Steven Moffat [2]

Steven Moffat is still a ginormous cunt…

The pube headed one has now told Doctor Who fans who have complained about the all new feminazi PC lady Doctor to ‘Shut the hell up!’…. The arrogance of this wankstain is astounding…. Openly refers to himself as the ‘Showrunner’ of Doctor Who… Not even the infamous John Nathan Turner did that… Moffat also seriously believes his convoluted PC obsessed dogdirt has made the show better and that every event or story in history, time and space featuring blacks, gays, wimmin and lezzzas is plausible…

I wouldn’t blame Capaldi one bit if he decked this smug self satisfied spunkbubble, for ruining the chance of a lifetime and destroying a TV legend into the bargain…

And that Gatiss is a cunt and all….

Nominated by Norman

I’m praying the new ultra PC doctor Who takes a huge ratings hit, Moffatt is a 24 carat cunt, nothing would please me more than to see this once brilliant TV programme spectacularly bomb!….
Watch the shit stains over at the guardian and the not so big up the new series of DW for all their worth….As a poster said In a previous thread ” you can tie a bow around it but it’s still a turd”….

Nominated by Quislings

148 thoughts on “Steven Moffat [2]

  1. I’d need a puke bag next to me to even sit through 30 seconds of the mindless pathetic drivel that this cunt churns out. It’s only fit for airing at fucking lunchtime watch with mother slot. To say this garbage is childish in a monumental understatement and is only given any credence by the wanna be so hip and with it moron brigade who want to rave about on fuckbook and shitter. Utter wank.

  2. An Orwellian structure of domination prevails in this country. Hitler burned the history books. Cunts like this re-write them.

    I await the day when the Dr returns to the Pre Neolithic time and meets the local Paki’s and gender fluid cavepersons of yesteryear. Like all BBC cunts he is detestable , and as stated by Norman , a “Pube headed” and “Spunkbubble ” piece of shit.


  3. If I wasn’t such a tightwad, I’d be willing to bet money that the next series of Doctor Who will feature a story set around the Battle of Trafalgar, portraying Lord Nelson and the Royal Navy as ruthless imperialist villains and the French as simply “misunderstood” pacifists.
    You read it here first…

    • Mind you the totally epic Horatio Nelson lost an arm and was blind in one eye so fits the disabled criteria. This country needs a Nelson a Wellington, and a bomber Harris all led by Churchill to show the EU cunts whats what and let it be known to the rest of the world ENOUGH this is England and we are fucking full and our chief export will be human scum. So take that Bernier verhofstedt etc you complete cunts

  4. Ever since Christopher Eccleston quit the scene, Doctor Who has gone from being intensely irritating to nothing more than a pretentious blizzard of shit. And that, to slightly lesser degree, goes for Sherlock too.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      I really enjoyed the Ecclestone episodes – and I had never watched DW before. But even then, PC was setting in; most notablyover a dalek ‘torture’ scene.

      Pubehead has lost the fucking plot. He strikes me as one of these fuckers who has bought into his own supposed omnipotence – like Quislings, I am hoping the new show bombs and it is a distinct possibility as the Capaldi stories were utter drivel. Now, if you can’t make a decent Dr. with Capaldi, what hope is there with some wooden bint who I have only ever seen play in a supporting actor role, with zero charisma.

      Moffat is a cuntlord whose cuntitude transcends time and space.

      • Fair play to Peter Davison… For effectively calling Moffat a cunt and for saying that this new woman Doc is going to be shite and that her appointment is PC bollocks…

        Always liked Davison…Wasn’t his fault he was hindered by the proto-Moffat that was John Nathan Turner (another cunt)..I remember when Peter said when he was dying/regenerating as the Doctor, the director had to keep telling him to put his head down on the TARDIS floor… Peter said his head kept instinctively going up, in order to look at Nicola Bryant’s stupendous cleavage…. Top, top man…

        • Mmmmm Nicola Bryant just showed the lads at work her picture and is oldies all went ahh” I remember her “and the younger ones went” wish she was in doctor who now”

          • Nicola Bryant also pops up in Blackadder’s Christmas Carol as his awful Goddaughter Millicent.
            Sadly no cleavage is visible, another moment squandered by Ben Elton…

  5. Dr Who is a kiddies’ programme. I couldn’t give a fuck………… Considering that so many people on here say that they don’t watch the BBC,I can’t see how it can concern them.

    • Whether it’s on the BBC or not, I always thought it was a load of scrapings even back in the seventies when I was a kid.
      It falls into the same catergory as that Harry Potter drivel to me. Sounds like they’re making it up as they go along. Don’t see the appeal. Utter shite.

  6. I haven’t seen the show since Pertwee was in it, but the appointment of a female Doctor just confirms my assumptions that the Tardis obviously doesn’t have a clutch….

    • I haven’t bothered to watch it either since then. They made him into a right smug cunt last time I glanced at an indoctrination machine/telly. Seems like the only thing men are capable of doing nowadays is dig holes on a building site, commit crimes, take drugs and be a pervert. If you want your boy to end up committing suicide stick him in front of a tv.

  7. I’ve never got the thing with Doctor Who, I remember growing up and occasionally you’d catch an episode of it and it fucking bored me to tears, it’s one of those “British Institution” things people natter on about that would probably get laughed at by the rest of the world. These American shows completely blow our stuff away in comparison.

    Who the fuck thinks Daleks are scary? Hide behind the couch? Utter shite.

    • Me neither. It’s like smoking. You try it and wonder what the fuck everyone’s going on about. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a complete episode, and being as how the cast includes Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill, won’t be anytime soon.

      And who the fuck calls their kids Tosin and Mandip?

    • Never ceases to amaze me that grown ups care about this shite. It was shite 50 years ago and is still shite.

      • I think the main purpose of the cunting really concerns the hijacking of a fairly innocent kids TV show by the kind of cunts who regularly get piss boiling on this website for other more “adult” reasons.
        Propaganda with an agenda being fed to children…

        • MB that’s exactly where I’m coming from, I’m not sure of the demographic breakdown of who watches DW?, I would think it’s mostly younger viewers, but it’s been enjoyed by lots of people over the years and now it’s been hijacked by the PC brigade!!
          Fuck them I hope their core audience vote with their remotes and it absolutely bombs!!
          Moffatt is a galactic cunt!!

          • Hi DF,
            It’s not a biggie for me, I’ve dipped in and out over the years I just hate the PC Cunts getting their mitts all over it!, mind you we are talking about our favourite broadcaster!! Cunts….

      • I’m 61and really when it started on our black n white TVs it was truly ground breaking and the music was amazing too. Considering the shit we were presented with at the time. Imagine sitting through the black n white minstrels??

        • The original 1963 theme music was truly innovative, it’s influence on subsequent electronic musicians and composers cannot be overestimated. I’d even suggest the show might not have made it past the ’70s but for the iconic theme.

    • Hey Cunty – which American shows are you referring to? I’ve got about 250 channels or some insane number like that and there’s hardly anything decent on. Would be keen to know if I’m missing out on some decent telly. It can happen. I didn’t discover 24 until series 3!!! Loved CSI too until Grissom left and they cast Ted Danson. Cheers – I.Y.

      • “Person of Interest” was excellent and they didn’t drag it out for too long, preferring to end on a memorable note (Sara Shahi was ultra fucking tasty too).
        “Gotham” is fun and sort of fits in with Nolan’s Batman films. Not having a TV licence I found it online and pipe it into the telly.
        Sometimes catch up with NCIS and NCIS New Orleans as the Mrs loves them. In fairness Mark Harmon and Scott Bakula seem to be the only Yank actors allowed to play anything approaching a masculine type on US TV nowadays…

        • ‘Gotham’ excellent – in a completely different class! Used to watch NCIS New Orleans…first couple of seasons ok, but just going thru the motions now. Gotham will no doubt one day follow suit…

        • Gotham is excellent.
          I’m on series three but missed two episodes last week due to being stoned out my box.
          Sunday night came and it suddenly hit me when the smoke cleared momentarily, “what happened to Gotham?”

          What happened to me more like. Good weed tho.

          • We had that problem birdman before we got an HDD Recorder and set it to automatically record series (regardless of the state we’re in). Best £300 we ever spent!

          • Hi birdman. Gotham series 3 was supposed to have been shown on Channel 5 but for some fucking reason they won’t say why they are not showing it. Instead Netflix are showing it, well bollocks I won’t be watching that again. On another note, fucking fireworks are going off again and again and another fucking gain. Cunts cunts cunts

      • The Sopranos was a great show if you’ve never seen that, more recently things like Narcos, Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Americans. The series Westworld is good too.

  8. First four (Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Tom Baker) were absolutely ace, Davison tried but got mostly John Nathan Turner shite, Colin Baker also hindered by JNT (but only worse), McCoy overplayed it, McGann got a crappy Yankified ‘movie’, Eccleston was great, Tennant put a lot of effort into it but chewed the scenery too much, Smith was like another Davison (good enough, but saddled with mostly crap), and Capaldi could have been the best since Tom Baker, but he was given the biggest piles of PC drivel week in week out…

    • I picked it up with Pertwee and lasted through Tom Baker. By which time I’d grown up and was interested in other things. Haven’t watched it since. I did catch a couple of minutes of an episode a few years ago on ABBC America while channel surfing. Things made of plastic were attacking people like like they had a mind of their own or something. Hilarious. Looked like a Monty Python sketch. Utter bollocks. Dr Who, not Python.

      • Dr Who was always rubbish – but innocuous, kitsch, good humoured fun rubbish that never took itself too seriously…until Moffat and his ilk took over and turned it into the pretentious clever-clever puffed up PC drivel it’s been ever since.

    • Remember The Web of Fear scaring the crap out of me when I was about 9 years old. Agree with your summary almost completely Norman. My now 12 year old son really enjoyed watching the Christopher Eccleston DVD’s, loved David Tennant (as did the wife but for completely different reasons), and the first few episodes with Matt Smith. He gave up when he said the plots became too complicated and did not make much sense. I imagine this was the introduction of PC nonsense. The BBC lost him at that point, he has never returned nor watched even a single episode with Peter Capaldi. A great shame really because he loved it. Can imagine PC would be one of the better doctors. Feel the BBC should not bother continuing with Dr Who as it is now only a pale imitation of what it once was. And with a women FFS.

  9. Not my idea of entertainment but each to their own.

    However I don’t agree with this PC interference which I imagine wrecks the show and totally ruins the viewing experience for any non PC viewers.

    He looks a right cunt as well.

  10. Apparently in episode 1 the new doctor gets a call from an old girlfriend?? ( nudge nudge) who invites her and her motley crew of PC reprobates to visit her in the pink galaxy on planet lesbos, after downing far too many babyshams the doctor hits the wrong switch and overshoots the diversity friendly planet lesbos and ends up on the dark violent planet strapadicktome where the sole inhabitants are huge black lesbians………. The end…

    • In episode 2, there’s some seriously dangerous shit going down somewhere in the universe, but the Dr cannot battle the forces of evil. She’s on the jam and has a bitch of a headache and some seriously bad cramps. She’s also in a fucking foul mood too. Rumour has it The Cybermen really don’t want to piss her off because she’s a bit psycho at this time of the month.

        • In the last episode, the Tardis was treated with cladding and it captures fire and there is no sprinkler system and everybody dies but the Doctor lives on because she sublet it to a load of illegal muzzos.

          Everybody goes home happy, cunts.

          • And the Red Cross run away with the £18M raised in the hope of anyone surviving needing a fresh start as the Tardis had an actual insurance policy that paid out accordingly.

            Probably laundered through banks in Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia to help other good causes.

        • Fucking right Q – a four year old child could write Dr Who!

          “Go out and find me a four year old child.” quips Executive Producer Groucho Marx in my ear…

    • Also forgot to mention at this point the tardis is hybrid and runs on a mixture of fossilised dog shit and chip fat oil…..

      • Bring in the producer of Blake’s Seven to kill the whole lot of them off in a “last ever episode” bloodbath…

      • But Sad khunt still doesn’t allow the Tardis exemption from London Emission Zone charges should it enter within the peaceful boundary.

  11. Honestly its hard to believe its his only 2nd cunting I know I’ve cunted him a few times in the past, a few cuntings missing in action or perhaps never made it past the censors… good cunting tho Norman & Quislings

    • See them for free and all you have to do is put on a skirt and call yourself Maureen

      • Think this will cost Top shop and those who follow in the long run. Her indoors always frowned upon creepy pervy men loitering around shop changing rooms. This will leave women open to possible abuse all because of confused cunts like him.

    • 100% right Kendo.
      I feel a cunting for everything transgender coming on.
      Takes us straight back to cunting political correctness again.

    • I’m sure Top Man will be next, even the name will probably trigger some sensitive cunt over reinforcing the male patriarchy.

    • Cuntitude on an almost unimaginable scale ……
      I hope their customers desert them in droves!!
      Cunts Cunts Cunts!!

        • Lol, fucking funny. How’s that gonna work? Do they seriously think that women are gonna get changed next to a guy (sex offender?) in a dress? Or that parents will let their kids get changed next to said wierdo?
          Isn’t there a legal crime involved here – facilitating or providing opportunity, aiding and abetting or something?
          Sounds like a hand grenade thrown right into the LGBTGHUINCF mix if you ask me.

      • According to the mail the main protagonist in the story is London based? Travis alabanza who describes himself as a performance artist and writer?
        Oh really?? Well I suppose it’s another way to describe turning tricks and endless blogging!! Cunt!!

        • In all seriousness this is a bad idea on so many different levels. Sexual deviants, pedos, gay pedos, fucking hell, is any parent gonna let their 13 year old in there alone. It’s a humongous cunt of an idea.

        • That Travis fucker is a fucking BLOKE question.. and on top of it … an ugly bloke.
          If I was heading to the swimming baths with my daughter and a fucker like that insisted in heading into the female changing rooms and was pacified and let in… I’d see that the place was shut down. Argue that fucker with the decent living public.

          • Out of curiosity I googled this travus dude. And upon seeing his picture I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed………..
            And laughed……..

    • And surly the name TOP MAN has to go???
      Top person?
      Top gender neutral?
      Fuckin pathetic PC crap!!

  12. Dr. WHO was always a bit naff but fun. That hiding behind the sofa stuff though was a bit daft, but the Sontarans were a bit off putting(know your enemy etc)
    What scared the bejesus out of me on 70’s tv was Space:1999 .
    Dragons Domain terrified me as did poor old Ian McShane when he was crispified by a laser and then promptly opened his eyes which glowed white!!!
    Fucking thing still gets the heart racing even now.
    Even Peter Bowles as an immortal was freaky.

      • I’ve never forgiven Space 1999 for nicking the budget which should have been for UFO series 2. Thus, Space 1999 is an intergalactic cunt of mega proportions. Ed Straker could kick John Koenig’s arse every day and twice on Sunday.

      • Space 1999 Series 1 was ace, and I recommend the restored Series 1 DVD Set…. The one where (the then very fit) Judy Geeson’s brain explodes…

        Saw the new issue of Vogue in the shops today… I know it’s all PC bollocks now, but isn’t putting a corpse in make up on the cover going a bit too far?,,,,

        • Geeky trivia bit. Space 1999 was originally going to be a continuation series of UFO with the SHADO organisation relocated to the Moon.
          Now where did I put my cheese & onion crisps….

          • Can’t remember the actress’s name in S 1999. But I still get a hard on to this very day. ( well, I would like to be still able, but you get what I mean )

  13. Sadly caught the end of a show with that Sam Smith cunt singing it out. Stay with me…..fuck off life’s depressing enough without you or your music in my life.

  14. Kevin Spacey to be removed from already completed film?!
    Errr… He hasn’t been arrested, charged, or found guilty of anything yet…
    Oh, I forgot, he’s a white bloke… Gay or not, he’s a white American bloke, and the media will burn him at the stake for that alone….

    Shame this sort of freezing out, snubbing, and severing of ties that Spacey is suffering didn’t happen to P@edo Jacko when he was up to his antics… What reeking hypocrisy…

    • Personally, I think Spacey is a shirtlifting nobbling nonce and no mistake. But this whole media approach to disgraced figures doesn’t sit right, regardless of what they have done.

      Airbrushing them from TV, film, music and as much as they can, history – it’s just disturbing, and fucking patronising. As you rightly say, Spacey hasn’t even been charged with a crime as of yet (although I suspect he’s deffo a wrong ‘un), yet he’s being Saviled out of fucking existence. What happens, just on the off chance, that he is never convicted? How will Holly-cunting-wood deal with that – airbrush him back in?

      And the expense incurred in removing him from a completed film – I can tell you that will cost serious megabucks. A massive financial commitment just to appease the sex case witch-hunt. Ridiculous. No matter what the fucker has done, I fail to see what this act of literally removing Spacey from a film really achieves.

      • Like most things in life Empire, I suspect it has everything to do with money. The media fall out and public shaming of Spacey without, as you say, any supporting concrete evidence, was probably perceived as highly damaging to potential box office receipts. The producers more than likely figured it was cheaper to re-shoot Spacey’s scenes than keep the film as is and see it flop as the movie going public joined in with shunning Spacey.

        On a wider issue, I am completely pissed off and saddened by the perpetual stream of outings, public shamings, revelations and hysterical (lefty/liberal) outbursts involving people in the entertainment industry. I used to like some of these people. One of my favourite movies of all time was K-PAX. Now ruined. Loved Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. Now ruined thanks to kiddy fiddler Jeffrey Jones (who played the high school principal). Really loved the Ocean’s 11 re-make. I was just about prepared to overlook Brad Pitt’s involvement (who in their right mind would walk out on Jennifer Aniston FFS?), but then George Clooney became all self-righteous about Syrian refugees. Fuck off Clooney. Jody Foster, same thing. I used to love Seinfeld, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s lefty/liberal outburst at an awards ceremony means I can no longer watch that show. It’s tainted now. The list goes on and on.

        Why can’t entertainers entertain and keep their private lives and private views to themselves? Utter utter utter cunts!

  15. What in the name of fuck has happened to this country when all minorities are given precedent over the fuckng majorities. By all means give them their own fucking changing rooms. Preferably a door opening into a deep nest of vipers.

    • Tony Blair’s legacy. The nation tarnished by insane fucking liberalism; a legion of self-loathing, treacherous scumcunts who are increasingly moving us toward rabid socialist principles and moving us ever closer to irreversible ruination, a la Sweden.

      If I had the power, I would makes sure every last PC-mad cuntlord was hunted down, choked to death on their vegan ingredients of choice or brutslly beaten to death with their own stinkng Birkenstocks*.

      *You don’t have to wear sustainable environment promoting footwear to be a liberal shitcunt, but it helps.

  16. And seen the new PC Femstapo Doctor’s costume?… It’s fucking shite…
    It just screams ‘Lezza’ ‘Snowflake’ ‘Clown’ and ‘Rainbow PC Cunt’ very loudly…
    Talking of Rainbow, the daft cow looks like a reject from Rod, Jane and Freddie…
    Rest assured, this next series of Doctor Who is going to be complete bollocks and the worst ever…

    • Looks like she’s wearing some of Bill The Black Lezza’s cast offs… Err, clothes, that is…

      • Even Colin Baker’s costume was better than that…. What a load of Rainbow BBC PC poppycock…

      • Is it not time Moffat updated the Tardis to a trans-gender Portaloo or summat?

        Ffs – the Doctor and her moronic assistants would be less conspicuous materialising in a peaceful tent nowadays for all the kids know about police fucking boxes!

        • There’ll probably be a new black female Master who calls herself ‘Ye-es Missy!’

          Oh, Lordy Fucking Lord!

  17. I remember when Doctor Who was a show to entertain children

    No it’s a propaganda piece to mind control children.

    Hope some Dalek fucks the doctor now, proper fucks the ho

    • ‘And now on BBC1, an exciting new Doctor Who adventure starring Jodie Thingy….

      Ejaculation Of The Daleks…’

  18. I grew up with the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker incarnations of Dr Who. By far the best IMHO. Before the end of Baker’s tenure, I had outgrew it as the wobbly sets and too rubbery monsters had rapidly lost their shine.

    Baker was a legend and still is. Instead of his customary offering of jelly babies, I could imagine him booming away to the scantily clad Leila along the line of:

    “Ahhh, Leila……would you like a big cream horn?”😁

    • I dread to ask this, but wasn’t there a film or TV series that featured Tom Baker in a very uncomfortable-to-watch sex scene?

      Repressed memory buried in the back of my mind. I might be mistaking him for Donald Sutherland in another weirdo film – for my own sanity I refuse to search online…

      • Tom did say he once worked with Passolini, and he said that Passolini was a cunt and that the film was shite…

        • The disturbing Tom Baker knobbing scene was, I believe, the 1980s BBC “She Devil” adaption.
          (Leftover childhood autism comes in handy for obscure telly trivia).

  19. I have QT on in the background for the first time in months. Why the fuck do I bother. Kirstie Allsop is an absolute fucking patronising cunt, and the Guardian columnist featured has a special place in cunt hell.

    • Oh and I thought the audience were selected at random on application – yet the camera just panned on a large group of black women sitting together…

  20. Ahhh, International Cuntstion Time just as I walk I’m from work.

    But prey heaven where is it today? Just taking a quick scan of the audience is it:

    – Islamabad?
    – Kabul?
    – Riyadh?
    – Mogadishu?

    Oh, sorry, it’s Croydon.

  21. Jesus H. Corbett Christ… is anyone speaking up in tonight’s QT a British national? Is that allowed?

  22. And joy upon joy there’s no escape of cuntitude on TV tonight CH4 virtue signalling that the any right-wing leanings in America are fascists (interspersed with library footage of 1960’s KKK violence), whilst AntiFa – the neo liberal leftists – shut down discussion, scream over anyone else’s point of view and acting violently in the same image.

    Alt-right and AntiFa are two sides of the same coin, both sets of cunts with extreme views and are not reflective of people in general who are naturally to the right or left of centre in their political and personal views.

    But you never see any discussion between the moderates on either side of that median just these utter cunts.

    Fucking TV! What a cunt!

  23. That Kirsty Allsoppy cunt is obviously a massive tax avoider, the fucking stuck up thick cunt of a bitch

    • l think Allslop qualifies as one of Paul Maskinback’s “rubbery monsters.”

      Whereas the recently-promoted Penny Mordaunt would be banging hot in a rubber catsuilt…

    • Quite.

      Allsop’s TV programmes helped to turn housing into a commodity so she can fuck right off for a start, the frumpy cunt.

      And that 17-yo kid – if he’d gone to my school he’d have to plan his lessons around a very hectic and extensive head-down-toilet flushing schedule.

    • Was going to watch qt but decided to go to the pub instead.I think I made a wise choice.

  24. Am going on a cuntfest tomorrow slamming a few incredibly narcissistic remainiacs.Have had a shit week at work so will not hold back.Unlike an MP though you cunts can have a vote of no confidence in me and I will resign.How is that for democracy?Also for the record Penny Mourdaunt is a milf who is free to assist my penile development across all nations.She was on a show called splash and she can make me splash anytime :p

  25. I would have a threesome with Penny Mourdaunt and ProtoPatel.Both sexy women of mature years;)

  26. the catholic church are cunts
    they have refused to let a memorial to the dead from the enniskillen bomb be placed on their land because it has a single poppy on it
    i fucking truly fucking hate the kiddie fiddling nonce cunt terrorist harboring fenian cunts rotten to the core that church fucking shit cunts

    • The Catholic Church ( and all other churches ,mosques etc ) should be confined to room 101.

      On this particular issue ( Enniskillin ) it actually does not surprise me. The Catholic Church were ( and still are ) pro Republican, and were very active and complicit during that time known as the “troubles”.

      In any “gathering” along the falls road, the first bead drawn was on the priest. They were the cunts you really had to watch! Near to them were likely to have been armed men and women. The priests provided cover, and were often arms carriers.

      I never fired on a priest ( we were ordered not to ,even if arms were seen ) and I’m glad I didn’t because today the witch hunt against serving soldiers and vets continues at a rabid pace.

      So, I will join you my friend in cunting the fucking parasitical kiddie fiddling cunts of the Catholic Church, and take some comfort in that one day soon, our peaceful cunts will take over, and the Catholics Church will be no more!

      They,re all cunts!

  27. I mentioned Donald Trump at lunch yesterday. Well, you should have heard the hysteria! It was if I had the plague. Well guess what, cunters: I will bang on about him all day long and the monarchy and being a tory and a Zionist.No one will ever silence me!

    God save the Queen!
    God bless America!
    Long live the State of Israel!

    • That’s well dodgy, I agree… Not the sort of thing that would have happened in Sir Matt’s time… Still only a wanker would have married Posh Spice…

  28. Old Pubehead will no longer be ‘Showrunner’ (I know, what a big headed cunt!) after Capaldi’s final episode this Christmas… But I’m still dreading the next series…The PC crawling to the libmong Femin SS with the woman Doctor, the ludicrous costume that might as well have ‘Lezza’ printed on the back, 70s Leeds United tracksuit style, the box ticking Parky Stanley and Darkie box ticking companions, the white middle aged bloke as comedy relief/putdown fodder… And the new ‘Showrunner’ is the man who cast David Tennant as Jimmy Murphy in a crappy ‘drama’ about the Munich Air Crash… And Tennant is as much like Murphy as Woody Allen is like Arnold Schwarzenegger …

    I’d have preferred the lads who did Life On Mars/Ashes To Ashes to take over Doctor Who… Philip Glenister as a Gene Hunt type Doc, John Simm back as The Master, and Keeley Hawes as top TARDIS totty…

      • Loved it when I was younger, and I like the 2005 Eccleston ones… I suppose it’s a lad’s thing… A childhood favourite and boyhood hero ruined by PC wank… What pisses me off is the ABBC cut Schools & Colleges programmes years ago, but they think – they have the arrogance – to believe they have to ‘educate’ what they see as ‘ignorant white English people’ by corrupting and sanitising what was once just good old fashioned heroes and villains entertainment… Now the show has to mention gays and lezzas in every story, men are constantly put down and are the butt of ‘jokes’, and ‘ethnic minorities’ pop up everywhere, even if they weren’t actually there historically… And the final insult: turning a male character who has been portrayed by 15 different men suddenly becomes a woman because it’s now seen as ‘wrong’ for a man to play the part after 54 years… That about sums it up…

        And you’re right… It is now shite… Very shite…

  29. Houses for a £1 in Liverpool, get your property in need of some TLC and promise to refurbish it. You can’t sell for 5 years either.

    Hurry as the first phase of this offer has gone with over 100 applicants. Future phases expected to go quickly.

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    At £1, the mayor says its a win win as people get an affordable home and the council get the revenue from council tax from the properties that would have lay empty otherwise.

    Who is going to be paying for the council tax (benefit) they receive then?

    Are other Liverpudlians who bought their council homes going to be reimbursed the sale price of their homes minus £1 payment back?

    A real “two’s up to ya” for those down thousands of pounds from buying previously and for those not “tinted” enough to benefit from this offer.

    Sincere commiserations to those who purchased previously in this area who are going to be wanting to move out pronto. They will find their property has severely devalued due to this process.

    Who are they trying to kid with this stuff?

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