Pikeys [2]

A monumental cunting for PIKEYS, these pieces of shit have turned up in Walsal and parked 50 vehicles in a field, then said pikeys have allowed their pack of probable stolen dogs loose and an 80 year old woman has been attacked by said pikey mutts and the the thieving, lying, cheating, benefit claiming, tax dodging, leprachaun scum have has the brass neck to say the woman was trespassing on their land….

W.T.F is wrong with these cunts? I reckon some ethnic cleansing is due or send these fuckers back to the emerald isle with a pair of water wings…..Kiss the blarney stone pikey cunts, one day all your mistreated animals are going to turn on you and I can’t wait…..

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90 thoughts on “Pikeys [2]

  1. Fekking too right – burn the parasite cunts out, another over-indulged ‘minority’ flaunting the law of the land. Not helped by spineless/police allowing their camps to be no-go zones. Interestingly the protestant ulster based ground works/construction firms don’t seen to have any probs from them when working on the mainland… Can’t think why.

    • VIZ magazine got it right with their “Thieving Gypsy Bastards” sketch. They were hauled over the coals for it and had to run a follow up sketch as an apology.

      I never can forget the follow up called the “Nice Honest Gypsies”. A pikey woman selling pegs door to door returns to one stunned woman to give her back some money in change as she had given her too many coins. Also – next week a nice gypsy renews the tax disc on his car.

      That was getting on for 30 years ago. The fucking pikey shit was untouchable back then, but top marks to VIZ for royally taking the piss out of the thieving cunts.

        • Agree entirely Mr B – Viz hasn’t been any cop for at least 10 years. The early stuff still makes me lol though.

      • I fucking loved those cartoons!

        When the thieving gypsy bastards would turn up at someone’s house, offer to tarmac the drive and leave a landfill worth of shite over their garden.

        • Are there any modern, pre-eminent equivalents to VIS / Robert Crumb / or even Zippy the Pinhead out there today? recommendations anyone?

          • I have to admit I agree with the first comment, and its not just the UVF that has a move on policy the tigs inforce it too that’s why they are all from the republic, Roll on Brexit I say, no more benefits for you and perhaps a nice little deportation order because I don’t think theft and vandalism are recognised or desired professions required from immigrant workers.

          • Try reading Viz now, it’s like the Guardian or New European with tourettes.
            Cowardly cunts…

          • Agree entirely Mr B – Viz hasn’t been any cop for at least 10 years. The early stuff still makes me lol though.

      • I remember that one it had a cut-out “Sincere Apology” for the teevin’ cunts so they are!

  2. There’s been a lot of discussion recently about how to tackle the ongoing problem of these gypos and their “fighting dogs” (usually bull terriers) which constantly attack people, especially children. What should we humanely do?

    I say we should treat the problem in a non-violent way and have them all put to sleep and quietly buried. Then slaughter the terriers.

    • But instead of slaughtering the terriers give them anti peaceful training cos Muslims hate dogs.

      • The peaceful believe mutts are Tottingham fans in disguise. Truly. That’s why they hate them.

  3. Another ‘oppressed’ minority that is indulged and pandered to by bollockless councils and local government. If there is a good reason for a ‘hard boarder’ with Rep of Ireland following Brexit then this is it, so it is ta be sure. Dumping your old washing machines, crapping in the bushes and letting you feral scally offspring run riot is not a human fucking right.

  4. The duty of the Police is to preserve the peace and prevent crime. Trespass on land itself is not a crime – it is a civil matter. Prevention of trespass is the responsibility of the landowner, not the Council nor the Police.

    Copied and pasted.

    So some cunt can set up camp in my garden and it’s my responsibility. Why does the law fag around so much? Utter cunts.

    • you also have a duty of care to trespassers, you should mark all hazards so that said person can not be injured.

      • Furthermore, when they break your garden tools, scalp your dog and shit in the garage, you have to clean it up.

    • If preventing trespass is a matter for the landowner then why do the fuzz nick them when they physically throw the fuckers out or march them out at gun point?

    • Bet if you fence off your garden with twelve-foot high steel posts and razor wire you’ll soon get a visit from plod, though.

  5. I cunted these fuckers a couple of weeks ago. I was doing a job at a school not so long ago and during break time, 3 ratty looking pikey kids turned up at the fence taunting the other school kids using language even I’d only use in extreme circumstances. None of them had an ounce of good parenting in them, and just goes to show what a bunch of scum pikeys really are. And like others have already pointed out, gutless authorities tip toe around them as though they are some kind of precious social entity, when all they really are is a rabble of anti-social, light fingered, soap dodging worthless super-cunts with a dress sense locked firmly in the 80s.
    Oh and a quick mini cunting for the likes of Channel 5 who actually make TV shows glorifying these viruses and indulging their warped behaviour. Twats

    • well the local one stop shop here has withdrawn baby milk to the tobacco kiosk, because our local bunch have been nicking it en mass.
      what they are using it for I have no idea, I doubt they are selling it on…who the hell would buy baby milk from a pikey?

  6. I wish there was something nice to say about pikeys but there just isn’t, because pikeys aren’t nice people one would even argue if they are even human? they are the utter dregs of society imo

    • As they are protected under the Human Rights Act 1998, that proves they are at least part human.

  7. Repulsive fat sociopathic fraudster Camila Batmanghelidjh currently doing the TV rounds in her ludicrous clown outfit, touting a bag of alternative facts that “prove” her innocence and “prove” she was victim of Conspiracy, Government, Media, Circumstances, anything but her own self entitlement and greed – butter wouldn’t melt in her enormous egotistical backside.

    Crooked child abusing Cunt of the highest order.

    • Knew the corpulent cunt looked familiar – MRS BLOBBY! – Mr Blobby’s malevolent other half. Make a great Viz Comic character, haw-haw!

  8. Would it be possible to nominate the Rooneys for a mega cunting,i had a little sympathy for Coleen Rooney when Korky the inbred chimp got caught trying to score off the pitch, but then you think if your a gold digging wank I mean wag this could work for you,anyway as I said was sympathetic but not after I heard she,s off on her 17th I shit you not 17th fucking holiday of 2017….so now I’m not surprised monkey boy is trying to screw around,we all know you cant leave dumb animal alone for more than 8 hours or the will piss on the carpet,chew the furnature,try to screw muppets….you bring it on yourself slapper you should have trained the cunt better….

    • If she had an ounce of nous she’d have divorced him and taken half his money because I guarantee you when captain caveman retires he will piss his fortune against the wall as he’s not got the intelligence to make it as anything else.

  9. Sorry I’m gonna nominate myself as a cunt cuz I goofed on the rooney cunting its 7 not 17 holidays,but they are still utter cunts,so I’m not really sorry….fuck em

    • Fred West…
      Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb would seem to have been on an exotic holiday with gender reassignement thrown in.

  10. If only we could encourage the peacefuls to believe our pikey camps are the very centre of everything we value…..

    • Not dissimilar, unwashed, live in ghettos, special needs minority with a culture mentality and immune to the laws that joe public have to obey by with the help of various authorities.

      • Well one lot like fighting and the other likes blowing up. Sounds perfect to me. I’d pay sky to watch that whilst I sink beer.

  11. Someone tell me why these half-human dirty bastards are allowed to turn up and break all kinds of laws and get away with it. We’d be up on a charge in no time. Not only do we have to pay to clean up after them, we pay for councils to employ gypsy liaison officers and all they do is hand the cunts orders to move within a set number of days. When was a pikey ever arrested for trespass or littering? We should reserve some really filthy prison cells for them so that they’d feel at home.

  12. Pikeys cannot even Feckin’ fight. “shake hands, shake hands noi”. Fat slag pikey wives watching while the male part orf the tribe stagger aroinde in circles. Classic trading estate venues. Shite for brains. A kind orf stupefaction sets in if one watches for long enough. Oirish theevin’ cunts:
    “shake hands noi, shake hands lads” “fook fook noi” Worth watching for the dumb pikey “ref” trying to keep his mask on.
    These two cunts seem to fighting about who supplies the best horse meat in oirland:

  13. GITANOS!!!!!!!

    You all think yer run of the mill Roma are bad, then try the Spanish Gitano.
    Feral cunts who took root when Franco (not Begbie) built them blocks of flats.
    The town i live in has some nice areas, some OK areas and then the Gitano estates. Dogs, ragamuffins, cockerals for fighting, their wimmin, the unhinged blokes and the alchy ones singing flamenco all day over a bottle of Cruz Campo. Where they live its all broken bricks, broken bottles, broken washing machines and broken heads. This is where i buy my sumfinsumfin, and every time i go to buy some, i gear myself up like a boxer before a bout. Scary stuff.
    If any Brit gets in some bother with the locals out here, its usually the gypsy he’s hiding from. Their true numbers are unknown but vast and most when having bother, flee back to blighty.
    The older men sport long curly mullets, tacky slacks, unbuttoned shirt and shoes that could pot a billiard ball. The young males sport tracksuits, Air Max and both young and old wear cheap nasty looking gold chains, medallions, sovy rings, and ear rings. The medallions are usually massive depictions of Jesus. Funny, coz they don’t have morals.

    The wimmin on the other hand are sexy as fuck and dress like hookers 24/7, with plenty of cleavage and leg on show. Weddings look like Hugh Heffs birthday parties.

    All, men,wimmin and children have gravelly voices and these are the cunts we can hold responsible for flamenco.

    They also all have the same thieving ethics of other gypsies worldwide, but add a bit of Spanish into the mix has me believing that these ones are the worst.

  14. “The Romani genocide or the Romani Holocaust, also known as the Porajmos Pharrajimos … Under the rule of Adolf Hitler, a supplementary decree to the Nuremberg Laws was issued …. The 1926 “Law for the Fight Against Gypsies, Vagrants and the Workshy” was enforced in Bavaria, becoming the national norm by 1929.”

    What a fucking great idea.Not just Pikeys,but tramps,dossers and dole-wallahs too. Bring back the good old days.

  15. Excellent idea DF we if only that could be implemented, I bet it wouldndt take as long as fucking brexit,cant blame Harvey for trying it on with Kate Becensdale I would have given half a chance, but I think he should be sent to the peacfull heaven to join the 39 virgins

    • Thar fat fucker,Lisa Riley’s saying that a Hollywood producer tried it on with her ! Wishful thinking I suspect.

        • It’s not a pleasant thought is it ? Now, I quite enjoy those “Celeb” sex tapes,but if that bloated whale EVER releases as much as a “stolen” up-skirt shot,that’s it….I’ll be leading a campaign to outlaw porn.

  16. My mate worked on Brighton Council and when they turn up and break onto someone’s land The council cunts have to ask if any Pikey women are pregnant, if they need assistance with anything. You could not make it up. And while this is going on the same Pikeys are robbing the locals and turning the place into a shite house.
    Then when eventually they are kicked off they get their feral cunting kids to lay in front of there vehicles. Final solution springs to mind .

  17. It is the ideological elite who empowered the dirty filthy degenerate criminal retarded pikey population that blights society. Only one man in history knew the solution to the pikey population. !

  18. Brighton has a perpetual traveller problem. Be interested to hear from other Cunters as to what extent their town suffers. The one thing you cannot claim is that they are thick. They are legal fucking experts on every aspect of occupancy, trespass and squatters rights.

    • I saw some Pikeys in Poland , they keep a very low profile there , they dare not steal or trespass on peoples land otherwise the Police give them a severe beating. I am seriously considering moving there. Their are no Terrorist atrocities in Poland courtesy of the peaceful ones , Why ? because THEY DONT LET THE CUNTS IN

      • It seems the whole of eastern Europe are not letting cunts in. Which means they are all filtering through to the west. Which we are in.

          • We have a nice big wall of water and most of the EU hate the fact we have this and they don’t. They can’t control their land locked borders and hate that we could enforce immigration control if our government choose to actually do so.

    • During my life in Switzerland, the chief rep for all Swiss pikeys (a pastor called May Bitto, (IIRR) was interviewed by the Touring-Club Schweiz magazine (a sort of AA / RAC set-up).
      When the problem of theft by pikeys was raised, what was his answer?
      “They must’ve been foreign pikeys.”

  19. We have the occasional infestation, leaving Christ knows what behind. I hear the vermin have reinfested Dale Farm and are digging in for the long stay. What is it with “Travellers” that once the drop anchor, it takes practically an act of God to shift them? If they infested Egypt at the time of Moses would they class as one of the seven plagues or would they count as several? No wonder Moses spent all that time in the desert, he was making sure the pikeys were not following. BTW I notice the sand wogs don’t have a pikey problem are they doing something right?

  20. If anycunt reads my post concerning Spanish gypsies, if it passes moderation, I’d like to add that i was in the park with my dog earlier and one of the mulleted tracksuit wearing cunts passed by me and i watched as he finished his can of energy drink and casually tossed the empty can into a beautiful flower bed.

    Absolutely no point in me digging the cunt for it as it would have only turned into a “feud”.

    Shame. Scumbag cunt.

  21. The town I was brought up in is slowly being taken over by pikeys, aided and abetted by the govt. and local council. They buy up vacant land with the proceeds of their crimes, get planning permission which neither you or I could ever hope to get, then flout it and pack the statics in along with wagons,other vehicles and plant, surround it with a high fence and Leylandii,some big dogs, and no fucker gets in. They are also assisted by do gooder, bleeding heart liberals who believe everyone deserves a chance. NO THEY FUCKING DON’T!! Give these dirty, thieving, lying, smelly, inbred, cheating ,subhuman scum an inch and they’ll take a country fucking mile and everything that isn’t nailed down. My heart will sing with joy on the day these retards are turned into pelleted fertiliser. It can’t come soon enough. I fucking hate pikeys with a passion, the cunts.

    • What a bunch of…..wait for it…..

      They are fucking liars too. They say they support gypsies in prison. What fucking gypsies have even been a-fucking-rrested then?

      • Quality shop though, two books caught my eye but cant decide between ‘pin up cobs’ or the ironically titled ‘kushti 4 U’.
        Fucking leftie liberal piss dripping cunts….

    • Made me roar reading that website. Especially the part where it says gypsies have the lowest literacy, life expectancy, highest prejudice etc etc. Strangely no mention of the terrible image gypsies have cultivated THEMSELVES….just a load of crap about how unfair life is as a pikey. That website alone sums up gypsies attitude to life. Accepting no responsibility whatsoever for how shit they perceive their lives to be and how its everyone else’s fault for not being tolerant enough. It’s enough to make you sick.

  22. The #MeToo sexual violence campaign against women is a cunt and has gained new momentum following Harvey Weinbanger’s exploits. I can see this being a bandwagon for any fantasist, attention seeker or blue haired femanazi bull dyke with a face that would make an onion cry to demonise men.

    A lot of this will probably be office banter or wolf whistles/cat calls etc , but will these guardians of female empowerment be mentioning the honour killings, forced marriage, FGM mutilations, stoning’s and rape in the name of Allah? Much like Weinbanger and Hollywood, its an open secret that no body wants to talk about.

  23. Vell now meine kamaraden. Ich zay ziss many times in ze glory days in Berlin. Ze only gut untermensch ist ein dead untermensch. Zees pikey gyppo swine are good for nothing but ze fertiliser Ja. Ach you zee hor Zer Fuhrer he moves mit ze times. He ist Zer Grunnen Fuhrer now. No longer ze polluting zhimneys auf zer holiday camps. Nein nein ve recycle ze pikey gyppo swine Ja. Grow very good tomatoes. Alles it takes ist a liddle auf ze Fuhrer’s Fluid (patent pending) vich ich hopes to be presenting on ze Dragon’s Den verry zoon.
    In ze meantime before ve go global und Ich ruul ze vorld ich offer a local servize auf ze pest elimination Ja. You give Zer Grunnen Fuhrer a bell Ja und ich kom rround in meinen Panzer (also available for ze veddings mit bunting) und ich rrun ze pikeys through meine mincer.

  24. Our cocksnaffling cuntcil has a written list of umptyump rules for the dids but they flout every one of them.

    There is nobody in the cuntcil with the cojones or power to enforce their precious rules. The fooking dirty dids just laugh in their face and take the cuntcil and polis for the soft, liberal cunts they all are.

  25. never trust any cunt that rides on the back of your dodgem car or spins your waltzer till your sick filthy dodgy cunts the lot of them

    • While they spin, they run their spunk riddled fingers through your wife, girlfriend’s or daughters hair as they go.

      Filthy cunts.

  26. A new EU directive says its now unacceptable to refer to Travellers as Gypo’s,
    Pikey’s or any other term deemed to be derogatory.
    From now on they must be referred to as Caravan Utilizing Nomadic Travellers…..
    or C.U.N.T.s for short.

    • Fucking outrageous – Keystone Cops couldn’t have done a less competent job. The soft as shite wussies should stick to painting their nails.

  27. As the peaceful religion worshipers outbreed us, eventually only the pikeys will be remaining for the final battle.

    Pikeys would walk it in a fair fisticuff session but the peaceful ones are too cowardly and instead will just protest to get Corbyn, Flabott & Lammy to commit genocide on them by making all caravans and Ford Transits islamaphobic and lock them all up instead.

  28. You’ve only got to look at what happened in Cromer to realise that this is out of hand. The police were too PC to dare to act and instead blamed the victims and shut the town down. What are we talking about? A few Pikeys dozen causing chaos (or “low-level” anti-social behaviour as they’d have us believe) while the police are somewhere on a Pizza break? They did squat all and the culprits walk away scot free. Anyone else would have rightly been slammed up. There’s a classic somewhere on YouTube. Someone says “are they Irish”? A plod replies like – “they sound Irish but they aren’t”. Excuse me! They jolly well are. Twerp.

    Then some shithead from the Socialist Workers Party claims discrimination against the Pikeys… against all the evidence.

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