Spot the jihadi [1]

Here’s a great new game for all you cunts out there! A theme that could run and run!

Guess the town or city where the jihadis will strike next! Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, London? What do you think?

One guess per punter in the comments under this post please. Winner gets an all expenses paid trip to Mosul and a free AK47.

** The Rules **

To avoid multiple daily resets, attacks must result in multiple deaths or severe injury, and must take place in the Western World (Europe, North America, Australiasia). Events in shitholes like Afghanistan, where they are a daily occurence, are excluded.

This is a guessing game, not an endorsement of terrorism. Jihadis are all megacunts. Pershing had the right idea!

91 thoughts on “Spot the jihadi [1]

    • Dresden for me please.

      Keep a watching eye on Nuttin Hill over the next few hrs also, but as the peacefulls don’t shit in their own backyards I suspect it will be trouble free, apart from the usual knife crime, drugs, muggins and general disorder usually seen in downtown Basra or Kahbul.

  1. Manchester, or more specifically, Old Trafford, on a match day, when they are playing Chelsea.

  2. Vatican City,with a bit of luck. A full on assault by the islamic toddler-touchers on the catholic priest-perverts should result in heavy losses on both sides….. Good.

  3. This is going to be a complicated game seeing how theres a terrorist attack worldwide every fucking damn day!,,,, in that case sweden I guess

    Also what range of a terrorism does it include more then 5 deaths or something to be classified as a proper one? whats the cunting rules?!

    • Modified to at least 2 deaths or serious injuries? Seems reasonable to me. Somebody gets stabbed every fucking day by these nutters.

      Bombs and truck attacks seem easy to qualify. Buck House last night was a bit of an also ran in the jihadi stakes wasn’t it?

      Gas canisters in Spain was a terrific own goal tho’

      • Imagine the damage these cunt could wreak on us if they weren’t so fucking stupid. It now looks like the film Four Lions was more like a documentary than a comedy movie.

  4. I’ll go for Brighton.

    I’m off to spend a weekend in a tent and watching some Muslim cover bands at the Beheading Festival.
    Line up includes:-

    Quran Quran
    Sharia Twain
    Sunni and Cher
    Vanilla Isis
    Mecca Death
    The Throwing Stones

    …..and my favourite…

    Rage Against the Crusades…..

  5. Extraordinary cunting please, for Vaughan Gething, Welsh Health Secretary.

    On ITV News Wales TWO pms in a row.

    Yesterday, he was caught out when the interviewer suddenly changed tack, and asked him about the care-home rapist… Gething didn’t want to know. “No Public Enquiry necessary. A OK”

    We’ve seen some mind-numbing arrogance from MPs recently, but this UPPITY LITTLE OIK-CUNT really takes the whole packet of arse-biscuits. He just turned his back, and walked off.

    If I’d been the interviewer, my size 12 steel-toecap would have been planted deep, and the cunt would now be leaking into a plastic bag gaffer-taped to his weedy chest.

    However, he was only too happy tonight to discuss the plight of Wales’ transbender community, and how matters must be improved. Obviously this is in time for all the Bank Hols poovery &c. that is planned for Cardiff.

    As for the example of transbender victimhood that reared its ugly head (and I’m choosing my words VERY carefully here), if it looks like a Cardiff trucker in drag, and talks like a Cardiff trucker in drag…

    • A couple off off-topics.

      Great line from E Enders this pm… Pantomime non-white wimman says she’s had DNA resting done to see where she came from.

      The answer was ” I’ve got Nigerian, African and Cameroonian in me.”
      Presumably one in the facial orifice, one up the stokehole, and one up the shitter.
      Just as well no Somalians were involved, they’d have made off with her crazy syrup…and her ears.

      Another Dear Brucie item…
      As I wos aht of the cuntry for ten years, I missed this trick… apparently, it was called the Thinking Pose.
      To me, it seemed more reminiscent of Cpl. Jones’ butcher’s van in Dad’s Army… biceps tensed, arse poking out, expression of most intense…concentration or cuntishness on face, “Open two, three, BANG two, three…”

  6. Please let it be Birmingham, somewhere around Norfield would do just great but fraud street would do in a pinch. Cheers

    • Part of me hopes there is a 9/11 Mark II…. Just so Big Don can nuke fuck out of Syria, Libya, Parking Stan, and any other Jihadi shithole…

  7. Runnymede.
    Hopefully not, but if they do I shall be compelled to buy myself a fucking horse, suit of armour, and a sword!

  8. A gay fudge packing bar in Brighton. Coz muzzies hate the thought of bumming other bloke, they prefer goats if there’s no little boys around. And yes this thread will run and run and run.

    • Yes.Waiting to see if it is a terrorist attack.Of course it most probably is but lets get offial confirmation.This will be almost daily!

  9. West End of Newcastle, Friday morning after prayers, just beside the Mosque, concealed in a goats arse, first cock that goes in triggers…KABOOOOM!

  10. Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of Venice is on the ball.
    He has given the polis the right to shoot would be terrorists on sight.
    A piece in Thursdays Sun says he has told the polis to target any cunt shouting”Alluha Akbar”

    It said he was applauded by think tank delegates when he said anyone who does so “can expect to be gunned down by snipers”.
    He also said “we had four would be terrorists arrested a few months ago who wanted to blow up the Rialto Bridge. They said they wanted to go and meet Allah so we will send them straight to Allah”.

    Now that’s what you want to hear from a mayor whilst we are under attack, rather than the “Keep calm and expect to be killed or maimed” shite we hear from our own cuckolded cunts and that son of a bus driver cunt.

    • Viva Italia !!
      At last, someone with balls, and a legal system (and possibly a few..ahem…mafia…as back up).
      I applaud you.

    • Deffo deserves an un-cunting.

      Like I say, western leaders shouldn’t keep blabbing on about solving the “peaceful” issue in some far flung land. They should be sorting out the cunts here first!

      And, get this, they know where the cunts live over here! A fucking no-brainer, you’d think!

  11. Brighton is a prime target because Muslims view it as a degenerate shit hole. Well I agree with them on that score. But I have a feeling it will be Berlin because of the elections

    • I understand the man arrested fir this incident is only ‘susoected’ of stabbing the cop. You think he woukd know for sure?

  12. Just another thought, then Radio HBH closes down for the night…

    “Those who disown history feel condemned to rewrite it”

  13. Who amongst us would have suspected a teenage girl concert in Manchester ? None. These are evil cunts of the first order.

    • And when I say teenage I mean from 5 to 20 yrs. Wicked savage bastards. Personally I would pull apart these terrorist cunts with horses and feed them to the pigs. Fuck your glorious entry into paradise now you pig smelling dead cunt.

  14. It won’t be long till they stop reporting on acts of peace just as they do with any other everyday but irritating occurrence.

  15. This evening, according to teletexto, we have one terrorist cunt attacking two soldiers in Brussels, another attacking two polis in London, 32 dead in various attacks by terrorists in Myanmar, and 20 dead after a suicide attack in Kabul.

    Spot the jihadi should keep the admins on their toes. 🙂

    • Exactly birdman, Thats what I was saying earlier There has to be certain rules and qualifications put in place cause how else we suppose to know?

  16. I will take a punt on Vienna. The Austrians have got pig sick of the muslim pervs raping and trousering benefits so have closed their borders to them. The Germans have done the same thing on the quiet.

    • Two yaers living in Vienna’s 11th district showed me that the locals, incl. Polizei, will NOT take crap from any outsiders trying to hijack their country.
      Several occasions with Erdogdirt supporters kicking orf round the cathedral, the Polizei out in seriously full strength, armed to the hilt with
      the necessary.
      Two years back in Blighty has made me wonder why I returned, but I still love the place.
      Just FUCK the squalid little cunts who are wrecking it…

  17. Was due to come home for a holiday on the second of September, my first time back in over a year, but got news today that the kennels i usually put my dog in won’t accept him as he’s too old.
    He’s thirteen and still active. He can be lazy but when he smells a bitch he’s still mad for it.

    I’ve been trying to find other kennels but nothings happening, so it looks like I’ll be stuck here as the missus and daughter go themselves.

    Anybody else heard of this?, as it’s the first time i have.

    It’ll be alright to have a week to myself, but truthfully, I’ve been homesick as fuck recently, for the first time ever, and was really looking forward to daft stuff that i miss like uncharred countryside, summer rain, parks, decent shops, no 24 hr sweating, carpets, gardens and other shite.
    You’d be amazed how much you miss carpets.

    Thank fuck i hadn’t bought a ticket yet and I’ll also miss out on visiting her family, so maybe i may have actually won in this deal.

    Agist kennel owners are cunts.

  18. Dartford – either bridge crossing or tunnels during rush hour.

    That would create some heavy duty problems for us infidels, especially if there were a number of deaths and large scale rescue operations required.

  19. Wouldn’t a more catchy title for this game be “Where’s Whalid”?

    We need one of our resident photoshop wizards to produce an image of a peaceful in red and white striped bobble hat and Harry Potter glasses…

    • Ah yes Fred,.. Wheres Whalid? Who could forget middle east’s favorite islamic knockoff of Wheres Waldo?

      It was a real hoot for the young peaceful terrorists in training a fun book where kuffars looking hard for Whalid would get blown up or assassinated trying to locate him. In sha’ allah the unbelievablers will never find him

  20. Have we got confirmation as to who was first past the post?
    London or Brussels??
    This games a fucking winner!!
    No hanging around waiting for some old cunt to fall of his perch!!
    Maybe there’s a board game somewhere in this?? Like monopoly but with exploding houses?? You have landed on bomb vest!! Go straight to Marylebone station!! 👍👍

    • Excellent idea, Q…. We’d have to replace the Chance cards with options ranging from “Recieve enough benefits to buy a transit” to “blow yourself up at a kids’pop concert”. No go to jail square either,that could become “Get paid to shop your fellow kiddie-botherers.” Have to change the players pieces too…..instead of the iron or little dog,I’ll have the arab fucking a goat.

      • Seriously DF the possibilities are endless!!
        Instead of hotels you build a mosque ??
        The winner gets to run his own caliphate?? The calif of Mayfair?? 😂😂

    • Go to Heaven. Go directly to Heaven, for your 72 virgins. But only if you land on the stab someone On Regent St square.

  21. I reckon Wales and as no one would notice if the bombed Newport or Swansea its got to be Cardiff, but not Grangetown cuz that’s where they train the local jihadies and they don’t shit on their own doorsteps…..

  22. Oi!

    I don’t mind, I Just want the credit. Thieving gypsy bastards

  23. Benidorm. Just come back from there and there was a really large police presence as if they are expecting a visit from the kiddie fingering peaceful cunts.

    • Funny how we have had no ‘asian’* rape gangs operating North of the Border despite Glasgow having one of the biggest ‘asian’* communities in the UK. Hmmmmm.

      * apologies to any Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Russian, Cambodian, Thia, folk reading this as I dont mean you.

  24. I hope the next ISIS outrage occurs in Norwich.

    Specifically, Acrefield, 9 Chuirch Road, Upton, nr. Norwich.

    • But that’s the address of an innocent man Fred!!! Shame on you!!!

      Incidentally, was going through clearing out shit emails yesterday and came across Anna Raccoon’s original account of meeting said innocent man. I’m keeping it for when plod come for him. There’s details there confirming comments he posted on her blog with remarks about their conversation that appeared before she said anything on her own site.

      Hope she’s keeping her promise to haunt the bugger now she’s passed away. If anyone can then she can…

  25. This is my game but do I receive any credit?

    It should be called, “Captain Magnanimous’s City Of Doom” or something, but no. Steal my idea and anonymously pass it off as your own!

    Thieving pikey bastards.

  26. Looks like Kravdarth could be our first winner if this morning’s explosion on the London Underground is confirmed as a peaceful event.

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