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This might not be news to many of you, but it certainly was to me.

A few days ago 4 blokes from Humberside Police knocked on my door with a search warrant. They wanted to search my home because Ebay had flagged up my name for buying chemicals on their site. These cunts sell me the chemicals and then tell the police I “could” be up to no good with them in THEIR opinion. I actually use these chemicals for battery science at home.

I’m a 65 year old white male who doesn’t even have a “Peaceful” surname.
They left red faced after 4 hours looking like the total cunts they are.
Ebay will not reply to my emails.

I would suggest that everyone knows what the cunts at Ebay are up to and purchase your items elsewhere. Even better contact them on euinvestigations@ebay.com and demand to know if you are being monitored. Even better contact your local MP and demand to know as there is nothing in the cunts terms and conditions to this effect

Nominated by Paul Rogers

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  1. I ordered sheet music autographed by Oasis for my daughter. As its inflammable can I expect a 4am visit?

  2. Perhaps the Police saw your name and wanted to drop in to see if you were alright now?

    Glad to hear there were no charges brought and you were therefore Free to go about making your batteries.

  3. Can’t cunt eBay personally – I’ve enjoyed too much benefit, both as Buyer and Seller. Not perfect of course, but then what is?

  4. …. Close call there PR … lucky for you with your battery shenanigans you weren’t charged !! …. Boom, tish … here all week!
    Just thought I’d get in there before JR Cuntley …

  5. Bet they were round quicker than they would have attended a reported burglary or car theft.

    EBay, being all lawful and as such I expect they will pay all the taxes to the country they value so much.

    Was there any nails in your batteries and did you use pipe as a casing 😀

    You better not be planning going to the mosque to wish someone a very merry Muslim Christmas!

  6. Only bought off ebay, I have a load of stuff to sell but heard so many stories of people scamming even for low value items. Claim they are duff and send back a brick as a return & eBay side with them.

    Will be selling elsewhere, maybe a boot sale where I can tell chancers to go forth and multiply alone.

    • Been selling on eBay for 15 years now and never had an experience like that Bob. A few cunt buyers out of hundreds, but far fewer than might be expected considering the negative publicity eBay often gets.

      Then again, never bought or sold bomb making materials, so what would I know!? Sell fairly and responsibly, and you’ll tend to be treated similarly in return, that’s been my experience.

      • Good to hear that, I’m a member of a few car & bike forums rife with regular tales of woe that puts me right off and its not always car related items involved.

        One guy has been fucked over for many things high value, audio equipment etc and he is getting good with their scams but every now and then they get him with a new one.

        I mean what does “cash on collection mean”?

        Is it – I will pay through eGay / bumpal, have someone else collect and screw you later through eGay for damaged / not working or return my identical fucked one does it?

        • ‘Cash on Collection’ means the buyer is responsible for collecting the item (from the seller) in person and must pay in cash at the time/point of collection.

          Everything else you mention is of course unacceptable cunt behaviour, at the very least verging on downright criminality. And nothing to do with eBay, I would contend.

  7. I sometimes ‘Google’ the things I’m looking just to make sure I’m not getting my leg lifted on postage, and there’s any chance of buying direct from the supplier to cut out out Ebay altogether.

    I’m also a tight Yorkshire BASTARD and will go miles out of my way to save a few pence!

    The CUNTS are probably already monitoring ISAC as we speak?

    Does anyone want any bleach bomb instructions?

    Knock, knock!

    • It could be an indication that the security services actually do something other than sit in front of pornhub wanking all day.

  8. I’d be suspicious too if someone told me that they were into “battery science”. What an extraordinary pastime. What on Earth are you hoping to power? 🙂 .

    • What about a wanking machine that doesn’t keep going long enough when powered by Duracell? I fully support technological advances in battery science.

      • I’ve got a heavy-duty battery booster that’ll turn over a tractor engine. Perhaps you might like to wire one up to your wanking machine for that added extra thrill? You might want to keep the power dialled down,wouldn’t want you to end up as the record holder for the quickest tranny transformation on record.

  9. Wayyyy off topic
    Does anyone know of or heard of any black or peacefuls in the uk that own a farm ?

  10. The thing is had Paul been called Abu, Mostafa or Zia can you for one moment imagine that plod would have knocked on their door to do a search just on spec?

    No, neither do I.

    The only time you hear of plod entering Johnny “Peacefuls” gaff is the day after yet another “peaceful” murder spree (in London or Manchester) as a token effort, and then it’s too late. Even though plod know about the cunts as being “radicals” (a polite term for murdering bastards) as they’re on the register (of “lone-wolf, nothing to see here” murdering cunts).

    Outside of that they don’t dare go near a Mohamed, Khan or Aziz, etc., property for fear of the backlash and the fact that the “right-on” powers that be would be looking for “dismissals without pension” to further appease the terrorist cunts!

    Also if this infringement of privacy had occurred to a “peaceful” then the world would know about it cos the ABBC would carry the story for a fortnight (as opposed to the 2 days max they afford to any kind of “peaceful” activity – the cunts).

  11. Go Donald !!!,

    The UN is as big a bunch of cunts as the EU, where similarly, some seem to pay in / do more than others and get not an ounce of respect for taking the weight on its shoulders.

    Nikki Haley is the Farage / voice of reason within the UN council that gets laughed at and sneered and nobody seem to listen to her country’s stance. Do they think America need the UN to stand on their own two feet in today’s world?

    Can the UN stand up to the tyrants of the world and act without Americas support?

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