Brighton, East Sussex

Brighton, the Place to Be.

Spotted a number of cunters admitting that they reside within the purlieus of Brighton and thus generating a fools paradise of interest. Allow me to mark some cards. Have had connections in Brighton for many a year. Have seen it evolve from Poof’s Paradise (which it still is me darlings) to a multi-gender-multi-cultural Greens/Labour cesspit. Along the way the classically (allegedly) dodgy council is obsessed with obliterating its delightfully seedy Vicky/Edwardian seaside heritage. After allowing the wonderful West Pier to burn and rot and replacing it with a glass doughnut viewing ring riding up and down on a phallus that grinds to a halt mid air whenever punters are aboard, next move in “regeneration” is stripping out all the remaining genuine heritage. Replacements? Endless booze joints stinking of stale beer and “clubs” thumping out mega loud bass.
The greasers in The Council have trousered a vast quantity of Heritage, Lottery and EU Regeneration cashola. Natural next step? Use that money (though not all of it apparently, allegations of diversions into private slush funds, council bribery and corruption ect ect) to fuck over that for which it was intended ie The Heritage in favour of a weird pastiche of concrete and aluminium (in place of cast iron and brick) reminiscent of Ostend on speed. You can view this EU Remainers paradise from the new Zip Wire dear hearts.

Fancy a walk on the wild side? An evening stroll skipping over spilt booze, used syringes, dosser turds and sharps safes (plastic boxes for used needles cunts) ? Watching a couple of dykes tongue fucking is sure to melt the hardest of hearts. The moon is out, is that a shooting star? (could it be Elizabeth Hurley or one of the slappers from Strictley?) Take a seat in a Magic Booth, one of the few remaining seaside shelters (avoid if possible unless they remind you of home, the ones with dosser cardboard that stinks of human piss and any with blood on the seats) . Your drugs of choice will be brought to you, Also avoid, unless that way inclined, the attentions of the dosser prossies, occasionally genuine refugees but mostly Rumanian skanks. Gotta be hard core to shag one of those. Respect if you can.

So much to do, so much to see. A trip down Marine Drive to watch Dyke Beach Volleyball (avoid needles in the sand) is recommended if the cunter appreciates boy shaped fillies arses (fat arsed variety can’t hack it). Down towards the Marina the discerning cunter may view Pikeys on holiday, caravans nicely parked up in a public car park right on the sea. Heavenly. Opposite on the grass a benefits “refugee” camp of our young male muslim friends . Feeling so loved up now.
Cunters with young children are sure to want to visit and play that old game “Spot a White Face”. Main areas like Western Road and London Road not recommended to avoid disappointment. Frustration and tantrum counseling readily available in Brighton.

Also the Seagulls down here are mugging bastards (and I don’t just mean the football team).

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke.

117 thoughts on “Brighton, East Sussex

  1. Interesting post, so I take it you won’t be joining us down on the south coast then SLS?? 😂

  2. Ah, the stench of human piss. The signature aroma of an over populated, under planned and under funded town run by self serving line me own pockets useless tossers. Maybe that mystery haze that wafted in at Beachy Head is not such a mystery any more.

  3. I am often in Brighton and omg if the eastern part of town isn’t a horrible housing estate that looks like russia after world war 2. And jesus the people there, sure there are worse, but you don’t see that in the green party manifesto.

    Lol at the progressive smart-arse bullshit that will see its demise. Its typical of liberals not to see that they want to destroy most if the things that underpin their western lifestyles.

    Good cunting.

    • Well that’s just hit the nail hasn’t it. The long march of the useful idiot goes on. Any other country in the world (well, most) and the majority of these council types would have starved to death long ago. Can’t blame them totally though, they weren’t put in these positions to think, they were put there to toe a line and nothing else. It’s on the job description. There’s a puppet master at work somewhere, and he’s managed to assemble a mess of marionettes that know full well that they are deeply stupid, grossly overpaid and under qualified and if they don’t move their arms in time with the music, it’s back to flipping burgers.

  4. I’m actually not sure if any posters live in Brighton??
    I lived in BN1 20 years ago but moved along the coast and everybody I know has moved out too, some into villages outside but most to either hove, shoreham on sea etc…
    Brightons had a huge drug problem for years, homeless too, I think it’s enjoyed by the younger crowd, full of bars and nightclubs etc..
    As I’ve previously posted the council are utter Cunts and seem to enjoy making residents lives a misery!! From parking to just about anything else…..
    Will the bubble burst as one previous poster said?? Not sure as there’s stacks of people that appear to love it?, property prices in central Brighton are astonishing!!, the only time I visit Brighton is to shop, that’s it…
    Has it gone downhill in the last 20 years??
    For me it’s a definite yes, but fellow cunters has anywhere in England become a better place in that time With our open borders , soft immigration policies and the governments endless austerity program??

    • i moved to bn1 from se26 in 1990 and fucking loved it left in 95 for oz but will fondly remember great parties and great summers and great people was a right laugh
      winter was a cunt mind
      some sad reading here shame its gone to shit

  5. Well I come from Portsmouth which has always been a shit hole apart from very isolated pockets of sunshine but it’s mostly a working class town with an appropriate seaside area to match. But they are trying to make it nice in areas but you end up with luxury flats next to council estates in a very amusing juxtaposition which seems to be popular but at least unlike Brighton it’s got some history some heritage unless Brighton unless a fat cunt of a Prince Regent counts but suppose he’s the perfect role model for their council waste millions on vanity projects and providing fuck all for the real locals

  6. Forget all that. Great news! William and Kate are expecting ! Rejoice Rejoice! Let joy be unconfined. Hurrah ! Sid and Doris Bonkers will be overjoyed.

    • Its lucky William gave up his part time job in the Air Ambulance Service and is now a ‘full time’ royal, how would he have coped? Oh that’s right, a small army of taxpayer funded staff and how is a History of Art degree any use flying helicopters unless he bored them into a coma with the finer points of 18th century neo classic impressionism.

      • What pisses me off is that Kate won’t do her royal duties because of morning sickness. Fuck her. If she pukes on some scrotey kid while opening a nursery then so be it.

          • Oh fuck, not again! An eternity of live pictures of a closed hospital door; sycophantic reporters gushing mindless small talk to fill the aching void; door opens and rich sponging stereotypical white couple emerge holding identikit tranquillised crib lizard. The end (if only!)…

          • I don’t know if it’s just me but every time I see him I want to punch that cunt Prince George in the fucking face.

      • At least they’re connecting with their Subjects by having numerous special-needs looking kids while living off the taxpayer pound. If Kate can pump out a couple of sooty ones,she’ll have the full set.

    • Yay !!!

      So the papers will be full of what an average royal mum is going to swaddle the infant in, at a cost of billions to us taxpayers. What will they call it… Marigold, and hope she does ?? Maybe Josh…

      Meanwhile, a retard somewhere in N Korea is about to punch the button.

      Surely there must be somebody in NK who can nobble this deranged, dralon, self-propelling syrup ?

  7. I live in Brighton.

    Parkings a cunt.
    The council are cunts.
    The electorate are cunts. They elect fuckpig Caroline Lucas but Brighton has one of the lowest recycle rates in the country. They vote green but can’t be fucked to recycle.
    Property prices are cunts but they weren’t in the 80’s.
    Whitehawk area of city is no go.

    Population per mosque is 80,000 which is a little bit cunty.

    But the best thing about it is its just 55 minutes from Victoria if anyone wants to visit their Muslim relatives in London.

    • Hey CNR , are you bn1 or 2??
      I used to live just up from the dyke tavern!! ( always made me snigger) …..

        • My sister in law used to live up the road from stanmer arms??
          I used to live Preston park but moved out to hove , I’m not sure what fiveways is like but hove has changed dramatically since 2005, and not for the better either….

  8. I’d like to go mano-a-mano and give a high noon cunting to gender-bender extraordinaire Munroe Bergdorf. Who? Exactly. Who. Or more specifically, ‘what’.

    This fucking transgender specimen, possibly now only 5% cock but 100% prime, bullshit-reared cunt has been desperate for attention recently, by claiming that all white people are racist. Insisiting that it is ‘ALL’ whites. Not enough that ‘it’ lost it’s fucking job as a model for L’Oreal for such a divisive, neo-lib attention seeking outburst on FaceBook, the fucker is now doing the rounds and got an almighty tolchoking from cunt Piers Morgan on GMTV this morning. Now, Morgan’s cuntitude is stratospheric to be sure, but when standing up to this freak he was spot on.

    Why is it that any fucker a slightly browner shade than Shakespeare’s Sister has carte blanche to demonise the entire spectrum of ‘white’? Remember almighty cunt and hypocrite Jason Osamede OKUNTdaye recently, who spouted similar on Twitter, before folding like a cheap fucking tent and closing his Twitter account to avoid the backlash, no doubt to retreat to his fucking ‘safe space’. Notwithstanding the fact that OKUNTdaye enjoyed every supposed ‘white privilege’ going, and had been afforded a prestigious position in a seat of learning from a supposed ‘white institution’.

    Back to this fucking Bergdorf abomination though – the core of it’s message seems to be that colonialism (that old fucking chestnut) somehow logically means that everyone born hundreds of years after the fact is a, quote, “violent white racist”. Munroe later refined this during the Morgan interview as “Straight, white, homophobic violent white racist men.” This fucking freak has so many cards to play of course! Tell me, do the fucking Turks submit to this constant self-flagellation of old colonial guilt for their Ottoman forefathers? Does Italy have to constantly bow it’s head when reminded of the actions of the Romans?

    What bothers me most of all is why the fuck are such cunts allowed a platform to spout this level of divisive bollocks? Tommy Robinson gets hauled over the coals for far, far less. This is hate speech, pure and simple – baseless, factually incorrect, totally uninformed unadulterated bollocks. Yet because the cunt ticks so many diversity boxes, they get treated as if they are expressing an ‘opinion’. Funny enough, if I express an opinion that the Pakistani community in Yorkshire have a problem sexually abusing young white girls, then that is deemed unacceptable. Why? It bears more correlation to actual events than the horse-shit spouted by this fucking creature.

    Of course, any hate this monstrosity receives will undoubtedly fuel it’s confirmation bias – on this occasion though, I am happy to oblige. Fight cunts with fire!

    • The only surprise ECB is that L’Oréal have now sacked the attention seeking cunt. I suspect their real reason is that a large number of their customer base is white and object to be called a racist on the ramblings of a chick with a dick.

    • Unsurprisingly, it looks exactly as you might imagine it would . A bloke in a fucking dress. Why do these cunts all convince themselves they’re so glamorous ?

      • Two years of seeing endless Conchita Wurst ads in Vienna… remember it ??
        Looked like a feckin Linz docker in Matalan kit…

    • It’s only hate speech if you’re white.

      Just like the anti-racism Black Lives Matter group in the states where white people weren’t just unwelcome but banned from their public forums – just like the KKK cunts stipulate re: black people.

      The thing is that groups like BLM and AntiFa don’t have sense enough to draw parallels with those actions and that of their own.

      I’ve also noticed that you can never argue logic with one of these groups because to do so also makes you a racist!

      “Fuck off you white cunt you’re not welcome here you racist!”

      “But isn’t *that* racist?”

      “No, cos I is black in’it!”

  9. Go west, keep going, go on, keep going until you more-or-less drop off the end. I give you Devon and Cornwall. It’s not those counties’ faults nor the indigenous dwellers but the outsider cunts making it oh-so-trendy and unaffordable for many people. Time and again Mr/Mrs/Ms/Mx (if they don’t know what they are) Smug Narcissist “now lives in Devon/Cornwall” (delete as appropriate). How often do you hear a genuine West Country accent – more likely snotty Home Counties nowadays? It’s partly a false premise as well. With Cornwall, apart from the coast – what else? It’s OK if you want to go to “Padstein” I suppose. And what about all those public school louts who used to ruin Newquay each summer. Does that still go on? At least with them all going west they’re as far away from many of us as possible.

  10. Never before in the field of human reproduction, has so much spunk been spilled by so many to produce so fucking few individuals with common sense and purpose!

    Brighton ( on my last visit ) is a swamp of retarded transgender fluid pumped shit for brains morons, who are either in a vegetative or semi conscious state,and are
    policed by coppers with big ginger beards, man buns , multiple tattoos and piercings and who are actively arse chasing bandito’s

    Tis a far cry from the heady days of ’65 when when a cock in a cunt was considered the norm ( under the pier ) and a brown ratter kept a fucking low profile !

    Brilliant cunting Sir Limpy!

  11. Yes, thank you Fred W. Had the Seven Sisters haze wafted in before I posted I would have mentioned it. Chlorine gas for FS! Or so it is believed but like anything else dodgy in the Brighton area it will never be fully investigated. My theory – it was the krauts and frogs laying doine a trial smokescreen prepping for a post Brexit invasion using a spot orf EU heritage Sarin.
    That or the council went overboard cleaning the trans/multi gender khazis. Add a spot orf bleach to hard core dosser piss and you get a lungful orf chlorine.

    • My thoughts exactly…
      Either a cleansing/cleaning “accident”, or dodgiest marine fumigation ever.

      Cl2 so horrible that NOBODY in their right mind would loose off a load, unless your name was Fritz Haber.
      V v sad and ironic that his interest in gas rebounded so badly on his own tribe later on; his wife, likewise a highly-distinguished scientist, blew her brains out with his service revolver.

  12. All I know of Brighton is that fucking final in 83: That superb goal from Ray Wilkins and that cunt, Gary Bailey, doing something useful for once and saving in the last seconds (shame the cunt didn’t do it in 1979!)… Murdered them in the replay and sang ‘Shit on the seagulls tonight’… Great days…

    • You remind me of more alleged buggery and corruption Norman. Brighton and Hove Albion (The Seagulls) were for many years lowly division cloggers based at the Goldstone Ground in the centre of Brighton. Then in the late ’90s the board flogged it orf for a tidy old sum despite howls from loyal fans and eyebrows raised in many quarters. Championed by local faces and media such as old Fred Dinage (long had the cunt in The Pool) Eventually found a temporary home at Withdean Stadium then “out of the blue” they got rubber stamped planning permission to build a massive new stadium on the Green Belt at Falmer. Also went up to the Premier League so much cashola trousered all roinde.

      • It wasn’t green belt. It was a fucking industrial estate, and planning permissi9n didn’t come out of the blue. It took 8 fucking years becoz cunt locals didn’t want the noise or the cars.

        • It was built on two fields around the village of Falmer. One of the many reasons for opposition. What came out of the blue was Lewes suddenly dropping their opposition to the planning permission. It was judged that the fix was in. Interesting that AMEX, a major Brighton employer and major sponsor of the stadium, had their redevelopment of their headquarters nodded through some time thereafter. The stadium is now known as the AMEX Stadium.

  13. Comments being moderated again. What causes this to happen once you are a regular cunter?

    • I get plagued by that or “comments temporarily disabled” quite often, Ever since the troll tried to fuck me over. The site’s anti-trollware has been jacked up to its highest level for a while now so I understand and is rather sensitive. Worth checking your email is still kosher and your avatar has not been highjacked. Also links in your comments can trigger the defences. Thank the troll.

    • Just took a quick look see. Your comment was quite long and very long comments can push you into the moderation queue. Multiple links – more than 2 from memory – do the same.
      In this case, looks like the length was the culprit?

      • Ok, noted for the future.

        Incidentally I have had posts rejected outright before when trying to insert links into text from the Daily Mail.

  14. I went to Brighton quite a bit as a kid in the ’80s. Decent record stores all pretty close together, quite a few cinemas to choose from, The Brighton Dome and The Brighton Centre are good concert venues, decent shopping and back in the day, there was a really good burger place called Uncle Sams down West Street (I think) just off the clock tower.

    Haven’t been back for many, many years and can believe it’s a total toilet now.

    A question to my fellow cunters, is there any place you’re aware of that is better now than it was in yesteryear? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Brighton in any way. It just seems to me that everything is worse than it was.

    • Most of the independent traders have long gone due to massive rent/rate increases. Vinyl Demand in Trafalgar Street which was the place to buy vinyl has closed and the other places in that area along with it. Also virtually all of the period clothes shops and many designer shops and book stores. To find the old traders, those that have yet to top themselves, you have to go to the trade fairs such as Ardingly.
      In some part charity shops have taken over with dedicated sections on CD/vinyl, vintage (a joke) ect but a fraction of what was there.
      As for the Brighton Centre a 70’s horror worn and chipped and badly in need of a refurb. Brighton Dome? Lots of money spent to improve acoustics (it was the Prince Regent’s stables for crissake) ect but not up to modern standards.
      For my money councils are corrupt cunts without any empathy (except for their greasy little masonic mates).and should not be running our towns and cities. (Were you aware Fake Yank that Brighton is now a city since your time?) I travel a lot and cannot think of one place in the UK that has been “improved” by architects and planners and both public and private sectors. Poor old London particularly what has happened around Victoria.

      • Other eye sores include
        Hove town hall
        My wife who is brighton born and bred reliably informs me it actually won a design award!!
        And the British airways 360 on the seafront ain’t too clever!!
        Apparently back in the day Chris Eubanks was interested in the old west pier?? not sure he ever had the money ( thank god) , rumours were he wanted it for a house!!! In hindsight it would have been funny!!

      • Greetings Sir Limply.

        Actually I did know of Brighton’s transition to a city. Not sure of the point of that if I’m honest.

        I did mozy on over to Google Earth to check my West Street reference from earlier and caught an aerial view of Brighton. Erm…..where’s the other pier? Isn’t there supposed to be two piers, Palace Pier and another one (West Pier?). Or am I getting confused with Worthing or possibly Eastbourne?

      • Brighton… A Ciddeeeeee ??

        Does it have any sort of legit cathedral ?

        Pompey has two v nice ones !

          • Also as soon as the West Pier went the Noble family, owners of the Palace Pier, renamed it “Brighton Pier”.

        • City status is a bit odd these days. Smalltown Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk has a quite nice Cathedral but isn’t a city.
          Actually it isn’t much of anything really, but you’re ‘so lucky to live there’ according to the local yokels. They were incensed when it was included in Crap Towns…

    • Hi IY ,
      I asked exactly the same question in an earlier post, with free movement of people, liberal immigration policies and a never ending government austerity program which parts of England are better in 2017 then say 20 years ago?? ……..
      It’s all total shite……..

      • Hey Quis – I know, right? I was struggling to think of anywhere I’m familiar with which has improved over the years.

        I’m sure I’m not the only one on ISAC who’s wishing for retirement so I can remove myself from the shit stain that is office life these days. And…while not looking forward to my ultimate demise….at least I’m OK with not being around in 30 or so years (maybe more maybe less who knows?) and having to witness where society will have sunk to by then and the downward spiral it will have followed to get there.

        Me thinks we need a few world wars to thin the herd and remind the lefty libtard entitlement generation what our parents, grandparents and great grandparents sacrificed.

        • I hear you IY,
          I’m retired (50) but my wife’s got a few more years to go, I’m racking my brains about where I would like to live, moved to Brighton 20 years ago as I had the tits with Essex/ London….
          I’m ready to move on…..😡

        • Retirement?
          Great Concept and I’ve never regretted it, but don’t kid yourself you escape from the cunts. You just get different cunts…

  15. Just read about some fucking tranny freak that froze it’s sperm before it had the op. It now wants a womb transplant so that it can,presumably, “carry” it’s own child….All on the NHS no doubt. What a fine use of medical facilities and money….indulging a mentally-ill maniac to believe that it can defy nature. I seriously wish it all the harm in the world.

      • It just sounds evil and sick as fuck, what is wrong with these fucking people? Alot of news sounds so surreal nowadays

        • It IS evil, sick as fuck and just plain wrong.
          These people are twisted deviants who insist on trying to make everyone else ignore what they have been brought up to believe by their parents ( remember when the term ‘parents’ meant one straight man and one straight woman) and to accept, no encourage and CELEBRATE their fucking sickness. Cunts.

      • I’m self-employed, so I save a fair bit with all cash transactions being tax-free. I do hope they never get around to closing this loophole.

  16. I live in Brighton Sir Limply , well Hove
    Actually and I could not agree with you more dear boy.
    I would like to give an extra large cunting to those fuckin Tarquins and Gemimas that ride cycles around Brighton and Hove with their little kids attached in trailers. Now I’m no health and safety nut but but what kind of irresponsible cunt would put their kids in serious danger like that ? I watched one turning right and this BMW missed the trailer by inches. And the fuckin cunt parent on the bike was outraged. I went up and gave the cunt a piece of my mind, but I really wanted to lay the fucker out. Sorry cunts but this is a pet hate of mine

    • I bet she was off to the organic veg and vitamin supplement shop. they’ll be examine each others shit later for signs of worms or lack of nutrition. They are also surrounded by animals. Chickens in the garden eating potato peelings and scraps off the table and the neglected, flee ridden cat or dog or two coz they’re always too busy with their healthy activities around their brat sprogs to notice anyone else and what’s really going on in the world and around them.

  17. Anyone see M&S are doing away with boys and girls clothes and having gender nutural kids clothes. Why? Because anything else is forcing gender role models on children. Physical sex and gender are two different things apparently and little girls everywhere want to dress up a pirates and little boys want to where pink T Shirts with flowers on.

    They continue to make up down, right left, the cunts.

    Brighton is the prototype for the brave new lefty socialist utopia.

    Or perverse morally corrupt shit pit, depends on your views.

    • Yes, the flabby cunts are peddling past the site of the West Pier – note the two “refurbished” cabins, all that remains, and between them that concrete stump which is the base tower of the glass doughnut ride heretofore mentioned. (the i360)

      • Residents get a discount on the magical 360 eye???
        Whoppee fucking doo dah!!
        360 eye…. sore!! 😡😡😡
        Even more annoying is the wind farm off the coast, a sea of ugly turbines as far as the eye can see, apparently when they’re all spinning at top speed they will produce enough electricity to dimly light a 1 bedroom flat!!

    • My bad, thinking about it there was no 3 million pound add pushing the new line. Just a long slot on BBC breakfast. Some obvious carpet muncher, this was followed by some medical thing where the only doctor they could find was wearing a headscarf and had no penis,

      If I was ethnic. sexually ambiguous or missing some body parts I would sign up to be a BBC expert.

  18. Somewhat related Limpy EU openly acknowledges intentional ethnic displacement of europeans and a reminder that EU hates Trump with a bloody passion! They wanted hilary to win cunters, they were dead set on her winning because she was for massive forced invasion of illegal immigrants across the globe. She was Mama Merkels Fag Hag She also would of went right along with throwing out brexit mark my words Trump changed the conversation on immigration despite how much you dislike Great cunting Sir Stoke

  19. oh FFS ! we have a new category of sexuality we have to ‘respect’ . ‘ETS ‘ , ‘ Exploring the Spectrum ‘ . i kid you not. GHU ( god help us ).

    • Not to miss GPS – Gender Plural Sexuality – but be careful, you can catch it orf a smartphone

  20. Slagelina Jolie apparently ‘not enjoying being single’…. Shouldn’t be a nutjob slapper of a cunt then….

    • A fruitcake like Jolie and Kim Mong-Un… A perfect loony couple if ever there was one… A match made in heaven (or is it hell?)…

  21. ABBC are going to give the Dickens classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ a ’21st Century upgrade’..
    So we’ve got to look forward to ‘A Gay Black Muslim Transbender Anti-Brexit Migrants Are Great Lady Di Tribute Special Grenfell Benefit Carol’….

    Naturally, Scrooge will now be a woman (It’s about time!’ says Cuntlin Moran and all the Grauniad cunts), and the word ‘Christmas’ will be omitted in case it offends any vulnerable and sensitive snowflakes and sandsambos…

  22. reminds me, the first ‘ mens fragrance’ advert for Christmas is imminent. i really want to fuck off somewhere this year. must sort me passport.

  23. Brighton… I know naffink abaaaaaht it, never been there (as far as I can remember). Sounds like it’s full of cunts.

  24. Drug’s is a cunt,
    I must be getting old, the Class A’s aren’t working for me anymore. Lack of sleep, twisted head and all the damage I’m doing to my body is a cunt, let alone the money they cost. Gotta slow down the rocking and rolling, doesn’t help when some of your mates are dealers. It’s Tony Blair’s fault, the cunt.

    • Send yer drugs to birdman, Spain.
      My foot is fucked and I’m out of hash.
      Can’t even get a shoe or flipflop on to get a taxi.
      The irony is i stayed here to look after the dog but can’t even take him out. I crawl up the stairs and he does his business up there on the patio.
      The neighbours will be most pleased.

  25. As the BBC has been cunted regularly and entirely justifiably on ISAC, I shan’t bother with a new cunting. I do wonder though, with the Beeb being anti-English treasonous cunts through and through, just what is their fascination with those utter parasitic cunts, the Royal Family. They can’t get enough of the blue-blood spongers. And it can’t just be lickspittle buttkisser Nicholas Witchell. There has to be more to it. What do fellow cunters think?

    • Well if lefties are happy to lick moosies asses and their numerous offspring and pander to lazy, chav parasites and their numerous equally vacuous offspring, then why not posh super parasites and their numerous equally vacuous super extravagant offspring??

    • A “Witchell” sounds like something that might turn malignant, ought to have it removed surgically.

  26. Growing up in Brighton in the 60’s & 70’s was a great period , fags and trannies kept a low profile, great music and shaging birds was top priority. There was a spit and sawdust pub near west street where you could by their homemade brew called cloudy for 12 pence a pint in 1973. Fuck me you were on your arse after 5 pints. A great night out for £2.50 . Now your lucky to get a pint in Brighton under £5 a pint.
    Their were great music venues like The Big Apple at clock tower where the stones performed ,Emerson lake and palmer , King Crimson etc, I saw the very first performance of DSOTM by Pink Floyd at the Dome in 1972. If you were into prog/ rock in those days Brighton was a Mecca, well it’s an even bigger Mecca now but for all the wrong reasons and a degrading shit hole.

    • Yeah. I was at the Dark Side of the Moon gig. Also Bowie and Led Zeppelin 1973. Zeppelin tickets were £1 and they encored with Christmas songs. Having to queue for 9 hours fo a ticket was a bit cunty.

  27. Football should be binned as our National sport. We never win fuck-all,it’s a breeding ground for utter Cunts and it allows Ian Wright and Gary Lineker to imagine that people give a flying-fuck about their opinions. I’d as soon watch some inbreds roll a wheel of cheese down Coopers Hill.

    • Its as if the BBC holds meetings every now and again to vote on what ex-footballers are the most hated annoyingly cunty voiced cunts and should we hire them?

      There’s no explanation as to why they hire cunts who would get a right kicking if they spouted their shite in a bar.
      We hated these cunts as players and by Jove do we hate these cunts as pundits.
      Pat Nevin excluded.

      I had to listen to Phil Fuckin Neville tonight, STRAIGHT!!!!!!

      • It used to be that retired footballers bought a pub or a sweet shop,gambled it away,became alcoholics and died young. They knew their place in those days.No farting about thinking that people were interested in their opinions or lives. It’s a shame that modern footballers don’t have the same decency and regard for the Great British Public. Selfish wankers.

        • Even joe pasquale at a push!!
          Phil gargoyle Neville is as easy on the eye as he is the ear!! 😡😡

  28. I moved to Brighton in 2000 when it was riding high on all that Fatboy Slim rave crap. It was a friendly, upbeat sort of place for a while, but it became more druggy and grimy and it all turned to shit pretty quick. Hipster try-hards & all the liberal cultural marxists still think it’s the city of cool. It is not. It is a city divided between the genuinely desperate and deluded middle class people who think they are part of some great fucking liberal revolution and hang around looking ‘street’ or uber-cool at when in fact they either have their parents as paymasters or they have some disgusting office job in London to support their massive mortgage or rent. It’s a fake town.
    I know people in the council and I know there are good people who work for the council who genuinely want to help the desperate and support residents except for many years it stank of a mafia of senior managers (two have been dismissed in recent years for alleged fraud), who ganged up on chief executives who rarely stayed more than 3 years (and are only using the job as a career stepping-stone anyway) and thwarted any progress. It stands a better chance now that much of the old guard have either been sacked or have retired.
    It’s a town that could have been great, but is now just a fucking mess and getting worse. I did the best thing and moved along the coast and far away from that churning shithole.

    • I’v lived in Brighton n Hove all my life but I no longer go into Brighton unless strictly necessary.
      1 it’s full of sexual deviants and lefties openly pedaling their destructive, nauseating, utopic delusions and
      2 I am afraid some bum fuck hating peaceful cunts will inadvertently blow me into a thousand little pieces. .

  29. What if Public Enquiries, aka Whitewashing, were a sport ?

    So many under false starter’s orders, general cock-ups, blurred photo-finishes…

    The French pulled a blinder on the Alma Tunnel job.

    • The Cunts That Be, when they want to hit a problem into the long grass, hold a Public Enquiry. Is that cricket? Is it a sport?

  30. A fly-by cunting for the insufferable, eye-gougingly and ear-bleedingly infuriating ‘England band’, who follow the football team to every fucking match and trot out the same headspinningly repetitive shite from their arsehole-blown trumpets, tubas and cunting trombones.

    I irreversibly lost most interest in following England after the 2010 World Cup debacle. But the few times I’ve got behind them since, this bunch of brass blowing bastard cuntlords truly make my shit hang sideways.

  31. I personally think football is totally vacuous and total Bollocks. Blokes running about kicking a ball.
    Well that’s the beginning and end of it as far as I can see.
    Some twits with small head get so excited when there teem hits the ball into a net more times than the other twits in different shirts do, and in reality these twits can’t see that nothing whatsoever has changed around them, everything is still the bloody same as it was before.
    I recon that if the media etc spent as much time ranting and raving about tiddlywinks as they do this kids playground pass-time game you’d see the same Burks behaving in just the same fashion as they do now with this vacuum of a dead end pursuit.
    Its literally become a religion with its elders, saints, heroes and sacred places etc.
    You’d complain if the Jehovah’s whiteness forced there way into your home and force fed you with their religion every time you watched the news and had to put up with them suddenly appearing as you change the channels. how’d you feel if you had to listen to muggs enthusing about their peaceful religion in the cafe, waiting for the bus,train or where ever.
    Well I’m not falling for it and you should see through this utter contempt and insult to public intelligence hype too , Bloody wast of time and fucking irritating.
    LOL. 🙂

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