Advertising Standards Agency

I would like to nominate the Advertising Standards Agency for a cunting.

It’s Xmas and every year in the Northeast we have adverts for DVDs of “The Little Waster” Bobby Thompson.

Most folk outside of the Northeast will have no idea who Bobby Thompson is but in these parts he is a local comedy legend.

Thompson died in 1988 (so nearly 30yrs ago now), never swore in his act, never made a racist slur and his comedy was purely observational of the region, focusing a lot of time on the war years (again observational as to how folk managed and got on during those dark times that would melt the snowflakes of today).

So why have they banned Bobby’s DVD (and I used to listen to this bloke as a kid – because everyone in the family could listen to him)?

Because he smoked on stage (when it was permitted back in the 80’s). Actually he didn’t smoke on stage, he used to have a fag on the go throughout his act but you never saw him take a drag off it.

Not only that, the DVD promoters had the cigarette digitally removed for the adverts but even that was not good enough the Advertising Standards Stasi because they said you could still see “the odd wisp of smoke!”

But the cherry on the cunting cake is the ASA’s list of reasons as to why they’re banning the ad (with the ‘wisp’ of smoke), it…

– Could offend women.

– Upset the recently bereaved, and,

– Encourage heavy drinking.

WTF!?! My Mam and Nan loved listening to “The Little Waster” so the first reason is pure shite – unless of course they mean offense to blokes claiming to be women or bean flickers or snowflakes who can’t cope with the thought of there having ever been a war??

I’d love the ASA to explain what the fuck they mean by the second reason?

And as for the 3rd reason, it’s Christmas for fuck’s sake! As much as you’d like to have it replaced with some tea-total “peaceful” celebration or another, it is still a Christian holiday. Albeit a purile, commercialised cunt of a holiday but Christian nonetheless, and as Christians we are allowed to drink fally-down water, generally do drink to excess, and no DVD would have any impact on that whatsoever!

Yet another example of officious cunts trying to eradicate any form of indigenous heritage which is seen as bad now in all neo-liberal sectors of society!

No doubt the ABBC’s comedy DVD “Nadia’s You’ve Been Beheaded!” will fly off the shelves with the ASA’s full blessing!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

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  1. Bobby was banned because he represented everything that the leftist cunts despise. Free Speech. Bobby had the gift of” daily street talk ” and “common sense humour” He would question everything. ie, The integrity of Government, Bent Officials, “rigging” etc. He NEVER made a statement, but led the audience up a path where THEY obviously concluded correctly. Bobby was an artist, a piss taker of the highest caliber , and a good nights entertainment. Well worth the trip south of the river.

    So.. any agency banning this guy, are obviously the leftist faux intelligencia that hate to be called out, and , if he were here today, call the fuckers out he would.! ( and get away with it )

    In memory of a great act….those who would ban him are fucking cunts of the highest order.

      • When I worked at the RVI in the 70/80s Bobby was a very generous benefactor of the Fleming Wing, and Childrens Oncology Unit. Every Christmas the poor kids got a small present and the Unit got a hefty donation.

        Just another reason to like the guy. He never virtue signaled, he kept it quiet, no advertising ( it wasn’t his way )
        Only the senior staff knew about the donations.

        • Can you get me a copy of the Jarrow Elvis in his full pomp!! saw him years ago when on a course at Shields college, he was shite but FUCKING BRILLIANT!!

          • See him on you tube. Absolute crap…..but as you say…brilliant at being crap

            Haven’t seen him for yonks.

  2. Haven’t heard of Bobby Thompson but I believe you, ACWCC. My pet hates are financial/insurance adverts that completely turn your stomach, especially the Money Supermarket ones. The fat Irish cunt on a beach somewhere started it all off, then the homosexual, gay poof in hotpants (he is a particularly low point in the history of the world), the fat builder rolling about and then the present ones with a cunt dressed as death, dancing around. I will never do any financial dealings through Money Supermarket and I hope their ad agency building explodes, with all staff unaccounted for. The ASA admitted recently that the homosexual, gay poof in hotpants ad was the most complained about ever but they did fuck all about it, being PC as fuck and pandering to the jobbyjamming fraternity. James Corden and are also cunts but I don’t have to explain that.

  3. Adverts are just another pernicious tool that is being used to convince people that what was unacceptable a few years ago is now not only acceptable,but downright desirable.
    White men are presented as weak and ineffectual or queer. White women are now presented as the alpha if in a relationship with a white man. However,most white woman apparently both work and enjoy a relationship with an equally employed black partner. They both have middle-class office-type jobs and raise cute Black and White offspring.
    Working-class,heterosexual white men are rarely seen in ads,if they are they are presented as dull,ignorant relics not in keeping with the great leap forward into the wonderful world of multi-coloured,multi-sexual ,modern Britain. Working-class white women only seem to appear as inadequates who need advice and assistance from the nearest professional “social-worker” type Coon.
    This might be very trite,but the British working-class really were the backbone of this country once. Not now. Now they are something to be sneered at by a bunch of metrosexual advertising types. It’s just another drip,drip,drip in the constant erosion of old style British values.

    Fuck them.

    • Yes but we are handy when it comes to paying the majority of taxes to spunk away on the cunts!

      Hopefully it won’t be long before being handed a shit-sandwich – AND being expected to pay for it – wears thin and we revolt.

      Alas the future generation of white men are – unfortunately – becoming the very thing that they are parodied as in said advertising. Weak, ineffectual, “right-on”, hen-pecked fuckwits!

      Just wait until their heads are sat pride of place on pikes outside of The Tower of Akbar (as it will then be known).

      Mind you the feckless twonks are just as likely to walk past with their thick phones filming away…

      “Oh wow! It’s like totally like a real life emoji walk of fame! Look there’s smiley, there’s frowny, there’s saddy, there’s cry-ey. Oh and look, there’s mutilated-tortured-cock-in-mouthy!”

      “Er yeah, er, and where’s that mosque we’re supposed to be visiting? Apparently there’s a MacHalal’s there and I could really go for a Mac-Shits badly cooked, well past the sell by date, stinking chicken sandwich!”

    • Spot on DF…..
      This insidious shit has been going on for ages, I remember my dad ( sadly departed) saying this 20 odd years ago, white men being portrayed as blithering idiots…..

        • Looks as if she’ll kill him by arse-rape with her 15 inch strap-on….and he looks like he’d enjoy it.

          • That guys such a cunt!! Letting his bird talk to him as if he’s been lobotomized!
            Mind you in the event of a burglar breaking in without question she would have to confront the Cunt as he would be under the bed shaking like a poodle…… 😡😡

          • Fuck me. After the first two words she said all i heard was “blah blah blahtitty blah” and my response went along the lines of “go fuck yourself you moaning bitch”. Fucking hell, insinuating its ok to nag? That’ll result in some pretty unhappy endings…..

    • I bought a can of that pheromone spray from a sex shop after being convinced that I’d be beating the snatch off with a shitty stick.I sprayed the whole fucking can on myself before hitting the flesh-pots of Newcastle. I got the leg over alright.I also got a dose of crabs,which was a surprise because I’d assumed the rash and itching was an after-effect of that appalling spray. They were even in the beard that I was sporting at the time.

        • I fear it was more the drink that I’d tipped down her than the spray, ASA..Fuck me but she could sup. Drank like a docker on pay day…cursed like one too from what I remember. A fine lass built for comfort not speed…..I like a bit of meat on a lass.

  4. On a different note, I was thinking of comedians that would now be banned from the idiot box.
    Dave Allen for one. I loved his sense of humour and his piss taking of just about anything and everything. He even received death threats from the IRA.
    In 1990, in his final series for the BBC he joked:
    We spend our lives on the run. We get up by the clock, eat and sleep by the clock, go to work by the clock, get up again, go to work-and then we retire. And what do they fucking give us. A clock.
    Funny man and humour to savour

  5. Well it’s “Word of the Year” tonight on Channel 4 at 6pm.

    Well I’d like to nominate the word “cunt”.

    It delivers on so many levels and is short enough so’s not to be bastardised by generation snowflake’s text-speak.

    So here’s to “cunt”, the word that keeps on giving.

    • No no no. Where was the nsfw / trigger warning. Fucking hell i need to sit in my safe space youve triggered my asparagus syndrome. The word of the year is Islam. We embrace the muslim religion and the peaceful behaviour it brings.

    • I believe Merriam-Webster already went ahead and decided for us that the word of the the year for 2017 is “Feminism”.
      Funnily enough, in second place they put “Complicit”

  6. Always remember the late Bill Hicks’ advice to anyone involved with the word of advertising.

    “Kill yourselves. Just kill yourselves…”

      • Although he was kind of an old school liberal hippy type of chap, I’m pretty sure Bill would have despised the cunts who describe themselves as “liberals” nowadays.
        I think he would have called them fascists…

    • They say only the good die young and certainly in Bill Hicks case this is so true.

      What I most liked about Hicks was he would have a go at everything and anything he saw as wrong, hypocritical or just fucking bullshit.

      However, for me, the saying only the good die young runs out of steam at John Lennon.

      He should get a posthumous cunting as I am under no illusion about what a preaching twat he would have turned into.

      I reckon you could have traded Bono/ Geldoff / Lily Mong/ Sting/ Cunt O’Brien/ Jones/ Toynbee and anymore you care to think of for 1 Lennon.

      • John Lennon was a leftie arsehole! All that shite about peace, no borders , no governments or countries. load of leftist shite.
        Did fuck all post Beatles.

        • “Did fuck all post Beatles” True his solo albums were horrid aside from the odd gem I blame that mongy japanese witch for shitting up his albums

          You know if lennon actually practiced what he preached perhaps his leftist stances wouldn’t have been so nauseating but they were nauseating he was a multimillionaire but acting in the interest of the little guy.

          Leftism is stupid, but it isn’t the stupidity of it that I find so disgusting. It is the dishonesty of shilling for the most powerful people on earth while claiming to be defending the weakest people on earth Leftism has to be dishonest, because of fundamental contradictions in its premises

          • Of course you are right but what better a cover is there than claiming to stand for the down trodden oppressed in society? Moral superiority is the lefts nuclear weapon.


            It’s simply a cover to gain power.

            It’s that simple, the leftists play on this in the same way Charity adverts show famine and / or neglected fluffy kittens, meanwhile the chief exec is on more than the PM.


      • Must have been hard work, “imagining no possessions” from the comfy passenger seat of a massive Rolls Royce limo.
        As stated in an earlier post, the twat who shot Lennon did the world no favours, making him into a martyr when, if still alive today, he would be exposed as a massive cash laden hypocrite, along with Bono, Bob Smelldof and all their cunty kind…

  7. Jesus Christ, you think it can’t get any worse, you think you’ve heard it all then some CUNT collective come along and ambush you with the most fatuous over officious ruling which in itself is offensive.


    Who decides what’s offensive?

    Well here’s what’s happening.

    I encourage anyone who can be bothered to look up Antonio Gramsci. A Marxist Cunt who wrote about Taking over the Institutions.

    Essentially he theorised that whilst in Western Europe and America it would be impossible to ‘seize the state’ by way of violent revolution you could ‘become the state’ by taking over its institutions, meedja (ABBC) education, Police, local councils, the civil service and religion, think Justin Welby)

    Sound familiar?

    I encourage you to read Rod Liddle’s ‘6 Degrees of Shami Chakrabarti’ it’s funny but alarming as it demonstrates perfectly how leftist not just are, but have, taken over the institutions.

    Cunts. Utter utter cunts.

    • Too right, it doesn’t matter who is in government, the real power is the institutions and quangos that make and dictate policy, and they are rammed to the gills with liberal left wing cunts.

      • Spot on Gutstick, Governments come and go but Civil Servants remain in place, a lot of the cunts even get CBE / OBE’s on retirement, apparently for serving the public and just doing their job, what a fucking pile of shit.

        Whilst on the subject of honours I can’t decide what I think about David Cameron which is odd as I’m super opinionated. On the one hand he gave us the referendum which we all know he massively misjudged but he had the balls to do it but then he gave his hairdresser a CBE making a complete mockery of the honours system.

        • From what I can determine from a bit of online research, this Gramsci wanker basically admitted that most people with a democratic choice would never willingly choose to live in a fully marxist world, therefore it would have to be introduced covertly, like nonces sneaking into a primary school changing room.
          Freedoms and liberties “taken piece by imperceptible piece” as Herr Hitler put it…

  8. Adverts on craiglist. I’m after a pair of Linn speakers, second hand. Someone is selling a pair 75% lower than I expected to pay. Why? It doesn’t make sense. Surely no one is going to wire the money without hearing them? Am I missing something?

    Serious question.

    • To answer this taking in board several of our last few topics.
      In a nutshell:


      And yes I know a yoof who did exactly that.
      And yes, he was a corbyn groupie save the planet, feminist, 90’s male, idiot who liked watching holby city.
      Christ, I’m glad he got another job…

    • Not necessarily. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. E-Bay prices for example are I find all over the place.

  9. If you want misandrist brain washing try Peppa Pig. Oh yes my bothers they go for them young!
    Daddy Pig is a harmless, basically kindly gentleman but essentially a bumbling old fool. George is a thick as shit little cunt who deserves a good slapping. Fortunately Mummy Pig always comes along and sorts everything out , which is just as well as most of the brats watching it had their dads kicked out of the house by Mummy Pig months ago,
    Cynical ? Me ? Try watching it.

    • Gravy swilling cunt!

      Anything he does is for him. He did nothing for this country outside of his own personal agenda.

  10. This guy seems to know what he is talking about when it comes to dealing with the Muslim mentality.

    Perhaps our useless fucking government cunts should think about adopting the same approach instead of giving them everything they fucking want.

  11. Also while I think on can we cunt the football pundits and commentators. Robbie fucking Savage is even more dense than old Golden Balls Beckham and as for that fucking cunt Alan Smith who can’t even talk properly, who the fuck is Gavveth Bavvy, I can’t help it I just have a thing about cunts that don’t pronounce their words properly, they shoudn’t be allowed to speak on TV or radio. If they must give em the job of signing in the little box at the bottom for the deaf people. At least the fucking words would be right. They all sit there giving their expert opinions from the safety of a studio with their little pointing devices and spotlights showing how it should be done. If you’re all so fucking clever go and be a manager mother fuckers. The only way I can watch MOTD now is to fucking record the bastard so I can bypass the fucking liquid shite that pours from their pie holes. Fuck off cunts.

    • Agree entirely about Savage and Smith… Savage can’t even say ‘Manchester’ properly (he always says ‘Manshter’, and Smith is a droning boring cunt… Only half decent pundits on any channel right now are Graeme Souness and Gary Nev… With Savage, ‘Lex Luthor’ Shearer, and that Phil Neville cunt being the worst…

  12. I’d go for:
    Classic ads: Schweppes with Connie Booth
    on Youtube.
    Always had my…tongue hanging out.

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