Nicola Sturgeon (12)

Emergency cunting for Nicola Sturgeon.

It seems the net is closing as the world is becoming aware of the child trafficking, rape and prostitution going on in her constituent area of Govanhill in Glasgow right under her nose for god knows how long…

Derelict in her duty and should be out of office immediately.
She preaches the child protection and child poverty issues being her top priority.

Every word from her skinny lips is a potential and likely lie.

Nominated by Basement Bob.

90 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon (12)

  1. I went to school with little cunts like this.
    Different regions produce different mannerisms and thoughts, for instance the “scally” is a Merseyside piece of shite, Essex has the mockney wide boy, well the west of Scotland has the “nyaff” (sic).
    A nyaff is a little smart arsed wummin that knows everything and knows fuck all. Is always leading the way and has her little cunt minions. Her and her minions create cliques in school or the workplace and basically cause strife for any cunt not following their lead. And they always have that whiney Cunty nasally Glaswegian accent.
    The fuckin nyaff.

    Anyway, in my opinion, that’s why she does what she does. Its her calling. Not making excuse but once a nyaff, always a nyaff.

    She knows she’s wrong, her face will go red, but she’ll always have the last word.

    When she annoys you, just remember, soon she will be out if a job and forever hated by the majority of the country she loves.

    • PS. Couldn’t a better picture of her be found?
      A more prettier one?

      Or is that the pretty one?

      • I think the mods picked the most center-fold pic of Sturgeon they could find, relative of course to her frumpy monstrosity of a face.

        Must admit though, the old trousersnake did momentarily twitch at the infamous ‘Legxit’ tabloid cover. Assured thst I did smash myself on the back with birch repeatedly as pennance.

  2. What a caber tossing sporran fucking cunt muffin McKrankenstein is. Too obsessed over denying democracy to run its course following EU referendum and whining on like a knackered bagpipe over Scots independence that only a few die-hards have an appetite for.

    Like Rotherham and Newcastle councils, ignoring the pile of Nessie shite in the corner for fear of being branded ‘racist’ is a clear dereliction of duty but any public inquiry will be a whitewash, ‘lessons will be learned’ and those responsible allowed to quietly retire on a fat pension.

    • Agreed LL. Re Newcastle “Council” The Council has always been run by apologists, crooks, deviants, spivs, itinerant arseholes, wankstains etc. Only in Newcastle could a Dog Turd be elected to power as long as it was with a labour rosette!

      • Sounds like you’re referring to Manchester when you mention dog turds and Labour. My fellow Mancunians piss me off with their blind loyalty to a council that blames everyone but themselves for a housing shortage in the city but always seems to find accommodation for every coon paki and sponging sandwog that rocks up.

  3. I thought (hoped) that this malevolent little gnome had dried up and blown away like a piece of white dogshit…

  4. Prince Ginger-nut’s bride to be has already been described by one media outlet as “the new Princess Di”

    If they offer her a ride home in a Mercedes, I’d suggest not getting in…

    • And so it begins!!
      It’s only a trickle at the moment that will soon turn into a torrent and in days leading up to the big day a tsunami cometh……

  5. Unfortunately the wee nyaff is from my county of Ayrshire infact just outside of Irvine wee place called dreghorn !
    She is even more irritating and irrelevant than soapy salmond was
    A true waste of space and a political nonentity!
    I apologise fellow cunters

    • Dont bother apologising my friend , as you can see from the comments here from some on here, you and me and a few others are not welcome .

      • I have insulted just about everyone and everything in my time. Do you suggest that Scots should be made a protected species? Are you really so easily wounded? I’d have hoped that most people of average nous would have realised that (shock,horror) not all my posts are meant to be taken as gospel.

        • Really Dick, have you insulted the English ? Have you fuck. You are a typical bigoted wanker, using the oh its just a joke line. Well how about having a ‘joke’ at your own expense? Point me to a post were you have a go at the entire English population with sweeping insults in the way you do the Scots. Oh no you cant. Cause you dont. You and your like minded bigots seem to lack the ability to poke fun at yourselves. A predictable trait in a bigot.

          • Why on earth would I cunt myself? Presumably you think that because you lack the wit to do it,I should do it for you?
            Really, you might want to consider a site that offends your sensibilities slightly less…have you considered MumsNet?

          • “You and your like minded bigots seem to lack the ability to poke fun at yourselves”……What a shame that we lack your well-documented self-deprecating turn of phrase. Your “ability to poke fun at yourself” is,of course,the first thing that strikes me about your posts.

            You really are the Wizard of Wit when it comes to having a giggle at yourself. Go on,tell us another.

          • Steady Dick, he’ll be threatening to educate you by drawing diagrams with his coloured crayons next…

  6. Surgeon is a major irritant. Reminiscent of Dr Zira from Planet of the Apes but with a Lego man haircut, it is noted how uncharacteristically quiet this shrieking cuntfaced fishwife has now become on the subject of Scottish independence.

    The whole SNP/Braveheart premise was based on splitting jockland from England. Now she finally realises that Scotland cannot fund itself on proceeds of cheaper oil, the independence question has been kicked into the long grass.

    Old Lego hair blames it on Brexit, but we will see if she pushes for another referendum after we exit the EU.

    I suspect she won’t and hopefully her and Wee Eck Fat Boab Salmond will fuck right off into political obscurity for all eternity.

    • Salmond’s face during Election night ‘17 was one of the scant few joyous moments of an otherwise faeces-smeared year of politics…

  7. Wouldn’t bother me if she got her wish for Independence. We’ve had the oil which along with the A68 are the only good things to come out of Scotland recently. Tins of shortbread and little tartan dolls are all they produce now…plus a special breed of embittered,chip on their shoulder drunks.
    Sturgeon is a perfect representation of most scotch people…dour,bitter and unwanted.

    Fuck them.

    • Quite right, Dick. I’ll raise a glass of whiskey to that (Japanese whiskey, naturally, the best in the World!).

      • It’s Irish whiskey for me. I do like Bushmills. Plus you don’t get all that pretentious crap people like to spout about scotch whisky.

        • Let’s face it, every species has its cunt/non-cunt divide.

          I live in Cardiff (as a sort of Anglo-Scot), have many Welsh friends.
          There ARE decent ones, as I know VERY well that there are DECENT Scotties.

          It’s just the feckin politicos dragging things down, as always.

          • That is true. However that is not what Dick and his cronies are saying, is it ?

    • The bigotry and fucking pig ignorance on this site from the usual suspects raises its head once again .

      • Tell the truth VCS. You’d be disappointed if I didn’t. It gives you a chance to divert from your usual entertaining,sunny comments and unleash your so well hidden dour,miserable facade.

        • VCH. Don’t be a fucking snowflake. We hate everyfucker. I am Welsh and fully expect to be reviled from time to time because of it. I would be disappointed if I wasn’t.
          I hate the Jocks. Along with Yorkies, Home Counties English, Moslems, Pikeys, Bogtrotters and Black Africans. A well rounded outlook I think.
          Oh, and I am half Bogtrotter to boot.

          • One man’s pig ignorance and bigotry is another man’s fair mindedness, objectivity, impartiality and truth.

            Much of what I read on this site is indefensible, imo. But would I have it any other way? Get fucked if you don’t like it. Deep down we’re all cunts to one degree or another, that’s just the way it is.

            Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are monumentally stupid and CUNTS to the nth degree. Are they representative of Scots as a whole? I hope not… Call me an English cunt if you like, I don’t give a fuck. Most of my fellow countrymen are cunts anyway, so you wouldn’t be far of the mark.

            As Groucho put it, “I wouldn’t be a member of any club that would have me as a member.”

            Me neither. Except for ISAC, that is…

        • I refer you to my previous post. I look forward to you posting some of your bile directed at the entire English population like you do the Scots. Come on Dick, dont be a snowflake, do it !

    • Dear Mr Dick,

      I’m an English cunt through and through; it runs through my marrow, but I’ve retired to Cornwall, and I hope to become a total Cornish CUNT! I love it here. The Cornish are cunts… but nice cunts! Vive la difference! But fuck the musloid scum…

  8. Whatever you think of the Jocks they don’t deserve to have the filthy human trash Roma inflicted on them. The only cunts who deserve that are the snowflakes who, of course, never have to go near the scum.
    Move them next door to Wee Jimmy, Fatboy Salmond, Gary Taxdodger, Lily Slagheap etc etc. Fucking cunts the lot of them.

  9. In a previous life I had to work 3 days each month in Scotland. It always struck me how gloomy everybody was. There didn’t seem to be any bounce or laughter really. A very strange place.

    • I lived and worked in Scotland for thirty years. Never noticed a humour deficit at all. The humour’s a bit darker than London, and subtler. More like Lancashire. Only moved away because the work wasn’t there any more. And that’s the main justification for cunting Krankie: it still isn’t there.

  10. Unfortunately the whole political class are like rabbits in the headlights and are so fucking shit scared of self harming their careers (income) that they choose to offer alternative reasons in denial that this sort of gross behaviour is common amongst our lovely hard working tax paying and above all honest immigrant friends. One day it’ll come back to bite their arses. As for this Damian Greene shite Treeza should stand up in the commons and challenge every fucking MP to swear on The Bible (story book) that they don’t looked at any filth on the net in the last 12 years. If this is the level we have now reached proper politics is fucking finished. For me they should have a parliamentary porn bar where mp’s can go and relax and get a nosh off their secretaries if they so wish. Cunts.

    • I feel sorry for Damian Greene. What’s the world coming to when you can’t sit in your office and have a wank? I wonder if he claimed for the tissues on his expenses? I know I would,it would just lend that extra piquancy knowing that the taxpayer was not only paying for my time to wank,my material to wank over,but also my spunk rag. Lovely.

      Distasteful old Wanker.

      • My main objection to Green revolves around his original failure to kick up a fuss over his unjustifiable arrest and Plod’s heavy handed raid on his home & offices in 2008. It was New Labour’s habit of abusing its anti-terrorism legislation for party political purposes that inspired the raid in the first place. (Not to mention using it to man handle Walter Wolfgang out their Conference Hall for heckling Jack Straw).

        I couldn’t understand at the time why Green & the Tories didn’t make a huge issue about the incident. Now it makes more sense.

        Was Plod’s deal with Green: “Kick up a fuss, and we’ll reveal what we found on your computer…” ?

        That’s my suspicion. New Labour were cunts. The New Labour loving police were cunts. Green & the Tories were/are cunts. All cunts in it together.

        When this came back to bite him during the knee-gate hysteria, Green should have simply fessed up to the porn and the issue would have quickly gone away. No-one gives a fuck about the legal porn. But as usual it’s the alleged lies and subsequent cover up that if anything will bring about the lily-livered, May crony cunt’s downfall. I for one will not mourn his passing.

  11. The following is a taxative list of Nicola ‘Wee Jimmy Krankie’ Sturgeon’s good points:

  12. Is “Roma” community PC code for thieving, pikey, gyppo bastards?

    These cunts aren’t a race and therefore nothing said to them can be deemed racist unless said “Roma” is black or Asian and said slur is against their ethnicity?

    They like to categorise themselves as a race so that it has the same aversion qualities to plod as garlic does to vampires.

    These cunts add nothing to the communities of where their parasitic existence destinates that week. They leave a wake of destruction/rubbish behind them. Crime – especially theft – mysteriously spikes when they descend on any area and their feral kids run amok with IQs lower than their age thus guaranteeing the next generation of thieving, pikey, gyppo bastards is assured.

    So the cunts are now selling their kids for sex eh? Well they’ve realised they can turn a profit that way instead of fucking them themselves!

    If you were to take a genetic sample across these communities I wouldn’t be surprised if many children’s mothers were also their sisters!

    Utter scum playing a faux race card so that plod turns a blind eye and gets back to the real work of fixed penalty speeding fines of the hated middle-aged white man doing 34 in a 30 zone, etc.

    The only violations plod are interested in these days are parking violations. 40yrs ago if this shit had been discovered then there would have been many a night stick applied to many a thieving, pikey, gyppo bastard skull!

    Not in this day and age of the Cresida Dick school of policing where you ask (the race) questions first – and then ignore! Cunts!

    • ‘Roma’?! What a load of frigging bollocks… Those thieving, benefit hoovering, blagging shitehawks should just be referred to as what they actually are: Eurowogs or Gypposcum…. Every other (and I mean every other) voice one hears in town is now a Eurocunt who hasn’t been arsed to learn English but acts like they fucking own the place… Funny how the Cozzers in the 70s and 80s treated the Paddy cunts like crap, but now they treat the Eurofilth like pampered poodles…. How times change, eh?….

      • More tales from my cousin’s department store in Mcr… On Thursday a Eurocunt came in and demanded a refund on an item she’d bought… The item wasn’t defective or damaged, the blagslag just brought it back… It’s a classic trick of theirs: buy item, use it or wear it, then bring it back and get refund…. After the gyppo tart got her refund she then had the brass to get two £20 notes out and ask the checkout girl for eight fivers…. They are shitehawks and complete cunts…

        • Were they fake twenty’s?

          Our lass works in retail for a nationwide cunt and the store policy is no changing notes full stop. No money back either unless faulty.

          There are a few scams where these cunts interrupt the process and introduce other notes to cause confusion.

  13. I have often entertained the notion of shagging said First Minister of Scotland, and giving her the benefit of a geordie Cock of most mammoth proportions. Some on this site will be revolted at this admission, but I have to say I have shagged far worse in my lifetime.

    I have a thing about redheads, and no redhead is off radar or limit in the shagging stakes. Said First Minister has the kind of gob that would give a most satisfying and entertaining gobble. The shortness of her hair means a firm grip and a good seal are maintained throughout the gobbling.

    However, politically Nichola and I are way way apart, much further apart than her wee legs could ever open in fact. And for that reason, she is unlikely to ever sample my huge dimensions, and will be far less the woman because of this..

    On a brighter note, Im looking forward to 18th December when my section order expires.

      • You’re right – I am revolted by that admission!

        Are there no depraved depths to which decent folk will not descend?

    • +1 for the redhead sentiment.

      -1 for the wee burnie admission (for shame).

      I too have enjoyed the company of less than oil paintings (being no Turner myself) the difference being that they were likeable and each and every one lovely in their own way.

      Wee Burnie has no redeeming features in the personality stakes. I’d rather have a BJ off a reticulated python!

      • You’ve done well there RWAC. I only managed the first dreadful sentence before my eyes and mind went into shut-down mode. I’ll have to take your word about the rest of the vile post, I’m just not prepared to risk it.

        • This is when I take issue with the administrators. That sort of post should have a 9 o’clock watershed. It’s not fair on those of us with a delicate nature.

    • Yes Asimpleasurehole. For me the short hair is always an added bonus when a bird is giving me oral because of the visual stimulation it provides. But i have to draw the line with Sturgeon, christ almighty mate i could not imagine the shame and remorse after the deed is done, even if she was grinning at me covered in man fat. And if she uttered one word to me in that fuckin accent then i probably would not rise to the occasion anyway.

      • My pleasures are often questionable, I am, ( hence the moniker ) just asimplearsehole.

    • Must admit to never having been out with a natural ginger bird.

      Oddly I always remember being told (by a Lloyd’s broker) of all the birds he ever dated, ginger birds had by far the smelliest cunts.

      How true this is I have absolutely no idea.

      • Ive had 3 Ginger birds and all had the smelliest cunts with huge helpings of soft cheese between the curtains and a sparse sprinkling of pubic hair. The last one i thought their must be some exceptions , so i thought i would go down on a reconnaissance mission, oh fuckin hell, the stench of shite, piss and blue vein cheese was repugnant . I got out of there ASAP

        • There you go Willie, Fenton’s delivered the definitive meat and potatoes. Not my cup of minge juice either I have to admit.
          Marilyn Monroe was a natural ginge. Not a lot of people know that…

      • It is true it’s called Ginger Stank. I still love them all (wee burnie excepted – cunt).

      • Cunts should smell nice! As should all parts of a bird… I remember a lady I was with for a long time; used to say “don’t wash, I’m coming round…”. The smell of her stinky armpits alone gave me a huge hard on… happy days…

    • It’s an old story but one I love to smear in her face at every opportunity – corrupt witch!

      “Abdul Rauf” which one was he again in Braveheart?

  14. The demise (political or otherwise) of that hateful anti-English corrosive pygmy cunt, Wee Burney, cannot come soon enough…

  15. I get a little irritated by the sniping between the different nationalities which made up this country, until about 50 years ago. That was when the immigration floodgates opened and the UK (note the all encompassing term) became a beacon for all the cunts throughout the world to aim for. To most regulars on this esteemed site, the sniping is just goodhearted banter but some contributors take things to far, which sometimes offends. My paternal grandfather was from Mile End Road, so extrapolating my heritage geographically, I should live somewhere near the Scotland/England border. As a matter of fact I do and, like the personnel in the Navy, Army and RAF, everybody gets along just fine most of the time. What we have to remember is that it’s us against the rest, so calm down everyone and direct your ire at the correct targets.

    Notwithstanding all of the above shite, I absolutely detest Nicola (the Russian poacher) Sturgeon, with a vengeance. She’s the archetypal cunt who should be named and cunted, rather than those who are like dwarves’ fannies (lower level cunts).

    • Almost all Scots I have known have been sound… My mrs is from Edinburgh and she despises Wee Burney and the SNP… In fact every Scottish person I know dislikes Sturgeon…

  16. Surely things are getting a bit silly. The easily offended should avoid this site like the plague. If someone posts that all South East cunts are cunts and anyone living in Brighton is a Muslim, I’m not going to take offence. But if they call me a Spurs supporter, that’s different.

    • Ninety five per cent of Scots are cunts. Just like the English. And every other nationality. That’s what human beings are all about, unfortunately.
      How many really nice genuine people do you know? I rest my case.

    • Most of us dont vote for her or her nasty party. This palpable fact seems to pass those of the hard of thinking by on here.

  17. A work client of mine tells me he has ‘friends in Brighton’. He has limp wrists, puts too much gel in his hair and has coloured plastic specs.

    Enough said.

  18. I live in Hove actually dear boy where we probably have the most snowflakes , hipsters and metro sexuals cunts in the country. But if you venture into Brighton there is the the Whitehawk estate riddled with chav scum, one extreme to the other. I hope CNR does not live in Whitehawk , i dont want to offend him.

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