Self-entitled sportswomen

I would like to nominate self-entitled sportswomen for a cunting.

Two examples of note in the last week alone:

Eni Aluko, England footballer. Earlier in 2017, she accuses her England manager, Mark Sampson, of racism and harassment. He is found not guilty by the FA but then gets sacked anyway for another matter. This week, self-important martyr Ms. Aluko tweets that she is ‘disappointed by the lack of support from her England team-mates’. Jesus Christ, what more does this fucking uppity cunt want? Red carpet and reading slippers all laid on? Cunt off.

Then next up we have Jess Varnish. This was the track cyclist who couldn’t handle being dropped from the UK team, turning on her then-technical director Shane Sutton and playing the sexism accusation card. Notwithstanding that Sutton was cleared on eight charges, Sutton resigned and the women’s lib got their way. Not being enough for Varnish, she is now suing UK Sport and British Cycling, citing victimisation and unfair dismissal.

So much for women being ‘equal’ to men. Top coaches and directors bawl the most vitriolic abuse at their players/athletes to get performance out of them, always have done. Unfortunately, equality only seems to apply to the advantageous, so when the little darlings can’t handle the less glamorous aspects of competitive sport, they play the card(s). Fuck right off.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

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  1. Eni Aluko is also a lawyer. We should expect this kind of behaviour. On the other hand, Jess does have a nice arse so should probably be given the benefit of the doubt.

    • Eni Aluko ,a lawyer? I love it when they dress them up in little costumes and get them to pedal little trikes or hold tea parties,but getting them to wear a gown’n wig is taking it a bit far. Fair enough if they’re pretending to be removal men in a Typhoo tea ad,but mocking the legal system is over the top.

  2. Top cunting. Boo fucking hoo, a coach’s job is, as said, to get the best performance out of the team. If that involves shouting a bit then so be it.

    It’s not sexism or racism, it’s what wanting to excel at sport involves, so get over it.

    Fucking try and ruin sport, you cunts. If you don’t like it then work in McDonalds, you precocious rag week slags.

  3. off topic but its in the news today. Global Warming! or more specifically MMGW.. I just don’t believe it ! i’m not denying the climate may be changing but is it down to us? now my position is fairly weak, all the scientists agree ( apparently ) our C02 emmisions are causing it, i’m just little old me but my hunch is. the climate does what it wants and our impact if any is tiny. i’ve no evidence to back that up, apart from the fact the climate has always changed and did so before we even arrived, oh and Mars is heating up apparently, not many cars there. but as i say it’s just a hunch.

    • Mark Hughes once invented the term ‘the hairdyer’… It was referring to Fergie when he used to vent his fury at players in the dressing room… Hughes himself never had a problem with it, but a few had run-ins with Ferguson over it, but most settled their disputes with the boss like men (apart from that other chippy cunt Ince, that Ivan fairy Kanchelskis, and that media prostitute Beckham)… But it seems that these supposedly ‘powerful’ and ‘independent’ wimmin cannot take any sort of criticism without (as my old dad put it) turning the waterworks on… Mark Sampson may not be perfect, but I bet that Aluko didn’t make his or anyone else’s job easy… Even Stevie Wonder with a blindfold on could tell that she is uppity and expects special treatment… I just wonder how many other times, in other situations, she has pulled the race card?…

      • Kanchelskis.
        Playing for rangers against St Johnstone has the ball to himself, stops dead, stands on the ball, puts his hand to his brow as if to get a better look, steps down, crosses the ball to Johansson who hits it home. Fantastic.
        The press called Kanchelskis “arrogant” for it. Fuck off! It was class.

        St Johnston the only British league team with a “j” in its name.

      • PS. Tell Stevie Wonder that she’s black. He hates blacks.

        Why do parking Stanley’s smell?
        So blind people can hate them an’ all.

      • Ferguson was obviously a good manager and used to shout and moan but he was the biggest cry baby of the lot if he didn’t get his own way. Particularly if his beloved bunch of prima donnas lost. Hardly ever did the post match TV interview if they lost. Always someone elses fault..normally the referee. Cunt.

    • We can cure global warning and at the same time help our economy. CLOSE DOWN CHINA. CLOSE INDIA. Why let these fuckers pollute the planet, and we have to pick up the tab to clean up their shit!

    • I hadn’t seen Jess Varnish before, Smeggy.
      I just looked her up and you’re right about her arse.
      The stupid cunt still needs to shut the fuck up though.

      • Her arse needs some man varnish. I don’t think she is doing her career any good because sport full of bullies, particularly at coaching level and the cunts will shit on her for speaking out.

        The coaches themselves are often previously failures in the sports themselves and inside they can’t stand seeing someone perform better than they did in their day. Often they bully by dropping them & holding them back from competing as well as they please.

        Horrible sector of life really.

  4. My 12 year old attends a high level sports performance centre three times a week. His coach is highly regarded in the sport and is twice ex England coach.

    Old fashioned approach, unbelievably tough and highly demanding of his players, who have been known to be physically sick when training. He tells them to clear up the mess themselves and carry on.

    Despite being regularly asked by the sports governing body refuses to work for them. He says the players have too much power these days and he will receive little or no support if a complaint is made against him.

    • I was about to say … it’ll end up that no coach, certainly the ones that use old fashioned ‘ruthless’ ways, will want to coach wimmens anything.
      Women in sport will end up with second or third rate coaches … and undoubtedly some will kick off then that they are not getting the best coaching.
      I guess that’s why she didn’t get ‘support’ from her team mates.. they were looking at the bigger picture.

      • Perhaps women athletes would prefer being shouted at by a female coach than from a male coach. After all it makes some sense that they would have more in common and therefore less likely to report a female than a male coach for ever overstepping the mark (which in my experience WILL happen occasionally).

        Unfortunately for women I rather suspect the best coaches and motivators in most sports are men.

        Perhaps with the way things are going as already suggested, easier for all if all male coaches just let female athletes and their female coaches get on with it themselves.

        A sexist comment I know, could be wrong and absolutely nothing to back this up.

        Just my opinion (which as of today I am still entitled).

        • Am beginning to suspect you’re a radical feminist Willie…

          If I, as a small boy, could hack being regularly shouted at on a freezing football field by a menacing cunt who had the power to cane me for wearing Y-fronts under my shorts, then why can’t these self entitled women who whinge endlessly on and on, demanding equal treatment to men.

          “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (Friedrich Neitzsche)

          • Evening Shitcake

            Always a stickler for fairness.

            Hate to see top coaches of any sports being dismissed for simply for doing their jobs. Especially if it is a result of vindictive women who after years of receiving coaching and reaching the highest level instead of saying thanks suddenly realise that they have been wronged and want to seek some sort of retribution.

            Ungrateful and bitter, and should know better.

  5. Eni Aluko. A Top British Name. Why can she not fuck off back to Lagos and try her complaining there when she plays for Kenya?

  6. Sportswomen? It ‘s as close to sport as Flabbott is to a degree in applied maths. The BBc are all over this fifth rate running about because they can afford no real sport and are now raving about wheelchair tennis ,their latest acquisition . Yes I know and believe that disabled people should have the chance to do whatever is possible but that doesn’t make it entertaining and it’s almost insulting to them that their efforts are puffed up by the beeb into something they are not.
    Women playing cricket isn’t the Ashes and their football is total bollocks in the real world. No tart tennis player would beat any man at that level and no one says it because it’s going to make them fucking cry and sue whoever is nearest.
    But the pretense goes on because it’s un PC to do otherwise and not one person in the media ever says anything , just kow towing to the received wisdom because anything else and the fires of fucking hell will rain down on them and resignations and apologies will follow like paper after shite.

      • Or at the pool for the 10m platform diving. Or even the 3m springboard. Or even synchronised!

    • Women commentating on mens sport is also completely shit. They seem to lack the passion and knowledge to make a good job of it.

      Cannot beat Brian Moore and the Big Match on a Sunday afternoon. When football was played by real men on muddy pitches. Shoulder barges and fisticuffs a plenty. Not pretty sometimes, less quality and no fancy footwork but fundamentally a more honest game that the fans could relate to.

      Much preferred it to the overpaid stupid name diving foreign wankers, with shit goal celebrations that we see today.

      • Back in the 1970s, on Saturday afternoons, the footballers posturing on our telly were clearly poofters. They all had perms and openly snogged each other if a goal was scored. Cunts.

  7. These sportswomen all make me want to vomit without exception – as do 98% of their male counterparts. And don’t get me started on those cheating ‘gender-fluid’ cunts!

    If only there was a TV that would edit out ALL the sport connected blockheads. Have no time or use for any of them. Get the fuck off my screen you cunts!

    • You’re right Shitcake.
      Sport is bollocks. Too many bleedin foreigners involved now too.

      • Cunts come here and even ruin the London bloody marathon.

        They have been running to the river & back since three years old in preparation and now they want water aid to end all that for future potential athletes.

  8. The tennis is on the tv, I’m not really watching it, but Andrew Castle just announced he doesn’t know the name of Andy Murray second baby. Now, I think the cunt should take some sort of responsibility. Imagine if one of us was picking the fluff bits out of the tumble drier filter when this news came through. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

  9. Can someone please cunt that unbearable MASSIVE CUNT geldoff ??
    I dont know how to not if if be allowed etc
    He really really is a Cunt

    • Geldof can shove his award up his arsehole His disrepecting of the honorable Aung San Suu Kyi is disgusting and rude. Aung Suu is the peaceful silent killer of the ratho muslims who are terrorists she should be genociding more of them but Aung Suu is a kind and wonderful lady

      Myanmar is a buddhist country they reserve the right to keep it that way. They don’t want terrorists living in their country to multiple and expand. If only theresa May had the same conviction the stupid fucking sourfaced cunt… she probably would rather kill the right wingers then to let london terrorists get injured I swear our parliament is basically ruled by saudi arabia they fund jihadi terrorism wake the fuck up people christ

        • Doesn’t excuse genocide or ethnic cleansing.

          But perhaps if people all made an effort to not force their standards, beliefs and way of life onto others, there’d be less of it?..

          • They should have left Myanmar when they found out they weren’t wanted and their culture / beliefs wouldn’t be tolerated.

            I have a feeling they knew this would be the case before they went.

            It goes one of two ways. The government either order their people to bow down, accept and be wiped out themselves or they take action and look after their country’s own people.

            Theresa May could do well by shutting the fuck up and listening to this woman. In fact she could fill Anna Sewarbry’s seat at Westminster and educate them all.

    • Just another virtue signal from Gobboff. I personally think the cunt should apologise to soap manufacturers for not using their products.
      Thick cunt.

    • Well he wouldn’t would he? The story doesn’t even come close to conforming to O’Brian’s hysterical anti Brexit, pro 4th Reich world view.

      I have him on in the background most days – today he was inviting calls from “just ONE person” who could suggest ONE positive thing about Brexit. Surprisingly, one very articulate woman took the bait and was predictably bullied relentlessly by O’Brian for her pains.

      “Taking back control!” screams O’Brian on a virtually hourly basis “what can that even possibly mean?!” he bellows. Some cunt tries to enlighten him and he shouts them down or takes exception to to their grammar or some other ‘clever’ diversionary tactic before they’ve come close to having a chance to make their point before cutting them off for not knowing what they’re talking about, etc blah- blah woof-woof….

      It’s usually at this point I have to switch channels cos exposure to O’Brian is torture, even for the average Remainer, I would guess…

      • I haven’t got the self control to not put my head in a garden shredder if I have the misfortune to tune in to that self righteous twat. I fucking HATE HATE HATE HATEx1000 the CUNT.

        • I torment myself and see how long I can listen to the Cunt … and can honestly say I haven’t managed more than half an hour.
          I’m certainly not a violent type, but you would never ever get tired of kicking fuck out of O’Cunt.

  10. ‘What happened to the female stars of Britpop?’ asked the ABBC today…
    Whatever happened to the female stars of Britpop? Where do flies go in Winter? Who were Man Friday’s parents? What happened to Neil Webb after he left Unired?

    Nobody knows… And nobody fucking well cares…

    • Britpop is for cunts who don’t know better.
      If you liked ALL them bands then you were a king Kong mega mega cunt.

      Justine summit
      Indian girl from echobelly
      Louise wiener or Werner or summit
      Shirley Manson

      That’s all i got.

      For me it was the beautiful Sarah Cracknell.

      • Saffron from Republica. During my youth she caused the wank flannels to be on constant rotation.

        At the time, the bird from Ash (a few years older than me before we get disapproving tuts) was another crush – but Christ on a bike, time has not been kind.

        Sarah Cracknell was hot but I always had a thing for the more edgy lasses. Saint Etienne were a band I never managed to see live.

        Do the Corrs count at all? I mean Britpop is spun to cover any genre as long as it was between 1993 and 1999, right?

        The age old question – frigg all the Corrs or none at all (including the one bloke). It would be worth it all for Andrea Corr – as she was – I’m afraid to admit.

        • “Do the Corrs count at all? I mean Britpop is spun to cover any genre as long as it was between 1993 and 1999, right?”

          Hahaha basically as long as it was from the 90’s and its from the uk, its considered britpop but the corrs celtic sound wouldn’t pass off as britpop I don’t think

          • I like the Corrs. Forgiven not Forgotten is a great album. Their last two were turkeys tho’

            I particularly like Sharon. I find Andrea irritating. They’re good live but like many live bands, the sound was wrecked by too much bass…

  11. Okay so I recently posted a massive cunting about supermarkets which has now just disappeared……….. can an admin tell me, has it just gone into admin?

      • @DF, you got through Halloween ok?. No locals outside Fiddler Towers with pitchforks and flaming torches, smeared in body paint wearing horseheads akin to the Wicker Man?. Village locals can be a funny lot, don’t want to be ending up in a giant wooden man sacrificed in thanks of a bumper turnip harvest.

        • The locals are scared to come anywhere near. I lurk,like Dracula in his castle, ready to pounce on the unwary. The name “Fiddler” (usually preceded by That Fucking Old Cunt) is used to scare children. Say it backwards three times and I appear in your dreams..a foul-mouthed,drunk bigoted racist peeping at the womenfolk while making grunting noises and lewd hip thrusts.
          Still,enough of my good points…

      • Thanks Dick Fiddler, I was unaware of that button/feature. I recently just changed my user handle from Lenny Long-Legg III to Two In The Stink so wasn’t sure if that was the reason.

    • Why is it that these sort of ‘8 Ace’ type scum always want something for nothing or next to nothing?… I bet, alongside the Britscum, over half of them at least were Parking Stanleys, Bogo-Bogos, or Iron Curtain gyppo cunts…

    • I bet Sharon Cumber has another daughter, who works in MI6 or something…
      Her name’s Q.

      Reserved for wet jobs.

    • Suckers!

      Did they all take the day off work to queue overnight too?

      My bets are they were going on Gumtree for around £200 to make a nice profit.

      I hope Hoover just repair them and issue them back out or £15 back.

      No way should these cunts get £280 handed to them to go and but hoover from another retailer that’s for sure.

  12. You may have read recently about someone writing a shitty note and leaving it on an ambulance which parked in their drive during an emergency call? A call in which paramedics were forced to park there whilst attempting to save a man nearby from a seizure, who sadly died after an hour of them trying.

    Well the cunt responsible for prioritising his drive over the welfare of his fellow man has been outed:

    One Mr. Hassan Shabbir.


  13. Keir Starmer is a total scum cunt. Desperate for the UK to remain in the EU. The commie muzzie appeasing soft cunt wants the ECJ to retain it’s powrr over the UK. Which part of leave does this treason commiting cunt not get? We are leaving. If you don’t like it: Move to Luxembourg.CUNT.

    • Not long now before Labour assume office and capitulate to everything Barnier, Druncker and his Luxembourg maffia demand.

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