Catalan Independence

The independence Catalan movement are cunts. Such a bunch of whinging faggoty pussies.

Spain looks like a country on the verge of civil war. The right wing Mariano Rajoy government of Spain is getting most of the Spanish people united behind him against the Catalan separatists. Meanwhile, the separatists yesterday called a general strike in Catalonia bringing transport and businesses to a halt. Public workers striked, roads were blockaded and shops big and small were threatened by the separatist mobs if they did not shut down for the day. National police and civil guard members have been harassed and ejected from hotels they were staying at in Catalonia by the mobs and local politicians who threatened hotel owners with violence or permit problems. The Catalan police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, stood idly by as the region was paralysed by the strikers and demonstrators. These strikes backed by the smaller unions were not balloted as they would have to be in the UK.  They were supported by the Catalan government. Strike or be harrassed… that democracy?. This has the feeling of a socialist/communist separatist uprising backed by corrupt wealthy Catalan politicians. No wonder comrade Corbyn is supporting this uprising.

First, the Spanish government handled the whole thing badly and should have  given them a referendum Scottish style. Although, to do it they would need to change Spain’s constitution. With a legal properly monitored genuine referendum they would have most likely voted to remain a part of Spain, since ‘no’ voters stayed away on Sunday, as it was deemed an illegal referendum. The current situation is a PR disaster. The Catalan Mossos police whose wages are paid for by the Spanish central government agreed to close down the illegal polling stations on Sunday morning to avoid any trouble, yet they disobeyed orders at the last minute. They acted like traitors to Spain, the country that pays them. As a result the Spanish national police were sent in and that is when the violence occurred.

Why did the Catalans allow young children, toddlers and elderly people to sleep overnight in the schools and other buildings being used as makeshift polling stations?  Putting vulnerable people in the “front line” when the police entered. Where were the young Catalan men to face the police?  They are nothing more than fagotty cowards using old people and children as ‘human shields’ to help sell their story internationally with images of old people and women being manhandled by the ‘brutal’ Spanish police.

Make no mistake, the Catalans are NOT some wonderful libertarian, freedom fighting, independent minded people. They are EU schlong-suckers. They want to remain part of the EU.

To quote their Vice President from the Catalan parliament of 24th January 2017  “We are members of the European Union, we are European citizens and this process to incorporate Catalonia in EU institutions has to be automatic,”. He also said It would be “good news for the EU to have a society that is as pro-European and federalist as ours”   Yes, they are full-on retard federalists – more pro-Eurpoean than the Spanish.

They are also a mixture of commie, neo-liberal, religion of peace lovers, including anarchist, anti-capitalist groups such as Arran who have waged an at times violent  campaign against tourists in Catalonia. Barcelona is full of wigga, dog on a string hippies living in squats. There are plenty of lazy, unemployed fuckers milking the system. They are not all hard working, honest people, they like the world to think. There is more undeclared  (no tax paid) black economy money in Catalonia then any other part of Spain. A separatist movement comprised of lefties, neo-liberals and shifty capitalist politicans manipulating them.

The pro-independence Catalans HATE the Spanish and they say they contribute more to the Spanish economy, that benefits, for example, the ‘lazy’ Andalucians in the south……what makes this funny is that some of the most frothing at the mouth ‘independentistas’ are first or second generation Andalucians. Lots moved to Catalonia since the 1950/1960’s to find work. So they have Spanish heritage but now loathe Spain and resent giving any money to their ‘breathren’ down south. Sounds like remainiacs in the UK….. gimme, gimme, gimme and fuck you.

The Catalan authorities discriminate against the Spanish by breaking laws on the use of dual languages of Catalan and Spanish in Catalonia. They brainwash the children from as young as three years old in schools and students in universities to hate Spain and yet welcome rapeugees by the tens of thousands per year from North Africa and the Middle East. Cultural marxism is rife in their institutions. “Welcome refugees” banners adorn town halls. Catalonia has more peacefuls than any other region of Spain, around 600,000 (8 percent of the population of Catalonia) out of the million or so total in Spain (only 2 percent). Some large towns in Catalonia have 25% plus peaceful populations. Barcelona has more extremists and jihadis than anywhere else in Europe. A hotbed of terrorism being conveniently overlooked by the neo-liberal Catalans.

The previous Catalan presidents Jordi Pujol and Artur Mas were accused of huge corruption by taking big fat brown envelopes for public works contracts. Pujol amassed millions in tax havens. Puig-de-cunt, the current leader, was brought into draw attention away from their past leaders dodgy dealings. The referendum bullshit is a useful distraction to avoid further investigations into the Catalan political heirachy’s dirty laundry and spending cuts they have had to make due their financial mismanagement of the region’s economy. It is much more convenient to blame the Spanish central government for ‘austerity’ and  cuts.  Sounds familiar….local authorities blaming central government.

The ordinary Catalan is being worked into an independence frenzy to further their political leaders power and wealth. Useful idiots being shepherded.

I detest the EU, however, this is not some David and Goliath battle of Spain being backed by the big bad EU versus the democracy supporting, ‘freedom fighting’ Catalans. The Catalans are solely nationalistic against Spain, they are cheap poundshop nationalists NOT true democratic nationalists. They represent all that is bad in the form of neo-liberal socialism. They could be respected if they chose to be truly independent and leave the EU – independence ‘a la’  Brexit. Yet, just like the Scots and wee Jimmy Krankie they want to desperately suck on the EU titties. The wee Krankie is watching the Catalan situation closely to have a go at ‘IndyRef mark II’.

Hypocritically, the Spanish Catalan leaders have no desire to re-unite with their Catalan brothers and sisters on the French side of the border. This is because the French Catalans are from the poorest region in France. So much for  culture, language and unity of their people – it is simply bollocks. It is about only money and hatred of the Spanish. The Catalan language is a cross between Spanish and French. The Catalans are arrogant, just like the French and use about the same amount of soap and water, the dirty cunts.

Since they continue to invite so many peacefuls to settle there, believing they can teach them Catalan and make them integrate, they are perfect EU stooges. In twenty years time, the small population of 7.5 million Catalans will lose their identity once the peaceful hordes increase in numbers. The peaceful extremist Salafist leaders living there have promised they will take over in time. The Catalan independence from Spain  – if granted – will be short lived, as peaceful integration has not worked in Sweden or Germany, so why will it work in Catalonia? The Catalans will end up having to learn Arabic, Urdu or some other scrawl, not the other way around. Handing out roses and sitting down in the street is not going to work with the Religion of Peace, it’s terrorists and their sympathisers. Then, with hindsight, remaining in Spain will have looked the better option than being known as the Caliphate of Catalonia.

They really are a bunch of cuckold, pussified, delusional cunts. Their symbol is the donkey, and they truly are donkeys led by donkeys. Fuck ’em up the arse with a big fat Catalan sausage.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

92 thoughts on “Catalan Independence

  1. Sounds like Spain should declare independence from the Catalans. Why would any country want to hang on to a region that is as apparently shit as you say is beyond me. Can’t see the benefit. Big wall around the region should sort it.

  2. Spain should fuck the bolshie catalan cunts right off, and those ‘Barca’ cunts should be banned from the Spanish football league and all European competitions…

  3. The Romans foresaw Bride of McKrankiestein and the ginger hordes wanting their Freeeeedom! and built a wall. Spain should lance the boil and let the Catalans suck on Junkers balls.

    • You new about here ? Looks like you need educated about what the actual result of the Scottish referendum actually was. Here’s a clue. Krankie lost. Dense cunt.

  4. I do admire the Spanish coppers… First of all, anyone that can upset scores of knicker wetting student cunt libmong flakey wakeys can’t be bad…. It’s also a shame that our own cozzers don’t get stuck into the treasonous anti-Brexit scum (like those snowflake abominations in Manchester at weekend) like the Spanish police do with those Catalan cuntwipes…

  5. Apparently, 7 million people want to be free, but they want to be in the EU. ???

    Am I missing something, or are they just retarded .?

    • Nope, you’ve got it right. the same as Nicola Sturgeon and her mangy tribe of followers.

      • Yes, I thought that about turdgun and Scottie…

        Independence from wetminster, only to get every orifice filled with unspeakable filth by the Brussels sprout-cunts

  6. I went to Barcelona earlier this year, I know they have had their troubles but I joined one of the ‘legal’ weed smoking clubs one night after getting bit pissed. It cost about £20, I wonder if my membership is still valid? If it’s shut down I want my money back.

  7. Europe is falling apart it seems, a lot of bad blood between the Catalans and the Spanish. Although a comprehensive cunting, I have to say if they want independence let them have a democratic referendum. Spain dont want that as the country if fucked financially anyways and the Catalans obviously put a lot of money in the pot. I don’t see the point in keeping some cunts part of your country when they don’t want to be (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Basque) let them fuck off and do their own thing. Like Cornwall should fuck off, the cunts.

    • For fucks sake, how many times ? Scotland and the majority of Scots voted to remain in the UK. What is it about this you dont understand? Jesus fucking wept.

  8. Cornwall needs a cunting,
    Takes ages to get there as there is no motorway, nice scenery and all that but it’s full of weird Celt cunts and surfers
    And apart from some farmland what the fuck do they bring to the table?
    Put all the remainiacs and EU loving cunts there and build a wall round the cunt. The only good thing to come out of there is clotted cream.

    • Clotted Cream and… DI “Juicy” Lucy Lane, helping keep Cornwall’s coastline ****-free !!

  9. Funny how all these snowflake scum are calling for Cuntalonia to be ‘free’… Yet anyone who wants the UK to be free of the EU is ‘racist’ and anyone who disagrees with them is a ‘Nazi’… I wonder if (or when) Benderdict Cuntberdinck, Fanny Lineker or Lily Mong will spew shit about their ‘support’ for their Catalan ‘brothers and sisters’? I’d take bets on the Musical Mong doing it….

      • The BBC could sort out their pay inequality probs in one move.

        Pay the jug-eared twat the same as one of the beebistani wimmin, and the twat will soon throw a hissy fit and bugger orf.
        JC only knows why he is paid so much anyway.

        I’d love to know if he’s a candidate for stringing up on the Yew Tree…

        • I can’t stand to watch the cunt!! A pseudo intellectual prick of the highest order!!
          The jug eared twat thinks his opinions carry some gravitas because he has a few O levels and goal hung around for England!! Overrated!! Overpaid!! CUNT………..

          • Lazy – you forgot lazy. the cunt cant even do Football focus or MOTD2 or the Premier league show. Strangely, jugs was virtually illiterate before he had to retire with a sore toe. Positive he has a ghost tweeter – the BBC had to teach him to present and for that he is paid gazillions for what? A pundit asking other pundits obvious fucking questions with only one answer. As a footnote I am proud to announce that in our small close of 5 houses Walkers of any description has been elbowed. I am not sponsoring any fucker who pays that jug eared leftie a penny. His brother is a cunt too. I saw the pair of cunts in Lineker’s Bar in Tenerife. Both stood under a pillar bathed in LV lighting surrounded by huge jiggerboo bouncers stopping anyone going anywhere near them. The best part? A well aimed full bottle of San Miguel was lobbed from the back of the bar by some dickhead – shattered on the pillar and soaked the pair of cunts to the cheers of the assembled throng. Top cunt.

      • I’m clueless about Spanish politics, mikes post was both interesting and illuminating …, lineker on the other hand probably has absolutely no fuckin idea of what’s what!!, and is just virtue signaling!! ” oh they didn’t let them vote , where’s the democracy?” pathetic self serving BBC whore that he is…

  10. Human beings are mostly as thick as pig shit. They harbour beliefs in supernatural beings, churn kids out by the billions without a thought how they are going to be supported and find things to fight about that even a three year old wouldn’t bother about. I’d be surprised if this pathetic species is still here in 500 years. Probably wouldn’t be able to reproduce anyway after the pissy fairy wusses have had every fuckers cocks n minges removed so you have to go to a shit n piss removal centre. Gender free of course. Cunts.

    • With you all the way on that one, Kendo. Ninety five per cent of human beings are fucking cunts. The more I see them and hear about them, it makes me want to climb into a coffin and pull the lid down.

    • I been saying this for years. Wars might be cunts, but they do thin out the population. We’re in danger of breeding ourselves to extinction.
      I had great hopes for AIDS thinning us out a bit but it never came to pass. Our only hope now is to get off the rock into Mars or the Moon because this planet is well and truly buggered…

      • You know we are fucked when the most ecologically sound thing that we can do now is to nuke half the planet. It’s funny how the Green Party doesn’t see over population as the biggest threat to the environment, the animal kingdom, and the sustainability of the human race. Perhaps Kim Jong Un is a blessing in disguise…..

  11. It seems some of my earlier posts may have been in ignorance – a bit of reading around the subject I’ve come to a simple conclusion. Catalonia is full of peacefuls. I’m almost sad now that the bullets were only rubber. This isn’t an independence vote, it’s a foothold situation and needs to be dealt with. The first of many, how long before Londonistan or the north ‘middle’ east tries this shit… crack some skulls boys.

  12. I don’t know enough of the situation in Spain and would like to hear the other side of the argument, but there seems to be a common theme to independent cunts and that is they don’t want their share of the debt. Fucking Sturgeon just skated around the issue, it was obvious she had no intention of taking any debt.

    • My father always reckoned that the best way to get rid of the national debt was to declare war on America and surrender immediately…

  13. Interesting rant, Mr Oxard. Double standards from the Establishment? Heaven forfend.

    Did anyone read that cockhead in the Guardian saying that calling for banning guns after Las Vegas is not the same as calling for the reform of Islam after yet another micrococked jihadist goes on the rampage. I would suggest the main difference is that there aren’t hundreds of gun nuts celebrating Las Vegas on Twatter. In fact, as far as I am aware, the only celebrating came from Islamists when the nest of faggots that is ISIS claimed Paddock as one of their own. But then ISIS claim everything these days – the jihad hasn’t been going so well recently for the under-endowed bumboys of Raqqa. Surprised they didn’t claim responsibility when I stubbed my toe last night.

    I finally got around to writing this about that silly bint who slagged off those scaffolding boys a couple of weeks ago. I got the phrase about her artwork not being out of place in a special needs kindergarten from this splendid website. Thanks whoever it was.

  14. Who said crime doesn’t pay? Homeless murderer of do-gooder and daughter just sentenced to free board & lodging for life.

  15. A Jew is repairing his fence and needs a hammmer to knock home some nails, so he sends his son to borrow one from a neighbour.
    The son returns empty handed as says “Father, he will not lend it to you, he fears you may wear it out”…

    The father turns to his son and says “Our neighbour is one tight fisted cunt….now go fetch the hammer from my toolbox”….

  16. A cunting: The Real Spain

    Spain went doine the tubes after the death orf Franco. Here is The Generalissimo with Hitler.

    Have poked aroinde Espania a bit. Found it a weird place. Last refuge orf old Nazis on holiday. A bit orf a death wish in the air. Was enjoying a Brandy de Jerez at a street cafe when bugger me Yours Truly surrounded by cunts kitted up like the Ku Klux Klan wearing high conical hats and masks. Fucking Monty Python sketch. Thought me number was up. Then they went streaming past in absolute silence. Only two options. Hide under the table or stand on it to get oit orf the way orf the cunts. Stand up for Britain? Couldn’t get me old arse under quick enough.
    They were pouring oit orf an ancient doorway opposite followed by cunts scourging themselves, the old rusty chains, manacles, the whole De Sade. Got a mate runs a place like that in Brighton. A bit orf a kerfuffle, something stuck in the door then oit it pops, a bloody effigy orf Christ in a four poster bed. Incense and Holy Water going everywhere, old slags in black crossing themselves and moaning. Some cunt starts tossing fire crackers. Then orf they go acrorss the square and up a narrow side street and I get orn with me lunch. Another day in the life.

    The real Spain? Jack boot fascists and ultra catholic cunts with a spot orf bull slaughter thrown it.

    Oh yes the Brit expat community has its own enclaves with its own dodgy geezers who make a living ripping orf their own with DIY repairs and gardening and property deals ect plus the low profile professional crims. Then there are the old pensioner cunts depending as a life line (literally) on knackered old motors to get them back to Blighty for free medical care.

    The real Spain? Hasta la Vista, baby.

    • They are descended from those cunts who formed The Spanish inquisition, a bunch of fruitcakes. The Spanish are cunts but they have Iberico ham and Manchego cheese so they can’t be that bad, the cunts.

      • I can forgive the cunts for anything because of Rioja. And they are not French.

        • How could I forget Sherry, lovely stuff. Reminds me of Christmas, on that thought I saw mince pies in Tesco today (October 4th), Tesco are cunts.

          • Indeed Tossco are grabbing cunts, they’ve had mince pies &c. in for about ten days, now… And they were bloody slow to pull that sus chicken orf their shelves.

            Any bets on first sighting of this year’s beardy cunt with reindeer in tow ?? Ho ho ho…

          • Spanish sherry ‘Gold Dust’ was 60p a bottle from Tescos in 1971. Got me seriously pissed at work one afternoon, but managed somehow to make it home on the Lambretta before throwing up out me bedroom window 3 times, all over me dad’s prize roses. Filthy fucking stuff. Didn’t touch another drop for a month.

  17. I can’t imagine why the Spanish government didn’t just allow the Catalans’their vote,and then adopt the” British Brexit” model when required to implement the independence outcome. …..Drag it out for an interminable length of time,all the while diluting the objectives. It’s worked a treat over here.

  18. I haven’t really been following it but I do wonder if Spains got as many treacherous quisling Cunts as we have in the UK??
    Proper backstabbing collaborating sell out merchants….

  19. The Catalans have said that if they leave Spain, Barcelona can come and play in the Premier League.

    No, no they can’t, they can fuck off. It’s bad enough there’s a bunch of leek munching sheep shaggers in it as it is.

    • Another bunch of preening,non-English-speaking,overpaid, prima-donna Coons should fit in no bother. Be just like the rest of the Premier League teams.
      Fuck them.

      • Fucking fuck the fuck. No fucking way. They want to find somewhere to play, they can fuck off to Scotland or Afghanistan. What utter cunts, who the fuck do theye think they are? It’s the EPL which stands for English Premier League where the word English means it’s cunt free apart from Tottenham.

        • “Cunt free apart from Tottenham” ???…..Really, I’ve read some pretty outrageous claims on this site,but to say that ANY part of the Premier League is cunt free is beyond the Pale. It is entirely Cunt infested from top to bottom,and they all deserve to be forced to attend a country music festival in Vegas,while I occupy a recently redecorated hotel room overlooking the concert site.
          Fuck them.

          • I know. My comment was a sort of negative space effect in order to emphasise Tottenham cuntiness.

          • And why are there no great Scottish players in the top division any more?…. When I was a lad there were greats like Buchan, Jordan, Souness, Dalglish, Macari, Bremner, Gray (Eddie and/or Andy), Hartford, Robertson, and,of course, King Denis The Lawman… Now it’s all tattooed Gauchos and the like… Apart from that little shit, Sterling and Donkey Stones, do Man Citeh have any other English players?….

      • Actually I would welcome Barcelona to the football league?? As with all EU countries there would be no ” cherry picking ” so Barca start in division 2 !! Away to Rotherham? On a wet Tuesday evening??
        Suarez is kicked into row Z and messi refuses to come out for the 2 nd half!! Hola!! 😂

        • Barca in the Prem would be hilarious… Sparky’s Stoke kicking fuck out of Messi and Co… And then Burnley getting stuck into the cunts at Turf Moor on a January afternoon… Then they’d draw Millwall or Leeds in the FA Cup and be torn to pieces…. Softarse Messi at The Den or Elland Road?… Lovely stuff….

          Would also have loved to have seen those Tiki-Taka Barca cunts against a full strength 90s United in a normal Premiership fixture… Keane, Cantona, Ince, Butt, Bruce etc in full attack mode against the Catalan Cunts….

    • There’s fuck all wrong with sheep shagging you cunt. And leeks are very nice too, look you.

      • In New Zealand way out in the wilds they have an annual sheep race.
        The frustrated young men who haven’t seen a woman for months line up and when the gun is fired they race towards the flock and each shag a sheep.
        I asked one of them why the rush? “Well”, he replied, “you don’t wanna get an ugly one…”

  20. Nice to see May choking today on her own subconscious desire to euthanise. The deluded hag must have skin thicker than a rhino with rigor mortis.

    Fuck off to Dignitas, you useless old cunt, where they know how to do a job competently.

  21. I saw PM MAY was interrupted making her keynote speech today by ( comedian) mike brodkin?? ( who is that?) well it’s safe to say brodkin is a shitty leftie cunt who like those fucking imbeciles that broke into Rees Moggs speech the other day think they are being clever??
    It’s fucking pathetic and childish behaviour, imagine if every conference you had stupid Cunts pulling cheap stunts?, proper democratic debate is all good but these stunts just lower the tone!, I noted sky news gave brodkin a lot of airtime!!
    Maybe Next time labour has a conference the tories should turn up with a marching band and some mime artists??

      • Unfunny yoof cunt who had a show on BBC 3. Didn’t he throw cash at some FIFA troughers once? Yawn.

    • I feel about May’s speech the same way I feel about The Donald’s state visit.
      You might think they are both cunts, but FFS have some respect for the office if not the person holding it…

    • Looked up brodkin on wiki….
      it says ” brodkin is allegedly a comedian ” ….. LOL

    • This ‘Lee Nelson’ should have been taken to a darkened room and had the fuck kicked out of him – Gene Hunt style – by the GMP…

      That’s the trouble with these snowflakes and libmong scum… They get away with far too much and they know they can… Either there is no show of force against them (like those treasonous Remainer cunts) or people keep schtum in case they ‘offend’ them…It’s time people realised that all ‘offended’ people ever do is be ‘offended’ and nothing more… As a force to be reckoned with they are fucking useless… And as for the bolshier snowflakes and tossers like ‘Lee Nelson’? If a good few of them got twatted or teargassed the twats wouldn’t be so gobby and they’d all but disappear… If I was PM and this ‘Nelson’ smear of snot tried to take the piss out of me during a conference, I’d have has him incarcerated, given a good leathering, and then fed to the dogs, the little cunt… But, as I’ve said, they do it because they know they can…

  22. A cunting for my reception or lack of.
    Yoigo, you are cunts.
    Its taken me over twenty minutes to get on here, watching that little white reception indicator flashing on and off.
    Twenty fuckin minutes. I forgot what i was originally going to write, its wound me up that much.
    Reception, nearly, gone, nearly, gone, loading page, stop loading page, turn off, try again, same results for twenty minutes.
    My phone has been thrown at the wall three times and luckily is still working.
    Yoigo, you utter utter cunts.
    I’ve been in the shop plenty of times and all I’ve learned from them is that they hate it when i repeat “what’s the point of you cunts?” over and over.
    It would be easy to point the finger and call them lazy Spanish cunts, but Yoigo are run by an English slaaaaaaag!

    Trying to cut down my cigarettes to three a day.
    I’ve smoked four waiting on this cunting reception.

    Right, I’m off to try and remember what my comment was going to be.
    It’ll be posted sometime this week. 🙂

  23. Does anyone really give a fuck about this Catalan business? Apart from the detrimental effect it has on EU cohesion, I couldn’t care less.

  24. Nope, I’m afraid I really could not give two knobs of goatshit about this Catatonia bunch of bumstrokers or whatever they are called.

    Nothing to see, move on. Slow news week. I’d rather know what the local news on Anglia offers instead. A farmer in Diss has had his tractor stolen. Now that is far more newsworthy.

  25. Is Gordon Banks dead?

    I’m hearing he is but have also read that it’s a hoax.

    Sad if it’s true.

    COYB. 🙁

  26. Wasn’t the twat who interrupted Saggy May’s speech waving a P45 around?
    I thought unemployment was a taboo subject for lefties nowadays.
    Cue South Park rednecks shouting
    “Dey took urr jerbs”…

    • Posted from my new all singing all dancing phone, which I actually managed to make work properly. Miracles do fucking happen…

  27. More snivelling shite from Saggy May… Instead of giving it all that ‘I know people see me as cold’ bollocks, she should have said something like, ‘Cold?! I’ll give you fucking cold! I’ll freeze your fucking balls off, Juncker, you pisspot Fourth Reich cunt!’

    Some hope though, eh?….

  28. That is a masters level cunting Mike. It must be worth about 60 credits towards a masters degree.

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