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Faecesbook… Look at me! Look at ME! A platform for narcissistic beef curtains, just like Insta-attention and Twatter! Invented by the so called creme de la creme Spam intellectuals, as a social network for their Harvard alumni. Devolved beyond recognition now into a platform for attention seeking, semi literate, white trash scratter rats. Once again a noble idea corrupted in practice.

It gets hammered home how insidious such social media networks are, especially when I go out with or have ‘friends’ round my lair. Rather than talk or interact, they sit glossy eyed and glued to their mobile phones, a stalking and a ‘liking’. Cunts. Would love to smash these devices into their mesmerised, vacuous faces (if said devices cost any less than a grand that is).

I shut down my Faecesbook and Insta-wank account recently and actually felt liberated. I read a lot more now and have realised just how much of a distraction it was. The negative backlash from the sheep and my ‘friends’ was laughable because they bleated on in the mistaken belief that I had unfriended and blocked them. Boo fucking hoo! Here’s a tissue for your issue!

Anti social media is the death knell of the real community and society as we know it.

Nominated by See You Next Tuesday

I’d like to nominate twats who enjoy social media for a cunting.
If it’s not sharing what they had for breakfast with the world on facefuckbook, it’s a “selfie” (what retarded crap is that anyway?) on wankchat of themselves grinning aimlessly at work.
I never in my whole life thought I’d get to see grown men in the workplace running around giggling posting pictures of their retarded practical jokes on the internet. Or housewives whiling the hours away on facefuck telling everyone how they do so much but “he” does fuck all.
It’s bad enough that these idiots are not working, but why behave like kids in a funfair? Is ‘having a harmless bit of fun’ a fucking human right now or what? Fucking aimless, tired, lazy cunts if you ask me.
“but there’s some great stuff on here, just look at these breakfast recipes”
Fuck off.
“but there’s hot women”
Mm. Hot women. That’s all right then. Fuck off.
“its the best way to keep in touch with my friends”
Then your friends are cunts. You are a cunt. Fuck off cunts.
This is unbelievable. The entire modern world being obsessed with naive childlike fun whilst being as aimless, uncreative, unproductive and quite frankly, fucking thick as possible.
But it gets worse.
Whole legions of fucktards rewriting science of the basis of group consensus.
Scientists and healthcare professionals are lying. Cancer can be cured. With a coffee enema. A coffee what? Its real. My god, it’s for real.
In a bid to stave off cancer, soshal medjans pour a litre of coffee up their arse and swear it does them the world of good. Actually videoing themselves blowing their bowels out on a coffee high. What the fuck?
Soshal medja has also enabled people to validate themselves by meeting others like them. They fail to realise that other people who like living like a puppy (yes, these are for real too) are also fucking mental, not that they are all just normal folks who like to sleep in a cage.
Social media is a highly contagious neurological disease that gets hold of the weak of mind and reams them forcibly with their own dignity.
Like a parasitic wasp it bores into their skulls replacing their intelligence with slack jawed obsession, leaving the victims as carbon copies of each other.
This lack of intelligence or dignity can be seen every time one of these pathetic pricks take a day off sick and goes ice skating, posting themselves all over facefuck before their shift is even over.
And let’s not forget those feeble cocksuckers who think sending something to ten people you know will make it happen…….
Cunts, the lot of them. Cunts who blatantly need a proper hobby and some self respect. Cunts who should be doing some work. Cunts.

Nominated by Cuntflap

Social media definitely needs an in-depth cunting.

My problem with it is what its turning young cunts into. And before people harp on about “uhhh all old people have a problem with the younger generation uh huh”, this isn’t the same as the traditional youth rebellion that you saw im the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s etc.

Social media and other internet activities aside are a game changer. These fucking things are, for the first time, prioritising the self over the social for teenage fuckers and upward. Insidious shite like FaecesBook and Instawank are normalising behaviour such as unashamed vanity and whoring for instant validation.

Someone in the Mail – pinch o’ salt on standby of course – made a case for Britain’s falling productivity being due in part to increased smartphone usage and the neverending social media curse.

These bastard sites, like nothing else apart perhaps from the rise of the Peaceful religion, make me genuinely despair an so fucking wistful for the 90s amd earlier.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

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  1. Reports coming out of US on moves to make social media addiction a mental illness, judging by the amount of cunts letting the world know their bowel movements and the like the asylum is getting full.

    • As I said before, if anyone’s got a fucking mental illness it’s the narcissist-in-chief in the White House.

      • I thought we didn’t censor here? Nothing libellous about my original post, just insulting about the incompetent, fat, lying, tiny-handed, orange cunt (and “incompetent”, “fat”, “lying” and “orange” are factually accurate).

        • “I thought we didn’t censor here?”
          Why? It’s on the how we do stuff page.? “Our blog our rules”. This has never been a democracy.

          Didn’t read it myself but too long, libellous, scheduled. All been said already.
          You’re an admin. Can’t you tell where it went?

  2. I honestly think it’s fair to say these ‘social media’ platforms are mostly used by narcissistic, attention seeking, validation seeking, intellectually challenged mongs.

    There are 3 things in particular which irk me about this bullshit:

    1) They’re anything but social. They encourage nasty, mean spirited and abusive trolling. By their very nature, they also discourage civil, cordial and personal social interaction. The irony of the term and its effects seem lost on the masses who are plugged into them. We’ve been bombarded for years about the correlation between sex/violence on TV/movies and its effects on people in everyday life. No one seems to be bothered by people’s behaviour on so-called social media and how that might spill over into how they conduct themselves elsewhere. I guess we’re all supposed to believe an absolute cunting bastard scum bag on Twatter is in fact a saint in real life. Yeah right.

    2) They’re completely unnecessary. If Fecesbook, Twatter and Instacunt all disappeared tomorrow, would society and our means of effective communication take a giant step backwards? I don’t think so. Compare that to email. If that disappeared, that would be a step backwards. So why wasn’t email enough? I think a lot of it has to do with decreasing attention spans and the increasing need for instant gratification. Egomania also plays a part. Sociopaths?

    3) How cunts who are plugged into this crap treat everything else in a similar fashion. The one concession I make to ‘social media’ is LinkedIn. It’s a business networking site rather than a social media platform and yet a ton of cunts on LI treat it like it’s fucking FecesBook. People actually post to the entire LI ‘community’ crap like pictures of them on their first day in a new job or pictures/video of an after work social gathering!!!! OMG!!!! Just fuck off with that crap. I also get loads of connection requests from people I don’t know and have no connection with. They’ll send the connection request using the default “I’d like to join your network on LinkedIn” message with no explanation as to why. Just fuck off! It’s not a competition to see how many connections (‘friends’/’followers’) you can acquire FFS. People are so fucking thick!!!

    • Spot on, IY. How are you going to cope when Zuckerburg becomes US president? You can bet both balls he will try his luck within the next ten years, and seeing as he has the whole world brainwashed and addicted to hispoxy website, he has a real chance. Now that is scary.

      • But we already have a Yank president who fits the bill as a narcissistic, attention-seeking, intellectually-challenged mong who uses Twatter to troll and spread his increasingly ludicrous lies.

        • Fred – I think you and I perceive Tango Man slightly differently, but I have to agree with you on this. Him not being a politician and a ‘just get it done’ type of businessman seemed a massively positive step forward when he won the election. Since then, at times he’s shown a lack of tact, diplomacy and respect for his position. In fact, I’d go as far to say some of his antics have been deeply embarrassing.

          It’s odd to me that he can absolutely nail someone or some situation and have the balls to say what the rest of us are only thinking. Then the next day it’s foot-in-mouth time again. He’s not dull, that’s for sure. Cheers – I.Y.

        • We don’t have a yank president though. They do. What right do we have to tell him how to run America or take one of the sides of division?

          How he runs his country isn’t my concern unless he starts bombing his people, using chemical weapons etc.

          If he wants to take steps to improve his country’s security, fair play to the man. I wish we had leadership that did similar.

          So I don’t get why all these people think that they have s right to boo and heckle another country’s leader while here on a state visit. It would a shameful way for British people to act and only look bad on us.

          We are going to he negotiating deals with USA following brexit and like it or not, Trump will be better to deal with than Crooked Hilary would ever have been for GB and will be there for years to come. So yeah, just piss him off instead?

          I can’t believe the fuss starting petitions to ban the guy from coming.

          • Personally I couldn’t care less if he bombs his own people. It’s none of our business.

            I only care if he starts bombing our people.

            I don’t give shit what he thinks of us any more that he gives a shit what we think of him

            The world would be a better place if we all kept our noses out of other people’s business…

      • GJ – That’s a frightening prospect for sure. On the one hand, I give props to the cunt because he saw an opportunity and exploited it to the full. Not many can/do that. On the other hand, what he created and how it’s used/abused is a massive backwards step for our culture/society/call it what you will.

        The old saying, ‘just because you can doesn’t mean you should’ comes to mind. To me, he’s the modern day Robert Oppenheimer. Going down a road you shouldn’t have and now it can’t be un-invented. Total cunt.

    • I was on LinkedIn. Facebook for cunts. Virtue signalling and management speak from twats. Requests for connection from cunts you have nothing in common with who think you can be their ‘friend’
      Add in words of great wisdom from that grinning hippy cunt Branson.
      What’s not to like?

  3. For decades my mate has been banging on about “THEY.”

    Now I don’t know who “they” are, and he freely admits he doesn’t know either but has a few ideas.

    He’s been saying forever that they’ll find a way of gaining every piece of information about every facet of our lives, our interests, where we go, what we buy, what we eat, where we eat, and have instant access even to the way we pay for everything.

    Believing that eventually we will all be microchipped.

    For thirty years I’ve been saying don’t be a cunt. Surely nobody would willingly be chipped so as to give up this data.

    Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the smart phone.

    No need for an implant.

    Maybe the cunt was right all along….

    • Friends have a device called ‘Alexa’ which is voice reactive to do difficult tasks like turning on the lights or phoning. It broadcasts their personal calls and monitors them 24/7. Again, no need for an implant.

      • Alexa, you are a deeply sad individual, just a pretentious, recycled baked-bean tin with an Apple price tag.
        Stupid cylindrical bint, Alexa, fuck off and chuck yourself into the trash can.

      • My laptop has a built-in webcam. No doubt it’s possible for some cunt to hack in and switch it on to watch my every move. Or rather it would be if I hadn’t taped over it; hack that you cunts.

    • Oh, the chip’s coming, never you fear. Why make expensive shiny boxes when you can develop something the size of a pea which interfaces directly with what’s left of the cunt brain? And can’t be switched off? And offers handy prompts when you’re not sure what to do? And demands a lifetime contract?
      Orwell, you should be living at this hour, and I salute the prophetic power of Philip K Dick.

    • Nips already have a prototype phone that embeds in the cavity behind your ear and responds to subvocal commands. The problem is the battery.

      Once they lick that, we’re fucked. Microchipped and monitored 24/7…

      • “They”‘ll need to improve broadband coverage a bit before complete control is possible, though. And the tinfoil hoodie will become the headwear of choice.

  4. Mrs CnR set up an account just last week, as a sort of amusing past time. It’s the one where you put up photos and put a tag on. It was just a few pictures of Brighton and other shit. Well fuck me, by the end of the day she had 70 followers!!! What the fuck? Don’t these cunts have lives? Utterly bewildering.

    • Nosey cunts wanting to see what you are up to in life.

      Hardened users join for one of two things, the above and then there is those who want to tell the world how great their life is, what they have bought, where they are on holiday, eating, out for the evening etc.

      They never say how shit their life really is apart from when someone dies and that’s just so the cunts can lap up the sympathy.

    • Sheeple are easily pleased!
      Was on the way to the park with my dog when I noticed a crowd of 10-15 just standing on the pavement looking towards the sky? Had they just seen a UFO?
      Maybe a eurofighter had skimmed the roof tops breaking tiles as it passed? nope! , their attention had been taken by a tree surgeon trimming some small branches!! Some were even taking photos! , probably posting them on their favourite social media sites! Apparently next week we have some roadworks? What price the same gormless Cunts will be posting “ man digging a hole” ….

  5. A big shout out to House of Fraser for a wonderful Xmas ad.

    As their jingle goes “who took the Merry out of Christmas?”

    Its just dawned on me and I think they know exactly who’s responsible too.

  6. Social media is nothing but a platform for the socially inept!!
    Fuck Facebook! Instagram! Twatter! And snap chat too….
    If spending every waking hour posting shite is your thing I feel truly sorry for you!..
    don’t get me wrong it’s a great way to stay in touch but its been hijacked by peacocks and keyboard warriors……..
    ISAC is the only thing I do, although my opinions may sometimes differ from other posters I always enjoy the banter without the keyboard warrior bull shit……..
    ISAC I salute you! 👍👍

    • Exactly, Quis. I suppose in many ways ISAC is a bit like the bulletin boards of old. I certainly wouldn’t classify it as a ‘social media’ platform. I too really appreciate ISAC’s zero tolerance for cunters trolling each other. I’m sure that policy helps to ensure many cunters stick around and continue to contribute. Apart from often being absolutely hilarious, I actually learn quite a bit from reading the posts. All power to ISAC and my fellow cunters!

      • I agree, you find out more about what’s happening in the world and the media bias gets quickly flushed out often pointing out relevant factors that our mainstream media neglect to report or brush over.

      • Exactly right IY
        You get some properly thought out posts on here and some really funny rants!, I enjoy both, also it’s good to know other people can see the absolute cuntitude of people like juncker, Tusk, May, Corbyn and co………

  7. An excellent trilogy of cuntings on a subject I loathe with a passion.

    Outside of cunting on ISaC (which I use more as a release valve – given the cuntitude of modern society) I have absolutely no social media presence whatsoever.

    I am continually asked by dickheads at work what my hash-tag or “at” address is and even by work to promote their wares by re-tweeting/liking the shit they’re selling. I refuse to do the plethora of anonymous (hah) “Survey Monkey” surveys they keep bombarding me with let alone venture onto Shitbook to promote the cunts!

    I hate everything about it. Cunts at work ask how I “stay in touch” like a phone call, a round of golf (yes I am a cunt golfer), or going out for a beer is somehow abnormal.

    I also like reminding them (at EVERY fucking opportunity) that social media is for neo-liberal fascists who refuse to accept a differing opinion.

    Should anyone dare disagree with them then they block or “unfriend” all these thousands of “friends” who they’ve never met nor even know their real first name.

    I also like to remind them that you cannot “block” or “unfriend” reality my friend!

    You may laugh but it’s getting this bad in reality:

    They don’t even realise that you’re taking the piss when you say something like: “But don’t all your selfies just look the same?”

    The irony/pun is missed and some even get “ass hurt” and throw a strop because they were taken with different clothes, settings, friends. Soft cunts!

    For me, social interaction used to be called going out! But even when these cunts do go out they’ll walk into a pub laughing and carrying on, buy a pint, sit down…and then revert to zombie mode with their noses shit deep in TwatBook!

    I saw three blokes do this in a pub in MK I used to frequent on my travels and the most words out of the cunts was: “Wanna nuver?” – “Yes mate, ta.” – zombie mode.

    The hell of it was, as they got up at chucking out time they had the audacity to say: “Yeah oy enjoyed that mate. You up again tomorrow forra jar?”

    If they were drinking Carlsberg then it was probably the most pointless meet-up in the world! Cunts!

  8. I joined Facebook so that I could snoop on people. I’ve never posted on it,but have recently discovered ,through Facebook,someone who I went to school with has become a full-bore God-botherer,another is a poof in a “committed” relationship and a third has married a Paki.

    Good work, Facebook. At least now I’m aware of these peoples’ deviancy and depravity,and can take evasive action should they hove to…,I plan to open accounts under different names and troll them.

    • Never knew you could snoop on people and not leave a foot print? I might have a try at that.. I knew a girl in Wallsend who might just be worth looking up. Tasty….very tasty. But that was a long time ago,,

      • Be careful,ASA. I tracked down a lassie I knew years ago.She was a dazzler then….not now…a wrinkly old biddy,unfortunately. If she’d managed to keep herself tidy,I might have got in touch,not after seeing those photos of her,obviously….although there were some pictures of her recently divorced daughter that gave me pause for thought.

    • Nice one Fiddler. I have taken a similar approach and setup a sock puppet Arsebook account as a 70s rural England TV commentator.

      Absolutely fucking great because if you happen to gain a big wet cunt as client at work, you can be guaranteed to see their grinning, gaping great fucking maw on Arsebook. The sock puppet account allows you to check out their arseholery in all its splendour and in total anonymity.

    • Hmmmm. It’s possible to explore the cuntiverse of Facebook without actually joining, at least to a limited extent. I am still resisting the urge to open an account to reply on the self- promoting thread of one of our great and good, with factual descriptions of what he’s actually up to, but it’s a thought, innit? Thanks.

    • Have you ever seen a more insane looking cunt than this ‘Prince Nicolas Romanov of Russia’ cunt? Who do these fucks think they are?

      • Some stupid daft cunt who needs to be……… hmmm how’s the best way to put it? Put away? Put down? Put in a room full of rabid peacefuls?

  9. As somone who is in the millennial age range, I can proudly say that I have never, ever done Fecal media, I hate Farcebook and Twatter with a vengeance, nothing but cunts on there!

    • With you there PMS, never have, never will. Like that with phones, as long as I can call or text I’m good never used the camera or video and just use it for music so I can plug in the headphones and drown out noisy cunts on the bus.

      • I’ll admit, not really much of a phone user, use it for calls, texts and as my alarm of work mornings. I don’t let the damn thing dictate my life.

        Is it wrong that I’d laugh my arse off if all the phone networks and other shite went down for a day? It would drive some cunts insane!

        • I was just thinking that, wouldn’t be easy communicating out on the road especially with phone boxes being withdrawn.

  10. All social media is mindless shite, but my real contempt is reserved for Twatter. Not only is it a breeding ground for the usual rabble of self obsessed trolls with nothing better to do with their lives, but it’s basically a platform for the insignificant, poor plebs of the world to follow hideous celebricunts around in their vacuous lives like lemmings. At least on Facebook for example the potential is there for us mere mortals to engage and show interest in each others lives, whereas Twatter is one of the most class dividing and vile social media tools around. I fucking detest it with every fibre of my being.

  11. Just had the joy of part of the repeat of the apprentice, where as some of you may be aware the teams had to make a recipient meal kit in a box.

    The team with the peaceful was causing unrest and jumped on the point that her team named their meal kit Gourmet Crusaders…not happy?

    The team with the black girl (don’t know any names) was on a team paired with another girl and there seemed to be a lot of friction. Don’t know why the friction, it wasn’t even because their kit was call NatroFuel. NF anyone?

    The peaceful has got a taxi anyway, thought old Brillo pad napper might have laid on an Uber. Nice Bluebird or Avensis would have been rather fitting.

  12. Social media is a massive cunt and a blight on society. Full of cunts posting useless shite and other hocking their cunty wares.

    The worst thing for me is, that is all setup to scrape every last cunting bit of personal info from the user, cunts are being taken for a ride, big time.

    • People just play right into its path and there’s no stopping them.

      When it all started back at friends reunited level, I decided to keep clear as I wasn’t ready to share with the world and I still don’t use them. Here is as far as I am at.

      I warned friends who on getting their first computer couldn’t wait to get out there for a look. When I mentioned it again to those still spilling their guts online, the excuse was “Oh, its just like leaving your stamp on the world and we want to leave something for our future generations to look back on”. Soppy Cunts.

      They asked, ” Are you not going to leave them something to visit?”.
      I replied, that if they wanted to visit me, the headstone in the cemetery will tell them if they are at the right plot.

      • Too right, there are far more interesting and useful things to leave the world than photos of your little cuntings, or pointless selfies.

      • Christ on a bike, I’m beginning to see where Chas gets his inspiration from! You just described ‘Old Friends’

        Friends Reunited is shit. All the cunts you try to forget get to track you down and fuck up your life a second time…

  13. Cunts in cinemas who update facebook dyring a film: WHY? TURN THE FUCKING THING OFF YOU SPAZOIDS.

  14. I have Facebook and Twitter accounts. I never post on them but my blog is set up to post across automatically. I have more followers there than on the blog. I’ll never understand it.

    Why the fuck do they need the extra pointless layer. Just read the fucking blog FFS!…

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