Tabitha Downs-King

You have to empathise with Tabitha’s plight. As a female she’s a dog, as a male she’s a pathetic joke.

As a human being she’s just a waste of space cunt.

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

Tabitha Downes _King is a cunt.

This so called gender fluid activist was on GMB lecturing Piers Susannah and the audience about how she decides whether she is a man or woman every day when she wakes up and if she feels like a man inserts a prosthectic cock into her cunt and draws on a moustache.

The freak was raised by two separated dykes and has a biological dad who is a tranny.A perfect case of what happens when freaks have children. This gender fluidity sounds like a manifestation of split personality disorder and schizophrenia.And these people are clearly going untreated.

Scary shit.

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69

93 thoughts on “Tabitha Downs-King

  1. I watched the interview:car crash. The MET police now has an officer, Callum who has 2 warrant cards , one as himself and one as a tranny called Abi. The stupid tranny is allowed to dress as either depending on how he feels daily. I met him when he was dragged up at an offical MPS function. Even Stevie Wonder would have seen he was a bloke. Non binary? FUCK OFF?! Activist? No. Just a fucked up benefits scrounger.

    • This is what happens when you have Cresida Dick at the helm of the Met.

      Once again bending over backwards to accommodate and appease a minority faction just to be “on message” while giving the inverted Churchill salute to the majority.

      It wouldn’t be so bad if they were any good as coppers either. Whenever there’s a “peaceful” atrocity they won’t say that, or first thing they do is visit the nearest Mosque to show support of the blowey-up bastards!

      Give me Regan & Carter any day of the week: one upside the head first and talk later.

      The thing is because of the idiotic gender “fluid” arrangements being publicly aired in these public services – to look good and to virtue signal on their inclusivity – it’s attracting more, and more of these nut jobs into those roles because they know the powers that be will bend over backwards to accommodate them and they can get away with being shite at their job because if anyone dares say owt about their lack of performance they’ll default to “discrimination” mode and end up continuing to do a shite job or end up with a big compo payment (which will cover the op and a generous lifestyle thereafter).

      When shit is kicking off, especially “peaceful” style, I want Bodie and Doyle out there not Lily Savage and Danny La Rue!

      • Spot on post rebel. In the event of my needing help, I want someone to turn up looking like a copper, not a fucking Aunt Sally complete with lip gloss, hairy legs and a deep voice.

        • It’s almost a mute point who is in the police force because if you’re white and speak English, they won’t come out to you anyway.

          • They’ll be out to you quick enough if you use some “trigger” words. Try”Thieving Pikies,my shotgun up their arses ” and I can promise you that they’ll attend quicker than a police sign up for the annual jolly-boys outing to Praia da luz.

          • CNR, regretfully you are a little out of date…

            It is, apparently, no longer “the force”, but “the service”

            ’nuff said.

            Dial 999 and ask them to deliver a take-away.
            They probably would, now.

    • Officer , can you confirm to the court that on the evening of Saturday 14 October you were on duty on Weinsiein Road, Golders Green? ‘No that was Abbi who was on that day.’

  2. While I am in the mood: A massive cunting is overdue for liberal white middle class Americans. Your pathetic BLM loving Trump hating LGBTQI+ hysteria has got you what you most feared: Donald Trump.
    I have just watched him on Sly news talking about Iran.

    He speaks the truth
    He speaks from the heart. He puts America first and he lives Israel. Enough to make the US twitttards go into meltdown.
    God bless Donald Trump and God bless America and Israel

    God save the Queen! If anyone doesn’t like the UK the FUCK OFF!

  3. Niall Ferguson may well be a arrogant, opinionated bastard but he is definitely NOT a cunt…

    The message of his latest book to the ignorant twats who call the orangutan-in-chief ‘Hitler’ or reckon that Europe’s Muslims are the ‘new Jews’ is “learn some fucking history you thick cunts.”

    If you are reading this Niall, you would be a tremendous addition to our foul-mouthed group of internet misanthropes.

  4. For minute there I thought we were cunting Stephen King’s missus, who to my knowledge has never done anything remotely cuntish.
    No idea who this silly bint is tho…

  5. What is more scary is that the ‘enlightened’ ruling elite are not only happy for this to happen on their watch, but they positively encourage it and create laws and punishments to discourage others from opposing it.

    The world has well and truly lost its way and the insane are getting the upper hand.

  6. And where the fuck are social services when these freaks bring up children in this way? Too busy formulating new cuntcil policies for being more inclusive probably.


    • The fucking social services are actively encouraging this sort of shit in the totally misguided belief that people will think ‘oh how lovely and tolerant our world is becoming’ when in actual fact it turns normal people like us 180 degrees and causes more fucking agro. Brainless shower of cunts. They’ll NEVER win. Cunts.

      • Meanwhile letting drug taking alcoholic, benefit cheating, violent scum abuse torture and murder kids like Baby P and Victoria Climbie.
        An ex of mine had been through the social service system as a young girl between 5-16 years old and she was seriously damaged by the experience I’m sure some social workers are decent but libtard guidelines will prevent them doing there jobs because they must not upset the freaks, coons, sandwogs, and white detritus. As another cunting has said the human race is turning inward on a ever increasing path of self destruction

      • They’ll never win but I fear they will destroy the Western world while trying to have it all their own way.
        I see some of this shit and wonder how ISIS manage to stop laughing long enough to kill anyone…

  7. While on the subject of Stephen King (yours truly’s favourite author btw) I would like to cunt the Daily fucking Mirror.
    In today’s article about Ian “cunt” Brady wanting the music from Kubrick’s The Shining film played at his funeral, the Mirror hack responsible for the article wrote that in said film, “two little girls are slaughtered”.
    No they aren’t you pricks. The girls are already long dead and simply appear as ghosts.
    No children die during the film, (although poor old Scatman Crothers has a nasty encounter with an axe).
    I was around during that “video nasty” crusade in the 80s, when the Mirror and all the other tabloid rags made out that horror films were the cause of all society’s ills and that’s the sort of distorted bullshit that fuelled the fire and gave Plod the excuse it needed to boot in a few doors while dried up old harridans like Mary Whitehouse clamoured for draconian censorship laws.
    Get your facts right.
    The Mirror #MADEYOUPUKE

    • Probably written by some cunt who hasn’t even seen the film!

      Not that that has ever happened before with Mirror journos/columnists has it? (Matthew Wright anyone…)

    • Top stuff Mr Bastard.
      I had a paper round in the 80s and remember well reading all the tabloid shit about ‘video nasties’. I wonder what they’d make of it today with all the peaceful atrocities played out in real time with the aid of cars, vans and sub machine guns….. Something to really worry about I’d wager.

      As for the Mirror, gutter journalism of the lowest order, I’d rather wipe my arse with stinging nettles than use that rag.

    • You’re lucky Q.

      Heard of Munro Bergdorf? The ugly tranny fuck was on This Week programme on Thursday doing a great job throwing petrol on the burning embers of racist hatred in the UK (a nation that owes everything it’s achieved on the back of murderous black oppression, of course). The pathetic Freak’s very existence is a Hate Crime in my book.

      Reckon the cunt/knobhead must be neck & neck with Corporal Clegg in running for IAC Cunt Of The Year.

      • Fuckiin hell SB high praise indeed!! Anybody challenging cleggers is one serious colossus of a Cunt!!!
        Might have to get my cunt radar serviced!!

  8. If I decide that I was a hyena born in a human body does it mean it’s ok for me to savage leftard cunts to death?

  9. Isn’t that Jonathon Woss’s missus? Either way, it’s about time this condition was portayed for what it actually is.. a mental illness. Curable or not, I care not but you wouldn’t go around promoting and encouraging Ian Brady’s state of mind. If I was caught sitting in the middle of a high street looking like a hybrid of worzel gummidge and aunt sally while trying to mutilate my left foot I’d be straight to a padded cell, yet if I was slicing and dicing my cock I’m somehow considered ‘brave’ and would probably be handed a L’Oréal contract? Lunatics .. Asylum ..

  10. Woofters,poofters,puffs and duffs, queers bottyburglers bum bandits, tranny,softies
    nancy’s etc etc No matter what you call em, they aint fucking normal.

    • The beards and skirts brigade is a straight up mental illness and the people encouraging it are just as (if not more) twisted. They constantly encourage these vulnerable people to do even more sick and twisted things to themselves for their own twisted gratification. They remind me of a kid I went to school with, a real sick in the head fuck (still doing bird for a stabbing if my info is up to date) but popular. He would pick on the little retarded fuckers, goading them on to do a series of crazier things for his amusement in the false hope that they would be respected or become his friend while he sat back and watched (mentally wanking himself to a stupor). I see no difference in him to the people that encouraged this ogre to walk around with rubber dong hanging out it’s chuff. They probably did it for a laugh, just to see if it would. And anyone who has ‘concerns’ about the sexuality of children is a nonce wolf, in nonce sheeps clothing.

    • It’s not a gay or lesbian issue TBH.

      Most gay men identify as men.

      Most gay women identify as women.

      Most gay people actually think these “gender fluid” cunts are nuttier than a fruitcake just like straight folk do.

      The notion of stating one’s sex somehow makes it a reality is purely delusional and is going to make for some interesting challenges (as in the challenge of proof sense rather than the obstacles to be overcome sense) in the near future.

      For example: you’re at a public venue or concert say. Now if you’re not in the process of being blown up by “peaceful” terrorists then at some point, especially after a fally-down water or two, you’re going to need a toilet. Generally the blokes bogs are crammed, disgusting or both. There is a ladies free.

      “I am a woman!” – and off you trot into the nearest women’s sit-me-down, lid up and take a piss.

      If a security guard attempts to stop you (which they should be able to IMO) what happens if you claim you’re gender fluid, and today you’re a woman. Even if you look like Buster Bloodvessel’s harder cousin because you’ve stated it, it has to be believed – doesn’t it?

      The same goes for pervs checking out the ladies changing rooms in gyms or swimming baths, etc. You’ve stated you’re a woman so today you’re using the ladies changing room and are joining in the ladies only pilates class or swim-fit session.

      Again security should be able to eject said deviant but – even if you look like the son of some hideous Ian Brady and Jimmy Saville experiment –
      because you’ve stated it, it has to be believed – doesn’t it?

      So then we go down the frigmarole of some cunt trying to classify what gender fluid “looks” like. So if you look like Brian Blessed in drag or Sandy Toksvig in a dinner jacket then you obviously are otherwise you’re not.

      But then you’ll have folk saying: “But hang on, isn’t that subjective based on that person’s opinion?” – why yes it is.

      So, if I state I’m a woman today I want to be able to use every women’s facility from toilets to segregated gym/swimming/awareness classes. Yes I will be staring at your tits, ass and – if the opportunity presents itself – your “Grumble’n’Grunt” but hey, today I’m a woman, you should be completely comfortable in my presence, even if a little drool does emit from my lower lip! Right?

      Or we could just go back to: if you were born with a cock and bollocks you are a man. If you were born with a vag then you are a woman.

      That has worked for millenia and vets still swear by it when sexing animals. We are after all “naked apes” are we not?

      P.S. If you are of the 0.00000001% born with both sets of sex organs then you have a very lucrative future ahead of you in the porn industry! Now fuck off!

    • I live with my partner quietly with no fuss. We don’t camp it up, fly a rainbow flag, insist on gay cakes or push my orientation down others throats.And gay prude is a load of over commercialised wank.

  11. All of these freaks are just after a bit of attention. They are just sad,pathetic weirdos whose only method of feeling any sense of self-worth is by convincing themselves that they are “different”. The only way that they are “different” is in the fact that they are nowadays allowed,even encouraged,to live out their delusions.
    I strongly object to these people being allowed to parade around while being told how “brave” they are. They aren’t brave.They’re selfish,arrogant,spoiled attention-seekers. Nothing more.
    The best way to deal with these people would be to start early. Bring back a bit of healthy bullying,knock some sense into them at an early age. Teach them that acting like a freak isn’t something to be admired. If they persist, lock them up in a treatment camp. Hard work,a healthy lifestyle and electric-shock treatment, if necessary, should help them to make their minds up about their sexuality.
    Parents who encourage their children in this sort of nonsense should be treated like any other child-abusers. Their children should be taken off them, and the parents charged.
    Sexual deviants aren’t people to be admired. They are people who need less “acceptance” and a sight more discipline.
    Fuck them.

    • Someone, somewhere has been triggered by your spot on micro aggression DF and is rocking back and forth in a corner in their darkened safe space.

      • Good. I hope that they consider standing in front of an express-train as a form of therapy.

    • DF run for parliament!!
      You’ve got my vote…… encouraging and
      Celebrating deviant behaviour as you say is total bollocks….
      And if that’s what your really into then at least have the fucking decency to be discreet and not try normalise it, as we now children are not only vulnerable but also highly impressionable…….

    • Fuck them indeed DF.
      It shouldn’t be complicated should it?
      If you’re born with a knob & balls then you’re male.
      If you’re born with a minge & internal baby making equipment then you’re female.
      It ain’t rocket science and it certainly isn’t sexist.
      Gender fluidity? Sick, twisted self absorbed cunts.

  12. 6 months ago these un-deads didn’t have a platform. Now it seems to be fashionable, almost essential. They are the runts of the litter and should be treated the same.

  13. Just watched a re run of This Week with that Munro Jerkdoff thing stating that the ‘white’ race is the most oppressive and violent force on this earth!!!! Well pardon me for fuckinig breathing you jumped up, fucked up moron. When was the last time you walked down a high street in Britain and saw a gay come flying past on his way down from a rooftop. Or a video of some white boy beheading some innocent fucker for being white. Come to think of it I haven’t been to the local village fete lately to witness the stoning of a woman who has had the misfortune to be raped! I listen to your diatribe and ask you one question. WHY? Why the fuck do you remain here. I can tell you for a fact that if I went to live in some African village or a ghetto in the US I would be fucking hounded if not murdered BECAUSE of my COLOUR. Let’s find a place on Earth where all the LGBTRTXYZ’s with their massive shoulder chips and their physcotic problems can go and reside in peace and harmony and live off berries and tolerance. Grow the fuck up. Cunts!

  14. It seems there is no end of deranged fuckwits with which to to fill the news. Take Joshua Boyle. This god crazed Canadian bellend took his pregnant wife deep into taliban controlled Afghanistan on a hiking holiday, or some self appointed aid mission, not sure which. Obviously being westerners, they were captured and kept hostage for the last couple of years. During this time, his American wife had their child, and three more, one of which was murdered by their captors. Now freed by Pakistan special forces, they refused to go to America, because he was worried that he might be questioned why he really was in the region, as his first wife was sister to a Gitmo detainee. Not suspicious at all.
    They are now safe, back in Canada, no doubt about to be celebrated by their mincing hipster pretty boy prime minister as a hero. As for the US wanting to question him on possible terrorist links, I would rather know the answers to these questions. Why the fuck did you think it was a good idea to take your pregnant wife to one of the most dangerous places on earth, and then after capture think it was a good idea to have three more kids, you senseless prick?
    Joshua Boyle, you are a cunt. On the other hand, they were a right pair of fatties going in, and are now quite slim. Perhaps they can market this weight loss regime, the taliban torture diet. Can’t be any worse than the 5.2…..

    • And he’ll no doubt get $10mil compo of the Canadian Govt cos they’re soft cunts like that!

      • Did he get up one morning and think ” I’ve got a good idea. I will take my pregnant wife to a war zone where there is every chance of her being raped and us both being executed just because we are white. Or we could get kidnapped and held hostage for years. But I really want to walk through Bande Pitaw wild life park to see if I can see a Screaming Cockroach. Yes, it’s a great idea, the only downside as far as I can see is that I’ll miss Bargain Hunt.. “

        • Apparently the pair went to provide aid to people in remote villages. They were back packing so how much aid were they carrying? After taking his pregnant wife into the back of beyond, getting captured and then being held for five years he then accuses the Taliban in being stupid! He is now going to provide a safe sanctuary for his kids – presumably paid for by the Canadian taxpayer.
          What a cunt!

          • His first wife was married to an internee in Guantanamo Bay, and was also involved in Islamic activities. This cunt, was obviously sympathetic as well as being a fuckwit. He would have been arrested in the States for the Isis supporting piece of cunt he is. But Pretty boy welcomed him back. Why?

            Is it true that Trudoh is the product of Mick Jagger balling his mum when Trudoh senior was fucking Bianca. Just asking.

    • I forgot to mention about his wife being raped by their captors. Perhaps good old Joshua identifies as a cuckold. It would be the main reason he avoided the US if she was my daughter, because forget what Uncle Sam has in store for him, uncle baseball bat would be waiting for the thoughtless cunt.

  15. It really is a sick fucking world we are forced to inhabit.

    Did you know that some men, in these enlightened times, can actually give birth? It’s true! So long as you were born with a cunt, eggs & uterus set or summat. Fill in the hole, add a length of gristle, and your name’s Bob if not your uncle!

    But that wouldn’t make you a proper man, would it? (Cue howls of PC protest). Either way, on behalf of IAC, I decided to investigate.

    Last week I took the plunge and declared myself a woman. The Rt. Hon. Justine Greening MP had recently announced in Parliament that she’d now be making it easy for cunts like me to change gender – all I needed to do was fill in an official form – input of Doctor or Psychologist no longer a requirement. She even said she’d make it possible for me to legally forge my Birth Certificate to a gender of my choice – fanfuckingtastic!

    But you know me fellow cunters, I was sceptical. Don’t get me wrong – some of my favourite porn stars are ladyboys, but when I applied to join the pudding club the nice people at Fertility Council told me I couldn’t be got up the duff cos I weren’t a ‘real’ woman…!

    “You’ve been scammed, Mrs Baker,” said MumsNet when I whinged about it all over Social Media. “We are convinced you’re victim of hoax belief system and false consciousness syndrome.” Naturally I was devastated cos the ‘real’ Mrs Baker was hoping I’d get me State Pension right away instead of having to wait another five fucking years as a wretched old git bastard bloke.

    Anyway, the upshot is I lost my nerve and decided to bin the entire project and stick to wearing Mrs B’s Twin Set and applying her lip gloss while she’s out ‘selling pins’ or summat.

    Might instead be a better bet if I declare meself a different species – a parrot, for example. At least if I catch a horrid terminal illness I can get the vet to kill me humanely without the hassle of going to Swaziland or wherever, to exercise my human right to die a dignified death at a time and place of my own choosing.  On the downside it might leave me vulnerable to market forces in Pets-R-Us… Am confused and concerned now as to way ahead?

    One way could be the way the country’s going: won’t be long now before some cunt will declare it their God given right to be considered DEAD, just because they want to BELIEVE they are DEAD. They’ll then be able to apply for an official Death Certificate – no questions asked – and their distraught snowflake dependants will be able to cash in on their rip-off life insurance policies, premiums starting at only 13p a day if anyone’s interested.

    Surely just a matter of time, init?

    • Actually if I declare myself dead then I could become a zombie!

      At least I’d fit in with half the cunts I’ve worked for in the past!

      • With you all the way there Rebel – Zombieism is probably the only way to go. Next stop High Court to whinge about no Zombie box to tick on passport. Who cares if my fellow citizens despise me and see me as a total cunt, at least I’ll get some attention and be noticed – might even reach heady heights of Celebrity, be invited onto This Week programme and be revealed for the vile, evil shit I am, my fallacious arguments ripped to shreds by Andrew Neil within 5 seconds flat… Jesus, I could be as big a cunt as that pathetic fuck Monroe Bergdorf!

  16. The first recorded example where a male considered gender fluidity as a lifestyle choice, was apparently observed on the deck of the Titanic…… in the queue for the lifeboats….

  17. The animal kingdom is unburdened with all this nonsense. If it has nothing to do with survival, it doesn’t even register. What would nature do?

  18. As an educated, white, middle class male I feel marginalised and oppressed by the fucking idiots who run the state.

    Am I lucky to be given a hanky and conferred tough new laws to prevent my oppression and marginalisation?

    Am I fuck. That cocksucking Maria Miller couldn’t give a flying fuck.

    • White English educated employed males seem to have no fucking rights at all. We are the new oppressed. We can be called white honky trash or what the fuck ever, but put the shoe on the other foot and it doesn’t fit. Maybe we are all cunts, I don’t know, sometimes I think of moving abroad but can’t think of anywhere that isn’t polluted.

      • “I’m proud to be Kenyan” said the African
        “I’m proud to be Chinese” said the Asian
        “I’m proud to be English” said the foul. bigoted,racist Englishman.

          • Hmmm…

            I am definitely anti-“peaceful” and even that’s not totalitarian because I know many “peacefuls” who are decent. A number of them Iranians who were studying over here when the Shah was deposed and the Ayatollahs took over.

            I’m happy to call them friends, they’re as British as Yorkshire puds and pay “peacefulness” lip service. Most of them don’t even bother with that shit – which irritates the “Stans” (see below) who are rife now in most cities now – and their kids have been married in CofE or Catholic churches – which *really* irritates the “Stans”.

            The real “peaceful” scum in this country are from the North West sector of the Indian subcontinent (i.e. ends in “Stan”) and any “peaceful” cunt from Africa. They’re all cunts especially those cunts saving the fishing stocks by becoming pirates – ooh arrrr me hearties (and what do we do, make the cunts Knights of the Realm)!

            This to the SJW, virtue signalling, snowflake mob (who are also due a Shariah head chopping at the end of the day) makes me a racist bigot.

            The reality is that I’m not, I’m just anti “Shariah Muslim Cunt”. It’s a religion not a race you cunts!

            Again the integrated Iranian lads I’ve known for over 30 years share the same values as us, work hard in proper jobs or run proper businesses, have a couple of kids and pay their way.

            The “Stans” on the other hand have 6-8 kids that the state pays for, none of the cunts work outside of running a mini cab (and sharing one driving license between 30 of them – when they’re not busy raping female fayres that is) or a piss poor PizzaBab shop where the only thing that’s guaranteed to be what it says on the menu is listeria!

            When I walk through Luton (which I keep to an absolute minimum) it’s more like walking through the North West Passage than it is a South East town in England!

            Leeds, Bradford, Oldham and swathes of England’s second city (Birmingdrabad) are the same.

            Still so long as they don’t live next door to Linekunt and Lily-cunt they’ll keep campaigning for an ever more “peaceful” society – deluded thick cunts.

            I don’t know what it is to be dead against religion of any form – atheist is not really a strong enough term – or if their is a word for someone who is 100% against the “peaceful” religion in particular, but whatever that word is, that’s me!

        • Closest I’ve ever got to describing myself is ‘Religiophobic’, if that’s any goddamn use to ya Rebel.

          • Thing is I’m not afraid of religion, I just think folk who take it to the nth degree (of any doctrine) are complete and utter cunts!

            As the most vociferous of these in this day and age are “peacefuls”, with their mesolithic ideals, then I have a particular reserve of hate for those cunts who’d see this “Green and Pleasant Land” turned into some Shariah shithole.

            And my hatred extends to those virtue signalling cunts who’d rather play “Hug a peaceful!” after an atrocity than visit the poor cunts now minus limbs, eyesight or hearing because of said “peacefuls”!

            Talk about inviting the fox into the chicken coup! Cunts!

          • Take your point about “not afraid of religion” but it’s nearest shorthand word I could think of, pretty inadequate though. I regularly use lazy term ‘Islamophobic’ just to identify my position quickly, most people get the point without thinking I’m irrationally fearful or anything.

            How about ‘anti-religionist’? Not bad.

  19. I wonder his/her gender pronouns are? I want to try to be tolerant, I don’t want to offend the mutated freak

    • Maybe…

      “Xit”, pronunced either “exit”, or “shit”

      Anything goes…Fish, bananas, old pyjamas, mutton beef and trout.

  20. Don’t you hate it when somebody shits before you shit, Just before I walk to go use the washroom my girlfriend uses the washroom and takes a big fat smelly steamy shit.

    Now when I go use the toilet after her all I can smell is the smell of her disgusting shit and it throws me off of shitting! so now I can’t shit… y’know what I’m saying? so now I have to wait to shit til later Fuck Life is just the shits

    • The old gag is to carry a box orf matches, Lucifers are the most effective, and strike one upon entering the khazi if your girlfriend has just done one (good for farts too) and strike another when vacating. Burns up the methane and other gases you see. An advisory – sit orn the floor whilst attempting this manoeuvre in case orf explosion.

      From Sir Limply’s Book orf Social Etiquette. By Appointment to Her Majesty.

      • Another thought. Why is it that the gentler sex is also the pongiest? Fragrance my arse. Long experience has sadly taught Yours Truly that there is nothing whiffier than a filly – shite, piss, farts, feet (God that aroma when you get the tights orf ’em), fanny and armpits. Why they are addicted to perfumed soap and fragrances I suppose.

        • Apparently, some old boy at a dinner requested “the pot” not long after the port had been passed.
          Discussions amongst assorted footmen, butlers et al.
          Distinct lack of grass in the dining quarters.

          “No, not weed, you fools… the bloody chamberpot”
          It was duly bought to him, and he made instant and full use of it, in front of fellow guests.

          • Thanks for the shitty advice Sir Limpy You see I tried a areosol spray first… bad idea the aromas mixed and smelt even worse. I also didn’t want to stike a match then the smoke detector starts going off like bleeding crazy. It did that to me the other week when I was cooking took a few minutes to turn the blasted thing off

            Agreed lady odours are just as nasty the whole “my farts don’t stink as much because I’m female” yeah right piss off you tart

          • I agree on the aerosol experience.

            When my Mrs has a “Douglas” and then sprays a liberal dose of Glade about you could weaponise the resulting gaseous mixture!

  21. Indeed, there will be a happy audience out there for them…

    There are people out there who get turned on by amputees &c.

    But then, someone probably gets the hots for Druncker and Verminhofstadt.

    Bloody frightening…

  22. Never heard of this nominated person/object/project, but it reminds me of the time I went to dinner at a fancy eaterie once.
    There was plenty of delights on offer and it made it difficult to choose, so i closed my eyes, just like the time me and my mates were throwing stones at the chapel, but that’s a story for another day. Anyway, this urgency to turn everycunt into freaks has a similarity to back when. Back when it was safe to leave your door unlocked and neighbours said “hello” of a morning. Sometimes i feel that language is the barrier here and understanding of the language used by its cohorts. And lets not forget about the characteristics shown by meanies minions and horsemen, all seeking a truth to no avail.
    It was all too much for me in the end, and part of my soul was left fluttering in the wind along with the plastic bags and yellow ribbons that were once tied to the great oak tree of hope and uncertainty.
    Getting clean and finding a religion works for some, but for others its just a bright darkness enveloping your mind that breaks down barriers put up by modern society and prisoners of time and latitudes.
    This wont affect everycunt, as i mentioned earlier, but will find its way into hearts and minds once numbed by the sands of time.

    Only a true Facebook friend will have got to the bottom of this post. Press like, cut and paste and write “done” in the reply box.

    • “Only a true Facebook friend will have got to the bottom of this post. Press like, cut and paste and write “done” in the reply box.”
      What the Fuck….you’re not back on facebook,are you? Explain yourself, Birdman. 🙂 .

      • Nah, still lying dormant.
        I just remembered some of the shite I’d read on fuckbook and tried to imitate it.

        Cunts on Facebook threatening their followers to “like and post” their posts is cringe worthy and shocking.
        I read one that started with “i wont befriend you if you don’t like and share but will know you’re not a true friend.
        WTF? Its Facebook ffs!.
        Try pulling that shite down the local.
        “If you don’t listen to my yarn, you’re not getting included in my round”

        My cousin updates cunts on her bouts of depression

        “Bad today, don’t know why”, next day, “felling a bit better but know it will return”.
        FU-U-U-UCK OFFFF!!!!!!!

        As i said, its lying dormant, but sometimes the temptation is there to see the madness these cunts spout.

        • PS. Thanks for reading the full post. Most people say they did but just press like and they have proven to be not true friends.

          (more fuckbook pish)

        • I wouldn’t care if they ever wrote anything interesting or amusing,but from what I’ve seen it just seems to be a load of pointless crap that nobody in their right mind would either write,or want to read. I started an account so that I could snoop on people that I know,but I must admit it’s not worth the bother. I’ve never written anything on it,but have been tempted to write that they are nothing but boring Cunts who should fuck off…Unless they’ve got any wife or daughter bikini pictures,of course.

          • You mentioned yesterday about finishing ALL correspondence with “fuck them”, my problem with Facebook posts was that i always wanted to reply in the style of a cunter.
            I used to run it by the missus, “can i say this” and “NO!” would be the answer every time, which made things terribly boring.

          • My trouble is that “Cunt” keeps slipping out when I’m talking to people. It’s not a problem when I’m talking to the lads,but I’ve noticed a few “civilians” looking decidedly surprised to be told that such-and such is a “Fucking Cunt.”

          • Shame shame, but my daughter said “cunt” last week.

            I’ve always said cunt, and I’ve always been aware that most cunts abhorrrrrrr! the word, but to me its perfect.
            I used to have a shed load of profanities, but nowadays its always cunt.
            Everycunt is a cunt. Even my kettle, front door, remote control and neighbour.

  23. So “Landscape Painter of the Year” is actually a thing!?!

    Fucking hell!

    And I thought “Ultimate A Capella” was a bunch of cunt!

    I noticed that pointless Perkins is on that shite along with that perennial no-mark Frank Skinner. One question: why?

    Hopefully they’ll be on message and stick a couple of Mosque turrets in the background of The Haywain or summat.


  24. HSL Chairs are monumental cunts (as are IKEA’s best-selling armchair, they are soooo proud it’s made in….Romania)

    HSL Chair ad…

    “Norman’s in the garden shed with all the other clutter I don’t want in the house.”

    Am certain the blonde thing is a tranby.
    It’s….fugly, like a sort of octogenarian Ellie Goulding. In Harry Worth specs.

    And Norman is probably having a bloody good leg-over in the shed with the barmaid from the Woolpack…

  25. On YouTube, SUPERB interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer –

    He should be tried for treason ! Julia Hartley-Brewer interview / Phillip Hammond / Brexit.

    Katie Hopkins is good, but this one is more credible, calmer

    • I want a rematch between Katie Hopkins and Ace/King/Queen Jack Monroe… No rich lawyers, friends of daddy judges, or baying snowflake PC mob to hide behind… Just the two of them with a pair of boxing gloves each… The mouthy libmong dyke cunt wouldn’t last ten seconds…

  26. When I see abominations like Tabitha Downs-King, cunts like Grizelda Dick (or whatever it’s called) in charge of the cozzers, and libmong leeches like George/Jim/Jack Monroe, it makes we wish that Hitler had won…

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