Jennifer Lawrence (2)

Now we all know that Yanks are thick cunts and that Yank celebs are the thickest of the lot, but Jennifer Lawrence has taken thick Yank celebrity cuntitude to a whole new level by announcing that the devastating hurricanes in Texas and approaching Florida were signs of “Mother Nature’s rage and wrath” at America for electing Donald Trump and not believing in man-made climate change.

Now I know cunts like this will blame any and everything on Trump but just how fucking dim do you have to be to blame the weather on him?

Go back to flashing your tits in second rate movies darling and leave reality to the grown ups.

Nominated by Dioclese

101 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence (2)

  1. The daft bitch forget to blame Brexit as well. The only cure for such twatness is to have her brains fucked out by, let me think………

  2. Those allegedly very rude pictures of her are proving particularly resistant to being found, dammit. Have any fellow cunters seen these rudie pics? Are they worth continuing my quest?!

    • I’ve got some photos of an ex-fiancee of mine if you want a squint at them. She was no Jennifer Lawrence…more like a St. Lawrence Seaway tugboat really, The snaps,which I took myself with the aid of the “panoramic” setting on my camera,have been compared to those beheading videos that you can get on t’internet….Arousing if you’re into that kind of thing,but utterly repulsive if you’re not.
      The question is, Mr Cunt-Engine,Do you dare cross the Rubicon?

      • Oh, indeed I do, Mr Fiddler…it sounds like an ideal substitute for the picture set I always wanted the most…lesbianic pictures documenting the “up and over the wrist” session twixt Bella Emberg and Fatima Whibread that was rumoured to have taken place at Russ Abbott’s Madhouse at a Christmas party in 1985.

      • That jizz on her face looks suspiciously watered down by minge-juice, which begs the question: whose minge did it drip from? Or is it fake, like everything else about the silly bint cunt.

    • That’s a great and apt post for these cuntish times we live in.

      It’s the same ideology in America where certain academics and bandwagoning politicos have defined “math” as being racist – basically because “poorer” students (again no need to draw pictures on that particular demographic) struggle with it – cos it’s a bit hard. Well, maybe if the cunts listened instead dissin’ their teachers…

      I am reminded of another quote by Homer Kelley: “Complexity is far more acceptable and workable than mystery is.”

  3. Stupid libtard spazmatron democrat loving slapper.

  4. It amazes me that so many morons have their views plastered over the press just because they are “Celebs”.

    These fucking airheads seem to wake up each morning with a new line of shite, and suddenly it is world fucking news!

    The media have a lot to answer for here, and I would like to see a system (similar to N Korea ) whereby any journalist publishing anything said , stated or believed by a “Celeb” suffers the punishment of death in its most hideous form.

    Additionally, any “Celeb” opening their cake holes and speaking shite are denied the use of oxygen for 24 hours.
    ( they will need time to think about that one ) Thick cunts.

  5. On a note….the photo used here bears a striking resemblance to Lady Penelope and Parker. Am I right?

  6. Jenny, you really should shut the fuck up. If your not smart enough to put a secure password on your iCloud account when you uploaded pictures of you Jizz covered face it really is best not to get involved in grown up stuff.

  7. I’m not sure if we can nominate Blair anymore? Everything he does is solid gold cunt, this however is out of his top drawer.

    “Tony Blair has called on the government to introduce a new UK immigration policy which “reasserts control”.
    When he was prime minister, his government – unlike most EU countries – did not apply transitional controls on migrants from eastern Europe.”

    The same Tony who lead the only government not to impose controls on the former eastern bloc states as they joined the EU. The same Tony that sent missions around the world to encourage mass immigration.

    Is it he wants to see how far he can take the piss before someone in the mass media actually picks it up. Do you think Tony just loves being a cunt?

    Tony’s dream is the BBC announcer on the 6 O’Clock news opening with “Tony Blair is a Cunt” maybe?

    • Caught the cunt on Marr this morning, talking a load of crap about being able to stay know the EU. What is it with this cunt? He always looks like he’s trying not to laugh when he speaks, like he knows he’s being a delusional cunt.
      I think it’s money, having that much makes you totally out of touch with reality and you turn into a cunt of the highest order. Can include the Bransons in that group.

      • Quite right B&WC, saw the same interview this morning through shards of broken tv screen. He’s a cunt.
        If some ISIS cunt blows him away ( and his cunting family ) I would convert to carpet kissing in grateful thanks.

    • Is it too early to nominate the Cunt of the Century? I find it hard to believe the next 83 (or 1,000) years will throw up a bigger cunt than Blair.

  8. Wait… Is this a Jennifer Lawrence cunting?
    No way, although she is being a cunt she is too fine to be disrespected.
    She wouldn’t have to ask me to stick my tongue up her asshole. I’d offer.

    • There is an online list showing the chosen names up until 2022 … and no Donald (although Don was earlier this year .. and Dorian for 2019 and Danny for 2021 ) I’m sure some Cunt will want that changed for ALL the next hurricanes to be named Donald.

      I am disappointed ,though, that they didn’t drop ‘Harvey’ for Higgins … as a nod to self distructing Alex. At least it would gave gave us a smile when being mentioned on the news coverage.

  9. Just another Hollywood professional slut liberal who suddenly develops a ‘moral conscience’ as they approach turning 30. Same with human blow-up doll Angelina Jolie.

    This whole anti-Trump bandwagon has shown many American artists in the worst light possible. The sheer hysteria and echo-chamber around the ‘creative’ industries has been shameful and cringeworthy in the extreme.

    She is a mixture of concentrated cunt and vacuous stupidity. Shut your fucking cave Jennifer, and stick to what you are best at – whoring yourself around Hollywood.

    • Seem to remember from my uni days (Linguistics), that in pidgin, doubling a word implies “big”

      So presumanly it was some sort of Admiral’s Log that got dropped…

  10. Bear in mind that this is the stupid cunt who flashes her tatties and tuppence all over the internet and then squeals to the feds that she’s being ‘violated’… Hardly a beacon of intelligence, bu then what Yankee Doodle celebrity is?… And ‘Mother Nature’? Somebody should tell this thick as concrete slag that such a thing doesn’t exist… What will the Hollywood Bike say next? Jack Frost? Willo The Wisp? Father Christmas? (J-Cunt-Law would probably say ‘Coca Cola advert Santa Claus’) And there’s a nutjob in North Korea firing missiles over Japan, yet this Lawrence slapper and no other US celebricunt has batted an eyelid over that… Also, to use the death and devastation from Harvey and Irma in order to score points with snowflakes by slagging Big Don is pretty low and dirty… Mind you, I bet little J-Law has gone lower and dirtier than that in her time… What a thick as fuck slag of a cunt…

  11. Big Don should initiate a McCarthy style witch hunt and charge celebricunts like J-Cunt-Law, Miley Spunkbucket, Kunty Perry, Tom Wanks, Stephen Cuntbert, Concorde Conk Streep, Chickboy Ga Ga, and Madogga with treason…

    Lawrence isn’t even fit anyway… The cunt looks like a shop dummy…

    • Another thing this thick Hollywood drone should be taught is if all earth’s natural disasters are down to ‘man made climate change’ (or Big Don as away with the fairies Lawrence likes to believe), then why do they also happen on uninhabited planets like Jupiter?…

        • Wonder how many hurricanes and snow-storms there were in Clitworm and Obummer’s years in office.

          Those cunts got clean away with it, just like everything else…

    • Personally I favour the smaller tits look. In other pictures, especially one in the Jizz Collection, they look more like the wife’s!

      Which is a bit off-putting to be honest.

    • Lots has been made of the ‘thousands’ who marched yesterday, but nothing of the millions who didn’t. A couple of hundred cunts who lack the imagination to do something interesting on a weekend think they have more say than the rest of Britain. Whining fucking maggots.

      • That cunt in picture Norman has gladly brought to our attention is a disgrace,
        This cunt would be the first to shit his pants and run for the bunker when the time to fight came, yet the cunt has the cheek to say down with the Dunkirk spirit.
        My Great Grandad (who fought in WW1) was one of about 7 who survived a bayonet charge, was shot in the cheek bullet came out by his ear and was left to die as they thought he wouldn’t make it and they had to treat others. He made it and carried on fighting. That cunt in the picture is a cunt with no spirit and would probably want to sit round the table with an enemy who want to kill him, he’d probably bake the enemy some organic cake. What a cunt.

        • And, pace the old rhyme…

          “The eu’s got no balls at all”

          Berlaymont…RAF strike…Bunker-busters…carpet-bombing and scorched-earth.

          Bliar did it to the Middle-East, now it’s time to hit the Brussels cuntitude

        • Well he had a full set of front teeth the last time he made an anti-patriotic statement like that! The cunt!

          I just wished these cunt-faced twats would get it through their thick as pig shit skulls that 99.9% of Brexiters DON’T hate Europe or Europeans, we simply hate the economically corrupt and morally bankrupt European Union. There is a world of difference between the two!

          I’d love to round up these virtue-signalling cunts (because that’s all it is) and stick them in a room – IPCRESS File style – and show them Mark Blyth’s 100% factual economic appraisal of the EU and how the EU only suits the uber-rich and the politicos who are in their pocket. The rest of us “plebs” get fucked over.

          Oh, and by the way, that includes plebs like this toothless (and no doubt spineless) cunt!

          So toothless Joe, how’s that EU prospect looking to you now?

          Cunt would probably default to the usual chant of: “Racist! Racist! Racist!”

          • Precisely.
            Have lived in Cardiff for over two years now.
            Do I hate Wales ? No.
            Do I hate the Welsh ? No.
            Do I loathe, despise, abominate Cardiff City Cuntcil (as very frequently advertised in the back of Ian Hislime’s journal) ?? Yes, I bloody do .Corrupt, moneygrabbing vegetables, on the Brussels sprouts level…

    • Me, I’d like to buy the cunt who knocked twat’s teeth down his fucking throat a lifetime’s supply of gold plated knuckle-dusters.

  12. Fuck fuck fuck. We do an Airbnb in Brighton and have just checked in 3 guests. I asked why they have come to Brighton. The cunts are here for the TUC Conference! So sorry Cunters, I fall upon your mercy.

  13. Peter Kay is a cunt… At last night’s reopening of the Manchester Arena Kay said to the mongs – sorry – the crowd, “The victims will never ever be forgotten, but we’ve got to move forward with love and not hate, and that’s how we win…”

    Noel Gallagher is also (still) a cunt… The Bluenose fanny played his ‘Imagine’ rip-off ‘Don’t Look Crap In Anger’ and then old unibrow said, “It’s become some sort of anthem for defiance… And every time you sing, we win….”

    So, that’s how we beat the Dago Armarda, Napoleon, the Krauts (first time), the Nazis (second time), the Japs, the Argies, and the IRA. is it?…. Also, what about the people who died at the hands of some psychotic sandnigga at the Arena and their families? Did they ‘win’?! Fuck off, you pair of fucking cunts!

    • The country has lost its bollocks Norman, the left and soft cunts have done too much damage I fear it will take a couple of generations to correct. These cunts are more interested in what the chicken they’re cooking for dinner today was fed and how it was raised than really dealing with the problems leftism causes and other problem causing cunts.
      I also think the working class who will fight are being outbred by middle class no accent cunts (who support West Ham or Chelsea) and well spoken soft cunts who would rather Tweet for help than fight some cunt on the rampage.

      • Talking of soft, left cunts, how about the Londoner on holiday on the island of St Martin in the Caribbean who, according to BBC teletext, tweeted his ‘terror’ as Hurricane Irma struck? Alex Woolfall has apparently been rescued from his hotel concrete stairwell by the US airforce and taken to Puerto Rico. It should have been to Guantanamo Bay, the snowflake cunt, and we would never hear from or about the useless twat again.

    • On Sky news yesterday, limp wristed so called comedian Russell Kane was banging on about this gig and how we fight back with comedy and music ffs.

      Isis commanders must be scratching their heads.
      “So let me get this right Mustapha, we blow their kids to pieces and then they throw a party.”

      Russell Kane, Noel Gallagher, Peter Kay….all officially upgraded to category 5 cunts….

      • Were they not category 5 cunts anyway? Peter Kay has always been a megacunt in my eyes.

    • Eyebrow mong cunt. Never mind don’t look back in anger, how about ‘if it hurts, just bite the pillow harder’

      Of course it wasn’t the RAF that defeated the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain, it was several hundred Londoners singing Hitler only had one ball.

      • If you sang that these days you would be arrested for causing some snowflake cunt ‘offence’.

    • Dont look back in anger ? To fucking right I will. Children blown to bits and we are told not to get angry. Fuck right off you coked up wanker.

    • It seems that the Gallagher cunts are again having a go at each other.

      Hope it’s a fight to the death for the pair of them.

    • You are spot on, Mike. Great observations.

      Mankind will always change, evolve and advance. That’s human nature. However, a lack of critical thinking and perspective these days doesn’t seem to allow for the reasonable conclusion that society along with people’s morals, ethics and general approach to life has regressed compared with previous recent decades.

      Slight tangent, but somewhat related, I was listening to a Two Mikes podcast the other day when one of them mentioned the term “video nasty”. I think it was in relation to the passing of the guy who directed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I don’t think it’s possible to have a “video nasty” these days – aside from the fact video tapes have been superseded.

      • Todays millennial snowflakes would not understand the term ‘video nasty’. Video would be lost on them as its all disk or wireless and nasty, well just open the safe spaces.

  14. Apologies for changing the subject for a sec, but believe it or not I have just witnessed a British journalist by name of John Fisher Burns on BBC Dateline London expressing a view that the UK side may not be entirely to blame for all the negativity, bullying and the lack of progress surrounding the Brexit talks.

    The man even had the temerity to suggest the EU side contained more than its fair share of putrid cunts, though sadly stopped short of using those exact words. Needless to say his fellow panellists were far from convinced…

    • He needs to be spit roasted in public, then thrown from a high building for daring to humiliate the Glorious EU and its equally glorious, honest, reliable and fair minded leaders. ( cunts the lot of em. – )

  15. Jennifer Lawrence:-

    Face 7/10
    Tits 5/10
    Fou-fou 3/10
    Films 1/10

    Yes, her miserable-looking fanny scores higher than her woeful films, yet the public lap it up (the films, not the shaven skank).

  16. Photo of Bliar snogging Junckunt was truly vomit-inducing….

    Could save the NHS millions on emetic preparations.

  17. Paul Hollywood has to apologise after attending a party in a Nazi uniform. So fucking what? Where’s his apology for being a total cunt anyway?

    • Jean-Claude Junckunt attends parties in Fourth Reich uniform every day.

      NB I was V careful not to imply that he dresses up like Dolfy…

    • A very intelligent and we’ll spoken young lady.

      Unfortunately intelligence is no longer a requirement in this day and age.

      Why let facts muddy the waters of a good virtue-signalling rant.

      Given modern standards on such things this cogent and lucid young lady is quite clearly both a racist and a hate-speaker.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Google suppress her YouTube account and the cunts at TwitBook revoke her accounts for being a “hater”.

  18. Another cunting nomination for our friends at the ABBC, specifically the Victoria Derbyshire programme this morning.

    Today Derbyshire’s topic was with regards to parents withdrawing their children from school because some “right-on” parents allowing (i.e. virtue-signalling bragging rights) their child to be “gender fluent” when attending school and so some days *it* goes into school as a boy and others as a girl.

    The parents in question where concerned that it is a source of confusion to their children and that they had received letters from the school stating that any nay-saying about any of this (i.e. common sense) would not be tolerated.

    The children in question are 6yrs old for fuck’s sake!

    The nomination however isn’t with regards to this madness, no, it is the fact that when interviewed – by Derbyshire – these very reasonable, decent and quite clearly intelligent parents, we’re pilloried and ostracised as being some kind of monsters and you could tell the word “Hitler” wasn’t far from Derbyshire’s lips!

    She would ask a question but not let them answer, interrupting them continually with trite soundbites and giving the floor repeatedly to some LGBTQ man-woman to weigh in with there statements such as: “Well how do you know they’re boys!”

    Apparently physical and genetic evidence is not a good enough answer these days…

    However it’s not all sunshine and laughter. Next up of Derbyshire’s programme: young paedophiles who have vowed not to abuse children but who need a support programme to help them not to do it!?!

    God give me strength! Paedophiles are now officially victims according to the ABBC (well they certainly covered up Saville’s activities for long enough didn’t they)!

    The ABBC is a cunt and should be decommissioned.

    Victoria Derbyshire is a triple cunt for repeatedly promoting neo-liberal fascism and not covering topics that ordinary folk would like to hear discussed such as the endemic “peaceful” issue, pointless immigration, and benefits scroungers (and what we’re going to do about those cunts)!

    • Serious point here RWAC; for all that no one in his/her right mind would condone paedophilia (musloids, PLEASE take note), it must be really fucking tough if one has paedophile tendencies. One is utterly demonised, and (probably) has nowhere and no one to turn to in trying to deal with what must be the crushing burden of having a powerful sexual urge with no acceptable outlet. If some paedophiles wish to have some support in dealing with this, and in helping them resist what we all consider abhorrent behaviour, I for one cannot condemn that.

      • I’ve always had the feeling that every little drip drip of abnormal behaviour that’s seen as normal, kosher/ halal slaughter against defra guidelines, homosexuality against the majorities moral compass, this new lgbtq…. gender fluid bollocks against any normal persons common sense, allowing minorities to dictate to the majority on many and varied subjects is leading to one thing which is the greatest problem we will face is a clamour to lower the age of consent.
        It genuinely scares me what kind of world my grandkids are gonna live in but I’ll do my best whilst I’m still alive.
        Really need a strong sensible government to bring back none religious based common sense ideals.

    • On the subject of ‘gender fluid children’ it would appear that the consensus of opinion is that if the child is happy they should be allowed to wear what they like. My neighbour’s 7 year old is never happier than when he is strutting around dressed in his Nazi Storm Troopers outfit.
      However when he turns up to school they send him home. Obviously the outfit could be considered inappropriate in some circles but isn’t the childs happiness paramount?

  19. Al Je BBC deserve a double cunting. Proms in the park is held in London, Wales, Scotland and Ireland concurrently with the last night at the Albert Hall. The second half from the Albert is beamed live to all 4 parks. When it came to the end, Rule Brittana, Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory they stopped the feed to Scotland and Wales through fear of upsetting the SNP and CLyde Cumri cunts! Fucking BBC. Who gives a fuck as to whether we upset Scotch and Welsh independent cunts. I’m sure there were decent people in Scotland and Wales who wanted to sing along.

    • Jesus h fucking Christ on a bicycle!
      That’s fucking appalling. It’s traditional FFS and the Scots and Taffs have never been upset before!
      That are some fucking total absolute cunts running this country these days and not just at the beeb. If Compo ever gets into number 10 we’ll be ending the proms with The Red Flag.
      I fucking honestly and truly despair just how bloody stupid people can be…!

  20. I see Dickie Branston-Pickle is in the news again, this time crying about his private island being hit by the hurricanes.

    Well Richard my heart bleeds. I’m sure you’ll be able to slum it for a bit in one of your 50 or so multi-million pound mansions around the world.

    Why would we spare a thought for the tens of thousands of people on the other Caribbean Islands who had fuck all to begin with and now who have nothing, not even a pot to piss in, when we could all think of your pain!

    Oh how my tears flow for you Richard you poor cunt!

    • I’m starting a GoFundMe page where people can contribute towards rebuilding Mr. Branson’s island retreat. C’mon, Great British Public,gissus yer fooking money…if you don’t,the Cunt might come back here.

        • HBelindaHubbard @ £82.000,000? What how is he suing for that much does Branson want interest on the damage? I’m sure a few shingles were knocked off and few windows broke maybe lost a mansion probably has 8 more no big deal Silly cunt is blaming man made climate change I guess he has no part in that then…

  21. Yet another Labour virtue signalling cunt – Anneliese Dodds – on Daily Politics just now telling us that, “the first thing I want to say, which we haven’t said yet, is express sympathy with everybody who has been caught up with this and I think it’s been an absolutely terrible disaster and I am concerned…”

    That’s one in the teeth for the Tory cunt obliged to sit next to her!

  22. God told me that he sent Irma to punish offshore tax havens. The next big one will be aimed at the Isle of Man.

  23. One must make allowances for yanks including here-today gone-next-week celebs who all look the same, like Lawrence, because in Yankmerica they all get to read The Bible. I am not trying to knock religion – how could one become baptised married or buried without a Vicar, at least it helps – but they read it so much they believe that God is still in the habit of unleashing fireballs and floods. As we live in a more temperate climate our scepticism as to his continuing wrath is less pronounced.

    It’s when our luvvies start going all political that one cringes; the Yanks have an excuse; they don’t.

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