” Fucking yawn!

  8. The only time I’ve read about Steven Moffatt is on this site. I think that says it all about the twat.
    Nice to see that he’s such an expert on psychology that he is able to make sweeping statements about the way we all think and how we should behave.
    gormless cunt.

  9. I don’t have a problem with a female doctor because I voted to leave the EU. I have a problem with it because it’s nothing more than an exercise in left wing, politically correct propaganda. The show is watched predominantly by youngsters, children, teenagers, etc. And turning the doctor from male to female is simply an attempt at normalising the transgender issue. That and the fact it goes against nature. And now we have Barbara Broccoli suggesting that the next James Bond, could be Jane Bond.

    Moffat would probably consider me a bigot for that, but the simple fact is, trannies are NOT normal. If a man considers himself to be female and decides he wants to dress up and act like one, that’s his business. But there is absolutely NOTHING in medical science that will make it happen for real. Having your genitals removed, hormone therapy and fake funbags does NOT make you a woman. It makes you a man who is under the delusion that he was born the wrong sex. Likewise for women who think they’re men. One of the most insidious things about this issue, is that so called parents are raising their young children to be ‘gender neutral’. No, you’re raising them to be future psychiatric cases, because you couldn’t leave them fuck alone to figure things out for themselves.

    It isn’t our belief in what gender we are that determines whether we’re male or female, it’s nature. Men have an X and a Y chromosome, women have two Y chromosomes. THAT is what determines your gender. And unless you have TWO Y chromosomes, then as I said, there is nothing in medical science that will turn a man into a woman. No amount of ‘gender reassignment’ will actually make a male, female. And THAT is why I have a problem with Moffat fucking about with Doctor Who.

    • Barbara Broccoli describes herself as a “progressive feminist”
      I’d call her a cunt personally, and her pet Danny-Boy Craig, for introducing the obsessive self-loathing element to the films that are almost totally absent from earlier films and the books.
      As for Dr Who, it went down the shitter the moment Moffat stuck his oar in…

    • It’s the Bond bit which annoys me, I mean by all means make a film about a female spy, afterall we do have female spies, every agency does but don’t link it to the Bond franchise.

  10. It seems that anyone who is in receipt of ‘free money’ i.e getting paid huge sums of public money, BBCunts, University cunts, MP’s etc without having to do much for it gives them a deluded sense of ‘I get all this dosh so I must be very special’ attitude rather than thinking ‘fucking hell, maybe I should just shut the fuck up and keep my fucking head down in case someone notices I don’t fucking EARN this’. No, most people would be fucking delighted to receive a fucking tenth of what these cunts have thrown at them but they’re not happy with that they have to pretend to have some higher moral compass for fear that their priveleged, cosseted world might be pulled from their sticky fingers. Selfish cock sucking gutter rats.

    • Jane Bond indeed. Fucking hell.
      Mind you, rather that than that useless cunt Idris Elba getting the job.
      Fuckwit can’t act his way through a Sky advert let alone a film.

      • Let them make a bond film with a fucking Doris as the lead, or some BAME pick of the day. Then watch it sink without trace. If there was money to be made, why not put these gender or race in their own original stories? Wonder Woman made the top three highest grossing film this year, so are they going to have to make her black next? Or trans whatever? I look forward to “The Robert Mugabe Story” with Jason Statham playing him. That fucking Berkdoff sheeza might be a better fit though…..

        • Cunts like Moffatt only watch the credits, specifically the bits where their names are going up and down on the screen. If he could be bothered to watch rest of his shitty programme he wouldn’t be feeling so fucking smug.

      • Considering Russia is now our biggest enemy (rolls eyes) I’m trying to figure out how a black man will try to stay incognito in mother Russia.

        • Or how a black man could go incognito in most of Asia, large swathes of South America and Europe for that matter…..

          Black man in Russia, Christ, that’s like a white man in Harlem!

          • Think they are drumming up hatred towards them in preparation for blaming them for brexit.

            They did say brexit was due to people believing a slogan on the side of a bus.

            How many excuses can you make to take away from the fact people are not stupid anymore and want out of ‘the club’ that strangles our growth and deprives us from our own laws and border controls.

            Oh and I do recognize that the £350 million thrown their direction could be spent on better things here in GB and I don’t mean treating Somalian AIDS victims or more home grown methadone addicts.

      • Caught that cunt trying to drive a rally car on TV the other day and he kept wrecking it despite someone sitting next to him telling him what corners were coming.

        Is that his real name or was it given because he doesn’t know his arse from his Elba?

  11. Fuck this cunt, he’s completely ruined Doctor Who.

    I’ll admit I’ve loved it since I was a child, but only the classic series… when they bought it back with Christopher Eccleston et al, my immediate response was “fuck this shit”… never watched a single minute of the dogshite… and this female Doctor is just utter rammel… what is the Doctor now, a fucking amphibian?

    On the plus side… my Mrs has been out all day shopping in the sales, which has enabled me to sit on Xhamster and other various sites, literally ALL day… read into that what you will!

  12. I heard a huge bang outside my house, ran to the window to see a motorcyclist trapped under a car.
    I ran outside yelling “Everybody out of the way now! , let me through!”..

    “Oh thank God” a woman said, “Are you a doctor?”

    “No, that’s my fucking pizza”…

    • Lord Baldrick more like. Why the government put the little whiny lefty cunt in that post is beyond me. Do they think it makes them look impartial? Another unelected cuntbag sticking his unwelcome nose into business beyond his remit. You had your vote, when everyone else did, and it counted the same as everyone else, you self important twat.

      • Lord Adonis resignation is just another cunning Remoaner ploy to give electorate the impression that May’s version of Brexit is “hard”, when we all know full well it’s anything but!

        Brexit means Remain, it was never going to be anything else.

    • Had this cunt said that he was resigning because May was fucking up Brexit I might give him some slack. But no, the reason is actually that May is carrying out brexit. (which is debateable to me) Comparisons with UKIP and Trump appear in his pathetic resignation letter. Another London, establishment cunt who has forgotten that there was a vote or who considers it irrelevant to people like him who know better. Adonis, a cunts name for a cunt.

      • Adonis is another snivelling little ponce with his fat nose in the taxpayer trough. What the fuck is an “infrastructure tsar” anyway ? Another made up job for another fucking parasite. Fuck off cunt and see if anyone notices if your fat arse isn’t there anymore.

        • If Brexit really meant Brexit, why would anyone let that pathetic Remoaner cunt anywhere near it?

    • The electorate have never elected this individual to any position within the government for all of his ‘career’
      Seems to me he’s managed very well on the back of the old boys club and who he knows.
      Resign…. He should never have been there in the first place. Cunt.

      • He was one of Gordon ‘bigoted woman’ Brown’s boys.

        And former key advisor to Tony B. Liar, of course.

        Smug cunt wouldn’t know a ballot box if it smashed his fucking head in.

        • Yep, he was one of B.Liar’s arch lackeys.

          Christ, how many more years must we suffer because of that cunt?

    • Is it just me that finds all that fuzzy hair on the back of his neck a bit gross? That Cable cunt is guilty of it as well.

      Smarten up cunts, your on HD TV!

  13. I have literally no idea who this cunt is. Even after reading the cuntings I’m still not sure. I think I’ve pieced it together and he’s actually Jodie Whittaker.

    • Fucking fuck. How the fuck can this be? That article should win COTY outright, no questions. A Christmas bonus for cunts in hotels? What’s it for, to tip the maid who makes their fucking beds each day?

      Those Grenfell cunts have it so easy, whereas my life is a cunt. Only today I’ve had to empty the dishwasher and pick the lint out of the tumble drier thingy.

        • They should starve the cunts and tell them Ramadingdong has come early this year!

          Piss taking cunts!

          And which one of the cunts was responsible? Answer me that!

    • Fuck me bandy. Christmas money? Whatever next? A booze, tabs and whores allowance?

      Grenfell is the filthy, grasping, infinitely-entitled gift that keeps on taking. Someone at K&C Council needs to get this under control pronto, otherwise the expectations for freebies will never, ever end.

      • Any sympathy for this lot that I might have had has been well and truly exhausted by this point, I bet every other poor bastard who lost their home to a fire must read all of that BS and have their piss boiling!

        • My sympathy evaporated along with the 430 victims.

          And yet…no arrests!

          If it twas you or I we’d be banged to rights guv’nor!

    • What a fucking joke, I’m waiting on money from September on at a poxy £72 a week and these cunts have been paid up and expect an Xmas bonus?

      Where’s my tramadol?

  14. Progressives … thinking they are right while destroying everything around them since, what 1960?


    BT have another sale on!

    Apparently they’re awash with BT Broadband packages that require shifting sharpish…

    • The thought of having to call a foreign call centre to have a British Telecom problem resolved is one that I will never make again.

      Was never so glad to take my landline away from these cunts.

      Oh and these cunts actually have the power and technology to stop the nuisance / junk calls that we get and do fuck all about it instead. Giving you a new number then telling every cunt doesn’t cut it.

  16. On my weekly visit to the penguin, it seems some fucker is fly posting. If it is Richard….then you are breaking the terms imposed upon you. I can still do something about it!

    • Is that still going?

      Am I still the “vilest cunt on t’internet”?

      If yer reading this pricky …… Go fuck a wall socket ya cunt …….

  17. Can’t comment on Moffat as I do not know the cunt and stopped watching Dr who when I found a bag of dirty books in the woods years ago .

  18. As mentioned in an earlier comment, Dr Who is and always was a load of wank but why is it that any cunt with a job nowadays seems to think it gives them carte blanche to talk utter shit about anything from Brexit to the fucking NHS. As a QS I consider myself highly skilled and knowledgeable but I keep my opinions on current affairs relatively mild, yet this cunt Moffat thinks that because he’s the head honcho of some outdated, childish dogshit programme that he has some kind of platform to lecture others. I think self important cunts are due a cunting on here, because this pube headed waste of spaff is definitely one of them.

      • True, it was a rather limp cunting I have to admit. Just feel suffocated with the rapidly growing number of talentless, vacuous non entities spouting endless streams of shit on subjects they are unqualified to comment on. Let’s hope Kim Jong Un gets an itchy trigger finger.

        • The problem with Rocket Man is that the cunt is liable to go for the wrong targets!

      • Most of….. or practically all of them Baker, expect for the Stupid Daft Cunt(tm) variety who are cunted just for their sheer stupidity alone.

        Shibata, I’m looking at you and all the other cretins in your business who do the same stupid shit you daft twat!

  19. The sort of sad wankers that enjoy Doctor Who are cuckolded middle class cunts who let their neo feminist wives and girlfriends have their way, because “it’s easier than arguing with them”. Not that I imagine too many Doctor Who fans have girlfriends and wives. Not unless we’re talking Mrs Palm and her five pink daughters.
    I’m sure they will all be bleating about it in their characteristic passive aggressive manner on their go-to liberal platform of choice ‘Digital Spy’
    Either way the lot of them are being hoisted by their own petard and it is richly deserved.

  20. If the cunts couldn’t make a decent Doctor out of Peter Capladi, then what hope is there for any other fucker? The penultimate nail in the show’s coffin was Bill The Black Lezza… Every bloke she met had to fancy the horse faced tuppence flicker: just so she could ‘disappoint’ them and tell them she was ‘into wimmin’… It had no use or relevance to any episode or story, it was just box ticking shite… And Moffat is the worst kind of misandrist: a man who dumbs down and despises his own kind… The horrendous anti-male characters, River Cunt, Clara, Fucking Missy, that Tweety Pie headed cunt off Game Of Thrones… All of them did tiresome and nauseating ‘men are stupid’ ‘gags’…. And now the final nail had been hammered into the casket… The Doctor is now a woman… Which is basically saying it is now wrong to have a man in a role that has always been played by a man… I tell you this though, cunters… We will never see a white male Doctor Who again…

    • And, of course, giving the lettist libfucks what they want will not satisfy them or shut them up…. They’ve got their Femin SS Doctor now… But next they’ll want a black Doctor, then a tranny Doctor, then an LGBT Doctor, then a midget Doctor, then a mong Doctor, and then it’ll be a peaceful Doctor Who… That pube wigheaded cunt Moffat says it’s ‘progressive’.. But a whole can of worms has been opened….

      • It’s a moot point Norman, I reckon the show will be a dead in a few years.

        I am 90% sure that this will be a ratings killer.

        • That would be very encouraging PMS. But I fear ratings could actually increase! Cos the abomination will now appeal even more to the PC, gender fluid millennials and ever growing snowflake generation, who probably already make up the majority of Dr Who’s audience today anyway.

          And besides, who really gives a fuck? The franchise has been a washout for years. If nothing else it will at least offer older, previously loyal fans the opportunity of cutting the umbilical cord once and for all.

    • Or a tall, dark ultra confident, successful and charming James Bond for that matter.
      All TV and film entertainment is being loaded up with this shitty propaganda and children’s programmes are the cherry on the social engineering cake.

      John Carpenter’s “They Live” springs to mind yet again.
      Submit. Stay Asleep. Respect Authority. Consume. No Independent Thought. This is Your God. Etc…

  21. And any social media snowfalke fannies who refer to Moffat as ‘The Grand Moff’ should be chopped up and pickled…

  22. There was only one Doctor Who and that was Tom Baker.

    My cousin reckons it was John Pertwee but he’s 3yrs older than me!

          • You…… you called me…a ….a ….. monkey!

            I am….so….so……triggered!

            I need to find my safe space…….

            That’s what I’d say if I were one of those cunts!

          • You…… you…. need to be no-platformed!

            Christ, I do hope Jo Johnson puts an end to that shite.

            Thank God I never went to uni, my patience and sanity would not have survived that kind of bullshit.

  23. Take comfort from one thing. When these progressive types have bullied everyone else into submission and have it all their own way, they will by nature turn on each other, in the manner of the Modern Parents from Viz Comic (when it was still worth buying).
    The Night of the ethically sourced vegetarian Long Knives.

    Always happens…

  24. I couldn’t give two fucks who or what the Doctor is coz I ain’t never watched that shit since I was probably about 10 years old. Eddie fucking Izn’tard can dee for all I care. Vacuous shite.

    • Surprised no one’s thought of izard for the role before? That cunt’ll keep the kiddies guessing!

      • Izzard would be pure genius!

        Black the cunt up, stick him in a wheelchair, and Moffat’s tiny sonic screwdriver would be red raw from arsehole to breakfast time.

  25. So if you’re moderated and an existing commenter, then it’s likely you’ve used a word that’s dodgy – like wog, nigger, coon, peado, queer, nonce. This is not acceptable language. Nor is incitement to kill, injure, or maim anyone. Your comment will be reviewed and may be deleted. Continual behaviour in this vein could lead to you being blocked from the site.

    – used to like the fact this was a free speech site, now some cunt thinks they can deem “acceptable language”. RIP ISAC.

    • You are wrong.

      This has NEVER claimed to be a ‘free speech site’
      “Our blog, our rules”. Remember that?

      Like it says, if you’re not happy feel free to fuck off…

      • Dioclese is at pains to tell us that he is no longer admin on this site. Why, then, is he still its mouthpiece? Fairly offensive yourself, when challenged. Perhaps time to toodle off to your site and leave ISAC alone?

        • “Why, then, is he still its mouthpiece?”
          Possibly because I ran it single handed for over three years? Or does that count for fuck all? This site would have died years back without me so I feel fairly justified in defending it.

          Only “fairly offensive”? Shit! Must try harder.

          You bite, I bite back. Simples…

  26. Just fired up a few websites and checked out Sly News. Lead story has a big picture of that untalented stain, Ringo Starr. I got really, really excited thinking the story was to announce his departure from this earth. Unfortunately, my euphoria was short lived. The cunt’s been made a sir. Fucking cunty cunting cunt of cunts. That’s really pissed me off.

    • In a long list of Knighted cunts, Sir Richard Starkey is pretty far from the upper echelons of the true cunt spectrum and is infinitely more deserving than Nick Clegg because he did at least achieve something with his life.

      And, AND…he did get to marry my 2nd favourite Bond girl of all time – Babara Bach. Lucky cunt!

      • AND in favour of Brexit. Presumably the establishment turned a blind eye to that serious lapse in judgement.

  27. No 1 in a series….that probably includes the whole squad….

    What club would Sergio Agüero be playing for now, without Arab Oil Money 💰 ?

    Answers on a post card to any thick blue cunt you might know….

    • Real, Barca or PSG.

      Don’t be all bitter Norm, just because Lukaku is crap. Let’s be honest, Utd didn’t have to fight off many other big clubs to get him. What does that tell you? I don’t count Chelski because they’re not a big club and only got good once tbe Russian mafia bought them. Just sayin’. 😁

      • Nah… It’s just fun to boil the piss of Citeh fans…. They know that every foreignf hired gun they’ve got had never even heard of Man City until the Sheiks’ shekels were waved in front of them… And when they want a City related pundit for the telly, they go for Noel Gallagher…. Sums it up really….

    • Nothing makes me laugh harder than a bitter red who thinks that just because they don’t have a bottomless pit of money, that they aren’t still corporate sellouts. Never mind the fact they sold out to foreign investors who then raid the club of its profits while loading them up to the eyeballs in debt, no no no….every single blinkered plastic numpty will still swear blind they represent whatever purity is left in football. Biggest load of putrid garbage I’ve ever heard in my life. No wonder Man Utd fans are so bitter, deep down they know full well their club sold them out….what burns those idiots up inside is that they only got peanuts for it 😂😂😂

      • Was gutted when I nominated Glazer in the Dead Pool, but when he snuffed it, it was missed because the site was down for a few days… I know Fergie sold his arse to the Glazers and I think Mourinho is a cunt… But everyone acting like Man Shitty are the reincarnation of the 1970 Brazil side is also a load of bollocks… Before the Glazers United’s money mainly was down to gate receipts, while Citeh existed under clowns like Swales and Franny Lee Won Pen… All this ‘Best team ever’ shite for a team that has won fuck all.. Bury FC could have built a side with the petrodollars Citeh have blown… United have been morally bankrupt since Fergie (cunt) let in the American carpetbaggers…But those who want to canonise St. Pep and laud a team of mercenaries are also fucking cunts, so bollocks!

  28. Make the BBC subscriber funded and see how many people willingly pay for this pc agenda driven cunt gunge.

    Nurse cunting what. 4 part period battle coming our way.

    As relevant as Ringo Starrs knighthood.

  29. The epic cunt Lord Adonis blames Brexit for the East Coast railway bollocks. How desperate is the old fuckwit?.

    Adonis struts around having never been elected, except as a LibDem counsellor years ago. The great streak of shit has changed parties more often than he has changed his piss stained Y fronts

  30. The Dr. Who thing is just Ghostbusters all over again – “If you don’t agree then you are a bigot/misogynist/racist” etc. Never mind that many people don’t like seeing their beloved programs/movies shat upon for mere virtue signalling. The dumb cunts can’t even make their own series, they have to piggy back off a successful franchise.

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