Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Wankstain

This blubbery old cunt who looks like Alan Sugar’s arse has been in the news orf late principally due to the indefatigable efforts orf The New York Times. The allegations (denied) are a classic tale orf Hollywood life. Sweet innocent young gels are lured to Hollywood by prospects orf fame and fortune where powerful producer (Miramax/Weinstein Company) Mr Wankstain is top orf their list to see. However the little rosebuds get to see rather more than they expect. Wankstain is a dab hand at exposing his wizened old privates in lifts, hotel rooms, aeroplanes and taxis. Modus operandi rarely changes – the filly is trapped and given a viewing or an appearance is made in a fluffy dressing gown followed by an invitation to watch him shower and culminating in a spot orf cock sucking.

Now this been going orn for decades, indeed an open secret aroinde Sin City and Wankstain openly boasts orf having fucked and created most orf the female stars in Hollywood. A few fillies going orn old nags that cunters may have actually heard orf include Gynneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep.

Yours Truly has trundled his old arse aroinde LA orn occasion and what a dried up shite hole it is. Insincerity and aircon is the name orf the game. Bigger the agent the colder the office and the warmer the hello. Lying cunts. Not to say that YT did not get offers from “talent”. Unfortunately once they cottoned on that YT was more boraccic than they were they fannied orf sharpish. How did the cunt Wankstain do it?

“He had an elaborate system reliant on the cooperation of others: Assistants often booked the meetings, arranged the hotel rooms and sometimes even delivered the talent, then disappeared, the actresses and employees recounted. They described how some of Mr. Weinstein’s executives and assistants then found them agents and jobs or hushed actresses who were upset”.

In short those “upset” were “hushed” with £60,000-£110,000 plus gainful employ to cover their distress. The whole seedy system was administered orn behalf orf the Wankstain by lawyers and agents. Wankstain’s response? Total denial orf said allegations and a trip to the therapist (not cheap in LA).

Meanwhile the Hollywood talent has got orn its high horse (and I not mean Wankstain) and frightened Wanks in to resigning/getting fired. Moral orf the story? Don’t frighten the horses.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

132 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein

  1. To the tune of ‘If I Only Had A Heart’ from The Wizard Of Oz…

    ‘You wallk pretty tall and you play good football, but you don’t look like a fool….
    Get a perm and a moustache, and if we give you loads of cash, will you play for Liverpool?…’

    Big Rom to get a hat trick…

  2. TV news tonight…

    Al-Hijrah school in Brum is a cunt, as are the slime cunts who defend their insane doctrines.

    And the two whiney, self-entitled slime shitheads who appeared were well-primed with all the right lingo…

    “We are unfairly targeted, we are victimised, we are portrayed as a fifth-column”

    I think there could be a simple reason for this. They are obnoxious cunts, they are a fifth-column, also a stinking filth-column of shite.

    Just fuck off and die, you religion of peado, goat-fucking, medieval scumbags.

    I should like to start crowdfunding, to airlift millions of wire coathangers and bottles of Dr. Collis-Browne’s Patent Tincture over to the shitehole cuntries.

    • Save the Chlorodyne for titslapper old chum. that stuff is hard to come by. Nothing like the mixture of a alcohol solution of opium, peppermint and choloform to heighten the senses,it relives just about any amount of pain. Its super addictive tho

      • The real Doc Collis B’s Patent Tinky was discontinued in the ’60s due to a massive spike in sales after hippy culture discovered it. Originally intended for teething infants, mothers have not had a quiet night since. Can still be bought but the formula alas has changed.

        • Sod it !!
          In that case, Fernet-Branca (the peppermint-flavour one) “watered down” with Polskie Spiritus (96% abv) should do the trick.

          Injected into the jugular, or used as vaginal douche.

  3. Found a page in that Mirror.
    Andy Dunn’s column, were he says that it cost £30 to park at Wembley stadium.

    Jeezo bambino, that better be the price of some cunt parking a jumbo jet.

    Thirty fuckin’ quid!?!?!?!?

    In the old days, you gave an urchin 50p not to break your windows and you went to the game knowing that fuck all would happen to yer brief.

  4. This world is going back to the time of burning witches… To my knowledge Weinstein has not been arrested or charged yet, Spacey hasn’t either, and that lad off Corrie hasn’t been found guilty yet (if he ever is)…. But the hysteria and calls for these men to be hauled over the coals by the baying social media mob on the word(s) of some very questionable slappers (especially IRA McGowan and Slagelina) and even more questionable motives (the Spacey accusing mong) is very disturbing indeed…

    • Was thinking the same, Norm. I think the over the top sensationalist reporting is the reason why they do it. It creates a media frenzy. The higher profile the target, the bigger the frenzy. This in turn leads to exclusives with newspapers, slots on prime time chat shows, you name it. The point being, yep you guessed it, money.

      Today’s society lacks tact, restraint and a sense of decorum. The fact that innocent people’s lives are decimated by false allegations, innuendo and bold face lies is now considered acceptable collateral damage in the pursuit of your 15 minutes and a wedge of cash/compo. It’s utterly disgusting.

      • It’s all a massive smokescreen – the establisment has run out of phoney policy cure-alls, the chickens have come home to roost, Western economies terminal, harassment hysteria nonsense designed to deflect and buy establishment time…

        • It’s all so laughable though… Notorious cockmunchers and homewreckers like Slagelina and McGowan: who have had more holes filled than Gleneagles acting all innocent and like they are alien to knobgobbling in order to further their careers… These media cunts go on about equality, but misandry is rife and is everywhere… The basic message from the media, the BBC, Twitter etc is man=bastard and woman=saint… Like Weinstein, Prince Charles (as in the collapse of his first marriage), and Big Don are seen as big bad nasty men… Whereas Slagelina, Lady Di(ed), Madogga, Hilary Clinton etc are seen as heroes and role models (no matter how dirty and despicable most of them are)… Mind you, the bastard brush doesn’t apply its tarring to all men though… If you’re a sambo like Obama or a peaceful cunt then you’re exempt…

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