Noel Gallagher (2)

Noel Gallagher is (still) a cunt… The Bluenose fanny played his ‘Imagine’ rip-off ‘Don’t Look Crap In Anger’ and then old unibrow said, “It’s become some sort of anthem for defiance… And every time you sing, we win….”

So, that’s how we beat the Dago Armarda, Napoleon, the Krauts (first time), the Nazis (second time), the Japs, the Argies, and the IRA. is it?…. Also, what about the people who died at the hands of some psychotic sandnigga at the Arena and their families? Did they ‘win’?! Fuck off, you cunt!

Nominated by Norman

Don’t look back in anger ? To fucking right I will. Children blown to bits and we are told not to get angry. Fuck right off you coked up wanker!

Nominated by Vermin Cunt Spotter

Good ol’ Noel. Never miss out on a spot of griefjacking to resurrect his ailing career.

Mind you, if my guitar playing was as bad as his then I’d be reduced to tears too. Perhaps we can get him to do a concert in Mosul. That’ll teach ISIS not to mess with the Gallaghers…

Nominated by Keef

65 thoughts on “Noel Gallagher (2)

  1. Grade A cunt, using a situation like that to promote his music.

    Did he, by any chance, finish his set with ‘and my new album is out on Monday’?

    Fucking prick.

    • “And My my new album is out on Monday”

      Yeah the one he didn’t record with his mentally challenged brother and its somehow worse haha seriously

      I Also think its sickening how imagine and don’t look back in anger have taken on the theme song of virtue signalling and at the aftermath of a terrorist attack Like they play these songs to drum people up or dumb them down its like a twisted form of gaslighting using shitty music

    • Interesting piece. I’ve left a comment. You have to accept, of course, that having a degree in economics means I’ll probably be ta!king out of my arse…

    • There is a graph re: globalism (see Mark Blyth’s “Global Trumpism” video) which goes left to right with the poorest on the left, richest on the right per capita.

      The graph looks like an elephants trunk tip slightly higher on the poor left, a fucking great dip in the middle and then right at the very far right a massive leap skywards (the uber rich).

      So basically the ultra poor get a tiny bit extra to keep them sweet with the uber-rich (so’s not to overthrow the cunts) whose wealth sky rockets out of sight.

      The huge dip in the middle pays for it all and that’s where I am, like most working/middle class folk in the UK.

      This was my main reasoning in opting out of the globalist regime that is the economically corrupt and morally bankrupt EU!

      The second most factor being uncontrolled immigration which – and I don’t care what the politico cunts say or dress it up – does have an impact on services and infrastructure. It has to – cunts!

      I agree in principle on nationalising the rail service, etc., and if we can stiff Branston-Pickle for a few hundred million into the bargain then all the better.

      My main reservation being that we all thought BR was shite back in the day and looked forward to a better, more reliable, “cheaper fairs” privatised rail network. Instead we got the opposite: an even worse, disjointed, poorly maintained but even more expensive service.

      Looking back we think: “Actually, BR wasn’t that bad compared to what we’ve got now!”

      However what faith is there in the UK Plc (courtesy of shit government after shit government) that they wouldn’t make it an even shitter, even more expensive nationalised service than we have now with Branston-Pickle, et. al.?

      I have no faith in the cunts, that’s for sure!

  2. Maybe its me, maybe I’m just too narrow minded, but I’m finding it very difficult to process the fact that the families of the 22 victims now feel they have won because some cunts sing Don’t Look Back in Anger.

    • The jihadi’s in Raqqa are all sat around singing Lennon’s Give Peace a Chance during airstrikes.

  3. Maybe “don’t look back in angry” could be the new “it’ll be our little secret” – the favourite sweet nothing whispered by every Uncle Diddles as he hangs out the back of a kid. Or it could replace “it’s only gay if you push back” – the favourite sweet nothing of your average, 2-bit prison rapist.

    • Would have been better if he had ripped off the Rutles ‘All you need is cash’ the cunt. They ripped off everything else. As has been said before, Oasis, the Rutles without the talent.

  4. Off topic but let’s hope the legions of Leave-voters in the many Labour constituencies don’t feel too betrayed regarding their MPs’ behaviour last night. All but seven of them blindly obeyed the official line and voted to continue fucking over the average working man.

    We definitely know now they’re not the party to allow us to escape the wretched grip of the EU.

    Treacherous bunch of pusillanimous cunts.

  5. Noel Gallagher is an opportunist cocksucker who is using the Manchester murders to reinvigorate his moribund career.

    We can see it. Unfortunately there are many simpletons completely taken in by his insincerity.

    The ISIS lot must be dicking themselves with mirth.

    Perhaps he could play the following:

    Champagne Superjihad
    (We will blow) Half the World Away
    Some Might Say (UK is Sharia)
    Little by Little (We will crush the non believers)

    • Good comment Paul! Did you notice the footage of the “plant” awaiting “cue” to start singing Don’t look back in anger. Fucking amazing that the camera just happened to be on her, and that the microphone was also on and in her proximity. The whole fucking thing was a staged event.

      Gallagher and company may not have been responsible, ( just saying ) but , HOW FUCKING FORTUITOUS.!

    • Tolerance is a GREAT British virtue.

      Far too great to be wasted on eu shills, Bigoted Bliar Clitworm Foundations, slimes et al !!

      Might as well include Al Gore, to be….caring and inclusive.

  6. The intro to DLBIA is very similar to Imagine. None of the rest of the song sounds fuck all like imagine.
    His career is not failing. Even though I’d love to see the beige sell out soulless cunt fail, it ain’t happening. Not when all the middle aged office workers buy his tat.

    Even though I’m massive Oasis fan, i don’t want a reunion coz it wouldn’t be right having toryboy cunt standing on stage with his sensible haircut, sensible clothes and sensible character.

    Also Noel is a little…………

    Ah fuck, i realised that practically every cunter hates the Gallagher’s (coz you believe your meant to you fuckin sheep) so anything i say will be scorned or ignored so fuck it.

    As you fuckin were.

    • I just find it hilarious birdman that Liam is somebody to call genesis of all bands crap, I mean arguably one of the best british prog bands to exist and he calls them crap. I’d like to see him release a album thats even remotely as good as Trespass, Foxtrot, A trick of the Tail or Wind and wuthering.

      Imo Liam is simply a chavvy scumbag didn’t he cheat on his wife first week of their marriage? pretty scummy just saying

      “every cunter hates the Gallagher’s (coz you believe your meant to you fuckin sheep” Well actually lol we are going against the grain by unpopularizing a overhyped britpop band I can name at least 3 britpop bands off the top of my head who are way better but less prolific The Verve, Primal Scream and Happy Mondays

        • “Every Cunter should hate post Peter Gabriel Genesis”

          You leave his genesis era stuff out of this but seriously mate lets talk about his shite solo albums shite shite shite! Shock the monkey, Big Time sledgehammer was annoying radio approved shite and what has he done since then? exactly not much he became a weird world music freak after leaving genesis

    • You’re right birdman, the intro for DLBIA is the chords for Imagine but then it goes into a rip-off of Let It Be. If you play John Lennon’s Instant Karma, then play She’s Electric, you’ll think you’re in a fucking Groundhog Day situation…

  7. “every time you sing ,we win” Come down to the Crotch and Ringwart and say that and watch everyone thinking ‘what a cunt’ !! The best part of Gallagher ran down his mother’s leg, a thick vein of cuntishness runs deep through that pisstrickle.

    • Splendid cunting Sir Trouserbulge.

      Gallagher is a whining Mancunian prick of the first order.

      He hangs out with that hirsute arsehole Russell Brand. That is really all you need to know about the integrity of his character.

      • In Manchester Noel is on the most hated list, alongside Hucknall and Morrissey… All sellout class traitor cunts and prima donna softarses… Noel goes on about his ‘roots’ and Man Shitty FC, yet he fucked off to Primrose Hill to live among a load of ponces and also have a manison (with the spectaculaly cuntish name ‘Supernova Heights’)… Noel is like the Manc version of Cilla Black…

        • In every photo I see Noel in he looks tired like hes ready to fall asleep like the above photo. I use to think Noel was cool way back when in the early 90’s but hes become such a insufferable cunt since

          • Noel was a cunt from the moment he turned up at B-liars gaff endorsing “Cool Britannia”.

  8. @TitSlapper, Liam is GOD.
    You have your god, i have mine.
    (banter). 🙂

    I get that people don’t like LfuckinG, and i get that some look down on him for thinking he’s a yob, but he’s not.
    The guys just a cunter that made it big.
    His “not giving a fuck” and fearless approach to cunting his fellow slebs is to be admired, especially here.
    Admired as in he’s the only cunt willing to say he doesn’t love every song, singer, band, group, filum, actor etc.

    I bet he even follows ISAC. Hey Liam, love ya maaan, and yer new stuff is fuckin great.

    As for the other bands, i wouldn’t call any of them “britpop”, especially the Mondays as they were disbanded at the time.
    Musically, i believe The Charlatans to be a better band than Oasis, but it’s Liam that draws me in, and anything he touches is gold. (have a geez at his cover of The Jams Carnation)
    And who else rocks a parka and has swagger nearly as good as me?

    Yours, birdman (Gibraltar and Spain’s leading Liam Gallagher impersonator)

    As You Were. 🙂 (smiley face)

    • Hope yer feeling better, birdman… I reckon LCFC could get top six if they recapture their old form…

      And Ian Brown is the man with the swagger…

      • Cheers Norman, getting there, ta.
        I cant grumble at the results so far this season. At least we haven’t been turned over and losing to Arsenal, Man utd and Chelsea aint the end of the world.

        I read today that Lakaku has what it takes to become a Man utd great and I believe so. What do you think?

        As for the swagger, I’ve walked like a monkey my whole life and cunts would take the piss, so I was grateful when Ian Brown and Liam came along as then we were three, but then cunts thought I was copying them.
        Have you seen the video for Stellify?
        That’s what I look like going to the shop. Minus the band, but they are with me in my head. 🙂

        • I think ‘Big Rom’ could do very well,but he must improve that first touch and not miss sitters… Be interesting to see if he hits it off with Zlatan…

          I have seen the video, with King Monkey on top form… Rumours of a solo album, but also rumours that the Roses are not finished… Nobody really knows atthis stage…

  9. Oasis were in the right place at the right time. Talentless but given loads of promo. Stone roses – massively over rated. Bowie massively over rated. Noel and Liam a pair of chav cunts made good.

    • Oasis – shite Beatles impersonators. Stone Roses – loved up wankers. Bowie was a novelty Anthony Newly impersonator and supply of arse to the London music biz until the late, great Mick Ronson came along. After Mick left, Heroes apart, he is much overrated.
      The great Bowie stuff from early 70s was arranged by Ronson, guitar by Ronson and keyboards by Rick Wakeman.

      • You are so right about Mick Ronson being a major influence. Diamond Dogs suffered terribly by the absence of Ronson. The recent documentary Beside Bowie, was about Ronson. Bowie treated the Spiders like shit, paid them £40 a week. It’s worth a look.

        • Bowie also owed a lot to Tony Visconti… Bowie shat on him when he just dropped Tony (but not actually telling him) for Nile Rodgers to produce the ‘trendy’ bottom burp that was ‘Let’s Dance’… Funny that when Visconti was no longer there, Bowie’s stuff went down the crapper…

    • I don’t believe that Oasis were in the right place at the right time.
      Between 91 and 94 it was boy bands, wetwetwet, Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton, Prince, and a lot of other tat.
      The “indie” scene was quiet with only the Inspirals and the Charlatans making records and most were waiting on The Second Coming being released.

      As for being heavily promoted, they toured like fuck and signed to a small label that was that skint, it was just trying to break even.

      Part of them making it was that they dressed and acted like they did before they got famous, rather than growing pony tails (Marti Effin Pellow) and wearing suits/shirt and tie (Marti Fuckin Pillow)
      The Paul Smith shite cream suits came later for the All Around The World (top tune) video.

      • I recall 91 as Nirvana being everywhere and U2’s return with their ‘Achtung Baby’… There was the lack of really good British band (all that shoegazing crap) until Suede appeared (Blur were/are shite and the Manics were a Clash comedy act)… Not a big Oasis fan, but I reckon they filled the gap the Roses left… As I say, not a big fan, but at least they were an alternative to that Blur bollocks…

  10. Off topic but following on from yesterday’s filmed report of looting in the USA. The BBC have actually named the slave trade scum from Lincolnshire as ‘travellers’ Fuck me. Not Norwegian or mentally disturbed. Or even ‘so called’
    Is truth beginning to break out?

    • Noel Gallagher? Talantless fuckwit in the right place at the right time.
      Only outdone in the lack of talent, personality and charisma stakes by his special needs brother.
      The whole Britpop thing was a fucking joke. Took mediocrity and boredom to new levels.

      • The whole britpop thing was a joke. It was a phrase coined by some ponytailed music journalist and not one band pigeon holed under that name wanted it.
        The bands that britpop covered were mainly ex student middle class bands and Oasis weren’t one of them.
        Britpop bands are similar to prog rock bands in that they tried to appear more intelligent than their rock counterparts, but mainly came across as know it all boring cunts.

        Everybody is free to like what they like, even prog rock, but as I’ve mentioned before, i prefer a song that makes me want to ride a moped off the edge of a cliff to, rather than sit back and marvel at how intelligent Rick Wakeman is as a musician.

        • “i prefer a song that makes me want to ride a moped off the edge of cliff to..” You mean Like the scene in The Who’s Quadrophenia?

          “rather than sit back and marvel at how intelligent Rick Wakeman is as a musician”

          Theres that word again bman “intelligent” something Liam Liam Liam will never be. I mean sweet fuck it would be great if Liam could play an instrument let alone sing and he can hardly do that the silly drunkard . I think its amazing Liam was able to get rich on Mong culture and honestly, good for him. I hope his slick adele produced album sells well and I’d seriously buy it if it is good but I’m sure its all potatoes and no meat like with oasis

  11. what evil fuckers those Rooneys are. good riddance! just heard that when one of their dogs gave one of their kids a little nip. they cut it’s throat right there in front of the kids. evil evil evil..

    • Evil and sickening.
      Brought a tear to my eye and clench to my fist.
      But, for clarity and legal reasons, we’re talking about the travellers, right?, and not Coleen and Wayne?

  12. Off topic… I don’t know about you fellow cunters but I was totally shocked to see all those wooden spoons looting in Florida. They’re normally such honest decent honest folk.

    • It was good to see homeowners in Houston after Hurricane Harvey last week laying down enough firepower as small despotic African shithole with a shoot to kill policy on looters. Over here, you would be better off reporting it as a hate crime to ensure a quicker response.

      • Whenever there is a tornado/ hurricane/ typhoon/earthquake rest assured the coons will be out emptying every fucking shop in the district.

  13. I am a fan of Gary Numan and many of his early albums, such as the Pleasure Principle were ground-breaking. But the silly old cunt was featured on News at Ten, pushing his new climutchange song and video.

    I preferred him when he was an aeroplane mad Thatcherite who didn’t give two shiny shits. The New Numan could now easily become Corbyn’s herbal tea drinking buddy.

  14. Liam Gallagher cunts Noel Gallagher on a daily basis, and my favourite was when he said that when Noel comes up to Manchester he dons a parka, but back in London, he reverts back to sensible dress.
    That, to me, proves he’s a cunt.

  15. Anna Soubry really is upping her game to win Cunt of the Year 2017.She has said we white British people could learn a lot from British Muslims.What is that Anna constantly moaning being intolerant sexist homophobic and transphobic?Cutting off little girls clits before marrying them off blowing shit up and near constant whinging?This hag should go the whole hog and convert if Islam if is so great.

  16. Sooner or later good, old-fashioned mental institutions will have to be brought back, and staffed by thousands of Nurse Ratchetts…

    To cope with the likes of Soubry, and all the in-breds…

  17. noel=cunt
    alan white he’s alright
    at the end of the day there are no bigger cunts than u2 the fenian cunts

    • Original Oasis drummer, Tony Mac, was a good lad… He was shafted by the Gallaghers in a sacking that made Pete Best’s firing look like the Magic Roundabout…

  18. Phew. More Farah has tweeted he will run in next year’s London marathon. It’s such a relief, like a burden lifted off our shoulders.

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