Christie Elan-Cane

Some non binary tranny fucktard has been given leave to appeal to the high court (or higher, did not read it all) because he/she/it is demanding a non-binary passport.


Nominated by kravdarth

An emergency cunting is required for professional mutant and passport gender objector Christie Elan Cane.

This Nosferatu doppelganger has secured the right to take on the government over the requirement for passport holders to disclose their gender. Apparently born as a woman, Cane had its female sexual characteristics removed and had the leftovers thrown to the dicky birds. I.e. no twig and berries fashioned from the meaty scraps.

Cane, quite correctly, has ‘female’ on its birth certificate. Whatever cut ‘n shut work has taken place since, it is still female. This will never change. The only people who believe this is fluid or erasable is frankly in need of a strait jacket and a high dose of sedative.

What superheats my piss is that all of us who hold passports don’t get a say over one oversensitive, mentally ill Michael Stipe lookalike, that is likely to get its way if right-on cock-decryer, Maria Miller has a hand in the proceedings.

Fuck off Cane, you bald, emaciated little cuntwich. This bullshit propagated by the mentally ill really needs to stop before the likes of Cane are pushed off a very high cliff.

Nominated by Paul Maskinback

95 thoughts on “Christie Elan-Cane

    • I have noticed that anyone with a double-barrelled name is a complete, utter and total cunt. Have you noticed? Limply-stoke excepted of course.

      Now to this twat, In my day if you had the wrong parts or preferred to brown your sausage, you fucking kept it to yourself and got on with it. Now, in the microwave generation, nothing gets browned and everyone wants 10 minutes of celebrity and superior equality. When WWII started they got all the Germans in this country and locked them up as third columnists or spies for 6 years. Imagine that in PCUK. Imagine SJW WWII!

  1. Indeed a fuckin nasty looking piece of work by any standards.

    Can’t really imagine it getting its leg over, somehow. “Nightmare on Anal Street.”

    Good news is that there is to be a curb on numbers in the House of Lords, according to The Times. They will only be allowed to sit for 15 years.

    Personally, I think “transferable skills” from badger culling could be useful in this case…

  2. I catch the BBC Lunchtime News for the first time in two years and some smug cunt who looks like a bloated, shaven Arthur Scargill is extolling the virtues of life in North Korea.
    Takes all sorts I suppose…

  3. Is it real? What the fuck is it?
    Is there some mad professor inventing these ‘things’ somewhere in the depths of a secret laboratory?
    Or have our lizard overlords lost the instructions for making their skinsuits?
    Is it what’s left after wankstein has truly finished?
    Or, is it a hairless cat?

  4. Looks like an un-dead to me. I’d be happy for un-dead to be part of passport applications.

  5. I have issued instructions that following my death and cremation, the ashes are to be placed inside my iPhone, iPad and laptop.

    I want to be left to my own devices…..

  6. If you bumped into that in the street, you wouldn’t think “he or she?” You’d think “what the fuck?”.

    • Christ,just when you think it’s safe to come out from behind the sofa,the Media wheels out yet another of these things. I think I would be better off transitioning into a Turnip. Or maybe a Mangel Wurzel as I’m from Somerset.

    • One thing’s for sure: Avon didn’t call at her door, though I suspect a representative from that well-established legal firm, Messrs. Sue, Grabbit and Run, did. The cunts.

  7. She’s not the classic “English Rose” type,I’ll give you that. However,slap a bit of lippy and a blond wig on.. Hey Presto….A young Amanda Holden.

    • My first thought when seeing the header picture was Barry Davis must have been diagnosed with Aids….

  8. Surprising that the BBC is ditching Crimewatch. They’re always bleating on about wanting more Ethnics in their programmes,I’d have thought that the crimescene reenactments were a perfect opportunity for the Coloureds to feature in every scene.

    • Ha ha ha ha.
      I never thought if it that way fiddler but you have a very good point there!

    • If it’s cancelled, we won’t be able to use that old insult,”BOBFOC” when you see an ugly bird with a decent body?

      Body Off Baywarch, Face Off Crimewatch.

      • Alternatively, there was “Backula.”

        From the back, looks alright; from the front looks like Dracula.

    • They’re probably ditching Crimewatch because most of the photofit pictures are of peaceful types and rapeugees as they’re the ones committing the crimes.
      The lovely PC Beeb wouldn’t want to be seen to be unfair to them.

  9. Labour Shadow Minister Chi Ohwurah is demanding Harvey Weinstein is stripped of his C.B.E. Hate to break it to you,love,but I’d imagine that some tinpot award is pretty low on his list of priorities at the moment.

    • I notice the authorities are still not declaring the exact cause (cheapskate “peaceful” banger of a fridge nicked off a pikey rag’n’bone man, placed in such a way that the inevitable defrost would go all over a socket with a breaker box full of Wriggly’s wrappers and sowing needles) of the accident, nor the exact number of dead. I wouldn’t pay a brass farthing until both are made public.

      The shit-end of Kensington council won’t be able to afford the huge compo bill so yes folks, looks like the taxes of the indigenous working population will have to foot the bill.

      P.S. If any remains cannot be identified (cos they were illegals) tough tit!

      P.P.S. If anyone (“peaceful” undoubtedly) claims they are a family member and agrees to DNA tests (expecting a win in the compo lottery) and they are proved to be related then they should be arrested or (preferably) deported themselves if they’re (hopefully) not UK citizens for harbouring illegals.


  10. If it was paying for the court case by itself, then I wouldn’t give a fuck – okay then, maybe a partial fuck. The big problem nowadays is the freeloading cunts who get legal aid, aided (pardon the pun) and abetted by the shyster lawyers who, with the help of crooked politicians and judges, push for more and more of the same. If asked who would be first against the wall, come the revolution, I’d go for lawyers, left wing activists and Guardian journalists. Any other suggestions?

    • Gina Miller, Russell brand, baroness warsi, the snp and guy verhoftfdghbt.

      I think verhoftsfh8kh is grunt runner for coty so far.

  11. Fucking hell! Gender fluid passports? It’s not as if there aren’t any other pressing issues requiring urgent Government attention, time, money & resources…

    Look – if you were born with a cunt, eggs & uterus set, you’re a fucking female. If you were born with a knob as well, that’d make you an hermaphrodite, in which case you’d still be officially classified male or female, depending on which sexual characteristic is dominant.

    If you want to mutilate your body, that’s your choice. But don’t expect me to pay. It’s bad enough having to shell out for cunts wanting comedy breast enlargements, tattoo removals, IVF and all the other unnecessary shit. Besides, all this gender fluid crap is just the thin end of a very fat wedge.

    As I said in a previous post, it won’t be long before some cunt declares it their ‘human right’ to be officially classified as DEAD, just cos they ‘believe’ they are dead. They’ll then demand an official Death Certificate, no questions asked, so their distraught snowflake dependants can cash in on rip-off life insurance policies, premiums starting at only 13p a day if any fuckwit’s interested.

    Actually I give up. All Cunts, through and through.

    • Clarification (for all you sad little gender confused thicko cunts out there):

      If you were born with a knob only (however tiny) and one or two testicular bits, that makes you a male.

      Still confused? Get fucked.

  12. Fuckin lunacy.
    A passport is a legal document to identify what you ARE. Not what you ‘feel like’ .

    I feel like I’m 25 so will they let me choose what age I declare myself as? Or maybe they’ll start letting people decide which nationality they ‘feel like’ rather than giving them a passport relevant to where they actually come from.


    And I agree with other cunters on here. Yes it does look like that crystal maze weirdo but after a 5 year meth habit.

      • I genuinely feel like I’m 80 sometimes buy the end of a hard working week. Surly that must qualify me as a compensate-able victim too?

  13. What do you reckon to Craig Shakespeare getting the boot, birdman?…
    Player power? Trigger happy owners? Expect more crocodile tears from that Lineker cunt…

    • He’ll be putting the plight of peaceful Syrian refugees on the back burner tonight and crying into a family sized bag of cheese & onion.

    • As an insomniac, i don’t sleep much, but every now and then i get a good twelve hour plus kip when it catches up on me.
      Just woke up, and this is the first I’ve heard.
      One win in eight isn’t good enough, i know that, but i also know that if we hadn’t become English champions, no one would have noticed one win in eight.
      Times have changed though and we should have capitalised on being champions rather than reverting back to the old Leicester .
      Unlike Manchester United, LCFC always change manager and there’s even times when some cunt is mentioned and i think “fuck, he used to be our manager, i forgot that”.
      Really don’t know how to react as he’s worked brilliantly at Leicester these last few years, but its a results game (cliché) and we ain’t getting them.
      They’ve sacked him, time to move on, but please Dog, no Neil Lennon, Brendan, Fat Sam, or Nigel Pearson.
      The only thing I’m happy with the now is that Roy Hodgson has recently gained employment.

      I do wonder what will happen to Michael Appleton now, though. Will he get the job and then the bag in four months?


      • Wonder where Bobby Mancini is these days?… As an ex- Leicester player and title winning manager (with Manchester Shitty), maybe he’d fit the bill?….

        • Mancini said he wasn’t interested when asked before.
          Fourteen managers in ten years. The only reason any cunt would want the job is for the bumper severance pay.

          Ancelotti ?

  14. Fuck me, imagine if you had the absolute misfortune in life to wake up next to that. Looks like someone dug up and shaved Max Schrek’s corpse. Where the fuck is Peter Cushing when you need him because something is long overdue for a staking. Damn, at least as a nosferatu she doesn’t have the painful experience of looking at herself in the mirror.

  15. Once in a past life I was an amphibian-being from an other distant watery planet. I remembered living in constant warm flora thick swampland and all about was steam, wet tropical forest like growth and giant flying insects zooming about, we didn’t build houses or had homes we slepped hugged together and we swam about all day having fun in the deep underwater caves as we could hold our breathes for ages and we loved catching juicy, tasty flying creatures with our long elasticated tongues. Therefore I think I deserve to be registered as an amphibian from an other planet coz strangely I still like having showers and laying in hot steamy baths for ages.

  16. I am now in my sixties and accepted The Gays long ago. They’ve always been around and I really don’t have much of a problem with it as long as I’m not asked to join in.However I’m struggling with the transgender thing and people with no gender will be the final straw. No wonder the elderly are always confused.
    Soon the living will envy the dead.

    • I’m with you Mahatma.
      You couldn’t make this gender fluidity and that freak up could you?

    • There’s a well known saying that would seem to be rather apposite here: Only the dead have seen the end of cunts.

  17. I have to be absolutely honest here and it hurts but who the hell is this Cunt!! ?? Seriously how do you ISAC cunts find these fuckwits?? Brilliant!! 👍👍
    The force is strong!!
    An unusual and extremely interesting cunting!! Bravo….

  18. Actually this is very simple to solve, as soon as one these things starts bleating on about their issue, someone just needs to simply say to them “oh do fuck off”
    this should make other people think twice and make things like this crawl back under their rock……

    • Exactly Detective.
      It ain’t rocket science is it?
      Just plain common sense….about time this fucking country experienced some of that.
      Thank fuck for ISAC and all who contribute.

    • Have TBH dsc im paying far too much attention to the EU Cunts!! I need to broaden my cunting horizons….. The whole brexit things got my fuckiin goat and I’m missing out!! Grrrrr 😡

        • No, can’t be a phoney.
          Apparantly inflation is up, the pound is down and interest rates will rise soon. That’ll all be Brexits fault…even though we haven’t actually left the fucking EU yet.

          • Yes, but the process has supposedly been going on for more than 15 months! Welcome to the Hotel European Union…

          • Absolutely right!!
            The quisling Cunts have been making all the right noises to scupper the deal!, the EU have been sitting back watching Blair and Co putting in the poison, I saw today the fuckers want a vote on EU deal?? , knowing this what kind of deal would they offer us?? A good deal?? We leave!! Or a shit deal that gets voted Down?? Pathetic Cunts!!
            It’s utter shite!!

          • Been plain as the cunt on your face since day one. Establishment just playing for time, sit back and do jack shit – nervousness and uncertainty among business community will do the rest. Democracy fucked either way.

          • Junckunt says it’s impossible to have any discussion with these “right wing old nazis”

            WTF ???!

            Kettle and pot, not to mention FOURTH Reich spring to mind.

            EU will NEVER discuss anything – they are just steamrollering their globalisation until democracy becomes dust.

            I pray that Austria DOES drift further right…if ANYONE might, they are historically the most obvious candidates. Hopefully a “young turk” (no pun intended) like their new man will see that Junckunt could well shuffle orf anytime soon, and it is up to the juniors to sort things out.

            And, as others younger than myself at ISAC have said, not everyone under 40 is a wringing-wet snowflake…

          • Drunker is a cunt for the connoisseurs!! Whilst PM of the mighty Luxembourg!! He oversaw more corporate tax evasion and sweethearts deals than you could wave a stick at!!
            Possibly the most corrupt cunt in the EU!! And that’s saying something, apparently he’s a very close friend of Blair?? ( birds of a feather) Cunts!!………

  19. Ve knew how to klenze zees degenerate aberrations off ze vorld in meine day. A leetle dose of Zer Fuhrer’s Fluid turn zem into katz meat. Okay ich hold meine hands up. Maybe ze few off meine doktors in ze kamps get a leetle enthusiastic mit zer scalpel ja. But alles ist in zer name auf Science. Meine, meine, how ve hadt zum fun. Ve cross a Romanian retard mit eine bitch in heat. It runz around und around in zircles trying to fuck itself. Und zey zay ve Jermanz haff no zens auf humour.

    • You’re right Quislings.
      We’re not going anywhere are we.
      They really are cunts.

  20. I don’t care if it’s now a man or woman, no one is going to want to a) shag it, or b) be shagged by it. In fact, if you gave the entire back catalogue of post Peter Gabriel Genesis to Harold Shipman and asked him to bring it to human form, this would be the result.

    • Maybe that’s its game?

      Turn itself into a hideous gargoyle to avoid sexual relationships and the tedious emotional shit that goes with it? No, I’m being too generous as usual. Besides there’s bound to be dozens of mentally sick fucks out there to gladly give the thing a rimming.

      • I’ve just made the mistake of looking at the photo of that thing at the top again.
        Fuck me, that really is truly disturbingly revolting. Yuk. Absolutely foul.
        Can’t be human surely.

        Sorry, just had to say it. Jesus.

  21. Should use fucked up cunts like that for medical research like they used to with the beagles in a cage smokin tabs. Cunts.

    • Fucking hell’s teeth! The lips are deffo Stephen Tyler in a decompression chamber but the rest…

      They’re all nut jobs because he/she/it no doubt thinks it looks great!

      It doesn’t not even by Lenny Peters’ standards!

      • Give it its due, its got nice brown eyes but that shade orf pink lippy is an absolute disaster – unless you’re going for the chimpanzee’s cunt look.

          • BK, that one is awesome…

            Is she orf Corrie, E Enders or Emmerdale ??
            Liebore Party ?
            Does she ride a snazzy chair? Is she over 3’6″ ?

        • Good call. If you turn the photo through 90 degrees, the lips resemble a chimp’s chuff in a fetching shade of fuscia.

  22. Jacob Rees-Mogg is a cunt.

    Every word uttered by this posh twat makes him more of a cunt. He has six children, who sadly have the most ridiculous names which makes them cunts too:

    Peter Theodore Alphege Rees-Mogg
    Mary Anne Charlotte Emma Rees-Mogg
    Thomas Wentworth Somerset Dunstan Rees-Mogg
    Anselm Charles Fitzwilliam Rees-Mogg
    Alfred Wulfric Leyson Pius Rees-Mogg
    Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher Rees-Mogg

    If he breeds another one, I think he should name the child Cunty McCunt Rees-Cunt

  23. I remember where I have seen this hideous mutant before. I recall David Soul driving a stake through the heart of the fucker in Salem’s Lot.

    Must be walking the earth now as one of the undead.

  24. So she’s been de -cunted. I hope it doesn’t catch on else we will run out of subject matter !!!

  25. Sowing and encouraging gender confusion in our young is child abuse pure and simple. History and future generations will rightly condemn us for allowing this sickness to take root on our watch.

  26. Simple fex for this is take gender off everyone’s passport, if some people don’t need to be gender identified, no one does. Some LBGT+-CUNT will be shitting blood just now as that would stop them being special and inconvenient to every normal cunt

  27. Females have two X chromosomes, and males have a Y chromosome and an X chromosome. So how did this creature change the chromosomes in its body? Answer, it didn’t. So she is a woman. End of.

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