Christmas advertisements

Christmas advertisements which have an overt “peaceful” presence – are they for fucking real!?!

Last night I had the misfortune of witnessing ABBC1’s Christmas advert for the first time. All very plausible except until you realise that the main protagonists are a swarthy “peaceful” looking cunt and his (no doubt genitally mutilated) daughter. The story/sentiment is bang on, the characters “right-on”, and in the process falling completely short of the reality – “peacefuls” do not celebrate Christmas.

Next up – Tesco’s “Turkey Every Way” advert. Please note the scene at 34 seconds in. Again pure reality – “peacefuls” do not celebrate Christmas.

Also extra cunting points for having one of those snowflake screechers ruining further the very shite Shakin’ Stevens “Merry Xmas Everyone” song in the de rigueur “breathy” voiced, acoustic rehash, which accompanies the ad.

Maybe the first verse of that song should also have been rewritten to truly reflect a modern, “peaceful” Britain…

Bombs exploding,
All around us.
Children dying,
And their Mum’s.
Tis the season,
To kill a few more people.
Alluah Akbar everyone!

My point is this, if we’re going to be properly inclusive of all faiths then why are there no Jewish, Hindu or Sikh characters/actors enjoying the celebrations along with our “peaceful” friends?

I honestly just don’t get why everyone from the meejah to politicians to ad campaigners are so hell bent on only ever promoting a positive image of our “peaceful” friends when – yet again – the reality is the complete opposite!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

74 thoughts on “Christmas advertisements

  1. Too fuckin’ right rebel. Christmas is one festival that shouldn’t be bastardised by trying to include a load of cunts who wish it didn’t exist.
    Just leave us to enjoy our traditions in peace.
    Better still just leave us you cunts.

    • I say we invade their Ramadan etc and do some TV ads with white people in their traditional festivity’s.

      • Yes we could have a group of Christians starving themselves for the month of Ramadan until they get so radgy they want to behead a “peaceful”.

  2. I’m waiting for the Hertz Van Rental ad showing Manic Mohammed bouncing his vehicle over the bodies of women and children before honouring the prophet by stabbing a few unarmed revellers…or perhaps Molester Mohammed in his taxi advertising his “Christmas Special” deal…He’ll pick up your 12 year old daughter and her friends from the kiddies’ disco,feed them drugs,rape them and pimp them out.

  3. That’s the point Rebel (your last sentence). Anyway peaceful people love Xmas and it is not cultural appropriation for them to do so. Everyone is Nice is the motto of our time everyone that is except Nazis and Paedos and Chauvinsts and Homophobes but otherwise everyone is nice and you must be nice too otherwise you are probably a Nazi.

  4. Woo hoo! What a bang on cunting Rebel, this is a time of year when we shouldn’t clap eyes on any of these cunts.

    Given most TV shows are festively orientated, the only way these cunts should be showing face is if Uber choose to do a TV advert to increase their drivers chance of a festive fuck.

    Though due to the drivers inability to converse in Queens English coupled with looks of belonging to Star Trek’s “Ferengi species / Rohingha’s”, this only happens when a silly drunken bint accepts a bottle of “roofy infused” water from the driver or an organised child traffic / prostitution rape fare takes place.

    Stay safe this Xmas and be vigilante of cunts pestering women on the streets.

    Big thumbs up to House of Fraser for an advert that reflects a true Christmas.

  5. Did I get a sight of a lesbian couple with 2 daughters in one advert? Rarely see advts so not sure. If true then how fucking right on is that.
    The peacefuls do love a Christmas market though. Especially when driving a lorry.

    • Wonder how many of the cunts will have the nerve to write to our Santa and ask him for a weekends hire of an Iveco Daily to banish some infidels?

  6. That cunt in the ABBC’S Christmas trailer couldn’t read what the leaflet said given to him by his daughter. He was about to google translate, when his work phoned.

    You only hear the cunt grunt. Luckily for his sprog, he managed a free minute to translate it later & just in time.

    Love the ABBC cunts getting the rainbow wristband on the cunt and the wheelchair brigade down the front in the talent show’s mixed race audience.

    Bet they used it for a ABBC Question Time after the talent show. Cunts!

      • I think I’ve overdosed on TV Shitcake and some earache from her indoors has taken its toll.

        Stealing our traditions and the media writing them into our history as if they have always been around pisses me off.

        ABBC shows in years to come will be cast 50/50 and that would include reenactments of the Great Fire of London, Guy Fawkes etc.

        Going to cost a fortune of licence payers money to redo everything peaceful.

  7. Diversity box ticking cunts, makes me wanna pewk…

    So Turkey every way and Muslims in the ad, although Tesco freely admit they don’t sell Halal turkey.

    Confused of Tunbridge Wells…

  8. Christ almighty, a 10/10 100% perfect cunting. Well done sir!
    How this is even tolerated ? How does it even get put into production? These questions are the proof of the conspiratory actions against us.
    Then again, from a paradigm shift point of few there’s something fucked up about peacefuls getting their christmas shit on. One wonders if these adverts are in fact an ideological assualt on the muzzie way of life too. You’d have to admit, it’d be one hell of a cunt who could piss them and us off at the same time.
    I can imagine all those hard line clerics crumbling their own teeth in frustration at the idea of all their fellows worshipping the christian materialist way.
    Ha ha humans are total arseholes..!

  9. Here’s one for the politicians.

    I am making it public that the entire Cabinet engaged in a Xmas Party where they all pissed on an effigy of the Prophet Mohammed. They even had a shite on the Holy book of Quoran, before shafting and finger fiddling a Muslim woman dressed in full regalia.

    Now, If ISIS are any fucking good, we will have a new political system by the New Year.

    Merry Xmas everybody

  10. Off topic, but I just wanted to repeat what one fellow cunter said, that the images of a wild rabbit being saved from the Californian inferno really made me think that there are some decent folk out there.
    What’s going on in USA at the moment is truly horrific, when I first saw the footage I genuinely feared it was a volcanic eruption.
    My thoughts are with IY and his fellow cuntrymen, and I think that any spare water would be much more valuable around LA at the moment, than in other over-advertised charidee-seeking places. I love Schoenberg’s music, and I believe his family have a gaff in Bel_Air.

    Can’t say I’ve seen any relief appeals for Californian Inferno victims…

  11. It’s pathetic as it is insulting!!
    It’s the equivalent of showing Hasidic Jews tucking into a belly of pork!!
    Fuck the bull shitting agenda driven Cunts!!

  12. Shaky eh?…

    Pakis haggling, all around me
    Peacefuls at it, being scum
    It’s the season of snowfakes and appeasement
    Merry Christmas everyone…

  13. One of the big supermarkets ( can’t remember which one ) has an ad showing us how they are supplying food for Christmas dinners for the poor, the homeless and the down and out. As the food is brought round every smiling face is white. Not a peaceful, africunt or person of Roma gypo appearance to be seen.
    That’s more like it

    • Only because immigrants aren’t poor, homeless or down and out. Some may have a dodgy fridge, but that’s as bad as it gets. Or as good as it gets

      • I wonder how many disposable / indoor BBQ’s will be smoking away, cooking the halal turkey in the Trellick Tower on the 25th?

        Remembering its against ones religions / beliefs to eat anything that’s not cooked on an open flame, even at risk of burning every cunt out.

        • B+Q could gain some really good publicity if they juiced up their disposable BBQs with a drop of petrol and handed them out free to any poor immigrants living in suitably clad tower-blocks.

          • B&Q should do that scene for one if their Xmas TV ads dominated by peacefuls with the exception of the white ginger at the store selling them the bbq’s

            Lammy, Dent Coad & Co would probably want to jail the white b&q ginger for instigating murder if the tower burns down.

    • All the gimmigrants that I see on these inflatables bound for Europe have “nothing”…. except Hi-End smart phones, designer clothes and often plenty if jewelry.

      After giving up everything to pay the nasty traffickers the media tell us? Blame these “elusive traffickers”, not the poor gimmigrants.

      Who pays ” so called traffickers” when Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) are running a free ferry service picking them up once they reach them anchored waiting in international waters.

      Some of the cunts have a better phone than I have and that’s before they get here coining it in from their chosen route of crime and benefits.

    • In Lutonistan the only white folk you meet who have British accents (instead of thick Eastern Bloc accents) are the beggar cunts sat under the cashpoints in town.

      The majority however are “peacefuls” strutting up and down the main street like galleons at full sail. The way they look at you, as you walk past (as you have the audacity to walk in their “peaceful” area), you definitely feel like an intruder in *their* country.

      And – unlike the ABBC and Tesco would have you believe – not one of the cunts are in a Santa hat!

  14. Anyone caught an advert for Balsam Hill?

    I couldn’t really fathom out the jist of the advert to begin with thinking it might have been Ferrero Rocher but it became apparent it was for Christmas trees etc.

    Had a curious look at their website, what the actual fuck?

    How much can you dress up and wank off an artificial Christmas tree?

    Detecting a scent of peacefullness at the controls, I check companies house to no avail. Bottom of the website home page reveals based in Dublin but operating out of Crewe. No UK registration.
    Tax dodging oirish cunts taking liberties.

    Get the hard border up on these cunts and stop any entry into an EU free Britain via the Northern Ireland sphincter.

    • Lol. Joined twatter earlier today simply to wind up a few prods and taigs, telling them 17.4 million people now supporting a united ireland. Got some fucking stick straight away. Loved it. New account next week.

      • The highlight of my time on Facebook was winding up Rangers fans then when a celtic fan backed me up, I’d turn on him. Easy as fuck. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

  15. The Currys advert, in its entirety, delivered by a Paki. Fucking hell.

    The Morrison’s advert is quite racially balanced. One token migrant, probably a refugee from Belgium, in the background.

    • Re the Spine Millington sketch…
      “Put it in the curry.
      Now you know what’s wrong with the country.
      In fact, now you know what’s wrong with the bleeding curry…”

    • Curry’s use the “white trash” to do all the donkey delivery work.

      Method in the madness being it might make it to the customers address instead of falling off the back of the lorry.

  16. Jihadi, jihadi, jihadi rock;
    Body parts fly and infidels die.
    Praying and blowing up kiddies for fun;
    Now the Muhammad hop has begun…

    Jingle bombs, jingle bombs its nearly time.
    72 virgins and all of them mine,
    Infidels out on the streets of Nice;
    Good job I’m in my truck of peace

    That’s all for tonight folks, you can catch me most nights in HMP pentonville, 27 years hard labour for hate crime infraction but Ahmed’s getting out next week so try to stay safe this Christmas xxx

  17. This time of year I develop an allergy for shops. The incessant fucking Xmas music. Noddy Holder makes half a million quid a year from royalties of Merry Xmas Everybody.

  18. Has that Keith Lemon cunt ever graced these pages. I want to knock that cunt into back end of last week. You fucking mong faced CNUT!!

  19. The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck has to be careful this year on its tour, “yes Sarge, big bloke driving at speed, beard, sack full of suspicious items, claims to head the breakaway republic of Lapland”.

  20. Where the fuck is Katherine Jenkins this year, we are nearly in December double digits?

    Someone taken her hostage or what?

    Oh and what about that boxing peaceful on I’m a celebrity?

    Saw a clip maybe last night before I took the dog out which showed him for the dirty, shit stirring, disrupter of peace. Let a guy get turned on by everyone when it was him. Cunt!

      • Can’t stand that twat. Every time I see him, he has that smug grin that says, “Yeah, I’m the dog’s bollocks”. Except he isn’t. He’s an arrogant git, who rode a bike and won a few races. Apparently, that makes him a “celebrity”.

        • Why would they knight an egotistical drug cheat for riding a bicycle? Cos they’re cunts, that’s why, and that’s also why this country is now such a stinking pile of cuntage.

    • Ah, Katherine Jenkins… The thick cunt who said that Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ was an ‘uplifting spiritual hymn’… Has she listened to the words? Daft fucking bitch…

      • Has she even heard Leonard Cohen?

        Light and uplifting are two words I would never associate with Cohen.

      • I pity any poor cunt on board who booked a cruise to escape having to avoid her TV appearances.

  21. Just saw an advert for Google mini, peaceful Xmas dinner setting. Only one white woman at beginning, the cook / slave / skivvy.

    Ok Google?…..Cunts!

  22. No doubt there’ll be a horde of Parky Stanlaurel and Bogo-Bogo cunts doing their Christmas shopping… ‘Me have turkey for one pound! I give you one pound!

    They are a big boil of stinking pus on the buttocks of Great Britain…

  23. That Tesco ad isn’t even the most ridiculous thing this year. Earlier in the week the BBC news at one ran a story about a bunch of peacefuls staging a PANTO. I kid you not.

    • Let me guess…

      – Puss in Nadji Sandals

      – Jihad and the Beanstalk

      – (Rohypnol Induced) Sleeping Beauty

      – Sanderella

      – Mohamed Whittington and his Goat

      – Snow White and the Seven Mini-cab Drivers

      They won’t do Aladdin as they don’t want to risk getting arrested for walking out with the costumes on (even though it’s their own clothes).

  24. We have had some really shite songs and cunts as Christmas Number One (Slade excepted, of course), but this latest one could be the biggest musical yuletide cunt summit of all time…. The ginger gargoyle, Sheeran and that fat arsed coconut, Beyonce doing a duet… Not a new song though, just a ‘reworking’ of some shite off the ginger gremlin’s album… Pair of lazy fat cashgrabbing cunts, and more ‘I want to first in the race/top of the class’ megalomania from the Sheeran cunt……

    Needless to say, the chavs, social media mongs, and Britscum will be out in droves to buy or download this crap….

  25. Gregg Lake really wrote:

    I believe is shariah
    I believe in the caliphate
    I believe in the glory of Allah
    And Mohammed his son and best mate

    I believe is subjugating women
    I believe all poofs should die
    Mashallah for ISIS and Anjem Choudhury
    Islam is peaceful Inshallah.

    • I swear that anti christian christmas song cursed ELP forever like what fucking happened Emerson Lake & Palmer had 5 solid albums pictures of a exhibition, Debut album, Tarkus, BSS and Trilogy then released a pile of mediocre shit like Works 2 and Love Beach what a load of shite

      Like that song was literally a curse on the band which I have to ask you kravdarth… did you zionist jews in the music industry force greg lake to ruin his band by having him write a song about the hatred of Jesus christ, christmas and consumerism (kind of ironic right)? Was it enough that you jews had to destroy techno but you had to destroy one of my favorite progressive rock bands as well just what will appease you traitorous weasels, Why did you devils do it?

  26. The ABBC’s Xmas tag line – after the “peaceful” Xmas ad – is “Christmas Together.”

    What a load of old cunt!

  27. Just saw a logo at the bottom of the screen on ABBC One’s shortened version of the “peaceful filler” shown between programs where the dirty bastard does his dishes…


    What the actual fuck are ABBC on?

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