Gordon Brown [12]

Gordon Brown is and will for ever be a cunt. He has warned that the UK may hit a ‘crisis point next summer’ as we get closer to brexit. He maintains there may be a possibility we will not leave the EU, (not if he has his way).

He is not advocating a second referendum (yet) but says there ‘may be scope for a reassessment ‘ when we all realise what silly boys and girls we’ve been in voting to leave an Orwellian super – state in the making. Apparently we could change our minds when we are generously supplied with ‘ new evidence ‘ which proves we were foolish cunts in wanting to be an independent, sovereign nation, making our own way in the world, making our own laws and developing our democracy as a free independent people.

This evidence will apparently be the realisation that we will be getting a shit deal, will not be controlling our own borders, we’ll still be under the cosh of the ECJ and we won’t be controlling our own trade……. In other words, project fear 2.0. Right………

Fuck right off Gordon, you wonky eyed, baggy arsed, fucking useless sack of Scottish shit. How dare you pontificate on anything when you were fucking useless at everything you did whilst in government. Selling gold at rock bottom, trawling the world for immigrants, shelling out vast sums for workshy bastards, the infamous ‘ bigoted woman’ comment which showed your utter contempt for ordinary working folk, allowing the banks to shaft everybody and his brother to the point of economic disaster, prattling on about ‘Prudence’, who ended up raped and slaughtered, support for the Iraq war, etc. etc. etc.

This fucking under achiever should be tied to a stake at low tide. Hirers of deckchairs and ice cream sellers would have a field day as the moon’s magnetic pull worked its magic.

He is just another cunt who can’t accept democracy, we voted leave and will accept nothing less.

Nominated by Jack The Cunter

148 thoughts on “Gordon Brown [12]

  1. Indeed.
    Heard this pathetic old has-been drivelling away to that Kuntsberg woman yesterday on the box.
    Same old, same old.
    Deluded, just doesn’t get it.
    My landlord/best mate from schooldays was over. He looked up once from checking his post, just to say
    “Walk away from it. End of.”

    The longer the Brussels sprouts threaten and blackmail us, the more I think that this is the only thing to do.
    Sod them all. If it brings Germany and France crashing down, well…I didn’t vote for Macon or sagbag Muffley Merkel.
    The eu is an experiment that is going terribly, horifically wrong.

  2. Has he got a book out at the moment? It’s just that his fat, ugly face and grating Jock whine seems to have on the TV a lot recently.

    He was a Chancellor cunt, a PM cunt and now he’s an unemployed rent-a-gob cunt.

    • Heard the economically illiterate cunt on the radio this morning, hawking his ‘bargain bin by Xmas 99p’ whitewash book of the Blair/Brown years, not an easy listen I assure you!

      Sickening attempt also to wriggle out of responsibility for Iraq War, suggested Labour Government would not have been party to invasion had he/Bliar seen a previously ‘withheld’ US report regarding WMD. Oh yeah??? Pull the other one – it’s got “no more boom & bust” written on it…

      Fuck off back to your soul mates in the Scottish Nazi Party, you pathetic one-eyed war criminal cunt!

  3. Amongst his many achievements, mostly listed above, the finest was ‘soft touch’ regulation of the banks. That worked well didn’t it? The result was austerity, not for bankers, politicians, university vice chancellors, college principals, lords, public sector bosses, company directors etc who have all thrived since 2008. Austerity, which we were ‘all in together’ fell on the stupid cunts who work for a living. Well done Gordon. Now fuck off back to Krankieland. I am surprised the Jocks don’t want to make you president for life when they throw off the British yoke.

  4. Always liked Jeremy Clarkson’s simple, concise opinion of him: a one-eyed Scottish idiot.

  5. Sounds to me like the death rattle for Labour’s Scottish mafia of yesteryear. Nobody except for the perennially desperate re-cunting-moaners attach a semblance of value to anything this cunt, Blair, Darling or Alistair Campbell have to say on the topic of the EU referendum.

    Gordon Brown will forever be remembered as the cunt who refused to ‘fix the roof while the sun was shining’ during the economic booms. He sold our gold reserves for a cup of magic beans and a quart of Kia Ora, and then attempted to claim that he ‘saved the world’ in 2008 using quantitative easing and setting in the rot of basement-level BOE interest rates that will utterly fuck up pensions, savings and financial security for generations of British workers. This fucking bastard and Blair took care of the rich during their tenure far better than the Tories ever could hope to do – something that the Guardianista army of Blairites, like Owen ‘fist me up to the gallbladder with a Citizen Smith salute’ Jones wilfully choose to forget.

    When your annuity is worth the grand total of £500 after a lifetime of pension contributions, or when you find your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren all dossing in your house when you are too old to even piss without soiling yourself, always remember how this indescribable scum-cunt shit-for-brains senior cuntlord put you in that position.

    • Sold the gold reserve and then the value went through the fucking roof.

      Wasn’t someone in his position meant to have an inkling on these things?

      Fucking quick buck Charlie, sell out the UK economy after sending troops to an unnecessary death.


      • You really would have thought someone in his position and with his supposed financial knowledge would have had a basic understanding of what to do when selling off our gold reserves. Apparently not. Cost the UK taxpayer tens of billions on pounds.

        24 carat cunt.

  6. Fine nomination and splendidly cunted Jack the Cunter.

    It matters not that this fuckwit is on his twelfth cunting, along witth Blair he can never be cunted strongly or freqently enough.
    I saw him on TV yesterday too and the rank stupidity, arrogance and downright disrespect for the people of Britain never ceases to amaze me.
    The lowlife self serving scumbag should be thrown in the Tower for treason along with Blair and Clegg.
    He truly is a supreme Cunt.
    Trouble is, we all know where this is going… Doris May’s soon to be resignation due to her own useless leadership, the government collapsing, a general election and a Labour victory.
    It doesn’t take a genius to work out what happens next. Despite what Labour say now, all it will take is some serious threatening and scaremongering, another referendum held just before the UK finally pulls the plug on the EU and then faster than you can say ”They’re all cunts” we stay in the EU, and the likes of Brown, Blair & Clegg are back on the gravy train.

  7. ” you wonky eyed, baggy arsed, fucking useless sack of Scottish shit.” You forgot “lying, mentally deranged Blairshagger”

  8. The cunts want to start working together to achieving the best possible terms in leaving instead of trouble making.

    Its in everyone’s best interests to get a good deal as if we don’t, we leave without one.

    The remoaners will then think they have a right to mouth off about having no deal when they wasted the important time that they could have been involved and influenced the negotiations positively.

    Cameron already asked for a deal, they gave us fuck all but smarmy, cheeky insults believing we would never leave, we voted to leave and no deal is better than agreement of a shit deal with the concessions they previously offered Scameron.

    Its bad enough dealing with cuntish behaviour at Brussels, we don’t need it here at home as well.

    • “The cunts want to start working together to achieving the best possible terms in leaving instead of trouble making.”

      Spot on.

      The only thing that made me question whether to vote leave – certainly not fucking commitment, I was 100% desperate to be out – was how it would be implemented. At the time, I was convinced ‘remain’ would win, but even then, I feared how a ‘leave’ result would be managed by the incumbents. Knowing that a leave vote would be the end of Camoron and shitsack Gideon of Cuntley, I rather naively thought we would get a pro-leave replacement who would exhibit real conviction in the negotiations, and even more naively, assumed that this issue would be serious enough – like the finanical meltdown in 2008 – to put aside party politics and demand cross-party co-operation.

      Holy fucking shite. How wrong I was. Corbyn, despite being up there Gods of cuntitude on Cunt Olympus, is clearly pro-leave but the cuntfuck stopped short of offering any support. Instead by staying tight-lipped and equivocal on the Brexit, he thereby craftily exploited May’s dithering weakness on the matter, simultaneously appeasing his Blairite backstabbers by allowing them endless political posturing on the issue, with Corbyn ultimately reaping the benefits of each May cock-up. Lib Dems too have done their level best to disrupt proceedings so that the talks have cunt in hell’s chance of being successful with all this sabotage going on from within Parliament; let alone the EU nazis and their refusal to negotiate.

      And don’t get me fucking started on all the interlopers that the press have built up as pillars of the fucking topic – giving Del-Monte-faced faeces-cunt Gina Miller any Oxygen of publicity was wrong, wrong, FUCKING WRONG. It gave the green light for any have-a-go re-moaning hero to chip in their two-pennyworth when in reality, someone like Thatcher would have told such cunts to piss off or feel the mighty swing of her handbag.

      Brexit needed:
      1. A proper leader with conviction on leaving
      2. Cross party support
      3. Someone who could have used the golden opportunity of the snap election to grind Corbyn into the dust, allowing a large mandate and in turn getting much of the press onside

      Number 3 was on a fucking plate and May fucked it up. Number 2 may have followed if 3 had been done properly.

      As it stands, the whole thing is a fucking catastrophe. Prepare for MAJOR concessions to be made to the Junckunt and Barnier.

      • Well put, …Empire, my sentiments too, although it never crossed my mind to NOT vote to leave these money-grubbing gangsters.

        Old Steptoe Corbyn has been exasperatingly weak on the EU considering his past voting record, which basically puts him in the same camp as the other traitors…

        Hmm, and talking of which: Gordon Brown’s a top wanker. Look at the wobbly hypocrite flogging his latest load of tripe. One of the original champagne socialists ranting about equality and diversity whilst chomping on beluga and sniffing at the working man.

        He rode the train of No People’s Mandate for three years before the public had a chance to be rid of him. At least Zelda has sort of won an election; sort of.

        Perhaps Blair has promised him a few more ice creams if he’ll corroborate the myth that Blair was duped by the Yanks.

        • Agree entirely ECB, especially with your pre Referendum concern as to whether UK Government would be competent to deliver independence in the event of a Leave win. Me too. I reluctantly voted Remain mostly for that reason. Implementation has turned out even worse than I feared!

          One other thing – when are the Government going to get it through their thick heads that we don’t owe the EU a fucking penny!? Our cunts keep waving £billions in front of Barnier & Co, when we should instead be demanding a substantial rebate/refund!

          The EU has never given us a single penny we didn’t provide them with in the first place. Who pays to leave a club they’ve already paid £billions net into over 40 fucking years! And if the Remoaners want to call it a divorce, then that would require the marital assets to be split down the middle, ffs!!!!!

      • That sums it up, no party putting specific ideas toward the negotiations. Easier for them to sit back and let Teresa May’s team do it, chipping in with a running commentary of snide critcism “in hindsight” of anything “the media” report as a failing in the Tory camps part.

        Corbin, Cable & Co appear to be oh so clever but they are only flagging everything as it is prompted by the media.

        Anyone thinks they give a shit about Britain’s future needs to consider why they aren’t pitching in to make the best of this one time opportunity that affects every one of us whether good or bad.

        For one its not like if Davis & Co fail to get a deal worth accepting that they then step aside and let Corbyn try, then Cable try, then Caroline Lucas try. They don’t all get a turn, we are leaving and we are getting one chance negotiate our future.

        So even if you vote for a party other than Conservative, you should be pissed off that the party you voted for isn’t working hard enough for your future.

        If you voted for one of these party’s sitting back doing nothing constructive, are you going to put your trust in them again at the next election to not work for you again?

        I won’t be. I voted leave and i voted Labour but boy are they letting me down and behaving like I never believed. I don’t know if the popularity boost Corbyn unexpectedly got in the election went to his head or what but I see a serious decision all party’s should be involved in being neglected and regret my vote now.

        As for this Brexit U-Turn, if they rob people of their will and fuck with the outcome of a Democratic vote, why should anyone ever vote or trust politics again?

        They will bring scenes to the streets that this country hasn’t seen before and I don’t think it will be carnival celebrations.

        • Just a thought – I wonder how much the German car manufacturers and their ilk would be willing to pay for access to the UK single market?

          Wake up! We have a FAR stronger hand than the remoaning Media and Political Establishment have brainwashed the British public and themselves to believe.

  9. This one’s probably a bit strong and I expect I’ll be caned for it…but here goes…

    What does Gordon Brown have that’s five foot long and full of sticky stuff..?

    A kid with systic fibrosis….

  10. His legacy of failure list of shortcomings are remarkable. It’s a little hard to believe he’s only on his 12th cunting. “I agree with Nick”. “I agree with Nick”.

    • Such is the cuntitude and the list of fuck-ups from Gordon ‘In-Capability’ Brown, that he almost warrants his own dedicated page on this website for a daily cunting.

  11. Gordon Brown is a Scottish cunt.
    Why does no cunter call Teresa May an English cunt in their cunting of her?

    If all Scots are snazis, then as we have a conservative government, does that make all English Tories?

    On one hand I’m trying to placate the Scotch cunters a they are a touchy bunch, but also its getting boring this claim that all scotch think the same.
    Its probably the main reason some scotch hate the English.

    YouTube a rangers game at Ibrox. Its more British than the proms with all their union jacks and songs celebrating britain.

    The majority voted to remain part of the UK ffs.

      • I thought Ibrox was where Scottish queers went to watch other Scottish queers dance with each other

      • Where else do England Scotland N. Ireland and Wales get individually represented on the world stage?

        Sport is the only time these are individual nations.

    • If it’s any consolation birdman, I don’t hate all Scots per se, only the SNP, not even necessarily every cunt that votes for them either. Most more than likely though.

      Hate Greens and Labour too, whatever their nationality. And Scots hate the English anyway so what the fuck are we on about…?

    • Hardly a cunt in Scotland likes this cunt Brown as he did everything Bliar told him to do or he would be sacked, missing out on his turn at PM. He didn’t do the Scots any favours either and they suffered the same as the English for every screw up made.

      He could do Scottish Labour a favour by fucking off to Camp Krankie, though as long as “the peaceful religion worshiper welcomers” are steering Labour Westminster, then Labour in Scotland is as good as dead.

      Not a good thing when Scotland needs Labour votes to oust the SNP. No wonder Keizia Dugdale stepped down, she knows things won’t have changed before the next election so gracefully allowing someone else the job who doesn’t stand a chance.

      Unlike in England, this peaceful shit of Corbins won’t stand a chance in Labour. Camp Krankie has welcomed all them on board giving em what they want. British cleansing, letting away with murder, child abuse, rape, people trafficking, prostitution & drugs all rife. These and the scale of the problems rarely covered by Scotland’s main media, the ABBC and Daily “SNP” Raghead.

      Peaceful tactics / intervention & direction change would be the final death of Labour in Scotland. The unions couldn’t convince the remaining / dwindling Scottish Labour voters to remain loyal any longer.

      Don’t think Corbin cares as he won the last election anyway, so he will win again if he loses again. He lost it for Labour Scotland though.

  12. I’ve always hated this piece of garbage and the final straw was when he gave all our money to the impoverished bankers.
    As a punishment I’d make him rebuild Hadrian’s wall with his bare hands. Then fire the one eyed cunt back over it with the worlds largest catapult and see if we can hit that other cunt Sturgeon with the fat bastard.

    • LOL Second time ISAC has made me laugh in a packed train this week!

      A perfect punishment for Broon, the pudding-faced cunt.

    • That Hadrians wall gag, fucking hilarious. You’re a genius of orginal comedy mate.

  13. Genuine query. Can anyone explain why he sold the gold and why he sold it so low? I was living abroad at the time so didn’t read anything about it.

    • From the gist of it I think the government wanted to reinvest back into Euros, look at the great economic powerhouses of Portugal, France and Greece who is bankrupt in all but name with their bollocks firmly in Merkels handbag.

      • Please remember that the one eyed scotch cunt also announced in advance that the gold would be sold thus ensuring an even lower price. Cheers you scotch incompetent cunt

    • In a cuntshell, Broon and Blair felt it ‘prudent’ to diversify the nations assets and the purpose was to reinvest in a mix of other stock, such as foreign currency and financial assets. Broon is on record as decrying how volatile gold was at the time.

      Economics 101 should have reminded the lumpy old cunt that this happens to tangible assets, and almost always corrects itself, barring discoveries of monstrously abundant deposits. Sadly, the cunt didn’t allow for any of this and the sale at an incredibly low share price, coupled with the rise of other invested currencies like the Euro, ended up costing the UK billions.

      Amazingly, this heinous act isn’t even nearly the worst of his fucking crimes.

      • Thank you for that. Hard to believe he sold when the price was so low. Should have been imprisoned for treason.

    • Ermmm, I,ll try…basically he tried to… Somehow he thought …Aw bollocks, he was just a stupid bent befuddled fuck off moron!

  14. Brown was very lucky to meet a fully-grown woman just when it seemed as if he wasn’t the marrying kind. It proved that any rumours comparing him to Ted Heath were unfounded.

    • He looks and sounds like some kind of robotic McFrankenstein knocked up in a Glasgow backstreet garage, should have cast him away on a wee iceberg into the North Sea.

      • Brown still stupidly loyal to this day to the BLiar instead of just saying he did as he was told. Loyalty was his biggest mistake dealing with that slippery fucker.

        It was BLiars way or the highway back then, unlike May the Liar had control. BLiar told him to sell the gold, but wonder who could possibly have snapped it all up at the alleged “cheap price”?

        • He did stop Euro fanatic Bliar joining the Euro, didn’t he? Only cos Bliar was in favour, of course. If Bliar had been against, Brown would have been for…

      • He probably gets some sort of brownie-point sympathy rating for the bairn.

        Given he’s a son of the manse and all that, I wouldnae mind betting he’s fiddled a few broonies too, dodgy old cunt.

  15. Fantastic cunting Jack.

    This pathetic piece of failed Scottish shite should fuck off back to Scotland. He and Tony B Liar are responsible for most of the problems this country now faces.

    He has a bloody nerve even showing his gormless wonky jawed face in public again and he is no way qualified to lecture or represent the British electorate (the majority being English) in any capacity, especially after referendum result was to leave.

    The very top arseholes of the EU commission made it perfectly clear with direct threats that once article 50 was envoked it could not then be withdrawn or reversed. Trying to reverse the rules when it suits them shows that they cannot be trusted.

    It is clear to most that there is absolutely no respect for any of the countries in the European Union, the elected heads of state (unless that head of state is pro-Europe) and that the will of the people is completely unimportant and irrelevant. Even the prospect of thousands of jobs seems to ba a price worth paying in order to continue with the the failing project.

    Have always felt the being part of the European Union should fundamentally be a good thing as countries working together can share common aims, sharing resources and achieving far more than countries working independently. More than the common market once was.

    If we had restricted migration (only workers we require allowed in on working visa), the European Commission leaders being elected in on a transparent democraric basis, and the European Commission being audited and their accounts being signed off by a reputable and respected accounting firm (available as a public record) I would probably vote to stay in.

    Unfortunately we have none of the above, just a few really nasty bully boys making up their own rules entirely for their own ego and gain. Unlimited migration with unskilled workers who have little or nothing to offer being foisted in great numbers on the local population is never going to work.

    I for one am sick of being told to embrace the different cultures we now have living amongst us, especially as they being given the same rights as we have (although never having paid a penny piece, thanks Nigel), and are clogging up the NHS, the roads with their shitty old left hand drive cars, anti social behaviour and crime sprees.

    Clear the fucking arseholes at the EU are not interested in negotiating a deal unless we give them everything they want. Treating the UK like naughty children, go away and only come back when you have done as we say.

    Would like to see nothing more than David D slap Barnier round the face and tell him to fuck off, no deal. Pay good money to see that.

    Walking away from the table would immediately remove the aspect of uncertainty, to business and give us time to get things sorted out before March 2019. It was also show that this country still has got balls and a spirit not seen for a while. Might even save a few bob.

    Remoaners should shut the fuck up and let due democratic process prevail.

    And that applies to you Gordon Brown. Fucking cunt.

    Rant over.

    • So are we agreed, when we cunt someone it is mandetory to state their nationality as in ‘bag of Scottish Shite’ ? That being the case There is going to be a hell of a lot of ‘English’ cunts mentioned in these pages. Mind and stick by this, now the precedent has been set.

      • You may refer to me as a bag of Welsh shite. I would feel honoured that the word ‘Scottish’ isn’t used.

          • Apart from Phlem, suicides in Bkackwood and back stabingness. On the plus side you did vote to keave the EU. So there is hope. A great hope actually. Welcome aboard.

      • Most of the cunts in this country are statistically English. Theresa May is an English cunt. So is Jeremy Corbyn. So is Clegg. Is Bliar English or Scotch? Who gives a fuck. Not me. They’re all cunts out there!

    • Well summed up though Browns politics are only welcomed by the SNP in Scotland. Outside of his own region, every cunt hates him!

      I suggest sending him to EU / Mount Cuntmore with Clegg, Adonis, Rita Millar

      ….sorry I mean Gina Miller. Rita Miller was the alias name of a fictional fraudster wog played by Whoopi Goldberg in Patrick Swayze’s film Ghost.

      Keep mixing them two Millers up.

      Wouldn’t get away with a having coloured fraudster these days.

      • There’s a musical currently playing based on the movie Ghost.

        Apparently still starring Patrick Swayze….

  16. Firstly i am scottish and i voted to leave
    I feel sick , abused and defiled ( notice how hip i am now using words that the gov mongs use ) at coming from the same cuntry the this cycloptic BUNGLECUNT comes from !
    He really should have a whole page(s) dedicated how massisve a CUNT he really is !
    Secondly and now you can all feel sorry for me – why ? Because im a cunt ? Well maybe … but – gulp here goes
    The wee jimmy krankie look alike actually comes from the same COUNTY as me – STURGEON
    Well at least shes NOT GAY ……….
    BOTH should be stoned
    Salmond – huge huge ( as POTUS would say ) CUNT
    Should be burnt at the stake and his ashes ground into a piss sodden meal and fed to B LIAR

    • Couldn’t have put it better myself English people would be enlightened to read both an English and a Scottish edition of a Sun newspaper from the same day.

      Then they might see that the media are playing them for fools in how Scottish people feel about England and its people.

      Obviously, the SNP mob do fucking hate England and would rebuild Hadrian’s wall and rejoin the Cunts / EU before the English even got rubber strong enough to attempt to launch Brown anywhere by cuntapult.

  17. A tight, dour cunt who was useless as Chancellor and dreadful as PM.

    How this failed cunt dare think he has any say, in anything, anymore is beyond me.

    If he and the Perennial Cunt of the Year who preceded him had actually tried to stifle pointless immigration (i.e. immigration based on purely being able to get here), knowing full well what would happen once the former Eastern block states began to join the EU cunts club then we’d probably not have wanted out, but to have actually encouraged that number to explode (as well as encouraging the dregs of the rest of the world to come in and flood Labour votes – because that’s all pointless immigration is all about to these cunts – and fuck the rest of us who merely have to put up and suffer the consequences) makes them the Gods of Mount CuntOlympus!

    Enjoy this one: Gordon Brown is so tight he turns the gas off to flip the bacon!

    The cunt!

    • You would have thought the amount of time spent in England that he would still be paper clipping the bacon onto the bread and doing both in the pop up toaster at the same time.

  18. HOW has this set of words never been arranged so poetically like this until now ??? This fucking under achiever should be tied to a stake at low tide. Hirers of deckchairs and ice cream sellers would have a field day as the moon’s magnetic pull worked its magic. Like a banksy. It needs to just be stared at with awe

  19. If him and wobble gob Laura Kuntsberg sat and chatted face to face would it be like crossing the beams in Ghostbusters (original one not the cung heavy remake) ? Would it create a star gate to a 4th dimension or would it be like walking thru a fucked up Scots car wash ?

    • Sturgeon sold out the licencing of car washes to the Eastern Europeans who in turn sub the odd one out to the peacefuls.

      Great places if you want your car rubbed / sanded down by a sponge that’s been dropped on the grit, washed off the previous car, maybe prior to a respray?

      Footage of some of the supermarket car park based ones where they climb on the bonnets to wash the roofs of 4×4’s and people carriers as their oblivious owners shop.

      The sponge only gets dipped un the water about 4 times to scour the full car too. Uselezz Kuntz.

  20. Well cunted Jack!

    Gordon Brown is an incompetent, fat, useless, wonky eyed, ignorant cunt.

    Apparently the cunt can’t even write properly. From what I hear his handwriting is completely illegible.
    Dumb cunt.
    And this prick was in charge of the economy.

    No wonder it went tits up.

    ….didn’t he want us to join the euro as well.


    • Didn’t this bog eyed cunt used to bang on about his Presbyterian upbringing? Seemed to amount to “i am a miserable parsimonious joyless cunt and wish this on every other cunt”.

    • Sorry to disillusion you Deploy, but Brown actually prevented Blair from joining the Euro! But only because Blair was in favour, of course.

      If Blair had been against, you can bet your bottom dollar Brown would have pushed to join. A lucky escape. Probably the only useful thing Brown ever did…for all the wrong reasons.

  21. He was thick & gullible & a yes man. The perfect puppet for BLiars crooked hands to play with.

  22. I just wish Davis would deliver a two word message “Fuck you” and walk out. Then introduce legislation that anything made, produced, manufactured or grown in Britain is labelled with a fucking great Union Jack. I personally prepared for a drop in the quality of life and disposable income by buying all British. And boycotting anything made in the EU. Cunts.

    • And after he tells them to guck off, he could whip a pre placed union jack flag from under the podium and cape himself.

      He could then walk out a true Brit with so much more pride than that peaceful, tax avoiding, Monaco residing, Beiber bumchumming, private plane flying, Grand Prix cunt that fly’s our flag following his Sunday drive victory ever could do.

      Real pride for the people of the country and not just pride for the offshore bank account balances.

      Go get a Monaco flag you disgraceful cunt and do one, for good!

      Button was right about the cunt.

  23. The cunt was done for poofery in Edinburgh, back in the late 60s. I know this as my old pal Archie was the policeman who arrested him for cottaging. Don’t know what that involves, maybe Kravdarth can explain?

    • Wonder if he’s got a cottage?

      Think Gus washes & hoovers the SNP MP’s cars at Holyrood. Cleans the shite out the cuckoo clocks, mouse traps etc. Wages continued, unaffected of course.

      He was like Salmond, Ahmed Sheikh etc, spending more time mouthing about Indyref2 than doing their day job in serving those who elected them.

      Most of the SNP MP’s who retained their seat did work for their constituents and didn’t spout as much if any Indyshite.

      There was a few who luckily ones who retained by narrow margin but doubt they will survive a second time.

    • My favourite one those ABBC cunts use is “so called”.

      Just like there news programming reflects “so called” news and “so called” opinions.

      If it turns out to be a “peaceful” (and given there’s no name been doled out yet it’s likely) this will be written as: “French national accidentally loses control of vehicle and accidentally swerves in and out of clearly racist pedestrians several times – by accident.”

      If it’d been another Darren “fucking” Osborne type then his name would’ve been splashed all over the place with: “Racist Joe Bloggs massacre’s France’s chosen ones, the ‘peacefuls’, in a racist hate attack. And did we mention racist even though Islam is a fucking religion!?!”

      “More on this story, Naga.”

      “Yes the muderous non-peaceful Joe Bloggs clipped a dog and squashed another resident’s sandwich in a clearly racist and deliberate attack!”

      “Good God Naga! How is the dog?”

      “The dog is fine but vets are keeping it under observation overnight just in case there are any complications with its broken toenail.”

      “And the sandwich?”

      “Unfortunately George the sandwich is completely destroyed!”

      “Authorities have Joe Bloggs in custody right now, and police have confirmed he is extreme right wing because he reads golf magazines but is there conclusive evidence that this was yet another heinous Islamaphobic attack?”

      “Yes there is George. We can report – and this literally came in from the police investigators while we’ve been speaking – that the meat in the sandwich was Halal!”

      “Naga Cuntchety reporting from Toulouse. And in other – irrelevant – news; 57 people have been killed by some misunderstood, random, lone wolf individuals in various accidental bombings and shootings across the western world. The victims quite clearly were racist and therefore there’s nothing to see here! Goodnight!”

  24. It’s Friday night and I’m off out on the piss!
    So very briefly….. Gordon Brown was/is an utterly useless one eyed Scottish Cunt!!
    Secondly…. I wish I had the wealth of bill gates!! , I would love to write the cheque….
    pay …… Cunts @ EU
    Fifty billion euros …..
    mr quisling…..
    attached note….
    here’s your money you scum sucking anti democratic Cunts..
    bon voyage…….

  25. Barnier today states the UK must provide Brexit clarity.

    F U C K O F F Y O U F O R E I G N C U N T

    There. Done. Really easy.

  26. According to Barnier Britain has two weeks to tell the EU what we are going to pay them.
    Fuck off!
    Surely now is the time for DD to tell them to shove it and then walk away?
    It’s the best way forward, we can get on with it and sort things out quicker than pissing about until March 2019.
    I (and please tell me if I’m being a daft cunt here) think that once we walk away, the country is more likely to pull together and find some self respect. We certainly don’t have any now.

    • We are still paying the cunts full whack for the next 2 years, yet we’ve been more or less frozen out of taking part in any top table discussions or having any say on issues we’ve thrown good money after bad at in order to influence.

      Not that we ever asserted our national interest much in these forums anyway. But now we’re shelling out £billions for literally fuck all – funding the EU bureaucrats & lawyers in their conspiracy to punish us and demand further monies with menaces up front, anything up to 10 years net payments worth (€100billion) to escape the Evil Empire!

  27. Judging by the ads on the telly,my house must be the only one in the land not to have a a Coon living in it. I wonder if the buggers break in while the householder is at work? Housewives should be taught never to open the door to our dusky brethren,they can hypnotise the average white woman in the same way as a mongoose can befuddle a snake. Apparently they reverse the saying and use their snake to stupify the defenceless white gentlewoman. Once in they turn the house into a crack den with a reinforced door which they only open to allow deliveries of The Colonel’s Finest Fried chicken nuggets. The white woman is swiftly impregnated,however this is a blessing because it signals the swift exit of the dark gentleman. Finally the white householder can return home to a reamed out,drug-addicted wife,a tribe of delightful B+W children,several letters from the dole office regarding missed appointments and an untaxed,uninsured,bricked-up pimpmobile sitting on his drive.

    • If its not TV ads celebrating modern Britain in the warm glow of cultural enrichment then they are subliminally wearing you down into buying a fucking sofa/carpet/bed. I’m to waiting to wake up in a cold sweat panicking that i absolutely must get that half priced sofa, plus 10% off and hope they deliver in time for Christmas.

    • Always wondered why my 12 year old son has thick black curly hair, smells of coconut and has a bigger cock than me.

  28. Would be very interesting to have complete clarity as to what these career politicians would gain, personally, by clinging onto the drooping milky tit of the EU.

    Clearly something very lucrative is at stake for each of them, BLiar, the one eyed Scottish bogey eater, Dick Smegg and Alistair Cuntbell amongst an overwhelmingly gargantuan raft of talentless, screeching, socialist detritus.

  29. Has anyone else noticed that all those remoaner wankers were cunts before the referendum and all the Brexiters were not cunts. No surprise really.

  30. Don’t forget these whining cunts are our greatest tool. The more they try to twist their already warped logic the further in the opposite direction leave voters move. I’ve yet to hear or speak to anyone that says they would change the way they voted. Would anyone on here change??

    • No, I wouldn’t change… I was v v strongly pro-Brexit, and am even more fervent now.

      But am just a tad worried that brainwashed snowflakes might believe all the smeggy-cleggy, Al-Beeb, pro-eu drivel that is being pushed…more so than they do already.

      However, I think some people are finally beginning to realise that it isn’t “nasty, waycist little England” that is likely to bugger the eu, but also Poland, Czecho, Hungary, and Austria…and some others.

      • Yes the Poles and the Hungarians are definitely not on the same page as the EU idiocy on every EU cuntry taking in their fair share of “peacefulness”.

        And good on them! I wish our Govt had had the stones to push back on the EU rather than being complicit and exaggerating that number like the nominee above and his cunt predecessor!

        P.S. For parity, John ‘Bull’ Major was also a massive cunt in this respect. Another backstabbing non-entity twat!

      • The biggest threat to Brexit would be a Labour Government. The current government do not inspire confidence, but Labour would sell us out big time and put the tin lid on it.

        At best we would remain IN on similar terms. At worst we’d be technically OUT, but still paying a €10billion+ net fee of some description – and we know what Labour (Corbyn & Abbott in particular) thinks about immigration…

    • Like most of you I’ve waited fuckin years for my opportunity to tell overbearing EU exactly what I thought of them, although a cunt at least Cameron gave me that chance.
      I was the first person down the polling booth such was my rabid excitement!
      Do I regret voting leave?? Absolutely not!!
      Has the tsunami of wonky eyed remainiacs and doom sayers swayed me ?? Absolutely!!
      I’m far more intolerant of the EU and it’s legions of quislings now!!

  31. So the meeja is full orf “leading yank comedy star” denies filly fumbling. Allegation is the tosser has been wanking orf in front orf ’em. Name orf Louis CK. Never heard orf the cunt. OK.

    • Same thing as Winestein was up to,apparently. Wonder if it’s an American thing or just something for those of an artistic bent. Wouldn’t fancy trying it myself,I’d be terrified that nobody noticed.

      • The Blue Book version of Max Miller’s old WWII jingle goes:

        Jack and Jill went up the hill
        To have a playfull wank
        Jill came down with half a crown
        He musta been a yank…..’ere!

        For callow cunters a “crown” was slang for a yank’s condom.

  32. Gordon Brown is the ultimate Judas to the people of Great Britain… This sour faced ballbag could have at least attempted to reverse or limit Blair’s madness… His insane ‘open door’ policy, where every city and town is now filled with peaceful pakis, bogo-bogo africunts, and eastern bloc gyppos… Instead of quietly easing these bastards out before Twitter and the snowflake libmongs became Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four today, instead he indulged these scrounging scum at every opportunity and threw money and houses at them…. A pure cunt…

  33. Brown’s two biggest crimes were the abolishment of pension fund tax relief and the Iraq war.
    It’s important to remember that ALL these people be it conservative, labour, EEC, royalty are all in it together. They go to the same schools, they work together, socialize together, do business and retire together.
    Whatever their motives, there is going to be a net gain in it for them.
    The only people this does not apply to is Corbyn and co. It is not because Corbyn is a revolutionary, it is because he is a fuckwit and refuses to follow their plan, even working against it.
    Imagine the conversation between May and the Queen about forming a government:
    Q: well, May, you’ve fucked up good and proper.
    M: yes maam.
    Q: and you’d like some help, is that it?
    M: yes please maam.
    Q: well, lucky for you I couldn’t give ten fucks about what these serfs think they want, if I have to share a cup of tea with that sandal wearing hippy, let alone shake his filthy fucking hand…. May, you do whatever the fuck you need to to sort this one out or I’ll cut your bloody head orf.
    M: yes maam, thank you maam.
    As for this EEC bollocks, I voted to leave with the expressed interest in the whole thing being terribly bad for us.
    Let me explain, we used to own this fucking planet because we were awesome. We owned it with almost no men on the ground at all. How did we do it? By not being a bunch of spineless fucking snowflakes spending our days in drug addled masturbatory confusion, thats how.
    Being flung out on our ear with no deal would be the best thing that could happen to us, it would unite our country, and re-ignite our xenophonic fire that has existed throughout our totally multicultural history (a wonderful british paradox).
    The EU has absolutely nothing without us and they know it. As a people we should do all we can to let our leaders know that we want this the absolutely hardest fucking way possible.
    “success is the ability to go from one failure to the next with no loss of enthusiasm”
    Winston Churchill

      • Ich hadt eine mastoboriatum mit photo apparat in meine mountain gaff. Ach mein leiber, all meiner sneakiest.moves in ze var vas planned in zair. Den ze fucking yanks go and bombe ze crap out auf ze place. I still haff ze plans Herr Nag if you vould like but getting ze gass ist a bit auf a bugger theeze days.

    • Winston Churchill ? Funny you should mention him..“Of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind.” The rest of you can fuck the fuck off.

        • The tide has turned up here .If it wasnt for the Scots, Corbyn would be in Downing Street as we speak. Think about that.

          • As Oscar Wilde so wittily put it:

            “There is only one thing worse than voting Labour… and that is voting SNP!”

            Cue howls of sycophantic laughter.

            Btw, even if Labour had won every seat in Scotland, they would still be 5 seats short of a majority.

            But we’re grateful to you Scotch cunts all the same… Cheers!

          • Dear Shitcake, educate yourself on how this works. Labour do not require to win a majority for Corbyn to be in number 10 they only need the Tories to loose theirs and be unable to do deals to keep them in power. If Scotland had not returned 12 Tory MPs then Labour would have had the initiative and done deals to put Corbyn in number 10. I can draw diagrams for you in coloured crayon if it helps but you sound a bit of a thick cunt tbh.

          • Cannae not read, Vermin me old cunter? Where did ah say Corbyn needed a majority to be in No.10?

            You may be a bunch of thick, mooching, chippy, EU loving Scotch cunts, but at least you’d never vote overwhelmingly for a cunt the size of Tony Bliar, now would ya?

            Hey, wait a minute…

          • “You may be a bunch of thick, mooching, chippy, EU loving Scotch cunts, ” Stereotyping rright there. This is why coloured crayons are required. He finds it hard to think in colour as opposed black and white.

        • Oh come now Vermin. Stereotyping? Moi? Am actually quite impressed you picked up on that, could’ve tossed me off with a 20 ft caber!

          Alright, I know a wind up when I see one – you’re playing with me, ain’t cha Vermin? Tho possibly without a full deck. Ok, you can strike “thick” if you want and replace with… umm… “patronising”. Fair?

          Still mildly concerned you feel unable to make your points without coloured crayons. What’s that all about – bit infantile innit? Wouldn’t really work on a site like this, imo. The wife thinks you’re “sweet”. Not an SNP supporter by any chance?

          Would send you a pound but you probably only take euros.

          Either way, you clearly know your onions. I know when I’m licked…all over…

    • Fucking awesome comment Cuntflap!

      Should be republished as ‘The Ladybird Book Of Brexit’ and immediately distributed to every school library in the land…

    • Oddly, both of my grannies had friends who bore a very close resemblance to the great Mrs. Shufflewick…
      Although I am not implying that any of them were members of the NKVD or the Russian Fleet.

  34. Bunglecunt. The best insult ever!

    Anyone renember the worm that turned sktech from the Two Ronnies? Not so far from yhe truth, was it….

  35. Sky news needs an early morning cunting!!
    Just watching the paper review and sky have managed to find a transbender guest to appear on it!! MOTHER FUCKERS!!
    Maybe tomorrow they can find a gimp dressed in a latex suit??

        • Gimp or adult baby kendo???
          If it’s the later and you see him after 6pm I hope you say “ isn’t past your bedtime “ 😂

      • Reckon Wetminster is full of ABs, probably all dreaming of getting a nappy change from Ann Widdecombe, or Frumpenfuhrer Merkel in a german nanny outfit…

    • They would do but Boris is already booked on Marr tomorrow.

      Alas the mouth zip on the gimp mask will be open during the interview.

      Apparently he’s requested a hardwood dining chair to sit on in order to get the most out of the metallic butt-plug as he fidgets on screen.

  36. My brother met Gordon Brown when he was on the campaign trail in Nottingham. He said the bloke could not hide his contempt for the great unwashed and had the worse halitosis he’d ever encountered. Absolute shit breath.

    • Not surprising Fenton – the cunt is a putrid, overgrown reptile after all… My condolences to your brother.

    • On a list of people i least wanted to meet the one eyed and allegedly foul breathed mutt that is gormless Brown would be riding high!!

  37. The other day I heard that renowned popslapper, Rita Oral, swatch on the Christmas lights in Oxford…

    If she also does the ones in London or Manchester she’ll be right at home…
    All her fellow Eastern Bloc dregs and cunt trumpets will be out in droves….

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