‘Selective Ignorance’

I’d like to nominate “Selective Ignorance” by the meejah – just on the off-chance that it *might* offend any “peaceful” cunt – for a much overdue cunting.

Not a story of any note just a banner scrolling along bottom of Sky News stating: “West Midlands Police say two men have been arrested on suspicion of two separate rapes of a 14yr old girl in Whitton Birmingham.”

The story is described here in the Evening Standard:


Where they have the temerity two name the men (the first who raped her and the second who raped her after she flagged down his car for help following the first rape incident) as “Asian”.

I just have a sneaky feeling that these “Asians” won’t be Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Korean. I’m also assuming that they won’t be Hindus, Sikhs or Bhudists, but hey, I could be wrong…

Obviously it is just “suspicion” at the moment but had the suspects been the hated middle-aged white man, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be hearing of anything else across all of the main news channels! Cunts!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

37 thoughts on “‘Selective Ignorance’

  1. Well we all know that ‘Asian’ is newspeak for ‘muslim’. I suppose the media think that the inevitable redirection of hate aimed at sikhs and hindus is okay, as long as it their most favourite religion is spared.

    Still what more can you expect from a squalid little rag like the Evening Standard whose entire distribution network seems to be an empty seat on a tube train or the back seat of a bus.

  2. By the time the BBC edit this report the news will have been altered into a lolita type honey trap of these poor unfortunate followers of the religion of peace….

  3. Just to qualify the cunting, I nominated this early last week.

    I’m pretty far from being a news addict but I do catch the headlines on either ABBC “Fake” News 24 or on “Pie in the” Sky News.

    It didn’t make any noteworthy news segment that I am aware of? That’s probably for fear of being branded racist if they did cover it!

    I still don’t know what their endgame is with these “peaceful” cunts (nor that of fawning and pandering MPs) because a lickspittle, toadying “peaceful” collaborating infidel – at the end of the day – is an infidel and therefore still worthy of having their heads lopped off as far as “peaceful” cunts are concerned.

    Please ABBC, Westminster, the Associated Press, what is the fucking benefit? Can you explain it cos there’s no advantage in sucking up to the cunts as far as I can see!

  4. And of course, the ‘Asian’ doctor in East London who has been charged with a paltry 67 rapes and 100+ sexual assaults, who got a cursory mention on the local news last week. Even the article is composed of a paltry few sentences.


    This fucking nation paralysed by fear of causing offence. A load of fucking bollocks.

    • Agreed thats why I’m outwardly racist so I’m always sure to cause offence nicely cunted Rebel without a Cunt. I hate the PC mediacunt term “Asian” as well unbelievably misleading and wrong. The purposely do it to shield minorities and deflect criticism of immigration

  5. Top cunting, its not just our media outlets paralysed by fear of accusations of racism or islamophobia. The German media had a blanket ban on saying what everyone else knew when they had the mass sexual assaults in Cologne on New Years Eve 2015, it was of course Merkel’s cunts who flooded over the boarder earlier in the year.

    Sweden has had the same problems with multiple rapes at music festivals and a media unwilling to report facts. Our own bollock brained touchy feely Social Services and police let the peaceful paedo gang in Rochdale get away with it for years and now the cunts are fighting against having their citizenship revoked and sent back to Pakistan. Oh, and of course they got legal aid, castration is too good for these rag head motherfuckers.

  6. The only reason that the railway station should be shown is to say that two rapist cunts were killed in a freak accident were there bodies were repeatedly run over by trains starting at their toes and ending at their head.
    Rapist muslime scum cunts

  7. When it comes to “Selective Ignorance”,never mind the Media. Better to focus on the selective ignorance that pervades the muslim community. This is an insular community.indeed so insular that they tend to marry other family members,a community that rents houses to each other,that employ each other,that teach other,and yet no member of these peace-loving communities ever manage to pick up on the fact that they harbour nail-bombers,murderers,rapists,benefit cheats and perverts.

    You can’t run child sex-rings involving multiple men,build nail bombs,and defraud the benefit system without members of your community knowing. “Selective ignorance” hardly does it justice, the buggers ALL know what’s going on,but choose ,if not just turn a blind eye, to actively cover up the crimes in their community.

  8. And their ‘religion’ is all based on a load of old bollocks. I suspect most Muslims have no idea what an evil Bastard big Mo was.i also suspect they are unaware of the violent Misogynist, anti- gay intolerant shit the Quran contains. Either that or they are aware and think it’s perfectly acceptable. This medieval cobblers is incompatible with with The Uk, decent people and the 21st century.

  9. Carole Nash Insurance Brokers are cunts. I move out of a shit council estate into a country village….

    …and my car insurance goes UP by fifty quid?
    Fucking greedy, “it’s our policy” spouting, gotcha by the balls, wallet raping, ripoff CUNTS!!!

  10. Can I cunt ‘Muslim Extremists’
    No, not the actual cunts but the use of the term. Also add in the phrase ‘these people are un-Islamic.
    Now, lets look at the heartland of Islam – Saudi Arabia. Public executions and maimings, headless bodies left on show, religious police (targeting women mostly of course) women reduced to chattels, slave economy, justice system corrupt. So, this is not extreme then? Looks much like Isis to me.
    On the other side of their sectarian divide we have Iran – Public executions and maimings, bodies on show, religious police, womens rights very much restricted, corrupt legal system. Again, looks very much like Isis to me.
    Gulf States – more of the same with the emphasis on slave economy.
    Afghanistan- corrupt and rotten to the core with the Taliban waiting to retake control.
    Pakistan- rotten to the core with an atomic bomb.
    Bangla Desh- rotten, corrupt, backward with the above attitudes to women and law.
    Turkey – Dictatorship, no regard for law and destined to sink even lower now that it is reasserting it’s Islamic values.
    There might be a Muslim country that isn’t a shithole but I cant think of one. Indonesia is showing signs of reverting to the stone age with it’s various Islamic factions.
    Add in blowing up people at the mosque or market, which all the fuckers do.
    So, how are Isis extreme or un-Islamic? They are very much orthodox Islam and these attitudes and values are common in our country. And it is time someone in authority had the balls to say so.

  11. I see American motormouth Micheal Moore has been giving his opinion on brexit? As you can imagine it wasn’t a positive one, infact he said that we should ” enjoy our miserable life on our island” ?? Charming!, so I say ” enjoy your early heart attack you lard arsed fat cunt American gobshite!!” …….

    • But it’s these minted slebs and piss-poor politicians (also minted) who are pushing the globalist agenda.

      It’s simple economics whereby poorer nations/peoples get a slightly better standard of living, the richer nations/peoples get a hell of a lot poorer (and that’s the majority of folk in this country – well us poor cunts who work that is), and – surprise surprise – the ultra rich, minted slebs, and minted piss-poor politicians get a damned site richer!

      That’s why all those cunts are for it because it doesn’t hit their arse pocket like it does for the ordinary working bod in dear old Blighty.

      I challenge Michael Moore, any of his ilk, or any political cunt to disprove the above statement.

      Alas it’s irrefutable because all world economists agree the stats and the graph the transference of wealth produces, basically skint workshy layabouts and immos cunts get better off, so do the uber rich, et. al.

      So if you have two groups of people getting better off out of three groups then the wealth distribution from the third group (ordinary working folk) makes up that shortfall.

      O’course the uber rich do this under the guise of anthropology but in reality they annex the lion’s share of the robbery of the ordinary working man and chuck a few crumbs off their table to the great unwashed so that they can keep them in line and secure their support basically through minimalist financial bribery.

      That basically means that the ordinary working bod can go fuck themselves!

      And woe-betide anyone dares stand up for the folk who are paying this lion’s share (the ordinary working bod) – such as Niger Farage or Donald Trump – as their argument and reasoning (no matter how succinct and accurate) will be cast off as “racist” because it’s easier to falsely cry “racist” than it is to argue their own standpoint with reasoning and facts!

      • Enjoy our miserable life on our island? I will take that any day of the week than being dictated to by an unelected undemocratic bunch of euro cunts. If roles were reversed would the fat cunt want the good ole US of A be ruled by a centralised government based in say Nicaragua?

        • I had exactly that argument with my cousin who has grown up in America!!, unfortunately she’s a full on liberal obuma lover!!
          I also mentioned the free movement bull shit, ” you trade with South America?, why don’t you just let them all in??” ” just wave in 10/20 million Mexicans?? You’ve got plenty of fuckin space!!” …….

    • Yet another well fed cunt experiencing only the benefit and waddling away from any consequences. He thinks all gimmi’s and peacefuls are the same as he sees when he goes for blood pressure and BMI check every other week (at the private hospital, no queue of course). He’s never been to (now) regular A and E where you have to sit in between 20 pregnant ninjas who wouldn’t piss in your mouth if your teeth were on fire, ready to fill the country with 100 more mouths who’s only aim in life will be to to eat, pray, claim benefits and make 600 more of the same… as long as he’s clogging his artieries with fish tacos for breakfast, curry for second breakfast and Chinese for elevenses (and doesn’t have to sit next to us on a bus) he really couldn’t give a fuck. This progress they speak of is simply the replacement of the empowered working class with a more subservient, compliant one. Of course, they will shield the useful ones until last, the “educated”, the police, security etc but when we are gone.. they are next… and that will be that.

  12. I wouldnt mind shoe horning in a cheeky tea time cunting for the al BBC yet again. As the entire country gears up for the start of the premier league – or the papers and meeja would have you believe, I’ve just caught the advert for match of the day with fat faced slug, europhile, immigrant worshipper Gary Linekar

    • I get all my media info from the excellent Black Pigeon , Paul Joseph Watson and David Vance , if you have never heard of them check them out on Youtube before their banned. Not heard from Pat Condell for a while now ? always love his superb rants about remainers and Islam.
      These guys tell it as it is. I gave up on the lying Fucking cunts on Sky, BBC and Channel 4 after the Brexit vote. those cunts have well and truly showed their lefty true colours since then.

    • The fucking BBC is still ramming home all the gay propaganda. Tonight we have the fabulous history of gay Scotland, followed by a programme called ‘is it safe to be gay in the UK?’ How much more of this shit have they got? Even the gays must be bored of this by now!

  13. I truly believe people are becoming more overtly racist as a result of the PC culture under which we now suffer in the 21st century.

    If true free speech were allowed you would hear more constructive debating, which commentators are now afraid to engage in due to the fear of the Left automatically labelling them as racist.

    I also think you would see fewer people uttering extreme racist views in the safety of various forums on the net. I liken it to forbidding a child from ever eating chocolate and then discovering the child has found some chocolate and gorged to sickness.

    The likes of Blair, Lucas, Corbyn, Abbott, Lammy and McDonald have more to answer for in this respect than most folk realise.

    • Wholly agree.

      The fucking liberal shitcunts fail to understand the resentment which breeds from selective ignorance and the effective preferential treatment.

    • You’re absolutely right Paul. The more these cunts force their liquid shite down my throat the piss boiling goes up a degree. I suspect it’s the same with a lot of people. Keep poking the hornets nest cunts and you’re gonna get your soppy libbo butts stung big time. Bring on the revolution.

  14. I had my landlord round today to show him what work needs done.
    He huffed and hawed and eventually uttered “brexit, i cant afford to get it all done because of brexit”
    Because of brexit, his three other flats are lying empty and he has to pay mortgages on these flats.

    I just rolled my eyes and sighed.
    There’s no reasoning with cunts who have “brexit” as their answer.

    Coz we doss cunts voted leave I have go with shite electrics, oven and outer blinds.
    If only we’d known the true cost of brexit, eh?

  15. I’ve seen add after add on T.V. over and over down through the years, endlessly appealing for funding for these goat fucking hill boys and their numerous equally low IQed unfed unwashed and un wartered offspring. As a result Europe is now being swapped with the end result of us men allowing our own females irrational maternal instincts to take presidency over good old fashioned real male reasoning.

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