No.This is what a bunch of cunts look like

The term activist is code for commie prick who is too up their own arse to get a proper job and is unemployable anyhow due to their sublime sense of self entitlement.

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69

What do these people do for employment?. Do they just become ‘bloggers’ or ‘activists’. These terms are of course shorthand for maladjusted self absorbed weirdo cunt. I would seriously object to being around some cunt who is Arthur one day and Martha the next,and expects everyone else to walk on eggshells about it.

Nominated by Mary Hinge

101 thoughts on “Activists

  1. Anti Israel activists and LGBTQIHFUCEHFJ+++++++ cunts make me livid. It has been lwgal to be a poof since 1967. i now have the same rights as straights. Time to take down that rainbow flag.Anti Israel activists? FUCK OFF!

    Am in starbucks. Two very fit scaffolders have jyst come in. I would show them my pole anytime!

    • Do you think that poofs would have had these rights without “activists”? I suspect that a lot of very brave people had to be “activists” to win queers their rights.

        • So you don’t mind the “Activist= opinionated up there own arrse leftie cunt.” who you refer to in your first post,as long as they happen to be pushing your particular proclivities? Handy.

  2. If there is one group in this country who need a voice and are treated as second class citizens, potential rapists, presumed xenophobes and sexist throwbacks then its heterosexual white men. No cunt wants to bang the drum for their rights as it doesn’t tick enough boxes and we are supposed to be beating ourselves and self loathing anyway over so called ‘white privilege’.

  3. The same people ( or type ) seem to attend every protest regardless of what that protest is about. They are always opposed, or to the left of any issue, and are always opposed to ideals of common sense.

    Activists are by nature cunts. They survive on state sponsored missions by virtue of their existence on state benefits. It was always my belief that without that state aid, there would be far fewer protests, far fewer activists and far less tax burden.

    But the protesting cunts of today are the feckless retards who have a clearly defined socio-pathic disorder. They are not democrats. There is only one view in their world, and that is their own view no matter how fucking twisted it may be. They will close down any alternate and by force if necessary.

    The way to deal with these cunts, is to have an establishment that stands for strong values and for common sense ideals.

    Sadly we our establishment has neither quality.. How then do we deal with the left and its activists? Shoot the fuckers!

  4. And the amount of celebricunts and partners of celebricunts who class themselves as ‘activists’ is a fucking joke….. We all know about Lily the Megamong, Gary Linekunt, John/Paul/George/Jack Monroe, and Fanny Izzard… But then there’s Hairy Mulligan, Benderdict Cuntberbollocks, Bonio, and Bonio’s horrendous mrs (arguably even a bigger cunt than Bonio himself!)… Then there’s the bottom end of the pool… Madogga, Kunty Perry, Miley Shagbag… Slags who have made a career out of selling sex and themselves, but expect people to see them as politically minded and activists….

  5. Of course these celebricunt ‘activists’ will be telling all us ‘riff raff’ to ‘dig deep’ for the ABBC cuntathon, ’35 Year Old Rapeugees From The Calais Shitheap In Need’ in a week or two…. Well, fuck them… They’re getting fuck all…

    • With the mass bombing of somalia yesterday norm all these activists and journazi’s (journalist nazis) get ready for these mongs to say we need another 20,000 low IQ somalians because their countries are wartorn shit heaps who can’t better themselves without our help. Why stop there you cunts? just let the whole of somalia overrun us just invite the whole country here why not? we seem to look after everybodys interest except our own, fucking bastards!

      Remember a bombing in a manchester concert and we are “stronger together” But a bombing in somalia is a horrible tragedy and we have to take in thousand refugees because its sad their country is a shithole thats the narrative as I understand it

  6. Activists can fuck off,
    Nothing they protest or winge about changes. Government will implement and carry out the agenda regardless of what a load of Tarquins and Penelopes from Surrey complain about.
    Look how many protested against the Iraq invasion, what happened… fuck all.
    Fuck everything, there will be a massive financial recession soon and people will lose house’s and I’ll be there to make a killing. Once that happens I’ll make enough money to live the high life and the whole system can go fuck itself.

      • Thanks Shitcake Baker, I as in a bad mood. Was wondering are you shit at baking cakes or do you bake cakes which have shit in the ingredients?

        • Thank you for your polite enquiry B&WC.

          I slow bake my cake organically, deep within me bowels, ready to serve fresh, moist & hot, direct from me pile infested bunghole every morning right after breakfast.

          Hope that answers your question.

          • I’ll have a few of the next batch… Been meaning to donate some
            Cakes off to the local charity shop.

          • I’ll tell them it’s organic chocolate brownie, the cunts in the local Deli will probably put an order in.

          • Nice idea, I’ll pop a few thru your letterbox, but best to keep ’em between ourselves for the time being – there’s probably quite a lot of dope in the mix so wouldn’t want to get the charity shop or Deli customers stoned and risk falling foul of the Trades Description Act, etc.

            BTW, I do a scrummy Yule Log (with added valium) at Xmas if you’re keen?

  7. Activists by nature prevent the activities of others. This breakdown in logic is a crystal clear window into their mentality.
    I have tonnes of fun in my daily life irritating those around me who sympathize with these peculiar activist opinions by simply shouting very loudly about voting conservative and being sickeningly proactive about everything. Its not long before their lazy prerogatives fail.
    Lazy moaning Cunts.

  8. “An activist is a person who campaigns for some kind of social change. When you participate in a march protesting the closing of a neighborhood library, you’re an activist. Someone who’s actively involved in a protest or a political or social cause can be called an activist.”

    Perhaps if we actually became “activists” instead of just moaning,we might achieve something. A few weeks ago I thought about going to a Tommy Robinson march which was reasonably local…but,of course, I didn’t. Couldn’t be arsed.
    I know that most of us on here could justifiably argue that work or family commitments make participating difficult,but let’s be honest,if we really wanted to
    affect positive change,we could find time. I no longer work the hours that I used to,but I still haven’t used that time to do something positive.
    I’m not convinced about how much “Activists” achieve,and I probably disagree with most of their causes,but I have a bit of respect for people who are actually trying to make an impact. I’m just too complacent and lazy.

    • The other issue Dick is that if you’re filmed and posted on YouTube or Facebook as a “peaceful” in Lutonistan shouting “Fuck the UK!” and “Death to the British Police!” (while being escorted by said police) and an employer cops it, there is no way that employer would dare make anything of it for fear of being raked into a tribunal under discrimination grounds.

      Now flip that: you’re an average middle-aged white man and your seen quietly listening to Tommy Robinson – which is a democratic right – you’ll be summarily dismissed just in case it might offend the 5% of “peaceful” cunts who work at your gaff (or 70% if it’s Luton, Leeds, Bradford, etc.).

      If I was retired I’d go to every one! Unfortunately the threat/fear of being negatively discriminated against for having legitimate concerns about the direction *my* country is being driven (with an ever growing militant “peaceful” population) will keep me away.

      Coward yes but it’s the difference between “some money” and “no money” and unlike these workshy, benefit sponging, professional activists, if I didn’t work I’d get fuck all and would also be black-balled from other work (as the nature of the business I work in is very incestuous and word of mouth travels like wildfire).

      It’s not that they wouldn’t want to employ my services, it’s just that they’d be equally afraid of the negative comeback on their businesses through association.

      It stinks but it’s also – sadly – a reality.

      • I quite understand your point,RWAC. I know that not everyone can “Protest”. I’m just pointing out that, although you may well be the exception,even when most of us have the time/opportunity,we still don’t actually do anything positive…Well, I don’t anyhow.
        Personally I think that it’s a bit of a “caught between a rock and a hard place” situation. Protesting seems to achieve nothing,whereas not protesting is akin to running up the white flag and admitting that it’s all pointless….Can’t win either way,but the people who continue to protest are at least trying.

  9. I often wonder how many of the sleb Cunts actually put their hands in their own very deep pockets?? Not many I bet!!, instead they probably think that by giving Some time that’s their payment? But most slebs unlike people with real world jobs have vast swaths of time in between work…
    Also by doing their ( deliberately very visible) charity/ activist work they know it gives them the opportunity for some ( well earned) virtue signaling!!
    im sure a lot of these Cunts just see it as a chance to climb even higher up the greasy poll…

  10. Is it too soon to nominate the ABBC for yet another double-standards cunting?

    On this morning’s Victoria Derbycunt programme they were discussing the Harvey Wankstain allegations.

    It is a very serious issue which will be investigated but the pious faux concern – especially from Derbycunt herself was nauseating at best.

    They also reported a hash tag of “#metoo” that people could use to intimate that they too have been victims of abuse within the entertainment industries of film, television and music.

    This from an organisation which enabled, or at the very least we’re complicit in Jimmy Savile’s 40yr campaign of abusing children and the most vulnerable – handicapped children.

    How the ABBC dares point the finger from without about “casting couch” allegations whilst maintaining an essence of “denial of knowledge” over Savile is sickening.

    Derbycunt is no chicken and has been in the pocket of the ABBC for donkey’s years. How she can deliver such a concerned performance in those interviews without any hint of double standards…well, that’s the ABBC all over isn’t it.


  11. The bint snowflake 2nd from right in the pic above looks pretty damn fit from where I’m sitting. From the neck down at least.

    “Not an ounce of fat on that girl!”, my dearly departed daddy would have said.

    If she wants to put her NOT POWERLESS blower to the test, I got a ROCK HARD boner handy that’d appreciate a little TLC right now…

  12. Social change is achieved by duping voters into electing you and then, as any change will never suit everyone, engineer change to suit yourself.
    This path is too much like hard work for your average activist who would prefer to go for a walk instead and tell themselves that this is effective action. A small minority of them even take a day off work for it.
    Tired lazy cunts.

  13. Johnny Morris
    Tony Hart
    Rolf Harris
    Paul Gadd
    Max Clifford

    And a whole host of Radio 1 DJ’s, plus senior management figures, and a long history from the very beginning of the BBC.

  14. The BBC has been getting away with their brand of liberal leftie bollocks for years!! Even when it’s been flagged up the BBC simply ignores it, from top to bottom it’s a fuckiin cesspit of wonky eyed leftie agenda driven shite…..
    These days I barely watch it and would gladly switch the Cunt off permanently if doing so meant I did have to suffer the license fee!!
    Will anyone ever take the BBC to task?? I seriously doubt it……..

  15. Al BBC Zeera could spunk out liberal propaganda 24 hours a day, pack its politics shows with limp wristed lefties and Trots ,suck on the cock of Corbyn and be a mouthpiece for the Labour Party for all I care. It already does all the above but what I object to is paying for the fucking privilege.

    • Died from cirrhosis of the liver so he did, what a cunt not to tweet his condition beforehand so someone could have him in the DP, you wouldn’t catch Lily Mong missing an opportunity for some short lived sympathy.

  16. Never thought he was funny. The funniest irishman being the bloke who over dubbed gerry adams and martin mcguiness

  17. I want to nominate Hollywood liberals and Democrats for a much deserved cunting. As we all know, Harvey Weinstein is a fat, ugly, dirty old fucker, who allegedly (not convicted yet) thought that he could get beautiful young women to shag him on the basis of a movie deal. In my opinion, more than one of them proved him right, though I can’t prove that.

    Obviously, IF Weinstein is ever convicted, he’ll deserve it. BUT…the stench of hypocrisy from Hollywood and the Democratic Party, particularly Hillary Fucking Clinton, is overpowering. Let’s look at some of the women who have lined up to condemn ol’Dirty Bastard.

    First, we have a Rose McGowan, a talentless, IRA supporting twat, with all the charm, wit and grace of a decomposing corpse. If I remember correctly, she’s the one who started this shit show with her tweets. A nastier piece of work you will not meet in “Tinsel Town”. Famous for her role as the ‘sister’ who took over from Shannon Doherty when her character was killed off on Charmed.

    Then we have Hillary Clinton, who really has absolutely NO right to criticise someone for allegedly taking advantage of young women, considering who her fucking husband is. She’s recently taken shit, and rightly so, for condemning Weinstein, after accepting donations from him. She’s now meekly announced that she’s donating that money to charity. I hope it isn’t her and Bill’s Haiti Foundation, because we’ll never see it again if it is. She really is the nastiest piece of shit in the US right now. And they have OJ Simpson.

    When she was First Lady, her Secret Service protection detail hated her so much, they actively assisted Bill with his affairs. And I don’t mean Of State. She’s known to treat those she considers beneath her, which is anyone who ISN’T a multi-millionaire with the worst contempt. And there is actually a recording of her when she was a lawyer, mercilessly making fun of the victim of a particularly nasty rapist she defended. Apparently, being assigned to her protection detail was so bad, the agents actually considered it a punishment.

    Then there’s “Hanoi” Jane Fonda. Actress, traitor, gobshite. She’s one of the ringleaders of the condemnation, and a prime example of the hypocrisy infesting lefty Hollywood. Even today, there are Vietnam veterans, like my uncles, who STILL refuse to even say her name.

    Mustn’t forget Meryl Streep, who is happy to burn Weinstein at the stake for his, so far, un-convicted crimes but will happily stand on a stage and defend Roman Polanski who IS a convicted rapist. Though he’s never had the guts to actually stand up in court and answer for his crime. She’s the dictionary definition of a hypocrite.

    And then there’s Queen Bandwagon Jumper herself, Emma Thompson. Stuck up prick, and arch hypocrite. Loves to call for refugees to be brought to the UK en masse, yet won’t give them a place to stay herself. Like Benedryl Cabbage Patch, she’s happy for them to be brought here, so long as there only housed in working class areas, well away from important people like her. She’s been mouthing off incessantly about this issue for the past week. Shame she didn’t do it twenty years ago.

    And that what is really gets my goat about Harvey Weinstein’s trial by lefty. All of the above are rich, powerful women (except McGowan, who’s about as powerful as a flat Duracell battery). They’ve all known Weinstein for a LONG time. So why the FUCK didn’t they say something sooner? They were close of his, so there’s no way you’ll convince me they didn’t at least suspect he was a perv. Fonda was on TV last week, wringing her hands and wishing she’d said something sooner, which proves, that she knew something.

    They could have stopped Weinstein twenty years ago, but because he was a fellow lefty, they kept their mouths shut. If Weinstein is guilty, then THEY are also guilty. Because by remaining silent, THEY are complicit. They could have saved numerous women from being abused, but they didn’t.

    The concept of innocent until proven is dead now. It has been for sometime. Weinstein has already been tried and convicted by the media, most of whom are also complicit. If he ever ends up in court, how is he supposed to the fair trial he has a right to? He can’t. That’s also the fault of the harridans above, because they’re all running to the fucking press to cover their own asses.

    • That’s what makes no sense. I’ve heard 80 women have now come forward. One, a B rated English actress whose name is have already forgotten, claims she was raped 30 fucking years ago. Why the fuck didn’t any of these cunts speak out at the time? Assume for the sake of argument all the allegations are true. They could have stopped him decades ago and saved so many women who have suffered. These cunts should be prosecuted for allowing him to continue.

      • It was Lysette Anthony when she auditioned for Krull.

        She got the part but I heard somewhere that they had to dub her voice in that role because her own voice/accent at the time was so bad.

        Lysette Anthony was and is a very pretty lady and was good in the “We Still Kill/Rob the Old Way” recent mockney gangster flicks with Ian Ogilvy (not bad for an hour’s entertainment).

        Still 30yrs too late cos it was hardly like her Hollywood career took off following Krull and can now be found nightly in the acting panacea of Hollyoaks (still pretty in that shitfest).

        • krull ! WTF ….. krudd
          Till now I thought I was the only person in England to have seen it…..
          is that a wankstein movie??

          • Bernard Breslaw
            Freddie Jones
            Alun Armstrong
            Todd Carty
            Liam Neeson too (I think)

            Magic castle.

            Flying shire horses.

            What’s not to like!

            That said, a young Lysette Anthony and the very beautiful Francesca Annis made up for the film. 😊

          • I think Robbie Coltrane too??
            I just remember the beast? or whatever the Cunts called just hanging around in the dark fortress? Making sexual overtures to lysette Anthony Was particularly pathetic!! Eventually getting killed by a extremely camp pantomime hero….. All very very odd… 😂

    • Excellent cunting QDM….
      I saw Fonda on tv at the weekend, I could only watch her for a couple of minutes before I started feeling nauseous and had to turn over!! …….. meanwhile the BBC were doing a hatchet piece on wankstein and were naming some of the actress’s who had flagged him up , one was Kate beckensale who alleges he was all over her when she started out in Hollywood!! , as they were running the story they showed him at a recent award ceremony, who had her arm draped over wankstein?? Kate fuckiin beckensale!! That’s who..
      Actually made me laugh…..
      is he guilty of wrongdoing?? Probably but that’s for a court to decide…..
      Are people jumping on the bandwagon?? Definitely!!’ …….

      • For all of Emma Thompsons bleating about women being sexualised in la la land she had no problem signing a petition against the extradition of child rapist bail jumper Roman Polanski.

        • If there’s financial compensation then I will go forward, he raped me during his “gay phase”.

      • The anti piracy advert a few years ago said that by buying a pirate DVD, you would be funding criminal activity. Apparently buying a genuine Weinstein company DVD does the same thing

    • Atrocious old ratbag clitworm on front of today’s papers saying that Russia is a huge threat to Europe, Western civilization, cupcakes and crumbly candy-bars &c.
      The only thing that’s a fuckin threat is clitsore and her syphilitic whoremaster rapist husband.
      Wankstain is pretty small fry by comparison, and so far no-one has suggested that he ever had anyone offed.

    • The vast majority of allegations have come out since he was removed from his company thereby losing the mythical power and status he had. Don’t feel any sorrow for those that came out after that, but the women that made the allegations when he was still the king of cunts deserve admiration because they could have lost any job possibilities and become an outcast in lala land.
      But typical lefties only jump on the bandwagon once it’s moving.

  18. Ed Sheeran has broken his arm falling off a pushbike. I just knew that this Cunt would be the the kind to have a bike.
    Fuck him.

      • Hopefully septicemia or something more serious’ll set in.
        Caterwauling Ginger Wanker.

        • If the cunt snuffs it, I saw a nice folding shovel in the surplus-shop in Wyndham Arcade today.
          Strikes me as being a useful piece of kit…

      • Nah single speed with dropped bars and orange wheels. Like the garish cartoon tattoos got to be on trend. Ask him what the tattoos represent and he couldn’t give a sensible answer unless he got a team of writers involved. Ginger haired cunt.

    • Apparently he was in the middle of a world tour.

      100,000 people are said to be gutted.

      The rest if the world’s population are celebrating!

      This is what happens when some cunt on social meejah sees a twat like this and wanting to be first to “notice” a new singer – shit or not – tweets: “Er, yeah, er, this guy is great, you should, er, totally check him out yeah!”

      And the next thing you know – with all of the “joiners” chiming in – we end up with this prick as a star!

      Same social meejah driven shite that made Adele “popular”.

      Fuckers must be stone deaf!

      • Can you imagine Adele and Ed Sheeran as a double headliner at the O2. “Stupor” comes to mind.

      • 100, 000 people are said to be gutted ??

        Reminiscent of Python’s “Take your appendix out on the Piccadilly line”

        I’d sooner rip off my ears than listen to that prat.

  19. A cunting for the dumb cunt who went for a swim in the sea in Ireland whilst storm Ophilia was in full flow.
    What is it with some cunts? No doubt the cunt was pissed.

  20. Fucking activists, thank fuck for this website, i have hated them for years and now i can vent my spleen in good cunting company!
    The worst are the White Dreadlocked brigade, just back from a gap year mummy paid for, half way through a fucking useless sociology degree, thinking that waving a hand made placard and chanting somehow makes you qualified on world issues, but the very worst, the lowest piece of filthy distended infected arse cancer are the ant-capitalist activists. What in the name of sweet jesus are you hoping to achieve! Oh shit, look down there on the streets, its a fella called Tarquin wearing tie dye, banging a bongo, quick smash the establishment and lets fire up the communist manifesto!
    You may as well protest about the weather for all the good it does. I can hope that the CIA release an infectious disease contracted through their skinny mocha late frapachinos and they all die of Tie Dye poisoning…..

    • Shouldn’t there be a minimum age in order to be allowed to be an activist ? Once you’ve done a bit and seen how the world works … or at least doesn’t work.

      • I think they should be tested and only given a license when they’ve past an exam!!
        “ sorry dreadlocked white cunt you only scored 31% on your chosen subject, so you really have no idea what your talking about, so fuck off!! “ FAILED….

    • Nice work DSC….
      This site is absolutely priceless!!
      Just when you think the whole worlds gone fuckiin mad you can come on here and let rip at all the arseholes that are irritating you….
      I’m pretty sure it’s help lowering my blood pressure!! Maybe it should be prescribed on the NHS?? 😂

  21. It’s not so much ginger Ed breaking his arm that’s got me smiling, it’s the thought of the disappointment of his legions of easily-pleased fans, most of whom are doubtlessleft-leaners sympathetic to the opinions of those cunty protesters the cunting was originally for. Next year, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy the utter misery of bell-end football fans when “we” fail pathetically at the world cup. Aah, perfect schadenfreude…

    • Agreed. Linekunt, ian not bright wright, gormless neville and whoever else gets to present the football shite fest. All cunts. Schandenfreude
      Germany Vs. England (4-1) – Fifa World Cup 2010 Full Game Highlights (06.27 …
      YouTube · fidoryaka
      27 Jun 2010

    • I see your namesake Thomas The Tank Engine have been hijacked by the PC Nazis, storylines are to include gender equality and sustainable cities and communities. Eh? just what all 5 year olds are worried about. No doubt the Fat Controller will be the Clinically Obese Controller, waiting for his gastric band free on the NHS while on strike.

      • Renamed “Sir Toppingham Hat” some time ago.
        And hasn’t it made the world a beter place?

        • Wait til he has the op and becomes Ms Titfeh-Tat!

          That way the Tristram and Poppy parent cunts get to press-gang Tarquin into being gender neutral just so they have a talking point at the next PTA and every other kid’s party!

          “Where’s Jack son? You said he was coming?”

          “Yeah he, well, she is. His Mummy and Daddy have decided he’s a girl today.”

          “Oh they have, have they? OK son next time you’re on the bouncy castle see if can catch him one in the spuds. Let’s see if he’s really a girl today!”

      • They tried having “Mohammed the Tank Engine” on Sodor, but his beard kept getting caught in the front wheels, his boiler exploded regularly and he kept jumping the tracks to mow down loads of innocent honky children.

    • Not only fail at the World Cup but anyone silly enough to go to Russia getting their cunt knocked in!! 😡😡

  22. Rose McGowan is a cunt…
    Jumping on the Weinstein bandwagon (and no doubt a ‘tell all’ book and numerous cash ins from chat shows and the like) is one thing, but to get all out of your pram over someone else’s opinion and a joke is extreme cuntitude….Hollywood E Lister McGowan used her potty mouth on both Woody Allen and James Corden for their remarks on Weinstein… I’m no fan of either Allen or Corden, but they shouldn’t get lectured or abused by some talentless plastic paddy slag who has openly supported the Provisional IRA and their atrocities… McGowan whines on about ‘rape’ but she also condones murder?… Fuck off!

    • For a cunt of her calibre Anna soubry gets away relatively lightly on ISAC……
      On my Xmas wish list is for MAY to kick out this Machiavellian bitch who has continually plotted to deny the wishes of her constituents who voted by a 9% majority to leave the EU, Despite her using every trick in the project fear book!!
      She also uses the well worn out phrase “ hope over fear” oh fuckiin please think of something original to say!

      I believe this vile quisling was a former member of the liberal party? judging by the her verbal diarrhoea it’s not difficult to see…

  23. Jason Isaacs is a boring smug uber liberal cunt who I would love to punch in the face.On after the news being such a vile predictable luvvy.

    • If it wasn’t for those shitty Harry Potter films, he would have remained stuck in B-grade movie obscurity forever.

    • Have you seen him in the new Star Trek as captain? Makes fucking Shatner look like an actor – and that takes some doing!

      It’s either old age creeping in or a comment on the impression he makes, but I actually had to look up Shatner because I honestly couldn’t remember his name…

      Tek War was shite too

  24. Funny old game life. In our way all cunters are “activists”. All are invited to join me “Can’t be arsed” Party and march orn London once the weather gets a bit nicer, perhaps next summer. If I can be arsed.

  25. Some whinging slag on LBC just now saying wolf whistling is a hate crime! No, you nazi dipshit, you’re the fucking hate crime – wolf whistling is a CUNT Crime!

      • Actually she was on Ferrari, but point taken Kravdarth.

        James ‘Lord Haw-Haw’ O’Brian way beyond ability to stomach, unless my inner masochist has the whip hand. Even he can only handle 5 minutes max at a time…

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