The fans who make trailers for films

Fan-made trailer makers are cunts…

The sort of spotty, sweaty, never had a shag fangeek cunt who spends time (and, in some cases, money) on making a totally crap and glaringly fake ‘trailer’ for some upcoming sci-fi bollocks: usually Doctor Who or the latest Star Wars cash-in… And these arsewarts state that the ‘trailer’ is ‘exclusive’ and ‘brand new’ in order to get Youtube followers and likeminded virgin fancunts to tell them how great they are…. Fucking sad cuntbubbles….

Nominated by Norman.

43 thoughts on “The fans who make trailers for films

  1. Sorry to go off piste cuntets but son of a bus driver is at it again! Wants to make it easier for Indians to come to Blighty. Has he ever stepped inside an immigration centre? The places are full of them !

    Best one last week: I have applied for a judical review against my deportation on the grounds that my cousin is a Portugese national which makes him an EU national and I am his realative!

    Oh please, pull the other one!

      • Meanwhile COTY Theresa May off to Brussels to hand Tusk UK keys and bank account details.

        Suggest she takes ferry back and does a Maxwell mid Channel, though knowing her she’d even manage to fuck up a simple job like that too…


    • My previous job used to take me to central London and more specifially, London Bridge. About 100yards away from the Shard towards Bermondsey Street, there is some kind Home Office/Immigration Centre (Becket House). For all 4 years I was in/around the area, and at least 6 yrs preceeding – 2005 to 2015 – this fucking place had wall to wall immigrants queing up, reporting/registering/ getting their handout pack.

      The queues went around around the building, all day, every day. It left me in doubt how many are invading the country.

      And so the fucking son-of-a-bus driver wants us to take in more head-wobbling Hindus. As if we didn’t have enough shades of brown already. Sadiq Khan, another sure-fire cunt who should be on COTY 2017.

      • Once we have enough of each shade of brown, then the fighting and squabbling can commence just like back home.

    • My best ever was the war lord from Afghanistan, wanted for murders and atrocities by both the American and British Army. His claim was, that he was fleeing the injustice of the British and Americans, and that he stood no chance of a fair trial back home. TA was granted, and he was housed in Gloucester along with his nephew ( another murderous cunt) Benefits granted, he settled down and resisted all attempts to later deport him.

      • Likely was given citizenship and free flights for life for him and his family to bob back n forth to the homeland.

        I’m betting he’s got offspring here now milking every penny from our government departments.

  2. As bad as the trailer making cunts are the so-called ‘Theorists’… Self titled sad bastards who scrutinise any sort of official trailer and then come up with a load of babbling crap, and there are cunts (like the Daily Express) who actually give these tossers coverage… Some wanker going on about Chewbacca picking his nose for a second or Doctor Who scratching his balls and what it ‘might’ mean?! Please fuck off!

  3. Piss-take videos good.

    Adoration/wannabe videos bad.


    A couple of weeks back I noticed this YouTube video:

    Except it had been overdubbed with Bing Crosby’s Christmas classic.

    About an hour later I went to show a mate and it had been pulled quicker than an Xmas cracker with a million pound note in it!

    You see poking fun at cunts who wish us real and actual harm is far worse than the tens of thousands of hate filled “peaceful” videos demanding the deaths of all infidels by all good (an oxymoron) “peacefuls” that YouTube (i.e. Googlecunts) deem totally acceptable (and right-on), that Googlecunts claim they cannot “possibly police” and yet any off-message video is gone quicker than a cream bun in a weightwatchers meeting!


    • Notice the banner being carried behind her at 2:45.

      Sharia the solution for the UK.

      For a start its Great Britain so stop trying to dilute down its name into something that you prefer.

      Secondly, Sharia wasn’t the solution for your own country was it?

      Anyone who wants to live under laws other than those made in British Parliament should leave and seek residence in a country with those laws and customs.

      Nobody is forcing you to live here so don’t try and force your laws, customs and way of life on me and my fellow countrymen.

      Your way of life can only be described as uncivilized and vile having no respect for to the people of the country who is hosting you, its laws or those who enforce them.

      I don’t wish for my country to be subjected to this or dragged back into the dark ages.

      • Too late Bob, this country is well and truly finished. Fucked over big time. Not one ray of hope can I detect. Government: shit. Opposition: shittier. Population: infantilised cunts. Brexit: in name only.

        • @Rebel without a Cunt

          That Stacey clip is awesome! Should be played every time a peaceful mouths off about Islam being a religion of peace.

          Never rated the bitch much in the past – irritating accent, tendency to snowflakery, but all respect for fronting up to those cunts.
          That spirit much needed in No.10 today.

    • Poor old Stacey. …. “you don’t know me.” They don’t want to….they just want to rape you, you kaffir bint.

    • Spot the police presence? No, I could not see any either.

      Fucking useless PC cowards.

      • Peacefuls are peaceful, so no need for police, though did notice one police van to be fair.

        If the cunts tried this malarkey in a Muslim country they’d be able to count the unbroken heads on one severed hand.

    • Official trailers nearly always put me off watching whatever they’re trying to hype me into consuming, so always avoid them if possible. Used to watch trailers at cinema and think “what a pile of crap!” Two years later I’d catch the film on telly and find, despite the trailer, it was pretty good.
      Fuck knows what this fan-made shit is then. Can’t imagine it can be any worse than the official dog’s vomit.

  4. Can anyone tell Midge Ure that re-recording shite records but with an orchestra does not make them any less shite.

    Still 100X less of a cunt than Bog Delgorf!

    • And the cunt is *STILL* cheesing off at the fact that Joe Dolce kept “Vienna” off the #1 spot. Get over it!

      Apparently “Do they know it’s Christmas?” (in some “peaceful” African shithole) is still raising millions, and millions, and millions yearly in charadee money.

      Well that’s well spent then! M’Tembe still walking those 8 miles a day for a pail of bison piss water!

      Maybe those monies should be redirected internally Midge? I’m sure Sir Pikey would be on board with that.

        • That Seal cunt was on the radio today… Apparently he has also done an album of ‘standards’… His version of ‘Luck Be A Lady’ is utter fucking wank… Why do these cunts like Seal, Porter, Boe, Buble etc think they are Andy Williams, Tony Bennett, or Nat King Cole?…. Only decent record Seal ever did was with Adamski over 20 years ago…

    • Just heard that other cunt Sting singing about some ship. What a load of tosh. Who would’ve believed The Police would become this drivel.

  5. The Daily Telegraph can reveal that the couple, who announced their engagement last week, are planning on marking their big day with a wedding cake made from bananas.

    That’s such a relief. I was worried they were going for non-organic raisins.

    • I can see Megan Markle becoming a grade-A snowflake piss boiler once her feet are under the royal table. Mark my words.

      • Already being touted as a Diana-in-waiting. Has the common touch like the sainted one, can flit between glazed over smile and concerned humility when presented with a skinny malaria ridden African baby and a camera. Aids awareness, Invictus Games, ivory poaching, mental health or ‘getting down with the kids’ at an inner city youth club – is there no end to her talents?.

          • I am fed up with cunts on this site disrespecting the princess of hearts. I will always remember her in her wonderfulness with African children land mine victims asking them how many legs they used to have.

        • I have to say I would rather give a good rogering to Meg O’ Marple than to Lady Di (when she was alive, that is)…

      • Potential for being a mouthy trouble making cunt if she happens to get accosted by the wrong ones as I don’t think Harry will be able to shut her up. Though I know a woman that will.

        Why the silly cunt didn’t get things sorted out with Pippa Middleton, you may well ask.

      • “And would one like refried beans, grits or some cornbread with one’s Sunday lunch?”

  6. I just walked into the kitchen and caught some James O. How the fuck someone hasn’t assassinated the cunt is beyond me.

  7. Mrs May has concluded business in Brussels this morning and has successfully gobbled Junkers , et al like a real life Turkey.. Anything demanded has been give without even the slightest wimper.

    The press and number 10, now proclaim this deal to be a fantastic achievement and a most successful negotiation. Bollocks it is!

    • Someone on Sky quoted ‘long term’ payment likely to be €100billion… !0 years+ net membership fees. Brexit in name only. Past caring.

    • I hope that her next bowel movement results in the passing of a particularly large and sharp cactus.

    • A song for our Prime Minster (to the tune of ‘He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands’):

      You’re Neville Chamberlain in a wig
      You’re Neville Chamberlain in a wig
      You’re Neville Chamberlain in a wig
      You’re Chamberlain in a fucking wig!

  8. I had no idea that fans made their own trailers for films…How weird. Perhaps I could make one starring Sasha Grey,I’m up for it.

  9. The cunt couldn’t hold a tune in a kevlar-reinforced haversack. Same goes for big-arse Beyonce.

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