Theresa May’s government

Can’t stand the thought of our esteemed Prime Monster not being represented on The Wall of Cunt sitting there with only 9 nominations, so here’s a well deserved tenth!

What the flying fuck does she think she’s doing over Brexit. The daft tart is now going to chuck FORTY FUCKING BILLION of taxpayer’s (thats you and I folks) money at the Fourth Reich to “unlock trade talks”. FFS does she not realize that the more we offer, the more they’ll demand!?!

If this is being a “bloody difficult woman” then I’m a transgender half caste disabled wooftah! Do a Thatcher, woman. Keeping saying no, sack Hammond, offer them fuck all and if none of that works then handbag the cunts!

Grow a pair. There’s not going to be deal. Fuck the ‘transitional period’. Fuck the ECJ. Fuck Barnier and Drunker. Fuck ’em all!

This used to be a great country. Between you and that cunt Corbyn, you’ve turned us into a bloody laughing stock. Shape up or fuck off!

Nominated by Dioclese

We have agreed to allow the EU to ‘Have a say’ on some EU citizens still here AFTER Brexit and also £40 billion as a settlement.
A sell out of 17 million mugs cause that’s what we are mugs for expecting a Government of cunts to deliver a simple fuck off to the European Union.

This whole thing is an absolute joke, I bet that cunt Clegg is having a wank with his dick wrapped in an EU flag.

I don’t think I’m gonna ever vote again, I love my country but they don’t give a fuck about the ordinary people, I mean any country that allows even one ex service man or woman end up sleeping rough has to be run by Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunts.

The government…my nomination for cunt of the year.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt

73 thoughts on “Theresa May’s government

  1. Perfect cunting there.
    Have to admit I was hoping for a return to the thatcher days. Fucking the world off again in a wonderfully british and contrary manner sounded most fun.
    But, things have dribbled down the pan in a pretty much continuous manner.
    What a failed opportunity.
    Shame on you tory cunts for being gutless adams family lookalikes choking on the cock of those EU thieves.

    • Yeah, even more disappointing then Cameron – and he was bad enough.

      She should have triggered Article 50 the day she walked into number 10…

      • Brilliant cunting Dio and B&WC!

        Treesa’s been a cunt flying under the radar, or submerged in her submarine, virtually undetected for TOO LONG! Never delivered a dicky bird neither. Immigration down to 10s of 1000s? Get fucked.

        Now she’s promising to build millions of new homes – no fucking chance, not with her at the helm! Have a feeling we’re in for some seriously disruptive times…

        • While we await some new homes being built, they need to deport the illegal cunts to free up some existing housing.

          Done correctly, fairly and under British courts, this should create a surplus of accommodation. If they claim asylum here, the courts here decide!

          Once the cunts are back in Africa, they will wish they had stayed in Italy, Germany or even shitty France and claimed asylum there as they sit on Libya’s beaches trying to hitch a ride on a second Mediterranean crossing.

  2. If any of you ladies and gents fancy a flutter at the bookies, I predict the following outcome:

    Trade talks begin in January after the EU deliberately delay for 1 month to test May’s mettle. May holds on patiently.

    EU demands UK retains unlimited movement of people, an overriding role for the ECHR, a further payment of £20b, the UK to take 10m of the Faterland’s peaceful rapeugees and the UK to continue annual payments of £20b into EU coffers in exchange for access to single market and customs union.

    May readily agrees to all terms laid down by the EU and emerged victorious in that she has negotiated an unexpectedly fantastic deal for the UK.

    Even Mystic fucking Meg could see this kind of shit being squeezed out on the horizon.

  3. I’m taking issue with this cunting – but only because I think “government” is too generous a description for this clown car full of cunts.

    • Clown car is a good description. I had May and her stooges down as an ‘abject clusterfuck’

      • “I’ll tell you what I really think about politicians. The other night I watched some politicians on television talking about Vietnam. I wanted very much to burst through the screen with a flame thrower and burn their eyes out and their balls off and then inquire from them how they would assess the action from a political point of view.”
        ― Harold Pinter

        Many years later and for very different reasons we all know the feeling.

  4. I worked at Conservative Central Office in 1987. Margaret Thatcher had a presence that can not be explained. A truly brilliant politician. RIP.

  5. I’m new on this site and don’t want to be political in case my stay is cut short but the worst thing in her head she’s done was run through a wheat field .. cutting disabled folks money causing them untold misery is a bit worse so she’s also a lying heartless cunt

    • Typical politician then. Don’t worry about being political ‘cos you won’t get thrown off for that on here. You might get a heated argument but that’s it.

      You only get banned for trolling or your comments get removed if they’re libellous. We disagree but we don’t do personal attacks on each other…

    • Although it may not seem so, there is a variety of political persuasion here on ISAC, we just happen to agree on a lot of things. There are some posts which might not make it past moderation but the site admins can inform you of the posting rules.

      • I’ll watch what I post . I personally think all politicians are cunts.. Dennis Skinner is a alright cunt cause he trolls the queen every chance he gets .. but I’ll keep within the rules

  6. If the useless cunt hadn’t hoodwinked her party into crowning her queen Thatcher II (without a proper leadership contest) we might now be able to punch our weight against the crooked EU. Instead we have the humiliating spectacle of David Davis being undermined at every turn by May, Hammond, Greene & Rudd, etc – Remainers all – rolling over and caving in to whatever demands their EU mafia masters make.

    Opening gambit £20billion. No? Ok, try £40billion. Figures just plucked from the air, not an itemised invoice in sight.

    Labour, if in power, would likely be offering £100billion+, or reverse the process altogether, so May probably calculates she can throw £40billion to the EU crocodile without haemorrhaging too many votes. But appeasement never works, as Chamberlain found to the world’s cost with Hitler – the insatiable EU crocodile will soon be back for more…

    UKIP, or some equivalent, needs to get its act back together real sharpish and challenge this insanity, cos it’s obvious no-one else is going to!

    Our mug governments have poured £100s of billions of taxpayers money into the EU over the past 42 years. That profligate mega-FIFA type organisation have not sent us a penny that we did not provide them with in the first place! They like to call Brexit a divorce, so should we not be entitled to half the assets too?

    Theresa May must be the most ineffectual cunt ever to make it into high office. Normally it wouldn’t matter that much, but she’s there just when we need the opposite, which makes her a dangerous cunt on top. Imagine if Comrade Corbyn had been Prime Minister during the 2nd World War…well that’s the sort of deep shit we’re in now!

    Why she is not proudly looking down from the Great Wall of Cunts is a mystery, as baffling to me as the PC, virtue signalling, snowflake age we’re currently being forced to endure. Maybe the Russians really have put something in the water…

      • I would like to place an formal complaint on record:

        That so called ‘Wall of Cunts’ is an affront to civilisation. It is hideously white, male and middle class. I ask you. Diversity? We should all be hanging our heads in shame!

          • So long as “hideously white, male, middle class cunts” continue to exert more power and influence than any other bunch of entitled fuckers, the Great Wall of Cunts will continue to be dominated by hideously white, male, middle class cunts. It’s not rocket science.

            Naturally all of us right thinking people are doing our damnest to change this outrageous affront to humanity.

            At least all the PC, virtue signalling, BAME, Peaceful loving, LGBTQIA, Commie Libtard scum amongst us are…

  7. Politics attracts society’s defectives. All politicians with only a very few exceptions are complete and utter arseholes devoid of conscience, integrity and intelligence. A scurrilous lot with the moral repertoire of Caligula.

    May is ( without doubt ) an excellent example of a cretinous treacherous cunt, with the intellect of the Kaisers left bollock.

    This waste of space ( and I refer to her ) preens and postures , too thick and too moronic to realize that she has been rumbled and seen for the incompetent fuckwit that she truly is.

    Paul Maskinback predicts capitulation in forthcoming talks. He’s right! This cow will fold in less time that Lilly Mong’s knickers take to hit the floor.

    And for all of that. MAY, yer a cunt, Yer fired!

  8. And I guess that all this extra cash only guarantees trade talks, not a positive outcome for the UK?

    • This is no positive outcome with these cunts.

      I was walking this morning and got talking to a remoaner. Fuck me do these people not have as grasp of the facts! She told me I was talking bollocks about the economics and really didn’t understand.

      I have a fucking BSc in economics. But she still insisted she knew more about it than me…!

      • Quite right, Dio.

        Blackmailing cunts.

        WHATEVER we give them, it will NEVER be enough; they will always be back whingeing for more.

  9. Maybe I’m being naive but I’m assuming that Boris and Gove have only agreed to upping the ante in full knowledge that the arrogant tunnel visioned delusional cunts over the Channel will reject it. This would then allow them to say ‘well we’ve made significant offers but it’s now obvious that they don’t want to deal’. Going by what opinions are floating round in the media the British people consider the offer to be at the very upper limit that they would reluctantly allow. As for the Tory’s and Labour I think very many people who feel let down on Brexit will look for alternatives. The new guy for UKIP Henry Bolton comes across as a very credible alternative if he can pull his party into shape. The other two cunts have lost my vote for a very long time. The fact is whatever happens business will find a way. With what’s at stake they’re not gonna sit back and be told they can’t trade. They’ll just brush aside all the politiking and say if ya can’t talk sense fuck off outta the way and let the people with brains do it. Stupid cunts.

  10. Mrs May was a weak and ineffectual Home Secretary. She consistently pledged that she would get the immigration rate under control. She achieved nothing.

    She was the default candidate when she took over from Cameron. She presented the image of a Thatcher Mk2 (God fucking Forbid),but she was certainly a long way short of being that. Although I’m certainly no Thatcherite,at least the old bitch had the courage of her convictions. May has no courage at all….or convictions.

    May is the wrong person in the wrong job at the wrong time. She will ruin this country just as surely as Corbyn would. Only difference is that it’s going to take her a bit longer. Still. I suppose at least she’ll be able to boast that she’s a bloody difficult woman who got the job done. Even if “the job” amounts to running up the White flag and delivering this country,lock,stock and barrel to the fucking EU.

    Fuck her.

  11. If there’s anybody out there who believes this will end at £40 billion…..I have a bridge to sell you…

  12. If May wasn’t, er, blessed with the intellectual acuity of a BR-issue bog roll, she’d long since have realised that there’s an easy way to deal with the EU: play hardball with the cunts. Sure, Barnier, Junkert, Tusk and co. like to think they’re tough guys, but in reality they’re just a coterie of jumped up, back-stabbing ticket clerks – easy meat for anyone who has the merest grain of moral fibre. Tackle the cunts head-on and they’ll fold.

    • Well I agree Sterling Webly! But you are being very kind to May comparing her with a BR bog roll. At least the arse wipe is useful!

  13. We have the US, Canada, NZ, Australia, China all queuing up to do trade deals with us. Tell the EU to go fuck themselves and put all our efforts into doing the other deals. It’s not rocket science.

    • No this is Rocket Science.
      To put a 1kg object into orbit varies a great deal in practice, in both of those two numbers above. The delta_v to orbit fluctuates widely between about 9 km/s to 11 km/s, and the propellant velocity by a much larger margin. I also haven’t taken into account take masses and staging. Basically, this is optimistically low.

      To convert this information into energy, there are two approaches I want to follow. For one, you could apply the reaction energy of 232kJ/mol
      for the reaction of liquid Hydrogen and Oxygen. The other, you could just calculate the kinetic energy of the propellant. The latter first, since it’s simple (and more wrong):

      • Thanks for clearing that up Kendo, all very enlightening.

        Any thoughts on the non-conundrum that is the Irish border issue? If Canada and the United States can manage their far longer border without significant friction, why not we? It’s not rocket science.

        • Easy, Ireland leaves the EU. As Ian Rush once said ‘after all it no science rockets’! Thick cunt.

      • How much recycled chip fat and oxygen would it take to put May into a high earth orbit, please? Note: no life support systems required.

  14. Today’s budget will amount to nothing more than the usual tweaking and fuck all for most, perhaps a few new cheap homes (which will be reserved for the least deserving and fucking Eastern European cunts).

    Hammond comes out with a pathetic catchy budget slogan which comes at exactly the same time he and his retarded cronies are selling this country out by giving billions in return for precisely nothing. Is he serious and does he really expect anyone to take him even the slightest bit seriously? Whoever described him as a safe pair of hands clearly was a lying fuckwit on acid.

    £40b should be spent on the indigenous populous of this country and not given to the nasty foreign bully boy fuckers at the EU.

    Completely fed up with this government. Have completely lost the plot.

    Despicable yellow bellied lying fucking traitors who are not worthy of respect.

    What can the 52% of the voting population like myself who voted for a cean break Brexit do about the absolute sell out and travesty of democracy that is unfolding.

    Proud to be English and of this country. Unfortunately feel very much in a minority these days, and that the lunatics are well and truly in charge of the asylum.

    Fuck the lot of them.

    • Yup, all these “new affordable homes” won’t be offered to our kids as new arrivals will have the greatest need. Has May ever achieved anything as a politician? I think she should work as a receptionist in a doctors surgery as they are all massive cunts too.

      • Exactly.
        Suckdick Cunt moaning about housing conditions in London.
        Fucking hypocritical comepenguin…
        Get rid of the slimes for a start.

        Btw, The Hague is a total cunt.
        When will they ever feel the slimes’ collective manky collar for crimes against humanity ??

    • The Budget should be renamed ‘LET’S SHAFT THE FUCK OUT OF JO PUBLIC DAY’ because there’s never FUCK ALL in it for any of us.

      • Anyone earning more than £11000 has benefitted from the Tories raising of personal tax thresholds – that is the starting rate at which income tax is charged, increased from £6000 – £11000 since 2010.

        Also, the fact they are not Labour /Green /SNP means most people are quids in by comparison. That they remain the least worst option is however tragic…

    • Treacherous cunts, in days gone by they would have been rotting in the Tower. May is about as much use as a Quorn sausage.

      • No she’s not as much use as a quern sausage. If you buy the 24 bargain pack from Iceland, you can lay them all in a row and make a draught excluder.

  15. Good reference to Thatch, Dio. I realise she was loathed and despised by some, but I think most would agree she was a strong leader and didn’t fuck about. If she were in charge now, you know she’d have these EU cunts eating out of her hand.

    Having been through the various hoops and obstacles to gain permanent residency in the US, immigration is a bit of a sore subject with me. I really don’t see the problem here. At the point the UK is no longer a member of the EU, then all non-British residents are illegal aliens by default. Their choices should be a ) leave, b ) apply for residency or c ) apply for citizenship. The same thing should apply to Brits living in EU countries now. What’s the fucking problem?

    Watching this shit show from afar is deeply aggravating. Seeing the UK be pushed around by the same cunts who have been fleecing the nation for years is a real piss boiler.

  16. We can’t build homes, fund the NHS, police and forces. We haven’t got – or for some mysterious reason can’t print* enough cash. We can pay the bloodsucking giant leech across the Channel £40Bn (plus, plus) to change fuck all, though, can’t we?

    Cunt is a word usually applied to merely hopeless failures. Can we have a new word capable of expressing the enormity of this concatenated clusterfuck and the clusterfuckwits who are propagating it ad infinitum, please?

    No cunting will ever be strong enough.

    *We could do it to reimburse the fucking banks, though.

  17. At PMQs, May just stated that post-Brexit that there will be continued access to the Single Market, no hard border in Ireland and no rules on immigration. Sounds to me like Brexit in name only.

    I’d say the average Daily Mail reader will be needing sedation about now.

    • Typically weasel words if that is what the useless cow said.

      I mean, even North Korea has access to the Single Market! And if she abolishes the current immigration rules that allow any cunt to come here from the EU, well all the better. As for the border with Ireland, does anyone in their right mind really expect a Trump style Wall to go up!?

      The average Daily Mail reader ALWAYS needs sedating…

  18. All this shit will be dragged out for as long as it takes to get to the next election. Maybitch will be dumped by then and all 3 parties will stand on a “let’s stay it’s much fucking easier” platform. There will never be a referendum on anything ever again, they won’t make that mistake twice. We need Sir Nigel back in the frame to give us a voting alternative. Failing that I see buildings burning and blood on the streets.

    • You are so fucking right. I wish you were not, but I think the Establishment clusterfuckers will shaft us poor cunts right up the arse exactly as you predict.

  19. FFS Don’t even get me started cunters!! but I will say its oddly amazing so many are blaming Corbyn for Mays and the Tories failures when shes, like wtf shes PM! But I would like to see Mays government “at the bottom of a shaft the bottom of a mineshaft” This stupid 80’s song is stuck in my head but its lyrics are inspiring

    “There is a heart alive somewhere there is a heart in the heart of a city
    There is a beat a beating heart come with me now I want to find it
    Money, pressure, desperation monkey on the back beaten to submission
    Anxiety attack working for survival with one eye on the clock the faces
    On the underground are in a state of…. at the bottom of a shaft at the
    Bottom of a mine shaft there is a sole survivor, at the bottom of a shaft
    At the bottom of a mine shaft a long distance driver there is a beat
    That is still alive but it’s HARD to find in the heart of the city,We
    Move around in the underground in our endless grey we can ignore each all day” Thats fucking Lord Byron type poetry lyrics right there m8s

    • Surely wet towels and an injection of widely-available carbolic acid into the cardiac muscle can’t cost that much ??

    • No cunts bothered about the £18+ million that the red cross have sitting somewhere and they didn’t even raise it all themselves.

      Many good hearted fund raisers couldn’t distribute the large sums of money that they raised fairly and honestly so entrusted it to them do it

      I say £18M + as its climbing daily (figure as of Aug 17) as The Red Cross sell all the stuff donated down at the sport centre that they made off with before the peacefuls got hands on it.

      Seems as long as the government hand out that the victims are leaving the Red Cross with a big wedge that they think they will get once the Government grenfell gravy train runs dry.

      That won’t be until they all have luxury accommodation in the new replacement Grenfell tower they thinks happening.

      Why are they refusing to stay in other towers just now then due to trauma.

      Watch all the peaceful mental health services establish with their “con-tracted language interpretation” services swallow that cash before the April budget, just in time to ask for more.

      And we thought Camilla Batmanjelly did the government over?

  20. I can’t believe the Government have agreed for the EU courts to have a say on their unwanted cunts here after Brexit. Imagine us saying to Spain that we want a say on our ex pat cunts clogging up the Costa del Cunt after Brexit? Spain would reply ‘Fuck off senor’ and rightly so, this country has no bollocks.

  21. The House of Commons is like a Noah’s Ark for entitled gravy train cunts. Whilst we are outside trying to keep our heads above water in the deluge of economic misery wrought by decades of political mismanagement those ocean going cunts don’t give a fuck about the outcome of Brexit or anything else. They have their gold plated pensions, inflation busting pay rises, company directorships, lobby group backhanders, quango memberships and 1001 other financial benefits acquired at our expense. We delegate our democratic rights to them in the vain hope that once in a while the cunts might actually do something that genuinely benefits the average hard working Brit.

    Oh, and by the way, Ben Bradshaw is now trying to blame the whole shit show of pathetic British political disasters on Vladimir Putin. What a cunt Bradshaw is. If they bung me enough Roubles I’d happily polish Mr Putin’s boots for sufficient remuneration but I wouldn’t even shit on the shoes of any of this crooked self serving bastards in our government.

    Hopefully Vlad the Twitterbot reads these excellent cuntings and is at this very moment procuring sanction busting supplies of Cherry Blossom and my plane ticket to the Kremlin in anticipation of me giving him the best shoe shine west of the Urals.

      • I’m thinking that conspiracy theorists deserve a good cunting. Whilst there Russians can chuck a bit of false propaganda around the interweb it’s hardly like that’s going to influence the voting habits of chavs whose biggest concern is which cunt is going to be voted king of the fucking celebrity jungle.

  22. There are 5.4bn people over the age of 16.
    The top 1% are 54,621,874 people.

    There are only 2043 billionaires in the world with between them $7.7tn.
    The top 1% control 51% of the global cash supply of $77tn ($38.25tn).

    Once the billionaire cunts take their slice, that means you only need $560000 worth of cash or assets to be in the top 1%.

    The other 99% have very little.

    • Thanks for the figures Anton.

      With all the shit that is constantly going on it is easy to forget that there are many billions of people in the world who are far worse off than we are.

  23. Wonderful picture !!

    Parliament in action.

    Straining to pass a motion. A subject worth of Salvador Dali.

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