The Emmy Awards

The Emmys – Just like the bilge-fest that was the Oscars, yet another yank luvvie vehicle for Trump bashing.

Yes – glitterati – Trump may be a shite President but have you ever thought about why he got in when 95% of the press, etc., we promoting Killary?

The answer is that ordinary yank folk (outside of the political and media bubbles – who hate ordinary folk) actually voted for something, anything other than yet another 4yrs of political sameness where no one in power gives a fuck about them so long as they are in power!

You cunts in Hollywood are so far removed from reality it’s unreal, I just wish the same folk who voted Trump would stop watching your films and TV series. As soon as those ratings began to fall you sharp change your La La Land tune, or at least shut the fuck up! You cunts!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

Who the fuck is that gormless looking git who hosted the Emmys? Talk about cringeworthy embarrassment on a stick! Completely not funny or in the least bit entertaining, so I guess he’s American?

Some talentless twat call Stephen Colbert, apparently. Never fucking heard of him!

Let’s keep it that way…

Nominated by Dioclese

93 thoughts on “The Emmy Awards

  1. Fucking bollocks isn’t he? The Colbert Report is him spouting shit political comments and tumbleweeds rolling until the audience is very obviously prompted to erupt in howls of mirth. A more scripted, retake after retake pile of cunt you’ll never find.
    And they let this twat host a shit fest that gets broadcast worldwide? Good choice, you doss cunts*.

    *doss cunts courtesy of Birdman*

    • I used to have the misfortune of working with a total cunt who thought she was ‘different’ and ‘with it’ because she was a fan of that StephenColbert cunt… Fuck me, she was horrendous… She actually referred to herself (seriously!) as a ‘Colbertinista’ and used his stupid phrases like ‘Truthiness’ all the time… She also hated men and (again) thought she was ‘cool’ for being into crap like Sleater Kinney, Pavement, and Neutral Milk Hotel… She was also a rabid Roger Federer fan (while still hating every bloke she knew) and she cuntishly referred to Wimbledon as ‘Wimby’… The daft slag never shut up about fucking Colbert, and she was easily one of the most horrible cunts I have met in my entire life…

      And the cunt also thought that lardarse rugmunching cunt, Amy Sedaris, was funny and all… What else needs to be said?….

    • I’d love to take the credit KiwiCunt but i got it from Begbie in Trainspotting.

      You can call somecunt a cunt, fucking cunt, you cunt, that cunt, but adding “doss”, to me, sounds more severe.

      ” didnae fuckin mention it, ah cannae believe it. Whits the last thing ah telt you? mind and mention the diminished responsibility, you doss cunt”. 🙂

  2. Stephen Colbert hosts the late show and is about as funny as a dose of piles!!, this sycophantic pro Hillary piece of American knob cheese had her on the show after she had lost to tango man, it was truly toe curling stuff!!….

  3. All these wank award shows may have had some allure years ago, when there was some genuine mystique about the stars of Hollywood, and the lives they lead. I’m thinking of people like Richards Burton and Harris, real legends. Now, fame is fleeting and cheap, so called reality stars considered as valid celebrities, like the dreaded K family, who seem to be famous for shopping and liking cock of colour. Scum. It’s not just these cunts though, look at the fucking A listers, hypocrite twats like Dicaprio telling the world to save energy whilst flying from party to party by private jet, or the multitude of other cunts bleating about refugees, Trump etc. As for the US talk show hosts, well one of the more popular ones at the moment is fat cunt James Corden, and that tells you all you need to know about them.

    • I think the “mystique” you refer to was formerly known as “talent”.

      Back in the early days of TV thru to the 80’s there was some TV talent and some good shows (even yank ones). By the 90’s it was still there but greatly diminished. By the noughties it was 90% shite to 10% decent, and nowadays talent is as rare as palladium!

      The scientologist mob must be shitting themselves because nowadays – in order to save a dwindling career (Travolta anyone) – you don’t have to follow the magic space numpty while sucking Tom Cruise’s cock, no, just chuck in a Trump slur here, say illegals have more rights than citizens there and the “right-on” glitterati will beat a path to your door.

      This is how bad it is (over there, and not much better here)…

      Talentless, face like a turtle’s arse, and NBC’s resident “bean flicker” Ellen Degenerate has said that she would not “allow” Donald Trump on her show in case “ordinary people” felt that that somehow “legitimised” his presidency.

      This would be the same “ordinary folk” you despise and have about as much in common with as I do a sea cucumber!?!

      Talk about a deluded cunt of the galactic order!

      Ellen, fuck off! You may have been quirky “back in the day”, and brave to have “come out” on national TV but you’ve dined out on that event for over the last 20yrs now and no one gives a fuck anymore (not that they did back in 2007 outside of the yank Bible Belt)!

      Oh and by the way – can you give Karl Malden his nose back when you get chance luv! Ta.

  4. At any awards show the presenter and award winners all toe the line and don’t or rarely say anything that goes against the ‘Accepted’ things you can say.
    Even music awards show are boring “I want to thank” piles of cunt. What happened to real rock n roll and cunts drunk and coked up having fights, or even saying something controversial.
    It like everyone is media trained and told not to say anything that will harm their already shortlived career. Lame cunts.

    • Agreed B&WC, not so much an award ceremony as chance for vacuous cunts to whine and virtue signal about Trump/Brexit, climate change or the rights of minority groups.

      Their views are so far removed from reality and the real world outside of their gated mansions, security and first class travel they mean fuck all to the man on the street.

      Not watched the Brit Awards in years but used to be almost guaranteed shenanigans back in the 90’s with Jarvis Cocker being well…a cock, fat cunt Prescott having an ice bucket chucked over him and everyone pretty much shitfaced.

        • And then she was next seen pissed as a newt, in a vampire outfit in a Halloween edition of The Word!

          I never knew she was a bean flicker though until recently.

  5. The whole cult of celebrity is so damaging to society. Now all some cunt has to do is post a few YouTube vids or set up a twatter account and they are worth millions. The more vacuous the output the more popular they become, meanwhile the west is being dragged into third world shitedom whilst distracted by shite.

  6. BAWC your absolutely right regarding media training, from TV , film and even sportsman they all get coached……
    how many celebrities in the UK have openly come out and supported brexit?? Not many!!,
    They keep their heads down and their opinions to themselves!!
    Whilst Cunts like lineker , lily Allen, Patrick Stewart, cumberbatch and corden etc etc can’t stop spouting their endless bollocks!
    Fellow cunters can you think of ( active) celebrities or sportsman who have still got a career endorsing brexit???
    John Cleese
    Ian botham……

    • Slim pickings Quislings, Michael Caine, but is all but retired really so wouldn’t give a shit about being ostracized by the luvvie glitterati. Ex Spurs and Arsenal Sol Campbell too, try playing the xenophobia card with that one remaniacs!

      • Exactly right LL ,
        Same shit in America!!
        I’m sure lots of celebrities/ sportsman etc support brexit even tango man but they know the ultra liberal sentinels are watching and to break ranks would be professional suicide….
        So much for free expression and thought!!

    • Morrissey and Ringo Starr both support Brexit. Both get savaged on the reg in the fucking Grauniarse.

      • Morrisey wants savaging whatever the cunt supports. And if any cunt watches these cunt fest ceremonies then what the fuck did they expect?
        Wall to wall cunts. Overprivileged luvvies. Drug addled twats. Comedians who are not remotely funny but by saying Trump’s a cunt bring the fucking house down. Botox and surgery as far as the eye can see. Me, me, me.
        World would be a better place if a drone strike took the fuckers out.

  7. I knew I shouldn’t have listened becoz I’ll end up furious but there was a cunt muslim on LBC this morning and he was asked the perfectly natural questions “What should the Muslim community do if they fear one of their own is becoming Radicalised? ”

    He said “That’s the job of the security services.”

    We need to learn the lesson of Burma.

  8. Anyone see Russell Brand on news night last night? Fuckng hell what a pretentious twat he is. He seems absolutely desperate to impress us with just how fuckin intelligent he is. Little tip Russell, try using less words ! Currently it’s just verbal diarrhoea mate.

    • If pseudo intellectuals Russell brand or Eddie izzard are on a programme I cannot watch it!!
      Both are reputed to be extremely smart but it’s hard to believe when they spout their endless bigoted opinions!!
      They are both also reputed to be funny?? , that in itself is actually funny but only in an ironic way…
      Utter Cunts !!!!

  9. Can I nominate yet again cyclists for a good cunting,driving into work today I saw 2 cylisys riding no handed while txting one was on the pavement the other on the road,if one of these fuckers ever ran into me it would be a broken nose for sure.
    It was nice to see that the no brakes killer cyclist is to become a jizz receptacle for 18 months and it even looks like there will be a new law for these cunts where they can be treated the same was as reckless drivers…..about time but will this include riding through red lights,weaving in and out of traffic,balancing in the way when the lights turn green,riding on the pavement no handed and txting…..I tell you what,make the law fair game for anyone of the public to be able to stick a brolly in their front wheels…..wouldn’t that be a laugh,i would take to standing by the road with a box of brollies waiting for my moment of justice for these cunts,fuck the all

    • What frustrates me is when there are two of the cunts, they never ride single file. Oh no, far more pleasurable to ride two abreast and block all the fucking traffic.

      • I yell at them, but they’ve usually got lugholes full of old spunk, or some meejah device, telling them what bollox to spout.

        Oh well, at least the onlookers know what I think, and it lets some superheated piss out…

        • You’re best bet ,as you overtake in a Transit at about 30mph,is to get your passenger to hit the Cunt on the back of their neck just below their helmet,with a tightly rolled copy of The Sun ….The results are spectacular and the hilarity caused enough to keep everyone laughing hysterically for the next 10 miles….

    • Cyclists are eternally cuntable, no argument. but today, attempting to get to a pub to meet mates, [ a worthy and eminently crucial mission],I and many others were behind a fucking great pantechnicon marked with the terrible words “Horses”.
      This piece of automotive shit was being driven by a peabrained foureyed shortarse tart who thought 14 mph was appropriate in a country lane and stopping everytime a small car easily passed by ,was necessary.
      I fucking hate horses and the fat arsed bints who lollop along on them as if it was some kind of fun to hold up traffic. Apart from getting a battered minge and even bigger arse chops ,what the fuck is fun about that?
      Horses have the smallest brain relative to their size than almost any other being [Glaswegians excepted] and are too stupid to move away from a fire which still makes them fucking geniuses compared to the dim-witted plonkers that sit on them as if they are somehow doing something worthy.
      cunt them please.

      • Indeed, horses have the brain the size of a walnut.
        And, being a fan of John Betjeman’s poetry, I’ve always had a bit of a… thing about tennis girls.

        But had my first big O (in the company of a female, that is), aged 8 3/4, with a stable-girl.
        Still hat nags, though. OK if they’re pulling brewers’ carts with barrels…

  10. I vote they should rename them, The Enema Awards, both are about getting shit out in to the public domain.

    • Its just abunch of self serving cunts patting themselves on the back for making shitty movies, the best films never get picked anyway I’ve watched the emmys before when I was younger its almost cringe worthy

  11. I’d have a lot more time for exploding muslims if they attended Awards shows. Music,theatre,television,films..all the same self- obsessed arseholes reassuring themselves and their set that they are relevant and just a bit better in every way than the “common” people who they so enjoy patronising.
    Aids unfortunately was a bit of a damp squib when it came to wiping out the luvvies…Shame,I had such high hopes. Why the fucking CIA can’t invent a disease capable of killing the terminally smug is beyond me… C’mon you eggheads,get that epidemic introduced to the Arty set right now. I want to see the Deadpool being renewed hourly as celebrity after celebrity chokes to death on their own sense of self-satisfaction. Start with that revolting fat Cunt who always seems to be there, James fucking Corden. Start with him before I scrape the pennies together to get to Hollywood and kick the obese spunk-stain into a coma.
    Fuck them.

    • MI6 looking for new recruits Dick – you would be a shoe in! Unless you happen to be a white middle aged male heterosexual, that is?

      • Unfortunately I am SB..but happily my impersonation of a poof has offended and upset many people over the years. My “Oh Ducky” was legendary on stag trips and rugby tours,and could be guaranteed to start trouble. No matter how much the target of my rapier wit ignored me,I’d grind on and on until they snapped…Good times…

          • “Why the fucking CIA can’t invent a disease capable of killing the terminally smug is beyond me”

            The CIA controls islamic terrorism dick, yeah its a difficult pill to swallow but its true. Thee recent tube bomber REALLY was known by authorities before the attack. I heard that from them before and guess what the cunt was in a deradicialization program unfuck-believable! Don’t except a solution the government doesn’t want one

  12. I see are dear friend Gideon Osbourne has taken on SEVENTH ‘Job’, don’t forget his ‘Allowance’ from the family business.
    What a cunt.

  13. Still no fucking cheque from the Greenfell Tower compensation fund. You’d think my badly written,rude demand written on the back of a KFC container claiming for the Porsche that I was garaging in the spare bedroom would at least be dealt with.I need a car to get to my job… Oh fuck, I’ve just realised..A JOB…how ridiculous. No wonder they saw through me.
    No matter,they haven’t heard the last from this Mr Rastus Goodwill Umbongo, I’m still owed for 3 wives,17 kids, 3 tellies,12 mobile phones(drug business) and a leather pouffe.

    • I wonder if any of the “peacefuls” have had the brass neck to claim for the mercury switches, timers and burner phones that went up?

      It must be bad for them cos the last fucker they knocked out was like a badly formed firework in a Lidl bag!

      Still no definite body count I see. Just think of all the taxes we’re missing out on from all these undocumented doctors, professors and businessmen which make up the majority of roles that illegals do in this country.

      Anyone thinking they all work cash in hand in Indian (i.e. Bangladeshi) restaurants and car wash outfits are quite clearly racists bigots – even if said immo is a white Christian…

      • If Spasmotron, Flabbott, Chukka-boot-lips et al are to be believed, Grenfell death toll prob around combined total of WWI, Spanish Flu epidemic, WWII and anything else…

  14. Once again I’d like to nominate mobile phone users on buses. Had another cunt today, holding forth at the top of his voice, desperate to impress his captive audience. I’m sure these arseholes arrange for people to phone them, because it’s always they who’re doing all the talking. A few weeks ago we had an Asian woman on speaker phone, so everyone could hear both sides of the conversation.
    Pathetic attention-seeking twats.

    • Even worse than the usual selfish mobile-obsessed cunts are foreign cunts who jabber away in urdu or whatever umma-gumma honky-hating language they talk. I had to take my mother for a hospital appointment last year and my car was having a service, forcing us to use public transport. There were two ghastly muzzies on the seat behind us and my old dear was getting more and more annoyed with their prattle. “What is with you sort of people?” she thundered. “In England, *we* (pointing around the bus, indicating the whities) speak English.” They didn’t even register that they understood her amusing mini-rant, the brown devils.

  15. The last TV series I really liked was The Sopranos although the last series showed the writers were running out of ideas.
    (Note that’s series not season)

    Same with movies, endless remakes, which is evident with a new Blade Runner and Flatliners about to hit the big screen.
    I’ve got a winning formula for a successfull movie.
    If it involves two cops ensure they’re mismatched, one has a family, the other lives in a Transit van.
    Make sure their Captain shouts at every opportunity and he must always have the D.A. on his back.
    Obviously they get 48hrs to crack the case.
    Should they need to shoot out a lock this will be achieved with one shot.
    Any car hijacked from a member of the public will always have a full tank of fuel.
    Any sad cunt carrying a photo of a loved one will die.
    Absolutely anyone carrying a bag of shopping must have a French stick poking out the top.
    Any cunt who has an apartment in Paris must have a view of the Eiffel Tower.
    Any bird who’s just been fucked senseless must suddenly become all coy and cover her tits with a sheet.
    Any cunt thrown from a building must always land on a car roof.

    I could go on…..

    • Any gunshot wounds sustained by said cops is a minor inconvenience and they have a suspicious lack of paper work and form filling.

      • And no-one (with the exception of scientologist bell-cheese John Travolta in Pulp Fiction) ever goes for a lovely big poo.

      • What about the vigilante non cop who kills 70 people and after kisses the girl and walks off into the sunset …Not arrested, Court case etc.
        The cunts.

    • Jrc
      It sounds like you’ve got a blockbuster on your hands!!
      Other ideas for your movie ….
      That every young hottie fancies the middle aged cops!! Think fat cunt professional cockney ray winstone in the Sweeney…..
      And that non of the baddies could hit a cows arse with a banjo, with semi automatic weapons they manage to miss out heroes from 30 feet away!!
      despite getting off a few hundred rounds!!
      Also our heroes always manage a comic quip!, even when their balls are wired to a car battery, or they are hung up and having their ribs tenderised with a baseball bat!!

      • Die hard 2……
        A plane is coming into land, the pilot announces that’s he is flying on vapour!!, plane crash lands a bursts into a huge fireball!!, so what caused that?? , did all off the passengers suffer internal combustion?? Maybe the planes seats were made of Semtex?? Maybe it was hairspray in a ladies handbag??

  16. Happy birthday Liam, one of the best cunters out there, from EVERYONE here at ISAC.

    “Gotta keep on
    cunting on”

    • Liams greatest contribution to music is the handclapping on The Verves song History and yes happy birthday to the cunt no one should have to make tea on his 45th birthday. Especially not a rock n rolla like Liam Liam Liam

      • his vocals on scorpio rising surpass anything he ever did with oasis a fucking ace tune the man city/celtic loving cunt

    • Has been known to attempt the tambourine on occasion.
      Apparently had lessons from Michael J Fox…

  17. Terence Stamp had an amazing charisma about him , the same for Steve Mcqueen, not great actors but still legends. Terence Stamp was voted best looking man of the year 1963 – 1969 and shagged some of the most beautiful birds of the time, lucky cunt ..He was great in the Limey ( tell them i’m fucking coming )
    My point is ,no so called actors have that charisma any more , just a bunch of jumped up brats with no talent .

    • Add paul Newman to the list…
      All the ladies fancied him and most of the blokes wanted to be him!! 😂😂

  18. I’d like to nominate radio 2 for a cunting. This bbc shite radio racket really gets on my tits. All the presenters are pleased with themselves,smuggy,snobby cunts that ‘yaaaaa’ and ‘soooooo’ and actually think that people aren’t cringing just listening to them,thinking they are nodding along in agreement. I mean, u2 song of the week,really? Another piece of shit, half arsed song out for radio 2 to wank over. Same riffs,same beats,same vocals,same fucking words. I don’t understand why they feel the need? Mansions too big to look after they need a bit of cash? The creative juices are turning out the best stuff they’ve ever done? No to both. The fuckers know there are loads of Mumford fuckers who will buy their shit,and lap it up no matter how shit it is. It is just as bland and safe and shit as the last, actually all their other songs. The fuckers have been selling the same song for years. And yes I could turn radio poo off,if I was at home, but it is the station they play where I work no ifs, buts or whys,and it makes me want to throw the fucking radio up the nearest fat arse I can find, never to be heard of again.

  19. Watching QT serios question:Do the left in British politics genuinely disdain this country?I really want a.more nuanced. viewpoint but keep coming to this conclusion.

    • I’m still waiting for them to leave the country. They all threatened to but are still here. Fuckers.

      • Paul Mason especially pisses me off.Masquerades as a man of the people but is as establishment as they come.

          • And the ‘useful idiots’ are all falling over themselves to throw £billions of UK Taxpayers money at the EU, cos we have a “moral obligation” apparently. Who says?

            Anti Brexit, pro EU arselicking cunts, that’s who.

  20. Another biased audience.Fucking BBC.Paul Mason licking Gina Millers arsehole too.What a pathetic excuse for a lefty.Tony Benn Barbara Castle and Peter Shore must be turning in their graves.

    • Kwasi’s attitude sums up the problem with the UK approach.

      The EU wants to hammer us, regardless of how conciliatory we try to be. Appeasement will NEVER work with these people, their agenda is to punish and deter the other 27 members from freeing themselves and following us down the same path.

      • 100% agree with you…….
        The EU wants to crush brexit make no mistake!! , if the UK gets away from their overextended tentacles and makes a success of brexit of course more countries will follow..

  21. I am a big fan of Kwasi but he has been far too well trained by spin doctors.He needs to stop being so overly reasonable and more passionate.

    • Cant believe he shagged Amber Rudd.I am not that way inclined but even Stevie Wonder can see he is punching sell below his weight.

    • Barnier and Juncker, and all the other unelected EU bureaucrats, are only interested in two things: 1. How many £billions they can screw us for. 2. Keeping the remaining 27 in line.

      Trade and common sense? They don’t give a flying fuck.

  22. A cunting is surely deserved for shitcunt extraordinaire Michael O’Leary, the penny-pinching bastard behind Ryanair.

    This fucker is the Mike Ashley of the skies. A mad little shit of a leprechaun, repeatedly sitting on his shit-throne screeching “me gold, me gold”, the cunt has managed to make airlines yet another capitalist race to the bottom, by offering the shittest possible flying experience for a pittance. This cunt has exactly zero ethics outside of the balance sheet; and it only amazes me that it has taken this long for his truly shitty brand of air travel to monumentally fuck up his customer’s en masse.

    The tier of cunt who is universally despised, transcending class, political leanings and nationality, we can only hope that a stray engine falls off one of his crappy stock, plummeting down into his Leinster mansion and mangling the scrawny cunt into a veritable mess of blood, broken bones and shite.

    • Totally correct. OLeary is one megacunt. So he has to cancel something like 50 flights a day for six weeks, that’s 2100 fucking flights if my maths are correct and the cunt comes out and says it’s due to a balls up with pilot holiday rotas, what a complete load of bollocks. Fuck me have they allowed all the pilots to take the same fucking holidays? Now he’s been made to look an even bigger cunt by finally admitting they have a pilot shortage, the real reason for the cancellations. What an absolute PR fuckup, and by the person in charge. He couldn’t organise a pissup in the Guinness factory, the twat.

    • That was a superb cunting Empire, that paddy deserves all he gets, let’s hope the cunt goes bust.

    • I’m sure that it will be reported in the guardian (via a panel of experts of course) that these fuck ups, through less than 6 degrees of separation can be attributed to Brexit.

    • Excellent and well deserved cunting TECB….
      I have been chuckling all week watching the Ryanair fiasco…
      Apparently there’s mention of a 5 million euro fine?? Oh pretty please…….

  23. I’ve often wondered if radio DJs ever feel embarrassed and guilty. Do they ever ask themselves’ fuck me all I do is sit here and play a few records interspersed with inane mindless ‘ chat ‘. I probably ‘earn ‘ more than a nurse or someone working in an old folks home, what the fuck am I doing with my life? ‘ They probably don’t.

  24. Some thoughts about celebrities and the Emmys When I was younger I should have looked deeper and realized that the propaganda was still there at the time, only it was more low-key. Personally, I’m constantly let down by the celebrity class because I too was once a normie. I have old memories of when I used to naively enjoy what they churned out I use to be so naive when I was younger I believed everything celebrities said. Now I know, and I have nothing but contempt for the celebrity class and vigorously question their loyalties and virtue signalling

  25. Radio 4:vile pro-EU Britain hating muzzie lovers. And, get this cunters, poofs on the archers trying to get someome as a surrogate! FFS.
    And I is a poof who once snogged a black man so I aint no RRRRRAAAACCCCCIIIIISSSSSTTTTT.

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