The Pope [2]

Pope Francis is a ridiculous Cunt.

God’s Representative on Earth, The Bishop of Rome has warned followers of his Cult not to be influenced by “horoscopes and fortune-tellers”,but to believe implicitly in the Word of God,as reported by his religion. He uses some bizarre tale about Jesus walking on water to prove his point about how true belief is the only Path.

What a detestable,corrupt charlatan the old bastard is. Although I have no belief in horoscopes and the like,I don’t think that they’ll have caused a fraction of the pain and suffering that his religion has perpetrated over the Ages. Urging people to blindly follow the instructions of a discredited book of fairy-tales is no better than any other Cult’s instruction to always “Trust the Leader”.

The evil, duplicitous Magician should be treated with the same contempt as any other “Religious Extremist” who preaches hate and hides their inherent wickedness behind a load of Mumbo-Jumbo that even an opium-ridden, Lewis Carroll would have struggled to imagine.

Hurry up,and meet your Maker. I’d be interested to know the Judgement that his God hands down on him and his acolytes. Poisonous Cunts,the fucking lot of them.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

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  1. The Pope. A man who leads the followers of the Worlds True Faith. ( Meaning that all others are false and full of shit ) Yet he still panders to all other faiths saying that they are simply different pathways to heaven. ( Crap ) If their faiths are false ( you said it mate ) then why take part in multi faith ventures, ceremonies and all the other shite of the magic circle.

    Cunt.And a hypocritical cunt at that.

  2. The link in this post about Sikhs in Birmingham encouraging vigilante action against Muslim sex gangs would probably make the average identity-obsessed liberal’s head explode…

    Funny how the horribly racist British are routinely accused of “Islamophobia” but never “Hinduphobia” or “Sikhophobia.” My spell checker didn’t recognise either of those words – odd that, I don’t think. Real racists wouldn’t know the difference and hate all of them indiscriminately.

    • Sikhs are ace and top lads… And they loathe muzzies, dirty pakis, and Pakistan in general with an immense passion… Old Sikh friends of my parents told me as a kid that parking stanley muzzies were evil and what they had said would come to pass… How right they were….

      • “Being good for Jesus’ sake, how is this different from little kids who want to behave in December so Santa will bring them lots of presents?”

        How do you not get this CMC?!
        Step1 You buy presents to spread goodwill and economy plus jesus loves you Step2 ??? Step 3 Prophet=Profit Also are you saying you don’t like presents? exactly everyone loves presents

          • Makes sense to me Blue van man Fish Fry Fridays fuck yeah I can live with that.

            Even from a certain sense I can see gods point the fish need time to procreate and spread their eggs around.

            Plus what the fuck you eating fish on a monday or thursday for?! stick to friday thick fish genociding cunts

          • I suppose the Mrs’ gash after Friday’s gym session will have to suffice…

  3. All religions are inherently inclusive and exclusive and therefore evil. Islam is the worst as it openly encourages hate and violence but the others are all capable of it. Catholicism is about power and numbers and knowing your place. Jam tomorrow if you accept a miserable life now. The ruling on contraception is all about more numbers. Unfortunately Islam will outbreed them and kill those that think for themselves. Utter evil bollocks.

  4. What i don’t get about religion is the requirement to’believe’: ‘ just believe’ we are constantly told but how can you just believe something you don’t actually believe?because I can’t do that it seems I’m doomed. The other thing is what religion someone is is very much an accident of birth. All seems a bit haphazard. Also if God ‘created the Earth’ what exactly is the point of Earthquakes?. It’s all bollocks.

    • Earthquakes are to kill unbelievers. What is it about this you dont understand?

      • The flounder, Place and Halibut etc are all sinners because god made them originally to swim like all the rest of the fish but they selfishly decided to swim on their sides in outright defiance of god. Death to all flat fish.

  5. Religion…giving people hope in a world which is slowly being destroyed….. by religion.

    I’m still an atheist…..thank God.

    • These aren’t enlightened times – we’re still living in the dark ages. How many centuries will it take for the human race to evolve?

      • God is now working on a more promising plan: self-service massage parlours. You go through the first door, have to put a tenner in the slot “for the maid” before the door to “upstairs” opens automatically.
        When you arrive, there’s a couch, some baby oil and hankies, some choice magazines (Readers’ Dogs, The Watchtower, The Lady, People’s Friend – whatever gets the juices flowing. Instructions are on the wall: maybe, if you’re lucky, a photo of…JK Rowling.
        15 minutes later, the couch turfs you off, and you hear the computerised whine of Emma Watson asking if it was ok…

  6. Used to like Pope Francis Jim Bowen when he was on Bullseye… Wonder if he still uses the old catchphrases in his job as pontiff?

    ‘Jesus Christ, Our Lord, was great… smashing…. super… Amen…’

      • Jim Bowen
        Probably is God! Just decided to come down and have a look what is going on and ended up a game show host.
        He should have been made leader of a religious cult
        With his commandments.

        Stay out of the black and into the red.
        Nothing in this game for two in a bed
        Look at what you could have won
        Now the cash you won for charity earlier… that’s safe
        You win nothing but your BFH… Bus Fare Home
        I’ve got money here and it’ll take me two minutes to count out
        You’ve got the time it takes for the board to revolve…”
        Up to the oche – and listen to Tony!
        You can’t beat a bit of Bully!
        The subjects that are lit are the ones you can hit!
        Have you had a good night out?

        Yep! Jim Bowen was God.

  7. He should have been chaplain on the fucking Belgrano. Maybe the cunt would think twice before gobbing off his opinions on the Malvinas

  8. Another fantastic Pope there, showing off the age old old rule of thumb. If it goes up too easily… They’re too old.

  9. Ahh yes the Pope. The leader of the kiddie fidlding priests. Loves covering it up the cunt

  10. A thoroughly well deserved cunting if ever there was one. ALL organised religion has no place in modern society . Who the fuck are they to tell me not to covet my neighbours ox or stop me wanting to bang my brothers wife. Cunts one and all.

  11. So horoscopes and fortune-tellers are bad but fondling young boys and covering up countless sexual abuse cases is alright how is that even morally justifiable?

    Not to mention the papacys long history of brutal torture, witch hunts, burning heretics at the stake, endless wars and genocide But now they want to preach morality and goodwill? Thick Twats Any wonder why protestants protested the church the way they did for centuries the boy fiddlers in Rome are truly vile cunts

  12. Anyone seen those cunts who go to IKEA to buy sheepskin rugs?…
    But why are they buying them, and why are they cunts?…
    They are buying them to wear them (and post pics of themselves all over Facefook and Twatter)… And they wear them because they wear them on Game Of Thrones…. Grown adults actually do this shit… The UK is full of mongs… Complete fucking spaztards, and GOT fancunts now rival Harry Potter fancunts and Star Wars fancunts as the biggest gang of knobheads in Britain…

    • Yeh the same cunts who all bought Siberian huskies as they call them wolves in GOT, the huskys a beautiful dog but needs lots and lots of exercise, before you buy one you need to really do your homework !!, not watch a TV program and think you look fuckin cool…. pathetic Cunts!! 😡😡

      • They are actually northern inniut dogs but don’t tell GOT Cunts that!! 😂😂😂

    • Something to do with Jon Snow… How well does a sheepskin rug look with my migraine-inducing tie and ginger man-bun ??

  13. A wonderful religion that rules by fear and guilt!!
    if it’s your bag fair enough but don’t ever darken my door with this controlling mumbo jumbo..

  14. Although a right cunt himself and for all the wrong reasons at least Henry VIII stood up to this all powerful regime.
    If it wasn’t for people like him, we’d still have the papal army burning us at the stake and stoning us to death.
    So it looks like the muzzies have taken over that witchhunt then.

        • He never converted because he was born a Catholic. Made himself Defender of the Faith and founded CoE to get his leg over Anne Boleyn. As far as I know was a Catholic to the end, just not aligned with the pope.

        • Mick, Seamus, Tony, Paul, John Paul, Paul John, Sean, Jennifer, Lisa, Patrick, George fae Darlington……… Fuck off Vermin Cunt Spotter and try rattling some other cunters cage.
          You’ve been trying to rattle mine since i started posting here, but it ain’t working.
          Before i first ever posted on here, i was an avid follower and you were my favourite.
          Your put downs are great and i love reading them, but don’t waste yer energy with me , coz i love you maaaaaaan!!!

          Keep up the cunt spotting.

          • PS. You were the second cunter to have a go at me on here for whinging about my stubble turning grey.
            Your words were, and i quote “would a load of wank you talk”.
            “Would a load of wank”? That makes two if us then old pal o’ mine.

            The first cunter to have a pop at me was Norman, in case anybody was wondering.

            Hey Norman. 🙂

          • I think he meant well known catholics who were burned at the stake. Of course no one has a definite number with full names and everything.

            Seriously tho bman King Henry is a good bloke I don’t care if he beheaded some of his wives. He probably loved them but they all kept on having miscarriages so he was all like “fuck it, off with their heads then I’m not having that”

          • Never said anything bad about Henry Viii.
            I’ll be forever grateful to him for me not growing up in a Cafflick cuntry.
            Just imagine, without him we would have grown up in a country like Spain, Italy or Ireland.
            Fuck that.
            I was merely pointing out that non converts to C of E also faced an “Inquisition”.

  15. I would like to nominate for the latest cycling cunt Charlie Alliston, this is the cunt that is saying its not his fault for riding a bike with no brakes and has killed a pedestrian crossing the road, all be it on her phone at the time so probable stepped out in front of him while riding at 20mph at lunchtime on a weekday in Londonistan.
    This cunt reckons it was all her fault as she dosn,t respect cyclists…the fact that the type of bike he was riding is illegal to ride on the road is irrelevant to this prick,he shouted get out of the fucking way and then ran her over killing her.
    It should be fair game to jam a stick through the front wheels of cunts like this …..

    • I really hope that smug little cunt is found guilty. Then when he’s in prison Leroy and Clyde can fuck his arse black and blue.

  16. This Pope looks, ever more than any previous ones, like a child-worrier. I bet they wouldn’t dare “move him along to a different parish” like they have the countless Paedo priests. Dear Lord, they make Michael Jackson seem virginal.

    {What’s the difference between Neil Armstrong and Michael Jackson?
    Neil Armstrong walked ON the moon, Michael Jackson fucked kids.}

    Finally, how come we’re always told, “Jesus died for you, Jesus died for your sins, etc” over and over, by nutters on street corners and advertising boards outside churches, over and over again, desperately attempting to force the guilt. However, Jesus didn’t die; he was resurrected after a few days.

    Fucking liars.

    • Wasn’t Jesus supposed to have said “Suffer little children, and forbid them not to come onto me”? So all these popes and priests are just following his example. Same with muslims and their Prophet Muhammad, he did it as well. Dirty bastards the lot of them. Religion should be banned. Save the children.

      • I think he said ” don’t come inside me” ?? Oh well what the fuck do I know?? I’ve got 15 children?? 😂

    • A good question to perplex the nutters/witnesses/Mormons etc is ‘can you explain what you mean by that?’ You know the sort of thing they come up with- have you heard the good news, Jesus saves, Jesus loves you etc. All utterly meaningless.

    • Jesus saves…
      He’s got a cocoa tin on the old, rugged mantlepiece.
      When I was a kid in none-too leafy Surrey, a couple of Mormons from a church down the road were involved in some interesting goings on involving fur coats and manacles…
      Meanwhile, I was stuck at a CofE 1ry school.
      I’m going to put in for compensation… I was never diddled by the priest from the attached church who taught RE (the yummy mummies all fancied him, he preferred MUCH younger flesh-sin), I never got diddled by the Oliver Hardy lookalike at the sweet-shop, I never got diddled by the Russian master at 2ry school.
      No wonder I turned to women…

  17. Apart from stand on a balcony, and swish his fingers around…..what the fuck else does a Pope do?

    • Sort of reminds me of some miserable old cunt that has big houses all over the country for her and her family and cant even raise a fuckin smile for her devoted cuckolded subjects.

      • He puts in a hard week poping you ignorant cunt. Just like our own dear royals put in a hard week royalling in one or other of their dozen or so palaces.

  18. Oh, no Pope of Rome
    No chapels to sadden my eyes
    No nuns and no priests
    Fuck yer rosary beads
    Please, please just fuck off and die.

    When i was younger, some proddy spray painted “fuck the pope” all along the front of the chapel in giant letters.
    The local rag reported on it and didn’t even blur the “fuck” out of the accompanying picture.

    Oh how we chuckled.

  19. Don’t forget, wearing a black dress and chasing choirboys is mans work. As for the rest, “thou shalt not use birth control” well, you don’t play the game so don’t make the rules. And why is he always pi$$ed? Getting carried around by his minions…

  20. As an ex-Catholic, I can confirm that old Franny the Argie is indeed a raging cunt.

  21. I’m half-watching some programme about women with kids on benefits. Fuck me,whatever they go short of,it’s certainly not food. Load of morbidly obese swamp-hags.

    • ….. it does my fucking head in …. any Cunt on these types of programmes … winge about how hard they are they are done by … but still manage twenty a fucking day on fags and a 50″ + telly ….

      • Having kids seems to be the jackpot. Although what chance the kids have in life is beyond me. Raised by stupid,lazy,slovenly, whiny spongers. What a fucking example for kids.

    • All delivered by self-righteous Deliverpoo cunts on bikes, no doubt.
      Get off yer lardarses, take a five minute walk.
      Die, and decrease the surplus population.

  22. Bill Esterson, the Labour Shadow Trade Minister deserves a cunting. He was on Radio Five Live today, being interviewed by Emma Barnett, who Royally skewered the useless twat over Labour’s position on the Customs Union and the Single Market. Five times she asked the waffling twat if Labour would the keep the UK inside the Single Market and the Customs Union, or whether we would leave. Five times, Esterson’s response was, “we will have the same relationship, blah blah blah”.

    To be honest, I was surprised that the BBC would allow one of its beloved Labour front benchers to be roasted in such a way. In fact, I fully expect Emma Barnett to be removed any day now. It was a performance that even Andrew Neil would struggle to match. She made Esterson look a bigger moron than the Abbottapotamus. And that takes some doing.

    Apparently, Corbyn is in “General Election” mode. Expect lots of staged meetings with ‘ordinary’ voters, who are in no way connected to the Labour Party. Also expect lots of seditious talk about “bringing down the government”. If this is the calibre of the Labour front bench, then I really hope they’re never voted into government. If they are, this country will be the European version of Venezuela within 12 months. That’s assuming that there isn’t a civil war before then.

    • The same weasel worded shit that kunt starmer and catweasel come out with ” we want exactly the same access to the single market ” which actually means we have to stay in the fucking EU!! You double dealing Cunts!!
      They treat the electorate like school children!! ……

  23. The new testament is the result of the Roman Cunts book burning all the writings of that time that didn’t suit there power obsessed narrative.
    Jesus did not preach DEPENDENCY.

  24. At last Trump is saying what the media wont, the alt-left Antifa , BLM ect were as much to blame for the violence at Charlottsville. They came prepared for a ruck as any of the nationalist groups yet they are described on CNN or ABBC as some kind of flag waving ‘counter protest’. Bullshit.

    • Well someone had to… Al-Jabeeb almost said it the other day in an article that read something like “the swivel eyed baby murdering, brexit voting (probably), so called alt-right were about to hang 12 brown puppies when they were ‘challenged’ (exact word used) by some nice people from a counter protest”. I knew exactly what that meant there and then. Just like the those unwashed militant fuckers that follow Corbyn around. I’ve read almost next to fuck all on what happened but I bet I can have a good guess – Ok, some fella’s apply for and are granted a legitimate protest about whatever, topic doesn’t really matter – freedom of speech and all that gash. Powers that be (liberal, public sector types who can’t resist a good virtue signal) then arrange a counter protest led by antifa / BLM type cunts. Old bill kettle in the original marchers whilst allowing swampy to throws bottles and rocks at them. Any old boy pointing this out to the filth (who are also largely lefties, as the righty ones don’t get a pension or promotion) gets a baton to balls. Lefties charge the old boys with sticks and bats. The jackboots kettle the old boys in a bit tighter, letting citizen smith come round for another pass. One of the old boys has enough and retaliates, the Meeja are there to film this EXACT moment, get it all over sky 24, then the coppers really go to town. End result – Old boys look like violent cunts, no sign on of the antifa / BLM on any news outlet.. Mission accomplished.

  25. Completely off point but I saw today the EU rent boy macrons first 100 days in office has seen his popularity nosedive!!, apparently lots of his supporters think they have been duped??
    Stupid French Cunts!!
    When French dwarf president hollande polled the lowest approval rating since WW2 ( 4%) didn’t the cheese eating surrender monkeys smell a rat? when ex hollande man macron came from nowhere to start his not so new Party?? They actually believed this was a new beginning?? Stupid is as stupid does!! Dumb French Cunts!! BON VOYAGE!!

    • I’m not going to Paris or London unless I really have to. I felt like the enemy last time I traveled through London. When I landed at Heathrow and stepped into the departure lounge I seriously wondered whether I’d got on the right plane.

      • Absolutely Quislings I agree with you the french frogs should of went with Le Pen she was the lesser evil. Macaroon was a banker for rothchild and copy of Hollande on almost every issue He is also a granny shagger dirty fucking bastard

        • Seriously TS the French are dopey Cunts…..
          Hollande had a 4% rating so he can’t run and the people wouldn’t vote for him!!
          Knowing this macron starts a ( new) party?? And promises to reinvent France??
          So no collaboration between the pair??
          And the frogs fall for it hook line and sinker!!
          And it’s taken them 3 months to work it out they have been stitched up!!!
          When macron visited May before French elections the cheeky cunt stood outside no10 and was calling for the brightest people to move to France post brexit!, imagine if thatcher was in power?? She would have come outside and flattened the smarmy frog!! , he wouldn’t have dared to be so utterly disrespectful…….

  26. I can’t understand why these Popes go on tour….

    I don’t know anybody who has one of their albums…

  27. All the white/black smoke is a circus when choosing a new pope, stick all the candidates in the BB house. Day 33, Pius XI and Benedict XV are in the Diary Room……

  28. An emergency cunting for the msm who now are so rabid in their hatred if Trump that they are utterly unable to be objective and report the facts before their eyes. Anyone who views the footage of the Charlottesville demo can clearly see that violence was perpetrated by both sides. They can clearly see that both sides had their fair share if fantatical arseholes. It is also clear that many on both sides of the protest did not partake or indulge in violence. This is what Trump has said. This apparently for some unfucking knowable reason is not allowed to be said and the media mongs are going ape shit again. Is it a cultic form of mind control? Is it the cocaine ? They are absolutely delusional and completely out of control.Utter cunts. Here’s the complete press conference and not the edited version SKY Fucking News and IT fucking N and Channel Cunt News and the Boys Buggery and Cocaine paedophile facilitators are showing . Now tell me what has Trump said that is wrong?His point about Washington and Jefferson is spot on btw. That stumped the insane cunts.

    • An excellent post! VCS. So far in his administration, Trump seems to have made decent and rational progress. But. Anything that he does is reported in such a way, that he is equal in manic behaviour to the loon Kim Yong Un.

      You are spot on in your comments on the recent “troubles”, and “rabid” is a very appropriate word for MSN.

  29. Anyone recall the 1988 song Hang the Pope by Nuclear Assault?

    Utter poetry interleaved with minute of merciless guitar thrashing.😂

  30. Politically correct broadcasting is a cunt.

    Over the last few weeks the ABBC has been in full poofter mode with hour after hour dedicated to the 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality. They have always had a left wing bias despite claims of being ‘fair’ and ‘ balanced’, however while flicking through the TV guide this week, on Thursday they have truly taken the piss with a two and half hour orgy over two channels of right on, white hetro hating liberal wank fest.

    To kick things off on one, there is Don’t Deport Me, I’m British. Young immigrants who came here as kids, and are now adults believe they are now longer welcome, if I was directing it would be about 5 minutes long because no, you are not now fuck off. Followed by Queer Britain we have a buy one get one free, racism in the LGBTQ community. So its no longer enough to be a queer, beanflicker or a transbender if you can team that with being a minority its the holy grail and can expect every limp dicked bollock brained MP scrambling for a photo op.

    Most sinister I think is on BBC 2, No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free?. Some ‘Dr’ is conducting an experiment on a class of primary school children for gender neutral treatment, this cunt is just warping young minds with sick adult social engineering and in any sane society would be considered abuse.

    So in the name of neutrality and balance, next week we can expect programmes on boys being boys kicking a ball about and shoving lego up their nose, queers who can walk down the street with taking a kicking. Immigrants who have settled here and made a successful new life, adopted our culture,values,traditions, integrated and not blown themselves up. Yeah ok, il wait until The Donald wins the Nobel Peace Prize. I’m sure self loathing right on cunts will lap this shit up, St Lineker will have his feet up with a licence fee paid for bottle of red and a family bag of Walker cheese & onion.

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