Vince Cable (8)

Sorry if I’ve missed any previous posts but yet another cunting of wankchop extraordinare Vince cable…..

Cable was quoted as saying that Brexit and the Tories were somewhat to blame for airline Monarch going into receivership on Monday morning???

Well cuntox as usual your talking out of your arse!!

Monarch have been in dire straits since 2014 when they recorded loses of £96 million pounds!! So fuckface that’s a longtime before the referendum vote!! , the company’s staff all took a pay cuts, their long haul flight program was cancelled unfortunately for them a lot of their business was now focused on Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey! which has seen a dramatic drop due to the peaceful people, this was the root cause of monarchs collapse!!, who said this?? Andrew Swaffield ( chief executive) of monarch !! That’s who!! Cable your a fucking absolute 24 carat gold plated cunt………

Nominated by Quislings.

54 thoughts on “Vince Cable (8)

  1. Looking at the pic above, I reckon Cable is really Peyton Weslake, AKA Darkman. You never see both in the same room together.

    I hereby claim my free ‘Cable is a Cunt’ badge and bumpersticker.

    • Your right Paul, He also looks like Gunther Von Hagens the German Frankenstien anatomist . I bet Cunt Cable loves to administer and receive pain, you only have to look at him to see that. He would look better placed in the Nazi Party wearing a monocle black uniform and dragging a gammy leg.

      • Did Vince play Herr Flick from ‘Allo, ‘Allo all those years ago?

        Vince should jump on the next Air Berlin, nope gone, Monarch, nope gone…ok, Ryanair flight to Berlin since he loves the Frau Führer Fuckface so much. He should do his duty for his blue flagged “country”. Slip her a length of his bratwurst and get the sour Kraut to crack a smile.

  2. I was wondering what had happened to Terry Pratchett’s hat after he popped his clogs!

    Now all is revealed!

    Hey Vince, how’s life going in Hogwarts these days? Quite fitting seeing how most of your bullshit is pure fantasy!

    • That’s the Hogwarts sorting hat the cunts wearing. You can imagine it sorting him out “Slitherin, yes your a Slitherin cunt”.

      Pity this Slitherin cunt won’t get another chance at sorting anything again after Clegg sold the cunts and their electorate out. Another “Unable” cunt who did fuck all except deliver the shit announcements Cameron didn’t want to spill.

      Lib dems winning here? Only in your fucked up delusional head and thankfully not where it counts.

  3. Brexit has been blamed for anything and everything:

    Monarch by Vince of the globalist Cabal. (blatant lie)

    Climate change by Al Gore. (enuff said)

    Hate Crime ( definition has been extended to include perceived – therefore meaningless)

    Foreigners feeling unwelcome in UK (really?)

    EU citizens leaving UK (net immigration is still up though)

    Property market stalling. (never mind it’s been rising since 1992)

    Stock market (it’s now at all time highs!)

    Pound falling (it started falling in December 2015 – before referendum was called – a normal 4 year overlapping 8 yr cycle)

    The economy ( ah…scratch that one. Nowhere near as bad as the doomsayers forecast it would be. 2008 crisis which fucked everything up in the first place had nothing to do with Brexit).

    The rise of popoulism and nationalism (no, it was caused by an equal and opposite reaction to globalism)

    Anyone think of others?

    • Brexit was blamed for the MoD delaying the release of UFO files, but to conspiracy theorists, I point you to a mysterious demi-god with a cult like following from another world, Jezza Corbyn.

  4. Poor old Cer-Vix (nomenclature copywright Dio 2017) – he was only just cunted 16 days ago! Hasn’t the wretched fucker suffered enough? You wouldn’t want to kick a cunt of such insignificance when he’s down, would ya?

    W.C. Fields once said, “never give a sucker an even break.” Wouldn’t argue with that.

    Onward with the Cunting!

  5. I remember the early days when he was lauded as a prophet, the messiah of economics, and hailed as the saviour of Britain. It was all bollocks then as it is now. Cable is a simple gobshite who has learned the knack of “soundbite syndrome”. He lacks substance and insight into his ( and his party’s) own failings.

    In the picture he reminds me of Spy v Spy in that wonderful creation “Mad”

    Cable, yer a cunt!

  6. Just remembered another. Mockney multi millionaire Jamie lurvley Oliver blaming Brexit on closing some of his restaurant chain.

    Here’s a tip son, stop serving small portions of dog food at over-inflated prices.

  7. Spandau Ballet are cunts…
    How can a band ‘continue’ without their frontman and lead singer?… Was never a fan of the band but I sort of respected Tony Hadley for his no nonsense attitude (basically ‘My views are my own and, if you don’t like them, fuck you!’)… No Liamesque ‘apologising’ to ‘offended’ snowflake Twittermongs from him… But Kemp, his brother, and the other two have the hubris to think they can still rake in the cash and pull in the crowds without the man who sang all their hits….

    Duran Duran were always better anyway…

    • Genesis went on to mega-success (despite being mega-crap) without their narcissistic frontman and lead singer P. Gabriel, even though the remaining members were almost totally anonymous.

      • I thought Radley had a really powerful voice. First time I heard Gold was pretty impressed but aside from that song never really liked the band much just too poppy for me personally. True tho Norm who’s gonna replace him? at least collins sounded similar to gabriel to pull it off…

    • Many years ago I was in a band that was offered a duff contract with a so called agent. Basically it would have involved him getting royalties off each individual band member forever even if the basic split and we joined other bands. I said bollocks to that and refused to sign so they kicked me out of the band, hastily replaced me with two people and signed. They cut a crap demo that got nowhere because as the main songwriter I refused them permission to use my stuff.

      The guy they kicked out – me – was the lead singer and guitarist in a blues band. Like Spandau without Hadley, Slade without Noddy, or the Stones without Mick and Keith. It just ain’t the same band is it?

    • It is always a bag o’wank when bands tour with a replacement for an iconic or well-established band member.

      In that regard, nothing can top the cuntitude of Brian May and Roger Taylor for utterly soiling the Queen catalogue post-Freddie Mercury; God rest his rabid, shirt-lifting soul. John Deacon at least had the good grace to walk away and not be part of May’s fucking greedy ventures.

      On Spandau Ballet, they’ve been fighting on and off for years over money, legalities etc. Seems as though the Kemp Kunts are determined to screw over Hadley. Sad that nostalgic cunts will still pay to see an ageing, incomplete bunch of greedy tossers.

    • What i heard Norman was Tony Hadley and the Kemp brothers could not go five words without wanting to kill eachother.

  8. I blame brexit for there being only 24 hours in a day and only 7 days a week. And gravity and the evils of pork scratchings. Fuck him and his party. At least IAC have the pleasure of the SNP conference this week. I believe its being held in a travel tavern outside of Inverness. Wee jimmy crank is there already licking the scotch eggs and rubbing the breadsticks over her wee ginger snatch. Enjoy the weekend chaps !!!!

    • Titslapper, don’t know if you saw my comment about the EU and Catalonia yesterday. Anyway an article and a video for you.

      Article is a bit wordy but a superb take on the fact that the break-up of Spain and other European countries could actually strengthen the ability of the EU and the globalists to create a One World or Multipolar World order. So instead of being the dream of libertarians, conservatives and the alt-right it is their nightmare. Kind of backs my view that the Catalan separitist movement is a commie/socialist/anarchist backed uprising.

      Below is a video of how the German police dealt with knicker wetting, anarchist, student G20 protestors in Hamburg this year. Kicks, punches, shoves, pepper spray, water cannon and baton beating. It’s like watching The Expendables on speed. Great stuff.

      Makes the Spanish police look like the Women’s Institute….well not the savage one Dio goes to go!!

      • Spot on, eu will go round collecting tin-pot regions like Steptoe & Son went for rags and bones, and soon enough they’ll have a load of weak-willed cunts bending over, waiting to be fucked up the arse.

        I see GB eventually going the same way, although I “fervently pray” that the eu will crash and burn first. Am certain Sad Dick Khunt would take Londonistan lock, stock, and two spunk-filled nostrils over to Berlaymont to be bummed by Druncker, Verminhofstadt and Schlitz.

        I put “fervently pray” in inverted commas because these days, the only worship that interests me is the Goddess variety !!
        Penny Mordaunt for PM ??!
        Yes, please…

        • “Titslapper, don’t know if you saw my comment about the EU and Catalonia yesterday”

          I did see it Mike but didn’t respond because I thought the page was kind of dead looking, read it very late at nite. Well I’m not so sure about this catonlia thing I’ll read more into it I just thought EU hypocrisy on kosovo was interesting. Serbian President made a good point that Spain is more favored in EU over catalonia and EU is a Rich countrie club

          I just hate the EU Mike they like to play both sides they hate catalan nationalism
          I’ll read that link over afternoon tea and scones Heres the link I was quoting from yesterday if you are by any chance interested

  9. What is it with the Lib Dems and their leaders? There was that alchy Charles whatever his fucking name was, Clegg, Farron and now Cable. You would think, looking at that list, that they are doing it deliberately.

    • Charles Kennedy (I think, cba to google). He was the best of a bad bunch, when he could actually fucking stand up unaided that is.

      Although you have forgotten the biggest cunt of them all – Paddy Ashdown. The cunt deserves to be buried alive.

        • You have been luckily suffering from Repressed Memory Syndrome, a form of PTSD brought upon by exposure to extreme libtard cunts like Paddy Pantsdown.

          Suggest you now seek urgent therapy.

  10. Ludicrous old comepenguin.

    Looks like something from an Al Beeb kiddies programme, defo a bad guy.

    Possibly even the sort that gets chased by a load of yew trees…

    A gruesome twosome with Bendadick Cuntypatch, who looks like an Andy Pandy that injects gripe-water.

    Orrible little CUNTS

  11. Vince cable again? Mind you, any politician could be cunted and it would all be the same boring shit. Doesn’t matter what party we moan about they are all from the same mould, left, right or centre the country is fucked. Brexit was a victory for normal, white, English people. Unfortunately we are not allowed to have our say anymore so moan all you like, you will be shit on and shafted. I took the decision to move to Spain permanently a couple of years ago. Now live in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere with the locals who only care about this years olive crop. No politics or immigrants ( except me). Fuck the rat race and fuck the people who run the UK. My father fought with Monty for the freedom of Britain but even he said in the years before he died that the wrong side won, and that was years ago. Poor fucker must be spinning like a top now !!


    Ich bin zummoned from ze frozen mists of Nifleheim beyond ze cruel vastness of eternity. Ich alone hear you as your siren call echoes down ze endless ages. Your hot blood melts ze icy bonds zhat hold your Vagnerian Knight captive in zis Hell and he ist here now at your side and as soon as meine cock thawz we have some action, Ja!
    My Maggie May, ziss is Ich, your little Dolfie, und together ve rule ze vorld. I zave you from zees EU untermensch und ze Tory Partei. Zeem ve put to vork in ze camps mit ze alles, ze frogs, vogs, kuntz und juden. Ja, ja, ja! Meine Geliebte! Ich feel a stiffy coming on. You Ich fuck in ze fanny but ve agree Ja, ich must have miene mistress Flabbott und Ich take her up zhat glorious sweating shining arsh, Ja! Ach I get zo hot und meine naughty bitz are beyond meine kontrolle. Und ze zay ze Fuhrer vas racist!
    You zee vhat you do to me you naughty naughty little putzzy. You must thrash meine arsh und I vill suck your titties – but only if your bad bad Dolfie is ein good little boy, Ja. Zen ve fuck ze EU. Mash up ze frogs und ze wogs und install our own puppets zen ve nuke ze yanks und ze russkies. Zen ve melt any snowflakes thatz left. You vill be my Goddess and I vill be your Fuhrer.
    Vas ist das you say? Your huzzbandt? Ach ve put him in ze tight shinny black leather shortz und ve make him do ze hausvork. Zen ven ve fuck ve let him vatch or maybe I vatch, Ja!
    Zo you zee you British und ve Jermans ve are so much better vhen ve vork together. Jawohl!

    Ich Lieber Dich,
    Kussy, Kussy,

      • She’s got Rudd the Dud doing her best to ensure no one can set up an organisation or meet with each other do discuss similar thoughts and interests, yet the “peaceful ones” do this many times a day behind untouched in their houses of worship.

        No viewing the thoughts and interests from like minded people overseas either in case any ideas are shared.

        Given this is a global problem, surely a global response / approach is required to achieve effective outcomes?

    • Dear Mr Fuhrer.
      It seems you are in arrears with you gas bill. The amount due is now is six million pounds, plus interest at 5% over 75 years. I will email you the account number of our Channel Islands branch, and would like to receive payment in the next fourteen days.

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